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Author's note: This story was co-written with another author who wishes to remain anonymous.

Maria Loves Mickie's Thongs
by MTL (

Maria's POV

Another house show just about to come to an end. All that's left is the main event and the divas match
which is currently taking place right now between the current WWE Women's champion Lita vs my good
friend onscreen and off Mickie James.

Of course being the coward that she is Lita has thrown another obstacle in Mickie's way of winning the
title and tonight's stipulation is that Edge is the special guest referee.

As for me I'm on my way to the women's locker room.

I would love to watch the match between Mickie and Lita however it's obvious who is going to win partly
due to the fact that this is a house show and titles very rarely change hands at house shows also the fans
don't know this yet but Lita is planning on retiring at Survivor Series in a couple of weeks and word is she
is going to end up loosing her last match at Survivor Series for the title to Mickie who she has been
feuding with since she got the title.

While everybody hates Lita the character the person behind the character Amy Dumas is a really great
person and it's a pity that she has decided to retire so soon after Trish.

Come Survivor Series that will be two veteran WWE Divas who have retired in less than 3 months of one
and other.

Then the No.1 diva around here will be Mickie. It will be her job to carry the division on her shoulders. Of
course others like Melina, Victoria, etc will be there to help her, however the diva with the belt is the one
the company looks upon to carry the division.

The reason why I'm on my way to the women's locker room isn't to get changed it's because I have got a
gut feeling that Mickie will have left something on the floor for me.

And sure enough there it is.

One of Mickie's thongs.

Of course she didn't leave the thong there on the floor on purpose however having said that I find it hard
to believe she could miss seeing it on the floor either when she turned around from going through her bag
or when she's finished changing since her thongs are very rarely far away from her bag or in some cases
the locker that she is using to keep her stuff in.

Maybe she knows that somebody will pick up after her.

I doubt she'd leave them on the floor though if she knew what that somebody did with them before they
returned them to her bag or locker.

I can't really remember when this ritual of mine and in a way Mickie's started her leaving her thongs on
the floor me picking them up, using them, and then putting them back with the rest of her stuff.

It feels like it has been happening since she first joined the RAW roster. Let's see I joined the roster
November 2004 and she joined in October 2005. That's. 11 months after me. We became friends
immediately when she joined and have gone from just being friends to being best friends. However I have
to admit that from day one I was attracted to Mickie and saw her as more than a friend. I was scared to
begin with because I had never felt that way about a woman before. Sure when I looked at a woman like
Trish Stratus I thought they where beautiful but that was it I never thought anything more.

With Mickie I thought she was beautiful. and I also wanted her. I still do want her.

Up until a little while ago I never thought I would have a chance with Mickie because I always figured her
as being straight. Then again I'd always figured I was straight as well.

But then I found out that Mickie and Trish had been. I guess you could say romantically involved.

At least that was the way Mickie saw her relationship with Trish.

If you talked to Trish though she didn't consider it anything serious at least it wasn't serious enough for
her to dump her off the road boyfriend and high school sweetheart for Mickie. In point of fact she'd done
the opposite dumped Mickie for him.

The way in which I found all of this out was actually through Mickie herself.

I'd noticed that she wasn't herself after Trish left when it came time for her to be her character she did it
but as soon as she came back through the curtain she wasn't like her character anymore and normally
she was just a little less hyper.

So one night I saw her drinking alone in the bar of the hotel that we where staying at I sat down with her
and after drinking a little with her I decided to try and find out what was bothering her.

She actually broke down right then and there and told me everything. How her and Trish got together all
the way to their last night together which had been the last RAW before Trish's last match at Unforgiven.

In Trish's defence she had told Mickie right from the start that their thing was just an 'on the road' thing at
least that was what Trish called it and that it wasn't going to develop into anything more than that and
Mickie had accepted that.

She told me the reason she had accepted that was because Trish had been her first lesbian experience.
She also told me that she had kinda hoped despite what Trish said things would end up turning their 'on
the road' thing into more.

Obviously it didn't pan out that way.

I did my best to comfort her as best I could as her best friend and I won't deny I was tempted to confess
my true feelings for her however I knew that that wasn't the right time.

Despite knowing that it wasn't the right time I kinda wish now I had because I don't think I will ever find
the guts to tell Mickie how I really feel about her for two reasons.

1: I've never been with another woman before


2: As much as I like the idea of Mickie being my girlfriend I don't want to jeopardise our friendship for
something that might not turn out the way I imagine it turning out.

So this is as close as I will ever get to her by smelling the inside of her thongs I can close my eyes and
imagine what it would be like to be with her while I play with myself.

Which is exacterly what I'm doing right now in this bathroom cubical a short distance away from Mickie's
bag which I will put the thong back in once I have finished using them.

Wait, what was that!?

I just heard a noise which sounded like the women's locker room door opening.

It was! I just heard it close. That means I'm not alone. And as much as I would like to think that it is Lita I
know it's not because she now changes with her onscreen off screen boyfriend Edge. And all the other
divas have already left for the night. Which means it can only be one person.


The fact that the owner of the object that I'm holding in my hand is in the same room as me causes me to
sit down on the toilet and as I do the sound of me sitting down on the plastic echoes throughout the room.

"Oh God."

I say under my breath hoping against hope that Mickie didn't hear that noise.

I hear footsteps as I quietly stand back up.


I hear Mickie call out causing me to swallow hard able to tell that she is a lot closer to the toilet stalls than
I would like her to be.

"I know your in here."

She then says.

"And I know that you have something that belongs to me."

She then adds.

I close my eyes and swallow hard again praying to god to help get me out of this.

"It's no use being quiet."

Mickie then says.

"I know you're in here."

She adds.

"Come out and show yourself."

She then says.

I'm sure Mickie knows that I'm not about to do that.

"Alright then."

I hear Mickie say which brings me out of my thoughts.

"I'll come and find you."

With that I hear footsteps and then hear a bang as though something has just hit a wall or something and
I hear the noise again and I suddenly realise Mickie is going down the line of cubicles checking to see
which one is locked and which one isn't and she's already down two cubicles and has got four more to go
until she finds me.

In a weird way I'm glad that this cubical is locked because it means.

Oh no!

The doors not locked.

Dammit I was in such a rush I totally forgot to lock the door.

Mickie is down too more cubicles which means she only has the one next to me and this one.

Now she's just got this door to do but I can still shut it before.


Mickie says looking at me in shock and disbelief.

I close my eyes mentally asking god to let the ground open up and swallow me whole so I don't have to
face Mickie.

I open my eyes and see Mickie still standing in front of me with the same shocked expression on her face.

"Hi Mickie."

I say unable to believe how I have just greeted her considering she has just caught me with a pair of her
underwear in my possession not only that but she caught me hiding in a toilet however I can't think of
anything else to say.

Mickie's gaze slowly moves from me to the thong in my hand.

"What are you doing with that thong?"

She asks me.

I feel like telling her that she really doesn't want to know but I know that that won't help things.

"I found them."

I say instead hoping against hope that I can get out of this without revealing anything.


Mickie then asks me her focus now off the thong in my hand and back on me.

"On the floor."

I tell her unable to believe that I can actually look Mickie in the eye and yet that is what I am doing.

In the back of my mind knowing that there is no escape from telling Mickie the truth and yet still going
through with this charade.

"In here?"

Mickie asks.

"In the locker room."

I tell her.

"Where exacterly?"

Mickie then asks.

"On the floor."

I say knowing that that isn't going to be a good enough answer and yet really not wanting to say anymore
than that..

"Where exacterly on the floor?"

Mickie asks me her stare makes me feel as though she can see right through me I am sure she can see
right through this charade.

"Where they by anybody's bag?"

Mickie then asks.

I close my eyes begging god one last time to get me out of this somehow.


I say swallowing hard.


Mickie asks.

I swallow hard again knowing that this is it no escape now I'm about to loose my best friend.

I swallow hard one more time.


I say finally opening my eyes and forcing myself to look at Mickie feeling as though any minute I am going
to break down and cry and yet somehow managing to hold it in.

"And is this the first time?"

Mickie asks me the sound of her shock evident for all to hear.

I can't verbally answer her anymore so I nod my head knowing any minute I'm going to break down.


Mickie asks finally after the longest and most uncomfortable silence I have ever experienced.

I try and think of a good answer however the only answer I can come up with is the truth and so after an
even longer silence between us I finally say.

"Because it's as close as I will ever get to you."

As soon as the words leave my mouth I know I should have kept silent and kept thinking of a better way
to put what I wanted to say than that.

I look at Mickie and can tell she knows or at least she has an idea what that means.


She says.

"Do you. do you have feelings for me?"

She asks after a moment of silence.

I look at her hoping that my eyes will give her the answer she is looking for however I can tell from the
look on her face she needs verbal confirmation.


I say my voice just as horse as her's.

"I do."

I then add.

Mickie simply stares at me for what feels like an eternity before she finally blinks and looks around and
almost for the first time realises she is standing in front of a toilet cubical.

"Let's go and sit down."

She says not looking at me but rather simply turning and heading towards her bag.

I take a deep breath and exhale slowly not quiet sure exacterly what is going to happen next and yet
feeling it best to do as Mickie says. So with her underwear still in hand I follow her to where her bag is
and I notice that she is sitting next to it. When I arrive she looks up at me and the look on her face is one I
have never seen before because it is unreadable.

From the first time we met all the way up until now I could almost always tell what type of mood Mickie
was in either by her facial expression or the look in her eyes however right here and now both her eyes
and her facial expression are completely unreadable.

I can't tell if she is still shocked, or disgusted, or angry, or whatever and this frightens me even more than
being caught if that is even possible.

