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Maryse's Love Of Fat Ass Part 4
by MTL (

By 2009 Trish Stratus had no desire to return to the ring full-time but it was an incredible thrill to come back for one match just to hear the roar of the crowd. She had just been in one of those comeback matches, this being a six-man inter-gender, and her team had won and she loved every minute of it. She had also loved guest hosting RAW which had given her a sense of absolute power she had never had during her full-time career. An intoxicating feeling which, along with the thrill of both the match and her victory, was like pouring gasoline on the raging fire which was her libido.

She missed competing, she really did, but then she what missed most about the WWE with access to the divas, almost each and every one of them being rug munching sluts who love taking it up the ass, Trish's pussy juice literally dripping down her thighs at all the treasured memories she had fucking all of those hotties. And she wanted to fuck them tonight. Particularly their asses. Oh yes, Trish definitely wanted to pound some hot bitch ass tonight. Maybe get her own ass pounded too, if she was feeling generous after fucking a few asses.

That said, or thought as the case may be, there was another reason Trish was heading to the women's locker room, that being her ex-girlfriend and prot‚g‚ Mickie James. About two months ago Mickie had quit out of the blue yet there was still reports of her showing up to WWE events, which was weird because Mickie loved wrestling and Trish couldn't imagine why she would give it up. Trish had tried to call Mickie over the week but she hadn't received a single reply and was starting to get really worried. Hopefully she would bump into her ex somewhere around here, effectively allowing Trish to kill two birds with one stone as she could find out what was up with Mickie and get herself some of that sweet country girl booty. Maybe even bend over for Mickie once Trish had thoroughly proved which one of them was the most dominant.

As it turned out finding Mickie was surprisingly easy. All Trish had to do was go to the women's locker room and she literally found Mickie on her knees like she was waiting for her. Which was an idea Trish very much liked, but it didn't seem to be the case as Mickie blushed and lowered her head upon seeing the seven times women's champion.

"Hey Mickie, how you been?" Trish asked.

No reply.

Deciding to cut to the chase Trish asked, "So Mickie... why did you quit wrestling? I thought it was your dream?"

Still no reply.

"You don't want to talk about it, that's fine I guess. But just so you know, I'm here for you." Trish said, and then after a pause added, "So... wanna have a little fun? You know, like old times?"

There was a pause then Mickie glanced up at Trish and stammered, "I, I can't. I'm sorry Trish."

"Why not?" Trish asked, frowning in confusion.

Mickie blushed again, lowered her gaze and mumbled, "I don't have permission."

"Permission?" Trish questioned, "You need permission to have sex?"

"Yes, because..." Mickie closed her eyes, and then just went with it, "Because my top owns all my slutty fuck holes. I would never dream of using them without her permission. Especially not my ass hole because that's her favourite fuck hole."

"Really?" Trish said, Mickie's little outburst making her wet. Or more accurately wetter, as she had been wet before she had even seen the oh so arousing sight of Mickie James on her knees. Licking her lips Trish asked, "Wow... so who made you their bitch? Beth? Victoria? Natalya?"


Trish recognised the sultry French-Canadian accent before she even turned around, a smirk crossing her face as she looked at the new comer and said, "Don't make me laugh Maryse. There's no way Mickie would ever submit to a no talent model like you."

Maryse smirked evilly, looked past Trish and ordered, "Mickie, stand-up, pull down your pants and bend over. Show your ex-girlfriend what I've done to your fat ass."

Mickie hesitated only briefly and then as she blushed with shame she got on her feet, turned around and bent over. As she did so Mickie pulled down her pants, revealing that her ass hole was gaping widely open. Once her pants were around her ankles Mickie reached back and spread her meaty cheeks, showing off just how gaping her butt hole was, the other two women being able to see deep into her bowels via the red ringed crater in between her cheeks.

For a few long seconds Trish stared in disbelief, then she stammered, "That, that proves nothing."

"Non?" Maryse chuckled, "Well maybe this will change your mind... Mickie, tell Trish how I made you my fat ass bitch."

Blushing Mickie looked over her shoulder at Trish and said, "Maryse... Maryse got into my head with a bunch of notes and text messages about how she wanted to fuck my fat ass and make me her bitch. I got so mad I ended up chasing her into a trap. She knocked me unconscious, tied me up and then fucked me like a two dollar whore. She just rammed my fat ass over and over and over again until I desperately wanted to cum, then she untied me and took my big butt in every position. When she was done I couldn't imagine not being her bitch, mmmmmm, she was so fucking good. Maryse is so fucking good at pounding ass. She's the most skilled ass pounder that's ever pounded my fat ass, mmmmmm, so much better than you Trish. She's better than everyone. Maryse is a total butt buster, an ass destroying stud, mmmmmm, the perfect top and I am so lucky she turned me into her fat ass bitch."

Maryse chuckled again at Mickie's submission and the disbelieving look on Trish's face, "Do you believe me now?"

Without looking at the worthless model Trish mumbled unconvincingly, "No."

