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MNM's Revenge
Starring: Melina Perez, Mickie James, Johnny Nitro, and Joey Mercury
by The David

At WWE Survivor Series- November 27, 2005. Trish Stratus and Melina. Women's
Title. Melina is focused on becoming Women's Champion. She's focused on
bringing the title over to Smackdown, but she is thwarted. In the midst of
the match, Trish's biggest fan, Mickie James, assisted Trish Stratus, and she
picked up the W. Backstage, Melina was furious. Her gorgeous body dripping
with sweat. This is where the story picks up.

[Joe Louis Arena, Detroit, Michigan- November 27, 2005]

Her open palm slams into the metal locker. "God damn it. That fucking bitch."
Her words come out harsh. It's her fiery temper. Her mighty chest is heaving,
her skin sweaty, and not in the good way. Johnny and Joey look over at her.

"What do you want us to do, Boss?" Johnny's voice comes through concerned.

"I want that bitch." Her words are harsh, and final. "So go get her..."

* * *

Mickie James is in the locker room she and Trish are sharing. Trish is in
the shower, washing the sweat off her body. Mickie's sitting down, her back
towards the door. She's off in her own little world, not paying attention
the scene around her. She doesn't notice that Johnny and Joey have snuck up
behind her. Quickly Joey wraps a cloth over her mouth and nose. The cloth
has been doused with a liquid, and instantly knocks her out. Johnny lifts
the diva onto his shoulders, and carry's her out of the locker room just
moments before Trish walks in there, a towel wrapped around her.

"Mickie? Where the hell'd you go?" Trish mutters, but gets no answer of
course. She shrugs and plops down to get dressed...

* * *

Mickie slowly becomes conscious. Her vision is blurry. She can't make out any
detail. Just fuzzy shapes, and mixed colors. She closes her eyes, her head is
spinning. She feels weak. She feels like she can't move. She tries to move
her arms, but something is holding them motionless. She then tries her legs,
but they aren't moving. She tries to speak, to call out, but something is
holding the sound in. She opens her eyes quickly, her vision having returned.
Her eyes scan the room. And they fall on three people. MNM. She tries to
scream, but the ball gag in her mouth muffles the sounds to almost nothing.

"Well, well, boys. The little bitch decided to wake up." Melina sneers, she's
freshened up since the match, having washed the sweat off of her body, and
fixing her hair. She's still in a skirt and boots, her top squeezing her
large breasts together.

"Mickie, you should've stayed out of it, and left it to me and Trish, to the
big girls. But you stuck your nose in. If there is one thing I hate, it's
someone who sticks there nose into places it doesn't belong." Melina moves
closer to the trapped diva. A soft hand comes out and strokes Mickie's cheek.
Mickie tries to struggle, but she's held motionless by her bonds.

"You're not going anywhere, Mickie. You have to pay. Pay for getting in my
business. I'm THE dominant woman in the wrestling industry, and you're about
to find that out first hand." Melina rears back and then swings forward, her
hand coming swinging down, slapping off the face of Mickie. Mickie grunts at
the unprotected impact, but doesn't get a moment to catch her breath, as
she's slapped on the other side of her face by Melina's hand. It's airport
style. When one lands the next one takes off.

Melina has to deliver fifty straight slaps to Mickie's face before stopping.
Mickie has tears flowing down her face, staring at Melina, and motions for
Johnny and Joey to come forward.

"Mickie, you're going to learn. You don't fuck with Melina. Otherwise, you'll
get fucked." Mickie's eyes go wide as Johnny and Joey take their cue. Their
pants drop. Both of them have cocks that are already fully erected. Johnny's
is slightly longer at 8 inches, with Joey pulling in at 7, but Joey is
thicker than Johnny. Mickie sees both dicks, and she knows what she's in
store for. She squirms against her bonds, but to no avail.