I turn my eyes from Mickie and walk over and sit down opposite her keeping my focus on the floor partly
out of shame and party out of fear of seeing that look on Mickie's face and in her eyes again.

"How long have you felt this way?"

I hear Mickie ask finally breaking the silence in the room.


I ask her and lift my head up to look at her and as I do I notice that the unreadable expression on her face
has gone she is now simply looking at me with a rather curious expression on her face.


Mickie says.

I keep my eyes locked with her's so that she will know what I am telling her is the truth.

"Since the first day I met you."

I tell her.

Mickie slowly sits back almost as if she has been hit by something and it is slowly sending her backwards.

"Is this the first time you have ever felt something like this?"

She then asks me.

I nod my head.

"Why didn't you ever say anything?"

Mickie then asks me.

"At first, because I never thought you where. you know."

I stop not wanting to offend her by calling her a lesbian just in case she isn't due to the fact that despite
her relationship with Trish I haven't seen Mickie with anybody since which isn't to say she isn't with
somebody and that that somebody isn't male.


Mickie finishes for me.

I nod my head.

"And since you found out about me and Trish?"

Mickie asks me.

I keep my eyes locked with hers, partly not wanting to look at her because I am telling her everything, and
yet I'm determined not to break eye contact until everything is out in the open.

"Because we're best friends."

I say.

"I'd love us to be more."

I tell her honestly.

"But I'm not willing to risk the relationship that we have for something that might not happen."

I add.

There is a long silence between me and Mickie before the silence is finally broken with Mickie saying.

"What makes you think it won't happen?"

It's now my turn to sit back as if I have just been hit by something and in a way I feel like I have as I look
at Mickie who is now smiling at me.

"Are you saying. you feel the same way?"

I ask her finally getting my voice back.

Mickie runs her hands through her hair before looking back at me again.

"To be honest with you Maria."

She says making me think maybe she is playing with me trying to get my hopes up and yet I can't
imagine Mickie doing something like that to anybody least of all her best friend which I hope I either still
am or still can be despite this.

"I don't know."

Mickie then says bringing me out of my thoughts and back to reality and the present.

"I mean you're right. We have been friends for a long time. and this. if we try this. it will change
everything. and it might not work out. that doesn't mean I don't want it to work out."

Mickie once again runs her hands through her hair evidently having a hard time trying to find the right
words for what she is trying to say to me.

"What I am trying to say is. even though there is a chance that this might not become anything. if
you're willing. I would like us to try it and. see what happens."

Mickie says looking back at me with a small rather hopeful looking smile on her face.

I take a deep breath and swallow hard as I slowly take this all in.

Unable to believe that this is really happening. That my best friend Mickie James is actually asking me if I
would be willing to be with her as more than friends.

"If you're willing to give it a try Mickie."

I say looking back at her with an ear to ear smile on my face knowing that despite the chance that this
might not work out or as Mickie said it might not become anything more I also want to see where we as a
couple go.

"So am I."

I add.

For the next couple of seconds both me and Mickie sit where we are staring at each other with the same
happy expression on our faces however it is evident that neither one of us knows where or how to move
on from here.

Finally Mickie stands up and walks over to me and sits down next to me on my left side.

We stare at one and other for a couple of seconds more before Mickie slowly closes the gap between us
and I feel her lips on mine.

Feeling her lips on mine or knowing that her lips are touching mine seems to set my body on fire I feel as
though every single nerve in my system has just been woken up with an electric shock however I quickly
get over the shock and enjoy and melt into the kiss.

Our first kiss is a wonderful won without a doubt the best first kiss I have ever experienced funny thing is I
feel as though Mickie is holding back as though she wants to either go further or give me more and yet
she is afraid to because this is my first kiss with another woman.

After a few minutes I decide to let Mickie know that she can give me more and that I want more by
opening my mouth just enough to let my tongue slip out and run across her lips specifically the line in
between them trying to get her to open up her mouth and let my tongue in.

Mentally I can't believe I'm doing this trying to get us to move so fast from just kissing to French kissing
and yet there is another part of me that wants this wants to move on to the next step and from there move
on to the next step and so on and so on.

I can tell by the look in Mickie's eyes that she is shocked by my action however she slowly opens her
mouth allowing my tongue to enter her mouth which thrills me and makes me smile even more. As I slip
my tongue into her mouth and the moment our tongues touch it sends a thrill through my body the likes of
which I have never experienced before. It's not as intense as when Mickie's lips and mine first met but
pretty close. It's enough of a shock to make me increase the intensity of the kiss that Mickie and I are

I can't believe how forceful and passionate I'm being due to the fact I know I have never ever been this
passionate or forceful before. Then again I never thought or imagined that this would ever happen so I
guess the fact that it is is causing me to let all of my feelings that I have kept bottled up since the first day
I met Mickie out.

All of a sudden I feel Mickie's hands on my shoulders running up and down my shoulder blades in a kind
of almost massaging type of motion making me feel really good.

Slowly she moves her hands down my arms running her hands and fingers all the way up and down my
arms and across my shoulders she then goes even further moving further down until she is touching my
hands and that is when she stops and I stop as we both feel something in my hand and we slowly break
the kiss and look down at my left hand and see that the thing in my hand is Mickie's thong which we
obviously had both forgotten about until just now.

I lift my head up and look at Mickie who looks back at me and we both smile due to the fact that what we
where just doing was due to the thong in my hand and yet we both totally forgot about them.

Once our smiles fade Mickie looks over towards the showers.

"Would you like us to continue this in the shower?"

She asks me turning her attention back to me.

I look over towards the showers and immediately get what Mickie is suggesting and although I'm tempted
to take Mickie up on her offer.

A shower stall isn't exacterly where I hoped mine and Mickie's first time would be.

I swallow hard not wanting to upset Mickie or turn her off or anything like that however as much as I want
to be with her I don't want to do it here.

"Actually Mickie could we go back to your hotel room?"

I ask her.

Mickie looks at me a tad stunned.

"Don't wanna fool around in the shower?"

Mickie then asks me with a rather naughty expression on her face.

I smile back at her.

"I do."

I tell her imagining that it would be quiet an experience to have sex with her in the shower.

"But I always imagined that my first time with a girl would be in a bed."

I tell her honestly.

Mickie smiles at me.


She says.

An with that Mickie stands up and goes over to where her bag is and picks it up and then turns around
and looks at me.

"Are you ready to go?"

She asks me.

I look at her rather shocked having expected her to want to have a shower and get changed into what she
wore to the arena however I am not about to argue with her eagerness to want us to leave.

"I'm ready to go."

I tell her.

"But what about these?"

I ask her offering her or rather gesturing to her thong which is still in my hand.

Mickie walks up to me and takes the thong from my hand she then tosses them into the rubbish bin.

"You won't be needing those anymore."

She says causing me to turn my attention back to her.

"Not now that you have got me."

She adds smiling an ear to ear smile at me.

I smile back at her unable to believe that this is really happening.

Mickie then does something that totally shocks me she offers me her hand.

"Shall we go?"

She asks.

I look at her and then at her hand and I slowly take her hand and with that we leave the women's locker
room and head for the parking lot.

* * *

A short time later I found myself following Mickie into her hotel room.

As I look around Mickie's hotel my nerves come back stronger than ever as it finally hits me that this is not
a dream it is real and it is really going to happen. I'm going to have sex with another woman for the very
first time. And not just any woman, my best friend, Mickie James.

I swallow hard as I continue to look around not really sure why I'm due to the fact that Mickie's room is no
different to mine as far as the way it is set out is concerned.

"Would you like something to eat or drink?"

I hear Mickie say which causes me to turn around and look at her as I wonder why on earth she would
ask me that.

The answer hits me the moment I look into Mickie's eyes.

"Are you nervous?"

I ask her.

Mickie looks at me and slowly nods her head with a rather nervous looking smile on her face.

"But you've been with a woman before."

I say knowing how stupid that statement sounds and yet that is the reason why I'm nervous because this
will be the first time I have ever been with a woman.

Mickie smiles a bit more of a comfortable smile.

"I've only been with one woman."

She explains.

"This will be my first time with a woman who isn't Trish."

She adds.

I nod my head to show her that I understand why she would be nervous and decide to ask her the
question she asked me.

"Is there anything you would like to eat or drink?"

The reason I asked her this was to show her that if she wanted us to take it slow then we could I didn't
want to rush Mickie anymore than she wanted to rush me.

Mickie's smile is now a lot more relaxed.

"I just want you."

She then says with total seriousness in her voice as she looks right at me.

I smile back at her as I walk up to her and retake her hand in mine.

"Well that's good Mickie."

I say unable to believe how we can both go from confident to nervous and back to confident again.

"Because I want you too."

I tell her.

Mickie doesn't say anything she simply takes a firm hold of my hand and leads me over and into the
bedroom shutting the door behind us as she leads me over to the bed and we both sit down next to one
and other.

The nerves are back but the excitement is just as strong if not stronger than the nerves at this point.

I look at Mickie and she looks back at me as I decide to take the lead this time and move towards her and
capture her lips with mine.

I kiss her a lot harder than before and Mickie responds by kissing me back just as hard.

Despite everything that has happened thus far in the back of my mind there is still a small part of me that
can't believe this is happening even now but weather or not this is really happening doesn't bother me
right now the only thing that matters to me is both making the most of this dream if indeed that's what it is
and enjoying it at the same time.

Our kiss becomes more frantic as I decide to do what Mickie did earlier and I allow my hands to wonder
not up and down her arms or across her shoulders but up and down her back which cause Mickie to
moan in pleasure, a noise I could most certainly get used to hearing. As we continue to worship one and
other's mouths Mickie starts to run her hands up and down my back.

