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Lust For Power Part 2
by manboydudeguy

After the 2012 WWE Hell In A Cell PPV, Kaitlyn is in her hotel room and is stepping out of the shower with a towel wrapped around her curvaceous frame. Earlier in the night she was unsuccessful in challenging for the WWE Divas Championship in a triple threat match against Eve Torres and Layla. Suddenly there is a knock on her door. Kaitlyn walks over to the door and opens it slightly, sticking her head out and hiding her towel wrapped body, all of a sudden Eve Torres, dressed in a fashionable dress and high heeled shoes, pushes her way into the room and walks past Kaitlyn dragging a suitcase.

"What are the fuck!" Kaitlyn exclaims, caught off guard. "Get out of here!"

"Uck, what a dump." Eve says with a look of disgust on her face while looking around Kaitlyn's modest hotel room. "I guess they have to put the trash somewhere."

"Leave. Now or I will kick your ass." Kaitlyn says through gritted teeth while advancing towards Eve.

"Now why would I do that?...I didn't collect my prize yet." Eve says with a smirk as she reaches into her suitcase and pulls out an incredibly long and very thick strap-on dildo.

"N-no! You didn't beat me, you pinned Layla!" Kaitlyn says while looking at the massive, fake cock with a wide eyed look on her face.

"Doesn't matter, I won the match. I can use Layla whenever I want, tonight I'm going to use you." Eve says with an evil grin. "...or I could call Stephanie and get your ass fired." Eve says as she removes her dress, showing off her own tanned, curvy body, large breasts, round ass and leg, smooth legs.

"Th-that's not fair!" Kaitlyn helplessly pleads.

"Life isn't fair Kaitlyn, you either use people or get used." Eve says before she reaches over and pulls the towel from around Kaitlyn's body.

"I'm going to beat your ass." Kaitlyn threatens as her big tits and thick, juicy ass are revealed.

"You can try...but not tonight. Tonight I'm going to show your what it's like to be with a real women, unlike that psychotic little geek." Eve says after she places the strap-on down and moves towards Kaitlyn, getting right in her face.

"Don't talk about her!" Kaitlyn says angrily.

"Awwww..Did I hit a nerve?" Eve says as she reaches around and takes a firm grip of Kaitlyn's ass.

"I'm warning you!" Kaitlyn says, furious that she can do nothing as her rival fondles her.

"We both know you're not going to do anything." Eve says with a mocking smirk as she begins to pull Kaitlyn towards the beds while firmly holding her fleshly cheeks. As soon as she gets there, Eve firmly pushes Kaitlyn down onto the bed. "Now we can put that mouth of yours to some use." Eve says with a laugh as she moves to straddle Kaitlyn's face, kneeling so she's facing Kaitlyn's body while her ass is right in Kaitlyn's face.

"Eat my ass" Eve says lustfully, Kaitlyn hesitates for a moment but realizing she has no choice, gives in and begins to move her tongue against the entrance of Eve's


"Mmmm..mmmm" Eve lightly groans as she feels Kaitlyn's wet tongue probe her tight ass.

Kaitlyn can't believe the situation she's in. She thought tonight would be the night that she finally got her retribution. She was sure that she was going to leave Hell In A Cell having taken the Divas Championship from her rival, she was so sure that she would finally get revenge on the women who attacked her, the women who robbed her of her opportunity to fulfill her dream and become a champion in the WWE. Instead that same woman was forcing her to kiss her ass. She was pleasuring the ass she desperately wanted to kick.

Eve suddenly reaches down and begins to fondle Kaitlyn's big tits. Taking them into her hands and then gently but firmly feeling them, rubbing them. Using her thumbs to expertly tease Kaitlyn's nipples.

"Mmmmmm" Kaitlyn moans into Eve's ass, surprised by the sudden stimulation.

"You like that Kaitlyn?" Eve says with a smirk

"Mmmmm...mmmmm" Kaitlyn's attempts to reply, her words being muffled by Eve ass.

