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Featuring: Sassy Stephie(WSU, SHIMMER), Tyler Black(ROH, Seth Rollins in WWE), Kenny Omega (ROH, DDT in Japan).

Lust By Honor Part 10 - Sassy Stephie
A ROH erotic story
by DaxG2001 (

March 1st, 2009. Backstage at the taping of Ring of Honor's ROH on HD Net television tapings in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, the recording of the second episode of the night's taping is just beginning as two of the most noted high flyers currently on the roster are having a conversation about the events of the first episode that had just finished being recorded.

"I never like seeing Aries getting a victory anyway, but damn Kenny, you came close to putting him away..." The intense and handsome Tyler Black says, clad in jeans and a black, hooded top as he stands with arms folded across his chest. "You'll get him next time, if he's got the guts to even
face you again."

"I appreciate it Tyler, but don't worry. I've got plenty of credits left to continue on..." The hunky Canadian known as Kenny Omega replies, still clad in his ring attire that nicely shows off his muscular frame. "This game is far from over yet!" He adds, about to say something else before both men are distracted by someone storming around a corner before heading in their direction.

Looking far from happy is the woman who made her ROH on HD Net debut losing in a tag team match, the raven haired beauty known as Sassy Stephie. The native of Akron, Ohio is still clad in her wrestling attire of black shorts and top with blue double-S designs that hug to her nicely rounded ass as well as showing off her large, sexily rounded tits.

Seeing the two men watching her, she narrows her eyes and continues to look pissed off. "You two better not be about to try and get creepy on me like that slimeball Sweeney tried to do!" Stephie snaps at them as she approaches. "I'll be damned if I do any kind of "favors" for him just to get into his Sweet N' Sour Incorporated!"

"Hey, don't shoot us lady! We're unarmed!" Kenny jokes with a smile.

"Besides, if you want to further yourself in ROH, you definitely don't want to side with that guy and his group." Tyler states, unfazed by her clear attitude.

"Oh, and you two could help me?" She questions as she comes to a stop, placing her hands on her hips. "Please... I just agreed to the tag match to get me onto TV... And now that he and Del Rey left me high and dry, I'll just have to establish myself around here another way." She state with an arrogant tone.

"Oh yeah? Sorry, but if you're looking to impress, then you're going to have to do a whole lot more than just be in some matches." Black says with a smirk. "I know of one way to find out if you can be a real Woman of Honor... But I don't know if you've got the guts to go through with it..." He adds, taking a second to check out her curvacious frame.

"Got the guts?" Stephie smirks herself like the suggestion is an insult to her. "Please... I can handle anything you want to throw at me and then some." She boldly states.

Seeing the way the other man is looking at her, Omega starts to smirk himself. "I don't need a walkthrough to see where this is going, do I?"

"You sure don't..." Tyler states before he looks her in the eyes. "Alright then, follow us. We'll soon see what you're made off... And what you can handle..."

* * *

A few moments later in the locker room reserved for the Women of Honor, a topless Sassy Stephie is on her knees in front of a completely naked Tyler Black as she places her nicely large and rounded tits around his rock hard and extremely impressively long cock. "Damn... Now I know the rumors are true about you..." She says, a lick of her lips showing she certainly approves of the weapon he's packing as she starts to slide her breasts up and down along his length, making him moan already as she uses both hands to keep her boobs firmly pressing against his man meat, a sign that this isn't the first time she's performed this sexual act before. Before she can comment further, she finds her head being turned to the side as her eyes widen, seeing another just as mouth-watering sight at the other naked, muscular hunk involved in this steps forward so his long and thick to match rod is pointing at her pretty face. "Fuck! I'm not going to pass up getting a taste of that!"

