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Disclaimer: The following story is 100% fiction and contains explicit
material. If you are offended by the material or if you are under the age of
18, I advise you not to read this.

Pairing: Melina Perez & Mickie James

Lycanthropic Lust
by Number One (

It was Friday night, October 2, 2009, and Mickie James was part of the
SmackDown 10th Anniversary special. She had just served as one of the
Lumberjills in a Women's Championship match between her dear friend and
three-time champion Melina Perez and devious titleholder Michelle McCool.
Mickie watched in disappointment as Melina did not succeed in regaining the
Women's Title that she lost back in June.

But Mickie was happy to be part of the SmackDown special, and the reason why
can be summed up in one word: Melina. The two were good friends for a long
while and they began a romantic relationship sometime last year. They still
kept touch with each other after Melina was drafted back to the SmackDown
roster, but this was the first time that Mickie had even seen her lover in
about three and a half months.

After the match, Mickie walked backstage only to see Melina staggering to the
locker room. "Melina?" she called to her. Melina turned to see her girlfriend
suddenly rush to her side. The two Divas happily hugged each other and later
made out for a short while. "Why haven't you called?" asked Mickie.

"I'm sorry," said Melina. "It's been a rough couple of months for me."

"We could have talked it out," said Mickie. "That's what we always do."

"Not this," Melina said, shaking her head. "It's far too complicated."

"Look," Mickie said in an anguished tone, "it's been over three months since
I've seen you or even heard from you. I want to understand what you're going
through, but I can't unless you tell me."

Melina could tell that her sweetheart was crying on the inside, and that made
her feel immensely heartbroken. "I'm so sorry," she said to Mickie. "I
promise I will tell you when the time is right. OK?"

"OK," Mickie replied half-heartedly. "But in the meantime, let's go out and
paint the town red."

"I'd love to," said Melina, "but all I want to do is head home and just

"All right," Mickie replied. The ladies kissed again before leaving each

It had been two days since their first conversation in months and yet Mickie
still hadn't heard from Melina. She was in her bedroom, unable to sleep --
she was still worried about her. And she spent a good amount of time still
thinking about their talk. Mickie's train of thought was interrupted by a
frantic knock at her door. Without hesitation, Mickie rushed to her front

"Who is it?" she yelled. Mickie heard a familiar voice respond.


Mickie quickly opened the door and let her dear friend and lover in. "What
are you doing here?" she asked.

"I can't take it anymore!" Melina shouted. The exclamation threw Mickie for a
huge loop. "What are you talking about?" the curvy Diva asked.

"I'm sorry, Mickie," a fretful Melina said. "I shouldn't have left you in the
dark like this, but it's been a difficult period of time for me."

"Just tell me the truth," said Mickie. "What the hell is going on?"

Melina sat herself down and steadily composed herself. "Ever since I lost the
Women's Championship," the lovely Latina began, "I've been in a terrible and
foul mood...even more so then usual."

"Well, of course," Mickie said in an almost quizzical fashion. "Losing a
title isn't a good feeling. I've lost four times...two of them to you."

"You don't understand!" Melina exclaimed. "I've been going through some...

Mickie tried very hard to comprehend the nearly cryptic statement that her
distraught companion was saying. Neverthless, she wanted to know more. "What
kind of changes?" Mickie asked.

"You wouldn't believe me," said Melina.

"Just tell me," Mickie said, holding Melina's hand in an act of compassion
and worry. The young Latina beauty let out a deep sigh of frustration and
continued her story. "Well," she continued, "after I lost my rematch, I had a
huge fit. I was screaming, banging lockers, you name it. And then it

Again, Mickie looked extremely puzzled. "What happened?" she asked.

"I looked at the window," a shaken Melina said, "and there it was -- a big,
beautiful, bright full moon. It was the only thing that calmed me down. I
looked at it as if I was in a trance. After that, I... I..." Melina couldn't
bring herself to complete her sentence--she was trying too hard to fight back
her tears.

"Melina...sweetheart," said Mickie, "are you trying to tell me what I think
I'm about to hear?" There was no beating around the bush anymore. Melina just
had to let it out.

"Mickie," she said after calming herself down, "I am a werewolf." Her
admission put a look of blatant skepticism mixed with frustration on the face
of Mickie James. But she tried to put a pleasant front over her actual
feelings. "You're kidding, right?" she said to her near frantic lover.

