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Featuring: Sara Del Rey (ROH, SHIMMER, CHIKARA),
Chris Hero (ROH, PWG), Claudio Castagnoli (ROH, CHIKARA)

Lust By Honor Part 3: Sara Del Rey
A Ring of Honor erotic lemon/story
by DaxG2001 (

At an ROH live event and DVD taping in early 2010, the tag team known as the
Kings of Wrestling are giving each other high fives as they celebrate another
successful night as they look to regain the World Tag Team Championships,
heading towards their private locker room.

"That was too easy, those dumb rednecks never saw the KRS-ONE coming!" Chris
Hero brags, clad in his green wrestling trunks. "Those belts are coming back
to us one way or the other."

"It's only a matter of time." Claudio Castignoli replies with a smirk, also
still clad in his white ring pants. "We will finally bring class back to
those titles. Hopefully Hagadorn is off making sure that match is signed."

"Who knows, as long as he's going to carry our bags later he can do
whatever." He laughs, pushing the door open to enter their room.

Already inside is the talented and beautiful manager and often backup for the
Kings of Wrestling, Sara Del Rey who's clad in her tight fitting white and
black attire that hugs nicely to her nicely rounded chest and her juicy, full
ass. She's wiping her face with a towel, having cleaned off her trademark
painted on "eyebrows", and once done with that she smiles at her long time

"You guys took your time." Sara smirks at them both as they come in.

"I almost left here without you."

"Nice to see you as well Death Rey." Hero jokes. "Didn't expect to see you
still here after you owned Haze earlier on."

"You mean that, or are you just trying to give me the slip again so you can
sneak off the celebrate by yourselves?" She questions, glancing at them both.

Chris holds his hands up. "Hey, we just party like only true Kings can.
Beside, in this town there's very few places, or people, we'd even be seen in
or with."

"I've yet to see a single one that's Very European, like me." Castignoli adds
with a shake of his head.

Del Rey raises an eyebrow, folding her arms across her chest. "What's exactly
wrong with celebrating with me? I can hit harder than most men here anyway,
so you can bet I can party even harder."

"Yeah right..." Hero says, glancing to his tag partner. "Sure you can.
Besides, we don't party just by having a couple of drinks if you know what I

"We find some women who can be Queens for a night, catch my drift?" Claudio
states with a smirk. "No offence, but as great as you are already, you don't
fit our description."

"Excuse me? Claudio, I could show you a thing or two about how being `Very
American' isn't all that bad." She says, looking unimpressed as she comes
over to both men. "And I could show you a real Knockout Chris, and I don't
mean from an elbow either."

The proud wrestler from Switzerland just laughs, putting his hands on his on
his bottoms. "You're telling me you can handle this?" He then boldly drops
his pants, revealing his limp but already impressive looking cock. "Then
prove it!"

Eyes looking on his meat, it's her turn to shock them as she gives no warning
before she lowers herself down to her knees, wrapping her fingers around the
manhood of the Swiss powerhouse and starting to stroke him, already using a
strong grip that soon has him smiling as it doesn't take long before he's
fully hard in her hand. She's certainly impressed now, handling a nicely
thick and foot long cock that she smoothly strokes over from the base all the
way up to the head with a steady but slightly quick pace. She's smirking,
giving a quick glance across at the other wrestler before looking back
upward, brushing her long hair back before using that free hand to brush her
fingers across and around his balls, raising an eyebrow at the groan he lets
out from her touch.

To say that the man who's proudly "Very European" is pleasantly surprised
right now is a vast understatement, hands on his well defined waist as he
watches her lower her head down towards his shaft, continuing to stroke him
as she puts her tongue right out, flicking it lightly across his bulbous bell
end which alone is more than enough to make him moan. With a calculated, slow
motion she drags her tongue all around the head, going clockwide as she
repeats the motion a couple of times, dabbing a little of her saliva onto
his dick while working over the rest of his size with her strong, jerking
hand. Her tongue now brushes across the very tip of his cock, moving from
side to side over it before again going all the way around as she gets him
warmed up, slightly moaning herself as she gets into it.