"Mmmm... Don't hear me complaining..." Kenny Omega states with a grin, letting out a sigh of pleasure as she all too eagerly leans her dark, long haired head in and takes his manhood into her mouth, wasting no time in wrapping her lips around him as she begins to work herself back and forth along his size. "Ahhhh... One thing I love about coming back to the States... That fine American hospitality..." He handsomely jokes, moaning as he watches the gorgeous American sucking on his Canadican cock with a steady bobbing motion, her gaze glancing between up at him and to the other stud she's pleasuring at the same time with her tits, showing she has no problem with taking on two guys at once even as hung as these two talented grapplers are.

"I want to know what... Mmmm... These rumors are about me..." The Davenport, Iowa native says with a groan, watching with a smile as he sees his lengthy pole pop up from between her pressed-together cleavage and then vanish back down between her mounds as she continues to pump his tool with her boobs, using a steady, smooth motion to keep him moaning.

"Although I'm not gonna complain... Ahhh! If this is what they get me..." He adds, looking on as the starlet who's completed on the pre-show of SHIMMER Women Athletes lifts her head away from the dick she's been blowing with a moan, allowing her to spit down onto the just as long cock she's got between her tits before she goes back to blowing the other man in this threesome and rubbing her saliva onto Tyler's rod with her more than ample breasts.

"Looks to me like there's been... Mmmm! Some rumors about Sassy here that we've been missing..." The man known as the King of the Anywhere Match says with a moan, his eyes glued on the sight of her face as she moves back and forth along his inches, leaving a soothing layer of saliva onto his man meat from her perfectly timed bobbing motion she's using. The woman making her ROH on HD Net debut casts a narrowed eye look up at him as she continues to suck him off with clear skill, but seems to be smirking a little as she easily handles half of his size inside her warm and nicely wet oral hole. "What? That's a compliment! Mmmm... You clearly aren't some novice at this..." He adds with a grin, pointing out how well she's not just blowing him, but taking care of the other ROH star at the same time as she dishes out a tit-wank to the seated, groaning man she's kneeling in front off.

"Considering some of the chicks who have passed through here... Ahhh... This is a major upgrade..." The former member of the Age of the Fall stable says with a smirk of his own, loving the feeling of his dick being between the tanned, sexily rounded breasts of the stunning female wrestler in front of him as she keeps her boobs firmly pressed against his cock to sandwich it, and making sure to keep on moving her tits all the way up and down his rod from the base to his crotch for the full effect. "I've got no problems... Mmmm... With someone who just wants to have some fun..." He adds with a groan as he enjoys all the pleasure she's giving her with her chest as she smoothly slides her mounds along his inches with the kind of pace that shows she's got experience at doing this, and all the while she continues to suck off the other stud involved in this with steady bobs of her head up and down on his length.

Lifting her head away to catch her breath, there's a smirk on her face as she eyes up the wrestler in front of her. "You're damn right I'm an upgrade!" Sassy Stephie says as she lets go of her tits from around his cock. "From any woman you'll ever meet." She adds as she stands up, showing off that sassy nature that she's named after.

"Well I've been around some stuck up, loud mouth girls in the past who thought they were the best wrestling has..." Tyler says with a chuckle as he also stands up. "If you think you can handle us, then give it your best shot." He says as a definite challenge.

"Oh trust me boys, you'll see why ROH is going to see plenty of me around here..." She arrogantly states, starting to push her wrestling attire down her legs, revealing her neatly shaven pussy.

"Boys? I take that as an insult..." Kenny states as he catches her by surprise, moving around her and making her bend over forwards before she's even fully lowered her bottoms. "The King of the Anywhere Match is all man..." He adds with a smirk as moves up close to her, lining his dick up with her snatch.

"Mmmmm! Oh shit! That's... Fuck!!" Not just surprised by his boldness, but the beauty from Akron, Ohio's eyes widen as she feels his thick, impressively long dick sliding into her tight pussy that's already a little damp, making her noticeably moan even with just the initial stroke as he lets her feel over half of his size inside her before he starts to pull out until just the crown remains inside. "Ahhhh... Mmmmm! Is that... Ahhhh... All you've got for me??" She seems to be keeping up an act here, a blush on her cheeks as she looks back and watches him start to give it to her, pushing his hips forward and then steadily pulling back as he pumps his rod into her snatch, taking his time as he groans himself, building his motion into a rhythm as he appears to be more testing her to see what she can handle than any kind of teasing.

