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Maryse's Love Of Fat Ass Part 5
by MTL (

Maryse Ouellet had never particularly wanted to be a wrestler. She had just kind of fallen into it in her search for fame, fortune, and most of all her twisted desire for big, fat asses. To be fair she had tried to hold back at first so she could achieve the fame and fortune she desired, but now she had given in to her perverted lust and had acquired herself three very eager anal sluts all with massive bottoms which jiggled so wonderfully when she fucked them.

Her life was almost perfect. She had at least some fame and fortune, and she had enough fat ass sluts to make up for not being as famous or as rich as she'd like to be. The only problem was she was still expected to wrestle. Put herself in harms way by fighting much bigger and stronger divas, given undeserved shots at the title which looked so good around her waist and over her shoulder, the worst part of it being that not only did Maryse have to spend a few hours not fucking her bitches but most of the women she had to fight had the type of blubber butts she was obsessed with, namely Victoria, Natalya and most of all Beth Phoenix. It was very distracting.

All three of those divas had Maryse cornered in the locker room, Beth practically growling, "We know what you're doing, and it ends tonight."

"Oh?" Maryse smirked, refusing to show fear, "And what exactly is it that you think I'm up too?"

Taking a step forward Natalya snapped, "Don't play dumb, we know you have been targeting wrestlers, and we're not going to stand for it."

There was a moment of silence, then Maryse burst out laughing, ending with, "Oh you dumb pieces of ass. I didn't target Mickie, Trish and Melina because they were wrestlers. Non, I went after them because of their big, fat asses. Mmmmmmmm, I just love fucking big fat asses, like the ones you three have, so why don't you make it easy on yourselves and just spread your cheeks now?"

For a few seconds the three wrestlers just stared in disbelief at the glorified model, then Beth mumbled, "You're delusional."

"We'll see." Maryse smirked, "Your ass hole will be stretching for me soon enough. Tonight, it's Natalya's turn. Mmmmmmmm, what do you say slut, ready to put your big fat ass on the line?"

"You vs me? Please, I'll wipe the floor with you." Natalya scoffed, before a wicked grin crossed her face, "Then I'll take you back here and me, Beth and Victoria will gang bang your ass hole."

Maryse just grinned.

* * *

About ten minutes later Maryse pinned Natalya's shoulders to the mat. Natalya had started out strong, tossing Maryse around like a rag doll with suplexs, throws and the like, but there was a reason Natalya Neidhart had never been diva's champion. Being the first third generation female wrestler and the only female graduate of the Heart Dungeon had made her cocky and arrogant. Sure, Maryse was both these things, but the difference was she knew when to flaunt her stuff and went to go for the win. Also while Natalya was stronger Maryse was smarter, which became clear at the end of the match.

All it took was one little slap and Natalya became enraged, chasing Maryse round and round ringside, and then back in again only to be tripped into a turnbuckle. The little padding that was there wasn't enough to stop Natalya from being stunned, and Maryse easily pulled her up and into a front headlock and then drove her to the mat with a DDT. And that was all it took to defeat the supposedly mighty Natalya Neidhart, Maryse grinning wickedly as she looked back from the stage at the horrified piece of ass, Natalya's virgin hole no doubt quivering as realisation over what happened next filled the other woman's body.

Natalya was in such a state of shock she had to be prompted to leave the ring and head to the back. She couldn't believe she had lost to a model. And so easily. She felt so ashamed. Mostly though she was afraid. After all, she was a natural top. A born butt buster. A wrestler, dammit, how could she allow herself to be butt fucked by a worthless model? And what happened if she enjoyed it? Since coming to the WWE she'd never seen a woman get ass fucked and not enjoy it, and she was terrified that after completely humiliating her in the ring this clueless model who had cheated/lucked her way into becoming champion would turn her into a total ass whore.

Sure that should have been impossible, and yet her treacherous body got increasingly excited the closer she got to the locker room, and when she hesitantly went inside to find Maryse in there waiting for her wearing only a 10 inch strap-on and a wicked smile she had to grit her teeth to stop herself from asking for it. Oh God, she actually wanted to be butt fucked by this model, in front of all the other WWE divas no less. What the hell was wrong with her?

