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Lust For Power Part 1
by manboydudeguy

Backstage at the 2012 Night Of Champions PPV, the executive assistant to Smackdown's general manager, Eve Torres is backstage dressed in her ring attire, which nicely shows off her curvy frame, large breasts and long, smooth legs, is heading towards the office of Stephanie McMahon. When she arrives, Eve takes a moment to compose herself, slightly wary of the sudden invitation from the Billion Dollar Princess. She then knocks on the door before hearing a voice from inside invite her in. Eve enters the room and sees Stephanie McMahon sitting behind her desk.

"Hello Eve. Please come in." Stephanie says, rising from her desk, dressed in a tight blue, expensive looking dress that hugs nicely to her huge tits and thick, juicy ass.

"Hello Miss McMahon." Eve replies entering the room and closing the door behind her.

Stephanie stares at Eve for a moment before speaking "Booker tells me you'll be replacing Kaitlyn in tonight's Diva's championship match...You wouldn't have had anything to do with the attack that took place earlier tonight, would you?" Stephanie asks, with stern expression on her beautiful face.

Eve acts shocked upon hearing the question. "Miss McMahon!" Eve exclaims "You couldn't possibly believe I would do that, I have nothing but respect for Kaitlyn...and the company that you're family built, I would never!" Eve says pretending to find the idea of attacking Kaitlyn unthinkable, even though she organised the entire thing to ensure herself a Diva's Championship match.

Stephanie looks at Eve with an slightly amused look on her face, showing that while Eve's act may work on the likes of John Laurinaitis and Booker T, the daughter of Vince McMahon can see right though her. "Alright Eve...Well that's not why a asked to see you." Stephanie says, still not taking her eyes off the former 2 time Diva's champion.

"Then why did you ask to see me Miss McMahon?" Eve quickly asks, very eager to change the subject from the previous topic.

"I came here to speak to you about the state of the Diva's division...Personally I think it's a disgrace. There's no order anymore. Beth Phoenix is slipping. She hasn't been keeping the diva's in line. In fact, the way she's been preforming I'd be surprised if she wasn't gone by the end of the year...I need a new diva to take starting tonight I will be adding a new stipulation to the divas division. I've decided that in every diva's championship match, the winner gets the losers ass, for one week." Stephanie explains to Eve in a tone of voice that sounds like she is proposing a new business plan and not this incredibly explicit new ruling.

Eve just stares at Stephanie with an incredulous look on her face. Eve wasn't against the idea of taking another diva's ass, in fact there was very few, if anything at all that she liked to do more. Over the course of the past several months she had wagered her ass against the likes of Kelly Kelly and Aksana, every time she had won and was rewarded with weeks of dominant, intense lesbian sex...but this? This was something completely different. WWE diva's were hesitant to put their asses on the line. So those kinds of matches were very rare and normally only occurred when two diva's were extremely confident they could defeat each other or their hatred/lust for each other had reached extreme heights. Woman like Beth Phoenix could simply demand one of the other divas to bend over but for the rest of them had to play by different rules.

"I understand this might come as a shock to you...this could decision will shake the very foundation of the divas division...and that is why it is necessary Eve. Back when Victoria and Mickie James were around they were absolutely dominate. Every time I visited the divas locker room they had one diva or another bent over screaming in pleasure. Beth did an amazing job taking over but she's losing her touch...and even though I'm the most powerful woman in the history of the WWE..I have far too many responsibilities to keep everyone in line." Stephanie says, still keeping a very professional tone despite the subject.

"Does Layla know about this?" Eve asks, still taking in this huge announcement, her mind racing with perverse thoughts

"I've already informed Layla and I'll inform the rest of the diva's tomorrow night on Raw. She was caught of guard as well but she seems excited when she left. Mumbling something about the good old days in Lay-Cool." Stephanie explains. "Eve, I'll cut right to the chase. I think you have what it takes to be the most dominate female in the WWE...besides me of course." Stephanie says her arrogance seeping through her business like composure.

