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WARNING: If you are not old enough to view/buy pornographic material where you currently live, it's your own damn fault if your mommy catches you jacking off instead of learning Math.

Featuring: Veda Scott (ROH, SHIMMER), Matt Hardy (ROH, former WWE & TNA), Jimmy Jacobs (ROH), Rhett Titus (ROH).

Lust By Honor Part 9: Veda Scott
A ROH erotic story
by DaxG2001 (

Backstage at the taping of Ring Of Honor's TV show in Chicago Ridge, Illinois in March of 2013, three of the members of the dangerous, anti-ROH stable known as SCUM (Suffering, Chaos, Ugliness and Mayhem) are gloating over having won a shut-out of three straight ROH versus SCUM matches during the third taping on the show. Currently the, three men are former WWE Superstar and TNA wrestler, the controversial and arrogant Matt Hardy, the dangerous and twisted self-proclaimed "Zombie Princess" in multi-time former ROH World Tag Team Champion Jimmy Jacobs, and the bitter former fan favorite Rhett Titus. All three are clad in black T-shirts with SCUM written across the front with fit nicely to Titus and Jacobs' muscular upper bodies, but Hardy's frame seems to be a little more bulky, certainly a far cry from his WWE shape days.

"I'm telling you guys, Steve has this all planned out..." Jimmy says with a dark smile on his handsome face. "We tore apart whoever ROH threw at us, and this will continue on to the i-Pay Per View and before we know it, SCUM will rule ROH just like we planned from the start."

"Damn right we will!" Rhett says with an equally creepy smile. "Any one of us can kick any ROH guy's ass all over this arena, let alone any team or whatever kind of match that idiot McGuinness tries to put us in.

"Of course SCUM can! They've got the Savior of this business, Matt Hardy on their side! How could SCUM possibly lose?" Hardy boasts. "Only if I really want to... Like how I let Rhino Gore the hell out of Adam Cole, that wanna-be Matt Hardy earlier on tonight! I could have beaten him if I wanted to, but I'm better than that, I'm better than him!" He claims again, even if what actually happened in the ring showed otherwise.

Jacobs was about to speak, but then he held up a hand, signaling for the others to be quiet as he hears the sound of high-feels on the floor heading in their direction from around a corner. With a smirk, Jimmy edges up close to the corner, waiting for the approach of whoever the clearly female figure may be. They indeed see the woman moving past them, seemingly wiping her eyes with a cloth like she'd been sprayed in the face with a spray (perhaps even a Green Mist) just moments ago, and because she's not got her full attentions to her surroundings she's easy prey to be hauled into the corridor they are with a shocked cry.

It is none other than the very Woman of Honor they'd held hostage earlier in the night to force ROH to give into their demands, resident ROH interviewer and female wrestler herself, Veda Scott. The gorgeous red-head is dressed in the same outfit she'd been seen in during that part of the show, along with the sylish black framed glasses she wears on her face. A lovely fitting dress that hugged nicely to her shapely hips and a stylish black and white jagged-designed short jacket that gave a glimpse along with her dress of her perky, nicely rounded tits.

"Well well... Look who we have here..." Matt taunts with an arrogant smirk. "You didn't learn your lesson from before did you? Maybe you wanted to getan interview with some real stars of this show for once?"

"Woah, hold on guys!" The clearly fearful Scott says, stuck fast in the spot being held by the two other members of SCUM. "I... I really don't want any trouble here! My night has... Has already been bad enough... And you already got what you wanted earlier from grabbing me!"

"What we wanted? Bitch, we take anything and everything that we want to!" Rhett says with a threatening glare. "That's what SCUM is all about!"

"And that means we do what we want, to who we want..." Jacobs adds with a smirk of his own. "And that includes using you however we want to... As a means to get McGuinness to give us a whole show... Or maybe we'll show you what being with some true stars of this place is really all about." He adds with a chuckle.

"Really Jimmy? With her?" Matt questions, looking slightly disgusted. "I know there aren't any women up to my "Divas" standards around here... But I guess if I have to lower myself down to the level of ROH's "best" then I guess I could honor her by letting her spend one time with a real Superstar for once..." Hardy says like he couldn't care either way about her.

"Wait, what??" Scott seems shocked by what the men are suggesting here, and out of fear beings to struggle. "No way! I'm not that kind of woman! I'm not here to... Ahhhh!!" She's cut off when she has to yell out in pain as Titus grabs a handful of her long, red hair.

