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This fictional story contains graphic sexual situations,
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By Wonder Mike

Tylene Buck AKA Major Gunns was nervous about joining the Xtreme
Professional Wrestling organization, she started her career as a fitness
model, but she found out that wrestling paid a lot more.

She had been out of work since WCW folded, she was waiting for them to
start up under new management when she got the call from Rob Black, the CEO
of XPW.

Tylene had never been around porn starts before, but she was a big fan of
Rob's work with Extreme Associates, she had thought about going into porn if
this wrestling thing didn't work out.

She was still nervous though, it was one thing watching Lizzie Borden and
Jessica Darling on video, it was entirely different meeting them in person,
Jessica was much smaller than Tylene thought.

Rob went over Tylene's roll in her first show, Lizzie would go to the
ring and call her out, they would have a short push and shove match, setting
up her second appearance, it sounded good to Tylene, it was more than she
got to do in WCW.

The first show went smoothly for Tylene, she met with Rob and Lizzie to
set up the second show, they told her they would have a match, Tylene had
wrestled a couple of times before, she was fit and ready.

The night of the show Lizzie told Tylene they had something different
planned, the Tylene had gotten a good reception her first show, but the over
all show had gotten bad grades due to a couple of major no shows, this was
their largest audience ever, Lizzie wanted to give them something special.

Lizzie told Tylene they would do a spanking angle, Tylene loved to be
spanked, she couldn't wait, they both knew it would be great.

The intermission ended, it was time for the Tylene, Lizzie confrontation,
Lizzie hit the ring.

Lizzie was wearing a short jean skirt, with a white thin shirt, open to
her navel, she didn't need a bra.

Lizzie: A bitch from WCW is here tonight, I ran off all the other bitches in
XPW, Major Gunns is just another snaky ho, get your ass out here bitch.

Tylene came out in her trademark bikini top with cut off jeans one size
too small, she circled the ring giving high five's to the front row, she
slowly climbed into the ring.

Lizzie: I am going to make this short and sweet, you can be my bitch, or you
can get your ass kicked.

Tylene slowly moved toward her, Lizzie backed up and fell back to the
corner of the ring, Kronus and Krac hit the ring just as planned.

Kronus grabbed Tylene from behind to a chorus of boos, Lizzie hopped up
and slapped Tylene across the face, Tylene spit in her face, Lizzie scooped
up the spit and dripped it back in Tylene's mouth, she slapped her again.

Lizzie ordered Krac to pull down Tylene's shorts, he ripped them all the
way off, Tylene was now in her thong underwear, Tylene felt free once she got
out of those tight jeans.

Kronus bent Tylene over Lizzie stood behind her and grabbed her ass,
Tylene looked back at her, Lizzie whacked her on the ass, Tylene let out a
grunt, Lizzie grabbed her by the hair and whacked her ass again.

Lizzie: Tell me you like it bitch.

Tylene: Fuck you.

Lizzie whacked her ass again.

Lizzie: Tell me you want to be my bitch.

Tylene: Fuck you bitch.

Lizzie stood in front of Tylene and yanked her hair again, she lifted her
head up and rubbed Tylene's face against her tits.

Lizzie: Suck them bitch.

Tylene didn't know what was going on, Lizzie leaned over and whacked her
harder on the ass.

Lizzie: I said suck them bitch.

Lizzie then slapped Tylene across the face, she rubbed her tits back and
forth across Tylene's face, Krac then reared back and slapped her ass hard
as he could across the ass, the crowd went wild when Tylene stuck out her

This wasn't in the script and Tylene didn't know what was going on, she
licked Lizzie's chest between her breast, Lizzie shook them from side to

Krac began slapping her ass harder and harder, Lizzie reached down and
started to rub Tylene's tits.

Tylene knew that this was hard core wrestling, but she didn't expect this,
it felt good though, Lizzie spit in her face, then rubbed it in.

Krac untied Tylene's bikini top, she tried to grab it, but Kronus had her
arms pinned back, the arena erupted as her tits fell free.

Tylene had always wanted to expose herself in front of a large crowd, she
was afraid it would keep her out of the new WCW though, they couldn't blame
her for this though.

Lizzie began to twist her nipples, Tylene moaned, Lizzie grabbed the
microphone, she held it in front of Tylene and pinched her nipples again.

Tylene's moaned echoed throughout the great western forum, the crowd went
completely silent, Krac was still slapping her ass.

The Black Army dragged Tylene to the ring apron, they wanted everybody to
get a close up of those Major Gunns, Lizzie slapped Tylene's tits and made
them bounce up and down as they dragged her around the ring.

The crowd began to chant, they all wanted them to come to their corner of
the ring, the army dragged her from corner to corner until they found the
loudest one, that's where they set up camp.

They bent Tylene over, her ass hanging through the ring ropes, Lizzie
slapped her across the face.

Lizzie: Wiggle your ass for my fans.

The fans where on their feet as Tylene began to sway from side to side,
Krac slapped her ass again.

Rob Black came to ringside, he threw a chair into the ring, Lizzie sat

Lizzie: Now that you've gotten your ass kicked, you are going to be my bitch
aren't you?

She grabbed Tylene by the hair and pulled her to the chair.

Tylene: Yes, Ma'am, I am your bitch.