Mickie suddenly breaks the kiss which makes me think that she has changed her mind or that she wants
us to stop however the smirk on her face soon puts those fears out of my head and simply makes me
wonder why she broke the kiss.

"We're wearing too many clothes."

She says which causes me to smile due to what she has just said reassuring me that she hasn't changed
her mind nor does she want us to stop.

I wonder weather Mickie is going to start undressing herself or me or wants me to get undressed or what
my question is soon answered as Mickie stands up and begins to take off her top right in front of me.

Once her top is off and on the floor she turns around.

"Unclip me."

She tells me.

I reach up unable to believe how my hands aren't shaking as I unclip her bra and Mickie first takes the bra
off and then turns around almost as if she is presenting her beautiful cleavage to me.

I'm tempted to accept her offering and take one of her breasts into my mouth however I resist the desire
to do that and just wait to see what Mickie does next.

"Your turn."

She then says looking at me with a smile.

I nod my head as I begin to take my top off keeping my eyes locked with Mickie's as I do so feeling
nervous at her seeing me topless and yet also wanting her to see me topless. Once my top is off and on
the floor on top of her's I look at her having not worn a bra due to the outfit not allowing me too.

I watch as Mickie licks her lips which turns me on even more than I already am due to the kissing and her
undressing in front of me and visa-versa.

This is not my normal style sleeping with someone before I've dated them and I do want to date Mickie
properly but at the same time I also want to 'sleep' with her and the fact that I'm going to get to sleep with
her before we date I actually like that in a weird way.

I am suddenly brought back to reality as I see Mickie take a step towards me and then another one and
then she once again locks lips with me and closes her eyes as she does it leading me to do the same.
The kiss quickly goes from a closed mouth one into a French kiss and I feel Mickie using her hands to
push me back and I willingly lay back on the bed with Mickie laying on top of me and I wrap my arms
around her knowing that she isn't going anywhere and yet I just need that little bit of reassurance.

Mickie suddenly once again breaks the kiss however she quickly starts to kiss her way down to my neck
sucking on the flesh she finds there somehow as she is doing this she manages to find my sensitive spots
making me squirm with pleasure.

My moans turn into a gasp as I feel her start to nibble on my neck not in a way like she is trying to leave a
mark but just in a loving way.

Mickie then breaks the contact she has with my neck and looks up at me while I look down at her.

"If you want me to stop at any time or I'm going to fast just say so ok?"

She asks me in a serious and yet affectionate tone of voice.

I nod my head knowing that I'm not going to want her to stop for anything, weather I think she is going to
fast or not. If what she just did to my neck is any indication of the pleasure I'm about to receive I hope and
pray she never stops.

I nod my head in answer to her question to let her know I understand what she has just said and that I will
tell her if I want her to stop or if I think she is going to fast, even though I can't imagine actually wanting
her to stop or even to slow down.

Mickie then bends back down and kisses me passionately just as if not more so than before. I'm given a
small chance to respond before she breaks the kiss and makes her way back down my body with her
mouth sliding her lips back down my neck on her way to my breasts but not rushing taking her time
evidently enjoying what she is doing as much as I'm enjoying what she is doing.

Finally she reaches my breasts as I feel her tongue go from the top of my right breast all the way down to
the bottom. As soon as she reaches the bottom she slides her tongue back up but this time not all the
way back up to the top of the breast just as far as the actual nipple which as soon as she reaches she
takes into her mouth and sucks gently but firmly on it making me feel as though I'm about to explode just
from the firmness and gentleness of her sucking.

Some of my previous lovers had taken the time to play with my tits, others had just fondled them a little bit
and then moved on, but none of them actually made love to them in the way Mickie is doing right now. It
feels as though her mouth is making love to my right breast which makes me wonder how long I will be
able to last when she eventually does reach my pussy.

After a long time of just sucking on the nipple Mickie starts to lick at it now that it is hard making it even
harder, if that is even possible. She then moves over to my left breast and repeats the exact same
technique on that breast and nipple.

Afraid to move in case this causes Mickie to stop what she's doing I slowly move my hands from around
her waist where they have been all this time up to her head and I very gently hold her head to my breast.
In response Mickie opens her eyes and looks up at me as I look down at her and she smiles as she lifts
her right hand up and begins to massage my right breast. When she switches over to my right breast she
uses her left hand to massage my left breast and goes back and forth between the two her mouth
massaging one while her hand massages the other.

After what really does feel like an eternity she begins to kiss her way down my flat stomach until she
reaches the top of my skin tight bottoms which she takes in her hands and slowly pulls all the way down
until she reaches my open toed shoes which before she makes a move to reach I manage to kick off
causing Mickie to look up at me and smile as she once again takes the top of my bottoms in her hands
and pulls them completely off of my body and let's them fall to the floor with our tops.

Mickie then turns her attention to my midsection which she notices for the first time is not covered or
protected by any underwear which leads her to look up at me both shocked and yet at the same time

"I thought you were a thong girl."

Mickie says playfully.

"I figured since I couldn't wear a bra I wouldn't bother with underwear."

I tell her honestly, trying and failing to stop myself from blushing.

Mickie's smile widens.

"But you wear thongs most of the time right? Because you're a thong girl. Or do you just like other girls

Mickie asks, teasing me mercilessly

"I like your thongs. Just your thongs."

I admit, giving up on trying not to blush as it's clearly a lost cause.


Mickie says with an evil grin.

"Since you like my thongs so much."

Trailing off Mickie turned around and bent over slightly, sticking out her beautiful round ass before starting
to slowly pull down her short skirt.

I let out a half gasp, half moan as she slowly revealed one of the tiniest looking thongs I'd ever seen. It
looked more like a tiny piece of dental floss between those two meaty cheeks of hers, that little thong
making Mickie's butt look even more bootylicious than normal.

That little thong completely hypnotised me into stunned silence, so much so I barely registered Mickie
kicking off her shoes and turning around and I completely missed whatever it was she just said.


I murmur as I finally look up from her thong to her eyes again.

"I said, do you like my thong?"

Mickie asks with a huge grin on her face.

"Oh, yeah, it's great."

I stutter, my eyes again drawn to that thong.

"Would you like to see how I look without the thong?"

Mickie asks playfully.


I say loud and clear, hearing her perfectly well that time.

Mickie laughs before turning around again and showing her glorious ass covered only by that tiny item of
clothing, but not for long.

Bending over and sticking her ass out Mickie slowly pulled her thong down, exposing the rest of her
gorgeous behind. As she continues bending down her ass cheeks spread open ever so slightly, giving me
a little peek at her intimate little holes tucked in between those two juicy round globes of butt flesh.

The sight of her naked butt sends me into another stunned silence until I'm shocked out of it as something
falls on my face.

"There, a little present for you."

Mickie says.

"Something you can keep to remember me."

Picking the small item up I feel a wave of desire crash over me as I see it's the thong Mickie was wearing
only moments ago.


Mickie says, waking me out of yet another stunned silence.

"Aren't you going to show me what it is you do with my thongs?"

There's a moment's silence as I bite my lip and wonder if she's serious, before I slowly bring her thong up
to my nose and take a nice long sniff of it.

After I hear an encouraging giggle from Mickie I press the tiny item of clothing to my face and deeply
breathe in the scent of her as my free hand slides down my body in the direction of my pussy.

Before my hand can reach its destination it's roughly swatted away, making me look up at her.

"No, bad girl."

She scalds me before grinning.

"That's my job."

With that Mickie repositions herself so that she is looking down at my naked pussy.

I can feel my heart beating like a drum against my chest. It's beating so hard I'm surprised Mickie can't
hear it or maybe she can and she is just ignoring it. I do my best to ignore the feeling of my heart beating
against my chest as I continue to watch every move Mickie makes as I see her lower her head down until
she is practically face to face with my pussy, her eyes never breaking contact with it.

"Oh Maria, you're so beautiful."

I suddenly hear Mickie say.

"And you smell... wonderful."

She adds.

Mickie's words make me blush as I watch her close her eyes and slowly extend her tongue. I bite my lip in
anticipation as Mickie's tongue slowly descends downwards until it's pressing against the bottom of my
pussy. Ripples of pleasure run through my body as Mickie slowly slides her tongue from the bottom to the
top of my pussy in a long soft lick.

When the ripples of pleasure run through my body I can't help, but moan but despite the pleasure and the
moan none of those things can describe the pleasure I'm feeling as Mickie's tongue slides over my pussy
again and again.

It feels as though she is barely touching me and yet what little contact she is making is sending powerful
ripples of pleasure through my body which seem to becoming stronger by the second.

I'm loving this. I'm loving every single moment, every single lick, every single ripple of pleasure. It's all so
wonderful. Lick after lick sending ripple after ripple of pleasure through my body, bringing me ever closer
to my orgasm, something I'm surprised I have been able to hold off this long due to the fact I have never
known pleasure like this before.

To make it even better I press Mickie's thong to my face so I can breathe in the smell of her as she is
licking at my pussy. Her scent makes me long for my first taste of pussy, almost enough to make me beg
her to get into the 69 position with me, but since I've never licked a pussy before I think I'm going to need
all the concentration I can get for it, and I know I wouldn't be able to concentrate if Mickie is doing what
she is now doing to me. Besides, I kind of like smelling her thong as she tongues my pussy as Mickie
licking my pussy is not only something I have imagined a thousand times while sniffing her thongs but she
caught me doing this earlier which led to this so in some ways it feels like we've come full circle.