"You listen up you little "whore" of Honor!" Rhett warns with another glare. "We're giving you a chance here... We could have fucked you up in the ring even after we got what we wanted out there... Now we're telling you we're going to fuck you now... So either we do this the hard way, or we beat you down worse than we did to the ROH roster here tonight!"

Looking between them all, and seeing that not one of the dangerous wrestlers are joking around, and clearly fearing for her own safety since they might very well harm her if she even tries to escape from them, she slowly nods her head. "Oh... OK, I'll... I'll do what you want. Just don't hurt me, please!" Veda pleads, completely intimidated by all three men who exchange smirks between one another. "What... What do you want me to do??" She asks, but before she gets a verbal answer, she's soon being hauled away by the men.

* * *

Minutes later in a secluded part of the building that SCUM have taken over for their locker room, the gorgeous Veda Scott has been left little choice but to obey the demands of the three men who forced her here, which is why she's currently naked and on her hands and knees on the floor, now only wearing her stylish glasses on her face. The grinning darkly Matt Hardy is behind her, gripping her tanned and toned waist while thrusting his hard and decently sized cock in and out of her snatch and at the same time, the other two members of the anti-ROH group Jimmy Jacobs and Rhett Titus are also nude and fully erect as they're at her head. Titus is currently pumping his cock back and forth into her mouth to make himself moan and her groan in a mix of shame and discomfort as it's clear the men here are only interested in their own twisted pleasure and not hers.

"Heh... Figures... There's always a joke... Mmmm... About chicks that can handle a microphone..." Titus mocks with a smirk as he keeps a tight hold of her long, red hair as he sends his lengthy tool between Scott's lips with speed and force, making her take in plenty of his nicely thick inches and never letting her head lift away from off his rod, keeping her sucking his length as he feeds her his man meat. "Bet this bitch did this just to sneak her way to getting TV time... Ahhhh! Every week..." He groans as he slides his dick in and out of her warm and wet feeling mouth, showing no appreciation apart from his moans for how well she's blowing him not just considering the circumstances, but from how he's pumping into her mouth with a kind of pace more suited for properly fucking her snatch.

"Mmmm... There's barely any "Diva" quality chicks around here to fuck..." Hardy says with annoyance as he sends his hips sharply forward into the beautiful ROH interviewer, filling her pussy up with all of his inches so her sexily curved ass smacks into his waist as the self proclaimed icon and savor of ROH firmly bangs her snatch with a series of deep pumps. "Mmmm... She should be damn honored... I'm letting her fuck a real Superstar's... Ahhh... Cock for once!" He continues to brag as he thrusts in and out of her love tunnel, groaning at how great her hole feels even if he's not admitting it, and certainly from the way he's not showing any signs of wanting to pull out of her he's going to keep on banging her with this forceful enough pace that makes her body slightly rock forward towards the other wrestlers involved in this.

Knowing the carnage these men and the rest of SCUM are capable off, Scott out of fear for her safety has been forced into this position, enjoying little pleasure from this as she only slightly moans around the dick being stuffed into her mouth and not just from how half-heartedly she's getting fucked from behind, she's feeling more shame out of agreeing to this. She's managing to handle this well though, keeping her head bobbing along Titus' rod even as its being thrust up into her mouth to leave him coated with her saliva, and she gets a chance to catch her breath for a second when he pulls out, only to be replaced by the impressively lengthy and thick to match cock belonging to Jimmy Jacobs. Tellingly, the way she's not putting any effort into pushing back against the pumps into her snatch show she's not being encouraged to give anything else back to Hardy who's fucking her pussy in this spit roasting but he doesn't seem to notice, or care, about this as he moans with every moment of his hips.

"Ahhhh... Not had a good cock sucker like this... Mmmm... Since those chicks we picked up way back in Age of the Fall in Florida..." Jacobs groans as he now grabs a hold of Veda's long hair in order to briskly pump her mouth, showing even less concern for her than the previous man as he sends his dick straight up, causing her to groan with wide eyes when the tip of his shaft connects with the back of her mouth, and the sound of her gagging as her mouth gets fucked makes the twisted smiles on all the men's faces involved in this grow wider. "Mmmmm... What's the matter? Too used to... Mmmm... The pencil dicks of the ROH boys in the locker room?" He adds into the humiliation as he fires his shaft right up into her mouth, making it hard for her to actually suck on his length, let alone keep her lips around him but he cares little for that, to focused on abusing her mouth for his own sick pleasure as the man who calls himself the "Zombie Princess" shows his bizarre aggression with harsh thrusts, forcing her to deep throat his manhood every time he pushes forward into her.