"Good." Maryse grinned as she rubbed anal lubricant into the dildo she had strapped around her waist while Mickie was busy explaining to Trish what happen to her, "Now I have an excuse to do this, not that I need it."

Mickie let out a loud squeal of joy when Maryse slammed her strap-on inside her ass, the full length of that dildo easily entering that gaping hole and shooting deep inside Mickie's bowels. Sure there was a little pain but nothing out of the ordinary, and Mickie was getting used to having a constantly aching and sore ass, so this was no big deal. Especially when Mickie knew the ecstasy she would soon be receiving at the hands of her top. Hell, just the first thrust gave her pleasure, as did every single one that followed it, Maryse quickly establishing a hard and brutal rhythm right from the get go.

At first this rough butt pounding made Mickie grit her teeth, yet moments later she was moaning joyfully as her slutty ass quickly adjusted to being fucked. Soon all Mickie could feel was pure pleasure as she was roughly sodomised by the physically weaker woman, the sound of Maryse's thighs smacking against her meaty ass cheeks echoing throughout the entire locker room along with Mickie's constant moans, groans and whimpers of pure joy.

To be butt fucked by an 'eye candy' diva was humiliating enough, but for her ex-girlfriend/one of the greatest women's champions of all time to see her like this was overwhelmingly shameful. It was easily the greatest humiliation of Mickie's life, the worst part of it being it only added to how horny she felt, shame and submission mixing with Maryse's rectum wrecking thrusts to make sure Mickie was aching to cum in record time.

Once Mickie was on the edge of orgasm Maryse turn to the other blonde, grinned and asked, "How about now Trish? Do you believe me now?"

Maryse didn't really expect Trish to reply given how captivated she now was at the sight in front of her, and she didn't which only made the French-Canadian grin wider. It was clear that Maryse had Trish under her spell and it was only a matter of time before the seven times women's champion was getting her big fat ass brutally pounded by the Sexiest of the Sexy. Until then Maryse had another deliciously fat ass to enjoy, the dominant blonde taking great pleasure in keeping her bitch on the edge of orgasm for several long minutes, each and every one of Mickie's pathetic little whimpers for mercy music to Maryse's ears.

"Oh God fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me and make me cum! Ooooooohhhhhh Goooooodddddddd!" Mickie whined as she clutched onto lockers to try and somewhat take her mind off the fact that she was constantly being denied orgasm despite how hard Maryse was fucking her ass, "Ohhhhhhhh Maryse, fuck me! Fuck my big fat ass! Oooooooooh yeeeeeeeessssssss, oh Maryse, fuck me in the ass and make me cum like a little bitch. Mmmmmm ooooooohhhhhhh Gooooooodddddddd, I'm your bitch now Maryse. I'm your bitch who loves taking your dick in her big fat ass. Ohhhhhhh fuck, ass fuck me Maryse, ass fuck me like the anal whore I am! Oooooooohhhhhhh Gawwwwwwd, fuck my ass and make me cum!"

Maryse interrupted Mickie's flow by suddenly pulling her strap-on cock completely out of the brunette's butt, slapping those meaty cheeks and ordering, "On your knees bitch! Mmmmmm, I wish to see you suck your skanky little ass off my big beautiful dick."

Without a moment's hesitation Mickie turned around, fell to her knees and quickly gobbled up Maryse's cock. At first it was only the head, the well-trained ass to mouth slut savouring the flavour of the part of the dildo which had plundered the deepest part of her bowels. Then once every ounce of ass cream was removed from the tip Mickie quickly stuffed the rest into her mouth and down her throat, sucking noisily and passionately while occasionally looking up to Maryse for her approval.

Only too happy to give Mickie that approval Maryse grinned, "Ooooooooh oui Mickie, suck my cock. Suck it clean of all your nasty anal juices you perverted little ATM slut! Ooooooooohhhhhhhhh ouuuuuuiiiiiiiii, that's so nasty! You're so nasty. My nasty little butt slut. My nasty little ass to mouth whore. My nasty little anal slave, mmmmmmmm fuck, and you love it, don't you? You love being my bitch. Yeahhhhhhhhh, I can see it in your eyes as you deep throat my cock! Mmmmmmm, you love being my ATM loving bitch!"

Half of the time Maryse was looking directly at Trish, the other blonde blushing and mostly not meeting her gaze as she began to realise she was jealous of not being the one on her knees sucking Maryse's cock with her ass hole gaping wide open and ready to be pounded to orgasm. It was almost as cute as the site of Mickie on her knees, part of Maryse wanting to spend the next few hours just taunting these wrestlers as one sucked her cock and the other looked on in envy. However a much bigger part of Maryse was eager to get back to some ass pounding, so ultimately she pushed Mickie away from her.

Then she ordered, "Get on your knees, Mickie. I wish to take you like a bitch."

Again quick to obey Mickie whirled around, placed her hands, elbows and the lower part of her arms down on the floor so she was in the classic doggy style position and then she wiggled her ass and moaned, "Mmmmmm yes, please Maryse, take me like a bitch. Take me like the anal loving bitch I am!"

