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MNM And Dicks - Melts in Your Mouth
by Kristi & Frederick "Dice" Casden
(, AIM: FredCasden)

On a late fall edition of Friday Night Smackdown, The Legion of Doom is
defending their tag team titles in a fatal four way tag team match against
MNM, The Mexicools and William Regal and Paul Burchill. LOD had the match
well in hand until Smackdown's newest tag team, The Dicks, interferes, and
helps MNM win the tag team titles. The Dicks celebrate the result of their
interference at ringside before they head to the back, catching the eye of
Melina as she climbs into the ring to celebrate with Nitro and Mercury.
Afterward in the back, The Dicks, who are named Chad and James, are rubbing
baby oil over their bodies as they watch the replay of their actions in the
tag title match.

"Oh we so stiffed them..." James laughs as he high fives Chad.

"Yeah, they weren't quite hard to mess with..." Chad adds, as Melina
approaches both of them from behind.

Melina smirks and places her hands on James and Chad. "You Dicks certainly
held your end of the deal..." Melina flips her hair back and laughs "I think
it's time I live up to mine..."

James smirks, "Yeah, we're so locked, stocked and cocked for action..."

"Yea hot stuff, you're going to get a stiff pounding," Chad says as he looks
at Melina's body.

Melina smirks "Good...but you must not have understood our little agreement
completely." Melina folds her arms and looks at the two Dick Brothers.

"Oh we understood enough, we help your tiny guys win the title and we get a
big reward..." James says as he tilts his head to look at her ass.

Melina laughs "Oh... James...Chad you must not have heard me out. It's not
just you two..." Melina smirks "You have to share me with the greatest tag
team in WWE history... M...N...M..."

Chad and James think for a long moment before they crack smiles and shrug.
"Hey that's no problem, right Chad?" James says as he flexes his arm.

"Yeah... that's cool with us... you seem like you can take a lot of rock hard
action..." Chad replies, then smiles.

Melina turns around and looks over her shoulder back at James and Chad
"Follow me..." Melina says as she starts to walk back to the locker room of
MNM, Melina's hips swaying back and forth as she walks.

Chad and James follow behind Melina and watch her ass sway. They both play
around acting as if they are going to grab her ass. Both men laugh a bit as
Melina pushes open a door and walks into a locker room. The Dicks follow
behind her, and they immediately see Nitro and Mercury, sitting on the
leather couch, stroking their cocks.

"Hey Melina... is it time to celebrate yet?" Mercury says as he slowly pumps
his cock with his right hand.

Melina looks back at James and Chad with a smirk "Ready boys?"

"Fuck yeah..." Chad says as he rips off his black muscle shirt revealing his
powerfully built upper body.

"Damn skippy..." James pulls his black tank top off over his head.

"Hey Melina... while they get down to their birthday suits... why don't you
come here and blow a champ?" Nitro licks his lips, while moving his cock with
his hand, practically offering it as a meal to his manager.

Melina smirks "I think you're right are a Champ and you deserve
the best!" Melina says as she approaches the couch. Melina gets down onto her
knees in front of the couch and wraps both of her hands around Mercury and
Nitro's cocks. Melina smirks at them as she begins to move her hands up and
down their shafts. Melina leans her head forward and opens her mouth taking
Nitro's stiff cock into her warm mouth. She wraps her lips tightly around his
cock and starts to bob her head, while she strokes Mercury's cock at the same
medium rate pace.

"Mmmm yeah... and you're defiantly the best..." Nitro moans as he places
both his hands behind his head to enjoy Melina's warm mouth on his rock hard

"You lucky bastard... you always get her to blow you first..." Mercury moans
as he watches Melina's hand move up and down his cock. The Dicks finish
getting undressed, but rub some oil all over their bodies, as they prepare
to join in on the action.

Melina slowly lifts her head up from Nitro's cock and smiles at Mercury
"Maybe I save the best for last..." She says before she brings her mouth down
onto his cock. Melina's lips clamp tightly around Mercury's shaft, she laps
her tongue around his cock as she bobs her head quickly. She places both of
her hands around Mercury's cock and strokes the part of his shaft that isn't
in her moist mouth.

"Ohhhh yea... that makes... ahhh sense..." Mercury licks his lips and he
reaches forward to take off Melina's tiara so it won't get damaged. He hands
it to Nitro, who gets up to place it in a special case Melina had made for

Chad Dick stands on the right side of Melina, stroking his cock, "If you
think that's something, you should try a real Dick's Dick." Melina lifts her
head up with Mercury's cock with a smile. She flicks her tongue against
Mercury's cock before she turns to Chad. Melina pushes down her top, exposing
her perfect chest as she places her hands on Chad's waist. Melina opens her
mouth and slowly move in towards Chad's cock. Once in reaching distance
Melina smirks and teasingly flicks her tongue against the head of Chad's

James smirks at his younger brother, "Chad you know the real Dick around here
is me... I'm bigger than you..."

