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The actions depicted by the celebrities in this story are a work of
fiction. If said star has done any of these acts, please send me some
pictures or a video tape. ^_^

Author's Note: This is a tribute to the porn movie series "Chasing The Big
Ones" and "Little White Chicks, Big Black Monster Dicks" where women love to
get impaled with gigantic black horse cocks.

Monster Cock Craving Sluts: Wrestling Divas Edition Volume 1 - Dawn Marie
by Dr. Blasphemy (

The camera follows Dawn Marie at ass level as she enters the living room
making her way to the couch while sipping a drink from her glass. She was
dressed to her sluttyist in a ultra-skimpy, leopard patterned, two piece
outfit consisting of a tiny wife beater top, which resembled a baby's bib
the way it barely covered her beautiful tan tits, a micro mini-skirt with
slits on the sides to show off her perfect ass and matching high-heeled
platform shoes. As she sat down the make herself comfortable, Dawn Marie
crossed her perfectly shaved legs with a high kick giving just a peak of
her thong covered crotch.

"So tell us, Dawn Marie," the unseen interviewer behind the camera began,
"with you being one of the hottest divas in the WWE, why did you accept our
offer to be in the first volume of our new adult video series? We thought
we had a snowball's chance in hell of even getting a reply from you. Then
if even that, it would be a restraining order."

"First off, thank you. That's so sweet of you to say," Dawn Marie responded
with a big laugh and smile. "There's actually two reasons. The first one
is I feel the WWE doesn't appreciate the talent I'm willing to offer them.
I've been trapped on Smackdown barely getting used only to come out to do
meaningless bikini contests Torrie always wins. Just to let you know, I'm
not upset or jealous of that fact, because the winner is selected by the

"Anyways, getting back to the point, over the last few years that I've been
in the WWE I felt my skills have been wasted. Instead, I should have been
over on Raw competing for the Women's Division title. Now that's it's pretty
much dead because of them deciding to fire or let go most of the talent to
pay for the Diva Search bimbos to cash in on them being in Playboy along
with a second contest I felt it was best to move on. If the WWE won't make
me a star, I'm going to have to do it alone on my own terms," Dawn concluded
with a naughty wink.

"And what's your second reason?"

"I love cock. The bigger the better!" Dawn Marie replied bluntly. "I'm sure
you've heard the rumors of me giving ECW wrestlers blowjobs, right?"

"Yeah, who hasn't?"

"Well, it's all true. I just can't get enough. When Paul Heyman got word of
it, being the genius he is, turned it into a story line. Hey, now that I
think about it, whatever happened to all that footage that couldn't be aired
for those promos? I guess it must be with Amy Dumas' water sports initiation
party where the whole ECW roster pissed on her."

"That's true, too?!?"

"Oh, yeah! She swallowed so much pee, that by the end she had a big Buddha
belly, which sloshed when she walked. Boy, those were some good times!"

"I bet they were. So getting back to on topic, what's the largest cock you've
ever taken?"

"Hmm... I guess about this big," Dawn Marie replied roughly guess-imating
about 8 inches with her hands, "and he's quite thick to boot."

"Where your oral skills up to the task?"

"In that I was able to deep throat him? You better believe it! It is was
quite a challenge and felt like my jaw was about to dislocate."

"Do you like to take it up the ass?"

"I love it up my ass. I can't get enough of it!"

"Ok, I have one last question for you. Have you ever heard of our super hung
star you'll be performing with Mastodong?"

"Sadly, outside what you've told me about him being gi-normous, no, I
can't say that I have and I've watched a hell of a lot of porn," Dawn Marie
confessed with a big laugh. "Is he as huge as Jack Napier, Lexington Steele
or even Mandingo?"

"Let's just say you're in for quite a surprise. Now with all the formalities
out of the way, Dawn Marie, let me introduce you to... Mastodong!" the
cameraman announced.

Dawn Marie gasped at what appeared before her. Mastodong was the biggest,
not to mention, darkest black man she'd ever seen. He stood roughly 7 feet
tall and weighed about 350 pounds of chiseled midnight black muscle. To
her he resembled a Nubian god come to life she just had to have.

Getting up off the couch Dawn Marie moved toward her prey licking her lips
in lustful delight. Reaching her target she immediately began to paw his
body to confirm that he was indeed real before finally moving in for the
kill. She proceeded to squat down to make herself eye level to his crotch
to unbutton and then unzip his pants. After doing so, she reached inside
and pulled out his monster cock causing her eyes to widen in shock at what
she held before her. It was 10 inches of super thick, still limp, fuck meat.
Everything she was told about Mastodong was true. He literally had a horse
sized cock.

Dawn Marie began to jerk off his prick using both hands as her mouth sucked
on the bulbous head. She was determined to see just how big this thing could
get. Quickly it came to life growing ever larger reaching its full length
of 16 inches of rock hard, veiny, black beef with a maximum girth of a beer

"Holy shit," Dawn Marie exclaimed gazing at it in awe, "you weren't lying!
You're fucking huge. I don't think my pussy could handle it, let alone my
ass, but I'll do my damnedest."

With that Dawn Marie went back to work by first spiting down the length of
Mastodong's third leg getting it nice and wet in preparation for her oral
magic. Opening her mouth wide she inserted his cock inside, which barely fit,
and began to piston her head doing her best to stuff as much of his cock down
her throat. Deeper and deeper the cock snaked down her neck, which grossly
distorted outwardly from its massive girth. The persistent diva gag-fucked
her drooling mouth on his pole determined to swallow all of it to the point
her jaw felt like it was about to dislocate. To her disappointment she could
only take just past the halfway mark before it became too thick to pass
through her already over stretched lips.

