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Stephanie Insults The Wrong Fans
Vince And Linda Meets Stephanie's New Friends
Shane And Marissa Welcomes Mick And Taylor
Midnight Confessions

Marissa Convinces Hunter
by Angela (, AIM IM: Storyweaver4life)

Marissa sat staring out the window. Shane was coming by to get his stuff
later and she felt like her heart was breaking in half. "I love you Shane"
she said holding the pillow close against her chest imagining it was Shane's
arms... but it would never be his arms again...Taylor had that pleasure now.

As Marissa waits for Shane to arrive, the doorbell rings. Marissa lets it
ring a few more times before she reluctantly goes to answer it. She opens
the door and smiles slightly when she sees Hunter Hearst-Helmsley, otherwise
known as Paul Levesque when he's away from the wrestling ring. Paul has a
box full of odd things; he smiles at Marissa, "Hi Marissa... I've brought
back the things I've borrowed from Shane finally..."

Marissa can't help but laugh at how her brother in law finally returns the
belongings of her soon to be ex-husband on the day he's moving out. "Oh come
in... Set them any where..." Marissa says as she opens the door. Paul enters
the house and sets the box on the floor. Marissa slides a hand through her
own hair and asks, "Do you... want something to drink?" She smiles a bit

"No thanks... so where's Shane? Is he watching another wrestling tape?" Paul
asks smiling and Marissa turns around quickly moving to go through some stuff
"Marissa?" Paul asks softly and her hand stops on one of Shane's shirts.

"He's with his girlfriend" she says softly.

"His girlfriend?" Paul raises an eyebrow.

Marissa sighs, "Shane... fell in love with someone else..."

Paul sighs, "Damn... that sucks... I'm sorry Marissa..."

Marissa turns a bit to look at him, "It's ok... these things happen... just
never thought it could happen to me..."

Paul walks behind her, moving his hands up and down her arms "I bet she's
ugly" he says and she laughs moving to look into his eyes again.

"Actually... she's kinda cute..." Marissa smiles, "I... don't really mind
him... having another girl... just as long as he's married to me..."

Paul smiles and moves a hand to slide his fingers against her cheek, "You
deserve someone who just wants you..."

Marissa feels a shiver move through her body at his touch "What about you
Paul... you want my sister in law... Shane wants Taylor..."

Paul places a finger against her lips. "Steph doesn't know about everything
I do" he replies and then he's kissing her deeply.

Marissa almost melts as he hugs her while he deepens the kiss. Hunter slides
his tongue into her mouth gently as Marissa places her hands on his muscles
to push herself away slightly in order to break the kiss. Marissa smiles, and
slides her hands over his chest, "I've wanted you for so long Paul..."

He leans down picking her up and carrying her into the bedroom laying her
down on the bed and slipping her robe open moving to gently lick and then
sucks on her nipple.

"Mmmm Paul..." Marissa whimpers as he plays with her nipple with his tongue
as he sucks on it. Paul moves a hand between her legs, then slides his
fingers into her panties to press them against her pussy. Marissa bites her
lip and places a hand on his head, "Ohhhhh..."

Marissa cries out as he slides the fingers deep inside of her "Paul...please"
she begs as he moves the fingers out for a brief moment only to thrust them
back in suddenly he moves between her legs sliding her panties down watching
her as he spreads her legs open leaning down to lick her slit.

Marissa slightly thrashes about on the bed, arching her back and then her
hips as Paul stimulates her pussy, bringing her to powerful orgasm. Marissa
whimpers in pleasure when Paul doesn't stop licking her pussy. "Ohhhh Paul...
god... you're making me... so wet... and excited..."

Paul is determined to make her climax harder then the first time so he moves
to hold her pussy open stabbing his tongue against the spot that he had just
found that sent Marissa off into that orgasm.

Marissa closes her eyes tightly and moans somewhat mindlessly as Paul works
over the spot over and over again with his tongue. "Ahhhh... not... again...
Paulllll...." Marissa screams out his names as she climaxes harder. She
clutches the comforter that is covering the bed as she arches her body to
press her pussy again his handsome face.

"You are beautiful" he whispers kissing her leg moving up to her stomach and
then finally to her breast and her lips slipping his tongue deep inside of
her mouth.

Marissa slightly sucks on his tongue and waits for him to break the kiss.
"Paul... there's something... I want to do..." She whispers as she licks
her lips seductively. Paul smiles and stands up for a few moments to get
undressed. He kneels back on the bed and Marissa wraps her delicate fingers
around his cock as she moves to lick the tip of his shaft.

"Oh I know I can play that game baby "he says laying back and watching her
as she starts to suck lightly on his cock "Marissa" he moans closing his eyes
bucking his hips upward against her mouth.