"Beth." Natalya whimpered softly, turning to her best friend.

Turning her nose up at the other blonde Beth coldly replied, "You lost. To a model. You're not fit to be one of us, but if you can get ass fucked without becoming a bottom I might consider giving you a second chance."

There was a few moments of silence, then Maryse giggled, "You heard your friend slut, now bend over! Mmmmmmmm, oh yeah, bend over! Se pencher en avant! I want you on your hands and knees so I can take your virgin ass like the little bitch that you are."

Natalya blinked a few more times, then she lowered her head and then very slowly drop down onto her hands and knees. In what felt like an instant later Maryse was kneeling behind her, greedily groping Natalya's large ass like no one had ever done before. She kept doing that for almost a full minute, squeezing, pinching and even slapping Natalya's thick booty, and eventually hitting it hard enough that the member of the Hart family ended up crying in pain as Maryse gave her a mini spanking, which didn't stop until her victorious opponent grabbed onto the waistband of her wrestling tights and slowly pulled that skin-tight material downwards exposing the large cheeks of her ass.

"Oh yes, mmmmmmmmmmmm, that is one big fat ass!" Maryse frantically moaned as she exposed Natalya's big bubble butt and then started eagerly groping it with both hands just like before, "Oooooooohhhhhhhhhh yes, oh yes, mmmmmmmmmm, it is so fat. So big. So disgusting. Oooooooooooh yes, I do not know how you can leave the house with an ass this fat. Have you not heard of exercise? Are you incapable of not stuffing your face? Oh fuck, why does your ass have to be so big and fat? Ohhhhhhhhhh Goooooooooddddddddd, I just can't resist! Mmmmmmmm, I just can't resist your big fat ass!"

With that Maryse buried her face in between Natalya's ass cheeks, causing the well trained wrestler to gasp loudly in pleasure. Maryse had been sure to hook her fingers into Natalya's underwear as well as her wrestling tights so that the other blonde's ass was completely exposed, then the second she was in range Maryse started frantically licking Natalya's ass hole, at first just up-and-down strokes but eventually swirling that tongue around that puckered rosebud and eventually trying to push that soft, wet muscle inside that virgin orifice. She didn't get far, but it was far enough to make Natalya moan, which did not go unnoticed by her friends, particularly Beth who looked horrified.

"Are you really moaning already?" Beth asked in disbelief, already knowing the answer.

"I can't help it. It feels sooooooo goooooooooddddddddddd." Natalya blushed, before pointing out, "We make bitches tongue our ass holes all the time. This, ohhhhhhhhh, this is no different."

Maryse knew better, and she was sure that Beth and the others did too. After all, Maryse occasionally gave her bitches the privilege of eating her ass, or even her cunt, but there was a difference between being orally pleasured as a sign of respect and being prepared to be penetrated. Not that Maryse had ever taken it up the ass, and she never would, but she had let a few men fuck her pussy and therefore she knew what it was like to be the one being fucked. In a second Natalya was going to find out what that felt like in a whole new way, and from the sound of her pathetic whimpers she was really nervous about it.

However another, perhaps even bigger, part of her was looking forward to it, Maryse grinning wickedly as she bought her right hand up to Natalya's cunt and found an ocean of wetness waiting for her. Which in turn caused more moans of pleasure to escape Natalya's lips, and while Maryse didn't particularly care what her latest victim was feeling it was fun to humiliate the big tough wrestler who thought so highly of herself by making her moan like a whore from being submissive, especially in front of all her friends and the other women she usually dominated.

So Maryse set out to make her moan even more by sliding one finger into Natalya's pussy and gently beginning to pump it in and out of the other diva. At that point all of her fingers had been well coated in pussy juice from rubbing against Natalya's downstairs lips, but even if they hadn't the other blonde was so wet she probably would have welcomed Maryse's finger anyway. Which Maryse really wanted to taunt Natalya about, but that would involve removing her tongue from this big beautiful booty, so instead she added a second finger and buried her face even deeper in Natalya's ass.

