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Maryse's Love Of Fat Ass Part 3
by MTL (

Maryse smiled widely as she looks at the picture on her phone of a big fat disgusting ass. The massive cheeks were being spread, presenting a perfect view of the fat ass bitch's ass hole which was gaping obscenely wide.

After a few minutes of just staring at that beautiful sight Maryse sent the pic to Melina along with the words, you weren't my first bitch.

Soon she would tell Melina all about who's gaping ass hole she had sent her, but for now Maryse was content to just relive the glorious memory of it herself...

* * *

It all started with the note Mickie James found in her locker. For the most part she couldn't understand it, but two words stuck out like a sore thumb. Or more accurately to names stuck out, those being her own and that of Maryse, the stuck up bitch who had temporarily blinded her with hairspray which made Mickie lose a #1 contender's match for the diva's title. The title Maryse held.

Conveniently that same bitch just happened to saunter into the diva's locker room and give Mickie a knowing smirk.

"You've got a lot of nerve showing your face around here after that stunt you pulled out there." Mickie growled, stepping menacingly towards the blonde bitch.

"There's something you need to know Mickie, I do what I want, when I want." Maryse grinned.

"Like run away from me and ducking my challenges because you're scared of me." Mickie smiled humorously back.

"Oh please, I'm not scared of you or anyone." Maryse said dismissively, her eyes locking onto a piece of paper in Mickie's hand before another smile crossed her face, "Speaking of which, how did you like my note?"

Mickie shrugged, "I don't speak French."

At this Maryse grinned wickedly, held out her hand and said, "Then allow me."

For a few seconds Mickie just stared at the open hand. She was pretty sure the note was just filled with insults so it would probably be better just to tear the note up and shove it right in Maryse's arrogant face. Then again maybe Mickie could use Maryse's words to fuel the rage inside her, revve her up to give this stuck up bitch the ass kicking she deserved.

In the end though it was Mickie's curiosity as much as anything which had her handing over the note, a decision she regretted pretty much instantly.

Clearing her throat Maryse gave an obviously false smile, and then began to read, "Mickie, ton cul est gros, gras et dégoûtant. Je ne comprends pas comment une fille avec un cul aussi gros que le vôtre est considérée comme une diva, et cela me fait honte que certains me comparer, le plus sexy de la sexy, ... vous. Pourtant, je suis plus honte de ce que je veux ton gros cul. Il est tel un gros, gros cul se r‚volter, mais je ne peux pas arrˆter d'y penser. J'ai donc d‚cid‚ que ton gros cul sera le mien."

"Yeah, I don't care what it actually says, just give me the translated version." Mickie grumbled.

After another smirk Maryse began to translate, "Mickie... your ass is big, fat and disgusting. I do not understand how a girl with an ass as fat as yours is considered a diva, and it shames me that some would compare me, the sexiest of the sexy, to you. Yet I am more ashamed of how much I want your big fat ass."

Mickie had just been about to interrupt when Maryse's last sentence completely floored her, the confused brunette murmuring, "What?"

Taking advantage of Mickie's confusion Maryse slowly advanced on her prey, beginning to read again until she was almost face to face with the other diva, "It is such a big, fat revolting ass, but I cannot stop thinking about it. So I have decided that your fat ass will be mine."

Getting over her confusion Mickie glared up at the taller diva, "Oh really?"

"Really." Maryse confirmed, "You have an ass that was made for fucking. And soon it will be fucked. And fucked, and fucked, your ass hole becoming my personal fuck hole."

"In your dreams." Mickie said.

Maryse smiled, "Mickie, I am being very nice and giving you the chance to bend over now. If you do I will use lube and make gentle love to your ass hole, at first. If I have to take your fat ass I will spank those big, fat disgusting cheeks of yours until you beg for mercy."

"I'd like to see you try." Mickie said.

Again Maryse just smirked, "Fighting you is beneath me. Besides, you clearly want me to fuck your fat ass. I can tell."