Marissa slightly begins to bob her head on his cock faster as she moves a
hand to gently massage his balls while moving her other hand up to his chest,
to feel his heart beating. She then slowly takes all of his dick in her
mouth, coughing slightly before lifting her head off his cock to look up at
his face, "Do you like that Paul?" She asks just before she begins sucking
on his cock again.

"I love it baby "he replies smiling as she start sucking him harder "Oh
baby... I'm gonna cum... don't stop Marissa" he says as he quickly fills her
mouth with his cum.

Marissa doesn't swallow his cum, instead she keeps it in her mouth and pulls
off his cock. She smiles up at him and opens her mouth so she can see his
spunk in her mouth. Marissa then closes her mouth and swallows the load
finally, then opens it again so he can she swallowed every drop. She smiles
at him as she wraps her hand around his cock to pump it gently to keep him
hard, "Paul... I... I want you inside me... please... fuck me..."

He moves to lay her down on the bed spreading her legs open wide he begins
to move inside of her moving deeper he moves to cup her breasts rubbing the
nipples slowly he slides his hands under her ass lifting her a little bit so
he could go deeper inside of her. Marissa hook her legs around Paul's waist
to pull him into her harder whenever he thrusts into her. She locks eyes with
him with a look of pure lust mixed with love in her eyes that inspires Paul
to drill her even harder, causing the bed to move slightly.

"I want you" he whispers thrusting hard inside of her which causes her to cry

"Yes... Paul yes" she whimpers cumming again and he soon follows crying out
her name and gripping onto her hips.

"Ohhh baby... I'm going to cum again..." Paul grunts as he pulls out just in
time for he blows his load on Marissa's belly. When he's spent he leans down
and kisses her softly.

"Don't go back to her right now" she says reaching up to cup his face.

"I wont baby in fact I maybe staying here for a long time" he replies leaning
down to kiss her deeply.

Meanwhile... at the McMahon Mansion, Taylor is sitting in her room looking at
a pregnancy test. Shane knocks on the door and enters the room, "Hey baby..."
Shane smiles as he walks over and kisses her forehead.

"We need to talk" she says softly taking his hand and walking over to the bed
sitting down on top of it and pulling him down next to her.

"Is something wrong?" Shane asks with a worried look on his face.

"No, not at all I just... Shane, I'm pregnant."

Shane's jaw drops open, "You're... you're..." Shane swallows hard, "You're
pregnant?" She nods waiting for his reaction.

Shane runs his hand through his hair and then smiles, "Well... there's... no
doubt of who's baby it is..." Shane takes her hand, 'This is... really a
surprise... a wonderful surprise... but... we can't have a child... not with
the family divided like it is right now..."

"I... You've got to be kidding me Shane... how dare you say something like
that... I'm keeping our baby... I love our baby Shane it's a part of me and
you and you just dismiss it like it's a wrestler who's incredibly screwed up
I don't believe you Shane" she cries racing from the room running right into
Vince outside of his office.

Taylor almost knocks Vince down, but he keeps his balance, "Hey slow down...
what's wrong?" Vince asks as he wipes her eyes clean of tears.

"Your son is an ass" she says softly and Vince looks at her strangely Shane
comes up behind them.

"Taylor please... we need to talk" Taylor turns to face him.

"Get away from I don't want to talk to you right now in fact let's ask Vince
what he thinks about what you said about his grandchild?"

Vince looks at Taylor's stomach and puts the numbers together to realize
Taylor is carrying his grandchild. He folds his arms and looks at Shane.
Shane sighs and starts talking before Vince can blow his top, "Dad... she
took what I said out of context... I said our child... shouldn't be brought
into this world with the family divided..."

Vince glares at Shane, "Sounds to me you want to abort it..."

Shane shakes his head, "No.. Taylor didn't let me finish... I want to bring
the family back together... before the baby is born..."

Shane walks up to Taylor kissing her forehead. "I would rather take a knife
to my own heart then to have you abort our baby."

"I love you so much" she replies wrapping her arms around his neck.

"Well since you want dad in on everything I guess he can be here for this
too" Shane replies getting down on one knee.

"Shane McMahon" she says softly as he opens an engagement ring box "I'm
asking her for a divorce today and the minute after it's final I want us to
be married."

Taylor holds her hands against her mouth in shock and then she starts nod
and cry, "Yes... yes..." She kneels down and kisses Shane deeply for a long
moment as Vince watches on. Taylor then breaks the kiss, "I love you Shane
McMahon..." She wraps her arms around him hugging him tightly. She gets a
bit of a smile on her face, "Shane... I... have an idea... on how to get the
family... back together..." she whispers into his ear.

"How is that?" he asks reaching up to stroke her hair

"Well lets get the family together and then I'll tell all of you at once
okay?" she asks.

Shane smiles, "You always are planning something aren't you..."

Taylor smiles back, "Of course... that's why you love me..."

To Be Continued in The Family Reunion

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