Johnny lays down on his back, his dick jutting from his body like a fleshy
skyscraper. Joey smiles as he looks at Mickie, who was tied standing up. He
runs a hand down her cheek, before grabbing one of her breasts. "Damn boss,

"Of course, did you think those over-inflated basketballs were real?" She
barks as he pulls the shirt of Mickie James. Her breasts are braless, since
she took her bra off when she got to the back, planning on getting in the
shower. He smiles at the sight of her massive, heaving breasts.

He gropes them, as Johnny looks up. "Dude man, come the fuck on."

Joey throws him a glance. "Bro, shut up and hold your horses." Joey runs his
hands down to Mickie's skirt. He lifts it up, to reveal that alas, she had
taken her panties off too. Her pussy is hairless, and rather small.

"Damn, the bitch looks tight." Is all Melina says as Joey unties the
petrified girls legs from the pole, and then her arms, her hands are still
tied together as he pushes her forward, so she's standing above Nitro's dick.

"Bring her down her bro." Suddenly, life begins to spring into the terrified
diva's body. She brings her foot up and backwards, slamming into the bloated
crotch of Mercury. He stumbles backwards, clutching at his privates. She
brings her foot forward, driving her foot into Nitro's crotch. He grabs at
his crotch as Mickie turns to face Melina, who is ready for her. She brings
her leg up, slamming it into the side of Mickie's head. The young woman falls
to her knees, and gets another swift kick. She hits her back, laying on her
bound hands.

"Bad move, whore." Melina snarls out as she drives her boot into Mickie's
exposed mid-section. Mickie looks up, and sees up Melina's skirt. Melina is
also pantiless, but her pussy is dripping wet, with thick juicy lips. Mickie
feels slightly ashamed of her small pussy and tries to close her legs, but
Melina has a boot there.

"No you don't." She says as she kicks both legs back open, before crashing
her foot into the diva's pussy. Mickie's face contorts with a look of utter
pain. Her mouth clinches around the gag in her mouth.

"Mercury, Nitro, come here." She calls at her men, who are still rubbing
their bloated crotches. They move towards Melina slowly.

"Fuck this bitch, hard." Is all Melina says as she lifts Mickie's head up and
unstraps the ball gag. Mickie's panting with pain as Melina just plops down,
her soaking pussy landing right on Mickie's face. She begins to grind her
pussy against her face, her big ass resting on Mickie's forehead, completely
smothering the young woman. Nitro is the first to act, as he falls to his
knees, pushing Mickie's thighs farther apart. He lunges forward, not taking
time to get going. His dick drives into Mickie's extremely tight snatch.

"This pussy is so damn tight." Johnny mutters as he begins a thrusting
motion. His eyes lock eyes with Melina, who has taken her shirt and bra off,
and quickly removed her skirt. He eyes her gorgeous body up and down as she
grinds into Mickie's face. Mickie, who is laying on her arms, can do nothing
but thrash her head from side to side, trying to break free from Melina's
legs, as she can't breathe, but the thrashing just stimulates the already
over-stimulated diva's aching womanhood. After just a moment of the
thrashing, Melina lets out a large, satisfied moan as her juices begin to
pour out, soaking Mickie's face. Melina rolls off and rests on her ass as
Mickie takes several gulps of air, but ends up swallowing some juice. She
realizes her mouth is free, and opens it to plead for her release, but it is
quickly filled with Mercury's dick.

"You want to kick me in the dick? Now you're going to suck the pain away,
slut." Mercury sneers as he adjusts himself so his balls are against the
diva's face, her nose able to take in oxygen, but the air is tainted by the
musky smell of his genitals. Johnny lifts Mickie's legs up to give himself
better access to her tiny pussy. He continues his thrusting, his sizeable
cock driving in and out at a steady rhythm, his balls smacking off her taut