Lizzie: I want a lap dance, and I want it now bitch.

Tylene stood up, she looked into Lizzie's eyes, then she sat on her lap,
Lizzie grabbed her by the breast.

Tylene wiggled from side to side, she was grinding her ass just above
Lizzie's knees, Lizzie grabbed her by the nipples and lifted her tits up and

The crowd clapped in time with Tylene's bouncing breast, Lizzie shook them
faster and faster, she then shoved her hand down the front of Tylene's thong.

Tylene jumped as Lizzie's finger found her clit, the audience screamed as
one, then fell completely silent, Lizzie began sliding her finger up and

Kronus held the microphone in front of Tylene, she was moaning now, Lizzie
slid her fingers faster and faster.

Krac grabbed Tylene's thong and ripped it off, she was completely naked
now, Kronus spread her legs apart with his feet, Lizzie shoved a finger
inside of her.

Tylene felt a wave come over her, Lizzie had magic fingers, she slipped a
second one inside of Tylene, Tylene spread her legs further apart, Lizzie
slipped a third finger inside of her.

Lizzie pumped her finger deep and hard inside of Tylene, her scream echoed
throughout the arena as she came hard and fast, she got a standing ovation.
All the other wrestlers where standing in the walkway, this was going to make
XPW a major player in the world of pro wrestling.

Tylene began to slump over, Lizzie pulled her up by the nipples, she
pulled her all the way back so she was sitting squarely on her lap.

Lizzie: Your not done yet bitch.

Tylene leaned back against Lizzie huge breast, she then felt something
poking at her ass.

Tylene reached into the slit on Lizzie's skirt, she felt a fat cock, she
looked back at her.

Lizzie unhooked her skirt and twirled it off, she was wearing a twelve
inch strap on, she shoved four fingers into Tylene's box and said "Ride me."

Lizzie grabbed Tylene by the nipples again and lifted her up, Tylene rose
and sat down on the dildo.

Tylene slowly began to lower herself, Lizzie thrusted up as Kronus pushed
down on Tylene, the entire cock was rammed inside of her.

Tylene squealed, Lizzie began to thrust up into her, she pumped her cock
hard and deep with each stroke, Tylene screamed into the microphone everytime
she was penetrated.

Tylene began to bounce up and down on Lizzie, Krac began to squeeze her
tits, Tylene was cumming again.

Kronus reached into his tights, he pulled out a ten inch cucumber, he ran
around the ring apron waving it at the crowd, he ran to Tylene and began to
work it into her pussy.

Tylene screamed louder, her pussy had never been double penetrated before,
she was reading the dildo and the cucumber though, she was slamming up and
down on them.

Krac was getting tired of just holding the mike, he wanted some action, he
reached into his tights and pulled out his twelve inch cock.

Tylene loved back cock more than anything, she quickly grabbed Krac by the
cock and began shoving it down her throat, Lizzie pumped her dildo harder
into Tylene's cunt, Kronus rammed his cucumber with both hands.

Krac grabbed two handfuls of Tylene's hair, he shoved his cock all the way
down her throat until she began to gag, he pumped his cock in and out of her

The crowd began to chant "suck his cock" "suck his cock" Tylene worked her
head up and down.

Krac pulled his fat cock out of her mouth and slapped her across the face
with it, Tylene begged for it again, Lizzie was sucking on Tylene's nipples,
Tylene was cumming again, Krac shoved his cock all the way down her throat

Tylene began to gag again, Krac gave her relief by pulling his cock out
again, he climbed on her back, her pussy was full though, Kronus rammed the
cucumber all the way into her cunt.

Krac began to rub his fat cock on Tylene's asshole, she was cumming again
and didn't notice until Krac shoved his cock into the tight hole.

Tylene went into convulsions as the cock entered her ass, Lizzie and
Krac hugged penetrating Tylene deeper, Krac slammed all twelve inches into
Tylene's ass.

Lizzie and Krac matched thrusts into the sandwiched Buck, there was no
room for Kronus to work the cucumber as it was buried all the way inside of
Tylene, he stood on the chair in front of Tylene, he whipped out his rock
hard ten inch cock and shoved it down her throat.

Kronus pumped his cock all the way down her throat, Lizzie and Tylene both
stroke it, Kronus began to shake, he was going to blow.

Lizzie jerked the cock out of Tylene's mouth, she shoved it into his own
mouth, just in time to catch the first stream of cum on her tongue, she
filled her mouth with his seed as her husband looked on approvingly.

Krac yanked his cock out of Tylene's ass, he ran around the chair and laid
his cock on Lizzie's tongue, Lizzie caught his seed in her mouth too.

Lizzie's mouth was overflowing with cum, she stood up, Tylene fell to the
floor and curled up into a ball, Lizzie grabbed her by the hair and lifted
her head up.

Lizzie kissed Tylene, shoving her tongue down her throat, she let Tylene
drop to the floor, the cum spilled out of Tylene's mouth onto the mat.

Kronus lifted Tylene over his shoulder and took her over the railing, he
handed her limp naked body to the fans in the first row, they passed her
through the arena, giving everyone in the floor section a free feel for

Rob and Lizzie grabbed the mike and screamed, "WELCOME TO XPW!!!"


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