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Maryse's Love Of Fat Ass Part 6
by MTL (

Maryse Ouellet strolled confidently into the diva's locker room and licked her lips. Beth Phoenix had her back to her and for a few glorious seconds Maryse got to admire that big fat ass of hers, encased in a pair of tight jeans, that fabric hugging juicy flesh and practically begging Maryse to fuck it. And she would. Oh oui, soon that fat ass would be hers, and she would be the Alpha female of the WWE. And then all the big bottomed women of the WWE would have to bend over and give up their asses to her whenever she wanted. But first she needed to take away the last obstacle to Beth's big booty, other than Beth herself of course, and naturally she had a brilliant plan to do it.

As Beth turned around and glared at her Maryse smirked as she closed distance between them. The two tops maintained eye contact for most of that short walk, until the end when Beth glanced at Natalya, who had followed her new owner meekly, giving Maryse the chance to take a look at her next victim who was simply known as Victoria. She was exactly Maryse's type, a big tough wrestler who arrogantly thought she was untouchable, and while her ass wasn't quite as fat as Beth's it was still definitely a big booty, one Maryse was going to have a lot of fun using for her pleasure.

Turning her attention back to the Glamazon Maryse grinned wickedly, "Thank you for making it so easy for me to destroy Natalya's fat ass and make it mine. It was, how you say, magnificent."

Beth glared, "You got lucky. Natalya, do you want another shot at this bitch now, your free?"

"Non, she does not." Maryse informed her soon to be bitch, "You see, Natalya now knows her place. That her fat ass is mine and she is my bitch. So the only thing she'll be doing now is bending over for me, like you soon will be."

"Bull-shit!" Beth growled.

"Oh, you don't believe me?" Maryse laughed before turning to her bitch, "Show her bitch! Show the mighty Beth Phoenix what I like to do to fat asses like hers."

Natalya blushed adorably, then after a few seconds of hesitation, which was a few seconds too long in Maryse's opinion, the big tough wrestler turned around so her back was facing her friends, and then slipped her fingers into the waistband at her pants. There was then the brief hesitation before Natalya slowly pushed her pants down to just below her big bottom, revealing that her ass hole was gaping wide open from Maryse's tender love and care. Natalya then spread her meaty butt cheeks wide apart, unnecessarily emphasising the gape.

As the cherry on top Maryse pushed, "Now tell Beth what you are!"

"I'm your bitch." Natalya whimpered, "I'm Maryse's fat ass bitch."

Maryse laughed cruelly, and then promised her future ass sluts, "Soon this will be you Beth, but first it's Victoria's turn. Mmmmmmmm, oh oui Victoria, by the end of the night your fat ass is going to be just as ruined as this."

"Oh you wanna go?" Victoria asked, stepping forward and getting into Maryse's face, "Let's go. You and me, in the ring, right now. And after I kick your ass, I'm going to fuck it and make that gape look make nothing."

"Non Victoria." Maryse grinned, "It will be your fat ass that is fucked and gaped. Mmmmmm, get ready to become my bitch."

* * *

Maryse knew those words, and what she had made Natalya do, would infuriate Victoria. They clearly infuriated Beth too, which was also her intent, but Maryse could tell she was already in the Glamazon's head and when the time came it would be easy to defeat her and then stretch her ass. Perhaps not quite as easy as Victoria, who while strong wasn't that smart, and after throwing Maryse around with a few Suplexs got defeated by a simple roll-up. True, Maryse's feet were on the middle rope for leverage just out of the referee's view, but Maryse wondered if she even needed to bother. Not that she gave it much thought, given how much fun she was going to have when Victoria finally made her way back through the curtain.

Victoria kneeled in the ring in disbelief as Maryse rolled out of the ring and quickly dashed to the ramp before turning back and flashing her that evil smile of hers. They had a staring match which felt like hours, but in reality was only seconds, Maryse walking backwards the entire time until finally she turned around and disappeared behind the curtain. Thankfully the show had gone to a commercial break, leaving Victoria the opportunity to stay until she was prompted to leave, and even then she had time to slowly make her way to the back, the whole time cursing herself out and trembling with fear about what was going to happen next.