Expelling his partially saliva drenched prick from her mouth, Dawn Marie
decided to give his huge balls some attention, which resembled two billiard
sized orbs. With one hand she cradled both of them to feel their weight and
was impressed by how heavy they were filled to the max with his seed. She
then stuck out her tongue and licked away at both of them smothering her
face against his sac while one hand stroked his meat as the other worked
three fingers into her pussy getting it nice and wet for the fucking of a

After sucking on each full nut in her mouth and tonguing it, Dawn Marie felt
that her cunt was ready for the main course, got up and guided him by his rod
over to the couch. "Fuck me, with your magnificent cock," she demanded as she
lounged back on the sofa with her legs spread wide.

Mastodong did as he was commanded and got down to he's knees grabbing his
giant prick. After rubbing his bulbous tip against Dawn Marie's pink slit,
he pressed forward slowly entering her tight hot confines. The wrestling
diva grunted as her vaginal walls stretched to accommodate its abnormal
thickness. With his dick firmly in place Mastodong took a hold of her ankles
positioning them over her head making a "V" and began to thrust. With
each stroke his cock penetrated deeper and deeper until his full length
was inside her and covered in her frothy white creme.

Dawn Marie yelped out in pain and pleasure every time Mastodong punched his
meat clear past her cervix burying himself to the hilt in her womb, balls
slapping against her ass. All she was able to do was ride it out taking the
punishment as the black stud pounded her pussy for all that it was worth.
"Yes, fuck me! Hurt me! Tear my pussy up!" she cried out as she wrapped her
legs around his body, "Make me cuummmuuhhhhh!!!"

Instantly Dawn Marie's orgasm hit, the most explosive one she'd ever had in
her life. Compared to others it was a solid 10 megatons of unrestrained sexual
energy. Her body convulsed as her pussy muscles spasmed uncontrollably and
for the first time ever she began to squirt a torrent of her sexual juices.
Mastodong didn't slow down for an instant and continued pistoning away using
powerful full length strokes. With Dawn Marie already filled to the max each
thrust into her forced her liquids out from around his cock and splattering
in all directions.

As Dawn Marie began to come down from nirvana, Mastodong pulled his huge tool
from her vagina with a loud, nasty, slurping sound closely resembling when a
boot is removed from thick mud. Her hole was a gapping mess looking as though
it got fisted, which in a sense she was from the shear size of his prick.
"Oh God, that was incredible," Dawn Marie gasped for breath while checking to
see if her precious cunt wasn't permanently damaged, "I've never had that
happen to me before."

Confirming that it was ok, Dawn Marie proceeded to get down on her knees
and grab her lover's still hard prick and began to clean it with her tongue
tasting her own sweet girl cum. Her pink muscle lapped away going down the
length of his dick removing the white frothy creme made from the friction of
their sex. Once that was finished Dawn Marie felt re-energized and returned
to the couch on all four presenting her firm round ass to Mastodong. She
then spread her cheeks with both hands exposing her tiny brown ass hole and
declared with a big grin, "Ram that magnificent cock all the way up my ass!"

Mastodong moved in and kneeled behind her attacking Dawn Marie's defenseless
anus with his tongue. Her eyes opened wide as she felt at least 6 inches
penetrate deep into her rectum. Not only was this stud super hung, but he
also had a just a long tongue to match. With Dawn Marie's ass thoroughly
lubed for action Mastodong proceeded to insert one of his thick fingers up
her pooper in preparation for his tool. It easily slid all the way down
completely disappearing inside her, so he decided to add a second followed
after a few thrusts a third. By this point Dawn Marie's felt like her butt
was being by stuffed to the max by three large cocks and she loved it.

Pulling his digits out of her relaxed rectum Mastodong then grabbed his
cock and insert it into Dawn Marie's buttock. After a bit of effort her
tight sphincter yielded allowing the tip to enter her anal canal and slowly
worm its down to the 6-inch mark. Slowly Mastodong began to rut her anus
allowing Dawn Marie's butt to get use to his girth. With each flex of his
hips his dick gained ground disappearing deeper and deeper up her bowels.
As he had his way with her ass, all Dawn Marie could do was grit her teeth
and grunt as her eyes teared from his prick traveling uncharted depths
mixed with the burning friction of her over stretched rectal ring's nerves
being set on fire.

By now Mastodong was slamming away with foot long strokes taking no prisons
on her ass. Faster and faster he plundered her hole coming ever closer to
releasing his lode. Dawn Marie sensed it was also near and screamed, "Cum
inside me! I want to feel your hot cum deep up my ass!"

This dirty talk sent Mastodong over the edge as her buried as much of his
prick up her ass as he could up could and filled Dawn Marie's colon with
seed. Blast after hot blast shot into her sending chills up her spine from
the shear enjoyment of her anus become bloated from the excessive amounts
of liquid becoming contained inside her. After a few last jets of jizz
exited his schlong Mastodong finally pulled out leaving Dawn Marie's raw
red ass hole gapping and leaking of sperm.

Dawn Marie immediately before it was too late, got up off the couch and
reached for the glass she drank from earlier and placed it on the floor. She
then squatted over the empty container and began to expel all the cum from
her ass into it. The chunky tainted slime flowed from her backdoor filling
the glass almost to the top where by the end she was making loud nasty fart
sounds in an attempt to get the last remnants out. Feeling that was the best
she was able to get out Dawn Marie picked up the glass and announced, "Bottoms

Then just like that she poured all of the foul concoction down her throat in
one quick motion and even swirled her tongue around the inter rim not wanting
to waste a morsel. "Mmmm, tastes just like candy!" Dawn Marie gleamed before
opening her mouth wide to prove she indeed swallowed it all.

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