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by Wonder Mike (

The president of World Championship wrestling Eric Bischoff had another
one of his brilliant ideas. He had heard of the capture of a giant ape. He
would be a great attraction for his program. They were losing the ratings
war and buying out all the talent from ECW wasn't working. The ape would be
the turning point.

He handed Ted Turner a blank check, a Turner signed it without a second
thought. Eric contacted the handler's of Joe, and gave them the check. The
ape was his.

Eric was amazed at the size of the creature. It was at least 14 feet
tall. He would be the greatest attraction of all time.

His plan was simple, he would parade the ape to the ring during the
Monday Night Nitro from Los Angeles, and he would have the Nitro Girls
dance around him. They would be #1 again.

His first problem was he didn't buy the handlers, Joe wasn't used to
being around people and Eric really didn't like anything. He took him to
the nitro girl dressing room, the girls ran for cover.

They refused to work with Joe. Eric grabbed Kimberly, the leader of the
girls and told her she would work with Joe no matter what she wanted. She
would get at least two more girls to dance with her.

The girls all threatened to leave the group. Eric offered a $500,000
bonus to the girls who would dance around Joe. Whisper and Spice agreed,
Bischoff knew Whisper would, but he was surprised that Spice did.

Kimberly lead Joe to the dressing room so he could get use to being
around the dancers. Joe wasn't very happy, he could tell the girls didn't
want him around, and it made him jumpy.

Kimberly noticed Joe was agitated and began to stroke his hand, Joe
really liked that. Spice came over and began to stroke his other hand. Joe
was beginning to warm up to the girls, Spice could swear she saw a smile on
his face.

Joe began to gently stroke the short red hair of Spice. She couldn't
believe how gentle this giant was, Whisper came over and started to stroke
his back, there was no doubt that Joe was smiling now. He began to stroke
the long dark hair of Whisper, she was the biggest of all the Nitro Girls
Spice was the smallest.

Joe's huge hand brushed against the small breast of Spice. Spice tried
to pull away, but Joe was still holding her, it was an accident that he
touched her breast but he liked the feeling. He reached with his other hand
and began to stroke Kimberly's huge breast.

His cock sprung to life. It was huge. At least twenty inches long and
almost as wide as a college football, the shear size of it was hypnotizing.
Whisper had to touch it. She began stroking it up and down, it was the most
exciting thing she had ever done. The disgusting nature of the act was what
excited her.

Kimberly couldn't believe it. she bit Joe and tried to break away. This
threw the giant Ape into a rage, he grabbed Kim around the neck and tossed
her into the near wall. Kim was knocked out.

Spice was now terrified and knew better than to fight back. Joe pulled
down her pants and stared at the red patch between her legs. Spice couldn't
move, Whisper was excited. Joe inserted a huge finger between Spice's legs,
each of his fingers was the size of a normal man's cock. He saw there was
room for another finger, and he inserted that into Spice's pussy also.

Spice had now forgotten about being scared, she was being filled by
those two massive fingers. Whisper saw the happy look on the face of Spice
and she grabbed his other hand and inserted one of his fingers into her
cunt. She was humping on his finger when Joe inserted a second one into

After 5 minutes of that Whisper had to have that cock, she managed to
get Joe to lie on his back, and she straddled him. She knew that was the
safest way to do this considering the shear size. Joe was cooperating so

He laid still as Whisper lowered herself onto, Joe's 20 inch member,
She slowly squatted inch by inch until she was a third of the way down.
That wasn't enough for Joe though. He grabbed he by the waist and slammed
her down to his waist.

Whisper gave out a blood curdling scream and tried to get off, but she
could move, Joe began to lift her up a down on his giant cock, he began to
slam he faster and faster when he saw Spice run for the door, she didn't
want any part of this. Joe stood up with Whisper still impaled on his cock
and ran after her. It only took him three steps and he had covered the
entire room. He grabbed Spice around her tiny neck. There was no fight left
in her.

Joe pulled Whisper off of his cock, then he lifted Spice into the air
and slid her down on his giant cock. There was no slow adjustment period.
he just rammed her all the way down onto his cock, it was slippery from the
juices of Whisper so Spice was able to take it.

Joe lifted her up all the way to the tip of his cock then slammed her
all the way down to the base as hard as he could. Spice couldn't take much
of this.

Kimberly awoke and saw what was going on, Joe was between her and the
door. She screamed for help, that just made Joe drop Spice and go after

He ripped off Kim's pants and slammed his cock into the Playboy model.
Kim didn't have the chance to take a breathe before she was full with 20
inches of cock, Whisper and Spice were down and couldn't help her. Joe was
slamming her up and down on his cock even harder than he did Spice. Kim
was like a rag doll flopping around on the giant member.

All the screaming brought security though, they didn't have guns are
weapons of any kind for that matter, but there were ten of them. It was a
tug of war trying to pull Kim of the Giant ape. Joe finally let go even
though he hadn't gotten release and waded through the guards, he ran
through the door and out onto the streets. He was free, in LA.


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