Grinning widely Maryse got down onto her knees behind Mickie, aimed her cock against the brunette's gaping butt hole and then slammed forwards, sending every inch of that big dildo deep into Mickie's guts with one mighty thrust. The fact that Maryse had been brutally fucking Mickie's big butt throughout the day, and had been butt fucking her nearly non-stop since their first time, meant that the submissive little anal slut howled in pleasure and thrust herself backwards to meet the Sexiest of the Sexy's hips as they crashed into the big pillowy ass cheeks before them, the sound of firm flesh meeting fat jiggly flesh almost as deafening as Mickie's squeals of pleasure as the two divas got down to some serious sodomy.

This was another thing Trish missed so much about the WWE. There was almost always at least two divas having sex with each other at any given time in the women's locker room, and more often than not one diva would be passionately sodomising another with a nice big strap-on just like this. The only thing unusual about it was that this time it was a wrestler getting her butt stuffed while a glorified model took her like a bitch, Trish finding the sight obscene and yet amazingly hot.

Trish just couldn't look away, especially when Maryse started dishing out a rectum wrecking as hard and as ruthless as any Trish had given out, Mickie happily taking every brutal thrust with almost literally deafening squeals of ecstasy. Then, just to make it more obscene, Maryse started smacking Mickie's fat ass with random but harsh blows which made the already jiggling butt cheeks look like a bowl of jelly in an earthquake. Maryse somehow did this without slowing down one bit, every blow making Mickie squeal louder in pure joy.

Then Maryse reached out, grabbed Mickie's hair and pulled it back so hard she forced the other diva's head upwards and then screamed, "I own you Mickie! I own your big fat ass! Oooooooohhhhhhh oui, Je vous le propri‚taire! Je possŠde votre gros cul! Oh oui, oh oui, your massive ass is mine to fuck whenever I want! Mmmmmmmm yeahhhhhhhhh, Mickie James's big fat ass is all mine and no one else's! Mickie James est ma chienne! Mickie James est … moi! Mickie James is my bitch! Mickie James is mine! Oooooooooohhhhhhhhh oui, you're mine Mickie! Not Trish's, mine! All fucking mine!"

This sent Mickie over the edge, her cum violently squirting out of her pussy as her whole body shook and her squeals seem to become literally ear piercing. It made Trish more jealous than anything she'd ever seen before in her life. Partly because although she had made Mickie cum countless times, the majority of which was from anal sex, Trish was sure she had never made Mickie, or anyone else, cum that hard. She'd certainly never cum like that, Trish blushing furiously as she realised part of the reason she was jealous was she kind of wanted to be the one being butt fucked like a submissive little bitch, and although it wasn't what she came here for and she would never normally dream about something so perverted as being sodomised by a worthless model it didn't seem so bad if that was her reward.

As if she had read her mind Maryse locked eyes with her again and grinned wickedly, the look on the blonde's face making it very clear she was cumming not only from the sheer joy of feeling Mickie's big butt cheeks jiggling against her thighs or the heaven that was fucking another woman in the ass. No, Maryse was dreaming of ass fucking Trish, the image of the seven times women's champion in Mickie's place, cumming like a bitch as the brunette was now, filling Maryse's mind as the stimulator on her clit and everything going on in her dirty little mind made her cum.

It was definitely Trish who was bent over and taking it in the ass in Maryse's mind, the French-Canadian grinning wickedly as she took the next step towards that, namely pulling out of Mickie's ass without warning, slapping the huge cheeks of her ass and ordering, "Ok you fat piece of shit, show Trish your big fat disgusting ass! Mmmmmmmm oui, montrer que bon gros cul de salope, ooooooh oui, show Trish that big fat slutty ass! Show her how I've gaped your ass hole better than she ever did... and show her what her slutty little ass hole will look like in a matter of moments."

Naturally Mickie did as she was told, the broken diva quickly positioning herself so that her ass was facing Trish before she reached back and spread her ass cheeks, the multiple time former champion Mickie James proudly showing off her gaping wide open ass hole to her ex-girlfriend, the mighty Trish Stratus knowing deep down inside she'd now met a true top. And that true top was about to ruin her slutty butt hole beyond repair, Maryse grinning widely as she enjoyed the sight before her for several long seconds.

Then after briefly glancing at her handiwork Maryse said, "Take a good look Trish, because your fat ass is next!"

Instead of offering up any sort of retort Trish just stared deep into Mickie's bowels, Maryse eventually laughing at the lack of response and then prowling over towards her prey. Trish didn't notice until it was too late, namely when Maryse was standing right in front of her, blocking her view of her precious Mickie. It was then Maryse realise just how short the other blonde was, the fact that she was towering over the mighty Trish Stratus never more clear than when the former champion looked up at her with a nervous look in her eyes which again had Maryse laughing cruelly.

She then grabbed hold of Trish's right shoulder and pushed downwards, "On your knees bitch!"

Maryse only had to use a little force to make Trish fall to her knees, the seven times women's champion no longer captivated by Mickie's gaping butt hole. No, she was obviously completely focused on a massive piece of rubber which had just gaped that slutty shit hole, Maryse grinning as she saw the desire to suck that ass flavoured cock on Trish's face. Trish even opened her mouth like a baby bird hoping to be fed as Maryse slowly waved the dildo in front of the other blonde's face before taking that oh so inviting invitation and sliding her butt cream coated dick against the lips of the mighty Trish Stratus.