"Of course you do" Eve says with a laugh as she continues to play with the tits of the muscular diva.

"Mmmmmmm" Kaitlyn's moans once again muffled by the fleshly cheeks of Divas Champion, Kaitlyn deciding to try and end the situation as quickly as possible begins to work her tongue into Eve's asshole at a faster pace.

"Ohhhhhh..Someone's eager" Eve moans out with a laugh.

"MMMMMMMM" Kaitlyn moans loudly as Eve reaches down and begins to move her hand against Kaitlyn's pussy.

"Oh I know you like that." Eve laughs as she begins to move her middle finger in and out of Kaitlyn's pussy. Moving in slowly until she's knuckle deep and then slowly pulling back out, repeating the process over and over before adding a second finger.

"Mmmmmmmmm" Kaitlyn moans out as Eve's uses one hand to play with her breast and another to play with her pussy, double teaming the Texas born diva.

"Ohhhhh yeah" Eve moans as Kaitlyn tongue fucks her ass. Eve then removes her fingers from Kaitlyn's pussy and then begins to tease Kaitlyn's ass, tracing her middle finger over the around the entrance before firmly inserting in.

"MMMMMMMMM" Kaitlyn once again moves loudly as Eve enters her tightest hole.

"Mmmmm..Nice and tight..for now" Eve teases as she pushes her finger further into Kaitlyn's lower hole.

"Mmmmmm..mmmmmm" Kaitlyn groans as Eve begins to grind her ass from side to side, forcing Kaitlyn to motorboat her round ass.

"Ohhhhhh shit!" Eve moans as she pushes her entire middle finger into Kaitlyn's tight ass.

"Mmmmmm..mmmmm" Kaitlyn moans as Eve's round cheeks rub across her ass.

"Ohhhhhh..ohhhhhh" Eve moans as she begins to twirl her finger inside of Kaitlyn's ass, lightly stretching it.

"MMMMMMMMMM" Kaitlyn loudly moans as Eve fingers her ass.

After several moments, Eve moves off of Kaitlyn's face and walks over to retrieve her strap-on cock. She then quickly straps it around her waist and moves back to the bed, pushing Kaitlyn out of the way and lays down, placing her hands behind her head. "Get your ass over here" Eve says with a devious smirk. Kaitlyn glares back at Eve but knowing she has no choice, reluctantly moves over, mounts Eve's waist and begins to slowly over herself down, taking the thick head of the strap-on into her cunt.

"Ohhhhh" Kaitlyn lightly moans as the cock enters her damp pussy.

"Mmmmm" Eve lightly moans, staring lustfully at the former Chickbuster.

"Ohhhhhh..ohhhhh" Kaitlyn moans, lowering herself slowly, gradually taking in the thick inches of the fake shaft.

"Mmmmm..You fucking like that don't you" Eve moans out as the stimulator in her strap-on, works against her pussy.

"Ohhhhhh..mmmmmm" Kaitlyn continues to moves as her pussy stretches open to accommodate the man made cock.

"Ahhhhh..ohhhhh" Eve groans as she suddenly reaches up to grab Kaitlyn's waist, she then pulls her down, forcing the remain few inches into her pussy.

"Ohhhhh SHIT!" Kaitlyn loudly moans as her pussy is suddenly filled to the absolute limit by the massive dick.

"Ohhhhhh yeah! Fucking ride my cock!" Eve growls, moving her hands and firmly grabing Kaitlyn's fleshly cheeks.

"Ohhhhhh..ohhhhh" The winner of NXT season 3 moans as she begins to bounce on the Divas Champion's strap-on

"Mmmmmm yeah" The brunette beauty moans, her eyes fixated on the big tits of Kaitlyn as they sway erotically with her movements.

"Ohhhhh..ohhhhh fuck" The blonde and brunette diva moans as the huge plastic dildo fills up repeatedly.

"Ahhhhhh..mmmmmm" Eve moans, feeling Kaitlyn's fat ass jiggle as it rapidly collides with her waist.