"I do have what it takes." Eve says, her own arrogance showing now. Thank you for this opportunity Miss McMahon. I promise I won't let you down." Eve says while extending her hand and putting on a big smile. Even now kissing up to the WWE higher ups.

"Don't disappoint me Eve. You'll be sorry if you do." Stephanie says turning away from Eve's outstretched hand and walking back behind her desk. "Now go get ready for your match."

Eve turns to leave the office and walk towards the door but turns just before she walks out. "Don't worry Miss McMahon, I promise, I'll be the most dominate woman in the entire WWE" Eve says putting emphasis on the word "entire" before leaving, which causes Stephanie McMahon to stare after her with an eye brow raised.

* * *

After the Night of Champions PPV, the new divas champion, Eve Torres is in the penthouse suite that she convinced Smackdown general manager, Booker T to book for her. Fresh of her victory, Eve is stepping out of the shower, the water dripping down her amazing body. She slowly dries herself off before stepping out of into the huge bedroom where a very nervous looking Layla El is sitting on the bed, completely naked. Eve's eyes immediately drawn to her large breasts.

"Mmmm you look good." Eve says, her voice dripping with lust as she makes her way towards the former divas champion. When she reaches her, Eve puts her hand on Layla's chin and pushes her head up, forcing her to make eye contact.

"Lo-look Eve. This new rul-" Layla begins to say before Eve cuts off with a loud laugh

"It doesn't matter. You agreed to the match...and now your mine." Eve says as she sits down on the bed next to the only British diva in the WWE.

"Bu-but" Layla tries to say only to be cut off once again.

"You're mine." Eve says more sternly."I'm going to use you, I'm going to use to get what I want."

"What do you want?" Layla says as she stares at the sexy and sinister Eve Torres.

"I want to be the most dominate diva in the history of the WWE...but now, now I want you to take that pretty little mouth of yours and lick my pussy." Eve says as she pulls the woman she defeated earlier tonight off the bed so she's kneeling in front of her. Eve then spreads he legs fully showing off her smoothly shaven cunt.

Layla slowly and reluctantly moves her head between Eve's legs and begins to gently moves her tongue against her pussy, causing Eve to moan lightly. Even though Layla would much rather if it was Eve between her legs, she decides to just try and get this situation over with, hoping, perhaps foolishly, that Eve will not ask her to do anything even more submissive.

"Mmmm..thats right" Eve moans as she places a hand on the back of Layla's head. Layla continues to laps her tongue against Eve's pussy, slowly picking up the pace as she taste's the pussy of the woman who took her divas championship.

Eve smirks to herself in immensely satisfied with how this night turned out for her. She had been planning the attack on Kaitlyn for weeks and had even tried to befriend both her and Layla, using both of them as pawns, pawns she sacrificed in order to become divas champion. Her plan had worked to perfection, better than perfection because not only was she divas champion but she also had Layla between her legs.

"Ohhhhh..ohhh yeah" Eve moans as Layla switches things up by alternating licking and shoving her tongue into Eve's pussy while she moves her hands up to rub the manipulative divas soft legs.

Layla's plans for tonight did not work out nearly as well. Layla never doubted for a minute that she would be leaving Night of Champions with the Divas Championship. She was sure she'd be spending tonight grinding her cunt into Eve's face as she forced the man-eating diva to eat her out...but instead she found herself in the opposite situation. It wasn't that she didn't find Eve attractive. Far from it, you'd have to be a fool to deny Eve's incredible sex appeal. It was her attitude Layla couldn't stand. Eve used people to get to the top, people like Zack Ryder...but still, whether she liked it or not, Layla knew she'd been spending a lot of time over the next week between Eve's legs and to be honest, Layla could think of worse places to be.

"Ohhhhh shit..ohhhhh" Eve moans as she begins to move her hips, grinding her pussy against Layla's talented tongue as is quickly moves against her wet pussy. Eve then reaches down and pressed Layla head even further against her pussy. Layla takes this as an order to speed things up and it's not long before she's working her tongue into Eve's pussy like she's drilling for oil.