For what felt like hours, but was probably only minutes, Maryse feasted on that ass. Along the way she finally pushed her tongue at least a little inside Nattie's hole, the tightness of the anal ring making Maryse want to bury every inch of her cock inside the huge ass in front of her. However she wanted to taunt Natalya at least a little bit first, so she finally removed her tongue and replaced it with her finger, both she and her latest conquest moaning in what seemed like pure pleasure as Maryse's finger slowly stretched open Natalya's virgin butt hole and deep into that large bottom that Maryse was determined to conquer and own.

"Oh yes, mmmmmmmmmm, that's one tight little virgin ass hole! Ooooooooooooooh, there's no way this fat ass has ever been fucked." Maryse groaned dreamily, "Until now! Ohhhhhhhhhh Nattie, can I call you Nattie? Natalya seems a little informal considering I'm about to pop your anal cherry. Mmmmmmmm, oh yes, I just can't wait anymore, I absolutely have to have this big fat ass! Oh yes, spread your cheeks Nattie, mmmmmmmmm, it's ass fucking time! Ooooooooohhhhhhhhh, gather around anyone who wants to watch, because I'm about to destroy this tight little virgin butt hole!"

Natalya whimpered as she was forced to reach back and pull her cheeks apart to make it easier for Maryse to ass fuck her, then she whimpered again as she felt something much bigger than a tongue or a finger pressing against her virgin ass hole this was it. The moment she had been dreading since she had learned what really went on in the diva's locker rooms. The moment she was robbed of her dignity, self-respect and maybe her place as one of the few untouchable divas in the locker rooms. The moment she lost her anal virginity, the experience being worse than she ever imagined as not only was she face down and spreading her cheeks in the middle of the diva's locker rooms where everyone could witness her big ass being violated but she was robbed of her anal cherry by a fucking model.

Even with plenty of bumps, bruises and flat-out injuries over her wrestling career this was the most painful experience of Natalya's life, the muscular blonde crying out as she felt her previously untouched anal ring slowly stretching around the bulbous head of Maryse's strap-on until the first few inches of that huge dildo could slide inside Natalya's big butt, officially robbing the only female graduate of the Heart Dungeon of her anal cherry.

Natalya screamed like a dumb blonde in a slasher movie when the head of that cock violated her fat ass, drowning out the watching divas who gasped, unable to believe that Maryse of all people was the one to take Natalya's anal virginity. Beth Phoenix and a few other tops didn't gasp, but particularly Beth stared at Natalya with a look of disgust, the other WWE women's wrestlers obviously ashamed at Natalya for allowing this to happen to her. Of course none of them could be as ashamed as Natalya was of herself, the strong blonde whimpering pathetically and closing her eyes to try and block out the other divas.

Unfortunately for Natalya she could still hear them gasp and gossip amongst themselves as Maryse started slowly stuffing her ass full of cock, Natalya unable to believe just how much of that monster slid through her back hole and deep into her queen sized bottom. Somehow her big butt eventually took every inch of that big dick, the other WWE divas becoming even more emboldened when Maryse's thighs came to rest against Natalya's ass cheeks, signifying that the puny model had forced every inch of her strap-on dildo into the tough wrestler's bowels, Natalya overwhelmed at the physical pain and crippling humiliation she felt at getting a taste of her own medicine.

Something which didn't go unnoticed by the other divas, AJ being the first one bold enough to say anything, "Oh my God, she took every inch."

Wanting to take focus away from her girlfriend Kaitlyn added, "Yeah, she took it like a bitch."

"Yeah she did, and it's about time she got a taste of her own medicine." Eve chimed in.

"Oh don't worry, I'm going to give Nattie Neidhart a taste of her own medicine." Maryse grinned wickedly, "Oh yes, I am about to destroy Nattie's little ass hole in front of all of her friends, mmmmmm, mmmmm, mmmmmm, fuck her up her big fat ass and turn her into a complete bitch. Oooooooh yes, and not the arrogant and stuck up kind of bitch that she normally is, but the kind of weak, pathetic bitch who takes it up the ass! Ohhhhhhhhhh yes, and she's going to love it. Ooooooooohhhhhhhh yes, I'm going to make Nattie Neidhart love taking it up her big fat slutty ass like the submissive bitch she is!"

