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MILF And Cookies
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

Backstage at a SmackDown Television taping in the Summer of 2006, the WWE Tag
Team Champions Paul London and Brian Kendrick are watching a replay of this
weeks Diva Search contest and snacking on a bag of Oreo cookies as they stand
looking at a monitor near the production area. Both of the young, handsome
SmackDown Superstars are dressed in long blue and black shorts and matching
blue sleeveless vests. "Man... those diva search girls are hot!" Kendrick
says as he talks with his mouthful.

"Yeah... it's a real shame only one gets to win... there's like 5 that could
be great divas..." London says as he takes a cookie from the bag.

"Divas are like these cookies... can't just have one!" Kendrick replies,
still talking with his mouthful, and then he starts coughing.

"Oh geez Brian..." London laughs as he smacks his tag team partner's back to
help him clear his throat.

"Thanks... man..." Kendrick says, "Paul we really need something to wash
these down..." Kendrick adds with a laugh.

London nods his head, "Yeah... we should've gotten some milk..." London says
as he happens to look behind his tag team partner, "Whoa..." London says with
a stunned look on his face.

"What?" Kendrick turns and he sees 2006 WWE Diva Search contestant and the
Hottest MILF ever, J.T. Tinney walking in their direction. "Whoa... man...
I'd like some MILF instead of some milk..." Kendrick laughs playfully.

"Quit it Bri!" London says as he tries not to laugh as J.T. gets closer to
where they are standing.

J.T. Tinney, the Hottest MILF ever, bites down on her bottom lip slightly as
she approaches the WWE SmackDown Tag Team Champions Paul London and Brian
Kendrick "Ummm...Excuse me?" The Diva Search Contestant asks shyly as she
slides her right hand through her soft, silky dark hair while dressed in a
short black skirt and a black tied top.

Paul London and Brian Kendrick both smile as they turn their attention to the
hot MILF, "Hey... J.T..." London says as Kendrick takes another cookie from
the bag and eats it.

"Hi..." Kendrick says with a smile as he chews on the cookie in his mouth, as
both young studs are assuming the beautiful J.T. Tinney has come to talk to

J.T. smiles softly " you know where the women's locker room is?"
J.T. asks as she scratches the back of her head, slightly embarrassed.

"Yeah we do... it's back that way..." London replies as he points back down
the hallway J.T. came from.

Kendrick nods his head, "Yeah, yeah... it's back that way... and you..."
Kendrick, whose once against talking with his mouthful starts coughing a bit
as the cookie goes down the way when he swallows it.

"Not again..." London says as he pats Kendrick's back to help him out yet

J.T. laughs a bit before she takes a step forward towards Kendrick "Ummm are
you ok?" J.T. the hot MILF asks as she shakes her head "You shouldn't talk
with your mouth full of food...or whatever it is you're eating, cookies?"
J.T. asks with a cute smile.

Brian Kendrick clears his throat and nods his head, "Yeah... it's cookies..."
Kendrick replies as he holds up the bag, "You want some?" He asks with a
boyish smile.

J.T. shakes her head "Thanks...but I shouldn't..." J.T. pauses and then
laughs "You know...I have to keep up the hot MILF image in I want to win!"
J.T. replies before she glances down the hallway in the direction that London
and Kendrick had pointed "The locker room is that way isn't it?"

Paul London nods his head, "Yeah it is... we can show you where it is if you
want?" London says with a smile, "Cause there are a couple of turns... and
you don't want to end up going into the guys locker rooms..."

J.T. laughs "Yeah...I'm sure the guys would be disappointed to see me walk
into their locker room..." J.T. says with a pleasant sense of sarcasm.

Kendrick laughs, a bit, "Yeah... no one will be disappointed if that was to
happen... but we don't want you to get lost..." Kendrick says as he takes
another cookie out of the bag.

J.T. smirks "'re gonna help me out?" J.T. Tinney the hot MILF then
smiles cutely "Isn't that sweet."

