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Featuring: Rayna Von Tash (ROH, SHIMMER), Davey Richards (ROH, PWG), Eddie
Edwards (ROH)

Lust By Honor Part 4: Rayna Von Tash
A Ring of Honor erotic lemon/story
by DaxG2001 (

Backstage at the March 5th taping of Ring of Honor's HD Net show, the newly
crowned ROH Television Champion proudly has his title belt on his shoulder as
he leans back against a corridor wall, still clad in his ring gear for his
tournament final match and with a towel around his neck. Opposite him is his
opponent in said match, the man who is his tag team partner in the American
Wolves, Davey Richards who is also still in his wrestling gear and is taking
a long drink from a bottle of water as he wipes sweat from his face.

"I mean it, the better man won tonight." Richards says to his friend and
partner. "You beat me, fair and square. I'll get a title again in ROH soon
enough. You just do justice to that TV title."

"I plan on it." Edwards says with a smirk. "It might not be the tag belts,
but it feels good to be a champion again. You get into that Pick 6 rankings,
and hunt down Black and get your title shot. Then once again the American
Wolves will be at the top of ROH just like before."

"Absolutely. There's no way Tyler can..." Davey starts to say, before
his attention is drawn to someone walking down towards them. "Hey,
there's that girl. The one who's been carrying the belt down to the
ring for the tournament matches." He says, nodding down the hallway.

Heading towards them with a seductive smile is Rayna Von Tash, the graduate
of the SHIMMER Wrestling Academy who's been acting as a ring girl for ROH.
The stunning redhead is dressed in a tight fitting red dress that shows off
her large, perfectly rounded breasts with plenty of sexy cleavage, and hugs
nicely to her hips and juicy ass. Approaching the men she comes to a stop and
glancing between both men.

"Great match tonight boys..." She says, already her voice provocative as she
eyes them both up. "And congratulations Eddie on your win."

"Why thank you, Miss...?" Eddie says, not exactly hiding the fact he's
checking her out, as is his tag partner.

"Rayna Von Tash." She introduces herself, glancing over to Davey. "So, you
two are still going to be friends and team together."

"Of course, it's going to take more than one match to split us up." Richards
states with a smirk. "We're still going to be on the hunt for a long while to

"That can wait..." Edwards says, pushing himself off from the wall. "I think
that we should celebrate my victory tonight. That is, if you're interested

She smirks, licking her lips as she looks over the new champion with a glance
down at his package. "Oh, I'd be more than happy to help you both

* * *

Kneeling down in front of Eddie Edwards, the alluring Rayna Von Tash wraps a
hand around his hardening cock, beginning to smoothly stroke it up and down
as she looks up at the handsome wrestler, licking her lips as she looks to
get him completely hard from her hand motion. She glances back behind her
with a provocatively raised eyebrow, feeling Davey Richards coming up behind
her and pushing her red dress up to reveal her bare, perfectly rounded ass
and shaved pussy. She turns back and looks back up to the man she's jerking
off, leaning her head in as she flicks her tongue out across the tip of his
cock, making him moan a little as she works over his bell end with brief,
almost teasing licks across the top of him.

Richards smirks down, giving his rock hard and at least twelve inch dick a
stroke before he lines it up, firmly pushing herself into her tight pussy
which makes him moan as he feels her tightness all around his thick member,
placing his hands on her waist as he starts to work himself in and out of
her. She lets out a deep, erotic sigh of pleasure as she feels him begin to
pump her from behind, already with about half of his length moving back and
forth into her as she strokes off the other man at the same time. Looking up,
she gives said wrestler a wink before moving her head back down, opening her
mouth and taking his manhood inside, quickly wrapping her pouty lips around
him as she begins to suck him off while getting taken from behind.

Looking down with a smirk, the newly crowned TV Champion lets out a moan as
he feels her mouth working over his foot long length, her head moving down to
about half way before she goes back up to the top, her hand continuing to
jerk off the portion of him not yet contained in her mouth so all of him is
being taken care off. Her head is rocking further down onto him as she starts
to push herself back against the thrusts she's taking into her snatch, her
moans vibrating around the dick in her mouth as she smoothly sucks him off,
all the while looking right up at him as she orally pleasures him, looking
already like she could take plenty more of him in but is just concentrating
on the upper part for the moment.

