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READ THIS FIRST!!! This story, like all of the other stories written by us,
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we can. The Supreme Court of the United States has ruled that parodies
involving famous people are perfectly and totally legal under the United
States Constitution (ruling occurred as a result of the case "Hustler
Magazine, Inc et al vs. Jerry Falwell" in 1988).

Basically what we are saying THIS IS FICTON, it is not true, didn't happened
and there's a good chance it won't ever happen!

Now... Kristi and Dice present:

Maliciously Endeavored
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

As the Divas Summertime Beach Battle Royal continues during the June 25, 2012
live broadcast of Monday Night RAW, from the Memorial Coliseum in Fort Wayne,
Indiana, the malicious Maxine, who spent the past several months on NXT
Redemption tormenting the likes of AJ, Kaitlyn, Hornswoggle, Derrick Bateman,
NXT host Matt Striker and NXT Match Coordinator William Regal, makes her way
to the backstage area after being eliminated from the battle royal.

Maxine, dressed in a two-piece yellow bikini, places her hands onto her hips
and presses her lips together before she shakes her head with frustration.
"This is such bullshit!" Maxine says as she removes her hands from her hips
and crosses her arms against her chest as she storms down the hallway that
leads to the arena offices.

"This is completely unfair!" Maxine says with her teeth gritted together as
she walks down the hallway. "I looked the best out there...everyone knows it!
Hell I should be the winner of the stupid battle that obnoxious
litte brat AJ will win and she'll going skipping along to CM Punk or Daniel
Bryan or whoever else she has a crush on this week!" Maxine rants to herself

"It's time that I take matters into my own hands!" Maxine says before she
approaches the door of the WWE's Chief Operating Officer, Triple H, "I was
the star of NXT and I deserve much more!" Maxine continues on with her
personal rant before takes a deep breath to calm herself down and then
proceeds to knock on the closed door of Triple H's office.

After a few moments, Triple H, wearing gray slacks and a white button shirt,
opens the office door and looks at Maxine, "Yes?"

Maxine presses her lips together and crosses her arms against her chest. "We
need to talk..."

"Alright... I'll set aside to talk to you at tomorrow's SmackDown tapings..."
Triple H begins to say.

Maxine raises an eyebrow and looks at Triple H "Tomorrow?"

"Yes tomorrow... I'm busy with other matters at the moment..." Triple H says
as he looks down at Maxine.

Maxine narrows her eyes slightly and glares at Triple H. "Well I'm free right

"Ok... let me explain something... I'm the COO of the WWE... meaning unlike
some other people, I actually do my job, and I can not drop everything when
someone wants to chit-chat..." Triple H says.

Maxine tilts her head back and starts to laugh, while flicking her tongue
against her teeth.

"Something funny?" Triple H asks.

Maxine nods her head and smirks "Yeah actually...because that would be true
if you weren't so focused on your ego and trying to fight Brock Lesnar, and
then maybe you would actually be doing your job as the COO..."

Triple H narrows his eyes, "Get in here..." Triple H says as he steps back to
let Maxine enter his office.

"Alright..."Maxine replies, shrugging her shoulders and arrogantly steps into
the office of Triple H.

After closing the door, Triple H turns his full attention to Maxine, "Alright
Max... what the hell is your problem?"

Maxine rolls her eyes and sighs "I think it's pretty clear..."

"If that's true then you'd be setting about fixing your problems yourself, so
if you're not going to say what brings you to my office, then I invite you to
get out..." Triple H says.

Maxine presses her lips together and places her hands onto her hips. "I'm
tired of being overlooked!" Maxine says in a harsher tone. "I was the star of
NXT Redemption...I was the reason people watched that train wreck!"

Triple H folds his arms, "Actually between your 'talent' or lack their off
and Michael Cole's commentary during the first three seasons... it's why we
couldn't get any network in the United States to put NXT on the air for it's

"Oh yeah? Well I'm worth much more than sitting on the sidelines!" Maxine
snaps back.

"Not really..." Triple H says, "In the past year on NXT you spent more time
scheming ways to get to RAW or SmackDown with Derrick Bateman and then Johnny
Curtis... you have been such a pain in the ass that William Regal actually
had to handcuff you and Curtis together to keep you under control... and you
still haven't improved in the ring..."