"She must fuck plenty of them... Ahhh!" Hardy lets out a moan, as while he might not have the same physique of his sports entertainment days, the former WWE Superstar is showing skill in perfectly timing his thrusts with how she's being made to suck the other ROH performer in front of her, so when her body slightly rocks back against him he sends his shaft straight forward to go in balls deep with a groan. "She's damn loose as Hell back here!" He almost whines, not figuring that how her snatch feels right now might be due to his average size but regardless he's continuing to bang the star of SHIMMER Women Athletes with pump after firm pump, keeping his ballsack smacking against her skin as he slides his pole back and forth into her pussy to and making himself groan out in the process even if she is far from doing do right now.

"Ahhh... Figures... Never met a Woman of so-called "Honor" yet who wasn't just an all-out slut..." Jimmy says with a smirk as he pulls out of her mouth. "Come on, pull her up and let's really show her who runs this place..."

"Mmmm... Sounds fine by me..." Matt says, pulling out and stepping back as Titus and Jacobs roughly forced the frightened Scott up to her feet, but only to bend her over forwards, making her spread her legs apart as well.

"Hey! What... What more do you want from me??" Veda questions, looking between all three SCUM members in case things take a turn for the dangerous. "I already agreed to letting you guys fuck me!"

"Shut up! We want everything that ROH has got!" Hardy snaps as he moves around, silencing her by shoving his dick into her mouth, making her groan in protest. "And that includes a little whore like you!"

"Mmmm!! Ahhhh... You tell her Matt... We run this show now..." Jimmy says as he thrusts his cock into her snatch, and the moans that both he and her let out from the motion show that not only is Scott's pussy perfectly tight, he's got a far better tool to use to make full use off it, already shown by how out of reflex she's pushed herself backwards to meet his next stiff thrust.

"Awwww... Hey, thought you said this ring rat wasn't tight??" Jacobs questions with another moan, grabbing her hips now as he gets into a rhythm, putting plenty of force behind his pumps to venture in deep to her snug snatch as the former multi-time ROH World Tag Team Champion ploughs his member into the gorgeous ROH interviewer, forcing her to moan as well as her body has no choice but to respond to not only a far longer and thicker dick, but a far better kind of fucking.

"MMMM!! She is... I could go balls deep... Ahhhh... No problem!" Hardy answers, but his attention is right down onto the beautiful face of the woman in front of him as he has all of his inches going into her oral hole each time he pumps his rod up into her, forcing her to taste her own pussy from off of his dick that'd just been thrusting away into her snatch. The sight is made even hotter by her glasses still resting on her face, as he sees the torn expression of shame from going along with this sex and the now clear pleasure from getting banged, even if he doesn't get that's only because someone is properly banging her now.

"Mmmm... Shit! Bitch can take a dick just like Reby... AHHHH!" He groans again, continuing his firm thrusting sharply in and out of her and getting plenty of pleasure from her warm and wet mouth, even if he's using his words just to further insult and humiliate the woman who all three men had forced to give into their sexual demands. The man known for being "Version One" doesn't seem to notice though that unlike with his other team mates, she's refusing to bob her head along his average length, and even if she did it's unlikely he'd be reaching the back of her mouth even when he pumped in but regardless, his moans are showing he's more than happy with the pleasure he's making her give him.

"Mmmm... Man, I don't know what you're talking about..." Jacobs states, giving up on the argument so he can focus more on banging the up-and-coming female wrestler bent over in front of him, sharply sending his cock straight into her tight snatch that's becoming noticeably wetter ever since he took over the task of giving it to her, and his grip on her nicely curved hips makes sure she stays right where he wants her even as she pushes herself back to meet his pumps.

"Mmmm... All I know is... Mmmm!! This slut is tighter than Lacey ever was..." He adds, lifting a hand to give her ass a harsh spank to make her jolt and groan, to which he just smirks darkly again as the hunk from Grand Rapids, Michigan continues to hammer his dick deep into the Providence, Rhode Island-native who despite feeling shame from being a part of this is having her body betray her as she also moans from the feeling of the cock sliding in and out of her pussy.