"Yeah we are..." London smiles as Kendrick again offers the bag to J.T.

"Are you sure you can't just have one?" Kendrick asks with a boyish smile.

London looks at his friend and laughs, "Will you stop with the cookies?"

J.T. raises her eyebrow and presses her lips together as she casually checks
out the two young, hot studs "Well...I'd rather have something else then
cookies..." J.T. says with a soft laugh as she turns around and begins to
slowly walk away as she waits for London and Kendrick to realize her hint.

Paul London and Brian Kendrick both exchange looks and get big smiles on
their handsome faces. "She wants something other than cookies? That can only
mean..." Kendrick trails off as both he and London run to catch up with J.T.

"Hey wait up..." London says with a smile and he and Kendrick walk next to
the hottest MILF ever.

J.T. pauses and smiles softly as she looks at London on her left, then she
looks at Kendrick on her right "Yes, boys?" J.T. asks with a playful smirk.

"Since you don't want cookies... do you... maybe want us instead?" Kendrick
asks with a smile as he carries bag of cookies with him in his left hand.

J.T. smirks as she casually glances down at Kendrick's crotch, before turning
her head towards London and glancing down at his crotch "What do you two
think?" J.T. asks as she raises her eyebrow.

Paul London slides a hand through his black hair as he smiles, "We think you
do..." London answers as both his and Kendrick casually check J.T. out by
looking at how her black tied top fits over her chest.

J.T. shrugs and slightly licks her lips "Well...I do want to win this little
Diva Search I'm in...and maybe two votes...your two votes could put me ahead
of the game..." The Hottest MILF ever, J.T. Tinney, replies with a smile.

Paul London and Brian Kendrick both smile as they nod their heads. "Well...
we'd love to help you out..." London says as he licks his lips a bit.

"Yeah... and you know what they say... nothing is better than MILF and
cookies..." Brian Kendrick adds as London looks at him as if he can't believe
what Kendrick just said.

J.T. Tinney glances over at Kendrick and raises her eyebrow, before she turns
back to London with a laugh "Ummm...what did he just say?"

London laughs, "Earlier... we were talking about needing something to wash
the cookies down... and first he wanted milk... then he saw you and wanted
some MILF instead..."

Brian Kendrick shrugs his shoulders, "So... it's true..." Kendrick says with
a smile.

J.T. slowly nods her head with her eyebrows raised "Right...anyway..." J.T.
licks her lips "You can lead the way..." J.T. says with a pleasant as the
Hottest MILF ever looks at Paul London, then at Brian Kendrick.

* * *

A short time later, The WWE Tag Team Champions, Brian Kendrick and Paul
London have finished escorting the hottest MILF ever and 2006 WWE Diva Search
contestant J.T. Tinney back to the Women's locker room area. "Here we are..."
Kendrick says with a big smile while London pushes the door to the locker
room open for J.T.

J.T. smiles and nods her head "Well thank you..." J.T. Tinney replies before
she enters the locker room followed by Brian Kendrick and then Paul London,
who closes and locks the door behind him. J.T. licks her lips as she stands
in front of London and Kendrick with her arms folded over her rounded, firm
chest as she locks her eyes on the two young, hot SmackDown studs "So...just
how crazy can you two get?"

Paul London licks his lips a bit and smiles, "Oh... we can get pretty
crazy... we're totally off the wall..." London answers as he and Kendrick
both take off their blue, sleeveless leather vests to reveal their smooth,
muscular upper bodies.

Kendrick tosses the bag of cookies he was carrying over onto the table,
"Yeah... but... can a hot MILF like you keep up with us?" Kendrick asks as
he flips his light-brown hair back.

J.T. bites down on her bottom lip as she locks her soft eyes on the smooth,
muscular upper bodies of Brian Kendrick and Paul London. The Hot MILF licks
her lips and nods her head " two hotties will find out...I may be a
mommy...but I can still give it and you bet I can take it" J.T. says with a
proud smile as she steps towards Kendrick and London as she begins to untie
her black top.