Melina quickly rose from her seat. "I knew you wouldn't believe me," she
said. The young beauty was about to leave but Mickie swiftly stopped her.
"I'm sorry," she said, slightly laughing, "but it does sound just a bit hard
to believe."

"It's the truth," said Melina.

"Well, how did it happen?" asked Mickie, who was still seemingly in a joking
mood. "Were you bitten? Or were you cursed? You know, there's a lot of that
going around lately."

Melina grew exasperated with Mickie's joking around. "It's not funny," she
said. "I have been going through this for three months now, and it's been
very difficult for me. I didn't contact you because I was scared that I would
hurt you. But to answer your question, I wasn't bitten or cursed. It just
happened, probably because I was so intense and heated."

Melina showed some nervousness in her tone, mainly because she knew the full
moon was close to rising. She looked out the front window to see if it had
risen. It wasn't out - yet -- but that did not calm her nerves. "I gotta get
out of here," she said, and headed again for the front door. But she was
stopped once again by Mickie.

"What are you doing?!" Melina frantically asked.

"I'm sorry, I just don't buy it," Mickie said as she walked closer to Melina.
"You weren't bitten or cursed, yet you've been a werewolf for the last three
months?" A devious smile flashed on the face of the former Women's Champion.
"And it all happens because of whatever mood you're in?" Mickie began to hold
and caress her girlfriend -- something she hadn't done in a while.

"Mickie, please," Melina desperately begged, but to no avail. Mickie
continued to seduce her. "What's wrong, Melina?" she teased. "Is it your time
of the month again?" She began to make out with the Latina beauty, a move
that was met with resistance.

"Just stop, OK?" Melina said in an annoyed tone. She took one more look out
the window and there she saw the full moon in the night sky. As Mickie
continued her sexual antics, Melina began to break out in a cold sweat. "Come
on, baby," Mickie pleaded with her panicked lover.

"Get away," was all Melina could say to her.

"What's wrong?" Mickie asked as she turned to face her. "Aren't you in the
mood?" The curvaceous Diva was about to make her move on Melina, but was met
with a hard slap on the left side of her face that took her by surprise.

"I said get away!" Melina screamed. She shoved Mickie down to the living room
floor. As Mickie stared in shock, she noticed something quite odd. It was
Melina's right hand -- the hand she struck her with. Her fingernails were
long and sharp, like claws! "Oh my God!" Mickie exclaimed, as she quickly
realized that there was some truth to Melina's statements.

Melina looked at both of her clawed hands in horror. She let out a loud,
pained scream as her beastly metamorphosis proceeded on. Her bulging muscles
tore her clothes apart. Black fur covered every facet of her beautiful body.
Melina's eyes sported a primal shade of yellow. Her tender, baby face became
slightly animalistic, her ears became enlarged and pointed, and her teeth
elongated into razor sharp fangs. The bestial Diva turned and faced Mickie,
still in shock at what she had witnessed.

"Believe me now?" Melina asked in a smarmy tone. Mickie finally got on her
feet, but she stood completely speechless as she gazed at Melina, who slowly
moved closer to her, uttering numerous low growls. The she-wolf lunged at
Mickie, who quickly ran up to her bedroom. As she closed the door behind her,
she heard Melina howling downstairs in the living room. She also heard
creaking footsteps walking up the steps. Mickie grew more scared each passing

"Mickie?" Melina called. "Mickie, open up." Mickie reluctantly opened the
door a slight crack only to see Melina -- in human form and as naked as the
day God made her. She opened wider and let her lover in her room. "I don't
know what to say," said Mickie. "I'm sorry I didn't believe you."

"It's OK," replied Melina. "You kinda had every right to be skeptical." It
wasn't until Mickie inadvertedly glanced in the mirror that she noticed the
effect of Melina striking her face. She took one good look at her face and
noticed the claw marks on her left cheek. To Melina's surprise, Mickie didn't
panic over what she saw in the mirror.

"I am truly, truly sorry that I did that," Melina said, full of regret.

"Don't be," replied Mickie. "It's a welcome change for me." Melina walked
closer to her companion, smiling deviously all the way. "You know, Mickie,"
she said, "it wasn't just the moonlight that changed me. Part of it was
caused by you and your little act of seduction." Melina took Mickie's hand
and brought her closer to the lovely Latina. "It's been three months,
sweetheart," she said as she slowly undressed her lover. "Three long months."
She removed every article of clothing that Mickie had on until both Divas
were as naked as a jaybird. Melina then whispered in her ear:

"It's time that we mate."

