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Divas: Kelly Kelly & Kaitlyn

Lycanthropic Lust Part 3
by Number One (

The last few months have been very kind to Kaitlyn. She was a last-second
replacement from Season 3 of NXT, and (despite having to deal with being
constantly berated by her "pro" Vickie Guerrero) she won the competition and
now finds herself on the SmackDown roster. With her quirky demeanor, Kaitlyn
was sure to make friends very quickly, and one Diva who took a shine to her
in an instant was Kelly Kelly.

From the first day they met, Kaitlyn had a bit of a romantic crush on Kelly,
but she couldn't gather up the nerve to tell her. She had it all planned out:
they were going to walk under the moonlight and she was going to reveal her
true feelings to her. But when the time often came, one of two things would
happen. Either she chickened out, or Kelly wasn't around.

Kaitlyn was backstage making a beeline for the Divas locker room, and she
felt that nothing was going to stop her from what she had waited months to
do. However, once she entered, she found that the lights were off. She turned
them on--only to see that her locker had been smashed open.

"Who the fuck did this?!" Kaitlyn screamed angrily, right before the lights
went off a second time. "What's going on here?" All of a sudden, she heard a
loud bang--followed by a low growl. "Who's there?" Kaitlyn nervously called
out. She would receive her answer in the form of a strange figure who jumped
atop a set of lockers, and nearly got Kaitlyn, who ran off just in time. Just
as Kaitlyn was out of the building, she heard a loud howl coming from inside.

The next night, Kaitlyn was waiting for Kelly Kelly to arrive at her place to
tell her what happened, and (of course) to tell her that she's in love with
her. She wouldn't have to wait long. There was a knock at the door, and
Kaitlyn quickly rushed to answer. "I came as soon as you called," Kelly said
as she walked in. "What's going on?"

"You are not going to believe this," said Kaitlyn.

"What is it?" asked Kelly.

"OK," said Kaitlyn. She took two short breaths and finally let it out. "I was
real close to being attacked by a werewolf last night." After hearing that,
Kelly displayed an annoyed expression on her face. "You called me over here
to tell me a crazy story like that?" she asked.

"It's not crazy!" Kaitlyn shouted. "It came at me in the locker room, I ran
out the door and I actually heard it howl. I'm telling you, it was a

"OK, OK," said Kelly. "Let's assume that what you're saying is accurate. What
would a werewolf be doing in the Divas locker room."

"I don't know!" exclaimed Kaitlyn. "I went in there looking for you, but you
weren't there." Kaitlyn couldn't help but notice that Kelly kept looking out
her window. "What are you looking for?" she asked.

"What do you mean?" Kelly asked innocently.

"You have been looking outside my window about three or four times," replied
Kaitlyn. "Are you looking for something...possibly a big, bright object."

"You're crazy," Kelly said nervously.

"Am I?" asked Kaitlyn. "I can't help but also notice that you always seem to
be absent whenever there's a full moon." She walked closer to the blonde
beauty, who stood with her head down. "Kelly," she said, "is there something
you want to tell me?" The young blonde chuckled smugly as Kaitlyn stood,
waiting for an answer.

"You know, Kaitlyn," said Kelly, "you're not as dumb as I thought." Kelly
faced Kaitlyn, revealing a pair of animalistic, yellow eyes. The fierce
blonde struck Kaitlyn hard on her face and turned around to look out the
window once again. This time, she saw the full moon in the night sky, tore
off her clothes, and started changing. Kelly's toned body was slowly being
covered with white hair; her tender baby face was becoming slightly
animalistic, complete with sharp fangs and large pointed ears. Kaitlyn stared
in shock as Kelly had fully turned into a feral but feminine werewolf.

"What's wrong, Kaitlyn?" Kelly asked coyly. "Don't I look lovely?" Trying to
hold back her feeling of intense anger, Kaitlyn slowly got back up to her
feet. "I just have one question," she said. "Why me?"

"Because I want you," said Kelly. "And judging by the wonderful scent of your
pussy, you want me, too." Kelly turned her attention to Kaitlyn's face--which
had her claw marks on the left side. "I'm so sorry," the lycanthropic Diva
said seductively. "I shouldn't have been so rough with you." Kelly licked the
healing wound on Kaitlyn's face, and later started kissing her continuously.

"Ahhh...ahhh...," Kaitlyn softly moaned while Kelly continued to seduce her.
But once she looked directly at the moon, the NXT Diva's moans became cries
of pain. Mere minutes after being scratched by Kelly, Kaitlyn was back down
on the floor, beginning her own werewolf transformation. As she screamed in
pure agony, Kelly stood over her, laughing evilly.