The other half of the American Wolves tag team is increasing the pace, going
quicker in and out of her tight box as he gives it to the beautiful graduate
of the SHIMMER Wrestling Academy, having no problem pushing more and more of
his impressive size into her with each pump into her which is only helped by
her pushing her ass back towards him. He grunts, moving his hands across her
juicy ass cheeks for a moment before giving her butt a hard spank which only
makes her moan around the other man's cock, in turn making the one pumping
her smirk as he can tell it's going to be great to have her around shows in
the future, especially if her tight snatch can easily handle almost all of
his cock like she's doing right now.

Moaning, the alluring red head rocks herself between both of the ROH studs in
front and behind her, allowing her to push her head deeply down on Edward's
cock so her bright red lipstick covered lips are almost down at the base as
she smoothly bobs her head right up and down his vast length, ensuring his
dick is nicely covered with her soothing saliva. At the same time her juicy
backside is now able to smack into Richard's waist as she takes his cock
balls deep into her dampening, tight pussy as he forcefully and quickly
thrusts into her, not looking like a man who wrestled an intense, close match
like he did tonight as he slams the sexy female wrestler from behind. The way
she deeply moans around the cock she's practically deep throating shows she's
loving this situation, the hard nipples that are poking through her dress as
her breasts slightly sway from the motion her body's using further proof if

The Boston, Massachusetts native takes a handful of her long hair, smirking
as she quickly rocks her head up to half way and then back down to the base,
her chin touching his balls as she handles all of his foot long cock inside
her warm mouth without a hint of gagging at all, instead the only sound being
her moans as they bounce off his meat and the sexy slurping sound that rings
out as she continues to deeply suck him over and over again. He enjoys the
feeling of an already well beyond top notch blowjob as he watches her
gorgeous face coming close to his crotch before smoothly travelling away as
she looks up with a naughty, lustful look at the handsome, talented
wrestler she barely knows.

Davey lets out a grunt, rapidly pumping her tight snatch with hard thrusts
that make her ass jiggle as his waist meets her as she pushes back against
each and every forward movement he gives her, his nutsack smacking into her
skin as he does do, feeling her juices covering all of his member as a result
of his repeated, deep fucking into her. He gives her backside another spank,
smirking at how the slight pain only seems to turn her on, and very much
enjoying how her pussy is remaining as tight as ever despite his thickness
and length. Plus, it's not every day that a stunning redhead comes along who
is so willing to get down and dirty with two men for a "celebration" that
they all know just means some hot, no strings attached sex which has them all
moaning as the talented indy scene tag team spit roasts a sexy, up and coming
female wrestler.

"Something tells me you didn't learn that from The Haze." Eddie smirks down
at Von Tash as she sucks on his length a couple more times.

Lifting her head up and completely off his cock, Rayna slyly smirks up at
him. "I'm a girl who can some fun..." She provocatively says, giving his bell
end a kiss as she strokes him a little.

"Shit, if only the rest of the chicks around here were like you..." Davey
states, pulling his cock out of her pussy and tapping it against
her juicy ass.

Von Tash sits up, glancing between both members of the American Wolves as she
starts to pull down her dress, revealing her large, perfectly rounded
breasts. "Boys... Would one of you be so kind to lay down so I could ride a
big, hard cock?" She licks her lips, pushing her dress right down her body so
she can be completely naked.

Edwards grins as he quickly lays down on the locker room floor. "Feel free to
step right up!"

Standing up to step out of the dress, the woman who's been the ring girl to
bring the prized ROH Television Championship to ring mounts the man who won
said title, lightly moaning as she lowers her wet pussy onto his thick, foot
long cock, her ass pushing out towards him as she assumes the reverse cowgirl
position, impressively taking all of his length inside her as she goes all
the way down. Once her skin touches his, she starts to lift herself up and
down on his shaft, her hands resting on her thighs as she rocks herself back
and forth onto his length, already making both of them moan at the feeling as
his hands hold onto her waist to help her ride his meaty shaft smoothly and

Not going to be left out, Richards steps up in front of her, turning her head
towards him and she smiles up at him, instantly opening her mouth as he
pushes his dick into her mouth so at least ten inches of his length is
stuffed into her, and she doesn't hesitate to press her thick lips around him
even though his cock is covered in her own pussy juices. Instead she starts
to bob her head along his length, helped by her rocking motion back to take
the other man's tool in her snatch, tasting herself as her tongue flicks up
and around him as she moves her nicely wet mouth across his size, already
almost deep throating him as she sucks away, looking to clean him up and have
his dick covered with another liquid in the process.