Maryse laughed cruelly as she continued to verbally and physically abuse the second-generation wrestler, although her attention was mainly focused on Natalya's fat ass. Or more accurately the obscenely stretched hole in between those meaty cheeks, the fact that the stronger woman was spreading those fat filled cheeks providing Maryse with the best view possible of her cock sliding in and out of that gaped butt hole eventually causing the French-Canadian to trail off as she became lost in the beautiful sight before her. The beautiful sight which cemented her dominance over this inferior woman, Natalya's most private hole now nothing but a fuck hole to the Sexiest of the Sexy.

Natalya, the only woman to graduate the Hart dungeon and one of the strongest women on the roster was now nothing but a walking fuck hole to Maryse. Sure, she was too dumb to fully understand it, but Maryse had every intention of teaching Natalya her place. That her big fat ass now belonged to Maryse and she was going to have to get use to bending over whenever Maryse wanted, because Natalya was now nothing but one of Maryse's big bottomed bitches. And Maryse was going to get that through her thick head the only way a female wrestler seemed to learn that, through relentless ass fucking.

Licking her lips Maryse allowed herself to become lost in the thought of relentlessly ramming Natalya's ass, the WWE diva's champion almost becoming so lost in thinking about the future that she started brutally butt fucking her latest victim too soon. Not that it was her fault, Natalya's ass was just so big and fuck-able, Maryse finding it increasingly difficult not to just give this walking fuck hole the rectum wrecking she obviously needed. However Maryse was able to control herself, not because she cared about Natalya's well-being but because she didn't want to literally destroy a fat ass she planned on spending a lot of time using.

Luckily for them both Maryse came up with a plan, "You know, I am tired of doing all the work. Let go of your cheeks Nattie and start bouncing on my cock. Oooooooohhhhhhhh yes, I want to see Natalya Neidhart bouncing her big fat ass on my dick. Mmmmmmmm, come on Nattie, bounce that big fat disgusting ass! Make your cheeks jiggle for me."

Maryse's latest conquest whimpered pathetically, but had to do as she was told, first letting go of her cheeks and then lifting herself up onto the all fours position before beginning to thrust herself back and forth, anally riding the superior blonde's cock with her slutty ass from the doggy style position. Unfortunately this meant Natalya's giant ass cheeks jiggled like jelly with every thrust, becoming a particularly obscene when they crashed against Maryse's perfect thighs, resulting an wonderfully perverse ripple effect. Naturally this made Maryse want to abuse Natalya's ass even more than before, the French-Canadian only able to take her mind off it by turning the verbal humiliation up a notch.

"Oh my God, do you have no shame?" Maryse laughed cruelly, "Look at you, you are already so desperate for this big dick up your fat ass! Mmmmmmmm, even Mickie put up more of a fight than you are, and she was obviously a total bottom right from the start. Then again, I suppose, you are no different, are you Nattie? No, you're just a big dumb anal whore who thinks she's high and mighty, but she's not. Ooooooooh, admit it Nattie, you're a bottom who thinks she's a top. Mmmmmmmmm, a butt slut pretending to be a butt buster. Ohhhhhhhhh aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh shit, a wrestler who isn't as good as she thinks she is, aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhhh, a disgrace to her family's legacy, ooooooooohhhhhhhhh yes, don't worry though Nattie, you may make a lousy wrestler, but you make an excellent anal whore."

At first the physical pain and emotional torment had been nearly unbearable, but slowly Natalya's rectum had relaxed and accepted that it was now a fuck passage for another woman's pleasure. And not just any woman. Not another wrestler, Natalya unable to find the comfort of being defeated by an equal in this moment. No, the proud wrestling legacy had been outsmarted by a puny model and was now getting her ass skilfully fucked, her victorious opponent conquering her bowels like she had conquered Natalya's body, much to Natalya's utter humiliation.