This was far from the first time Victoria had tasted defeat. In fact, despite her size and strength Victoria had lost more than she won. But this was the first time she lost a match which really mattered. The kind in which her ass hole was on the line, and now not only was she going to be ass fucked, but ass fucked by a worthless model. Oh God, this was so humiliating, Victoria strongly considering just leaving as fast as she could and then never coming back. But she loved wrestling too much for that. Besides, then should lose her access to all the WWE lesbian sluts, which was a unbearable thought. So Victoria reluctantly shuffled to the women's locker room, defeated and humiliated before she even open the door, but knowing her current feeling was nothing compared to what was waiting for her.

"Finally!" Maryse exclaimed, as Victoria shuffled in and close the door, "I thought you'd never get here. Mmmmmmm, but you and your sweet bottom are here now. So let's see it. Bend over and give me that big fat ass of yours, you dumb bitch!"

There was a moment's silence as Victoria fumed, and then Beth grumbled, "You lost. To a fucking model. That means you bend over bitch. Fuck, I'm surrounded by weak ass sluts!"

"Don't forget stupid." Maryse grinned at Beth before turning her attention back to Victoria, "You heard her. Bend over you stupid and weak little ass whore! Your ass is mine!"

Enraged by those words Victoria stepped forward menacingly until she was nose to nose with Maryse, briefly considering to just take a shot at the bitch regardless of the consequences. Then she hoped her actions would cause Maryse to ran away, or at least cower in fear and give Victoria a brief moment of victory. Instead Maryse smirked and stayed right back at her until Victoria reluctantly lowered her head, slowly turned round and got down onto her knees. Finally she placed her hands on the ground so she was in the all fours position was trying not to notice the gathering crowd tittering with delight at her humiliation.

"Oh oui, mmmmmmmm, look at that fat ass!" Maryse cackled with delight as she got down on her knees behind Victoria and grabbed two big handfuls of that meaty flesh, "Mmmmmmm, look at this big fat ass just waiting to be fucked! Oh oui, and I am just the woman to do it..."

Trailing off Maryse moved her hands to the waistband of Victoria's wrestling trunks and slowly pulled them down to reveal her bubble butt, Victoria turning her head as she did so but she instantly regretted it for two reasons. First was the look of pure lust on Maryse's face as she stared at that big butt, something which was somehow scary and flattering at the same time, and second because she finally noticed what Maryse was wearing. In her anger she hadn't really registered the big strap-on her opponent had been wearing, but now Victoria was very aware of it, the reality that she was moments away from getting her virgin ass taken suddenly very real to her.

Maryse had been aware of it since she had won her match and Victoria's ass in the process, and while part of her was struggling to contain her excitement she was determined to keep her air of dominance. She couldn't keep the evil grin off her face as she removed the last obstacle to Victoria's big fat ass and then spent several minutes groping that now naked butt. Not that the other divas were paying much attention to her gorgeous face, at least not until she buried it in between the huge globes of Victoria's ass and motor-boated them for almost a full minute before sticking out her tongue and greedily beginning to lick the virgin butt hole she would soon be violating.

This also could be considered not a very dominant action, but Maryse didn't give a fuck. She loved rimming the big fat asses she fucked. In fact, she was addicted to it. Oh oui, Maryse was addicted to eating out big fat asses like the one belonging to Victoria, the French Canadian practically suffocating herself in the American's butt because she was so lost in her perverted lust for it. Of course eventually she had to use both her hands to spread those cheeks so she could get some much-needed air while still licking Victoria's ass hole, but this had the added bonus of allowing the other divas, especially Beth, to see what she was doing.