"Well, if you really want some more..." The former two-time ROH World Tag Team Champion in front of her says with a grin as he turns her head to face him, and taking advantage of her open, moaning mouth he slides his cock that had just been deep between her tits now into her oral hole, allowing him to groan and experience how damp and soothing her mouth is. "Ahhh... I'll be glad to help you out..." He adds as he takes a handful of her long raven hair and starts to pump himself in and out of her mouth, moaning with a smile as he sees the mixed look of lust and annoyance from his sudden invasion, but feeling her pressing her lips around his man meat as he feeds her it proves she isn't objecting to it, giving him all the more reason to keep on using her mouth like this.

"Mmmm... Sounds like someone wants the difficulty turned up... Ahhh... A couple levels..." The man who utilizes the Street Fighter "Hadouken" in his arsenal of moves says as he has a firm grip of the hips of the female grappler bent over in front of him, allowing him to briskly thrust is shaft right into her snatch as he works himself deeper into her. "That depends on if you can... Ahhhh... Handle the jump up to Expert or not..." He adds with a groan, clearly enjoying being right inside of the gorgeously curved Indy-scene starlet as he continues to pump his cock in and out of her love tunnel with a steady and nicely forceful pace, fitting more and more of his inches inside of her with every forward motion but not in any hurry to slam in balls deep, at least for the moment.

"Mmmmm! Mmmmm... Gaaaah!! Mmmmm!!" The beautiful female wrestler moans with closed eyes as she rocks her head up and down along the cock being thrust deep into her mouth, making her gag occasionally when the length belonging to the hunk in front of her goes a little too far into her than she can handle but to her credit she continues to suck him off as she takes this face fucking. "Ahhhhh!! Mmmph! Mmmm... Gahhhhh!" She groans as she feels her arms being grabbed by the wrists, pulling her body back as the hung and handsome stud behind her pumps his rod swiftly and with building force into her wet snatch, his crotch starting to collide with her frame as he plunges his cock in deep, the smack ringing out as she's made to slightly jolt forward from the impact, her breasts swaying from the motion her body is being made to do.

"Ahhhh... What was that about her being expert... Mmmm..." The former PWG World Tag Team Champion questions with a smirk, groaning as he shamelessly enjoys sliding his cock back and forth between the soft lips of the woman who made her first major ROH appearance tonight, and is now having her mouth firmly and swiftly pumped by him while she's fucked from behind at the same time. His statement clearly refers to how much she's been gagging around his cock as he sends himself deep into her oral hole, resulting in his rod being coated with saliva that's also trickling past her lips and starting to drip down her chin. "Mmmm... She's no Death Ray or The Haze when it comes to this..." He adds, but his own moans of pleasure show that he's most certainly enjoying getting some of her, continuing to grip her hair as he thrusts away into her mouth, making her gobble up his fat inches while she groans and gags around his meat.

"Mmmm... Now who's talking about rumors..." Omega says with a chuckle, giving her a couple more pumps before he pulls out of her wet snatch and lets go of her arms.

"Ahhhh... Hey, they aren't rumors... I know first hand..." Black says with a smirk, similarly letting go of her hair so he can withdraw his cock from her mouth, allowing her to catch some much needed breath. "Don't let that "all about hard work" attitude fool you... Daizee and Sara can fuck like
damn porn stars!"

"Hey! I can... I can do better than any of those bitches can!" Stephie snaps as she stands up, rubbing her throat for a moment as she shows the effects of the previous face fucking she'd taken.

"Then come and prove it..." An unfazed Tyler dares her as he takes a seat back down on the folding chair, his rock still rock hard and standing proud.