London and Kendrick both exchange smirks as they watch J.T. untie her black
top while she walks towards them. "Hope you can... cause you got a lot to
work with..." London says as casually as possible before he and his tag team
partner begin to lower their long black and blue wrestling shorts down from
their respective waists. As they push their shorts down their legs, London
and Kendrick smile as they watch J.T. completely finish untying her black

"Woo hoo! The puppies are going to come out to play!" Kendrick says as he
steps out of his shorts, with his extremely fat cock hanging between his
legs. London doesn't say anything, but he does laugh a bit as he stands
straight up with his own thick ten inch cock fully exposed to the hottest
MILF ever. J.T. licks her lips as she glances down at the hard, thick cocks
on London and Kendrick that hang between their legs. The Hottest MILF ever
looks up at them and smirks with a nod as she finishes untying her black
top and opens the top up, exposing her large, firm and perky tits as she
removes her black top completely from her body.

"Whew damn! Those are two big reasons for us to vote for you..." London says
bluntly, but with a big smile as he looks at J.T.'s large perfectly round

"Yeah... totally!" Kendrick says as he impulsively steps towards J.T. and
cups her right tit with both of his hands. The high-flying Brian Kendrick
lowers his head down and closes his mouth around the nipple of J.T.'s right
tit and sucks on it while tapping his tongue right against her hardening

J.T. bites down on her bottom lip as Kendrick begins to gently tap his tongue
against her erected right nipple "Ohhhh take action right away..."
J.T. laughs "I like that..." J.T. replies as she reaches forward with her
left hand and gently wraps her right hand around Kendrick's shaft and begins
to gently stroke his cock as he licks and sucks on her right tit.

As J.T. strokes his fat cock, Kendrick moans onto J.T.'s right tit as he rubs
her tit with his hands. He continues to circle his tongue around her nipple
as Paul London comes over and stands next to him, "Hey... you're not the only
one who needs attention too..." London says as he winks at J.T. before he
lowers his head and lightly presses his teeth against J.T.'s left nipple. He
gently pulls on her hard nipple as he puts his hand on J.T.'s waist and
starts to push down the short black skirt the Hottest MILF Ever is wearing.

J.T. closes her eyes as she tilts her head back slightly and moans as she
feels both London and Kendrick's wet, soothing tongues attack her large,
perky tits "Ohhhhh...ohhh yeah..." J.T. Tinney moans. The Hottest MILF ever
then reaches forward and wraps her left hand around London's cock and begins
to stroke his cock as well, while she continues to stroke Kendrick's cock.

London and Kendrick both moan against J.T.'s large, perky tits as she strokes
both of their big, meaty cocks with her left and right hands. Kendrick lifts
his head from J.T.'s right tit first, leaving it dripping a bit with his warm
saliva, "Mmmm... a lot better than cookies..." Kendrick says with his boyish
smile before he bends down a bit to tug J.T.'s short black skirt completely,
to reveal the hot pair of black panties that J.T. Tinney is wearing.

Paul London slowly lifts his head up from J.T.'s left tit, and grins a bit,
"Your turn..." London says with a slightly smirk as he presses his hand right
against the front of J.T.'s panties in order to rub her pussy through them.

J.T. presses her lips together as she closes her eyes "Ohhhh mmmm...shit"
J.T. Tinney moans as London begins to rub her pussy against the material of
her black panties. J.T. gently grits her teeth as she removes her hands from
Kendrick and London's cock "Ohhhh shit sure do know what you're
doing..." J.T. says with a laugh as Kendrick begins to remove her black

Brian Kendrick smiles, "Oh... we learned from the best... a real
heartbreaking sexy boy..." Kendrick says, laughing a bit as he lowers J.T.'s
black panties down completely, exposing her hot, smoothly shaved hot MILF
pussy. Because London was rubbing her pussy through her panties, London's
fingers are now pressing right against the hot MILF's pussy.