"No I don't." Mickie said, quickly adding, "I don't take it up the ass. I'm a top."

Maryse immediately burst out into hysterical laughter for almost an entire minute, then she finally said, "So... you weren't the bitch of Trish Stratus?"

"Only for about a month." Mickie blushed before quickly adding, "Then she was my bitch."

"And Beth?" Maryse question with a raised eyebrow, proving she had done her homework.

"That was a one off." Mickie said dismissively, "I haven't been butt fucked since Trish left, and I am not about to start bending over for you."

"Oh but you will, trust me." Maryse grinned.

"Not a chance." Mickie growled.

"Really? You truly don't want this?" Maryse questioned with a grin, "Then let us see if you can listen to the rest of my letter without getting turned on... now, where was I... oh oui... I have decided that your fat ass will be mine, and I will fuck you up your big fat ass and make you scream my name. I will pound those big fat filled cheeks and make them jiggle like jelly. I will slam your fat ass and make you my bitch. I will make you beg to be my bitch. I will make you beg for the privilege of being my Fat Ass Bitch. Once I grant you the honour of being my Fat Ass Bitch your fat ass will no longer belong to you. It shall be my property, mine to do with as I please. Oh and I shall use it. I shall use your big fat ass for my pleasure whenever I want, for as long as I want. All I will need to do is click my fingers and you will bend over. Failure to do so will result in a nice hard spanking, far harder than the ones I will be giving you on a daily basis to remind you of your place, although nothing compared to the spanking I will give you if you do not bend over for me soon."

"That's enough." Mickie finally interrupted weakly.

Ignoring her Maryse quickly continued, "So you might as well just give up your fat ass to me right now and make it easy on yourself and your fat ass. Otherwise I'm just gonna have to take it. Either way I promise you Mickie, soon you will be Maryse's Fat Ass Bitch. Love. Maryse. P.S. as Mickie James is an inappropriate name for my bitch soon you will simply be my Fat Ass Bitch. I may even make you officially change your name to Maryse's Fat Ass Bitch."

There was a few seconds of silence and then Mickie asked, "Are you finally done?"

"Almost." Maryse purred, before grabbing Mickie, slamming her against the wall and pressing her body against hers, making sure her inner thigh was pressing in between the other diva's legs, Maryse smirking widely as she felt Mickie's wetness through the fabric of her close.

Mickie blushed with shame, partly because Maryse had taken her by surprise and now had her pinned up against the wall and partly because now the French bitch knew just how much her treacherous body had reacted to those dirty words. Still Mickie was determined to remain defiant.

"I don't care what you say or what you do, I will never be your bitch." Mickie said firmly.

"We'll see." Maryse smirked before turning on her heels and leaving the locker room, taking the letter with her.

* * *

For the next couple of weeks Mickie was constantly finding notes in her locker, this time mostly in English but they were never signed so even though she knew exactly who they were from she couldn't prove it. The same went for the constant text messages she got from unlisted numbers, Maryse most likely using a disposable phone so nothing could be traced back to her. And the sexual harassment didn't end there, no, Maryse was constantly leaving butt plugs, anal beads, strap ons and a few toys Mickie couldn't identify, all with notes telling Mickie to imagine what it would be like to have them inside her fat ass, and to go ahead and try them because soon she would be very familiar with the feeling of each one of them being in her big booty. Of course Maryse was quite happy to take the direct approach, subtly rubbing up against Mickie during their matches and in the locker rooms, constantly whispering in Mickie's ear how much she wanted her fat ass, how she was going to brutally fuck her fat ass, how Mickie was going to be her fat ass bitch, etc.

Throughout all this Mickie never said a word to her friends and never even seriously contemplated trying to report Maryse to management for anything. No, Mickie wanted to deal with Maryse on her own, and that meant hitting the bitch where it hurt and taking the diva's title from her. And, after a few setbacks, the title match was booked and it became only a matter of time before Mickie became the diva's champion.