Narrowing her eyes for a moment, she moves forward and straddles his lap but reverse style so her back is facing his chest, allowing her to reach down and guide the cock that's covered in her own saliva into her snatch and despite her attitude, she's again made to moan loudly as his thick inches start filling her up as she eases herself downward. "Ahhhhh! MMMM!! Oooooh yeah, I'll fucking show you who the best woman around... Ahhhh! Here is!" She claims again, grinding her ass down against his crotch when she reaches the base, having taken him balls deep before she starts to ride his dick, already making her breasts bounce as she gets right into a forceful motion, clearly looking to prove a point but the way she's groaning rather shamelessly shows she's enjoying the pleasure from his big cock as well. "You'll... Mmmmm! You'll both see! I'm the.... MMMPHH!!"

"Ahhhh... Sorry Stephie... But I kind of felt the need to... Mmmm... Change the soundtrack on this one..." The hunk who at one time was under developmental contract with the WWE groans as he'd made his move, silencing her by shoving his just as lengthy shaft into her mouth, making her taste her own pussy off of his dick as he starts to pump himself in and out of her nicely damp oral hole, causing her once again to have a conflicted look of being pissed off by this sudden face fucking and getting off on this whole situation. "Mmmm... Hey, you were the one who said you could handle us both!" He adds with a grin, before groaning as he uses a swift and steady motion to slide his pole back and forth between her lips, the grip of a handful of her long, raven-coloured hair making her lean forward slightly as he sends his length up deeply into her mouth.

"Mmmm! That's really... Ahhh... No bad thing if you ask me..." The man who was a part of the short-lived Wrestling Society X show moans as he doesn't just sit back and take it, gripping her waist as he thrusts his thick dick straight up into the snatch of the curvacious grappler who's bouncing on his rod, causing them both to moan out as he starts forcefully banging her pussy with quick motions. "Ahhhh! Mmmm... Wait, did I mean you shutting her up... Mmmm... Or both of us banging her damn brains out?" He questions himself with a knowing smirk, focusing his actual attention on driving his manhood right up and balls deep into her snug but growing increasingly wet snatch, his nutsack slapping against her skin each time he drives himself up into her and she drops down sharply, making sure she's filled up to the max and made to keep on riding him if not from the force of his thrusts alone that's making her jolt back.

"Mmmm! MMMM!! Ahhhh!! MMMPH!!" The Akron, Ohio-born stunner groans and moans as sweat starts to form across her sexily curved body, eyes closed as she tries to keep her cool and and not let on that she's not exactly in control of this anymore as she has to take one long and fat cock deep into her mouth while she rides another that's slamming deep into her tight, wet pussy from underneath. "Mmmmm... Mmmm!! GAHHHH!! Mmmmph!!" Her saliva is dripping off of the Canadian cock she's been sucking off as it's been thrusting away into her damp, American mouth and going so far in his bell end has been touching the back of her mouth, making her gag so much her spit has been trickling past her lips and dripping so far down her chin it's been landing on her bouncing breasts. While a part of her is still mad at how she's not getting the respect she feels she deserves from her sassy nature, the sinful pleasure she's getting is overriding it as she keeps on rocking between the two hunks and taking their pumps deeply into her holes.

"Mmmmm! Awwww yeah... And I thought I'd been in some crazy stuff thanks to DDT back in Japan... Mmmm... This makes a nice change..." The man known as the King of the Anywhere Match groans as he continues to pump his cock swiftly into the mouth of the female wrestler who's in the middle of this steamy locker room threesome as she takes a long dick in both ends, her mouth and snatch getting stuffed full as she takes repeated hard and fast thrusts from them both. "Ahhhh! A guy could get... Mmmm... Used to this!" He adds with a smile and a moan, still with a handful of her long, dark hair so he can keep her head in position as he keep on thrusting his member deep and swiftly into her oral hole as her saliva drips down his length and onto his balls, just giving him more pleasure as he makes her slobber all over his man meat while she tries her best to bob her head along the very inches she's getting fed at the same time.

"Mmmm... Crazy? Compared to some encounters I've had around here... Ahhh! This is kind of tame..." Tyler states with a moan as delivers a couple more thrusts right up into her snatch. "But if you're down with it... Ahhhh... We can really turn this up..."