J.T. opens her eyes and licks her lips as she glances down at Kendrick and
London "Ohhhh yeah rub that pussy Paul..." J.T. Tinney moans as Paul London
rubs his hand smoothly against her hot pussy as she steps out of her black
panties after Kendrick has guided them down her smooth, tanned legs.

London licks his lips as he rubs his hand up and down against J.T.'s smooth
hot pussy before he dips two of his fingertips past her soft pussy lips.
"You like that?" London asks with a smile.

Before J.T. can answer, Kendrick says, "Hey Paul... she's a hot MILF... she
wants something bigger than your fingers..." Kendrick says with a smile as
he stands up.

J.T. laughs "I do like big things..." J.T. says with a smirk as she licks her
lips as London with drawls his fingertips from her warm, soothing pussy "You
got something in mind, Brian?" J.T. asks as she glances down at his large,
thick cock.

"You betcha!" Kendrick says with a big wide grin as he takes J.T.'s hand.
He walks her over to the long leather couch that's against one wall of the
women's locker room. "Just wondering... do you like it doggy style?" Kendrick

J.T. smiles as she turns with her back facing Kendrick and glances over her
shoulder, smiling at Kendrick "I might..." J.T. says with a playful laugh as
she begins to lower herself down onto the leather couch, on top her knees
and hands. J.T. Tinney tosses her soft, silky brown hair back as she's in
the classic doggystyle position. J.T. licks her lips as she glances back at
Kendrick once again "And just so you know...I love it!"

Kendrick licks his lips and nods his head, "Everybody loves it doggy
style..." Kendrick laughs as he kneels onto the leather couch behind J.T.
Tinney. He puts his hands on her waist and guides his fat cock into her
warm, tight waiting pussy.. "Whoa..." Kendrick groans as he feels J.T.'s
pussy squeeze his cock down against his cock before he begins to thrust
it in and out of her. Meanwhile Paul London comes over to the couch and
he sits on the left armrest and licks his lips as he looks to his right
in order to watch Kendrick fuck J.T. from behind.

Kendrick licks his lips as he moves his cock in and out of J.T.'s hot tight
MILF pussy. He slides his hands down to her thighs and pulls her back gently
as he gradually increases the pace of his thrusts. After each of his thrusts,
the hot MILF's body jolts forward. "Ohhh... wow!" Kendrick moans as he feels
J.T.'s ass hit back against his waist when he pulls her back towards him.

J.T. smirks as she glances over her right shoulder and licks her lips as
she smiles back at Kendrick "Mmmm got some moves there, stud!"
J.T. Tinney says with a laugh as she pushes herself back slightly more
aggressively against his cock, forcing Kendrick deeper into her tight,
warm pussy "Ohhhhhhh yeah!" J.T. moans.

Brian Kendrick grins as he starts to slow down his thrusts, "Oh... mmmm if
you like... what I got... you should... check out Paul..." Kendrick replies
as he slowly pulls his fat cock out of J.T.'s hot, tight pussy.

London smirks, "Hmmm someone mentioned my name?" London asks as he remains
sitting on the leather couch's left armrest with his large, hard cock
pointing straight up in lap.

J.T. smiles as she sits up on the couch and begins to move other towards the
left armrest that Paul London is sitting on top "Yeah...I think he did..."
J.T. says with a laugh as she tosses her soft, silky brown hair back as she
stands up from the couch and lifts herself onto London's lap as he sits on
top of left armrest. "Ohhhh shit..." J.T. moans as she lowers herself down
on top his cock, taking him into her tight, warm pussy. J.T. smirks as she
locks her eyes with the studdly Paul London and begins to smoothly rock back
and forth on his cock.

