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Man Beast Saga Part Three: Welcome Back To Raw
by The David (

On March 22, 2004, he was drafted from Smackdown to Raw. It was a big night
for the former ECW World Champion, ECW Television Champion, WCW United States
Champion, and multi time WWF/WWE Hardcore Champion. It was him versus his old
rival and friend Chris Benoit. This time, it as for the World Heavyweight
Championship. He came out with his guns ablaze. He was ready to take the
World Heavyweight Title for his own, and thrust himself upon Raw's Main Event
scene. His dreams were thwarted though. He did not succeed. Now, let's go
back and time, after his battle with The Crippler.

[March 22, 2004]
He sighs heavily, walking backstage. His chiseled body is dripping with
sweat. He and Chris Benoit battled, that's for damn sure. He could've had the
title, he came oh-so-close, but the Crippler managed to survive, and keep the
title. The 5'10" powerhouse heads towards the locker room. He's ready to
change and get the hell out of the arena. But, as he's heading towards his
locker room, he stops. A woman is bent over in front of him. Her ass is big
and round, luscious. It takes all his self-control to not lunge forward and
take her, right there. His dark eyes move from her ass, down those long,
smooth legs. Those legs and ass. She taunted him with them. On her first show
for the WWE. He remembers the day clearly. He was wrestling Test, a friend of
Shane McMahon's. It was the June 14, 2001 edition of Smackdown .. She and
Shane came out. And she shook that ass in his face, and cost him the match.
She cost him the Hardcore Title. He hasn't forgiven her than transgression.
He smiles to himself.

"It's time for retribution." He mutters to himself. Miss Stacy Keibler hears
The Man Beast, and quickly straightens up, and turns her head. Her pretty
face brights up when she sees him.

"Oh hey Rhyno It's so great to have you back on Raw." She smiles happily at
him. He forces himself to smile back. He forces himself to play the role of a

"It's great to be back, Stacy. Even though I lost to Benoit, I'm feeling
good. I'm in the best shape of my career, and I'm back on the premier
brand in Sports Entertainment, and plus, I get to spend time with the most
beautiful woman in the business." He replies, his grin soft. Stacy blushes
and hides her face in her shoulder.

"Aw, stop it. I'm not the most beautiful woman in wrestling." She giggles the
words out.

Rhyno lets out a soft laugh, he has to laugh, other wise he might vomit.
"Yes, yes you are Stacy."

She lightly slaps him on the shoulder. "Well aren't you a charmer."

Rhyno laughs and throws a big arm over her shoulders and basically forces her
to walk with him. "So Stacy, I was wondering, since I'm back on Raw and all
now. What do you say you and I go get something to eat, hang out, and catch
up on old times?" He asks with feigned sweetness, just hoping to get her in
his bed.

Stacy raises a hand to brush her long blonde hair out of her face. "Well, I
don't have any plans. So, sure Let me change into something better suited
for going out. And why don't you go shower and change, then we can meet up
out back."

"Sure thing." He says and moves away from her...

[Later on that night]

Stacy's just a tad drunk. She and Rhyno went to a small local pub/bar to
drink. Alright, she's a little more than a tad drunk. She's wasted, wasted
off her ass. Rhyno actually has to help her into the hotel room, his hotel
room. This is where his plan is to begin.

"This doesn't look like my hotel room." Stacy says, her speech slurred
[Author's Note: forgive me if I can't type slurs].

Rhyno just smiles. "You don't have your key on you, Stacy, so I brought you
to mine."

She nods her head softly, as she staggers around the room. "Oh. That makes

Rhyno grins as he moves up behind her, his hand moving to touch the small of
her back. "Let's go to the bedroom, and get you to bed."

She just follows what he says, allowing herself to be guided into the
bedroom. The bed is large, a king size. "Oh, such a big bed." She grins, she
has no idea what he really has plans.