"Now suck it!" Maryse practically growled as she pushed the toy cock pass Trish's lips and into the other blonde's mouth, "Oooooooohhhhhhhh oui, sucer, suck your little girlfriend's fat ass off my big dick! Mmmmmm, that's it, sucer comme une salope vous ˆtes, ohhhhhhhh, suck it like the bitch you are! Ooooooooh clean my cock so the next time I make you go ass to mouth it will be only your fat bottom you will be tasting."

Although she was aware that she said a lot more Maryse wasn't really focused on it. She couldn't possibly, not when Trish Stratus was closing her lips in a tight seal around her strap on dildo and beginning to gently suck on it. Suck the part of her dildo which had been just in the deepest depths of the big fat ass of Mickie James, Trish obviously loving the taboo flavour as she sucked harder and harder with every passing second, the former champion soon beginning to bob her head up and down on the shaft like the greedy little ATM whore Maryse had always known Trish was.

Trish knew she should try and resist, that she was embarrassing herself by greedily going ass to mouth for this bitch, and in a few minutes she totally planned on forcefully removing the strap on dildo from Maryse's waist, strapping it around her own waist and then showing this disrespectful slut what ass fucking was all about. Oh yes, she had come back to the WWE mostly to destroy a slutty diva's ass, and that's exactly what she would do. She would butt fuck Maryse, she would butt fuck Mickie, and she would butt fuck any other WWE diva she ran into. But first it felt like she physically needed to clean that enormous dildo of Mickie's delicious anal cream.

Ever since she had first tasted it Trish had been addicted to Mickie's fat ass. Mostly she loved rimming it, but as much as she tried there was only so far her tongue could go. So instead of making Mickie deep throat her strap on at the end of every ass fucking Trish would sometimes take off the harness and shove the ass flavoured dildo into her own mouth. On those occasions she had greedily sucked that yummy butt candy, and it had been great, but it wasn't as good as this or all the other times another woman had made her get down on her knees and suck Mickie's butt off of a cock.

Lita had done it. Beth had done it. Victoria had done it. Even Melina had ass fucked Mickie right in front of her and then made Trish clean the dildo afterwards. Or hold Mickie's ass cheeks open so that a dominating wrestler could constantly switch from fucking Mickie's big booty and Trish's eager mouth, Trish having a lot of fun memories of particularly Victoria and Beth constantly making Mickie and Trish taste each others' asses like that. Beth and Victoria even teamed up one night to give Trish and Mickie the anal pounding of a lifetime, both their ass holes taking days to fully recover from the humiliating abuse they had taken.

As Trish became lost in submissive thoughts the blow job became noisy, which didn't sit well with Maryse, "Harder! Harder, harder, harder! Put some effort into it you stupid slut! Mmmmmm, oh oui, that's better. Take it down your throat you dumb whore! Ohhhhhh oui, take it! Take it, take it, take it, TAKE IT! Mmmmmmm, here, let me help you."

Maryse's idea of help was to grab the back of Trish's head and start moving her hips back and forth, literally beginning to fuck the former champion's mouth with her dildo. At that point Trish started taking the monster toy into her throat which made her gag a little, but having several more inches shoved down her gullet made her choke violently. Not that Maryse had any mercy for her, oh no, if anything Trish choking seem to make Maryse even more savagely brutalise the shorter blonde's mouth and throat, the taller blonde's hip bone eventually bashing the other girl's nose in a sign that every inch of Maryse's dildo was now pounding Trish's poor little throat, the former champ choking and gagging violently as the current diva's champion used her as a face pussy.

"Oh oui, oh oui, oh oui, take it, take it, take it bitch! Mmmmmmmm ooooooooh oui, take my cock down your slutty little throat! Make sure you get every fucking drop of your former and my current bitch's butt off that dick because it's about to go right up your fucking bitch ass!" Maryse practically yelled, obviously delirious with lust. Then just as Trish thought she was about to pass out Maryse yanked the dildo from her throat, leaving the shorter blonde to gasp for breath while the taller blonde ordered, "Mmmmmm, speaking of your bitch ass, it's time for you to give it to me. Oooooooh oui, give me that big sexy bitch ass. Ohhhhhh oui, get in your natural position, face down with your ass in the air and ready to be fucked! Mmmmmmm, and spread your cheeks. Make it easier for me to take it by spreading your gigantic ass cheeks and expose your sluttieist fuck hole!"

"But, I-" Trish whimpered.

"NOW!" Maryse screamed.

Maryse grinned wickedly as after a brief staring match Trish lowered her head and accepted her fate, the record-breaking seven times women's champion reaching back and spreading her ass cheeks so she could offer up her bitch hole to her new owner. It was a sight that Maryse enjoyed for a few moments, then the French-Canadian pressed her strap-on against the Canadian's butt hole and rammed forwards hard and rough, unceremoniously forcing the first few inches of her dildo up Trish's ass and causing the stronger woman to squeal like a little bitch.