"Oh you just like to show off..." Chad says he moves his hips to slightly
pump his cock in and out past Melina's lips.

"I got good reason too..." James replies as he moves to the left side of
Melina, with his cock in his hands, pumping it to show it to Melina if she
looks out of the corner of her eye.

Melina slowly bobs her head on Chad's cock as he reaches down pinching
Melina's perky nipples. Melina twists her hand against James's shaft, while
blowing his younger brother, Chad. Mercury and Nitro watch on with smirks on
their faces as they stroke their own cocks "Shit man...Melina is the best"
Mercury slightly groans after making the comment.

"Yeah... we need a manager like her..." Chad says as Melina takes her time
dragging her lips up his shaft after deep throating him.

"Heck with a manager... I just want to fuck her..." James replies as he waits
for Melina's mouth to touch his cock again.

"Well you'll have to wait... I got her first..." Nitro smirks as he moves
behind her and kneels on the floor. Nitro spits on his cock, strokes it for
a moment and then inserts it with a perfect thrust into Melina's tight pussy.
Melina lets out a soft moan as she picks her head up from Chad's cock. Melina
opens her mouth widely and takes James's much larger cock into her mouth.
She presses her lips against his shaft and bobs her head as she pushes back
against Nitro's cock.

Nitro fucks Melina's pussy slowly at first, getting her worked up in
preparation for the fucking she's going to end up getting from himself and
the other studs. Chad and Mercury both smirk as they watch James lightly pull
on Melina's hair while pushing his cock further into her mouth to see if she
can take it all.

"Come on Melina... you can do it..." He says.

"Oh she can... and will when she wants too..." Mercury licks his lips after
his reply. Melina presses her teeth gently against James's shaft and every
time she bobs her head up, her teeth rake against his shaft.

"Ohh fuck... yea..." James moans while Nitro bangs Melina's tight pussy
steadily until he pulls out.

His cock is dripping with the juices of Melina's cunt and he smirks at Chad,
"Your turn man... knock yourself out... but don't knock her up..."

Chad laughs a bit, "I will..." Chad moves behind Melina, places his hands on
her hips to hold her still for a moment before he pushes his thick rod into
her hotbox. He immediately feels the pressure of her pussy tighten around
his cock. "God Damn... she's tight as any chick I've fucked..." Melina smiles
around James's cock as she immediately slams herself back against Chad.
Melina then tightens her grips around James's cock as she starts to deep
throat his massive cock. Melina brings her head up after a few bobs, and
switches to sucking Mercury. Melina slowly sucks on Mercury's cock, doing
what she does best, teasing him.

"Oh god Melina... I hate getting teased..." Mercury jokingly whines as he
moans at the same time. Chad bites his lip as he slams his cock harder into
her pussy with every other thrust. James watches his younger brother with a
smirk on his face.

"Chad chill... take a pill... here I'll show you how to fuck a hot babe like

Chad frowns a bit but then smirks, "Yeah I could use a pointer or too... and
so could Melina..." Chad pulls out of Melina, allowing James to get behind

"Oh she's going to get the point..." James laughs as he slowly, and teasingly
pushes his massive cock into her pussy, and it takes him close to 2 minutes
to push his whole cock into her at the rate he was going.

Melina lets out a moan as she moves her head down on Mercury's cock,
dragging her soft tongue against his shaft as she slowly sucks on his cock.
Melina lifts her head up from Mercury's cock "Joey...I want a double dose of

Joey smirks, "A Double Dose is coming up... hey Johnny get up front..."

"I'm there..." Nitro grins as he kneels next to his tag team partner, holding
his cock extremely close to Mercury's, causing their dicks to touch against
each other. Behind Melina, James is pumping his cock in and out of her pussy
with long hard thrusts, the cause Melina to jolt forward. James smirks as he
watches her ass ripple a bit each time he slams into her. Melina opens her
mouth as wide as she can, taking both Nitro and Mercury's cocks into her warm
mouth. Melina begins to slowly bob her head on their cocks, as her moans
vibrate against their cocks.

"Hey... I bet she'd love a double does of Dicks..." James says as he pulls
out of her half way. Chad gets the message and he joins in, pushing his cock
against her pussy then into her. The dicks of both the Dicks grind against
each other as both men push into her tight pussy. Melina squeals in pleasure
as she starts bobbing her head quicker on Mercury and Nitro's cocks, much
the like the Dicks, their cock grind against each others inside Melina's hot
mouth. Melina's tongue circles around the two cock in her mouth as she begins
to go down deeper on both cocks, impressing not only Nitro and Mercury, but
the Dick Brothers as well.