Watching the sexy ass of the rookie redhead bouncing as she rides his cock
has Edwards wanting a whole lot more of her, which makes him start to pump
his cock up into her pussy with firm, steady movements to really make all of
his manhood fit into her tight, wet hole. In response she lets out a muffled
groan, leaning forward slightly to further lift her backside up as she starts
to quicken her own movements, moving her snatch faster up and down his dick
so that when she smacks down onto him, the sound of skin meeting skin rings
out around the room. The timing is spot on as she meets his incoming thrusts
with downward movements onto him, allowing his shaft to go as deep as it can
into her hole that's still very tight and only getting wetter by the minute
as she's now getting his cock coated with her juices.

The other half of the former ROH World Tag Team Champions has a handful of
her hair, showing his aggressive nature as he's pumping his cock in and out
of her mouth, making his balls smack into her chin as he fucks her stunning
face, groaning as he feels the head of his shaft touching the back of her
mouth as he smoothly sends himself back and forth past her luscious lips.
Closing her eyes, she eagerly takes this, still rocking her head back and
forth along him to ensure she's feasting on all of his man meat, covering his
cock with her saliva as her moans vibrate all around his twelve inches as she
deeply blows him repeatedly with no signs of discomfort or intention of
stopping any time soon.

Despite the fact that these men had been opponents earlier in the evening,
they are working together right now as they fuck the stunning, provocative
red head, with the man below sending his cock hard and fast up into her
soaking snatch while the other wrestler gives it to her mouth with the same
quick and forceful pace, both of them making sure she's getting stuffed full
with over two feet of cock. It's clear that she's enjoying every second of
it, moving her body back and forth between both studs as she pushes herself
right down to take the thrusts into her pussy while bobbing her head straight
down onto the other man's thick dick, deeply sucking and riding and all the
while moaning loudly with great, unashamed pleasure from being a part of this
hot threesome.

Lifting her head off from Richard's cock, the sexy red head licks her lips as
she looks over his saliva-coated member. "Mmmm... Very nice..." Rayna says,
giving his bell end a delicate kiss.

"Things are pretty good down here as well..." Eddie says with a smirk, giving
her snatch a couple more pumps before he pulls out of her.

"Not planning on staying down there too long are you "Champ"?" Davey says
with a similarly smug look as she helps Von Tash up to her feet.

The graduate of the SHIMMER Wrestling School provocatively bites down on her
bottom lip, looking over both talented studs as they come close to her. "Have
something in mind for me?" She asks, looking down at their rock hard and long

"Just a little American Wolves double team..." Edwards says, surprising her
by grabbing her from behind and lifting her up in the air.

Letting out a groan, the curvaceous female wrestler doesn't resist as she's
moved into position, Richards taking over to hold her by the waist as he
stands, lowering her right onto his dick to make her moan loudly as she's
filled up once again by thick man meat, having no problem taking him all
inside her wet hole. He's barely able to wrap her long, smooth legs around
his waist and rest her hand on his shoulders before Davey starts to thrust up
into her, his balls already smacking into her skin with each motion upward
into her, making him moan as well as he now gets to enjoy her still tight
snatch along with her stunning body that's pressing up into his.

Coming up behind, the newly crowned Television Champion steps up close,
spreading her juicy ass cheeks apart and not giving a warning before his
pushes his covered with her pussy juices shaft straight into her asshole,
causing him to groan as he forces his thickness into her back passage while
she moans with delight, already loving the feeling of double penetration in
both ends. Eddie licks his lips, running his hands over her shapely cheeks as
he starts to work himself in and out of her backside, making her ass adjust
and gradually accept his dick but not yet moving in time with his tag partner
at the moment.

