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Disclaimer: This is a work of pure fiction based on a recurring mental image.
If you are offended by the material or if you are under the age of
18, do not read this.

Divas: Alicia Fox & Sarona "Tamina" Snuka

Lycanthropic Lust Part 2
by Number One (

Alicia Fox, Raw's Ebony goddess, was heading towards the locker room after a
highly intense match with Gail Kim, in which she was victorious. She quickly
changed out of her in-ring attire and into her normal attire. Alicia was on
her way out of the room when she heard a voice coming from behind her.

"Hello, Alicia."

Standing across from Alicia was none other than Raw's newest Diva, Tamina.
The sexy and devious daughter of WWE Hall of Famer Jimmy "Superfly" Snuka
slowly walked towards the young Diva, smirking as she got closer. "Tamina,"
said Alicia, "what are you doing here?"

"I was watching you backstage," replied Tamina. "You know, scouting my
eventual competition." Alicia grew a bit nervous as Tamina stood nearly eye-
to-eye with her. "And I must say," she continued, "you were terrific out

"Thanks," said Alicia. She quickly noticed Tamina steadily walking around
her, still smirking. "But other than that," she said, "you looked so sexy in
that ring. You drove me wild." The second-generation Diva began caressing
Alicia's finely toned body while the young beauty simply stood -- a bit
turned on. Alicia suddenly composed herself as she released herself from
Tamina's seductive hold.

"Uh...thanks," Alicia nervously replied. "Listen, I have to go, so...I'll see
you later." She walked out of the locker room, feeling a slight sense of
sexual tension. As Tamina watched Alicia walk down the hallway, she whispered
the following words:

"See you soon, Alicia."

Alicia Fox considers herself a fierce competitor, but Tamina displays an
immense -- and literal -- amount of fierceness at least once a month, when
she transforms into a werewolf. And Tamina's advances towards Alicia were
quite intentional -- she was searching for a mate. Amorous thoughts of Alicia
caused some of Tamina's beastly features to show. She stared a mirror to see
her glowing yellow eyes and sharp fangs displaying themselves in a fit of
passion. Tamina quickly calmed herself down and regained her humanity.

"Soon," she said, smiling evilly, "she will be mine."

A few hours later, Alicia was in her bedroom about to get a good night's
sleep, when she suddenly heard a loud noise coming from outside. She looked
through her bedroom window to see what was going on, but she saw nothing.
Alicia would later hear another noise a split second later, which had her
running out the door.

"Is someone out there?!" Alicia yelled as she slowly walked outside her
house. She looked around the area, repeatedly, seeing and hearing nothing.
Alicia was headed back inside when she suddenly saw Tamina standing in front
of her. "Tamina!" she screamed. "You scared me."

"I'm sorry," replied Tamina.

"What are you doing here, anyway?" asked Alicia. She then put on a bit of a
smile and asked, "Are you stalking me?"

"Maybe," Tamina answered coyly. "Come on. Can't you see that I want you?" The
seductive vixen walked closer to Alicia, wearing a devious smirk on her face.
"Isn't it romantic?" she continued. "The two of us out here under a full
moon...I can't tell you how many times I've dreamed of this moment." The pair
of Divas suddenly kissed each other in a moment of heated passion. Alicia's
feeling of romance and pleasure was swiftly interrupted by a slight feeling
of pain on her neck and left arm.

"Tamina...," Alicia said as she tried to push herself off of her.
"'re hurting me." The terrified Diva didn't know that Tamina's
elongating claws were the cause of the intense pain on the back of her neck.
"Tamina, stop!" Alicia shouted as she struggled harder and harder. But the
Samoan siren refused to let go of the object of her affection.

"What's the matter, Alicia?" Tamina said in an ominously smarmy tone. "I
always thought you liked it rough!" Alicia shrieked in horror as she saw the
animalistic yellow color in Tamina's eyes -- the last thing she saw before
she was shoved down on the ground. With the full moon shining above both
Divas, Tamina ripped off all of her clothing and began her lunar

Alicia watched as Tamina's beautiful body was being enveloped by thick, black
hair. Her razor-sharp claws had now full elongated, and her facial features
became more and more feral, with her long fangs completing the physical
change. Tamina snarled and smirked as she crawled closer to the shaken

"How do I look, Alicia?" the evil Tamina asked. "I wanted to look just right
for you." She gently stroked Alicia's face as her intended lover remained
scared silent. "For a long time," said Tamina, "I've been searching for a
mate. And you are just perfect. So young and innocent...and easy for me to
dominate. Now...," she continued, "are you going to come quietly, or do I
have go get even rougher?"

Alicia managed to escape, but not before Tamina was able to get her claws
into her ankle. The babyfaced Diva rushed back inside, but she was too busy
writhing in pain to try to keep Tamina out. She slowly headed upstairs to her
bedroom and closed the door behind her. Alicia knew that Tamina had
entered...she could hear her howling from upstairs.