After locking the door to make sure there's no interruptions, Hero comes over
to the others, having discarded his ring clothing so he is likewise only in
his boots, he semi hard but equally as impressive looking cock hangs free.
Looking over to him, she licks her lips, secretly very glad she decided to
break from her usual attitude, and takes a hold of him with her free hand,
giving his shaft the same stroking treatment she started off with on his tag
team partner. Sure enough the tight grip of her pleasantly soft palm does its
job, and has him rock hard at an also very impressive twelve inches, so now
she's dishing out handjobs to both men's long, thick cocks.

Turning her head towards the "Young Knockout Kid", she pats her tongue
against his bulbous cock head, stroking the lower portion of the shaft while
she brushes her soft, nicely wet tongue across the tip of him, her other hand
still stroking the whole length of the other ROH star, running her thumb
across his crown when she reaches the top. She works her tongue steadily
around his bell end in a swirling motion, going in the opposite direction
than she did before but the feeling of pleasure is exactly the same as works
him over with mouth and hand work that has him moaning as he grins down at
her, with a smirk being given in reply.

Giving her lips a little lick, she strokes them both for a few moments,
timing her hands so they both reach the top of both men's cocks and stroke
down to the base at the same time, glancing between them both as she does so
and taking great pleasure in being in control of both men. She then moves her
head down back to Claudio's cock, opening her mouth and taking him inside,
smirking at his groan as she tightly presses her lips around him, beginning
to bob her head over the top half of his dick while stroking off the rest of
him. She lightly moans around his shaft as she smoothly blows him, her head
easily lifting up to the head and back down, her lips meeting her hand as it
comes up before she raises herself back up and her hand glides down to the
base, her warm mouth having no problem handling the thick size and it looks
like she could handle even more inches inside her at this point.

Even with just being pleasured by her hand, Hero is moaning just as much as
his tag partner is, due to her adding in a tight squeeze to her strokes
without warning, which rather than hurts from her strong grip only adds to
the pleasure. He pushes his hips towards her hand slightly, as if attempting
to fuck her hand while it jerks her off, grinning not just from the great
feeling he's getting but the fact that the gorgeous female wrestler is doing
something that no one in the world would imagine her to do. He's not
complaining, and neither is the other man being worked over as she smoothly
sucks away on his length while pumping the rest of it with quickening motions
of her hand, a louder moan escaping him when he feels her tongue tap up
onto his underside.

Lifting her head up, she spits down onto the cock of the handsome Swiss
wrestler, quickly working her hand up and down him to rub her saliva into his
shaft before she turns her head towards the other half of the Kings of
Wrestling, opening her mouth again as she takes him inside. Now it's his turn
to experience what her mouth can do as she lowers and lifts her head along
his dick, much like before her hand concentrating on the lower half while she
firmly sucks on the upper section, around six inches inside her mouth when
she goes down and going up to just holding the bell end inside before she
goes back down to repeat the motion. Keeping the other wrestler well
entertained with quick motions all the way up and down his long cock, she
moans a little around the dick she's blowing, eyes closed for a moment as she
drags her tongue across the underside, ensuring that it's coated with a
little saliva much like the other dick is.

Raising her head back up with a groan, she smirks up at the two men, holding
their dicks at the base and bringing them close to her face before she lashes
her tongue between both of their cock heads, quick flicks landing on both and
making them moan before she goes back to stroking them off with her just
tight enough to feel great but not hurt grip. She leans her head back across
to Chris' cock, spitting onto it exactly like she did before and letting her
saliva land on his crown before she rubbed it right over his dick with some
quick pumps, showing great skill in handling both men at the same time
with almost the exact same actions used on each.

"Damn it Sara!" Hero exclaims with a laugh. "Never mind the fact you're doing
this, where the hell did you learn to do that?"