If Maryse twisted her head ever so slightly she could even lock eyes with Beth while still tonguing Victoria's ass hole, which naturally she did. To her credit Beth didn't look away, the two tops staring each other down as one had her way with the other's friend. Well, one top and a wanna be top who was soon going to get her fat ass fucked, but that wasn't important right now. What was important was to prepare Victoria's virgin ass to be penetrated, for Maryse's benefit of course. She wanted to make it look easy, and a simple way of doing that was with a little fingering, and as she loved violating big butts in any way possible Maryse was only too happy to spit on a finger and ram it into Victoria's back hole. Which of course made both divas cry out.

The main difference was that Victoria's cry had a mixture of emotions behind it, while Maryse's was only from lust, and she followed it up by moaning, "Oh oui, there is nothing quite like virgin ass. Mmmmmmmm, I am so going to enjoy this, and you will hate it. But then Victoria, I'm going to make you love it."

To Maryse's delight there was no reply from the allegedly tough women's wrestler, Victoria just whimpering pathetically as Maryse started sliding her finger in and out of her ass hole. The same was true as Maryse stretched Victoria's previously untouched anal ring with a second finger and increase the speed and force of the anal fingering while the other divas watch with awe. Not that they had seen anything yet, but Maryse was more than happy to give them a real show. Especially Beth. Oh oui, Maryse couldn't wait to make the mighty Beth Phoenix watch her break her only remaining ally in the women's locker room with a nice hard butt fucking, Maryse soon pulling her fingers out of Victoria's ass so she could do just that.

Lining her strap-on up with her target Maryse ordered, "Spread your ass cheeks for me bitch! Ohhhhhhhhh oui, present your virgin ass hole, so it's easier for me to pop your anal cherry!"

Victoria blushed but gritted her teeth and reached back to spread her butt cheeks. Her only other choice would have been to walk out and never again get to fuck her fellow divas, which was like having no choice at all as far as Victoria was concerned. It was the only thing more unbearable than having to give up her anal cherry to a worthless model, although not by much, especially as Maryse clearly intended to make this as humiliating as possible. The latest example of this was sliding the head of her dildo up and down Victoria's ass crack, giggling wickedly and murmuring to herself in French for several long seconds before beginning the anal penetration.

Of course when the anal penetration began Victoria long for the teasing as it was preferable over the humiliating and painful experience of having her virgin ass hole open for a cock, especially as Maryse took her time again and really made Victoria wallow in her misery. Misery which surely had to reach a crescendo when her anal ring stretched wide enough for Maryse's cock to slide through it and into her ass, Victoria letting out a loud and pathetic cry as she officially lost her anal cherry to a worthless model.

"Oui, scream for me bitch!" Maryse laughed cruelly before pushing another inch into Victoria's butt.

Thankfully after that Maryse gave Victoria a few long moments to relax her rectum. It didn't take away the pain completely but it did make the dildo slide easier into her ass hole, and thus cause her less pain overall. Unfortunately there was nothing Victoria could do about the humiliating anguish of getting her ass stuffed, and she couldn't stop thinking about how this was so wrong, that she was a butt busting top, not an anal loving bottom, and yet here she was getting her ass used like a common anal whore. Like a fucking model. By a fucking model. And just when she didn't think it could get any more humiliating Maryse started thrusting back and forth, officially beginning the sodomy.

Unfortunately for Victoria it wasn't just more humiliating because she was now officially getting sodomised by a fucking model. It was more humiliating because she was now officially getting sodomised by a fucking model and moaning in pleasure. Well, so far it was only one moan of pleasure, a moan which completely took her by surprise, but it was clear and audible, everybody from the stunned bottoms, to Beth, to Maryse noticing that some sick and twisted part of herself was actually enjoying this! And it had only just begun, Victoria's eyes filling with tears as the others rained down humiliation upon her. Humiliation it now felt like she deserved.

"Oh my God, she loves it." AJ murmured in disbelief.

"Yeah she does." Kaitlyn grinned.

"I always thought Victoria was a secret ass whore." Alisha chimed in.