"Oh, stop screaming, Kaitlyn," said Kelly. "Just let it all out. You might
like it." Kaitlyn tore her clothes off with her newly clawed hands and
continued her change. Kelly watched intensely, and was getting very turned
on--but she wasn't the only one. With each strand of wolf hair that grew,
Kaitlyn's screams of agony became loud moans of pleasure and ecstasy. Once
she was fully transformed, the NXT Diva walked closer to her intended crush--
and delivered a hard slap to her face.

"You were right, Kelly," said Kaitlyn. "I loved every minute of it." Kelly
rose to her feet and was in full attack mode. But she was overpowered by
Kaitlyn, who pinned her fellow she-wolf down on the floor. Kaitlyn gave a
low, seductive growl as she intensely looked into Kelly's eyes. "Well?" said
Kelly. "What are you going to do?"

Kaitlyn started sniffing Kelly's entire body--her face, her breasts, down to
her waist. That action alone turned on Kelly, who let out a series of low
growls. Kaitlyn later turned her attention to Kelly's pussy, and once there,
she really stuck her nose in--just to drink in her vaginal essence. Once she
was done using her heightened sense of smell, she decided to put another
sense to use--taste--and inserted her tongue inside her lover's wet pussy.

"Ahhhh! AAAHHH!!!" Kelly loudly moaned as Kaitlyn slowly and steadily feasted
on her inhuman snatch. And it was a slow process. It was like she wanted to
literally taste every drop of her lover's sexual fluids. All the while, Kelly
was going wild with outright desire.


Kaitlyn continued her hedonistic act for as long as it was causing Kelly to
have an orgasmic fit. Finally, she stopped pleasuring her just long enough to
take a long look at her lover, who was trying to compose herself. "Have I
exhausted you, my dear?" Kaitlyn asked smugly.

"Fuck off," snarled Kelly. "Let's not forget, between the two of us, I'm the
alpha female."

"Really?" said Kaitlyn. "You sure didn't sound like it. You squealed and
whimpered like a little puppy." That last comment drew a primitive fire under
the once innocent Diva. She grabbed Kaitlyn by her mane and pulled her up
from the floor. The angry lycanthropic beauty then delivered two hard
backhand slaps directly on Kaitlyn's face.

"Puppy?!" growled Kelly. "Is that what you think?! I will not take such
disrespect from anyone...let alone a prissy little bitch from NXT!" Still
holding on to Kaitlyn's hair, Kelly pulled her lover towards her and she
firmly placed her hand right on her tight ass. That small action caused
Kaitlyn to whimper slightly, but that wasn't enough to appease Kelly. With
her left hand still clutching Kaitlyn's backside, she placed her right hand
on her crotch--and started finger-fucking her ferociously.

"MMMMM!!! OHHHH!!!" Kaitlyn orgasmically shrieked, a sound that was music to
the ears of her dominant lover. "Who's whimpering now, Kaitlyn?" Kelly
cackled as her sexual act was turning her fellow she-wolf lover into her own
submissive pet. "Answer me!"

"AHHH! I am," replied Kaitlyn.

"Now," said Kelly, "who's your alpha female?"

"You are," answered Kaitlyn. Kelly started fingerbanging her harder, looking
for a louder response. "I can't hear you!" she screamed.

"OHHH!! You are!" shouted Kaitlyn. Kelly stopped her act, slowly licked her
lover's vaginal juices, and passionately made out with the NXT Diva--in a
session that lasted for half an hour. Both women later lied down on the
living room floor, closely cuddled in each other's arms. By sunrise, the
Divas woke up in human form, and as naked as a pair of jaybirds.

"Good morning, sweetie," said Kelly. Kaitlyn wasn't particularly in a morning
mood. "That's all you have to say to me?" she asked.

"What are you talking about?" asked Kelly.

"You could have told me, you know," said Kaitlyn. "I wouldn't have cared. All
I wanted to do was tell you how I really felt about you. And if you had told
me your secret, I probably would have expressed myself on a moonless night."

"I know," Kelly said as she walked closer to Kaitlyn, "and I'm sorry. It's
just not something you tell someone. There aren't a lot of werewolves

"Oh, but there are," Kaitlyn said with a wicked smile. "There are the two of
us. And we are a pair of sexy beasts." Both ladies kissed each other once
more. As their tongues locked in romantic fashion, Kelly and Kaitlyn each had
the same thing on their minds: pure happiness that their relationship has
reached the next level, and that once a month, their passion gets kicked up a
few notches.

The End

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