Although she didn't really care about Trish's well-being the wrestler got a good chance to relax as Maryse laughed long and hard over the former champion's pain. As a result when Maryse started pushing more of her cock into Trish's ass hole the other blonde only let out a series of garbled sounds as her rectum was slowly filled with strap-on dick, Maryse refusing to stop until she had every inch of that huge butt busting dildo buried deep in the bowels of the multi-times women's champion.

To be fair Maryse went nice and slowly, and while it was just so she could enjoy the sight of her big dick slowly sliding into the fat ass of the mighty Trish Stratus it gave the squirming former diva plenty of time to relax her rectum and accept her fate as an orifice for Maryse's pleasure. Not that it mattered to Maryse whether or not Trish made peace with that fact, she was going to destroy her butt hole either way. Although it might be more enjoyable if Trish was willing, and from the way she continued to submissively spread her ass cheeks it seemed very much like the big bad Trish Stratus wanted to get her ass fucked.

Happy to oblige Maryse stuffed Trish's rectum with her cock, and when her thighs came to rest against those meaty cheeks she laughed cruelly and mocked her, "Oooooooooh oui, every single inch of my beautiful girl cock in your big fat slutty dyke ass! Mmmmmmm fuck, keep spreading those big butt cheeks for me you little bitch. Mmmmmmm, I like to see what I'm doing. Ha ha ha ha, I like to see what I'm doing to your little bitch hole. Ohhhhhhhh oui, oui, I love watching my cock stretching your bitch hole, mmmmmmm ooooooooh that cock taking ass hole, mmmmmmmm yes, I knew you were a submissive little anal loving bitch from the moment I saw you. Oh oui, Trish Stratus is a submissive little anal loving bitch, ooooooohhhhhhhh oui, and now she is my submissive little anal loving bitch!"

In response the mighty Trish Stratus who was allegedly one of the toughest/most famous female wrestlers ever whimpered like a little bitch and continued spreading her cheeks as Maryse tightened her grip on the other blonde's hips and gently pulled her own hips back. She then pushed them forwards, then back, then forwards, then back, Maryse officially beginning to butt fuck Trish with a slow but steady rhythm while continuing to stare in delight at the former WWE women's champion's ass hole stretching for her big dick as it pumped in and out of the other blonde's butt.

Although this wasn't what she came here for Trish couldn't deny it felt good to have a dick in her ass for the first time since she had retired from wrestling. Sure, it was a humiliation beyond belief to have her butt filled with a worthless model's dick, but to her shame that ultimately added to the pleasure, Trish's rectum relaxing in record time so the pain of having her anal walls unnaturally stretched melted away and all she was left with was mind-numbing pleasure. And through it all she just couldn't control her moans of pleasure.

At least at first there was a noticeable undertone of pain, which could be more than could be said for the moans which followed them, Trish's eyes rolling in the back of her head as her body fully surrendered to being an anal slut again. For which she blamed Beth. If the mighty Glamazon hadn't so skilfully wrecked her rectum in the weeks leading up to her final match there was no way she would be submitting so easily to Maryse right now. Yes, that was it, it was all Beth's fault, the fact that she and Maryse were both tall, blonde and dominating the only reason she had given in so easily.

Trish told herself that over and over again, and while that was no doubt at least partly true it became impossible to deny just what an amazing butt fucker Maryse was. Not only did the French-Canadian effortlessly loosen Trish's rectum to the point where all she was feeling was pure pleasure but she then sodomised her to the edge of orgasm without having to resort to any hard thrusting. Then, perhaps just to prove what a top she could be, Maryse pulled the dick out of Trish's ass right at the moment she thought for sure she was about to cum.

Maryse then pushed Trish's hands away from her butt cheeks, smacked that meaty flesh hard enough to make it jiggle, and then gleefully ordered, "Suck my dick bitch! Suce ma bite! Suce ma bite putain salope! Mmmmmm, I want to see Trish Stratus suck her slutty fat ass off my dick! Je veux voir Trish Stratus sucer son gros cul salope ma bite."

Hearing those words made Trish whimper pathetically, mostly because she knew it was no use in complaining. If she wanted to cum Trish would need to do what Maryse said, and Trish wanted to cum more than anything. So with her head lowered in shame Trish crawled around until she was kneeling in front of a standing Maryse, opened her mouth wide and then wrapped her lips around the first few inches of the strap-on dick. It wasn't the first time she had tasted her own ass, and to her embarrassment Trish enjoyed the flavour just as much now as when the likes of Lita and Beth were shoving their cocks down her throat after or during a butt fucking session.