Maryse was of course the loudest, "Oh oui Victoria, moan for me. Mmmmmm oui, moan like an anal whore for me as I fuck you up the ass. Ooooooooh, accept you are just my anal whore, just like Natalya and all the rest. Ohhhhhhh, just like Beth very, very soon."

"Dream on bitch!" Beth snapped, having enough of this insolent woman, "I'm the Alpha female around here, and next week I'm going to humiliate you in the ring, and then in the back!"

"Non, it will be you who is humiliated." Maryse promised with a wicked grin, "Ohhhhhhhhh oui, it will be you who is humiliated when I tear open your ass hole and make your big fat ass mine! Oh oui Beth, it is just a matter of time before your fat ass is mine."

For a moment it looked like Beth was about to destroy Maryse, which she could have done easily. Instead she turned her back on the worthless model and announced, "I don't have to stay here and listen to this. Come on bitches, we're going back to my hotel so I can fuck you all in private."

Maryse laughed wickedly as the stronger blonde once again stormed out as she was butt fucking one of Beth's loyal cronies into submission, especially loving the opportunity to stare lustfully at Beth's big fat ass as The Glamazon turned her back to her. It was very tempting for Maryse to just jump up, run over to Beth, pull the stronger blonde's pants down and shove her strap-on straight up that big booty. But there was no guarantee that even with the lubricant still on her dick, combined with Victoria's anal cream, that she could get her dildo up Beth's butt so quickly, and even if she did she was no match for The Glamazon's strength and would be easily thrown off. No, Maryse would defeat Beth, and then that big fat ass would be hers.

Besides, going after Beth now was a little to rapey for Maryse's liking, and more importantly Maryse had one incredibly sweet piece of ass right here to enjoy. One she continued to neglect as Beth disappeared from view and instead of returning her attention to her new bitch Maryse admired the fuck-able asses of Beth's bitches. Once she conquered The Glamazon they would be all hers, and while only a few had the kind of big butts Maryse crave she had become so lost in her anal lust lately that she planned on at least sampling every single one of them. Then of course there were her own bitches, and even though only Natalya was currently present she obediently stayed where she was and continued to present her gaping ass hole, making Maryse almost consider switching holes she suddenly wanted that fat ass so much.

That was when she realised how much she was truly neglecting Victoria's big fat ass. She hadn't got her dick all the way inside that well-rounded rear yet, a mistake that Maryse chose to fix in that moment, tightening her already firm grip on Victoria's waist and making sure each of the following thrusts pushed another inch into the other woman's rectum. Which made her new anal slut cry out extra loudly in mostly pleasure, especially when her thighs smacked against those big meaty cheeks, announcing Maryse had buried the entire length of her cock in Victoria's bowels and thus taken another important step in breaking her latest conquest.

Eager to move to the next stage Maryse moaned, "Mmmmmmmmm, balls deep in your big fat slutty ass! Oh oui, I knew you would be nothing but another anal whore! Ooooooooh oui, now let go of your cheeks. I wish to feel them jiggle against my thighs as I pound your big fat slutty bottom."

In response Victoria just whimpered pathetically and did as she was told, allowing Maryse to feel those big meaty cheeks against her thighs when they're flesh met for the next few thrusts. Then unable to resist getting a better look at the full length of her cock sliding in and out of the stronger woman's back door Maryse pulled apart Victoria's ass cheeks herself to admire the perverted sight. Maryse became completely lost in that sight for quite a while until Victoria could no longer hide her moans of pleasure. Not that she'd been doing a great job of it before, but it was enough for Maryse to cackle in triumph and then smack that big ass with both hands before offering up some more verbal humiliation.

"Oh yes, moan for me Victoria!" Maryse cackled, "Moan for me like the anal whore you are! Ohhhhhhhhhh oui, moan as I fuck you in the ass. Mmmmmmmmmm, moan as I fuck you in your big fat ass and make you my bitch!"