"Let me decide what the real deal is with her..." Titus says with a leering grin as Jacobs pulls out to step away, allowing the man formerly nicknamed "Addicted to Love" to now push his also nicely long cock into her pussy, and he too moans at how tight she is back there and that gives him all the more reason to start thrusting sharply into her, looking to stuff as much of his inches into her and as soon as he can.

"Mmmmm yeah! Figures a student of Daizee Haze... Ahhhh! Would be a tight little bitch!" He groans as he grips her waist, sharply pulling her back towards him as he pushes his shaft forward and deep into her tight, wet pussy to make them both moan as he roughly takes her with piston-like movements, similarly to his SCUM team mates showing little regard for any discomfort she might feel as he gets right to work banging her from behind.

"Ahhhh... What do mean she's... Mmmm!! Tight?? No way..." Hardy grunts as he pumps his cock forward into her wet and nicely warm mouth, his rod now with a soothing coating of her saliva from how he's been face fucking her, and now with her body rocking against the man pounding her from behind, she's also slightly rocking her head along the rod of the multi-time former tag team and singles champion in WWE. "I know we're SCUM... MMMM!! But we're supposed to piss off the fans... Ahhhh!! Not each other!!" He groans again as his balls slap against Scott's chin when he pushes his shaft forward into her oral hole which can clearly easily handle a length of this average size, but she's not even pressing her soft lips tightly around his meat in another sure sign that while she's far from happy about having to go along with this forced sexual encounter, she certainly doesn't feel the need to give in to his lackluster ability.

"Mmmm!! MMMM!! Mmmm..." On the other hand, as ashamed as she is about getting nailed like this, she can't help but keep pushing her sexily curved body back against the thrusts she's taking into her tight snatch from behind, her perky tits swaying as she's kept bent forward for another spit roasting between two members of the SCUM faction while the third smirks and lightly strokes his cock, watching his team mates have their way with ROH's resident red-headed interviewer. "Mmmm!! Mmmmm..." Her moans are still being muffled by the dick she's taking in and out of her mouth, but she keeps glancing back to the arrogant hunk behind her as his shaft and the way he's filling up her now wet but still tight snatch is what she's getting focused on, blushing as she knows this is wrong but unable to deny how good it feels getting handled by someone who at least knows how to fuck even if their attitude is less to be desired.

"Shit Matt.. If you're fucking pissed off about which hole is tight or not... She's got a third that's got to be tighter than that idiot McGuinness is giving us what we want." Jimmy says with a sinister smirk on his handsome face.

"Ahhh... Good point! I can chalk up another red head's ass I've tapped... And I bet she's a better one than my last..." Hardy says before he laughs at his own joke, tellingly though wiping some sweat off his forehead as he pulls out of Scott's mouth to show what she's taken out of him already.

"Woah, woah guys! Hold on!" Veda, still wearing her stylish glasses, protests as Titus pulls out, but just to force her by the wrist over to a folding chair where he takes a seat and then brings her down onto his lap. "I don't do that kind of thing! Please! Just let me... Oooooooh fuck!!" Her plea is cut off with a moan as Rhett forces her snatch right down onto his cock as the other two men approach.

"Please? You want to be fucked more... Mmmm... Like the slut you are??" Rhett taunts her as he grips her waist. "Maybe you'd fit right into SCUM after all..."

"I know where I can fit into her..." Hardy says with a cocky smirk as he steps behind her, spreading her nicely rounded ass cheeks apart before he shoves his covered with her saliva cock into her asshole, and the deep moan he lets out confirms indeed that hole is most certainly her tightest, making him grit his teeth and wish he'd had some more lube to use before just trying to prove a point and tap that ass. "Awwwww fuck!! Ahhhhh!! MMMMM!!" He moans as he keeps her butt cheeks apart, starting to slowly draw his cock back before easing it back in, feeling the friction all around his member with the vice-like grip of her back passage making him groan as well as sweat, as even though he has an averaged sized length she's in a way controlling him as her tightness is forcing him to go in slow but steady into her sexy rump.

"Ahhhhh!! Oh God!! Mmmmm!!" The stunning female wrestler is once again torn, feeling shame and slight repulsion not just from the feeling of being fucked up the ass, but knowing who's doing it to her, but she's also having to moan and bounce on the far longer and thicker cock buried deep into wet, snug snatch by the stud she's on top off as he grips her and uses his strength to force her up and down on his shaft as he pumps it up into her.