Natalya had never thought she could feel pleasure from getting her ass fucked. Thought she was too much of a natural top/wrestler to ever enjoy any act of submission, however either Maryse was more skilled at ass taming than anyone else on the planet or Natalya's ass was just naturally slutty and waiting for a real top to make her realise it. As her butt hole was slowly turned into a fuck hole Natalya decided it must be a bit of both, it was the only way to explain why any physical pain became a distant memory indecently quickly and she became overwhelmed with the greatest ecstasy she had ever known until she had no choice but to beg for more.


Natalya felt completely and utterly humiliated, but somehow that total humiliation only added to the ecstasy she was feeling, which was really saying something as Maryse fulfilled her half of the bargain and began increasing the pace of the ass fucking. Even though it was a gentle build-up it in some ways felt like seconds that Maryse's thighs were slapping against Natalya's ass cheeks with such force it caused them to relentlessly jiggle and the sound of the flesh hitting flesh was so loud it almost drowned out Natalya's squeals of pleasure, the proud wrestler having to redefine her understanding of ecstasy as she was skilfully sodomised to orgasm.

The moment she came, the moment her cum literally squirted out of her cunt, something she thought she could never do, Natalya knew her life was changed forever. How could she ever think of topping someone again when she knew the ecstasy awaiting her from bottoming? How could she pretend to be a butt buster when being an ass whore was so much more fun? How could she pretend to be anywhere close to Maryse's level when she wanted to be nothing but this woman's anal loving slut? And how would she ever look Beth in the eye after suffering this ultimate act of humiliation, Natalya blushing as she tried to do that for a moment before looking away.


"We'll see about that you arrogant bitch!" Beth spat before addressing the rest of the locker room, "Everybody out! I'm tired of this nonsense, and no one else should watch it, so we're going back to my hotel room for a little ass pounding fun."

Some of the other divas grumbled in dissatisfaction but they all obeyed, except obviously for Natalya and Maryse, the latter of whom called after her retreating prey, "YOUR BIG FAT ASS IS MINE BETH! YOU'RE JUST TOO DUMB TO REALISE IT!"

Maryse licked her lips as Victoria and Beth Phoenix left, her eyes glued to those fat asses as they wiggled out of the locker room and presumably out of the arena. She gave a passing glance to the other asses on display as the other divas reluctantly left, all of them clearly wanting to see her finish breaking in Natalya. Although from the looks, and the sounds, of it she already had, Maryse smirking proudly to herself as she redoubled her efforts on her current piece of meat, determined not to pull her cock out until Natalya was without question completely broken. Or at least until the other woman's ass hole was thoroughly gaped.

She was sure there would be nothing but a crater left of Natalya's ass hole right now, but Maryse wanted this to be one of the widest gapes ever. Even wider than she'd ever gaped Mickie, or Trish, or Melina. That was setting herself quite the challenge, but Maryse had a very high standard already set for herself, and she planned on achieving it. Most of all she planned on cumming, something she achieved with ease as there was nothing in this world she loved more than destroying bitch ass hole, the sheer mental stimulation of taking Natalya Neidhart's anal virginity feeling as if it would be enough to make her cum.

In reality it was a combination of the incredible mental stimulation and the stimulator on her clit, but truth be told Maryse barely noticed the attention to her clit as she was so focused on Natalya's fat ass jiggling against her thighs as she brutally rammed her dildo in and out of that tight and no longer virgin ass hole. Ultimately she became aware when exhaustion finally kicked in, but at that point who knows how many orgasms she'd had or how long she'd been butt fucking the other blonde. Nor did she have any idea how many climaxes she had given her new bitch, not that she really cared about that last thing.

Ultimately Maryse only cared about maintaining her dignity after so thoroughly robbing Natalya of hers, the diva's champion only stopping the butt fucking a few seconds after she was sure she was going to collapse from exhaustion, and then chuckling evilly at the sight of the exhausted and incredibly sweaty woman still bent over in front of her. The mighty Natalya Neidhart looked well fucked, and Maryse planned to see just how much, the evil Canadian placing both her hands on those fat cheeks, spreading them apart and then in one swift movement pulling her strap-on out of her fellow blonde's bottom and leaning back to admire the damage she had done.