"Ohhhh fuck! Ohhhh shit yeah!" Eve moans loudly as Layla's tongue rapidly works against her pussy

"Mmmmm" Layla moans into the pussy of the first ever three time divas champion as reaches she around with one hand and and begins to gentle move her finger against Eve's asshole.

"Ohhhhhh..fuck..ohhhhh" Eve moans, moving one hand up to play with her large tits while using the other to push the British diva's head firmly against her wet pussy.

"Mmmmmmm" Layla continues to moans into the Eve's pussy, almost eagerly munching away now. Layla then shoves one finger into Eve's vice grip like asshole which, combined with Layla's highly skilled pussy eating skills cause Eve to suddenly cum hard all over Layla's face.

"OHHHH FUCK! OHHHH FUCK! OHHHH FUCK!" Eve screams, almost violently grinding her cunt into Layla's face now as she rides out her intense orgasm.

"Mmmmmmm" Layla moans, as her beautiful face is drenched in Eve's juices. After her orgasm subsides Eve grabs Layla and roughly pulls her up from the ground and into an intense, lustful kiss. Eve immediately tasting her own cum but instead of disgusted, it seems to just turn her on even more. After several moments of this deep, steamy lip lock, Eve pulls a way.

"Stay right there." Eve says, her voice dripping with desire as she stands up and makes her way towards a near by suitcase. She then reaches inside and pulls out a huge strap-on dildo. Layla tenses slightly when she sees the giant rubber shaft. Eve locks her wicked eyes with Layla as she slowly moves the strap-on up her long legs. As soon as it's secure around waist, Eve returns to the bed. She then gently but firmly pushes Layla on her side and moves to lay behind her.

"Do you want me to fuck you, Layla" Eve whispers seductively in Layla's ear as she lightly rubs the head of the strap-on against her pussy from behind.

"N-no" Layla says weakly. Even though eating out Eve turned her on and even though she has no choice but to obey everyone of her perverse desires with her body, Layla refuses to submit her mind to the woman who defeated her for the divas championship. Eve just laughs at her reply before she pushes the head of her cock into Layla's slightly wet pussy causing her to gasp lightly.

"I know you want it Layla, you're just like everyone else, everyone wants to be with me" Eve says softly into Layla's ear as she begins to thrust the massive fake cock into Layla

All Layla can do is bite her lip and take it. Even though this isn't her first time getting fucked by a strap-on cock, it been well over a year since it last happened. Back when she and Michelle McCool were dominate on Smackdown, Lay-cool used to DP, divas at any chance had...That was until Beth Pheonix and Natayla teamed up and defeated them. They powerful duo going back and forth, DPing McCool and then Layla, again and again.

"Ohhhhh" Layla light moans out as Eve continues to increase the pace of her thrusts into her tight pussy, working the dildo deeper and deeper.

"Mmmmmm..Does that feel good?" Eve questions Layla with a soft, seductive voice.

"Ohhhh..ohhhh" Layla just moans out, unable to stop herself but still refusing to fully submit to Eve.

"Mmmm..ohhhhh" Eve moans as the strap-on's stimulater rubs against her clit.

"Ohhhhh..OHHHH" Layla suddenly moan loudly as Eve suddenly delivers a single powerful thrust that sends the remaining inches of the strap-on into Layla wet pussy. Eve then suddenly moves to flip Layla over onto her stomach, the dildo still firmly buried in her pussy.

"I'm going to make you scream my name!" Eve almost threatens as she pulls Layla's lower body up from the bed, kneeling on one knee behind her as she moves her leg over to keep Layla's head pressed against the sheets. Eve then slowly pulls out half of the strap-on cock before thrusting it back in again, repeating the process over and over.

"Ohhhh...ohhhh fuck!" Layla moans as her increasingly wet pussy is constantly being filled to the limit.

"Ohhhh..Fuck!..Ohhhh" Eve moans as she begins to increase her pace, griping Layla's hips tightly the new divas champion's waist begins to collide with the former champion's ass making them giggle erotically.