"Ohhhhh shit!..ohhhhhh" Kaitlyn moans, her pussy getting wetter and wetter as she bounces on her rivals big dick.

"Ohhhhh..That tiny, psycho slut..mmmmmmm..didn't make you feel this good did she?" Eve taunts, delivering a firm slap to Kaitlyn's ample posterior

"Ohhhh fuck..fuck you!" Kaitlyn growls out, glaring at the arrogant Boston diva.

"Mmmmmm..You are fucking me" Eve laughs, continuing to taunt the sexy Texan even as she rides her strap-on.

"Fucking BITCH!" Kaitlyn suddenly screams when Eve begins to thrust her hips upward, perfectly timed with Kaitlyn's bounces, sending her plastic cock as deep into Kaitlyn's pussy as possible.

"Ohhhhhh shit!..ohhhh yeah!" Eve moans, pistoning her dick into Kaitlyn's pussy like a machine.

"Ohhhhh fuck..ohhhh fuck!" Kaitlyn moans loudly, the muscular diva now beginning to sweat lightly, which only serves to make her look hotter than she already is.

"Mmmmmmm fuck! Faster!" Eve lustfully commands while delivering another spank to Kaitlyn's ass

"Shit! ohhhhh fuck! Kaitlyn moans, now beginning to wildly riding the strap-on of Eve Torres. If anyone had witness this intense fuck-fest, they would assume these two women were passionate lovers, not fierce rivals.

"Ohhhhh yeah! ohhhh yeah!" Eve moans, the stimulator in her strap-on rapidly working against her wet pussy.

"Fuck! Ohhhhhh..ohhhhh" Kaitlyn moans, her tits now bouncing wildly, much to the viewing pleasure of the women below her.

"You this dick..ahhhhhh..don't you!" Eve taunts, also sweating lightly now due to the intense pace she's using to fuck the former bodybuilder.

"I fucking hate..ohhhhhh shit! you!" Kaitlyn moans, furious that her rival is making her moan out in pleasure.

"Ohhhhhhh..ahhhhhh" Eve just smiles at Kaitlyn's response

"Ohhhhhh fuck! ohhhhhh damn!" Kaitlyn moans as Eve drills her pussy at a breakneck pace.

"Ahhhhhh yeah..fucking ride that dick!" Eve moans outs, her waist repeatedly colliding with Kaitlyn's ass, creating a loud, erotic slapping noise.

"Ohhhhhh fucking shit!" Kaitlyn loudly moans every time she lowers herself on Eve's thrusting plastic dildo.

"Mmmmmm..ahhhhhh yeah" Eve moans as she lustfully watches Kaitlyn's bouncing tits

"Ohhhhhhh..ohhhh fuck you!" Kaitlyn loudly moans as her pussy begins to tighten around the massive, made man cock. Eve then quickly moves her hands to Kaitlyn's waist and then flips over so that she's on top of the half blonde, half brunette diva.

"Tell me you want it!" Eve growls, her voice dripping with lust as she slowly thrusts the cock into Kaitlyn's pussy at a teasing pace.

"Ohhhhh..fuck you!" Kaitlyn lightly moans out defiantly

"If you want to cum, all you have to do is ask nicely" Eve taunts, in a low, seductive voice.

"Mmmmmmm..fuck you!" Kaitlyn says, despite how badly she wants to cum, she refuses to beg the women she hates more than anyone in the WWE.

"Suit yourself" Eve says with a smirk, moving her head down, she begins to suck on the Kaitlyn's big tits. Slowly moving her tongue around her nipple before she takes it into her mouth, further stimulating the powerful Texan.

"Ohhhhhhh..ohhhhhh" Kaitlyn moans in frustration, Eve's thrusts and sucks just enough to bring her to the edge of orgasm but not give her the release she desperately wants.

"Mmmmmmmm" Eve moans around Kaitlyn's tit, still slowly moving her hips to send the her fake dick into Kaitlyn's cunt.