"MMMM!! Oh shit!! This is... UMMPPPH!!" Her groans are soon muffled when the third man involved in this grabs her hair to turn her head to the side, pushing his just as lengthy and thick to match cock into her mouth and making her once again taste her own snatch from off of some man meat, but this time she seems far more willing to actually suck on him, causing Jacobs to grin as he feels her lips wrapping firmly around his rod.

"Just like how I nailed Daizee Haze... Mmmm!! Her top student is even quicker to take a ride... AHHHH!! On Rhettski the Jetski!" The former holder of the ROH Top of the Class Trophy grins creepily as he watches the nicely rounded and perky tits of the SHIMMER and SHINE Wrestling starlet bounce as she rides his cock. That's all thanks to him making her body to slide up and then sharply down on his dick as he keeps a firm grip on her toned and tanned waist, not giving her the option to move under her own power as he combines the forced riding with stiff and quick thrusts up into her snatch. "MMMM yeah... Bet this slut couldn't wait to get... Ahhhh!! Her brains banged out by the real best... Mmmmm... In ROH!" Even as he boasts, he ensures his rod goes in balls deep every time he sends his length straight up into her, his nutsack smacking into her skin to make another erotic sound ring out around the locker room they're fucking in along with all the combined moans and groans they are all letting out, even if hersare not entirely willing.

"Mmmm!! The amount of sluts that have come through here... Ahhh... And I've kicked to the curb before..." Jacobs adds in to the arrogance that all three SCUM members show as they have their wicked way with the ROH interviewer they forced into doing this through fear, and he's not giving her any easy time off either even though she's actually bobbing her red haired head along his pole, still keeping a tight grip on those long locks as he pistons his cock back and forth between her soft lips. "They all want to spread their legs... MMMM!! To get onto another show..." He adds as he keeps on pumping her warm and wet mouth, forcing her to gag slightly when the tip of his tool connects with the back of her mouth but never giving her any chance to recover as he swiftly keeps the motion going with rough force. His gaze never leaves her stunning facial features as she closes her eyes behind her glasses that are still on her face despite how she's being face fucked and how she's rocking her head along the very cock being fed deep into her mouth, and as sweat forms not just across her face but her whole perfectly curved body it just give him more reason to keep on abusing her oral hole just like his stable mates are using her lowers holes at the same time.

"AHHH!! Mmmmm!! Tight ass little... UHHHH!! Whore!!" Speaking of perspiration, right now the former star of TNA and WWE is sweating noticeably a lot more than any of the others here, and not just solely down to the pressure he's feeling around his manhood by the still very tight feeling of her back passage all around his member as he keeps on having to use a steady pace to bang her desirable booty. "Bitch probably... MMMM!! Never even put a finger... AHHHH!! Up there... MMMM!! Before!!" Hardy continues to grunt and moan, perhaps using the insults to compensate for the fact that this sex is taking a whole lot more out of him than it is anyone else, and that's not a good sign for how long he'll last considering the woman in the middle of this is being made to take three cocks in the same time in each of her holes.

"Mmmmm!! MMMM!! Mmmmm..." The mind of the gorgeous Woman of Honor is still very torn, knowing very well how wrong this is as she's being made to look more like a horny, cock-loving slut rather than the up-and-coming female wrestler she is, but her body has long since betrayed her as she moans around the cock she's sucking on while her nicely curved frame is still being made to bounce sharply to rock between the dicks being sent into her wet snatch and tight ass. "MMMM!! Mmmmm!! MMMM!!" There is very little she can do, not risking the wrath of the dangerous but attractive trio of ROH wrestlers who are ploughing their dicks into her holes so she can only continue to groan and moan as she handles one shaft making her gag as it fucks her mouth, while taking another long and fat dick into her nicely snug pussy, and putting up with an averaged sized one sliding in and out of her backside.