"Man... I just don't want to get my dick sucked..." Mercury says as he pulls
out of her mouth and lays on to the floor.

Nitro smirks and laughs, "Hey Melina... why don't you ride Joey... and let
does Dicks bang your ass?"

Melina gives a mischievous smirk "I like the sound of that..." Chad James
pulls out of Melina's ass and they both lift Melina up and lower her down
onto Mercury's cock so she's facing him. Mercury moans as he feels her
pussy slide onto his cock and he instantly starts thrusting up into her
pussy. Melina grits her teeth as she places her hands onto his chest.
Melina begins to thrust herself down onto Mercury's cock "Ohhhh shit Joey.."
Melina moans as she flips her hair back and tilts her head back moaning out

"All right bro... let's stuff her with dicks..." Chad grins as he and James
get behind her again. One at a time, they push their cocks into her asshole.
The Dicks begins thrusting in and out by taking turns, when one pushes in
the other pulls back and vice versa, over and over again, Mercury places his
hands on Melina's ass-cheeks to spread and close them whenever Melina drops
down sharply on his shaft. Melina grinds her pussy against Mercury's cock as
she looks up and sees Johnny Nitro standing over Mercury. She smirks and
opens her mouth, taking Nitro's stiff cock into her warm mouth. She wraps
her lips tightly around his cock and starts to bob her head once against on
his cock.

"Ohhh yea... suck that cock Melina..." Nitro moans as he threads fingers
from both hands through her messy hair. Mercury lifts his head up to swirl
his tongue around the nipple of her right breasts. The Dicks are quickly
changing their thrusts so they are fucking her asshole at the same time.
With each of their combine thrusts, they make Melina move forward with a
jolt, almost pushing her off of Mercury's stiff pole. Melina opens her
mouth wider and begins to deep throat Nitro's cock. His cock bangs against
the back of her throat with each head bob as she slams down hard on Mercury's
cock. Melina's pussy tightens up as she starts to cum on Mercury's hard cock.

"Ohhh yea... fuck I gotta blow..." Chad rips his cock out of Melina's asshole
just as he starts to cum. Some of his load lands on the back of her thigh,
but a good amount lands on her lower back.

"Fuck me man..." Mercury bites his lip as he starts the climax in Melina's

James fucks her ass for a few more moments before he gets and idea, "Hey
Nitro... How about Melina top us off..."

Nitro grins, "Great idea...." Nitro and James pull their cocks out of Melina
and help her off on Mercury. Then the two of them stand in front of her,
holding their cocks as they smirk at her. Melina licks her lips with a smirk
on her face as she wraps her hands around both of their shafts. She moves
her hands swiftly up and down their shafts, bringing her mouth to James's
cock first, she twirls and twists her tongue against his cock as she bobs
her head. Melina lifts her head and swift to Nitro's cock, blowing him at a
slower pace and sucking tighter then she was James.

"Mmmm yeah Melina... god you got a hot mouth..." Nitro moans as he closes his
eyes tightly as he pops his hot load in her mouth. He can feel his own cum
coating his cock as it was quickly mixed with Melina's saliva before she
begins to swallow.

Melina pulls her head away from Nitro's cock and swallows the remaining drops
of his warm cum before she licks his cock clean. Melina turns back James with
a smirk on her face "You ready to bust?"

"Oh yea... I got a really hot juicy load of banana juice for you..." James
says as he manages to keep his hands off his massive cock. Melina leans
forward and flicks her tongue against the head of his cock, before she moves
her tongue down James's shaft towards his ballsack.

"Mmmm fuck... keep it up... I'm going to fill your mouth in a second..."
James says as he holds back from climaxing for the moment. Melina flicks her
tongue a few times against his ballsack before she brings her tongue back up
his shaft and circles her tongue around the head of his large cock.

"Ohhh shit fuck..." James says as he feels his cock explode in her mouth,
dropping a huge load of his two ball compound right down her gullet. Melina
can feels James's warm cum slide down her throat. She gives James a satisfied
smile and then looks around the room at her boys, MNM and the other Dick,
Chad. Melina stands up and begins to fix her hair.

James and Chad both smirk at her as does Nitro and Mercury who pick up their
tag team titles and drape them over their shoulders. "Now that's a way to
celebrate..." Mercury says with a grin.

"And too receive payment too..." Chad adds as they watch Melina.

Melina smirks at the two Dicks "Now you know how to celebrate with


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