Being held up above the ground and sandwiched between the former ROH World
Tag Team Champions, Von Tash can only take this vertical fucking as she takes
it the pussy and ass, making her moan away as she tries to push herself
against the thrusts she's getting, but only able to really grind her snatch
and butt against the handsome Indy wrestlers. Her large breasts are slightly
bouncing as her body rocks against both men, making them rub against the
chest of Richards as she tilts her head back and lets out a moan, already
greatly enjoying being sexually double teamed like this and having no problem
at all being controlled like this as long as can get fucked again and again
by them both.

Deeply pumping into the ass of the hot redhead, Edwards uses his hand to give
her juicy cheeks a spank, smirking as he watches her butt jiggle from the
blow and feeling his shaft going further and further into her tight back
passage, a good ten inches now deep inside her and despite his length and
thickness she's still as tight as ever, making the feeling all the more
better as she takes her up the ass. He grunts, beginning to sweat a little as
he puts all his effort into stuffing all of his length into her ass, not even
thinking about the title match he'd been in earlier in the evening as he's
focused solely on hammering the gorgeous woman's butt hard and fast, over and
over again.

Likewise, Richards is making sure he gives it to her with swift motions, with
all of his foot long and nicely thick dick going into her with each thrust up
and only pulling out so a couple of inches are removed from her so he can
quickly drive himself straight back into her, making a sexy smack ring out
each time skin hits skin and he goes balls deep into her snatch. His eyes are
switching between looking down at her big, perfectly rounded breasts as they
grind against his chiseled chest and to her moaning face inches away from him
as it's clear she's loving this just as much as the men giving it to her are,
and Davey has no intentions of slowing down now, and shows the effects as
he's sweating as well as he fucks her tight, soaking pussy while remaining
standing and keeping her held up as well.

Opening her sultry eyes, she looks back over her shoulder at the man
thrusting up into her ass, feeling his nut sack smacking into her butt cheeks
as he's sending all of his cock into her back passage, so again she's being
filled up with over twenty four inches of dick that's pumping quickly and
hard in and out of her ass and pussy that would have left a normal woman a
complete moaning wreck by this point. However, the young, beautiful ring girl
for ROH has plenty left in her so she keeps on moaning, grinding her body
between both men fucking her as her stunning body is covered with a layer of
sweat, making her look even hotter than before as she licks her lips, casting
seductive glances at both members of the American Wolves tag team.

"Damn... We need to have girls like you around here more often..." Edwards
says with a grin as he pulls his cock out of her ass.

"Yeah, if this is the product of that SHIMMER school, we might have to drop
by for some "training" of our own there." Richards adds with a cocky grin,
pulling out of her snatch to make her groan before he sets her back down on
the floor.

Rayna slyly smiles at them both. "I'd like to think I'm one of a kind..." She
seductively states, watching as Eddie picks up a chair and sets it down in
the middle of the room. "And I don't think you'll find another woman quite
like me around here."

"Then let's see what you've got." The new TV champ says as he takes a seat,
pointing at his cock. "Because we're not like any other team either."

With a lick of her lips and a sway of her hips she walks over and lowers
herself down in front of the seated ROH star, pushing herself back onto her
knees and resting her hands on his thighs as she flicks her tongue out,
licking across and around his bell end which soon has him moaning loudly at
the teasing touch as she swirls around the crown. With her eyes locked up at
him, she opens her mouth and takes his shaft inside, not bothered at all by
the fact that he'd just come straight from her ass so she can taste her own
back passage off of his member as she starts to bob her head along his thick
length, moaning as she already deeply blows him.

Meanwhile, Richards approaches from behind, taking advantage of the almost
doggy style position she's in as he gets down into position, spreading her
cheeks and pushing his dick into her already well fucked ass, groaning as he
now feels her tightness all around him but he soon starts to pump himself in
and out of her, placing his hands on her thick, smooth cheeks as he works
himself in and out of her. Thanks to the prior pounding her back passage had
taken and using her own pussy juices that coat his cock, he's soon able to
deeply and quickly fuck her sexy ass, almost all of his dick now fitting into
her and he can't help but smirk as he hears her muffled moans and watch her
as she rocks back against his thrusts, looking to take him deep as well.