"Alicia?" said Tamina. "Where are you, sweetheart?" Alicia was upstairs,
going through a lycanthropic change of her own. She stood in front of her
mirror, tore off her apparel, and watched herself change from a fiery "Fox"
into a snarling she-wolf. Alicia loved what she was looking at. Her curvy
body was covered with brown hair, her facial features were fierce and
animalistic, and she had Tamina to thank for her metamorphosis.

"Tamina?" said Alicia. "Come up here, please." In no time, Tamina raced
upstairs to Alicia's bedroom, and in less time than that, the young beauty
pounced onto the second-generation Diva. Alicia had pinned Tamina onto the
floor, and gave slight snarls as she looked down at her.

"Is this what you wanted?" asked Alicia. The dominant Tamina looked up at
what she has created, and gave a prideful smirk on her face. "You look
beautiful," she replied as she gently stroked Alicia's feral face -- before
she grabbed her by the throat and tossed her towards the bedroom door. Tamina
laughed evilly as she stood over the fallen Alicia.

"What's wrong?" asked Tamina coyly. "You look a little pissed." The Samoan
beauty picked Alicia up with ease and stood behind her -- while clutching her
arms together. "You know," said Tamina, "you should be thanking me. I gave
you a gift. You are more powerful than you can ever imagine. You are a force
to be reckoned with." Tamina released her Alicia's arms and began gently
caressing her fur-covered body, while she nuzzled and kissed Alicia's face.
The devious beauty began moving her clawed hands downward to her lover's sexy

"Alicia," Tamina said as she started finger-fucking her, "if you are not
turned on by how you look, just tell me...and I'll stop." But Alicia could
not respond. She was too busy getting hot and bothered over being on the
receiving end of a passionate act of sexual pleasure. "I...I...," Alicia
uttered between orgasmic breaths. "OH GOD!!!"

"That's what I thought," Tamina said as she rubbed Alicia's pussy even

"AAAHHH!!! AAARRGGHH!!!" Alicia amourously growled while her snatch was being
used as a mere plaything by her deliciously wicked lover. Tamina was turned
on as well...and Alicia knew it. She picked up the scent of her wet pussy
while her own was being intensely finger-fucked. Without warning, Alicia
overpowered Tamina and tossed her on the former's king-sized bed.

"What the fuck the you think you're doing?!" Tamina angrily snarled. Alicia
crawled over Tamina, letting out soft growls as she drew closer to her. She
later kissed her lycanthropic lover in a fit of passion, before she began
moving down her body and caressing every facet with her long tongue, causing
Tamina to let out a soft, orgasmic growl of her own. Alicia finally focused
on Tamina's soaked snatch -- by sniffing it continuously.

"Just as I thought," smirked Alicia as she began to gently lick and paw all
over Tamina's pussy, causing the second-generation Diva to have animalistic
fits. "OH YES!!!" she screamed in intense ecstasy. "That's what I want."
Alicia continued feasting on her lover's snatch and even went as far as
inserting her tongue right between the lower lips.

"OHHHHHH...GOD!!!" Tamina shouted. "More! MORE!"

"If you insist," Alicia said as she resumed her act of oral pleasure. She
reinserted her tongue into Tamina's unhuman pussy and started penetrating it
-- back and forth, back and forth. As Alicia continued her hedonistic deed,
Tamina went wilder than she had already looked -- snarling and growling
uncontrollably. The intensity of Alicia's tongue inside of her was so immense
that she howled continuously -- and loud enough to wake the dead. Tamina's
loud howling put a wicked smile on Alicia's face. She looked down at her
dominant lover and embraced her once more with a passionate kiss. After a
brief make-out session, the two she-wolves laid next to each other -- asleep
and cuddled up to each other.

The pair of Divas woke up, fully human and fully nude, and still in a
cuddling position. Alicia looked longingly at her mate right before she
brought herself closer to her. "Thank you, Tamina," she whispered in her ear.

"For what?" asked Tamina.

"For last night," replied Alicia. "I had never felt a sense of pure power and
raw lust until last night. It was a wonderful experience for me. And for
that, I feel I should truly thank you."

"You're welcome," Tamina said as she got out of bed. She later pulled Alicia
up and firmly held her very close to her. "But let's get one thing straight,"
she continued, "I didn't do this for you. I simply wanted a mate -- one
pretty enough to turn me on, but also innocent enough to follow orders." That
last statement lit a fire under the fierce Ebony goddess.

"What did you say?!" Alicia screamed, baring her fangs.

"You heard me," snarled Tamina, who bared her own set of fangs. "I am the
alpha female in this couple, and you will do everything I tell you to
do...and I do mean everything." The sinister Samoan siren gently nuzzled
Alicia's baby face before kissing her passionately. "Is that clear?"

"Yes, Tamina," replied Alicia. "I will obey your every word."

"Good," replied Tamina, wearing a deliciously wicked smile.

The End

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