"Ohhhhhhh..mmmmmmm" Kaitlyn moans through gritted teeth

"Mmmmmmmm" Eve moans, continuing to lustfully suck and lick on Kaitlyn's big boobs.

"...fuck me." Kaitlyn says, under her breath

"What was that?" Eve asks with an arrogant smile, lifting her head up from Kaitlyn's breasts.

"Fucking fuck me!" Kaitlyn shouts, unable to resist her sinful desires anymore.

"See, all you had to do was ask." Eve says before she grabs Kaitlyn's hips in a death-grip and begins to thrust into to her with everything she has.

"OHHHHH SHIT! OHHHH SHIT!" Kaitlyn screams, her pussy tightening further around the thrusting strap-on

"Ahhhhh yeah! ohhhh fuck!" Eve moans loudly, Kaitlyn's tightening cunt sending her stimulator into overdrive.

"OHHHHHH FUCK! FUCK!" Kaitlyn screams, her eyes rolling back in her head and her mouth hanging open.

"Ohhhhh..ohhhhh shit!" Eve calls out, although her moans are drowned out by Kaitlyn's screams of ecstasy.

"OHHHH MY GOD! FUCK! FUCK YOU!" Kaitlyn yells as she finally goes crashing over the edge, her juices running like a river now as experiences the most intense orgasm of her entire life.

"Fuck yeah! Cum on my cock!" Eve lustfully shouts as Kaitlyn's juices heavily coat her strap-on dildo.

"OHHHHHHH GOD! OHHHHH GOD!" Kaitlyn screams as Eve continues to fuck her brains out, driving her plastic shaft into Kaitlyn with everything she has, helping the former Chickbuster ride out the waves of her intense orgasm.

"Ohhhhhhhh FUCK!" Eve loudly moans as she also begins to cum hard on her strap-on, even then continuing to drive her fake cock into Kaitlyn, making both of them experience their mind blowing orgasms in full.

"Ohhhhhhhhh..mmmmmmmmm" Kaitlyn moans, her orgasm subsiding now, leaving her panting, desperately trying to catch her breath.

"Ohhhhhhh shit!" Eve moans as she finishes riding out her own orgasm. Eve then slowly pulls her strap-on out of Kaitlyn's soaking wet cunt, causing Kaitlyn to lightly groan, Eve then grabs Kaitlyn's sweat cover hips and flips her onto her stomach.

"We're not done yet!" Eve says, completely overcome with lust, practically drooling as she stares as Kaitlyn's fat, juicy ass. Eve then grabs her strap-on, which is heavily coated in Kaitlyn's juices, and pushes the head into the hybrid diva's asshole.

"Ohhhhhhhh" Kaitlyn lightly moans, the invasion of her tightest hole bringing her back to life. Eve's eyes are still locked on Kaitlyn's ass, pausing to savor the moment of her fake cock entering her rivals ass. She then begins to slowly push forward, watching inch after thick inch slide into the vice grip like ass of the powerful diva.

"Ahhhhhhhh" Eve moans as she grips the sweat covered sides of the former bodybuilder, continuing her descent into the deepest part of Kaitlyn.

"Ohhhhhh..ohhhhhhh" Kaitlyn moans, so exhausted from her intense sexual high, she couldn't stop Eve from filling her ass even if she wanted to.

"Mmmmmmmm" Eve moans as she gazes at Kaitlyn's ass with so much lust, it would make most red blooded males cum their pants on the spot.

"Ohhhhhhh..ahhhhhhh" Kaitlyn groans out as her asshole stretches around it's invader.

"Fuck, my cock looks so good in your ass." Eve says, giving Kaitlyn a backhanded complement.

"Ohhhhhhh..mmmmmmm" Kaitlyn moans as the Divas Champion's hips connect with her ass, signaling every, single inch of Eve's plastic pole is now buried in her ass. After taking a long while to savor the moment, Eve begins to slowly pull several inches of the dildo from Kaitlyn's ass before slowly pushing them back in. Slowly starting to ass-fuck the former Chickbuster.