Bobbing her head a couple more times, she slowly raises her head up his
length, smirking around him as she lifts completely off of him, giving the
bell end another lick around before she spits down onto his dick, pausing for
a moment so she can look back and moan at the man pounding her ass from
behind. Looking back to Eddie, she moves up slightly, placing her hands onto
her large chest so she can press them against his long cock to sandwich it
between her soft, well rounded tits, grinding them against and all around his
member and watching him moan from her actions, before she starts to move them
up and down his tool, wanking him off with her tits and using a slow, smooth
motion as she goes all the way up and down him.

Thrusting completely into the redhead's stunning backside, Davey watches as
her butt cheeks shake from the impact when she pushes back and meets his
incoming waist as he thrusts into her, a loud smack ringing out around the
room as she impressively handles this intense, hard butt fucking like a
professional pornstar while also pleasuring the other talented Indy star at
the same time. Sending his shaft straight in and out of her tight back
passage, the former FIP World Champion moans as he pumps the beautiful rookie
wrestler from behind, letting his lust fuel him on and giving her the
pounding that they clearly both want, her pussy still as soaking wet as ever
even with it not even being touched at this moment, getting off on servicing
both handsome men with her large breasts and stunning ass.

The new TV Champion of ROH moans loudly as he watches the beautiful female
wrestler move her big tits up and down his foot long cock, grinding her more
than ample tit flesh around his shaft as she works him over, moaning from the
pounding from behind she's taking but not missing a beat as she pushes back
against the thrusts she's getting from the other TV title tournament finalist
while still moving her boobs up and down the winner's cock with smooth,
nicely quick motions. Looking down at his dick as it pops out between her
titties, she spits down onto his bell end, causing him to moan as her saliva
trickles down his length and gets quickly rubbed into him by her moving
breasts, making him sweat even more as she expertly uses her chest to drive
him wild.

Grunting as he picks up the pace even more, Richards places his hands on her
waist, pulling her back to meet his pumps hard so her ass smacks back into
his waist, but neither feel the sting as skin hits sweat covered skin, only
feeling the pleasure as his cock plunges deeply into her still very tight
back passage, his balls slapping into her skin every time he sends himself
into her. He's feeling the effects of putting so much effort and energy into
pounding the hot rookie wrestler and ring girl, sweating even more now and
feeling his cock throbbing inside her ass but he continues to work himself
back and forth into her, looking to savor every moment of this steamy fucking
that he possibly can but knowing that he can't keep this up forever.

Speaking of throbbing dicks, the one trapped between the large tits of Von
Tash is doing that as Edwards moans loudly and deeply, unable to resist the
feeling of her exceptional titwank she's dishing out on him, making it feel
even better as she occasionally spits down onto his member, all the while
keeping eye contact up with him as she takes care of him with her big
breasts. The look in her seductive eyes show that she's enjoying pleasuring
him just as much as he is receiving it, moaning as she rubs her boobs all up
and down and all around his thickness quickly and smoothly with such ease it
looks like she does this activity on a regular basis.

Letting out a groan, she looks back as she feels the long dick being pulled
out of her well fucked ass, but before she can inquire why she suddenly finds
herself being pulled back and away from Edwards, her tits releasing his shaft
and causing them both to groan as the stunning redhead is lifted onto her
knees, looking up and seeing the other half of the American Wolves start to
rapidly stroke his length. She smirks slyly, closing her eyes and tilting her
head back as she knows what's about to happen, giving a target that's just
too good to miss and she soon gets her reward as Davey Richards starts to
blow his load across the pretty face of Rayna Von Tash, thick streams of cum
splashing across her cheeks, nose and pouty lips as her quickly strokes
himself off, moaning deeply as he does so. The other man just watches on with
a smirk as the sexy redhead takes a facial, not flinching for a moment as
load after load of jizz lands on her, in fact moaning as she feels every drop
splash across her facial features.

"Fuck..." Richards exclaims, stroking the last drop out and letting go of his
now spent cock. "Shit... That was worth losing a title match..."

"Looks like I beat you again Davey..." Eddie remarks, giving his still rock
hard cock a stroke and smirking across at his tag team partner.