"That's not true..." Maxine says with a shake of her head. "I'm much better
than that bimbo Kaitlyn or that little brat AJ."

"If that was actually true... you would have actually been on RAW or
SmackDown as a regular..." Triple H replies.

Maxine narrows her eyes and glares at Triple H. "I deserve more..."

"Well you're going to have to earn it... just like everyone else..." Triple H

Maxine laughs a bit "Oh really? Let me guess what I have to do..." Maxine
says as she steps closer to Triple H. "I bet the same way that AJ and Kaitlyn
got on RAW and SmackDown..."

Triple H smirks, "Kaitlyn won NXT and AJ wasn't caught making out with
Hornswoggle... so good luck with that..." Triple H says jokingly.

"I bet they..." Maxine pauses and slyly smirks. "Played the Game..." Maxine
says and raises an eyebrow. "If that's what it takes...I can do that..."
Maxine says as she boldly starts to unbutton Triple H's shirt.

"You won't be the first to play the game..." Triple H says as he lets Maxine
unbutton his shirt, exposing his muscular chest, "But if you do not impress
me you'll be given two choices...."

"You won't need to worry about being not impressed..." Maxine says as she
raises her hands and starts to push his shirt from his shoulders.

"Alright then... impress me..." Triple H says as he slides his arms out of
the sleeves of his shirt.

Maxine licks her teeth and looks her malicious eyes with Triple H before she
lowers down onto her knees and starts to unbuckle his belt.

Triple H folds his arms as Maxine finishes unbuckling his belt before she
sets about undoing his pants. In a few moments, the attention seeking NXT
Diva pulls down Triple H's pants, freeing his cock that is quite larger than
the ones of the NXT Superstars she has been with.

Maxine raises an eyebrow and slyly smirks up at Triple H before she wraps her
left hand around his cock and begins to start stroking his cock, feeling him
become firmer.

Triple H nods his head as he watches Maxine stroke his cock with her left

Maxine leans her head forward and drags her wet tongue against his large
shaft, while placing her hand at the base of his cock.

"Mmmm..." Triple H moans as Maxine slides her tongue over and around the head
of his cock.

"Mmmmmmmmm...." Maxine wickedly moans as she circles her tongue around the
large head of his cock and proceeds to open her mouth, guiding him inside.

"Mmmm..." Triple H lets out another moan as Maxine wraps her often described
'fish lips' around his very thick cock.

"Mmmmmmmm...mmmmm..." Maxine moans and begins to swiftly bob her head on
Triple H's cock, with her malicious lips down his shaft.

Triple H unfolds his arms and places them on his waist as Maxine briskly bobs
her head on his huge cock.

Maxine looks up at him with maliciously seductive eyes as she bobs her head
back and forth to take him deeper into her manipulative mouth.

"That's it? Ahhh.... That all you can handle?" Triple H asks with a moan as
Maxine takes well over half of his cock into her mouth each time she lowers
her head.

Maxine places her hands onto Triple H's muscular and tanned waist as she
starts to rapidly and briskly bob her head.

"Ahhh..." Triple H groans as Maxine swiftly bobs her head on his cock, making
up for the fact she's not coming remotely close to deep throating him.

"Mmmmmmmmm...mmmmmm! Mmmmmmmmm!" Maxine moans as her saliva drips down on his
cock, with her lips briskly moving back and forth.

"Ahhhh..." Triple H moans as Maxine tilts her head from side to side, working
her lips against his cock as she sucks on it eagerly.

"Mmmmmmmmmm...mmmmmmm...mmmmmmmm..." Maxine moans as she bobs her head back
and forth, lower slightly deeper, but still unable to deep throat him.

"Ahhh is that all you can do?" Triple H asks with a groan while sounding not

Maxine lifts her head off of Triple H's cock and narrows her eyes. "Of course
I can do more!" Maxine snaps.

"Alright show me..." Triple H replies as Maxine proceeds to remove her yellow
bikini top.

Maxine raises an eyebrow and smirks as she stands up from the floor with her
nicely rounded and tanned tits exposed, while she proceeds to lower her
yellow bikini bottoms.