Wanting to get back to the butt fucking as soon as possible Trish sucked greedily on the head of the dick while Maryse grabbed onto her hair firmly, laughed cruelly and then offered up her usual encouragement, "Oh oui Trish, suck my cock! Mmmmmmm suck it like the greedy little ass to mouth slut that you are! Oh oui, take it all you whore! Oooooooh oui, prendre vers le bas de votre gorge, ooooooooh, I said take it down your throat you stupid whore! Mmmmmmm, massage every inch of my beautiful cock with your nasty little throat you fucking slut! Oui, oui, oui gobble up that cock, mmmmmmm, gobble up that ass juice, mmmmm, mmmmmm, mmmmmm, gobble up your nasty anal cream that is covering my beautiful dick you little cock sucker! Oooooooohhhhhhhhhh oui!"

Trish whimpered at the verbal abuse but continued sucking Maryse's cock. In fact she sucked it more passionately than ever, lowering her lips further and further down on the shaft until the dildo was sliding into her throat. With practised ease she relaxed muscles in her throat so she could stuff every single inch of Maryse's impressive length down her gullet, Trish choking and gagging as she deep throated the entire strap-on and then started bobbing her head up and down on it.

Somehow this wasn't enough for Maryse, "More! More, more, more, MORE! Take every inch of that cock down your throat! Mmmmmm fuck, take it you stupid bitch! Take it, take it, take it, TAKE IT! FUCK! Choke on my cock like the ATM slut you are! Faster, faster, I said faster bitch! Ohhhhhhh oui, oh oui, that's better, take it, take it, take it, take it, TAKE IT!"

The moment she opened her mouth again Maryse formed a tight grip on Trish's head with both hands and started pushing her downwards while thrusting her hips forwards. She repeated this motion gently at first, then with increasing roughness until she was pounding Trish's throat with the same brutal force she had just used to butt fucked the other blonde. Naturally this caused Trish to violently choke, gag and almost opened her mouth, but she neither had the physical nor emotional strength to push Maryse away so she just let the other woman use her mouth like a loose whore's cunt or ass hole.

After maybe about a minute of that Maryse pulled out, casually sitting down on the floor while Trish gasped for breath, Maryse eventually calling out, "Stop being lazy and get your fat ass over here. I wish to pound your butt hole some more. Mmmmmm, and this time you're going to ride me like the anal whore you are. Just make sure you're facing away from me. I want to see that big booty bounce, not your second rate face awash with ecstasy while I give you what you so desperately need."

Despite the fact that she was still lightheaded from the abuse she had just taken Trish didn't hesitate stumbling over, positioning her ass pointing at Maryse and then lining up her gaping ass hole with that wonderfully big rubber prick. As Maryse was holding it steady Trish was even able to spread her butt cheeks while lowering herself down, her stretched open back door easily swallowing the large dildo which had gaped it so good as Trish let out a moan of pure pleasure.

Maryse generously allowed her bitch a moment to enjoy the dick in her ass, then she slapped that big booty and yelled, "Don't just sit there whore, bounce that lazy dyke ass of yours up and down my dick! Mmmmmm, I want to enjoy this. Oh oui, Je veux profiter de Trish Stratus rebondir son gros cul sur ma grosse bite, mmmmmmm, I want to enjoy Trish Stratus bouncing her fat ass on my big dick."

Trish let out another adorable whimper, and then started bouncing like a good girl, Maryse licking her lips as she watched Trish's ass hole sliding up and down her cock like a two dollar whore giving her a blow job. It was awkward for the other blonde, not that Maryse cared, but Trish was able to keep pulling her cheeks apart like a good little bitch, allowing the Sexiest of the Sexy to get the best possible look at Trish's stretched out anal ring bobbing on that cock. Which was more proof that Trish had experience taking it in the ass, not that Maryse needed it.

All Maryse had to do was look at another girl to know whether she was an anal whore or not. With Trish, she had known before that. Just look at the way the girl dressed herself and acted, flaunting that big butt of hers. Practically begging someone to take it. Then Maryse had finally met Trish and she could tell all those years of taking it up the ass for her fellow wrestlers like Victoria, Lita and Beth Phoenix had turned the once mighty Trish Stratus into a submissive little ass whore just waiting for someone to take her big booty, stretch it out and use it as the fuck hole it was. And Maryse was just the butt busting top to do it.

"Take your hands off your cheeks!" Maryse ordered, placing her hands behind her head and relaxing, "I want to enjoy watching those fat filled cheeks jiggle for me."

Once again Trish didn't protest. No, she moaned like the ass whore she was, the former seven times champion bouncing up and down even more enthusiastically than before to make sure those meaty butt cheeks in fact jiggled like a big bowl of jelly for Maryse's hungry eyes. From the loud moans and cries of pleasure it sounded like Trish was more worried about pushing herself to orgasm than pleasing her new owner, but Maryse would let it slide for now as the tall blonde became completely lost in watching the curvy blonde shamelessly ride her cock with her obviously slutty ass hole.

After a few minutes of enjoying that perfect view Maryse called out, "Hey Mickie, get over here and get a good look at what I'm doing to your ex-girlfriend's butt hole. Mmmmmmmm oui, take a look at Trish's butt hole taking my cock, that big booty bouncing and jiggling with joy as I put Trish Stratus in her place."