"AHHHH!! Awwww shit!! Jimmy, move!!" The unexpected groan is heard as the Cameron, North Carolina native pulls his throbbing dick out of her ass and Jacobs only just pulls out before Matt Hardy shoves his dick into her mouth, letting out a deep moan as he cums inside of Veda Scott's mouth, clearly having been unable to handle fucking her super tight ass. "Ahhhhh!! Mmmmm..." While she's made to gag at the taste of her own ass from off of his dick by the invasion, she can only allow her mouth to be flooded with a surprisingly large amount of spunk from him considering his lackluster sexual ability during this. She just groans, letting him get off as he keeps his cock right in her mouth until the last drops are fired out before he steps away, sweating hard but looking pleased with himself and meanwhile Scott shocks herself when she actually swallows down the load of spunk, groaning out of shame in the next moment but then moaning when she's made to take a couple more hard thrusts up from the man she's still on top of.

"Heh... That... That was just a little above average." Hardy claims, his arrogance ignoring the obvious fact that he was the weak link during this sexual encounter as he turns and heads away. "You guys have some more fun... Finish off with her, or whatever..." He calls out over his shoulder, heading towards the showers area.

"Sounds good to me..." Jimmy smirks as he helps lift her off from Rhett's dick but only to force her down to her hands and knees on the locker room floor. "What do you say? Think we should finish you off?" He taunts her as he moves into position behind her.

"Oh please... I don't think... I can take anymore!" Veda tries to plead with them, but soon has to groan again when her face is turned to the front by a handful of her hair.

"Seriously bitch... You need to drop the innocent act..." Titus smirks as he slightly waves his dick in front of her pretty, glasses wearing face. "You'd probably be perfect if you showed some fucking attitude... Like us..."

"No! I'm not like that! I'm... MMMMPH!!" The resident interviewer for ROH's television show doesn't get a further chance to escape her fate as Titus silences her by shoving his cock right into her still soothingly warm and damp oral hole, making himself groan as he keeps a hold of her long red hair and starts to pump himself back and forth into her mouth. "MMMM!! MMMMM!! Mmmmm..." As if having to groan and gag around one cock being forced too far deep into her mouth wasn't hard enough to handle, her eyes widen when the dangerous but attractive hunk behind her pushes his equally long and fat to match cock into her asshole, and while she'd been given discomfort by the previous inadequate work there before, she now felt like being split apart by the massive shaft working into her back passage.

"AHHHHH!! MMMMM fuck!! He wasn't kidding... AHHHH!! About how tight she is!!" The multi-time former ROH World Tag Team Champion moans as he steadily slides his shaft in and out of her tight ass, the prior fucking she'd taken back there having done nothing to ease the pressure and now with her having to take a much bigger dick, and even with the sort of lube provided by her own saliva all over this rod, it's taking effort not to just bust a nut right there and then. "MMMM!! Shit, and I thought chicks like Rain and Lacey... MMMM... Had tight asses..." He groans, gripping her ass cheeks both to hold her in place but also for ease of entry, doing anything he can to relieve some of the friction and even spitting down onto his own cock as he pushes it in and then withdraws it from her sexily rounded backside.

"Told you... MMMM!!! Trained by that bitch Daizee Haze? She's sure to be a nasty fuck... MMMM... Just like she was..." Titus claims, taking shots at a former Women of Honor he had issues with as he currently pumps his dick into the mouth of the stunning red head in front of him, her saliva once again coating his member to increase the pleasure as she keeps her lips firmly pressed around him, causing her spit to seep slightly out of her mouth and down her chin from the repeated motion he's using to hammer into her oral hole. "AHHH... MMMM!! We might be all about sticking it to ROH... MMMMM!! But I'm damn happy with this kind of fucking!" He grins twistedly with a moan, still holding onto her long hair as he thrusts away into her mouth, showing no concern about the gagging she lets out when he drives in too deep for her to handle and the head of his cock smacks into the back of her mouth, no doubt just using it as an excuse to repeat the action over and over again as he currently is.

"MMMM!! Mmmmm... MMMM!!" Whether its her body finally winning out from having been pounded repeatedly in all of her holes, or just her mind giving in from the sexual and verbal abuse she's taken during this forced encounter, the woman voted the 2012 PWI Rookie of the Year is now making herself enjoy being spit roasted in her ass and mouth as she swiftly fingers her soaking wet snatch. "MMMM!! MMPHH!! MMMMM..." As she sweats and groans around the dick deep in her oral hole and handles another just as long and fat one in her back passage, she's pushing two fingers rapidly in and out of her pussy, knowing in the back of her mind how wrong this all is but now getting banged by two hung hunks at the same time, and perhaps getting a thrill off the danger as well as the same, she can't resist getting herself off on this with some almost feverish finger banging.