"Ohhhh! Ohhhh shit!" Layla moans as she's held firmly in place by Eve's powerful grip, feeling every single long, thick inch of rubber cock sliding in and out of her cunt.

"Ohhh yeah! Fuckin' take it!" Eve moans completely consumed with lust as she fucks WWE's first British diva at a break neck pace.

"Ohhhhh fuck! FUCK!" Layla moans as Eve delivers a hard spank to her juicy ass while she fucks her.

"Ohhhh..ohhhhh damn!" Eve moans, her eyes fixed on Layla's ass as it jiggles due to the force of her thrusts and spanks.

"Ohhhh..ohhhh baby!" Layla moans as she begins to sweat.

"Tell me how good I am!" Eve shouts while continuing to fuck the deepest parts of the nasty diva

"Ohhhh! You're amazing!" Layla moans in ecstasy as her cunt tightens around the massive cock

"Tell me I'm the best...Ohhhh..You've ever fucking had!" Eve growls out, still fucking Layla with everything she has.

"You're the fucking best!" Layla screams loudly as her cunt tightens every more around the thrusting cock. Layla wasn't just telling Eve what she wanted to hear. She couldn't believe how good Eve was with a strap-on. She had found all of Layla's sweet spots in record time and knew exactly how to fuck them. Suddenly, must to Layla's disappointment, Eve pulls the entire cock out of her cunt at once, denying her from cumming.

"You want to cum on my cock?" Eve teases, rubbing the head of the dildo against Layla's dripping pussy.

"Yes! I do!" Layla almost begs, still kept in place by Eve's grip on her hips and foot on her head.

"Are you going to scream my name?" Eve continues to tease, pushing the head of the dildo slightly harder against Layla's cunt.

"Yes! Yes! Eve!" Layla pleads, desperately wanting to cum on that massive cock. Eve teasing shoving the dildo back into Layla's pussy before plunging it into Layla's incredibly tight ass.

"HOLY FUCK!" Layla screams as half the dildo enters her ass from just the first thrust, greatly helped by Layla's pussy juices heavily coating it.

"OHHH..Ohhh fuck yeah!" Eve moans loudly and she delivers quick, powerful thrusts to Layla's ass, rapidly driving in more and more of the massive shaft.

"OHHHH EVE! FUCK EVE!" Layla screams, her eyes beginning to roll into the back of her head.

"OHHHH SHIT! WHOSE MY BITCH!" Eve shouts, the strap-on stimulator heavily grinding into her clit.

"OHHH FUCKING ME!" Layla screams, the now heavily sweating diva, gripping the bed sheets as though she was holding on her dear life.

"OHHHHH DAMN..FUCKING..RIGHT!" Eve screams, delivering a hard thrust with each thrust, the last of which sends the rest of the cock into Layla's tight backdoor.

"OHHHHH EVE! OHHHHH FUCK! EVE!" Layla screams, her whole body tensing as she begins to heavily cum, her juices squirting from her cunt while a waterfall, her body body shaking as she experiences the most powerful orgasm of her entire life.

"FUCK! OHHHHH GOD DAMN!" Eve screams as she also begins to cum hard but continues to plow her shaft into Layla, making her ride out every second of her intense climax.

"SHIT! SHIT! SHIT! OHHH GAWD!" Layla screams, the amazing sexual high still rocking her through her body.

"Ohhhhh shit..ohhhh fuck!" Eve moans, sweating herself now, determined to fuck Layla's brains out with her massive rubber dick.

"Ohhhh..ohhhh" Layla moans weakly, her body going limp after her climax subsides. After several more moments Eve finally pulls out of Layla's ass. She then moves to kneel next to Layla's head.

"Don't pass out now, we've got a long night ahead of us." Eve says with an arrogant grin as she presses the dildo against Layla's lips. Layla looks up at Eve, still coming back to reality and takes the head of the cock between her pouty lips, instantly tastes her own ass. The thought of spending the night being plowed by Eve's massive dick seeming very appealing all of a sudden. Eve smiles widely as Layla sucks her strap-on. Starring lustfully at her, now one step closer to becoming to most dominant diva in the WWE.

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