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Divas: Gail Kim, Brie Bella, Nikki Bella, and Eve Torres

Lycanthropic Lust Part 4
by Number One (

It was an eventful Monday night for Gail Kim. She was at ringside as her
friend Eve Torres successfully defended her Divas Championship against Nikki
Bella. Gail was there for support, but her main reason was to keep the
diabolical dopplegangers at bay. Both of them had had their problems with the
Bellas for a while now. In fact, Gail's problems with them dated back to
January--when they caught her canoodling with Danier Bryan, who they had been
lusting after.

The show was over and Gail was leaving the arena to meet Eve--but she wasn't
out yet. She waited impatiently for an hour and was about the leave when her
cell phone rang. Seeing Eve's name on the phone, she answered. "Eve?" said
Gail. "Where the hell are you?"

"She's right here...with us."

Gail knew those voices well. They were the very banes of her existence--the
Bella Twins. "What the fuck are you doing with her, Brie?!" screamed Gail.

"I'm Nikki, you dumb bitch!" one Bella shrieked. "And as for Eve, well..we're
just having some fun with her." Gail could hear Eve screaming in pain as the
Bellas were beating and torturing her to no end. "How do you like that,

"I swear to God," said Gail, "when I find you, I'll..."

"You'll what, Gail?!" screamed Nikki. "You think you're so tough?! Why don't
you come over and do something about it?!"

"Nikki!" said Brie. "Don't tell her where we are!"

"No, Brie," said Nikki. "I am tired of her sticking her nose in our
business!" Talking back to Gail, the more aggressive Bella later retorted:
"We're right here at our place--the two of us and your precious Eve. If
you're dumb enough, and we know you are, come on over so we can whip your ass
all over again."

The Bellas' call came from their basement -- where they had the current
two-time Divas Champion tied to a chair. "We'll be right back, Eve," Brie
said with a sinister smile. "We have to take care of some unfinished

"Wait!" Eve said, stopping them in their tracks. "Before you go, could you do
me one little favor?"

"What?!" both Bellas said indignantly.

"Could you open that window?" Eve asked softly. "It's a little stuffy in
here." Nikki motioned for Brie to grant Eve's request, and she opened the
only window in the basement. Meanwhile, Gail had arrived to their house--on
foot--and the fiendish pair rushed upstairs to take care of business. Once
they were in the living room, they found Gail coming right in.

"You're dead," was all the angry Asian beauty uttered right before she lunged
after Nikki. She speared her down onto the hardwood floor and started
punching her repeatedly, but her progress was quickly stopped by Brie, who
forcibly removed Gail from her sister and tossed her aside. The numbers game
expectedly took over and both Bellas started beating down on their nemesis.

While the melee went on upstairs, Eve remained sitting downstairs staring out
the window. A light shone down into the basement and Eve suddenly broke free
from her captive position. Once free, she tore her clothes off and screamed
in pain as she walked closer to the window to see where the light was coming
from. As she knew all along, the light was from a full moon.

Eve croutched down on the basement floor, wincing in more pain as her bones
started cracking. Her eyes suddenly displayed a yellow, animalistic color and
she started growing brown hair all over her beautiful, curvy body. Eve also
started growing fangs, turning her shrieks into snarls. Her manicured nails
became long, razor sharp claws, and her beautiful, tender face became less
human--and more wolf-like.

The Bellas were still fighting with Gail -- not knowing what happened
downstairs. It wasn't until they heard a loud noise from below that their
melee halted. "What the hell was that?" asked Brie. She raced to the basement
and saw that the door had been broken in pieces. As Brie turned around, she
saw Eve--fully transformed into a snarling she-wolf--standing right in front
of her. She loudly screamed in horror, to the shock of Nikki.

"Brie?!" she frantically called. "Are you OK?" At that instant, Brie was
thrown to the living room -- with claw marks on her face. Nikki would later
get her first look at the bestial Eve, as the lycanthropic Diva slowly walked
toward the twins. Nikki slowly backed away from Eve, but as she did, she
would be jumped from behind by Gail -- who also turned into a werewolf. The
two she-wolves eyed each other with wicked smiles on their faces.

"You look lovely, Gail," Eve said seductively.

"So do you, sweetie," said Gail, who later turned her attention to the
Bellas. She picked up Nikki, while Eve tended to Brie. "You know, Nikki,"
said Gail, "you were right about one thing. I am a bitch. But you are the
stupid one -- for messing with us." Eve and Gail ripped the Bellas' clothes
off and started sniffing their bodies, head to toe, all while the twins stood
immensely frightened.

"You smell delicious, Brie," said Eve.

"I don't know, Eve," commented Gail. "Nikki has a rather scrumptious aroma."
The sexy she-wolf clutched Nikki's dark locks and continued to get numerous
whiffs of her bodily essence, all while the usually strong-willed Bella
trembled and whimpered in fear. "Please," said Nikki, "please let us go. We
won't tell anyone."

"Oh, it's a little late to be begging for mercy," Gail replied, right before
she forcibly placed her clawed fingers into Nikki's tight pussy. Nikki
screamed in agony as Gail viciously toyed with her, and Brie desperately
attempted to come to her sister's aid.