Of course there was a big part of Mickie who really, really wanted to ass fuck Maryse. And not just as a way of shutting the bitch up and giving her a taste of her own medicine, but because Maryse really did have a spectacular ass. Unfortunately the French-Canadian refused every 'loser is the winner's bitch' challenge Mickie made, only further proving the fact that Maryse knew deep down she couldn't beat her.

After all Mickie won every singles match they had, and most of the tag team matches, although in the case of particularly the latter Maryse did everything in her power to avoid tagging in when it was a fair fight, always hiding behind her partner and either attacking Mickie when she was down or taunting her on the apron. Which to be fair were the cliche actions of a typical bitchy diva, so at least Maryse was living up to her stereotype, but it wasn't exactly making Mickie want to fuck her.

It was far from the case of every WWE diva, or superstar for that matter, but Mickie liked to think she had standards, and the more time she spent around Maryse the happier she became that the French-Canadian was refusing her 'loser is the winner's bitch' challenges because it meant she didn't have too fuck the bitchy diva and could at least avoid her for the most part.

Unfortunately no matter how much she tried Mickie couldn't stop Maryse from getting to her. The blonde was just so annoying, the worst part of it being that Mickie's own body was at war with itself because as much as she didn't want to fuck Maryse, and really, really didn't want to be a bottom for her at the same time there was part of her that did. And of course Maryse knew that, and was quite happy to remind Mickie of it every chance she got.

Less than a week away from their PPV championship match Maryse reminded Mickie of that in the middle of a tag team match. Despite Maryse trying to knock her off her game with even more embarrassing texts than usual and a giant butt plug in her locker Mickie started out strong, the small brunette using her speed and quickness to get the better of Beth while Maryse hid on the apron, clearly wanting no part of a fresh Mickie. Then Mickie made a mistake and Maryse tagged in almost immediately, taking the opportunity to whisper super degrading things to her while using cheap tactics to keep her down. Eventually Mickie made the tag, but while resting on the apron she took her eye off the ball and Maryse gave her a cheap shot which knocked her to the floor. When she recovered Mickie saw red and chased after Maryse who cowardly fled up the ramp.

The last thing Mickie remembered was chasing Maryse backstage, but unfortunately for her this had all been part of the plan, Maryse running to where she had hidden a lead pipe and allowing Mickie to run head first straight into it, the combination of the blonde's swing and the brunette's speed knocking Mickie unconscious.

* * *

When Mickie awoke the first thing she noticed was there was a massive strap on dildo right in front of her face. This thing was a monster, at least 12 inches long and almost 2 inches thick, the sight making Mickie's pussy and ass hole shudder and clench in both fear and excitement which must have been Maryse's intention.

Picturing the blonde bitch quickly had Mickie returning to full consciousness at which point she realised just how literally screwed her ass was, and was going to be.

She was in some kind of dull looking basement tied to some kind of metal frame designed for BDSM fun. She was face down across it, her wrists securely fastened to a couple of outstretched bars while her feet were tied to the bottom of the frame. No amount of struggling could loosen her restraints and although she tried valiantly Mickie knew it was hopeless. She couldn't even make the frame budge an inch it was so heavy. Still she kept trying for quite a while, even resorting to screaming for help when she spotted what was just past the little stool ensuring the strap on was eye level, namely the table filled with whips, chains, crops, etc. Of course Maryse had firmly secured a ball gag in Mickie's mouth, and even if she hadn't Mickie guessed the French-Canadian had made sure she would be the only one who would hear any cries for help.

Eventually Mickie relaxed in her bonds and accepted her fate. Accepted that Maryse was going to use the huge dildo in front of her to abuse her ass hole. To stretch her back hole wide open and pound her most intimate orifice hard and deep. The current diva's champ using her as her own personal anal slut. And to her shame as the seconds ticked by Mickie found herself becoming increasingly excited at the thought of being so forcefully taken by another woman.