Victoria had to grit her teeth to prevent herself from back talking Maryse, something she knew would only make it worse, but the urge to do so was almost overwhelming. It was almost as overwhelming as the need to cum, Victoria getting closer and closer to the point where she didn't care anymore what actually sent her over the edge as long as she got to cum, Maryse expertly keeping her on the edge of climax until ultimately she just couldn't take it anymore. She just had to cum. She just had too.

So Victoria whimpered, "Please... please just fuck me. Ooooooooh, fuck me harder and make me cum! I need to cum. Please make me cum!"

"You wanna cum?" Maryse laughed cruelly, "Well back that ass up! Mmmmmmmm, oh oui, I'm tired of doing all the work. I want you to get up on your hands and knees and thrust your big ass back at me. Oooooooooooh oui, make that big booty shake. Yes, that's it you whore! Wreck your own ass! Ohhhhhhhhh fuck yeah, fucking destroy that big fat ass and accept you are my bitch!"

Without any hesitation Victoria lifted her face from where it had been hiding on the floor and started bouncing back against Maryse. It was slow and awkward at first as Victoria had never done this before, but slowly and surely she got the hang of it. To her horror it even felt kind of natural, not that Victoria dwelt on that humiliating feeling. Honestly she couldn't concentrate on anything except the incredible pleasure coming from her 'fat ass' as Maryse called it, and Victoria did have to admit she could feel her cheeks jiggling like jelly as both wrestler and model work together to make the ass fucking as deep and hard as possible, which of course was something else which would have horrified her if Victoria was able to think coherently.

Fortunately for Victoria she was far beyond that, her mind melting from ecstasy as she frantically added to the speed and force of her own sodomising. And that was before she finally went over the edge of orgasm, the poor wrestler thinking for sure that she had cum several times before her understanding of pleasure was redefined when she receives something far more powerful than the climax that came before. It caused her cum to shoot out of her cunt, her body to shudder and shake, and the most pathetically high pitched screams to come out of her mouth, Victoria screaming like a little bitch as she came.

Because that's what she was now. That was all she was, and all she ever wanted to be. A bitch. Maryse's bitch. Oh yes, the proud wrestler would happily become this model's little bitch. If it meant she could cum like this for the rest of her life. Or just have one more experience like this, because Victoria knew that this superior woman wanted Beth's fat ass most of all, but Victoria hoped that this would not be the last time that Maryse would use her bitch hole. In fact, she would do anything Maryse wanted just for the chance of having her big cock up her dyke ass again, the idea of all the things that her new top might make her do making Victoria smiled dreamily as she got lost in her multiple climaxes.

Maryse could tell Victoria was now hers. More importantly she could tell this fat ass was hers. Oh oui, Maryse could tell this fat ass was all hers, just a piece of meat for her to enjoy, and oh was she going to enjoy it. She was going to lick it, fist it and most importantly fuck it with the biggest strap-on dildos she could find until Victoria couldn't even remember what it was like to sit down without pain. Or shit properly. And most of all she wouldn't remember what was like to be a top. Or a wanna be top, in Victoria's case. And she was going to make that clear. Mostly through a brutal butt pounding, but words were important, and fun, too.

"Your ass is mine!" Maryse announced gleefully, "I own it. And I own you. Ohhhhhhhhh oui, you're my bitch now Victoria! I own every little part of you, especially my favourite part. Mmmmmmm, I own this big fat wrestler ass, and there's nothing you can do about it because your a fucking bottom! Oh oui, you're nothing but a little bottom with a big fat ass, mmmmmmm, made to be fucked by a top like me. Oooooooh oui, you're just ass Victoria! Mmmmmm, just ass for me to fuck."