"Mmmm... I'm all ears..." Kenny says as he pulls his dick out of her well-fucked mouth, allowing her to clearly groan as she gasps for air.

"Just let me get her ready..." Black says as he grits his teeth, showing his sexual skill as he stops her bouncing motion with his strength, allowing him to turn her around on his lap so she's now facing him with her nicely rounded ass sticking out towards the other wrestler involved in this. "Now let's see if she can really handle what I know the real Women of Honor can..."

"Ahhh... Wait, what?" Stephie questions as she looks back over her shoulder, her face covered with a layer of sweat as she sees Omega approaching from behind. "What are you... OOOOOH FUCK!!"

The starlet who would go on to wrestle on many SHIMMER, SHINE Wrestling and WSU events almost screams out when that second cock is slowly pushed in along side the other thick length she's already taking, meaning she's getting double stuffed in her tight, wet pussy. "AHHHH!!! HOLY FUCK!! MMMMM... AHHHH!!" She moans with wide, stunned eyes as she looks back over her shoulder to try and get a lock at what's happening to her, but as soon as both talented and muscular studs start to move their dicks in and out of her she loses control, tossing her long dark hair back as she groans out, gripping onto the shoulders of the hunk she's on top off as she's made to jolt forward sharply each time one of them pumps into her.

"Ahhhhh!! MMMM!! Oh fuck, OH FUCK!! MMMM!!" Her sassy attitude has completely vanished now with this double penetration action in her soaking wet snatch, sweat continuing to form across her body as she can only moan and groan now, gasping for air as her pussy gets stuffed and stretched beyond limits she never thought she had, and she's loving every moment of it.

"Ahhhh! MMMM!! Shit... This is kind of crazy... But I'm cool with it..." The former JAPW Heavyweight Champion grunts as he steadily slides his manhood in and out of the snatch of the stunning female grappler in front of him, not being put off in the slightest by his cock being right alongside and grinding against another man's shaft as he eases himself into this now super tight pussy. "Mmmmm shit! AHHHH!! Damn, this is... Mmmm! Something else!" He groans out with a smile, persperation forming across his face and the rest of his desirable frame as he uses a measured pace to move his thick Canadian rod back and forth into the stunning American babe while another fat and lengthy American dick is stuffed up inside of her at the same time.

"MMMM... Maybe I... Ahhhh... Mmmm!! Maybe I was wrong about you Stephie..." The man who would go on to be known as Seth Rollins in the WWE says with a moan as he slides his hands up to grope and squeeze her large tits as he thrusts up into her double stuffed snatch with a perfectly timed and forceful motion. This seems to be a sign that he's banged a chick like this with another man before as he takes the lead in this steamy threesome position, groaning as he enjoys how damp and snug her snatch is now and isn't fazed at all by his manhood grinding against another man's each time he moves in or out of the pussy they are both deep inside of. "But maybe... AHHHH! Mmmm!! It shouldn't be Sassy... Mmmm!! FUCK!! But "Slutty" Stephie we should be calling you..." He adds with a grin as similarly sweat is across his handsome, rugged face as he keeps up this focused motion to pump his man meat right up into woman he and the other wrestler involved in this are impaling with their stiff rods.

"AHHHH! MMMM!! AHHHH.... Oh fuck oh fuck FUCK!! FUCK MY PUSSY!!" She moans out as her gorgeous body continues to roughly rock back and forth between the two studs as they dominate her soaking wet snatch with thrust after firm but steady thrust that leave their dicks coated in her juices and her begging for more, a far cry from her arrogance she'd shown to them both a long while ago. "MMMM... MMMM!! Ahhhhh!! My pussy!! FUCK!! AHHHH!! Fucking STUFF ME FULL!!" The beauty also known just as Sassy Stephanie groans out as sweat continues to drip down off her body, barely having any senses left in her as her fingers dig into the shoulders of the established ROH star she's on top off while he toys and plays with her full, nicely rounded breasts as they bounce from the motion her body is being made to do.

