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Disclaimer: This is a work of pure fiction primarily based on a pair of
recurring fantasies. If you are under 18 and/or offended by the material,
please do not read this.

Pairing: Layla El & Trish Stratus

Lycanthropic Lust Part 5
by Number One (

The last month of Layla El's career and life has had a number of interesting
moments. After her relationship with Michelle McCool turned toxic, Layla
defeated Michelle in "Loser Leaves WWE" match at Extreme Rules weeks ago, and
though she wept over the events that occurred, in actuality, Layla felt like
a huge weight had been lifted from her. In her view, she was liberated from
the "poison", as she called it, that was Michelle McCool, and now she can
freely move on in her career and try to win back the hearts of the numerous
people that she stepped on in the last two years.

One person that Layla seems to have won over is the legendary Diva herself,
Trish Stratus. A day after Extreme Rules, Trish ran into Layla and commented
her on her bout and victory over Michelle. Since then, the pair of beauties
have spent a lot of time together. For Layla, being admired and respected by
a woman like Trish Stratus was a huge pat on the back. After all, Trish has
done it all. She has been Women's Champion seven times, she's a former Diva
of the Decade, a future Hall of Famer, and she currently serves as a trainer
on Tough Enough.

In the weeks that they've hung out, Layla always suspected that Trish had a
thing for her. Her suspicions are true, but there's something that she
doesn't know. Behind all the accolades and accomplishments, the Canadian
beauty has a dark secret. Trish is a werewolf -- a sexy, evil female
werewolf. She has been searching for a mate for a while and she believes that
she has found the perfect companion in Layla.

Layla was at a vacated park one Tuesday night waiting for Trish to meet her.
In her mind, it was going to be a romantic setting -- the two them walking
the park alone, with the full moon shining over them. The petite Diva picked
up her cell phone to call Trish, who answered after two rings.


"Trish?" said Layla. "I'm at the park."

"OK," replied Trish, who was in her bedroom. "I'll be right there, sweetie. I
promise it will be a night you won't forget. See you soon." A wicked smile
appeared on Trish's face as she hung up the phone. While Layla was
envisioning a romantic evening, Trish saw tonight as her prime opportunity to
turn Layla into her lycanthropic companion. The dark-haired vixen walked to
her bedroom window and opened the curtains, seeing a bright, full moon in the
night sky.

"Oh, yeah," Trish uttered ecstatically right before she started changing.

Trish gazed in evil glee as thick brown fur slowly covered her arms and
hands, Her fingernails started growing as well -- becoming long, sharp claws.
The lovely Canuck went down to the floor and moaned in ecstasy as more brown
fur covered her body -- from head to toe. Trish managed to get back on her
feet and stared intensely into her mirror as her beautiful became more feral
and animalistic. Her ears became large and pointed and she grew razor sharp
fangs. The final touch of her transformation was her eyes turning an inhuman
shade of yellow.

"Beautiful," Trish commented as she admired herself in the mirror. She was
loving what she was seeing. Trish, while fully clothed, had just transformed
into a feral, but feminine werewolf, and now she had her priorities on Layla.
The sinister she-wolf ran out of the house and rushed to the park to meet her
potential mate.

Meanwhile, Layla was still at the park waiting. Unbeknownst to her, the evil
Trish was there as well, slowly stalking her. Layla quickly became quite
anxious during the time she spent waiting, and adding to her nerves were the
sounds of leaves rustling -- and low growls. "What the hell is that?!" the
British beauty shouted in deep panic. Shortly later, Layla heard a loud, ear-
piercing howl, and that was enough to have her running for her life. The
former Women's Champion ran as fast as she possibly could, but she was
tackled from behind by Trish.

The snarling she-wolf held Layla close to her. putting her hand over her
mouth as she caught a whiff of her essence. The apprehensive Diva, too
frightened to turn and face her attacker, screamed in pain as Trish literally
sank her claws into her right arm. After her deed was done, Trish rushed off
into the darkness, while Layla slowly got back on her feet. Once she was at a
vertical base, the injured Diva ran from the park and headed towards Trish's

With her supernatural speed, Trish managed to beat Layla to her place --
entering the same way she came out: the bedroom window. Outside, the clouds
covered the moon and Trish was back in her human form. Shortly after she
entered, she heard a knock at her door. "What perfect timing," the Canadian
vixen said, knowing full well who it was. Trish calmly walked to the front
door and let the panic-stricken Layla in.

"Layla!" Trish exclaimed. "What's wrong, sweetie?" Layla was still holding
her arm as she was being hugged by the brunette beauty. "I was out at the
park waiting for you, when all of a sudden...I was attacked!"

"Attacked?" Trish said with facetious concern. "By who?"

"Not who," replied Layla. "What."

"What the hell are you talking about?" asked Trish.

"Trish," said Layla, "I was attacked by a werewolf!" Playing it straight,
Trish laughed at her claim. "There's no such thing as werewolves, Layla," she

"How could you not believe me?" asked Layla. "I heard howling. I felt the
creature's breath on me. And I especially felt the claws on my arm." But she
and Trish both saw that her right arm was completely clean. The claw marks
had already healed. Not wanting to believe that she was imagining things,
Layla rushed to Trish's bedroom to analyze herself. Again, she saw it plain
as day -- no claw marks. That wasn't all she saw. Layla also saw that Trish's
bedroom window was broken, and the shards were outside the house.