For a few seconds Maryse spared her other bitch a glance or two, grinning widely as she enjoyed the look of shock mixed with wonder on Mickie's face. Maryse knew for a fact Mickie had seen a version of this many times, as not only had Trish taken an ass fucking from a total bottom like Mickie but the likes of Victoria, Lita and Beth had at one point all wrecked the butt hole belonging to the seven times women's champion. She had made Mickie confessed that in graphic detail during one of their earliest butt fuckings, Maryse grinning widely the entire time as she received the information that would help her turn Trish Stratus into her anal slave. Of course this was the first of many times Mickie would see Trish ass fucked by Maryse, and Maryse was going to make sure it was one hell of a show.

Mickie had been watching in amazement the entire time Maryse had effortlessly turned Trish into her butt slut. Don't get her wrong, she loved being Maryse's bitch, mostly because the French-Canadian was an amazing lover, especially when it came to butt sex, however it hadn't been love at first sight. Maryse's attitude had put her off, and she was a lowly model who someone like Trish should have ass fucked no problem. But instead of pounding ass like Trish had clearly planned on doing to her Trish was now the one getting her fat ass pounded, the multiple times women's champion savagely sodomising herself on that big prick.

It was so sexy. Trish had anally ridden a dildo strapped around Mickie's waist, and Mickie had seen her do the same for the likes of Lita, Victoria and Beth, but to see Trish except such a humiliation like this was amazing. And the seven times women's champion hadn't really put up much of a fight. Mickie had at least been able to resist at first, but here was the mighty Trish Stratus slowly bouncing her big booty up and down a huge fake cock strapped around the waist of a lowly eye candy diva. Oh the humiliation Trish must have been feeling was probably near enough unbearable, and yet despite herself Mickie found that just as much a turn on as it seemed to be for her ex.

Seeming to want to at least double that humiliation Maryse ordered, "Mmmmmm, faster. Oh oui, make yourself cum Trish. I want to see Trish Stratus cum with a huge cock up her big fat disgusting ass. Ohhhhhhh oui, allow me to watch those fat filled cheeks really jiggle while you scream my name and cum for me. Venez avec mon ‚norme bite dans ton gros cul ! Cum with my huge dick in your fat ass. Mmmmmmm yeah, rebondir ce butin. Bounce that booty. Bounce that big booty you fucking anal whore! Ooooooooh oui, wreck that slutty ass! Wreck that big fat slutty ass you fucking butt slut! Destroy your own dyke butt! Oooooooohhhhhhhh oui, Mickie, lick Trish's pussy! I want you to get a face full of your little girlfriend's cum as it squirts from her cunt because she loves my dick up her ass so fucking much!"

Not needing to be told twice Mickie leaned forward and started lapping at the dripping wet cunt she had been staring at for the last few minutes. Well, one of the things she had been staring at. Trish's big tits had been bouncing with every thrust, and from this angle Mickie could just about watch her ex-girlfriend's widely stretched ass hole bouncing hypnotically up and down Maryse's dick, and the busty blonde's beautiful face had been a wonderful mixture of frustration and pleasure throughout the sodomy. So obviously Mickie had spent plenty of time looking at those things, but the current treat she was now sampling had been very much an attention getter.

When she got to work there was already plenty of liquid for Mickie to lick up, but for better or for worse she didn't have long until she fulfil the second part of Maryse's order and got a face full of girl cum. Mickie's first instinct was to wrap her mouth around Trish's cunt so the other girl's cum could pretty much flow directly down her throat. However as that wasn't what her owner had ordered her to do she instead stayed there with her eyes closed and her mouth open, simply swallowing whatever she could like that as Trish's cum exploded from her and covered Mickie's face. Then when it was over Mickie went right back to licking pussy so she could do her bit to make sure the process continued.

Normally in this position Maryse would just be happy to sit back and watch the anal whore she was ass fucking make herself cum. However this was Trish Stratus, and her big jiggly ass was rippling against Maryse's thighs with every thrust. Those two things combined with the fact that she was humiliating her in front of someone else and the fact that her clit was continuously being bashed by the other end of the dildo meant that after a while Maryse just couldn't resist grabbing onto Trish's hips and start pounding up into the fat ass in front of her, triggering a powerful climax for herself and yet another one for Trish.

That process repeated itself a few times, then the extra hard orgasms caught up with Trish and she collapsed down onto Maryse's body in a sweaty heap. Not that the former champion was given much chance to rest as the current women's champion rolled over, Mickie following so that Trish's cunt ended up practically smothering her face while Maryse was busy butt banging her latest bitch on all fours. And thanks to the nice little rest she got, Maryse managed to use every ounce of her strength right from the get go to give Trish Stratus probably the most brutal butt pounding she had ever received, Maryse practically using that fat ass to masturbate herself to several climaxes.

Trish came to, all over Mickie's face, but that didn't really matter to Maryse. What mattered was ruining the ass hole of Trish Stratus, taking out some alleged competition and gaining herself a new fat ass bitch with perhaps the biggest and most disgusting blubber butt Maryse had ever seen. Oh she was disgusted with herself, but Maryse felt like she had to have that fat ass. That she physically needed Trish Stratus to be her bitch so she could ram her gigantic ass whenever she wanted, and that was exactly what she was going to do, Maryse becoming like a wild animal brutalising its mate in the last few moments of that hellacious butt fucking.