What felt like hours later when Mickie was using what little movement she had to hump the metal frame like bitch in heat while imagining herself being ass fucked by Maryse, the image now so vivid Mickie could almost feel that big dick in her ass, she suddenly heard the sound of a door being opened. She wanted to continue humping the metal frame because it felt like she was really getting close to an orgasm but Mickie's pride forced her to stop, the brunette trying not to whimper as she looked up to see Maryse standing high above her with a smirk on her face.

With the shining light behind her Maryse looked like some goddess descending from the heavens, her beauty doing nothing to quell Mickie's horny body.

"So... you are finally awake. Good, I was beginning to worry I'd have to wait until tomorrow to fuck your fat ass." Maryse said almost casually once she had reached the bottom of the stairs, the blonde taking off her robe, revealing she was naked underneath, and then slowly walking over to Mickie, "It wasn't easy you know, dragging your big fat butt to my limousine and then all the way down here. But... it was totally worth it."

Maryse licked her lips as she grabbed the strap on, pushed the stool out of the way and then slowly pulled the harness up her thighs and strapped it firmly around her waist. She then grabbed the dick and pointed the tip directly in Mickie's face.

"As I'm sure you figured out the chance to bend over willingly has expired. Now, I take your fat ass and make it mine! Ça va être à moi" Maryse said while menacingly stroking her big fake dick, "And make no mistake, every single inch of this big cock is going right up your ass. I am going to slide every inch into the tiny hole you shit from, stretch your shit hole wide open and then slam your shitter so long, hard and deep that you won't be shiting right for a week. There is nothing that can be said or done to stop this, it is simply what is going to happen. The only question is how red I'm going to make those fat filled cheeks of yours first."

Pausing momentarily Maryse gave Mickie the chance to threaten her, or beg her for mercy, but the slut just aired longingly at the blonde's big dick, further proving that this uppity little dyke desperately wanted to be her bitch. Maryse was given further proof of this when she walked round to find Mickie's pussy lips glistening with juice, although it took the blonde several seconds to notice her she was so busy almost literally drooling over the brunette's big butt.

Once she had knocked Mickie out Maryse had wasted no time in tying the number one contender to her title up, stuffing her in the trunk of her limousine and quickly being driven to this house. Once reaching her destination she quickly dragged Mickie down, untied her, stripped her and then secured her to the metal bar. Then and only then had she allowed herself to admire Mickie's naked body, Maryse staring lustfully at her enemy's backside for what felt like hours and only leaving because she needed something to eat. Now not only could Maryse look but she could touch, something she was quick to take full advantage of when given the opportunity.

True, she could have done this and more to Mickie if she had wanted too, but Maryse preferred her bitches to be conscious when she touched them. After all from the way Mickie tensed Maryse could tell she was trying to be brave but was deliciously scared of what the blonde was going to do to her, yet all Maryse had to do was spread those meaty cheeks to see that at least part of the brunette was also looking forward to the inevitable spanking and butt fucking she was about to take.

Maryse certainly wasn't about to disappoint, but she had waited for a long time to have Mickie James at her mercy and now she finally had her right where she wanted her Maryse fully intended to take her time and enjoy it. So for who knows how long she groped Mickie's fat ass, caressing, squeezing, pinching and lightly slapping those meaty cheeks to her heart's content.

Eventually Maryse began slapping Mickie's ass harder, telling the brunette, "Since you've denied me this ass for so long I will have too spank it, at least a little. But don't worry though, I can't wait much longer to fuck this big fat ass of yours. And who knows, maybe if you beg for mercy loudly enough I may even take it easy on you. Or just go straight to the ass fucking. Mmmmmmm oui, if you beg me for mercy Mickie I will most likely switch to fucking your big fat ass right away."

Mickie seriously considered this as the spanking got fully underway, Maryse raining down blow after blow onto her meaty ass cheeks, those globes the flesh jiggling with every stroke while the sound echoed throughout the room. At first this was more humiliating than painful, but once Maryse really got going the pain easily rivalled some of the most devastating moves Mickie had taken during her wrestling career, if only for the fact that the pain eventually felt endless. Which was ironic considering there was a somewhat easy way this could end, but Mickie's pride would not allow her to do it.

