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Mania Fun
by 1GB (

"Looks like we're out of time! This is WWF Mania, I'm Stephanie Wiand..."

"And I'm Todd Pettengill, see ya next week!"

Wrapping up another taping of the Saturday morning show, the exciting duo were finished with their duties for today.

"Another good taping of the show!" Stephanie chirped, twirling in a red plaid skirt along also sporting a white shirt.

"It's so cool that I got the opportunity to host on television!"

"Yeah Stephanie, you were sure on a hype today."

Todd was also in the high spirited mood, wearing black polka dotted dress shirt and black pants.

"Anyway since were finished with the show,time for us to split."

"Wait! You know...its a little early, how about we hang out some more?"

Todd murmured a bit looking at his watch.

"You're right, it is a bit early."

* * *

As minutes passed, the two ended up having interesting conversations regarding their past times. They were quite surprised on what the host and hostess discovered.

"No way! The Romper Room? Never thought one of the guest stars is sitting right next to me!"

"And I never thought I would be hosting with one of New York's famous radio DJs!"

"Hey with your charm and enthusiasm and my sense of humor we could make things fun around here!"

"Yeah speaking of which," Stephanie paused, joining her hands almost clapping them together. "I was thinking we can have our own way of fun!"

"If it beats us just sitting here talking, then count me in!" Todd smiles.

"Alright, alright!" Steph beamed. "Um, how does getting a little physical sound?" She adds with a smirk.

"A little workout wouldn't hurt and besides, a lot of folks here do it all the time."

His comment about "getting active" surely surprised Steph.

"Whoa! Really?! Like these people have sex and stuff?"

"Actually I was thinking more of the lines of..." The main host in a state of shock for what came out of the mouth of his co-host.

"Actually you're right on that. Not that I've actually have, but not until you debuted on TV of course-!"

They awkwardly exchanged goofy glances and briefly giggled. Todd didn't expect his sidekick would do such madness to get them off television, or worse, fired. But his opportunity to be involved in such a hot and heavy session was high, now that he's got a lovely, enthusiastic partner to do it with.

Stephanie was thrilled to finally have him once again in the studio. She looked at her co-host with her beaming eyes easing his way off his chair and kneeled before her.

"Just returning the favor." Todd says. "Gonna get a taste of Stephie..."


"Just returning the favor."

Todd slid down his chair, kneeling down before Wiand, who remained seated. He took off her shoes making room for her dark tights. Hiking her skirt, he reached for her curved waist and finally the thin material and undies, pulling them down.

Stephanie keeps her eyes on his movements as he removes both bottom garments from her legs to her toes onto the floor. She then spreads her legs exposing her trimmed pussy.

Todd leans forward lapping his tongue against the slit. He flicked his tongue playing with her moist lips trailing down teasing her entrance.

"Mmmph!" Steph quietly moaned as her body shivered briefly kicking her legs.

Todd places his hands on her risen thighs pushing his tongue inside her pussy. Tasting her sweet juices drove him wild, feeling his cock twitch within his pants.

Stephanie placed a hand on top of Todd's head, begging for his tongue to thrust deeper. She was on fire, in her loins, and her quick pants showed that she would soon hit a climax. Several more movements and took her over the edge, with her juices gushed out on her co-host's handsome face.

"MMMM!" Todd groaned, taking every last drop of her girl cum. "Thanks for cumming!"

"Gosh, that felt incredible..." Stephanie says faintly before coming back to her senses.

Todd stood up lowering his pant along with his boxers. With his decent cock in hand, he takes a couple strokes before getting close to Stephanie, who's still in her vee position, aligning it with her pussy. He pushes in and out penetrating her cunt fully going deeper each second.

"Oh Todd you feel really good!" Steph lets out a moan closing her eyes.

" do you." He says as he continues pushing his pelvis forward. Stephanie rocks her body in between his swift thrusts, matching his pace, feeling herself getting hotter (and hornier).

Getting quite bored with their current position they decided to switch places, since the hostess couldn't feel her legs much longer. He made a couple more thrusts until pulling out.

"Let's have a ride together." Todd suggested as he sat on the chair his partner was sitting.

Stephanie hops on his cock grinding her pussy back and forth against his hardened cock.

"Ohh! I can't wait to ride you!"

"Then why wait?"

"You're right. Let's do this!"

She raises and grabs ahold of his cock, lines it up with her cunt, and lowered down slowly. She gasped taking the whole length inside her.

Todd made a small groan feeling his partner's wet insides tighten whenever her hips moved and bounced. He was in heaven.

"Ugh! Come on Steph!" He groaned as he grabbed her hips charged up into her wet slit.

"Oh Todd!" Stephanie gasped keeping up with her partner's sudden rough thrusts.

She leaned on Todd's shirt covered chest as she remained bouncing. She landed a small peck on his neck, then raised, to his unprepared lips. The duo deepened the kiss a little further pressing their lips and then wrestling their tongues in their lustful attraction yet.

Todd was going nuts as he kept thrusting in Stephanie's exciting tightening pussy.

"Ahh! I'm about to shoot!" Todd warned, but Stephanie didn't listen and continued to move up and down furiously with her head tilted in ecstasy.

"Shoot inside me! I don't care." She moaned.

With a loud groan moving through his mouth, he came shooting his cum inside her aching pussy.

"Ohh...your cum feels so hot in me..." She trembled as her bounces came to a halt. She wiggles before lifting herself off of her "seat".

"Well...that was fun stuff?" Stephanie smirked, gathering her bottoms and shoes.

"Yeah that was fun stuff we did." Todd said, pulling up his pants. "Maybe we could do it again, some other time, I guess."

"Yes! Let's!" She cheered.

The hosts were about to depart, going back to their personal lives outside the WWF, but Todd had another idea for today.

"Just what AM I doing?" He spurted out. "We can't possibly split without having an early lunch out first."

"Aww, you're real sweet! I'll be happy to have a great lunch with you!" She smiled.

And so the Mania host and hostess left the building, chatting themselves and joking as if they were twelve-year-old kids. But that didn't seem to stop them as a team, or else it wouldn't be any fun.


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