Mickie continues to lick the outside of my pussy running her tongue up and down until she finally pushes
her tongue into my hole causing me to pleasurably cry out into her thong as she penetrates me for the
first time and hopefully not the last time with her tongue. As Mickie starts to explore the inside of my cunt
she easily finds all of my most sensitive parts in seconds, something none of my previous lovers where
able to do. Then again none of my previous lovers ever spent a whole lot of time on foreplay they just did
as much as they felt was necessary to get me ready and then moved on to the actual fucking.

God, Trish either taught this girl well or she's just a natural because now she is doing something none of
my previous lovers ever did and that is she is now licking my pussy and turning her tongue both clockwise
and anti-clockwise inside me as well as up and down and in and out.

I slowly reach down and just like before once again hold the back of Mickie's head affectionately running
my fingers through her hair I close my eyes partly to enjoy what Mickie is doing to me and partly to stop
myself from cumming which I still haven't done yet much to my own amazement considering how turned
on and horny I am and yet despite how much I want to cum and I really do I don't want this pleasure to
ever end.

As crazy as it sounds Mickie almost seems as though she is savouring what she is doing to me. Heck it
almost feels as though Mickie is worshiping either me or my pussy or both. Weather she is actually doing
this to me or not I don't know. What I do know is that she is giving me more pleasure than any of my other
lovers combined ever did or could.

I can't feel my heart beating against my chest anymore which makes me think maybe it's stopped beating
completely and I'm now in heaven because this sure feels like heaven to me.

All of a sudden I'm brought back to earth as I feel Mickie remove her tongue from inside my pussy,
however almost as soon as it leaves my pussy I can feel her tongue being pressed up against my clit
causing me to moan a long moan. The moan get's louder as I feel Mickie close her mouth around my clit
as she begins to gently suck on it bringing me so much more pleasure than anything she has done thus

After a while of focusing her efforts on my clit Mickie moves back down to my wet pussy hole closing her
mouth around that just like she did my clit, only difference is instead of sucking on it she slides her tongue
back inside and begins fucking me with it slow at first but slowly she starts to pick up speed using her
tongue to fuck me.

While I loved the attention to my clit I'm so ready for a hard tongue fucking and it isn't long before that's
exactly what I get.

"Oh Mickie, so good, it feels so good. Oh Mickie, oh Mickie please fuck me. Please fuck me hard."

I moan uncontrollably into her thong.

This seems to be what Mickie has been waiting for as she starts really going to town on my pussy forcing
her tongue as fast and as hard in and out of me as she can forcing me to stop running my fingers through
her hair and simply hold onto her head as if my life depends on it until finally I can't take anymore and I
throw my arms out to the sides and scream at the top of my voice.


With that my body opens the flood gates and the waves of pleasure I felt before are nothing compared to
the typhoon's of pleasure I'm feeling now. It's not just typhoons of pleasure that I'm feeling but also
typhoon's of cum that I'm shooting out of my body and into Mickie's waiting mouth, as she continues to
greedily drink up all the cum I can give her as if it was the elixir of life or something.

I watch in awe of what she has done to me and is doing as she slowly finishes eating my pussy and once
she is finished she makes her way up my body just as slowly as she made her way down, kissing me
here and there on her way up until we are once again face to face.

Of course I only know we're face to face because I can feel how her body is on top of mine and because
of those kisses as I have my eyes closed and her thong resting over my face. I'm surprised my screaming
didn't knock it off when I let go of it.

Before I can remove the thong it's remove for me, Mickie picking it up and tossing it aside so she can
smile down at me.

If any of my other lovers had been able to give me the kind of orgasmic pleasure Mickie just has I have no
doubt they would have a cocky grin on their face right now, but Mickie doesn't have that all she has on
her face is the same cute and sweet smile that made me fall for her the very first day I met her.

"That was the best orgasm of my entire life."

I tell her able to speak and yet still not able to move due to the fact that my body has not yet fully gotten
over the affects of the orgasm.

"Trish certainly taught you well."

I add not meaning to bring up her former lover and yet unable to believe that what Mickie just did to me
could be anything else but taught.

"If she was here right now she'd probably tell you that I was a natural."

Mickie then says which causes me to look at her.

"Because that is one of the things she always used to tell me."

She adds with a smirk.


I say taking deep breath and slowly releasing it.

"You're certainly better than all of my previous lovers combined."

I tell her honestly.

"Do you think you can return the favour?"

Mickie then asks me in almost a challenging tone of voice.

I look at Mickie suddenly becoming very nervous once again despite the fact that I want to return the
favour not only do I want to return the favour but I want to give Mickie just as much pleasure as she has
just given me.


Mickie says causing me to blink and really look at her properly having kind of zoned out due to the fact I
can't help think I won't be able to give Mickie the type of pleasure she has just given me not only that but I
will be terrible at 'returning the favour'.


Mickie says bringing her right hand up and touching the side of my face gently.

"You don't have to if you don't want-."

"No I want too."

I say interrupting her.

"I'm just..."


Mickie asks me.

"And afraid."

I tell her honestly.

"Of what?"

Mickie asks me looking and sounding curious.

"Not being good at it."

I tell her feeling stupid for saying it.

Mickie smiles a comforting smile at me.

"Why not just give it a try and then we'll see weather your good at it or not."

She says still smiling the same comforting smile at me.

I nod my head as I take a deep breath and swallow hard forcing my thoughts to the back of my mind as I
kiss Mickie gently to begin with. Slowly as Mickie get's into the kiss I get more intense and passionate just
like she did with me. As we continue to kiss I wrap my arms around Mickie's waist once again only this
time there is a different reason behind it.

This time the reason why I'm wrapping my arms around her is because I intend on rolling us over so that I
am on top of Mickie and she is underneath me. As soon as my hands are clasped together I do exacterly
that, much to Mickie's surprise. Even though we don't break oral contact I can tell she is surprised by the
look in her eyes which makes me smile as I let go of her and remove my arms from around her waist
once my plan has worked.

Just as I feel Mickie's shock slowly disappear and her start to get back into the kiss I break the kiss and
start to slide my lips over other parts of her body starting off with her chin and slowly moving down to her
neck where I do exacterly the same thing to Mickie that she did to me and Mickie responds the same way
I did which makes me smile as I continue what I'm doing

Once I have covered Mickie's neck in kisses giving it a few licks here and there I move further down until I
reach her breasts which I realise are a little bigger than mine not that I'm complaining however I always
figured our breasts where about the same size. Then again maybe they are and it's just being this close
to them, but once again I'm not complaining.

While I'm tempted to do the same thing Mickie did to me back to her I decide to do something a bit
different and rather than first attack the breast I go right for the nipple of her left breast taking it into my
mouth and licking and sucking it gently. As it get's hard I lick and suck a bit harder until her nipple is fully
erect in my mouth but rather than move over to the right nipple I focus my attention on this one and start
to massage the right nipple with my thumb and first finger on my right hand which Mickie seems to love
due to the moans she is making, not to mention the fact that I can feel her hands not only on the back of
my head but I can also feel her fingers running through my hair another sign that I'm doing good so far.

After a long time on her left nipple I switch and take her right nipple into my mouth while at the same time
starting work on her left nipple with the thumb and first finger of my left hand. Once I'm satisfied that both
nipples have been well aroused I lick my way to the valley in between Mickie's breasts and then lick my
way down to her well toned stomach. Then I start to kiss and lick my way down to Mickie's belly button
which I then lick around until I get to just underneath her belly button which is where I then continue
kissing and licking further down until I reach my final destination.

Once I'm finally between Mickie's legs I pause for a minute to just take in the beautiful sight of the
treasure which those pretty thongs of hers had been hiding, that being her womanhood itself... her pussy.
Mickie James's pussy.

I had briefly glimpsed it in the showers before, and masturbated over the pictures that existed of it which
she did a long time ago, but I hadn't ever had the chance to stare at the real thing like I'm doing now and I
found myself enthralled by it.

It was... it was... so beautiful.

I took a long, deep breath, taking in her aroma.

As I slowly exhale I expect to feel nervous but I don't. I don't feel nervous at all. Ok, so that's a lie, I do
feel a little nervous, but any nervousness I might be feeling is almost completely overwhelmed by my
desire, not only to taste my first pussy but to please the woman who gave me so much pleasure. I'm not
100% sure weather I can satisfy Mickie the way she did me but I'm not nervous as I slowly bend down
and stick out my tongue giving Mickie's pussy a long slow lick.

From the first lick I know I'm hooked on the taste of Mickie and that I want more.

So I lick Mickie's pussy again, and again, and again, and again, and again.

I continue licking Mickie's pussy until I find a nice steady rhythm, hoping and praying that I'm doing a good
job. Soon Mickie's moans confirm that I'm and I decide to move my licks from outside to inside and so I
gently but forcefully push my tongue into Mickie's pussy which causes Mickie to call out my name which is
music to my ears.

As I continue what I'm doing and I feel Mickie's hands on the back of my head. The only difference to
earlier is the fact that her fingers aren't running through my hair this time. This time I get the gut feeling
her hands are there to keep me in place.

As if I would want to be anywhere else.

I take this as a good sign as I start to slide my tongue in faster than before after a while I decide to twist
my tongue inside of her to see if I am able to get the same reaction out of Mickie that she was able to get
out of me and sure enough it does as Mickie's grip on the back of my head intensifies not to the point that
it is hurting me but it certainly tells me that what I am doing is getting what I assume to be a positive

All of a sudden Mickie screams at the top of her voice.


