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Making Stephanie Sweat
by Jason

"One... two... URGGGHHHH," Stephanie snapped at me, "this weight is too
much! Drop it down to 15 pounds, that's all I want to bench.... HURRY

Stephanie had been yelling for the past twenty minutes and she hadn't even
done one warm up set on the bench press. My goal was to whip her into shape,
but she had no discipline at all. As I changed her bench press weight to a
very pathetic FIFTEEN pounds, she laid back and began to awkwardly pump out
3 or 4 reps, then stopped.

"GOSH! This is too MUCH," she snapped as she made her way over to the
stair master machine.

I watched her fat dimpled butt shift back and forth in her black spandex
pants as she walked through my own personal gym. I have trained many famous
people, but Stephanie had to be the most snobbish and annoying, by far. As I
cleared the weight from the bench press station, I heard her shrill voice
once again.


I had never spotted any one on the spot-free stair master, LET ALONE
helped any one get on it, but I figured she didn't know what the hell she was
doing. I jogged over and pushed "start" for her and told her to put both feet
on the pedals and start walking.

"I know! Gosh... jerk," she said as her cellulite started to jiggle with
the machine set to Level One.

As stuck up as Stephanie is, I must say her annoying nature was getting me
hard. I just wanted to fuck her to shut her up.

Ten seconds into the aerobic work, I saw her legs get weak and she was
really sweating. She probably had never worked out a day in her life, or done
anything for herself for that matter. I was glad we were the only ones in my
gym because my dick began to harden as I watched her lazy fat ass wiggle in
those spandex.

She pushed 'stop' on the machine and took a minute to breathe. I knew she
didn't have an excuse for being so exhausted, so I just grinned and waited
for her to talk.

"Let's...(gasp)..(gasp) ... let's try the bench press again... (gasp)..."
she mumbled as she went back to the bench.

I had to fuck her. That would surely burn the fat from her ass. As she
slowly went back to the bench press, I thought of a million different ways I
could do this, but I settled on one.

Steph layed on her back, her huge tits pushing through her tight t-shirt
and her ponytail was coming undone. I put her 15 pound back on the bench
press and lowered it down to her.

"Ugh... one... t-t-two... thhhhh... HEY!"

I left her holding the bar by herself and grabbed a spare pulley cable
from the lat tower machine. In one swift motion, I tied her ankles to the
bench and then took the weight from her. Before she could sit up, I tied her
hands behind her back and under the bottom of the bench. She was bound and

"Hey! Hey! Stop... just..." she pleaded as I sat facing her on her chubby
belly with my dick poking through my workout pants. I lifted her shirt to
reveal her sweaty black bra. She wiggled a bit, replacing her words with
little "nnnno... nnnnoooo..." noises and whines.

I groped her stomach and breasts, feeling her up and messing with her bra.
Finally the bra unsnapped in the front and her huge D cups SPRUNG open. The
wetness of her sweat and the cool air on the gym mixed, making her large
plump nipples turn dark and perky almost instantly. I moved her shirt up over
her head and took her left nipple in my mouth. I sucked the salty wet titty
as I rubbed the other one, then switched back and forth. I started to lick
the nips over and over again as her stomach rubbed on my cock thru my shorts.
I alternated between gently biting and sucking her nipples.

"Ready to fuck away all your calories Steph?"

She didn't respond immediately and I assumed she must be hating this. I
sucked her titties harder as I dry humped her stomach through my pants. Since
her hands were bound under the bench, I decided to undo her legs. She only
struggled a little, barely putting up a fight. I pulled her sneakers off,
then her socks. Her legs flew around a bit and her bare feet pushed on my
stomach, chest, and even my cock a few times, which actually felt good. Her
warm foot bottom landed on my dick and her toes wiggled on it. I put my
fingers in the waist band of her spandex, yanked them down to her ankles and
pulled them off. I reached for her black panties and I could have swore that
she lifted her hips up to help me in getting them off her sweaty body.

I held her legs open just enough to see her pussy wide open for my eyes
to see. Then I put my face to her pussy before she could close her legs.
Stephanie's legs wrapped around my head and I started to lick her pussy slit
to get it nice and wet. I licked the tender folds of her shaved cunt for a
minute or so, then licked my own fingers. She was moving, but it was hard to
tell if she was protesting or enjoying this all. I put my wet fingers between
her legs, and at the same time, I slid my index finger in her pussy and my
middle finger up her butt.

