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The idea for this story was given to me by my good friend and partner Kristi.

Maria Joins The Chain Gang
by Dice

Maria is standing in front of the Raw Interview reading a big cue card that
is next to the camera that has the question she's supposed to ask to WWE
Champion John Cena. Maria twirls a finger around a strand of hair a few times
as she reads the cue card over and over again.

Down the hall, John has just exited from his dressing room dressed in his
Champ is Here T-shirt, jean shorts, and WWE visor. He walks to the Interview
Set and sees Maria. John smirks and shakes his head, feeling a bit sorry for
the ditzy female that she's being treated like a bit of a joke.
Unfortunately, or thankfully... The interview segment is cancelled due to the
length of the match that was happening in the ring.

Maria stamps her foot, "Oh pooh! I was going to get it right this time!"
Maria tosses down the microphone, crosses her arms and pouts. John puts a
hand on her shoulder.

"Hey now ... don't pout... You get time to study for next week." John smiles.

"I don't need to study... I got an IQ of 36." Maria happens to stick her
chest out a bit, catching John's eye.

"I bet you do," John smirks as he keeps his eyes on her chest, then he looks
at her in the face, "What you need is to be around some people, ya hear? Make
some friends so they can help you get your questions straight."

"Oh like your Gang Bang?" Maria has a deer in the head lights look about her.

John laughs a bit, "That's Chain Gang..."

Maria crosses her arms again, "Are you making fun of me?"

"No ... no ... you're just all ... wined up ... you need to go on a trip?"

"A Trip?"

"Yeah ... you need to go down on a Cena-Safari and find the Great White
Trouser Snake."

Maria raises an eyebrow, and shakes her head, "No... I don't want to go on a
trip... I want to join your Ying Yang."

John is about to say something, but waves his hand as if dismissing the
thought. And puts both hands on her shoulders, "You really want to join the
Chain Gang?" Maria nods her head excitedly. "All right ... come with me..."

John takes her hand and leads her back to his dressing. They pass Todd
Grisham and John tells him "Hey Toddy ... tell Bitch-Off that I'm going to
be busy tonight..." Todd doesn't get a chance to respond as John and Maria
enter Cena's dressing room. Cena locks the door.

Maria twirls a finger around her hair again, "So ... am I part of the Bang
Bang now?"

John laughs, "No ... not yet..." John cocks his head a bit, "Why don't you
show my that 36 IQ of yours."

Maria smiles and knows what he wants to see. She reaches behind her neck and
unties the string that's holding her top up and is slides down a bit as it
comes loose. She holds it on her body by placing her left hand on right
breast. With her free hand she tugs her top off sliding it down from her
upper body and holds it in her right hand. Maria smiles.

"Am I in now?"

John smiles, "No ... let's see what else you got."

Maria makes a pouty face, and starts to undo her garter belt, and then she
lowers her skin tight pants. She bends down and takes off her high heels.
Maria stands up, dressed only in her thong. John nods his head approvingly.

"You some the look ... but you need talent to..."

Maria smiles, "I got talent!"

John smirks, and unbuttons his Jean-shorts and lets them fall around his
ankles, "Do you know how to play the skin-flute?"

"What's a skin flute?"

John reaches into his boxers and pulls out his cock, "This is a skin-flute."
Maria sees his dick and gets a huge smile on her face.

"I can play that."

Maria kneels in front of John and takes a hold of his boxers. She pulls them
all the way down to his ankles. Maria takes a hold of his shaft with both
hands and pumps it for a few minutes before sticking her tongue out to lick
around the head of his cock. Maria opens her mouth and takes his shaft into
her mouth and bobs her head at a slow, loving pace, but soon she whores it
up, by slobbering all over his cock and even her own hands. John takes off
his visor and tosses it across the room, soon followed by his shirt.

Maria reaches up with both hands and places them on his chest as she pushes
her head further onto John's cock, taking it as deep as she can into her
mouth, but soon enough it bangs against the back of her throat and she has
to pull back. But Maria continues her attack, her head bobbing like a snake
on John's cock.

John places his hands on head to stop her, "Woah... Woah... Woah... Slow
down ... you can't play the flute like that."

Maria looks up at him, confused, "I can't?"

"Nah ... you got to let the flute play you."

Maria makes a face, "I don't get it..."

John laughs a bit and kneels down, he turns Maria around and pushes her
forward. Maria catches on and gets into the doggy-style position, John pushes
his cock into her moist pussy, and begins to fuck her at good pace. John
looks at Maria's ass as it jiggles and gets an idea. He starts spanking her
ass with both hands as he fucks her, but he spanks her in a rhythm that
closely resembles that of a high school marching bands drummer.

Maria looks back at him and smiles, "That...ooohhhhhhh.... it.... ahhhhh
yeah ... spank ... my ass..." Maria starts pushing back onto his cock and
after a while John stops spanking her and grips her hips. John gives Maria
some hard sharp thrusts. Maria reaches between her legs with one hand and
starts rubbing her pussy as John fucks her.

"AAHHHHHHHHH Fuck me!" Maria screams as she starts to cum under the combine
pressure of John's cock and her own hand. John pulls out of her tightening
pussy and slides his cock between her butt cheeks. John squeezes her
ass-cheeks together and thrust upward, using her backside to masturbate his
cock, and after some time, John blows his sizable load over her back. John
moves away as Maria reaches back with one hand and scoops some of the cum
along her fingers. She then sits up and sucks her fingers clean, and looks
at him with a wide smile.

"Am I in the Chain Gang now?"

John smiles, and has her touch his cock as it starts to get hard again.

"What do you think?"
_ _ _

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