Wrestling in a male dominated sport Mickie had been forced to suffer through various indignities while fighting to be taken seriously. One of those indignities was being spanked by Beth who had beaten Mickie's ass far more roughly than Maryse, and while Beth hadn't offered her an out for doing so Mickie had been able to prevent herself from stooping to begging for mercy then so she wasn't about to do so now.

Besides, if anything the worst part wasn't the spanking itself, it was Maryse caressing her ass cheeks in between the spanks, treating Mickie's ass as if it was a piece of meat. A close second was that Mickie's body was betraying her, part of her not only looking forward to the now inevitable ass fucking she was going to take but actually enjoying the spanking itself. Being forced to take such humiliating pain just appealed to Mickie's submissive side and no matter how much the proud women's wrestler tried she couldn't stop her nipples from hardening and her pussy from dripping with arousal.

The one thing Mickie was able to do throughout this experience was keep her mouth shut. Well, keep herself from begging for mercy, as despite her best efforts Mickie couldn't stop herself from crying out in pain when Maryse started spanking her for all she was worth without hesitating to grope her ass in between the strikes. Then things escalated further, Mickie biting down roughly on the gag in her mouth and screaming various curse words as she suffered an intense pain the likes of which she had never known before. At least not like this.

That escalation was Maryse retrieving one of her more vicious looking riding crops from her table, the French-Canadian grinning wickedly as she thought how appropriate this was. After all these things were used to break in horses, and now Maryse was using one to break in her new bitch.

Maryse was sure to take her time getting the crop, slowly walking over to the table and guiding her hand through all the different toys before silently selecting the crop, turning back to Mickie and then sadistically licking the head of the spanking device. She then slowly walked back to her previous position behind Mickie, rubbed the crop over the other woman's well rounded flesh for several long seconds, then lifted the crop high in the air and brought it down as hard as she could on Mickie's bubble butt.

Immediately those juicy cheeks jiggled, Mickie cried out in pain and Maryse laughed wickedly. Particularly the first two were repeated over and over again, Maryse mostly just sticking to grinning wickedly as she began beating Mickie's big butt with every ounce of her strength again, this time the crop digging into the brunette's skin like the blonde's hand never could. It was almost enough to cause the flesh to break, but Maryse was too skilled a Dom for that. Instead the well rounded flesh, which had already been turned pink thanks to Maryse's hand, became an angry red. There were even cute little bruises, striking them causing Mickie to let out extra loud screams and even little whimpers of agony and shame. Best of all those cheeks continue to jiggle throughout the butt beating, meaning Maryse became absolute lost in the heaven that was spanking Mickie James.

When it was clear she couldn't do much more damage to that ass without it ceasing to be fun Maryse stopped, wiped her brow, through the crop away and then admired her handiwork. Mickie's ass was perhaps the darkest red she'd ever seen, the tough and respected women's wrestler shaking, whimpering and even crying as she recovered from her ordeal. And yet Mickie's pussy juices were dripping down her thighs, a clear sign that Mickie's training couldn't have been going better.

Almost painfully turned on Maryse slowly got up, grabbed hold of the tube of anal lubricant from her table and then coated a generous amount of it on her dildo. As she slowly rubbed it in right in front of her soon to be anal slave Maryse grinned wickedly and said, "Now... I take your big fat ass and make it mine!"

Mickie just glared at her in response, perhaps partly out of pride but mostly because she was an anal whore who desperately wanted to be fucked in the ass. All Maryse had to do was walk round and see Mickie's pussy was still dripping wet to know the truth, the diva's champion taking a final few seconds to admire her prize before going in for the kill.