A scream that could rival Melina's and as she screams I get the first taste of the most wonderfully
delicious thing I have ever tasted Mickie's cum and the moment it touches my lips I'm hungry for more.
Just like Mickie did to me earlier I greedily gulp down as much of Mickie's cum as I can get closing my
mouth around her pussy trying to stop any of this delicious liquid that is pouring out of Mickie to go to

While I'm feasting on Mickie's pussy and cum like a starving animal I can tell Mickie's orgasm is subsiding
slowly but surely due to the moment she screamed her hands and the power and force behind them
being so strong that it did actually hurt but now her grip is slowly either weakening or she is relaxing it
either way I don't care not so long as she keeps feeding me her cum.

Once Mickie's orgasm has finished I use my tongue to seek out every single drop that is left inside her
until I'm happy that I have gotten it all or as much as I can get. Once I'm finished I slowly make my way
back up Mickie's body kissing different spots until I'm looking down into Mickie's face and eyes.

"How was that?"

I ask her able to tell her from the relaxed and calm expression on her face that I did good but wanting to
hear her say it.

"You're a natural."

Mickie says smiling at me.

I smile back at her as I slowly reposition myself so that I can rest my head on her left breast, and as I do I
feel Mickie run one of her hands through my hair in an affectionate way. We stay like this for a long time
neither one of us saying anything both of us simply enjoying being together.


I say finally breaking the silence.


Mickie says back.

"I was...wondering something."

I tell her feeling a tad nervous about asking this and yet feeling a need as well as a desire to ask despite
my nervousness.

"What is it?"

I hear Mickie ask which causes me to lift my head and look up at her and as I do I lock eyes with Mickie
who is looking down at me with a curious expression on her face.

"One time... after I had used one of your thongs."

I start off telling her feeling it best to tell her why I want to do what I want to do before I actually ask the

"I found something in your bag... something I had never seen before."

I continue on.

"Later I was watching a lesbian porno movie and I noticed this thing which I had seen in your bag being
used in the scene that I was watching."

I say being able to tell from the small smile that is starting to spread across her face that she knows what
I'm talking about.

"You mean my strap on dildo?"

Mickie asks.

I nod my head.

"You want me to use it on you?"

Mickie then asks me.


I say swallowing hard due to the fact I'm nervous as to how Mickie will respond to what I am about to ask

"I was wondering if I can use it on you."

I tell her keeping my eyes locked with hers.

Mickie's smile slowly turns into a look of shock however just as it turned into a look of shock it soon turns
back into a smile.

"If you wouldn't mind getting off of me for a second."

Mickie says.

"I'll get it for you."

She adds.

I once again re-position myself so that I am laying directly on top of her while at the same time looking
down into her eyes with a smile of my own.

"You stay right there."

I tell her.

"Tell me where it is and I will get it."

I add.

Mickie's smile widens.

"In the bottom of my bag."

She says pointing in the direction of the bag.

I immediately climb up off of Mickie and off of the bed and go over to where her bag is and start to
rummage through it until I find what I'm looking for. I pull it out and look at it for a couple of minutes before
I slowly stand up and walk back over towards the bed where Mickie is laying looking down at me as I

"How come you keep it in your bag?"

I ask her curiously due to the fact that as far as I know I am the first person she has been with since Trish.

"Well the dildo is detachable from the rest of the strap on."

Mickie explains.

"Sometimes if I find myself alone in the women's locker room I decide to have a little me time in the
showers or in one of the toilet cubicles."

She adds.

I stop as I reach the bottom of the bed looking at the strap on again.

"Would you like me to put it on you?"

Mickie asks looking at me with a smirk.

I turn my attention from the strap on dildo to Mickie able to tell from the smirk that she really wants to help
me into it.

"No thanks."

I say wanting to torture Mickie a little before I give her pleasure.

"I am sure I can put it on myself."

I add and with that I slowly put the strap on cock on making sure to do it as slowly as possible due to the
fact Mickie is watching me and I know how much watching me put this on must be both killing her due to
the fact she wanted to put it on me and exciting her knowing that the fake cock will soon be inside her.
The fact that I'm torturing Mickie and soon going to be using this to pleasure her turns me on as well.

I let out a soft moan as I feel something enter me as I put the strap on dick on which causes me to look at
Mickie a little confused as to what has just entered my pussy.

Mickie smiles when she see's the confused expression on my face.

"There's a small dildo inside of the strap on. It's to help the wearer to get off."

Mickie explains.

I nod my head to show her that I understand although I doubt I will need the mini dildo to help me get off
just knowing that I am getting Mickie off with this thing I am sure will be enough to get me off.

Once I am sure that the strap on is secure I look directly at Mickie and take a step back far enough for
Mickie to climb off of the bed and get down onto her knees in front of me for what I need her and want her
to do having seen this be done on the lesbian porno I watched.

"I... I think it would help if this was wet before... you know, so maybe you could..."

I say nervously, trying to find the confidence to say what was said in that porno.

"Suck your cock?"

Mickie finishes for me with a huge smile on her face.

"Is that what you want Maria? Do you want me to suck your cock?"

"Yes Mickie."

I gulp lustfully.

"Suck my cock."

Grinning widely Mickie sits up and then stands up and as soon as she is up on her feet she immediately
falls to her knees not breaking eye contact with me the whole time as she takes the dildo into her hand
and begins to slowly jerk it off as if it is a real cock.

After a few minutes of running her hand up and down the dildo Mickie opens her mouth and effortlessly
swallows the head of the large fake cock I'm wearing taking about half of it on the first try. This surprises
me and at the same time excites me as I watch her close her lips around the shaft and begin to gently
bob her head up and down on it. I watch in awe as Mickie on each downward motion takes more of the
dildo into her mouth until she is happily taking the whole 10 inches down her throat without any gagging.

I have sucked a few cocks before none of the men I have been with though have been as big as this strap
on is and yet despite this I have always had problems with taking what they had into my mouth which is
why I used to avoid giving oral to a guy as much or as often as I possibly could.

Seeing Mickie do it though really turns me on and seeing how easily she can do it and how well she is
doing it also turns me on and also makes me want to return the favour despite how hard I can imagine it
will be I'm sure Mickie can teach me.

I continue to watch Mickie as she continues to deep throat the 10 inch dildo I'm wearing. After a while I
decide to try and encourage her more as if Mickie needs anymore encouragement but none the less I
place my hand on the back of her head and simply hold it, not forcing her to take anymore partly because
there isn't anymore for her to take, but I do encourage her to keep it in her throat for as long as she can.
She impresses me again with the length of time she can keep the fake cock in her throat, minutes ticking
by with her happily sucking on the base while the head is somewhere deep within her windpipe.

I also start to thrust my hips back and forth gently fucking her mouth with the strap on being careful not to
be too rough with her. I have to admit it is hard not to be a little rough with her due to the little dildo that is
gently sliding in and out of my pussy with every bob of her head and it's really turning me on and getting
me more and more excited.

"Oh Mickie that's it. Suck my cock."

I tell her unable to believe what I have just said and evidently from the look in Mickie's eyes neither can
she and yet I can't help but continue with my dirty talk.

"That's it wrap those pretty lips around my cock. that's it just like that... that's a good girl... that's a good
little cock sucker. That's a good, nasty little cock sucker. You're such a good little cock sucker Mickie. My
good little cock sucker. Suck my cock you dirty girl. Suck my cock you nasty girl. Suck my cock you little
cock sucker."

My word seem to have an effect on Mickie, because after hearing me talk dirty to her Mickie starts to go
faster bobbing her head up and down as fast as she can as while at the same time noisily slobbers all
over the fake cock getting it ready for her pussy.

The words 'cock sucker' and 'suck my cock' seemed to particularly drive her crazy so I try and use them
as often as I can, pure filth falling from my mouth which I didn't think I was capable of. It doesn't even
sound like my voice, it's so confident and commanding, and yet that's how I feel. This whole thing is
sending me on a power trip, making me feel things I've never felt before, inspiring an attitude in me which
seems to be making Mickie suck and slobber harder on 'my cock' until I don't want to wait even another
second to fuck her.

"Ok, that's enough."

I tell her, feeling as though the dildo is lubricated enough thanks to my dirty words and Mickie's mouth.

Mickie slowly stops and removes the dildo from her mouth leaving the dildo covered from base to tip with

"My my."

I say unable to believe how much saliva is on the dildo.

"You certainly are a nasty little cock sucker."

I add looking at Mickie who is still on her knees in front of me with an ear to ear smile on her face.

Mickie suddenly slowly get's to her feet.

"Well Maria now it's time for you to fuck this nasty little cock sucker."

She says grabbing me by the waist with both hands and moving backwards while moving me forwards
until she is sitting on the bed with me in front of her. Mickie then places her legs so that they are on the
outside of my legs and then she lays down not breaking eye contact with me as she does all of this.

I look down at Mickie's pussy realising that not only does the dildo need to be lubricated so does Mickie's

With that in mind without saying a word I spit on my fingers and then reach down and start to rub Mickie's
pussy gently which causes Mickie to moan softly as I trace her outer lips with my fingers and then push
two fingers inside of her.

After a while I slide a third finger into Mickie and begin to gently curl my fingers inside of her as I move
them in and out while I rub my thumb over her clit.

I'm not sure if I'm doing it right however I'm doing what I think is best to make Mickie wet enough for me to
slide this dildo into her. To my delight she is dripping wet for me and I think she is more than ready for the
strap on.

Now that Mickie is more than ready and I'm more than ready I slowly and gently remove my fingers from
her pussy and position the head of the dildo at the entrance to her cunt. I then look into Mickie's eyes as
she looks down at me with a smile on her face.


I ask her only willing to go through with this if Mickie is sure that this is what she wants.