"Hmmm..." Triple H licks his lips slightly as he checks out that now naked
Hispanic Diva.

Maxine smirks and nods her head "Not only do I have more talent, but my much
more attractive than Kaitlyn or AJ..."

"I hear a lot of talking..." Triple H says as he moves to sit down in his
office chair.

Maxine presses her malicious lips together and moves to straddle Triple H's
lap as he sits in the chair, lowering herself down onto his cock and feels
him sliding deeply up into her pussy.

"Mmm..." Triple H groans and smirks as Maxine pauses when half of his cock is
in her pussy before she begins to rock on it.

"Mmmmmmmmm fuck...." Maxine groans as she places her hands onto his muscular
chest and begins to rock forward on his cock.

"Ahhh..." Triple H groans as Maxine rocks back on his cock before moving
forward again, despite not taking his shaft completely into her tight cunt.
Triple H then grabs Maxine by her hips and sharply thrusts his cock up into
her pussy.

"Mmmmmmmm...ohhhhhh...ohhhhhhh!" Maxine moans and licks her lips as she moves
on his cock, feeling him ramming deeper into her snatch.

"Come on... show me what you got..." Triple H says as he thrusts his cock
firmly and repeatedly up into Maxine's pussy.

Maxine grits her teeth and sharply rocks forward on his cock. "Ohhhhhhhh
yeah! Ohhhhhhh!" Maxine moans and grinds back on his cock.

"Ahhhh Is that it?" Triple H asks with groans as Maxine rocks and grinds on
his upward thrusting cock while the WWE's COO changes his pace and force
every few moments to make it as hard as possible for Maxine to gain any real

"Mmmmmmmm...ohhhhhhh fuck..." Maxine moans and bounces against his cock.

"You're pretty useless... ahhhh... aren't you?" Triple H asks with a groan,
"All that time on NXT and you still haven't... mmmmm learned to ride a cock
properly..." Triple H adds as Maxine is bouncing on his cock as a result of
his stiff upward thrusts instead of her own pace.

"! Ahhhhhhh! I'm the best!" Maxine moans and tilts her head back
as she moves on his cock.

"Ahhhh... mmmm... you're not backing that claim up..." Triple H replies with
a grunt as he rams his cock all the way up into Maxine's snatch.

"Mmmmmmm...yes I am!" Maxine moans and lowers herself down swiftly, before
Triple H firmly rams up into her pussy.

"Mmmmm you bitch about Kaitlyn and AJ... when you're not even in Aksana's
league..." Triple H groans as he proceeds to lift Maxine off of his cock,
"And she's worthless in the ring..." Triple H adds as he stands up and
proceeds to bend Maxine over his desk. "You want to be a Diva on RAW or
SmackDown then you better be able to..." Triple H pauses as he rams his cock
into Maxine's pussy with so much force he actually causes the desk to move
before he finishes his sentence, "To fucking prove it!"

Maxine grits her teeth and turns her head back to look at Triple H over her
shoulder. "I...mmmmmmmm fuck...always prove it!"

"Ahhhh... doesn't look like it to me..." Triple H replies with a grunts as he
proceeds to roughly thrusts his cock in and out of Maxine's snatch. Despite
not being as active with the Divas in recent times, The Game shows Maxine
what a top level WWE Superstar expects from a WWE Diva with her attitude and

"Mmmmmmm...ohhhhhhh! Ohhhhhhhhh!" Maxine moans as she rocks forward against
the desk with her ass smacking against his muscular waist as he pounds his
sledge hammer-like cock into her pussy.

"Ahhhh... this is how you get the fuck off of NXT... by giving your all not
just in the ring... but to the locker room... and you don't do either!"
Triple H grunts as he slams his cock balls deep into Maxine's twat.

Maxine grits her teeth and shakes her head. "No! That's not...ahhhhhh true!
The locker room loves me! They fuckin' love me!"

"Ahhh awww... do you forget we got cameras all over the arena?" Triple H asks
with a grunt, "Not once... ahhh did anyone see you try and get into the good
graces... mmmmm of a member of the SmackDown roster... if you had a brain you
would've been fucking and sucking everyone on that brand after every NXT
taping until someone pushed for you to be on the roster!" Triple H grunts as
he speaks firmly to Maxine as he hammers her pussy relentlessly.