She just smirks, letting go of both of their cocks. "Please, that was just
basic stuff. If I really blew you, your legs would be rubber right now." She
states, lifting the bottom of her top up to pull it over her head, revealing
her nicely sized and rounded chest,topped with already rock hard nipples.

"Yeah, right." Chris smirks, folding his arms over his chest. "You'll be
gagging on my dick before you'll get a chance to."

"We'll see..." Sara says, before glancing back as she sees Castagnoli
start to move behind her. "What about you Double C?"

Claudio just smirks, rubbing his hands as he gets down into position. "I
think I'll introduce you to a position that's `Very European'..." He says,
putting his hands on her waist to pull her back slightly.

She licks her lips, letting herself be moved back so she's on her hands and
knees, watching as the talented man from Switzerland pulls her bottoms down
her strong thighs, revealing her smoothly shaved pussy and her juicy looking
ass. As she lifts her legs up slightly so he can pull the garment right off
she looks back to Hero, and he takes the moment to pat the head of his dick
against her firm lips which makes her smirk, answering back by pushing her
tongue out to lick over it as he moves it across her mouth. She was going to
lick him some more but feeling the other man's hand coming down onto her
ass with a spank makes her look back with a raised eyebrow, as if to say "is
that the best you can do?", before looking right back and opening her mouth

Not missing the opportunity, Chris pushes his cock right into her mouth,
moaning as he feels her warm, soothing hole and then her lips pressing down
and around his man meat, pushing himself into her so that around eight thick
inches are inside her before she starts to move her head back, blowing him up
until the head before going back down to work over his cock. He's looking
straight down as she goes to work, hands on his hips as her head bobs towards
and back away from him, a slight sucking sound able to be heard as she shows
surprising skill already in this task, considering her reputation on the
indie circuit, and she even seems to be smirking around his dick, looking up
at him as she looks over the pleasured look on his face.

The Woman of Honor soon moans and closes her eyes though when she feels
Claudio push his massive cock deep into her pussy with a firm thrust, pausing
for a moment to enjoy the feeling of being in her tightness and placing his
hands on her waist before he starts to rock his hips back and work, moving
himself in and out with a steady pace. She remains still, letting him do the
work as he already has seven or so inches deep in her snatch with more and
more being worked in with every thrust, only slightly moving back because of
her bobbing motion on the cock of the other former ROH Tag Team Champion with
her moans being muffled around said cock as she already enjoys being taken
from behind.

The incoming thrusts to her dampening pussy only encourages her to continue
and improve her servicing of the other wrestler, her head moving down further
and further as she sucks him off, no longer going all the way back up to the
top and instead just moving to the middle of his length, allowing her to
smoothly move herself back and forth at a quick pace. Hero groans, slightly
moving his cock forward to further push himself into her mouth, no gagging
heard at all as she impressively manages to go all the way down on him, deep
throating his nicely thick and twelve inch dick, her chin lightly touching
his balls every time she lowers her head before rushing up to the middle, and
repeating the motion that's leaving his shaft covered in her saliva.

Grunting slightly, the "most money making man" in wrestling is concentrating
on pumping the beautiful, strong female wrestler, having no problem at all
going balls deep into her despite her tightness so his balls are also
smacking into her skin when he pushes forward into her. He smirks, looking
right down at her ass cheeks as he uses swift, firm thrusts into her, keeping
her held in place in the doggy style position although she could easily push
back against him if she wanted to. But this position and pace works perfect
for both of them, as he can feel her snatch getting wetter and wetter with
every pump, making them both moan as his long, equally impressive cock pounds
away at one of the best independent wrestlers in the world.

With her moans vibrating around the shaft she's blowing right to the base,
it's not gone unnoticed by her that she's currently being spit roasted
between the two men she regularly manages, a twelve inch dick passing quickly
in and out of her holes in both ends, as she deep throats one man with
strong, deep sucks while being fucked from behind by the other. But she can't
waste time just thinking about it, she has to make sure it's acted out
properly and that means working hard to suck and take the two big cocks
sliding in and out of her, and at this rate this is going to be a non-
wrestling double team to remember for a very long time. Her hair sways in
time with her swift motions, her breasts doing the same but only slightly as
she keeps her body in place but has to slightly rock because of the force
being used by the man thrusting into her snatch.