Paul London leans back a bit and moans as J.T. moves back and forth on his
cock, grinding her warm, tight MILF pussy on his stiff shaft. "Mmmmm... ohh
yea..." London moans as he puts his hand onto J.T.'s round, slender waist
before he begins to rock on the couch's armrest in order to thrust his cock
up into her pussy.

"Mmmmm...ohhhh boys are total hotties!" J.T. moans as she places
her hands against London's smooth, muscular chest as she rocks back and forth
on his cock and as she occasionally bounces on his stiff, thick cock.

London smirks a bit as pops his hips in order to sharply thrust his thick
hard dick up into J.T.'s pussy, "Uhhh... mmmm.... if you... like us... one
on one... you... should... see us together... cause... you can't just have
one...." London replies with a lust filled groan as he J.T. moves herself
quickly with his fat cock in between her short, quick but hard bounces.

J.T. tilts her head back as she closes her eyes while she grinds her pussy
sharply against London's cock as she bounces and rocks smoothly on his cock
"Ohhh fuck yeah!...You bet I want you both!"

Brian Kendrick licks his lips as he hears what J.T. said, "You want us both?
Sounds good to me..." Kendrick says as he stands up from the leather couch.
London holds on firmly to J.T.'s waist and he slides from the couch's left
armrest down to the couch's leather cushions.

"Let's give her... a double dose..." London moans as he Kendrick gets behind

Kendrick nods his head, "Yeah... we'll show her why we're the tag team
champs..." Kendrick replies as he bends his knees a bit in order to push his
fat meaty cock right against and into J.T.'s tight asshole.

"Ohhhh fuck yeah!" J.T. moans as she wraps her arms around London's neck,
pressing her chest and against his chest as Kendrick enters her tight asshole
"Mmmm...ohhh fuck..." J.T. groans as she licks her lips and closes her eyes
as she continues to rock on London's cock, but is now riding his cock at a
quicker pace due to Kendrick now thrusting his cock into her asshole, pushing
J.T.'s body against London's cock.

London licks his lips and moans loudly as the hottest MILF ever bounces up
and down on his thick cock hard and quickly. "Uhhh... ohhh yeah c'mon J.T.!"
London groans as he continues to thrust his cock up into J.T.'s hot pussy,
making her move backwards against Kendrick's cock as the fun-loving young
stud pounds his cock in and out of J.T.'s tight asshole.

"Mmmm... ahhh... fuck..." Kendrick groans as he sweats a bit thanks to the
amount of force and speed he's using.

"Ohhhh...damn you boys are too hot!" J.T. Tinney moans as she begins to
breath heavily and sweats as she sandwiched between Kendrick and London as
they repeatedly thrust their cocks into her tight asshole and warm pussy,
making J.T. to rock back and forth in-between the SmackDown Tag Team

Brian Kendrick licks his teeth a bit as he pumps his fat in and out of J.T.'s
hot, tight asshole. "Uhhh... ohhh fuck yea... I love your ass!" Kendrick
groans before he pulls his shaft out of the hot MILF's tight asshole and he
sits down on the couch next to her and London.

London glances at his tag team partner and grins, "Hey J.T... get on Brian...
I want to... tap that MILF ass..." London says with a groan.

J.T. licks her lips "Sure thing babe..." J.T. says with a cute laugh as she
lifts herself off of London's cock, tossing her soft and silky brown hair
back as she positions herself to straddle Kendrick's waist, lowering herself
down on his cock taking him into her tight, warm pussy "Ohhhhh fuck!" J.T.
groans as she keeps herself on top of Kendrick's cock, waiting for London to
take the advantage.

Paul London gets up from the couch and he stand right behind J.T. so that he
can just ram his cock full speed deep into J.T.'s hot tight asshole, making
her jump up and crash back down onto Kendrick's stiff dick that's in her
pussy. "Aww fuck!" Kendrick groans as J.T. re-settles herself on him as
London begins to rapidly fuck her ass. J.T. tightly grits her teeth together
as she begins to rock roughly against Kendrick's cock as she occasionally
bounces roughly on his cock as well, as Paul London quickly thrusts his thick
cock in and out of her tight, hot ass.