"Mmmmmmm...maybe...ahhhhhh I just have...ahhhhh too much class for that!"
Maxine replies with a moan.

"Mmmm this is the fucking WWE... class stops at the fucking door before every
show..." The Game grunts his reply, "You don't pay your dues... you don't
move up... it's that simple!" Triple H adds as again rams his cock deeply
into Maxine's twat.

Maxine moves on her feet with her maliciously hot ass smacking against his
muscular waist, with him pulling her back and ramming deeply into her.

"And you... ahhh... know what pisses me off... you have the nerve to come in
here... and waste my fucking time with this shit..." Triple H groans as he
pulls his large cock out of Maxine's pussy so that he can to force it into
her asshole.

"Mmmmmmmm...ohhhhhh fuck!" Maxine moans and tosses her hair back as she feels
his large cock stretching her ass before he begins to pump into her.

Triple H gives Maxine no chance to push back against him as he plows his cock
in and out of her asshole, forcing her to take an ass fucking that is beyond
anything she has experienced during her time on NXT.

Mmmmmmmm...ohhhhhhhhhh fuck!" Maxine screams loudly and arches slightly as
she feels Triple H's cock slamming into her ass with authority.

"Mmmmm..." Triple H groans as his waist and balls crash against Maxine's ass
with every one of his powerful thrusts into her asshole as Maxine smacks the
surface of the desk with her hands as if she was tapping out.

"Ohhhhhhhhh! Ohhhhhhh fuck! Ohhhhhhh!" Maxine moans as her face and body
drips with sweat.

"Ahhh I'm going to give you two fucking choices when I'm done..." Triple H
grunts as his huge cock begins to throb slightly as he continues to
relentless assault on Maxine's ass.

Maxine turns her head and slyly looks back at Triple with a smirk. "Let me your personal...ahhhhh fuck that...
mmmmmm...your wife's body...mmmmm is all trashed after popping out three

Triple H doesn't reply to Maxine's question as he pulls his cock out of her
stretched out asshole. Grabbing one of her arms, Triple H jerks Maxine away
from the desk and spins her around while sending her down to kneel on the
floor before he begins to stroke his cock.

Maxine narrows her eyes and slyly looks up at Triple H as she watches him
stroke his rock hard and throbbing cock.

"Ahhhh..." Triple H lets out a loud grunt as he begins to cum and the NXT
Diva is stunned at how much spunk The Game is able to shoot as her face is
almost completely coated.

Maxine opens her mouth and manages to catch some of the dripping cum with her
mouth and happily swallows it.

It takes several moments for Triple H to finish cumming and once he's spent
he grabs a tissue box from his desk and drops to down to Maxine. "Now... for
those two choices..." Triple H says as he narrows his eyes as he looks down
at Maxine as she takes a tissue from the tissue box.

Maxine presses her lips together and looks up at Triple H as she wipes her
face with the tissue.

"You got a good look, but you have wasted the past two years by not paying
your dues... and we already had a Diva with your attitude problems like yours
for years and we really don't need another one like that..." Triple H says,
"So here are your choices... go down to Florida and be apart of the new
season of NXT and actually pay your dues... or, we can release you and wish
you the best in your future endeavors..."

Maxine stands up from the floor and throws her hands down, with the tissue
floating down to the floor. "Fuck that! I'm not going back to that place!"

Triple H nods his head, "Fair enough, the papers confirming your release will
be sent to your hotel room in the morning..."

Maxine opens her mouth in shock and looks at Triple H for a moment. "What!?"
Maxine snaps before she shakes her head. "" Maxine replies
and nervously laughs. "I wasn't serious...I'll...I'll ummm...go down to
Florida!" Maxine says quickly.

"I gave you a choice, you refused..." Triple H says, "I'm going to give you a
bit of advice, if you really want to make it in this business... you got to
bust your ass day in, day out. You do that, and earn a good reputation, maybe
we'll bring you back...."

Maxine rolls her eyes and steps away from the desk. "I don't need to change
my attitude..."

Triple H shrugs his shoulders, "Well then, good luck in whatever you choose
to do next..."


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