Lifting her head up with a moan, Sara smirks up at the man she just blew.
"You guys aren't half bad after all." She says like a challenge, before
looking back at the man still pumping into her snatch. "Not bad at all."

Chris smirks back. "How'd you know? I haven't even fucked you yet."

"Be my guest..." Claudio says, pulling out and taking a look at his
shaft that's covered in her pussy juices. "You can thank me for
getting her ready for you later."

Hero laughs a little, stroking his shaft a little as Del Rey stands
up, turning around and bending forward. "Sure, stick to that story."

"Are we going to talk about it?" She says, licking her lips as the
Swiss wrestler approaches her. "Or are you two going to give me a
`royal' good time?" She challenges them both.

Castagnoli pushes his cock into her mouth, moaning as she presses her full
lips right down and around his shaft, already bobbing her head along him as
she tastes her own pussy juices from his length, and this rather than
replulse her only turns her on more as she's handling a good eight inches of
him in her mouth with ease, her tongue flicking up and around his dick as it
passes in and out to clean him off. Reaching down to take a handful of her
long hair, his eyes are glued on her pretty face as it moves close in towards
him before smoothly going backward but never fully coming off his cock, as
it's clear that she can handle his thickness just as well as she did with the
other man's manhood, so he knows that it won't be long before she goes
completely down on him.

Behind her, the man known as That Young Knockout Kid has a firm hold of her
powerful thighs as his covered in her saliva cock into her already wet and
still very tight pussy, making them both moan as he pushes himself all the
way into her until his ball sack touches her skin, his whole thick twelve
inches stuffing her snatch perfectly as she's bend over in this standing
doggy style position. The thrusting begins, a steady pace of working his dick
in and out of her pussy to make his nuts smack into her skin as he goes balls
deep with every thrust forward, causing her body to slightly jolt forward
every time he does but keeping her in place as he holds her thighs, his
vision switching between looking up and her bobbing head that's working
over his tag team partner and looking straight down at his cock as it slides
in and out of her snatch.

Closing her eyes and moaning around the dick in her mouth, the first ever
SHIMMER Champion isn't just going to stay like this, responding to the
incoming thrusts by pushing her juicy ass back in time with his motion,
causing her pussy to smack into his crotch when he comes forward, a sexy
slapping noise ringing out every time they connect which just turns them both
on even more. In turn, this is allowing her to push her head right forward
onto the other man's cock, her chin touching his balls as she easily deep
throats his impressive shaft, not even gagging at all as she gets his cock
nice and wet with her own saliva using both her soothing mouth and her tongue
as it lashes all across and around his dick as she moves back and forth
along it with a gradually quickening pace.

Groaning as he enjoys her tight hole that's causing his cock to be slick with
her juices, Hero is turning it up a notch, using faster thrusts and putting
more force behind each one as he slams his whole length deep into her, his
waist smacking into her ass each time he pushes forward as it comes back into
her, managing to match his force with stiff jolts back into him. He nicely
sized breasts sway back and forth, in time with her rocking movement as she's
taken from both ends by two thick twelve inch dicks that would have already
fucked a normal woman unconscious by now, but she's handling them both with
ease and looks able to carry on for a long, long time. He lifts a hand up,
bringing it sharply down onto her ass cheek which only makes her moan, not
missing a beat at all and that in turn makes him grin, using it as
encouragement to keep pounding into her soaking snatch, making him wonder why
it's taken them so damn long to engage in this kind of celebration if she can
fuck like this all the time.