The two 5'4" Divas made out passionately and ferociously with each other.
Melina shoved Mickie on her own bed and the pair resumed their lovemaking.
While they continued kissing and fondling each other, the curvy Latina
goddess looked up at the bedroom window and saw the full moon resurfacing
itself from the dark clouds.

"Oh, yeah," Melina said intensely. "Bring it on."

Melina pounced on Mickie, her eyes glowing that shade of yellow, and began
kissing her lovely face and neck. All the while, Mickie's had her hands all
over Melina's hot body, from her waist down to her backside, and gave her
luscious ass a hard spank.

"Oh, yeah!" Melina screamed ecstatically, revealing her sharp fangs. "That's
the way I like it!" Melina wasn't the only one changing. Mickie was also
showing some lycanthropic features, including a set of fangs of her own and
those wild yellow eyes. Mickie spanked her once more and then placed her
fingers into Melina's hot and wet pussy.

"OH GOD!!!" the Latina vixen screamed while her snatch was being caressed by
Mickie. She felt a slight extension while being finger-fucked by her lover,
that made her scream -- in ecstasy and a bit of pain. "AAAAGH!" Melina
shrieked, causing Mickie to quickly remove her grasp. As she sampled Melina's
fluids, she learned what caused her slight pain -- her nails had grown into
sharp, rigid claws. She fondled Melina's huge breasts with her newly clawed
hands. Melina forcibly broke Mickie's grasp and began licking and suckling
her lover's tits.

"OHHHHH!!! AAAAHHHH!!!" Mickie screamed erotically, though at that moment,
her shrieks of pleasure were sounding less than human. As Melina continued to
play with her lover's breasts, both ladies' transformation processes
continued. Each Diva displayed differing shades of fur -- Melina with her
black coat, while Mickie's was a brownish color.

Melina stopped her deviant act long enough to gaze at Mickie, who -- along
with Melina herself -- was in the midst of her lupine metamorphosis. Seeing
her as a partial beast drove her as wild as she looked. The horny she-wolf
stopped gazing and resumed pleasuring Mickie. She stroked Mickie's unhuman
pussy with her long, clawed fingers, making the bestial Diva scream with

"AAAAUGH!!!" Mickie moaned ferociously as Melina fingerfucked her snatch,
which grew slightly during her transformation. "Oh, yes! OH YES!!!" Melina,
now in complete werewolf-hybrid form, licked Mickie's juices from her claws.
She looked at Mickie with a look of pure lust in her animalistic eyes. "So
delicious," was all Melina uttered before going down on her lover.

Mickie's snatch was being eaten like an all-you-can-eat buffet, and it was
driving the four-time Women's Champion crazy with animal lust. "OHHHH...
GOD!!!" she bellowed intensely as the rest of her beastly features showed
themselves. Now a full-fledged she-wolf, Mickie's reactions to Melina's oral
pleasure took an immensely primal turn. At one point, she licked her pussy,
so good, so sensually, that her series of shrieking orgasms...


...became one long, loud, passioned howl.


Melina rose up and took another look at Mickie, who had completed her first
werewolf transformation. "You look beautiful, sweetie," she said to her
lover. An exhausted Mickie James got up and walked closely to her bedroom
mirror, with Melina right next to her. Mickie took a good look at herself and
seemed more than content at her reflection. She -- like Melina -- still
maintained her girlish figure, but otherwise she was all beast. Mickie
analyzed her entire profile -- her brown coat, her facial features, and other
attributes -- and finally gave her verdict.

"I...look...gorgeous!" Mickie gleefully exclaimed. She turned to Melina and
added, "And so do you." Melina giggled at Mickie's elation and the two Divas
walked out of the bedroom. They headed out of the house to get a good look at
the luminous moon. "Melina," said Mickie, "where do we go from here? When is
the next full moon?"

"Not for another month," replied Melina. "But as wild as we are, we don't
need one. We are just two hot bitches in heat."

"I wouldn't have it any other way," said Mickie. The two she-wolves held each
other closely and passionately made out, while all the while baying at the

The End

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