Just before she ran out of steam Maryse grabbed hold of Trish's hair, yanked it backwards and screamed psychotically, "YOU'RE MY BITCH NOW TRISH! MINE! TU ES A MOI ! TU ES A MOI! OHHHHHHHH OUI, YOU'RE MY ASS WHORE, MY BUTT SLUT, MY ANAL SLAVE, MMMMMMMM YOU'RE MINE AND I OWN YOUR FAT ASS! SAY IT! TELL ME YOU'RE MY BITCH OR I SWEAR I'LL STOP FUCKING YOU!"


These last few words gave Maryse just enough strength to ravage Trish's butt hole for a few more minutes, but even she had her limits. So, after countless orgasms for both blondes, Maryse collapsed onto Trish's back, both WWE divas panting and sweating like crazy. Even then Maryse lazily pumped Trish's pooper, the French-Canadian obsessed with proving her superiority over her rival. Then after a few minutes of gasping for breath Maryse straightened up, pull Trish's ass cheeks apart and ever so slowly removed her strap on from that abused ass hole, grinning wickedly as she watched inch after inch of dildo reappear from the other blonde's back hole until the head came out with a pop, leaving a gaping crater and a couple of bruised cheeks in their wake.

After admiring the sight for a few minutes Maryse called out, "Mickie, come take a look at what I've done to your precious Trish."

Knowing what was expected of her Mickie quickly slid herself from underneath Trish's body and then came to kneel next to Maryse, the taller of the two blondes then repositioning herself so she was holding the short blonde's butt cheeks open so the brunette could see just how loose and open Trish's butt hole now was. Having gaped Trish herself many times Mickie was impressed, Maryse had ruined that big butt good and proper, Mickie able to see deep into her ex-girlfriend's bowels via that well stretched ass hole. Trish would be lucky if she could recover in a week, although Mickie very much doubted that Maryse would give her the opportunity.

Indeed Maryse had other plans in mind, although first she had one more thing to take care of, "Mickie, your ex-girlfriend made a mess on my cock. Be a good little bitch and clean it up for me."

Without a moments hesitation Mickie shuffled forward, grabbed the base of the dildo to hold it steady and then eagerly took the head of the toy cock which had just pounded the deepest depths of Trish's big booty into her mouth. She then shamelessly moaning, her eyelids fluttering as she tasted may be her favourite thing ever, the deepest reachable part of Trish's ass. The only thing better was Trish's cum. Or Maryse's cum. Or girl cum in general, although Mickie had got plenty of that lately. Hell, her face was still covered with Trish's cum, and she could taste it on her tongue, and after they had arrived in the arena yet before she butt fucked her Maryse had shoved Mickie's face in between her legs, which was something which would happen again sooner rather than later.

Focusing on the task at hand Mickie sucked greedily at the dildo, very quickly removing any trace of anal cream from the head of the dildo and then beginning to bob her head up and down the shaft to get more of that yummy ass juice she so desperately crave. Well trained cock sucker that she was Mickie slowly but surely stuffed every inch of that strap-on dildo down her throat until every drop of butt juice was gone. Then she sucked it some more, looking up into the eyes of her top every so often in the hopes of being told she was doing a good job. Or receiving any praise whatsoever from her cruel Dom.

Instead Maryse offered up her usual brand of encouragement, "Faster you dumb slut! Mmmmmmm, sucer, sucer, suck it like the whore you are! Ohhhhhhh oui, I know you can do better than this, so you better start doing it or else. Come on, faster. Faster! Fuck, do I have to do everything myself? Ohhhhhhh here, let me show you how it's done."

With that Maryse grabbed the sides of Mickie's head with both hands and started thrusting her hips back and forth, fucking her sex slave's mouth with a steady rhythm at first but eventually beginning to jack-hammer Mickie's throat like it was a loose whore's cunt. Of course after months of Maryse abusing her this way Mickie took every violent thrust while only gagging and choking a little bit, the tiny brunette desperately concentrating on breathing through her nose as she was once again used as a fuck hole. Sadly it was the one hole which didn't make her cum while being fucked, but the night was young and Mickie thought there was plenty of time for that.

Mickie was right, but first Maryse wanted a little memento of the occasion, so pulling her dildo out of Mickie's throat Maryse ordered, "Good slut, now go bend over next to Trish. Mmmmmmm, I want a picture of both your butt holes gaping for me."

* * *

Whenever she was lonely, or horny, or just bored Maryse would look at that photo on her phone. She had several versions of it just to be sure she did not lose it, including several backups and the massive printout she had on the wall of nearly every bedroom of her many houses. Of course after initially breaking Trish in Maryse had returned to her hotel room with her bitches and pounded their fat asses all night long, and she'd had several intense sessions with them on other occasions where their butt holes ended up even more widely gaped. But the first time was always special, and looking at it triggered so many wonderful memories. Maybe she'd make a new one when she finally showed it to her latest fat ass bitch Melina.

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