"Ahhhhh!!!!!" was all she said before returning to her whining and panting

I fingered both holes at once as I moveed up and started to suck her big
tits again. I noticed she wasn't protesting and I pasued to look up at her.
Her mouth was open slightly with her eyes closed as she breathed heavy gasps.
She looked down and made eye contact.

"(gasp).... (gasp).... don't... don't stop! Keep going!" Stephanie panted
and urged me on. She was really horny now.

"So Steph... ready to fuck away all of your fat calories?"

"YES!" she gasped.

Her holes were seeking more of my finger.

"Let me hear it Steph baby!"

"PLEASE FUCK ME! I NEED YOUR COCK!!" she yelled, sounding almost like a

"WHAT DID YOU SAY" I teased.

"FUCK ME!!! I NEED YOUR COCK, FUCK MY HOLES" she screamed, rolling her
head back and forth, still wanting more of my finger.

"NO!" I screamed. I stopped everything and sat up, looking down at the
naked diva. Her eyes began to tear up with water a bit and she started


I paused and looked into her horny eyes. I began to undress quickly. "YES,

I stood over her face and she opened her mouth like she was at the doctor,
even saying "Aaaaaaah" and sticking out her tongue. I put my dick on her
tongue and her lips engulfed it as she began to suck away on it. She sucked
me like a pro! Her cheeks puckered around my dick and her tongue was
everywhere. I continued to finger her pussy and play with her titties making
her hum on my cock. My dick shot down her throat in and out very quickly. She
didn't even gag.

I pulled out of her moutth and left her tied up still. I moved between her
legs. Throwing her legs over my shoulders, I rammed my cock into her tight
wet pussy and started to fuck the hell out of her.

"AHHHH.... YEAH....That's it... give it to me! UH I need it REALLY BAD!!

She put her feet on my chest and lifted her hips so I could fuck her nice
and deep. I watched her big titties jiggle up and down as she started to

"Uhnnn! Uhhh! Yeah... like... that... UHH!!! Ohhhh! OH! OH!" Stephanie was
very horny and screaming about it.

I turned her on her side a little, making sure she didn't fall off the
narrow bench. I didn't even miss a beat as I fucked her at a different angle.
From her side, I got my first good view of her big pale ass and I took the
liberty of rubbing and pinching it as I fucked her. Her pussy was so wet and
so tight that I could hear my cock squishing in and out of it as she moaned.
"Ahhh! Ahhh! Ohhh just like that!!! Harder! AHHH YEAH!!! Uhhhh! Uhhh!

I was so fixated on her big booty that I turned her even more and fucked
her with her ass up in the air. I massaged her pale globes like dough,
stopping occasionally to spank the billion dollar princess' big butt. Her fat
jiggled a lot, but I realized it was not so much FAT, just a really BIG and
WIDE booty.

I rammed her good and hard until I noticed her butt hole was still wet
from my earlier fingering of it. I pulled out and stuck half of my cock
straight up her puckered anus before she even knew what hit her. "AHHHHH! MY
BUTT!!! MMMMMM FUCK MY BUTT!!!!" Steph cried out.

Push in a little, pull out a little, push n more... over and over again.
Her asshole tightened around me and I fucked her harder! She started to
diddle her clit and finger her own pussy. I used one hand to guide my cock
in and out, while my other hand rubbed her breasts then back and butt, all
over. Her skin was so warm and I have wanted to fondle and fuck her for a
long time. With her fingers, she began to tickle my nuts, begging me to cum
in her ass.

"FUCK ME, FUCK MY ASS, CUM UP MY BUTT BABY, YEAH" she yelled, her hands
a blur on my nuts and on her own pussy. She started to whimper again, talking
lower and with less energy.

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh....deeper, shove it deeper! Right up my butt... ahhhhh
ahhhhh.... cum up my ass!"

That was all I could handle. I grabbed her around the waist, hugging her
as I fucked her, and squirted a gallon of cum right up her ass. She wiggled
around on my dick, but I just held her nice and tight as my cock twitched and
jerked up her butt. Slowly my cock shriveled to regualr size and plopped out
of Stephanie's butt. There was silence for a few mnutes once I untied her. We
both just kinda grinned and got dressed, not knowing what to say. As she
fixed her ponytail and stood up she headed for the showers. I watched her ass
again and she looked back and saw me. "Same time tomorrow?" she asked with a
huge smile. "Yeah.... tomorrow we work on the squat machine!"

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