"MMMM... Ahhhh FUCK!! We need to get a slut... MMMM... To fuck around with all the time..." Jimmy comments as he groans, sweating noticeably now himself as he firmly thrusts into the nicely rounded ass of the ROH interviewer, making her rock back and forth between him and his SCUM team mate from the force of his pumps into her rump, and his motion into her backside has allowed him to push an impressive amount of his length into her still very tight hole. "If even that freak... MMMM!! That runs House of Truth can get hoopla skanks... MMMM... We can get some whore of our own..." He adds with another groan, feeling his cock throbbing within her vice-like back passage but he's not letting that stop him from continuing to use this piston-like motion to slam into her asshole as far as he can, with the kind of force and speed that would have left any normal woman a wreck long before this point.

"AHHHH... Awwwww shit!! MMMM!! Damn this bitch is a mean cock sucker..." Titus groans as he gives the back-handed compliment, similarly sweating himself as his chest heaves for air while he keeps on pumping his man meat deep into the mouth of the star of SHIMMER and SHINE Wrestling, forcing her in turn to keep moaning and gagging around his inches with very deep thrust into her. "MMMM... Come on man... AHHHH... Let's plaster this slut good... And show her that SCUM runs ROH now!" He's able to moan out his words, giving her warm and wet oral hole a few more deep pumps as he feels his dick twitching between her soft lips, a clear pressure building before how long and hard he's been fucking her mouth but just like he currently is, it's been hard to resist enjoying her soothing oral hole and its led to him racing towards a climax perhaps sooner than he'd wanted.

Both members of the SCUM faction pull out of her holes at the same time, neither man noticing or perhaps even caring that she's got one hand right between her legs so she can furiously finger fuck her dripping wet snatch, as their focus is on her pretty face which still has her glasses set on her nose, and as they force her up to her knees there's a clear target in mind. Looking through the lenses of her glasses, she sees both dangerous but handsome ROH stars gripping their dicks as they aim down at her, the sight shamefully making her moan as he keeps on pleasuring herself by working her sticky with her own juices fingers swiftly back and forth into her pussy, and too far gone herself now she just closes her eyes, knowing full well what's coming next.

It only takes a couple more strokes and deep groans before both Rhett Titus and Jimmy Jacobs start to shoot their loads across the face of Veda Scott, the first blasts aimed perfectly and deliberately to spatter thick spunk onto the lenses of her glasses, staining them along with bits of the frames of her glasses and making the jizz drip slightly from them. Both former ROH World Tag Team Champions continue to jerk off as they send out each blast of their loads onto her stunning facial features, covering her forehead, cheeks, nose and lips with spunk with a little even staining her long red hair, and by the time they're stroking out the final drops from their softening cocks they've left her face coated with their combined cum.

Too focused on giving her a huge facial as a final show of disrespect to her, neither man notices that as they unload onto her face, she's getting herself off as Veda Scott cums on her own fingers as the two men blow their loads onto her, no doubt the feeling of their seed splashing onto her being the trigger that sets her shamefully off to an orgasm after this forced sexual encounter. She moans out as her pussy juices flood out to further cover her fingers and then onto her hand, even grinding her snatch down against her own digits while she feels the spunk raining down all across her facial features, another added shame to having gotten any pleasure at all out of this, let alone forcing herself to a sexual peak after being banged by three men in total in all of her holes during this whole encounter.

"You... You should consider yourself lucky the rest of the guys aren't here..." Jimmy unsympathetically says down to her after he's caught his breath. "Or you'd have been fucked even worse than this..." He adds with a smirk.

"Yeah... Now hit the bricks slut... And if you go snitch to McGuinness about this?" Titus warns with an arrogant grin of his own. "We'll find you and instead of fucking you? We'll fuck you up..."

Snapping into her senses, even with her face and glasses coated with jizz, she looks over the frame of her glasses with clear fear in her eyes. "I... I won't tell! I swear!" Veda pleads as she backs away, still on her knees. "Just let me go! I don't want any more trouble!!"

"Yeah yeah, you can get out of here... But look on the bright side Scott..." Jacobs' smirk turns into a dark smile. "Now we know what you're good for... Once SCUM takes over ROH? We're gonna have plenty of positions for you to be in..."

What frightened Veda Scott more than the possibility that SCUM might win the war over ROH, was the fact that a part of her inside her didn't object to that idea as much as she would have before this night.

* * *

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