"You can't sleep in those clothes, Stacy, we need to get you out of them."
Rhyno says with a bit of a smirk, knowing Stacy isn't of sound mind enough
to say no. She just nods her heads and pulls her top over her head. She's
not one to normally wear a bra, so her bare breasts plop into plain view.
Their small compared to the rest of the divas, but Rhyno doesn't mind. She
slowly pulls her skirt down. Rhyno's standing to the side, and he smiles.
Her ass is big and round. A small white thong covers her pussy, white it's
wedged up her ass crack, splitting her globes beautifully. He lets out a
low whistle as Stacy just flops on the bed. She lands on her stomach, and
she's not aware that her ass is in the air, just staring at Rhyno.

The Man-beast begins to salivate. He feels the blood rush between his legs.
The jeans he was wearing become tight, hugging his body. Stacy doesn't see
this, and if she could, she is too drunk to realize anything. Rhyno's shirt
comes off. His upper body is thick. Powerful. Like a walking beast. His
pants drop, followed by his underwear. His dick is long, and incredibly
thick. It rests between his legs like a powerful python ready to strike,
ready to attack.

Suddenly he pounces. Her thong is ripped off, and he's in her. Hard and
fast. He holds her hips as he rams into her womanhood. It's surprisingly
wet. He grunts. She's tighter than he expected. She shrieks. "Please...
no... don't... do... ohhh... right there. Please... harder..."

Her protests turn to pleas for me. He complies. A large hand comes swinging
down, and makes a loud slap off her round booty. Her flesh shakes from the
slaps, and then from the increased force of his thrusts. Her body shakes.

"Oh God yes. Just like that. Oh. Fuck me. Please fuck me with that big dick."
The drunk diva cries out, her hands reaching out to grab the headboard. Her
fingers wrap around the wood, as Rhyno, who's mostly sober, slams harder.
His heavy testicles swing up to slap off her swollen clit, sending waves of
pleasure-filled pain through her thin body. His long hair is pasted to his
face and shoulders. His teeth are gritted. This isn't just about pleasure.
This is about dominance. This is about revenge. She might be begging for it,
but when he's done, she's going to be begging for him to stop.

His hand comes down again, slapping off her ass, an ass that he is going to
make his. His thick missile keeps driving deeper into her aching womanhood.
A womanhood that is swallowing his fat meat with every thrust, begging for
it further into her shaved honey-comb. Her eyes are shut tight. Her mouth
is hanging open, moans are the only thing escaping her lips now. She thrusts
back against him as he slams forward. Suddenly, her body tightens. And then
everything is stars. Her body begins to tremble as pleasure begins to shoot
through her body, her juices gushing, surrounding the invading member.

Rhyno smiles as his thrusts slow. Stacy's upper body is flat against the bed.
Her lower body is only being supported by Rhyno's strength. He slowly pulls
out of her pussy with an audible ‘plop'. Her ass stays raised, and Rhyno

"Payback's going to be a bitch... bitch." His words come out harshly, and
the drunk diva doesn't really understand what he's saying. Her orgasm and
the alcohol has left her mind blank. But suddenly she's brought back to
reality... a painful reality. She feels something large, incredibly large,
being forced into her almost virgin asshole.

"Ahh, no. Stop. Please." Her words come out weak and frail, the pain mixed
with the alcohol, and remnants of an orgasm have left her almost unable to
think. He thrusts in ruthlessly. Her ass splits to allow him entry. His dick
is big, too big for her ass, but he doesn't care. She screams, but he doesn't
stop. He just thrusts harder. Deeper into her ass. Her tight bowels clutch
his dick, not wanting to spread to allow him full penetration. He doesn't
let that stop him though. He just slams continuously. His thrusts don't stop.
Minutes pass, and the pain sends Stacy into a black out. The minute she
blacks out, he explodes into her ass. He pulls out, and grins.

"Damn." He lifts Stacy up and carries her out of the room. Both still naked.
He leaves his door propped open as he hits the button for the elevator. He
sits the naked Stacy Keibler on the elevator, then turns and heads back to
his room.

"Welcome back to Raw, Rhyno... Welcome back."

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