Natalya's ass hole remained so widely stretched that Maryse could have probably seen into the other woman's bowels even if she wasn't spreading Natalya's ass cheeks. As she was she got the best possible look at that gaping butt hole, Maryse licking her lips and chuckling with delight as she admired the way her defeated opponent's anal walls stayed just as stretched as her back hole, a sure sign that the full of herself Natalya Neidhart was going to be anally gaped for quite some time to come. And best of all, even if it ever closed, and Maryse was sure that was a big if, Nattie's butt hole would never be the same again.

Oh non, the supposedly mighty Natalya Neidhart would think of the Sexiest of the Sexy Maryse Ouellet every time she sat down. Yes, every time she placed those big round buns down to support her weight Natalya would squirm and grimace with pain from the soreness in her ass, every little bit of pain a reminder that she had been sodomised. That Maryse had used her most private hole as a fuck hole, and from now on that's exactly what this gaping hole was. It was nothing but a fuck hole for Maryse to use whenever she wanted, and she was going to use it a lot in the near future. First though, she wanted to complete Natalya's humiliation.

"Suck my dick you stupid whore! Mmmmmmm, except your destiny as my bitch." Maryse ordered as she stood up, then when her latest conquest didn't immediately obey she gave a quick series of strikes to the large ass in front of her, making the cheeks jiggle, "NOW YOU DUMB SLUT! SHOWS SOME RESPECT TO THE OWNER OF YOUR FAT ASS!"

Natalya cried out loudly with every blow, then whimpered, both sounding pathetic to Maryse, then the supposedly tough wrestler slowly turned around, kneeled in front of the diva's champion and hesitantly wrapped her lips around the head of the dildo which had just pummelled the deepest part of her big fat ass. She then grimaced, but Maryse was fairly sure that was just reflex as soon Natalya was sucking that strap-on like the ATM whore she clearly was, Maryse smiling triumphantly and grabbing Natalya's hair to encourage her to bob her head up and down on that ass flavoured dick.

At first this worked pretty well, but Nattie was either too dumb to figure out Maryse wanted her to deep throat or she was too scared too. Probably the latter, as a lot of wrestlers/tops seemed perfectly content making models/bottoms choke on their strap-on cocks, but weren't so keen on doing it themselves. Luckily Maryse was happy to encourage them by grabbing their hair with both hands and beginning to thrust in and out of their mouths. Oh yes, Maryse fucked their mouths as if they were cunts, or ass holes. Gently at first but then with increasing forcefulness until her dick was buried in Natalya's throat and the other one was thoroughly gagging and choking as Maryse mercilessly pounded her windpipe while offering up her usual encouragement.

"That's it Nattie, take it! Take every inch of this cock which has just been in your fat ass down your throat! Mmmmmmmmm yes, you better get used to this bitch, because you're going to be deep throating my dick a lot from now on. Ooooooooooh yes, yes, YES! Everytime I fuck you up the ass I'm going to face fuck you just to make you sure you know your place. Ohhhhhhhhhh, and then I'm going to throat fuck you after I've butt fucked my other bitches! Mmmmmmmmm oooooooooohhhhhhhhhh yessssssssssss, oh yes, Mickie, Melina... Trish, mmmmmmmmmm, their fat asses are all waiting back in my hotel room to be fucked, and for me to feed all their asses to you. Mmmmmmmm, and then I'm going to destroy the fat asses of your little friends Beth and Victoria, and when their butt holes are gaping wide open, I'll take my cock out of their asses and stuff them down your fucking throat!" Maryse gleefully threatened as she hammered Natalya's face hard enough to bruise it, the other woman looking as if she was about to pass out before she finally pulled back, the dildo exiting Natalya's mouth and a second later the mighty wrestler was clutching her throat and gasping for air. Maryse enjoyed her enemy's pain for a second, and then she added, "Pull up your pants. I do not wish to be caught fucking your fat ass by a member of the WWE staff, or a janitor, telling us they have to lock-up. But don't worry, I plan to completely destroy your ass hole when we get back to my hotel room. Oh yes, you have a long night ahead of you."

Natalya scramble to obey, and then Maryse made good on that promise.

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