Layla turned around only to see Trish standing across from her. "Layla?" she
asked, "why are you looking at me like that?" The young beauty had put two
and two together. Knowing that Trish was the werewolf that attacked her, she
walked past her and was about to leave when she suddenly kneeled over in
pain. The full moon reappeared in the night sky, and Layla was about to
endure her first transformation into a werewolf.

Layla screamed in pure agony as her metamorphosis began. Her screams caught
the attention of Trish, who walked back in the living room to watch what was
taking place. Sporting a set of fangs, the Canadian beauty laughed evilly as
her intended mate. "Don't fight it, dear," said Trish. "You'll get used to
it. You just have to let it happen." Trish let out a loud roar as she tore
off her clothes and changed back into a she-wolf. Layla continued shrieking,
but it was no longer in pain. With black fur covering her body and her fangs
elongating, Layla's screams became ecstatic snarls as she tore off her

"That's more like it," Trish said as she walked closer to Layla. Once her
change was completed, Layla let out a loud, uproarious howl. "You look
beautiful," Trish said with a wicked smile on her face, right before she was
tackled by the newly turned Layla. "You were right, Trish," she said, "I got
used to it quickly. And I loved every second of it." Trish angrily growled at
the British beauty, but she was calmed down in an instant when Layla started
nuzzling and licking her breasts.

"Ahhhh...ahhhh...aaahhh," Trish softly moaned in-between growls while Layla
was pleasuring her. Layla slowly moved downward to her lover's inhuman and
luscious pussy and started French-kissing her lower set of lips. She
delivered soft, passionate kisses -- all the whils lapping up as much of
Trish's sexual fluids as possible.

"OHHHH! AAAHHH!!!" the Canadian she-wolf screamed as Layla performed her act
of oral pleasure. The petite Diva's liplock with Trish's wet and supernatural
snatch was diving the future Hall of Famer wilder than she already is.


After a while, Trish regained control and kicked Layla off of her. The evil
bestial beauty got back up on her and walked slowly towards her lover. Layla
got back up as well, and actually slapped Trish -- claws and all -- rignt on
her face. "What's the matter, Trish?" she said smugly. "Am I too hot for you?
Or maybe you're not wild enough for me." The English beauty attempted a
second slap, but Trish stopped her by grabbing her arm and taking full
control of her mate.

"Understand this, Layla," said Trish. "I am the alpha female in this couple,
sweetie. And I am going to make sure that you know that." Trish gently and
slowly caressed her fired-up mate's feminine body with her long, clawed
fingers, and stopped to focus her attention on her beautiful snatch. The
lycanthropic Canuck wasted no time inserting her fingers inside of her
lover's pussy, much to the sheer delight of both ladies.

"AHHHHH!!!" Layla screamed as her pussy was being toyed with by her
deliciously wicked lover. "OHHH GOD!" Layla's shrieks of pleasure were quite
harmonious to the evil Trish Stratus. But though she was enjoying satisfying
her lover, she wanted to turn it up a notch or two. Trish released her hold
and licked Layla's sexual liquids from her fingers.

"So delicious," the "alpha female" commented -- right after she tossed Layla
to the floor and pounced on her. Trish held Layla's legs up and started
licking and tasting her delectable pussy.

"ARRRGGH!!! RAAAWRR!!!" Layla snarled and growled uncontrollably while Trish
was eating out her pussy in a voracious manner -- like it was a midnight
snack. It was quite a hedonistic scene. Layla was feeling Trish's inhuman
tongue going in and out of her multiple times, but that wasn't the only thing
that got her going. The fact that it was being done by not only someone she
loved, but someone who loved her back, was in her mind just as much of a turn
on than the act itself. After Trish was done with her act of oral pleasure,
both ladies let out loud howls...


...and cuddled each other as they drifted to sleep.

Morning came, and Trish & Layla awoke -- fully nude and in human form. Once
awake, both beauties kissed each in romantic fashion. For a long while,
neither of them said a word, especially Layla. She was still trying to
process the events of last night. After she walked in to the bedroom where
Trish was dressing herself, the British beauty finally broke her silence.

"Thank you," said Layla.

"For what?" asked Trish.

"For everything," replied Layla.

"Really?" said Trish. "Even for attacking you and turning you into a

"It still beats working with Michelle McCool," laughed Layla. "I only wish
you had told me. I could have let you get your claws on me." Layla walked
closer to Trish and leaned on her in an amorous manner. "But you did enjoy
it, right?" asked Trish.

"My first transformation?" said Layla. "Definitely. And you were right about
something else, too. You promised me a night that I wouldn't forget, and you
delivered." The two Divas made out a second time, longer than their last
make-out session. They were so into it that afterwards, each one had grown a
set of fangs out of pure ecstasy and started seductively snarling at each
other. "You are such a sexy beast, Trish," said Layla.

"So are you, Layla," replied Trish.

The End

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