Mickie says with an ear to ear smile giving me all the reassurance I need.

With her permission given I slowly start to push the dildo inside her.

Mickie moans out loud as the head of the shaft slides into her as soon as it is in I stop.

"No! No."

Mickie says causing me to look up at her as she looks back at me rather desperately.

"I`m alright."

She says evidently figuring out the reason why I have stopped.

"Keep going."

She adds.

I look at her a tad hesitant to continue however she has told me that she is ok and so I slowly push more
of the fake cock into Mickie's pussy watching her face intently for any sign of discomfort


I tell her feeling as though that is the most stupidest thing I could have told her due to the fact I'm sure
she has done this loads of times before with Trish and so she knows what she has to do in order for this
not to hurt.

But then again maybe she doesn't.

Maybe Mickie was the one who used the dildo and Trish was the one who took it.

But then if that is true why would Mickie have agreed to be the one to take it and not have wanted me to
be where she now is and for her to be where I am?

With this thought in mind I stop again and look at Mickie who looks back at me.

"Maria. I'm alright."

She says looking at me with an affectionate smile on her face.

"If I can't take it I will tell you."

She adds.

"Don't stop again until it is all the way in."

She then says in a much more authoritative tone of voice.

I take a deep breath and swallow hard still worried and yet trusting what Mickie says as I continue to push
the dildo further inside of her.

After slowly pushing inch after inch into her pussy I'm eventually able to slide the last inch inside her
which causes her to let out a loud moan.

I look down at where our bodies are joined together seeing that the dildo is completely inside her the only
thing visible other than our naked bodies is the straps around my waist and lower thighs.

Despite the fact that I know that the thing between my legs isn't a real cock I can't help but feel more
connected to Mickie now in a weird way and I can't help but wonder if this is how men feel when they are
inside a woman. I also wonder if Mickie feels the same way if she feels as though we are closer or more
connected now.

Weather she does or not I decide to start doing what I set out to do and that is fuck Mickie with this strap
on dildo.

So looking down at Mickie who slowly opens her eyes as I begin to move my cock inside of her.

I start by only moving a few inches at a time doing my best to be as gentle as I can wanting more than
anything to fuck her in this new and exciting way.

I continue the slow and gentle pace willing to go faster if Mickie wants me to but she seems just as happy
with the pace that I'm going however I feel the need to make sure and so after a while I decide to ask her.

"How does it feel Mickie?"

I ask her.

"Do you want me to go faster?"

I then ask her.

Mickie slowly nods her head closing her eyes again as I begin to go faster which causes Mickie to start
moaning an the faster I go the more her moans increase in length and volume.

"Please Maria."

Mickie suddenly cries out.

"Please Maria fuck me!"

She cries out again.

"You want me to fuck you Mickie? Then beg for it!"

I demand lustfully.

"Beg for my big cock. Beg for me to fuck you. Beg for me to fuck you with my big cock!"

I add, not knowing where these words are coming from.

It's like my desire is taking over and these words are just falling out of my mouth without my control.

Mickie seems as surprised as I am, if not more, but a wicked grin crosses her face before she cries out.

"Fuck me Maria, please fuck me. Fuck me with your big cock. Fuck me hard. Fuck me as hard as you
can. Please Maria, fuck me as hard as you can with your big cock. Pound my pussy with your big cock. I
love your big cock inside me Maria, it feels so good. Please make it even better by fucking me hard. Fuck
me hard and make me yours Maria. Make me your slut. Make this former WWE women's champion an
innocent little interviewer's slut!"

I'm shocked into silence for a few moments by her lustful words but eventually a smile crosses my face

"You want to be my slut?"

I ask sweetly.

"Mmmmm, yes Maria, make me your slut."

Mickie begs lustfully.

"Well then, wrap your legs around me, and I'll make you my slut."

I tell her.

Mickie does what I tell her immediately which kinda gives me a thrill.

Slowly I pull out completely from Mickie's pussy and wait a minute or two and then slam back inside her
with all my might.

Mickie lets out a long deafening scream as I began to really fuck her cunt as hard as I can.

"Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me."

Mickie keeps saying over and over again which cause me to go even faster deeper and harder each time
she says it due to the fact I want to give her what she wants and hoping despite how she keeps saying
`fuck me' over and over again I hope that is what I am doing.

Soon I'm fucking Mickie with everything that I am, everything I have, everything I can.

The harder the fucking becomes the more worried I am about hurting her but Mickie is giving me
absolutely no sign that I'm hurting her. Exactly the opposite. Every reaction I'm getting from her seems
nothing but positive, from the look in her eyes, to the constant cry of `fuck me', to her legs tightening their
grip around my waist, to her fingernails digging into my back, to the way she has taken to humping up at
my downward thrusts like a little slut, like my little slut.

Since first meeting her one of my most frequent fantasies about Mickie was taking her forcefully and
making her mine. Once I discovered lesbian porn those fantasies became much more explicit and I'd just
love to make some of those nasty little fantasies come true. I'd also like the fantasies where she makes
me her slut to come true, but I'm more than happy to make this fantasy come true first.

However this is more than just about fulfilling a sexual fantasy.

I feel like if I can prove to her that I can use this toy maybe she won't have second thoughts about us. I
mean Trish always did give off an 'I like to be in control' vibe and from the way Mickie's reacting right now
it seems pretty clear she likes playing the submissive role, and while I'm hoping we can take it in turns
playing both dominant and submissive roles this is the unfamiliar role for me and I feel I need to prove to
her that I can do it. Maybe I need to prove to myself I can do it too, but that doesn't seem like it's going to
be a problem.

I can't believe how natural this role feels or how easily I seem to have slipped into it, but I'm so happy I
have, but perhaps not as happy as Mickie it seems, who has finally stopped saying `fuck me' over and
over again and in fact isn't saying anything, she simply has her eyes closed and looks as though she is in

I feel as though I'm as well not just because of what I'm doing to Mickie and the response she is having
too it but also because all the while I'm thrusting into her I have been practically impaling myself on the
small dildo inside the strap on and although I feel as though I'm going to cum with each and every thrust
and yet I'm some how able to hold off my own orgasm due to the fact I want to cum with Mickie.

All of a sudden Mickie lets out an even more deafening scream and comes and the force of her orgasm
causes me to let go of all the self control I have been using to stop myself from cumming.

As we both come down from our orgasms I gently and slowly stop thrusting until I just leave the dildo
buried inside her and watch as Mickie recovers while at the same time I also recover.

When I'm sure that her climax has finished I slowly remove the strap on from her as slowly and gently as

Once the dildo is removed from Mickie's pussy I go to remove it from my waist, however just as I'm about
to touch the straps I stop and think about something I saw in a couple of the lesbian pornos, something
I've wanted to try since I first saw it, especially on Mickie. Considering everything we've already done it
might be too much too soon but I can't help wanting to see if Mickie would let me do it.


I say causing Mickie to look at me.

"Turn over."

I tell her looking back down at her.

Mickie's eyes widen just like they did before when I talked dirty to her.

"Turn over."

I tell her in a much more authoritive tone of voice.

Mickie bites her lip for a second and I'm afraid she's going to say no, but then she just slowly rolls over
onto her stomach.

"Get on your hands and knees."

I say in the same tone of voice I just used.

Mickie slowly get's up onto her hands and knees.

I have to say I feel a little guilty telling Mickie what to do and yet the fact that she is actually doing it is
really turning me on.

As soon as Mickie has turns over my eyes are drawn to her beautiful round ass.

Mickie's ass is perfect, just like all the other parts of her body, but her ass is my favourite part of her. I
don't know why, there is just something about it which always draws my attention when I'm stealing
glances at her or looking at pictures of her, especially those nude once.

Although I have spent a lot of time looking at the pictures she did years ago in the nude and stealing the
odd glance in the shower when I thought she wasn't looking however the pictures and the odd glance in
the shower doesn't compare to how I'm getting to look at her now, up close and personal.

I could spend the rest of the night just staring at her glorious ass but there are other things I want to do to

As I come out of my daze I realise Mickie's ass isn't lubed luckily another part of Mickie's body shows me
a way to solve this problem as I notice her pussy is still dripping cum from it.

I smile as I reach down with all four of my fingers and dip them into her pussy one by one and gently
move them around inside of her cunt doing my best to try and get my fingers covered in as much cum as I

When I can't get anymore cum on my fingers I slowly remove them from her pussy and then I move to her
ass hole and start to run my covered in cum fingers up and down her butt crack before concentrating on
her ass hole, making the outside nice and slick.

This gets a moan and a smile from Mickie, making it obvious that she's enjoying this, which hopefully
means she'll let me do what I want to do to her next.

Just to tease her I continued collecting her cum and pussy juices on my fingers and rubbing them into her
ass hole for a few long minutes, hoping to drive her to the point where she would be to horny to say no
even if she hadn't done this before, not that I could imagine her walking around with such a beautiful
bubble butt without getting ass fucked on a regular basis.


I say finally, the possibility that this is the first time Mickie has taken it up the butt worrying me and
exciting me at the same time.

"Have you ever taken it up the ass?"

I ask her.

Mickie looks back at me with a smile on her face.


She says.


I say, unable to hide my disappointment.

In some ways I'm relived because now I get to fuck her incredible ass but at the same time I'm
disappointed as deep down I was hoping that maybe I would get to break in this gorgeous butt. I guess
that was too much to hope for. Oh well, at least this next part will be easier.

"You want me to fuck you in the ass Mickie?"

I ask her wanting to hear her say it before I do it.

"Yes Maria."

Mickie says looking right at me.

"I want you to fuck my ass."