"God, Melina, this pussy is so fucking tight. It's like I stuck my dick in a
vice grip." Johnny grunts as he leans forward, pressing Mickie's legs back
towards her head, increasing the pressure on her arms, which are still
trapped under her. Tears flow from her eyes as she whimpers around Joey's
dick, not realizing the whimpers are sending pleasuring sensations down the
length of his thick shaft which is buried to the hilt in her mouth. She's
sucked dick before, but never in this position, against her will, and never
one as thick as Joey's. Usually, she ends up with a thin one. Mickie feels
herself gag around Joey's dick as he drives it deeper, his balls rubbing
against her forehead, his weight pushing her down. Combining with the weight
of Johnny, which is pressing down on her as well, her arms are trapped
underneath 512 pounds of combined weight.

[Authors Note: The weight was reached by adding the listed weights of Mickie,
Johnny, and Joey.]

"Oh yeah boys, fuck the little whore like she deserves to be fucked." Melina
coo's at them. This causes Johnny to increase the speed of his thrusts as he
drives further into Mickie's pussy, which, despite her wishes, is getting
wetter as the natural human reaction to the stimulating she's feeling between
her legs. Suddenly Joey pulls out of the woman's throat, is thick dick
resting against her mouth.

"Johnny dude, let's change this up. Lay down, dude." Joey says, and Johnny
reluctantly pulls out of the woman's pussy, his cock leaving the warm
enclosure into the cool air. He lays down, his dick sticking straight up.
Mickie doesn't move, doesn't make a sound. She doesn't want to be hit again.
Joey grabs her underneath her arms and lifts her up.

"How would you like to tap this ass she's got, Johnny?" Melina says, grinning
at Johnny, who didn't want to leave her pussy.

"I suppose I can do that." Johnny grins back, holding his cock, looking up at
Joey. "Lower that ass to my dick, fool."

Joey shakes his head, laughing softly as he moves Mickie back. Mickie's face
is full of fear. "Please, please no. Not my ass, please."

Her pleas fall on deaf ears as Joey uses his legs to push hers out so she
begins to fall. Johnny reaches up and catches her by her hips, and slowly
lowers her. His dick brushes against her pussy, and he sighs, as he uses a
hand to slide his dick back. The swollen head brushes against her puckered
bowel entrance. "No, not there. Please no. God no."

She continues to plead as Johnny lowers her down, his dick spearing her ass,
lubricated by the juice on his dick from her pussy. Her ass is tight, and
doesn't want to let his dick in, but he continues to pull her down. She
catches her breath, and shuts her eyes tightly, gritting her teeth. She
doesn't want to scream for fear she might get kicked again. But it hurts.
The swollen head finally pushes into her rectum, and she sighs softly. That's
the most painful part. She remembers that. He keeps pulling her down, slowly.
She can feel the veins in his cock throb against her rectal walls. Suddenly
she's pushed back, her back laying against Johnny's chest. Suddenly her pussy
is stretched as Joey's fat dick begins to slide into her pussy. She grunts as
Melina watches on with glee.

"That's it boys, double stuff this little whore." They begin an airport style
thrust routine. Joey thrusts in as Johnny pulls out, and when Joey pulls out,
Johnny pushes in. Mickie, who's never had a threesome to begin with, doesn't
know what to make of this situation. She doesn't want to get turned on, she's
getting raped. They're fucking her against her will, but she can't help but

"The little whore likes it." Melina mocks as Joey and Johnny speed up their
thrusts, and change their routine. They pull in and out at the same time,
their cocks driving in and out. Mickie clinches her eyes as her insides
clamp down. Her juice begins to pour out as she's forced to an unwanted and
unwilling orgasm. The tightening of her insides causes both men to groan as
their balls tighten. Both men bury themselves to the hilt inside her. They
each let out large moans as they begin to release their white cream deep into
her extremities. They pull out, and grin, giving each other high fives as
they get dressed. The now dressed Melina looks down at the sobbing Mickie

"Don't fuck with us again, you little whore. Or next time, you're not going
to know what hit you." Melina snarls at her with a delvish grin.

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