With her warm saliva starting to drip off his cock and trickle down onto his
balls, the man claiming to hail from the United Bank of Switzerland is moving
his hips back and forth, pumping his cock into her mouth as she continues to
bob rapidly along his thick shaft, unfazed by his balls lightly smacking into
her chin when he thrusts into. Her firm lips are grinding around his dick as
she deeply sucks him, her moans vibrating all around his shaft as she works
him over while rocking her body back against the man pounding into her snatch
from behind, showing great skill to give back to both men. She looks up and
smirks at the look of pleasure on his face, knowing that she's the one in
control of this sexual session and proving it by bringing herself to a stop
right down onto him, deep throating him and keeping all of his foot long dick
contained in her mouth for a few moments before she goes back to raising and
lowering herself along his full length all the way to the bell end and then
straight back down to the base.

With her hands groping and playing with her swinging tits, the wrestler
nicknamed Death Rey is moaning loudly, still heard somewhat despite being
muffled by the thick shaft in her mouth, her tanned, perfectly curved and
well built body covered in a light layer of sweat, the effects shown of being
intensely stuffed by two stiff cocks in her soothing mouth and tight pussy.
Likewise, the men known as the Kings of Wrestling are also sweating, using up
plenty of energy to keep up the top-notch pace required to give the talented
female wrestler the fucking she deserves, driven on by lust from finally
getting a piece of the gorgeous, no nonsense performer who has been their
back up in ROH for many, many months.

"Seems like you've had some European in you before." Claudio says with a
smirk, groaning as she lifts her head off from his shaft with a slurp.

She moans as she's still being pumped from behind by the other handsome ROH
star. "Cut the B.S. Claudio!" She smirks at him. "And get down on the ground,
I want that dick of yours back in my pussy!"

"Gladly!" He says with a chuckle, lying down on the locker room floor with
his covered in her saliva cock pointing up, still as hard as ever.

"Damn, I was enjoying that..." Hero states, pulling his cock out from her

She looks back at him, lust in her eyes as she smirks. "Then you can enjoy my
ass if you can handle it you hung bastard!"

With that, she strides over to the star from Switzerland and drops down,
mounting his cock and taking it deep into her soaking wet pussy, moaning as
she goes down all the way to the balls before grinding her snatch against him
for a moment which makes him moan as he puts his hands onto her full, strong
thighs. Placing her hands on his muscular chest she starts to quickly bounce
on his thick dick, lifting herself to keep nine or so inches inside her at
all times before dropping down to the balls and quickly repeating the action
which soon has them both loudly moaning from the feeling of her tight snatch
gliding up and down his twelve inch cock. She grins down at him, her nicely
sized and perfectly rounded tits bouncing in time with her swift motions as
the erotic sound of skin smacking into skin rings out each time she drops
down onto his crotch, showing her leg and thigh strength as she does all the
work which neither of them is going to complain about.

Rubbing his hands together almost in glee, the Survival of the Fittest winner
gets himself into position, hands going onto her juicy ass cheeks to spread
them apart, timing himself with her movements before he firmly pushes his
thick cock straight in to her back passage, groaning as it's even tighter
than her pussy but he has her juices that coat his shaft to use a
lubrication. He doesn't even have to begin thrusting as her forceful
movements on his tag partner's dick means she can also rock her backside
against him to make the other cock slide in and out of her asshole, at the
moment handling just six or so inches which isn't going to satisfy either
of them so he moves in close, starting to pump his thick, foot long shaft up
into her, working in more and more as he thrusts up and she pushes her ass
back against him.

Moaning loudly, the Woman of Honor looks to be in her element, a far cry for
the pure, anti-Diva reputation she has, having no problem in moving herself
between the two handsome and hung stars of the independent circuit, lifting
herself up and then back down on one cock that's stuffing her pussy while at
the same time ensuring that the one deep in her ass is also moving in and out
of her. The timing is perfect as she pushes back into Chris' dick so it can
go balls deep into her back passage and allowing her to rise up enough on
Claudio's dick, and when she drops down onto the Swizz man's dick to take him
all in her snatch the other half of the talented tag team can slide his cock
back out of her but keeping eight or so inches still in before the process is
quickly repeated again and again. Her eyes are closed, licking her lips as
she enjoys a moment she never thought would happen, and at this rate would do
it many times in the future but for now she's concentrating on working
herself against both men like her very life depends on it.