"Ohhhhhh..shit" Kaitlyn gasps, lightly griping the bed sheets as her ass is repeatedly filled with the massive, fake cock.

"Ohhhhh yeah..mmmmmmm" Eve moans, her eyes still fixated on the thick ass of Kaitlyn

"Ohhhhhh fuck! Ohhhhhhhh" Kaitlyn moans as Eve's begins to move her hips at a quicker pace, thrusting her her big, thick strap-on into her asshole faster and harder.

"Ahhhhhh..ahhhhhh" Eve moans, sweating heavily herself now but the brunette beauty doesn't even think about stopping, focusing on using Kaitlyn's thick ass for her perverse desires.

"Ohhhhhhh..ohhhhhhhh" Kaitlyn moans as she takes a cock up her ass that most veteran pornstars would struggle to handle due to it's great size

"Ohhhhhh shit..fuck!" Eve moans as she thrusts into Kaitlyn as hard and faster as she can, throwing her entire body into every thrust.

"Ohhhhhhhh..fuck! fuck!" Kaitlyn moans as her ass is filled more than ever before in her life.

"Fucking take my dick!" Eve growls, staring at Kaitlyn's hot, sweaty body as though it was a piece of meat

"Ohhhhhhh..fucking hell!" Kaitlyn loudly moans, throwing her sweat drenched hair back, her pussy rapidly rubbing against the bed sheets as she's fucked in the sphinx


"You fucking love this cock, don't you slut!" Eve's yells out in lust, as the so called "Hoeski" hips rapidly collide with the muscular Texan diva's fleshly ass.

"Ohhhhh fuck you!" Kaitlyn fires back, showing her hatred for Eve Torres even in this position.

"I'm the best you've ever had, we both fucking know it!" Eve yells, gripping her hips in a death-lock, Eve somehow begins to jackhammer her strap-on into Kaitlyn's ass at an even faster rate, showing stamina that would put an Olympian to shame.

"OHHHHHHH..OHHHHHHHH" Kaitlyn moans loudly as her ass is pummeled by Eve's hips and cock.

"OHHHHHH FUCK! SHIT!" Eve yells as her strapon rubs against her own cunt.

"OHHHHHH..OHHHHH FUCKING FUCK!" Kaitlyn screams, gripping the bedsheets as though she's holding on for dear life.

"FUCKING TAKE IT!" Eve screams, almost detranged in her extremely lustful state. Proving her dominance over her rival by fucking her ass like a women possessed.

"OHHHHHHH GOD! OHHHHHHHH SHIT!" Kaitlyn screams as the former executive assistant to John Lauranitis fucks her as though she was trying to drive her through the bed.

"OHHHH SHIT! SHIT! SHIT!" Eve shouts, quickly approaching her limit yet still intent on giving Kaitlyn's ass a fucking that the NXT winner will never forget.

"OHHHHHH MY FUCKING GAWD" Kaitlyn roars as she suddenly begins to cum, her juices squirting from her pussy like a waterfall.

"WHAT'S MY NAME BITCH!" Eve shouts, not missing a beat even as Kaitlyn's body trembles almost violently due to her earth shattering orgasm.

"OHHHHHHHH EVE! FUCKING EVE!" Kaitlyn screams as she experiences an orgasm even more powerful than the one before, the muscular diva feeling more pleasure than she even thought possible as it crashes over her like a tital wave.

"THAT'S FUCKING RIGHT!" Eve screams as her own orgasm hits, the Diva's Champion's somehow managing to continue fucking Kaitlyn's ass even as they both scream in ectasy. Kaitlyn soon stops screaming, her body going limit as the hybrid diva passes out, exhausted from by far the most intense sexual experience of her life. Very soon after it's the Diva's Champion who collapses, falling onto the back of her rival. Barely concious, Eve Torres lays just lays there, immensely satisfied with herself. Finally doing the thing she'd fantasied about for months, fuck Kaitlyn's big fat ass. Now one step closer to total domination over the diva's division.

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