"Mmmm... Lovely..." Rayna says, opening her eyes and licking her lips,
tasting Davey's jizz in the process. "Now to finish you off..." She says,
casting a provocative look at the ROH TV Champ as he approaches her.

"Speaking of finishing off, I think that you should take care of Rayna
here..." Edwards adds, before he moans as she takes a hold of his cock and
starts to stroke it.

Smirking at his friend, Richards moves himself down, able to slide underneath
the redhead as she lifts herself off of the ground enough, before she lowers
herself back down, and instantly moans as she feels his mouth pressing right
up against her soaking wet pussy, his hands squeezing her ass cheeks as his
tongue starts to flick around inside her folds, hungrily feasting on her
tasty, tight hole. She groans happily, rocking her snatch across his handsome
face as he eats her out, before turning her gaze towards the other man and
giving his length a couple more strokes all the way up and down his thick,
long cock.

She lowers her cum-covered face down, opening her mouth and taking Edwards'
shaft inside, wrapping her luscious lips tightly around his thickness and
quickly bobbing her head along, moaning around him as she does so and using
her tongue to lick around and across the sides and underneath his shaft as it
passes in and out of her soothing mouth, making him moan out loudly. He can't
take his eyes away from the incredible erotic sight in front of him as the
stunning rookie wrestler is getting her pussy licked while she's sucking his
cock, unfazed by her pretty face being covered with spunk as she dishes out
the hot, deep blowjob.

With his face buried in her snatch, Davey is feverishly dining on her wet
pussy, his tongue working all around and inside her hole as he drinks down
her juices, moaning into her as he feels her rubbing against his handsome
face as he's almost being smothered by her but he's looking to return the
pleasure he just got, raising a hand up to spank her ass as he eats her out.
The circling motion he's using to work her over is driving her wild, making
her moan loudly around the other man's cock as she blows him, her ass pushing
back into his groping hands and her hips quickly rocking back and forth to
move her snatch across his mouth to further heighten the pleasure.

The lovely, alluring ring girl and wrestler is easily handling ten inches of
cock inside her expert mouth, her long and sweat drenched hair swaying as she
quickly bobs her head along the throbbing shaft of the newly crowned TV
Champion who's deeply moaning from her actions, while his opponent in that
match in underneath her and showing his own far better than just average oral
skills as she eats her out like his life depends on it. Moving her hands
across her tits to squeeze and play with them, she closes her eyes, her moans
getting longer and deeper as they bounce of the cock she's sucking, the sight
made all the more hotter because of the cum that coats her beautiful face.

Soon, the limit is reached and with a long, deep groan Eddie Edwards starts
to shoot his load deep into the mouth of Rayna Von Tash, causing her to moan
in delight as her mouth soon gets filled up with the warm spunk of the ROH
Television Champion. With a big gulp she swallows down his jizz, continuing
to bob her head along his thick length as she milks him completely dry,
drinking down every drop of his cum that he fires into her. At the same time,
the feeling of his load splashing into her mouth and across his tongue sets
her off, and she in turn starts to cum on Davey Richard's tongue, her juices
flowing out and all over his handsome face as he tries to lap up all the
liquid that he can and getting a good amount of it. Slowing her bobbing
motion down, she finally lifts her head off with a contented sigh, licking
her lips as she looks over Eddie's now spent shaft, taking a moment to lean
back and grind her pussy one last time against Davey's face before she moves
herself off from him, brushing her hair back over her shoulders with a smile.

"That that quite the "celebration", wasn't it?" Rayna says with a smile,
standing up and looking to both men.

"You can say that again." Eddie says with a smirk, looking over her stunning
body. "It was never like that when we won the tag titles..."

"So, are you planning on staying around in ROH?" Davey asks, also checking
her out even after the intense fuck they'd all be involved in. "You're a damn
better sight to see than Hagadorn, that's for sure."

"Well, I might be, I might not be..." Von Tash teases with a lick of her
lips. "Although, I wouldn't mind seeing you boys "double team" me one more
time..." She adds with a very provocative tone.

Glancing at each other, the American Wolves exchange smirks and nods. "This
time, the catch was better than the hunt..." Edwards states, as they turn and
start to approach her.

* * *

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