London firmly holds on to J.T.'s hips as he quickly thrusts his cock deep,
hard and fast into her hot, tight ass. "Ahhh... ohhh fuck... damn you got a
great ass!" London grunts as he sweats and breathes heavily.

Kendrick, meanwhile, occupies himself by thrusting his cock sharply into the
hot MILF's hot, wet pussy. He puts his hands onto both of J.T.'s tits and he
arches his back a bit when J.T. bounces hard on his dick, "Ahhh... ohhh fuck

J.T. tilts her head back and closes her eyes "Ohhhhhhh fuck!" J.T. Tinny
the Hottest MILF ever moans as her hot, sweating body rocks back and forth
in between London and Kendrick as she grinds her pussy sharply against
Kendrick's cock. The hot, young, sweating WWE Tag Team Champions start
getting their thrusts almost in perfect sequence and they start fucking
J.T.'s hot wet pussy and tight asshole at almost the same time, while
sandwiching her between. London's large, heavy ballsack smacks hard against
J.T.'s ass cheeks as each of his thrusts result in his cock going as deep
as possible into her MILF ass.

"Ahhh... fuck... ohhh man... I'm gonna... fucking blow..." London groans
as he pulls his shaft out of J.T.'s hot ass. "Ohh man..." London groans as
he holds on to his throbbing cock while Kendrick keeps pumping his cock
hard up into J.T. Tinney's pussy.

J.T. licks her lips as she looks back at London with sweat dripping down her
gorgeous face "Mmmm...ohhh...give it me! I want it..." J.T. moans as she hot,
sweat covered MILF bounces quickly on Kendrick's hard, thick cock.

"Fuck... ok..." London nods his head as he steps up onto couch and stands
next to J.T. and Kendrick. The former Cruiserweight Champion holds his cock
near J.T.'s mouth as she bounces up and down on Kendrick's large fat cock.

J.T. lifts her head up and turns her head to face Paul London's hard,
throbbing cock. The Hottest MILF ever opens her warm and leans her head
towards his cock, taking London into her warm, wet mouth. J.T. Tinney
wraps her pouty lips around London's shaft and begins to guide her head
along his cock as she soothingly sucks his meaty, throbbing cock.

"Ahhh... ohhh fuck..." London moans as J.T. sucks on his thick throbbing
cock. He puts both his hands on J.T.'s head and pushes his fingers through
her sweat-dampened hair. He tilts his head back and groans as he lets out
a loud moan as he starts to cum, "Ohhhh fuck..." London moans as he starts
to fill the hot MILF's mouth with his warm sticky cum.

Kendrick grits his teeth as J.T. bounces on his cock harder as the MILF gets
a mouthful of cum. "Ahhh... ohh fuck..." Kendrick groans as he starts to blow
his load inside of J.T.'s hot wet pussy.

J.T. moans as she has a mouthful of London's warm cum inside of her mouth at
the same moment that Kendrick cums in her tight, wet pussy "Ohhhhh yeah..."
J.T. moans softly as she tilts her head back and swallows the large load of
London's cum.

London drops down and sits on the leather couch next to J.T. and Kendrick,
"Ahhh shit... awww damn..." Kendrick moans as he leans back on the couch as
J.T. continues to move lightly on his cum-drained cock.

J.T. smiles as she gently rocks her body on Kendrick's cum-drained cock
"Mmmm..." J.T. licks her lips " guys will vote for me, right?"

Paul London nods his head, "Oh yeah... you got our vote... right Brian?"
London asks as he nudges his take team partner.

Kendrick nods his head and smiles, "Yup... you got our vote... and you know
there's nothing like..."

London cuts him off, "Please... don't say it Brian..." London laughs.

J.T. sighs and rolls her eyes with a soft laugh "Let me guess...MILF and


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