"Leave her alone!" screamed Brie. But she was stopped by Eve, who pinned her
down on the floor. The sexy she-wolf showered her intended prey with soft
kisses, from her lips and breasts, all the way down to her snatch. Once down
there, Eve started licking her lover's pussy in a voracious manner--to the
point where she inserted her inhumanly long tongue inside of her.

"AAAHHH!!! Oh God!" Brie shrieked orgasmically as she was being tongue-fucked
by Eve, Meanwhile, her sister Nikki was still being fingered by Gail, and
after the rough start, she was starting to enjoy being on the receiving end
of the Asian beauty's lovemaking.

"Ohhhh...BABY!!!" Nikki screamed in passion. "OHHH YEAH!!!"

"AHHHH!!! OHHHH!!!" Brie bellowed in sheer ecstasy. It was an unorthodox and
largely erotic scene as concupiscent she-wolves Eve and Gail were pleasuring
the Bellas to no end. Brie was nearly convulsing as Eve's long, inhuman
tongue was relentlessly and voraciously penetrating her tight pussy, trying
to taste as much of her sexual fluids as possible. All the while, Nikki was
enjoying being on the receiving end of Gail's erotic finger play, so much so
that she just blocked everything out--even the sound of Brie screaming in


"Shut up, Brie!" snapped Nikki -- still deep in pleasure mode.

"Nikki...," Brie called a second time. "NIKKI!"

"What?!" shouted Nikki. Brie didn't give a reply -- she was far too shaken.
As Nikki was about to ask what was wrong, she started wincing in paln. She
looked down at her snatch, and saw numerous drops of blood. At that point,
Nikki started screaming in absolute terror, while Gail was licking Nikki's
sexual juices and her blood from her clawed fingertips.

"You taste delicious, sweetheart," Gail said with an evil smile on her face.
A horrified Nikki tried to run away, but she was quickly caught by the horny
and hungry Asian she-wolf. "Where do you think you're going?!" Gail hisses
venomously. "I...want...MORE!" The lycanthropic Diva tossed Nikki down to the
floor and pinned her, Brie couldn't see what was going on, because a sofa was
obstructing her view. Even if she could see, she couldn't do anything about
it. Eve's hold was too tight for Brie to escape. As she struggled to break
free of the Divas Champion. she heard Nikki screaming loudly in agony.


At that point, Brie fought off Eve and rose up to see what had happened. It
was a gruesome sight. The terrified Diva looked over and saw that her sister
was bleeding profusely from her crotch, Gail had eaten Nikki out...literally!
"Nikki!!!" Brie screamed as loud as she could. But it was to no avail. Nikki
Bella was no more. At that moment, Brie lunged at Gail and tackled her down
to the floor, with nothing on her mind except avenging her sister Her short
ambush was interrupted by Eve, who grabbed Brie by the hair and placed her
right back into Gail's hands.

"I am not done with you yet, my dear," Eve snarled as she walked closer to
Brie. As Gail held on to her, Eve aggressively inserted two of her clawed
fingers inside Brie, causing the apprehensive Diva great pain, much to the
delight of both she-wolves. The bestial Latina licked her sexual fluids --
and some of her blood -- from her long fingers, right before she went down
her knees and inserted her foaming fangs into Brie's snatch. While Gail
watched and revelled in the sight. Eve destroyed and devoured Brie's pussy,
just as Gail did to Nikki. The mutilated Diva's screams stopped and she
dropped to the floor next to her fallen sister -- bleeding to death.

Eve and Gail took delight in their vicious and bloody revenge on the Bellas,
so much so that they embraced each other in romantic fashion. Gail laid
herself down near the bloody bodies of the Bellas and Eve laid over her and
started having her way with her, showering Gail with soft kisses--and saving
one last one for her wet and wild pussy.

"Ohhhhh...AHHHHH!!!" Gail moaned ecstatically as Eve was French-kissing her
sexy snatch with her long, animalistic tongue. With Eve's backside facing
her, Gail decided to clutch it ever so firmly with her claws. The Asian
bombshell later engaged in some tongue play of her own and started eating her
out like an all-you-can-eat special.

"Ooohhh, yeah!" Eve softly moaned. "So that's how you want to play? Fine.
We'll see who cries wolf first." The Divas Champion continued her hedonistic
act, and Gail continued to respond. All the while, both ladies tried to hold
in their pleasure, trying not to howl in sheer pleasure. They both managed to
hold it in for a good while, until finally...


...Gail could no longer contain herself.

The morning after came and Eve & Gail woke up next to each other, fully nude.
The pair of Divas got back on a vertical base and the first thing they did
was gaze at the bloody, mutilated bodies of the Bella Twins, and took great
pride in literally destroying them. "Look at them, Gail," said Eve. "They
should have known better than to mess with us,"

"Those two tasted delicious," Gail said seductively, "but not as delicious as
you, sweetheart."

"Or you," Eve said right before she kissed Gail. "I love you, Gail."

"I love you, too, Eve," replied Gail. "And thank you for giving me this gift.
I've always wanted to tear those bitches apart, and thanks to you, we did
just that.".

"You are very welcome," said Eve.

The End

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