She adds with neediness in her voice I have never heard before.

"Ok Mickie."

I say with a smile.

"I'll fuck your ass. but your little ass hole is so tiny and my cock is so big I think I'm going to need to
stretch you out a bit first."

With that I push a freshly juice covered finger firmly against Mickie's ass hole and slowly, gently force it
into her rectum. As my finger slides past the tiny little ring of flesh and in all the way into the knuckle
inside her butt I'm unable to believe how tight her little back passage is.

She is so tight it makes me wonder if she was lying before and hasn't ever taken it up the ass. I can't
imagine why she would lie but her ass hole is so tight it's hard for me to believe she's not a anal virgin. I'm
left wondering this for a few minutes, my finger buried in Mickie's ass hole while I'm thinking, which
obviously leaves Mickie restless.

"Please Maria, finger my ass. Stretch it out and get it ready for your big cock. Finger my ass hole so you
can shove your big strap on cock up my butt and ass fuck me like the bitch I am."

Mickie moans lustfully.

I'm shocked by what she just said, but incredibly turned on by it, not something I think comes across as
Mickie is looking at me with a concerned look on her face. She's obviously worried she's pushed me too
far. She hasn't, she just caught me off guard.

Rather than tell her that I instead give her what she wants, gently beginning to move my finger in and out
of her butt, slowly stretching out her anal passage, listening very carefully to her in case her moans of
pleasure at any point turn to cries of pain.

Those moans keep coming so eventually I start experimenting, wiggling my finger around inside her ass.
Up and down, side to side, clockwise and anti-clockwise, all the results being the same, that being moans
of pleasure from Mickie which encourages me to push things even further.

Mickie moans in disappointment as I remove my finger from her ass but soon moans happily when I rub
my index and middle finger in some of her pussy cream before pushing them into her backside, Mickie
taking both my fingers up her ass with nothing but a long groan of pleasure.

I gently finger her butt for a little while, at first only moving in and out before beginning to wiggle them
around inside her behind, again getting nothing but moans of pleasure from my fellow WWE diva.

Again I start wondering if Mickie was telling the truth before because she's taking it so well and with such
ease and yet her back passage is so tight around my fingers it's nearly impossible for me to believe
something as big as the monster strapped around my waist has ever been up there before.


I ask, wanting to know the truth.

"Are you sure you've taken it up the ass before?"

I ask her.

Mickie looks back at me with a smile on her face.


She laughs.

"Why, does it feel like I haven't?"

She then asks me.

I nod my head in answer to the question.

"Well, Trish taught me a lot of exercises to keep my ass hole nice and tight, just the way she liked it."

Mickie then explains.

"They evidently work."

I say with a little smile that quickly fades.

"Trish liked your ass hole nice and tight huh?"

I ask, not really wanting to talk about her ex-girlfriend but feeling the need too.


Mickie says quietly.

"Did she fuck your ass a lot?"

I ask.

There was a pause.

"Every night."

She finally admits.

"Before I was with her I had taken it up the butt a few times, but when we got together it was at least three
times a day. That was the rule Trish came up with. Mickie James's ass must be fucked at the very least
three times a day."

Mickie says, a little mixture of anger, annoyance and bitterness in her voice.

She pauses for a moment and I'm unsure whether to say anything or not but before I get the chance she

"My ass was sore all the time I was with her. She made sitting down hell for me, travelling in cars and
planes were a nightmare, but. but she always made it worth it. Every time she fucked my ass I thought I
was going to die from all those orgasms. It felt so good. She made me want it. Need it. Crave it. And then
after using me as her bitch for months she just left, leaving nothing but a bunch of memories and a strap
on, which I'm still shoving up my own ass because I'm too scared to ask another girl to fuck my ass in
case she thinks I'm some kind of freak and. oh god Maria I'm so sorry, I'm still a little. you know."

"Not over Trish?"

I add for her sadly.

"No, that's not it I swear.

Mickie says quickly.

"She's moved on, not that we were ever really together, but I get it, and I'm moving on too. I don't miss
her as much as I miss what she did to me."

She explains.


I say, beginning to understand.

"So you miss getting fucked in the ass?"

I add.


She says.

"You miss being fucked in the ass by another girl?"


She says.

"You want me to fuck you in the ass?"

I ask her, causing her to smile back at me.


Mickie says looking right at me.

"I want you to fuck my ass."

She adds.

"You want me, not Trish, to fuck you up the ass?"

I ask.

"Yes Maria, I want you, not Trish, to fuck me up the ass."

She says.

"I want you to fuck me up the ass Maria."

She adds with neediness in her voice I have never heard before.

Despite wanting to fuck her ass as badly as she evidently wants me to I can't help but press my

"Beg for it."

I tell her really getting a kick out of this power trip I'm on.

Mickie's smile seems to widen.

"Oh please Maria."

She says in her best begging voice.

"Please fuck my ass! Fuck me in my ass! I need it so bad. You can't possibly imagine how bad I need it in
my ass. You have no idea how hard it is to go cold turkey after all that anal pleasure. Please Maria, I'm
begging you, fuck my ass! Fuck me up the ass! I don't want Trish, I just want it up my ass! I'm a little anal
slut and would probably take it from anyone, but I want it from you. I want to get fucked in the ass by you.
Please Maria, please I beg you, fuck my ass!"

She says with such need in her voice that I just can't deny her or myself the pleasure any longer.


I say, finally removing my fingers from her ass, taking the strap on dildo in my hand and positioning it at
the entrance to her ass hole.

I take a deep breath feeling the most excited I have been all night as I slowly begin to press the dildo
forward as gently as I can not wanting to hurt her more than necessary. I've never taken it up the butt
before so I don't know what this feels like, but I can imagine if you have a tight ass hole like Mickie does
despite however many times you have had this done it still can hurt if you aren't careful and the last thing
I want to do is hurt her.

Slowly but surely I start to see Mickie's incredibly tight ass hole slowly start to stretch around the shaft of
my fake cock. Gradually it widens until finally her asshole closes around the bulbous head announcing
that I, sweet načve little interviewer Maria, am inside former WWE women's champion Mickie James's


Mickie loudly cries out, causing me to stop immediately

"Are you alright? Did I hurt you?"

I ask her.

Mickie doesn't answer right away which makes me worry more.

"Do you want to stop?"

I ask her desperate for a response of some kind from her.

Mickie still doesn't respond and I'm just about to remove the strap on from her ass hole when I hear
Mickie say.

"I'm ok. you didn't hurt me, I've just. mmmmm, I've just missed the feeling of another girl stretching
open my ass hole. It feels so good. So good. I want more. Please Maria don't stop. Don't you dare think
about stopping."

I exhale heavily, relief that I haven't hurt her washing over me. As I mentally reassure myself that Mickie
is ok and that she wants me to continue. In fact she practically ordered me not to stop.

So with Mickie's demand in mind I slowly once again start to push the dildo further into her back passage,
watching my cock as it slowly disappears into her backside inch, by inch, by inch.

Looking at the fake cock wrapped around my midsection I can't believe that something so big is able to fit
inside something so small. It should be impossible but some how Mickie's ass is slowly swallowing my
fake cock.

For some reason I don't know what it is exacterly but I can't stop smiling as I watch more and more of the
dildo enter Mickie's ass hole.

Finally I stop having reached the base of my cock all 10 inches are now deeply embedded inside of
Mickie's ass.

I take a deep breath knowing that this is it.

I'm about to fuck Mickie James's ass.

"Are you ready for me to make you my bitch Mickie?"

I ask her, still unable to believe some of the language and words coming out of my mouth. It is almost as
if my mouth is working it's self and my brain has lost control.

"Yes Maria."

I hear Mickie breath out.

"I am."

She adds.

I swear to god I have never felt as powerful and as in control as I do right now.

"You are what?"

I ask her wanting to actually hear her say the words.

"I'm ready for you to make me your bitch."

Mickie says loud enough for me to hear and yet still in the softest voice I have ever heard.


I say, and with that I take a firm grip of her hips and slowly pull my strap on almost all the way out before
preparing to slam it back inside her ass with all my might.

As I'm just about to do exacterly that I realise that is probably what Mickie is expecting me to do and so I
decide to do the exact opposite.

So despite the burning desire to slam fuck her ass as hard as I can I slowly slid the dildo back into her
butt hole gently.

The long sexy moan of frustration Mickie lets out is worth my patience but I am further rewarded as I
slowly repeat the process, moving the strap on in and out of Mickie's ass as gently as possible, giving her
the softest butt fucking I'm capable of giving, designed more to tease and torment than to pleasure.

I can tell Mickie is desperate for a hard butt pounding however I've decided that I'm only going to go faster
when Mickie tells me or rather begs me that she wants it faster. This sounds kind of cruel but I know from
my own experience being fucked that I like it when I'm teased with a slow fucking, even when I'm relaxed
and ready for a hard pussy pounding, because it creates a build up of pleasure which makes my orgasm
that much stronger. Plus Mickie's ass hole is tighter than her pussy so even though it doesn't seem like it
maybe it's for the best that I'm giving her some extra time to relax. Besides, the way she's reacting makes
it all worth it.

Although it makes me feel like a bad friend I can't help find Mickie's sexual frustration sexy. I don't know
why, but there's just something about the way she's digging her fingernails into the bed sheets and
moaning that's driving me crazy. It makes me want to fuck her even more, but I'm determined to wait for
her to beg for it. Luckily I don't have to wait too long.


I suddenly hear Mickie say.

"Yes Mickie."

I say back.

"Please, fuck me harder. Fuck my ass harder. Please, I need it. Give it to me harder Maria, give it to me
as hard as you can. Fuck my ass as hard as you can."