Taking in deep breaths and letting out grunts, the proudly "Very European"
wrestler quickly works his hips up to meet her pussy as she sharply drops
down into him, slamming his foot long manhood straight up into her snatch
that causes his balls to slap into her skin which only enhances the feeling
as his thickness is coated in her pussy juices, neither of them feeling any
pain despite the force behind her thrusts and the suddenness with which she's
dropping down onto him. He moans, feeling his cock throbbing slightly in her
wet hole that's still as tight as ever despite having been well fucked
already, knowing himself that he's not going to last very much long at this
rate but he has absolutely no intentions on stopping or slowing down, willing
to drive himself straight to his peak as he pounds upward into her raising
and lowering snatch.

Likewise, the other former ROH World Tag Team Champion has sweat covering his
entire body, having used up plenty of effort to pound the juicy, well rounded
ass with his balls slapping in to her cheeks each time he thrusts forward,
helped by every time he does so she pushes her backside towards him so
there's no problem in going balls deep with his wide twelve inches over and
over again. He gives her ass another firm spank as he moans, knowing that an
ass like this doesn't come along every day of the week and is fucking her
like it's the last time he ever will, moaning away with each pump he sends
deep into her, his cock also starting to throb as he slides it with
incredible ease back and forth into her back passage. It's clear this whole
hot and heavy threesome is approaching its conclusion, with every one of them
having their limit and rapidly approaching it, the only sounds being the sexy
slap of skin against skin and the deep moans pouring out of all of their

The first to go over the edge is the master of European uppercuts, who lets
out one last deep groan before Claudio Castagnoli's thick, twelve inch cock
shoots stream after thick stream of cum deep into the already soaking wet
pussy of Sara Del Rey, making them both moan as they feel the sensation, with
her continuing to ride him hard and fast and he still thrusting upward as her
snatch gets filled up with his huge load. At the same time, Chris Hero starts
to erupt deep into Sara's ass, moaning as his just as thick jizz fires out of
his wide, foot long dick and fills her back passage, making sure that every
drop goes into her as he continues to thrust into her, licking his lips as he
enjoys the blissful feeling of a fucking well done.

The incredible moment of having both of her holes simultaneously filled up to
the brink with the hot cum of the Kings of Wrestling drives her over the
edge, and tilting her head back to let out a long moan Sara Del Rey starts to
cum, her juices flooding out over Claudio's cock as her pussy clamps around
his dick, while her asshole tightens around Chris' dick. The men groan as she
rides out her orgasm, her now super tight holes completely milking them dry,
bringing their thrusts to a halt while she still rocks between them, moaning
as she comes down from what has to be the biggest sexual peak of her life
that's left her gasping for breath but with a smile on her beautiful, sweat
covered face.

"Holy fuck..." Sara manages to gasp out, coming to a stop as the now limp
cocks of both men fall out of her holes. "Were you guys saving all of that
up?" She laughs, referring to how much cum they both shot into her pussy and

"What about you?" Chris says, helping her up to her feet. "You fucked like
you hadn't been laid in years!"

"Well, I'm not like the other skanks who think they can wrestle." She smirks
at him, before looking to Claudio as he stands up. "I hadn't found anyone
worth enough for me... Well, until now maybe."

"That's because no one else is Very European like me..." Castagnoli brags
with a grin.

"Or just plain wrestling royalty like the Kings of Wrestling are." Hero adds.
"This is why you are the only Queen of Ring of Honor Sara, you are just damn
better than everyone else!"

"Damn right I am!" She says, folding her arms over her chest. "Say, you guys
still intending to celebrate tonight without me?"

"After this?" Claudio laughs a little. "I think it would be rude to not
invite you."

"Why, you got something in mind Sara?" Hero asks, glancing over at his tag

She starts to grin. "I say we dump Hagadorn, and head back to the hotel. I'm
not quite finished with you two tonight. Not by a long shot!"

* * *

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