"Awwwww FUCK!! MMMM!! Damn... And you said women around here do... AHHHH... Crazier stuff than this??" The video game-inspired wrestler says as his chest heaves for breath, his cock starting to pulsate inside of her double stuffed pussy but he isn't slowing down, let alone thinking about holding back to savor more of the intense sensations he's getting from being a part of this dirty double teaming of her more than just damp snatch. "MMMM... You need to... AHHHH shit!! Introduce me... Mmmm... To some of these ladies!!" He manages to groan out, firmly gripping her ass cheeks to both squeeze them as well as keep them apart so he can get a full view of his length sliding in and out of her filled to the maximum box as he works his man meat as swiftly but steadily as he can alongside the dick of the other desirable and built stud as the both continue to bang her like she's never been, and perhaps never will, banged before in her life.

"AHHHH!! AHHHH!! CUMMING!! I'm... I'm!! MMMMMMM!!" It's no surprise that the kind of pace both hunks have been keeping up, along with just having her pussy fucked in such a sinful but erotic way, soon forces her screaming over her limit as Sassy Stephie starts to cum hard on the cocks of Tyler Black and Kenny Omega that are deep within her snatch at the same time. "MMMM!! AHHHH... AHHHH... Mmmmm... MMMM!!" She can only continue to jolt back and forth against their thrusts, her juices further gushing over their lengths but now like a waterfall that coats their dicks along with their ball-sacks as her fluids flow down, in turn making them both groan out as the keep on giving it to her, leaving her no choice but to ride out and feel every moment of this intense orgasm rocking her curvy, sweat-coated body.

"MMMM... Well... She didn't exactly... AHHHH!! Set any records around here for... Mmmm... Lasting the longest..." The former two-time ROH World Tag Team Champion grunts out as he gives her dripping wet hole a couple more pumps up before he pulls his throbbing shaft out of her snatch with a groan of relief, allowing him to edge back and kick the chair away before he stands up and grips his cock, starting to stroke himself off. "But it'd be rude... MMMM... To not finisher off like all the rest..." He adds with a smirk, watching as the other stud in this gives her pussy a final deep thrust before withdrawing from her in order to set her down on her knees in front of them both, and in the next moment they are both jerking their dicks, aiming right down at the more than just well fucked beauty who is still recovering from her hard sexual high she just had.

There's no time for her to react, let alone have any energy left in her to try and move away from what's coming next, so when she looks up she's just able to close her eyes as Kenny Omega and Tyler Black start to blow their loads across the face of Sassy Stephie, causing her to gasp and moan when the first thick streams of cum splash across her already covered with sweat facial features. She can only sit back and take it as the combined jizz from both moaning grapplers lands over her cheeks, forehead, nose and lips, completely plastering her gorgeous face with enough spunk that it would look like she'd been gang banged rather than just fucked by two hung hunks who are now grinning as they stroke out the last drops of their loads to flick down onto her spunk-coated face.

"Now that... That more than makes up for just about any loss..." Omega says as he wipes sweat off of his forehead. "Wish I could have saved a replay of that one!"

"Ahhhh... Fuck!! I'm fucking coated here!" Stephie says, having to wipe jizz away from her eyes just so she can look up at both men. "This... This had better been worth it!!" She snaps, trying to put on her sassy attitude but with a face covered with cum the effect is completely ruined.

"Geez, if this was just about getting some bookings... Let me go talk with Prazak. Maybe you could get on some SHIMMER shows or something..." Tyler says, smirking as he shrugs his shoulders.

"Failing that, go suck up to that loud-mouth idiot who runs WSU... That moron will push just about anyone..." Kenny states with a laugh.

"Screw you both!!" Sassy Stephie yells as she groggily gets up to her feet. "You'll see when I'm back here and kicking the asses of all these so-called Women of Honor! You'll know who I am then!"

"Yeah, sure thing..." Black says, clearly unimpressed. "If you're ever seen around here again that is..."

* * *

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