Mickie says.

"Is that what you want?"

I ask her.

"Yes... please fuck me harder."


I say, again unable to stop pressing my advantage.

"My bitch wants me to fuck her harder does she?"

For a moment I think I've gone too far as Mickie looks all the way round back at me, but then she grins

"Oh yes Maria, your bitch wants you to fuck her harder. Fuck your bitch's ass harder Maria. Pound your
bitch's ass as hard as you can. Pound my ass and make me your bitch!"

Mickie cries out.

"Ok Mickie."

I say.

"I'll pound your ass and make you my bitch... but first you just have to do something for me."

"Name it, I'll do anything. Anything you want."

Mickie whimpers with incredible need in her voice.

"Ok, sniff these."

I tell her, reaching out, picking up and throwing her her own discarded thong.

Without even looking at what it was Mickie grabs it, shoves it in her face and deeply breathes in her own

Grinning widely I slowly remove the strap on from her backside, watching as that tight little butt hole
stretches around it until only the tip is still inside of her ass. Then with every ounce of strength I possess I
slam the dildo back in to her, burying every single inch inside her ass in one brutal thrust.

"Oh yes Maria!"

Mickie cries out with pleasure, pulling her face from her thong.

"No, bad girl."

I say, smacking Mickie's ass hard.

"Keep sniffing."

With that order Mickie buries her face in her own thong again, sniffing it for all she's worth.

I can't help smiling at this, before my smile fades and I start concentrating on giving Mickie exacterly what
she wants from me, that being a harder ass fucking.

Slowly, gradually I increase the strength and speed behind my thrusts, drilling her butt hole harder and
harder, until I'm pounding into her pooper as hard as I can, as fast as I can, as deep as I can.

Once I really begin roughly fucking her ass Mickie starts whimpering softly into her thong beneath me,
these whimpers increasing in volume with every brutal butt busting thrust.

I've never heard anybody whimper before, much less a woman, and yet hearing Mickie whimper in
pleasure is music to my ears.

Those whimpers make Mickie seem so... so... submissive.

Mickie doesn't really come off as a 'tough chick' and she's kind of small, but I've seen her stand up to
guys nearly twice her size and she's one of the best divas in the ring. Wrestling might not be a legitimate
sporting contest but you would still need to be very good at what you do to achieve the success Mickie
has. Feuding with two of the greatest divas ever in Lita and Trish Stratus, winning the women's title at
Wrestlemania, just a week or two away from winning the title again and becoming the face of an entire
wrestling division. Yet despite all these accomplishments Mickie is on her hands and knees right now,
whimpering submissively as a little interviewer pounds into her ass hole with a strap on.

I was only hired as a hot looking mic stand and I suck in the ring. I'm only thrown into matches to fill space
and if wrestling was legitimate Mickie would have no problem kicking my ass. But right now I'm the one
fucking her ass and it makes me feel more powerful, confident and in control than I have ever in anything
in my life before. I like the feeling. It feels good.

In my mind the sweet, innocent little interviewer character Maria I play somehow seduces and dominates
the former women's champion Mickie James, turning that former champion into her bitch.

The fantasy gets even better as dream Mickie wins the women's title again by beating Lita and then
returns to the locker room to kiss the feet of her mistress the sweet, innocent little interviewer Maria. Then
the dominant mistress makes her bitch stripped naked except for her championship belt which she is
instructed to keep around her waist before leaning against the shower wall and sticking her ass out. Then
the mistress shoves her strap on up her bitch's ass and butt fucks her, the dream version of myself
holding on to dream Mickie's title belt as I pound into her pooper, just like I'm doing now.

I'm awoken from my hot fantasy by the hot reality of Mickie's whimpers growing even louder and I quickly
realise why.

While I was dreaming I somehow subconsciously found a way to slam Mickie's shit hole even harder than
I was before, the big dildo around my waist tearing through Mickie's back door so ruthlessly it should be
ripping her ass hole apart, but rather than complain Mickie just keeps whimpering pleasurably.

In a weird way hearing Mickie whimper like she is makes me wonder what she is feeling and if she is
getting as much pleasure out of this as I am.

I start to imagine our roles reversed. In my minds eye I can see Mickie where I am and I can see myself
on all fours with Mickie fucking my ass like there's no tomorrow. Despite the fact I have never taken it up
the ass before by anybody the thought of Mickie not only doing that but being the first person to ever do
that turns me on and makes me go faster, harder and deeper if that is even possible considering now I'm
going so fast, hard and deep the sound of my thighs smacking against Mickie's ass cheeks is deafening.

I'm awoken from my second daydream by Mickie's voice.

"Please Maria fuck my ass harder. Fuck my ass deeper. Fuck my ass faster."

She begs, her voice only slightly muffled by the thong pressing against her face.

I can't believe she is actually asking this of me. If I fuck her any harder than I already am the bed will start
moving quiet literally.

"If you want it Mickie I'll give it to you."

I tell her doing my best to go harder, faster and deeper.

"I don't just want it Maria."

Mickie tells me.

"I need it. I need it so bad."

Mickie moans.

"Oh my god! Fuck my ass! Aaaaahhhhh. I love it. I love it so much in my ass! Fuck my ass! Yes, yes, yes,
fuck my ass just like that, oh God, just like that, pound my ass hole! Pound my ass hole Maria!"

Mickie continues to moan and talk dirty to me.

"This is sssssoooo fucking good. You're so fucking good. More Maria please give me more. Tear my ass
hole up! It feels so good. Yes, more, harder, fuck my ass, fuck my ass and make me cum!"

I respond by doing my best to give her what she wants, unable to believe the bed isn't moving
considering how hard I'm fucking Mickie up the ass. I'm trying to give her the hardest ass pounding I'm
capable of, while at the same time trying to keep myself from cumming before she does. I was able to
hold off until now but the urge has become excruciating.

"Oh God, oh God, oh God, oh God, oh God, I'm going, I'm going, I'm going to cum, oh my god I'm going
to fucking cum, oh my god Maria make me fucking cum, make me fucking cum by fucking me up the ass
and making me your bitch!"

Mickie finally screams as I feel her body start to shake, quiet literally shake, and this somehow causes me
to cry out just as loud as she did as my orgasm hits.

Despite how hard the orgasm hits me some how I still am able to continue fucking Mickie's ass for all I am

When my orgasm finally ends I am completely exhausted from the butt fucking I have just given Mickie.
Despite how exhausted I am I force myself to keep going, to not stop fucking Mickie's ass, however what I
do do is start to slow the pace, gently bringing us both down from our orgasms.

Once I pull out of Mickie's ass Mickie falls onto her stomach as if the dildo was the only thing holding her

As I look down I gasp softly to see her once tiny little ass hole now gaping widely as if it's never going to
close again, and yet just as I think this her butt hole slowly begins to close before my very eyes.

Is it wrong I find watching another girl's ass hole slowly closing after I've abused it with a huge strap on

After a few seconds after Mickie's ass hole has completely closed she slowly still shaking slightly turns on
to her side and looks at me as I with what little strength I have left lay down beside her with the dildo the
only thing between us.

We stare at one and other for a while before I look down at the dildo and start to take it off and once it is
off I toss it to the floor and it lands on our discarded clothes with a small thump.

Once the dildo is no longer attached to me I turn my focus back to Mickie who is still looking at me with an
ear to ear smile on her face.

"I didn't think you would be such a top."

She says.

I blush.

"I, I don't know what happened back there. It was like something took over me and I couldn't control it. I'm

I say, starting to make excuses.

"Don't be. I loved it."

She says with another wicked smile, which slowly fades.

"Did, did you like it?"

Mickie then asks me.

I nod my head having not just enjoyed it but actually loved it.

"Would you like to do it again?"

Mickie then asks me, sounding a little nervous.

I once again nod my head more eagerly than before.

Mickie's smile turns into a grin.

"But next time, could you be the top?"

I ask her.

Mickie's eyes once again go wide in shock which causes me to grin back at her due to the fact that I have
lost count how many times I have shocked her tonight and yet loving it every time I do.

"Trish never let me be the top."

Mickie says thoughtfully, almost to herself.

"I was always the bottom. Always her bitch."


I say.

"I guess if you just want me to be the top that would be ok."

"No Maria, I'd love to top you."

Mickie says quickly.


I say, biting my lip.

"But only if you make me your bitch like I made you mine."

I add with a grin.

My grin is completely beaten by the huge grin crossing Mickie's face.

"Have you ever been fucked in the ass Maria?"

Mickie then asks me.

I shake my head.

"Not yet."

I tell her.

"I hope to be soon."

I add.

"You want me to take your anal cherry?"

Mickie asks sounding shocked almost as shocked as she looks.

I nod my head.

"Would you like to take my anal cherry?"

I ask her.

"Oh Maria, I'd love to take your anal cherry."

Mickie says happily.

"That's for next time though."

I tell her.

"Right now I'm kind of tired."

"Yeah, me too."

Mickie agrees.

After a moment of silence I bite my lip and awkwardly stretch out my arms. I've never post sex cuddled
with a woman before, but since I was kind of playing the guy role I feel like I should be the one to offer
this. To my relief Mickie makes it easy by smiling, moving in close and allowing me to wrap my arms
around her.

As we lay together I noticed that there's something she's twirling in her hand, and it doesn't take long for
me to figure out what it is.

"You know, we should really get you a few of these, then we could both sniff each other's thongs."

Mickie says playfully.

I share a giggle with her in response, but why not. If it means I get some more quality time with her and
her thongs I'll pretty much do anything. After all, I do love her thongs.

The End.

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