Through all that abuse Victoria didn't try to defend herself, which would have been further proof of her submission if Maryse wasn't 100% sure that her defeated opponent was just too delirious to say anything coherent given the way she was hysterically screaming and swearing as Maryse continued to introduce her to the joys of being an anal loving bottom. And it wasn't that long before Maryse joined her. Not in the screaming and swearing, or at least not so loudly and hysterically, but specifically in the becoming incoherent part. At first that was because she wanted to reserve all her energy to slamming Victoria's ass hole, but it was also because Maryse was only a matter of time before she came.

She just loved abusing fat asses so much it was inevitable, and Maryse hadn't cum since abusing Natalya before arriving in the arena, and that felt like an eternity ago. Especially given how much had happened in between then, from outsmarting and beating this dumb bitch, to eating her fat ass and then popping her anal cherry. All of which she had done in front of the supposedly mighty Beth Phoenix and her bitches, all of whom would soon belong to Maryse, that fact of course only made it harder not to cum.

Honestly Maryse was only holding back so she could deliver the longest and hardest rectum wrecking possible to Victoria so she would be well and truly broken. Mostly because Maryse didn't want to go through the hassle again, but also because she wanted to move on to Beth and completely make the WWE her own personal anal paradise where all the fat ass wrestlers bent over for her like the bitches they were always supposed to be. That wonderful thought was of course the thing finally sent her over the edge, naturally Maryse continuing to destroy Victoria's bitch hole, even as she experienced multiple climaxes.

They weren't quite as frequent and powerful as the climaxes she was giving Victoria, but Maryse found them more than satisfying. Perhaps a little too satisfying, because while she wished she could spend eternity pounding the big bottoms of the stuck up female wrestlers her impressive stamina did have its limits and eventually she was left with a choice, quit while she was ahead or risk passing out and possibly receiving retribution from Victoria, or more likely Beth herself. As Maryse didn't want to take the risk, and wanted to remain strong at the end of the ass wrecking, she yanked her dildo out of Victoria's ass just as she thought she was about to faint, knowing from experience she would recover when faced with her handiwork.

Sure enough energy, or at least adrenaline, returned to Maryse as she was greeted by the sight of Victoria's gaping ass hole, the evil French Canadian giggling to herself as she admired what she had done to the American's butt hole. God, she loved the sight of an inferior woman's forbidden hole gaped open, and this was as easily as wide as she'd ever seen a hole gape, Maryse able to see deep into Victoria's rectum via whatever was left of her most private orifice, Maryse not even having to enhance the gape by spreading those big fat cheeks. Although she did so anyway for fun, and then smacked it as hard as she could just to make her bitch squirm.

Maryse then ordered, "Get over here and clean my cock bitch!"

Instantly Victoria whirled around and wrapped her lips around the head of the ass flavoured cock. Well, Victoria may have whimpered in shame before she moved, and afterwards, and as she took Maryse's cock into her mouth, but that just made Maryse grin wider and more wickedly, as it just further proved her dominance over this bitch, because even though she found a shameful Victoria was doing it anyway. Perhaps more to the point Victoria moaned as she tasted the deepest part of her own butt and then began bobbing her head up and down on the dick with increasing eagerness until she was desperately trying to deep throat the entire length of the dildo.

Which naturally made Maryse laughed cruelly and taunt her latest conquest, "Yesssssssssss, that's it, become my cock sucker! Oh oui, embrace your inner cock sucking slut in clean every drop of your own ass off that dick you disgusting little whore! Mmmmmmmm yeah, suck it! Take it deep down your throat and accept you are now what you were always meant to be, mmmmmmm, my fat ass bitch!"

Even though Maryse continued to hurl abuse at Victoria she wasn't really paying attention to what she was saying, or even the BJ itself. No, Maryse was focused on one thing, Beth Phoenix's big fat ass. She mentioned how it would jiggle like jelly for her, and how tight the Glamazon's virgin butt hole would be, and the humiliation and submission that the mighty Beth Phoenix would feel as Maryse finally made the so-called Alpha female of the WWE her bitch. Oh oui, her next conquest was going to be epic, and after that every single diva butt would be hers. Yes, big or small, she would own them all.

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