Mickie tensed as she felt one of her ass cheeks being spread and Maryse pressing the tip of her strap on against her butt hole. The brunette remained tense as for almost a entire minute nothing happened, Mickie hating Maryse even more for dragging this out, but not as much as she hated her treacherous body for being so excited to be ass fucked. Then, finally, Mickie felt pressure against her ass hole. It was surprisingly the gentle kind which slowly stretched her shit hole, Mickie groaning into her ball gag as she felt her back hole slowly stretching around the large head of the dildo. And for some bizarre reason that gentle stretching had Mickie relaxing, probably because for the briefest of seconds she figured Maryse was going to draw out every moment of this ass fucking.

That turned out to be another mistake for Mickie as Maryse quickly took advantage, suddenly slamming forwards with a force which sent the first couple of inches hurtling into the brunette's bowels and had Mickie screaming in pain into her gag.

Maryse laughed cruelly, smacked Mickie's ass cheeks hard enough to make the flesh jiggle and said, "Oh oui, take it Mickie! Take it right up your fat ass!"

Desperately trying to tell herself she was just trying to make things easier on her poor poop hole Mickie relaxed as best she could, Maryse able to get the rest of the dildo up Mickie's ass with relative ease although she took her sweet time, the French-Canadian obviously savouring shoving her strap on into the American country girl's butt.

When her hips came to rest against Mickie's well-rounded ass cheeks Maryse roughly smacked her rival's ass again and said, "Ohhhhhhh oui, oui take it! Take it right up your big fat disgusting ass! Mmmmmmm fuck, I have been waiting so long for this. I have been waiting so long to fuck this big fat disgusting ass. These cheeks, they are so big. So fat. So disgusting. I am so ashamed of myself for wanting this fat ass so much, but I just can't help it. Mmmmmm, your fat ass is a slice of heaven. Made to be fucked. And now, I'm going to fuck it and make this big fat butt all mine!"

Maryse quickly proved herself a skilled butt fucker, beginning the sodomy at a slow but steady pace which seemed to stretch Mickie's ass out in seconds. Trish had used a similar technique, but she went so slowly that it took a while for Mickie's butt to fully relax. As for Beth, she had just hammered Mickie's rectum until the brunette's screams turned from pain to pleasure. But, as embarrassing as it was for her, Maryse had Mickie moaning in pleasure after only about a minute of gentle ass fucking, the blonde then quickly picking up the pace which made Mickie moan like an anal whore.

Surprisingly instead of mocking her Maryse focused completely on the butt fucking, pounding Mickie's pooper until the brunette was sure she was going to cum in record time. Then at the last minute Maryse slowed down, denying Mickie her climax. Then the cruel blonde repeated the process a few times, ass fucking Mickie to near climax after near climax before finally stopping altogether, Maryse then quickly reaching over and undoing the ropes restraining Mickie's hands.

Instead of reaching back to try and hit the blonde as she had been planning Mickie allowed her hands to slump down beside her. She didn't even bother to try and remove the ball gag.

Laughing at this Maryse gave one hard smacked to Mickie's butt and then ordered, "Spread your ass cheeks bitch!"

Mickie paused only briefly before she reached back, grabbed onto her meaty ass cheeks and pulled them as widely apart as she could. She even lowered her head, a silent acknowledgement that she had been beaten. That Maryse had won. That Mickie was now so horny and desperate to cum that she was willingly giving up her ass hole to the cruel blonde, allowing Maryse to abuse it as roughly as she wanted just as long as she made her cum.

For a few long seconds Maryse just stared at the sight in front of her. Then she burst out laughing, "That's it Mickie, accept it. Accept your place. Accept the fact that you're my bitch now, mmmmmmmm, my fat ass bitch. That's what you are. That's all you are."

While continuing to verbally abuse her new bitch Maryse tightened her grip onto Mickie's hips and restarted the ass fucking. This time Maryse had no interest in nearly making Mickie cum or even giving the other WWE diva any pleasure at all. No, finally it was all about Maryse's pleasure, as it should be.

So Maryse fucked Mickie James's big fat ass as slowly as she possibly could, grinning wickedly at the whimpers of frustration coming from the brunette bitch. Not that Maryse focused on them of course, not when there was a pair of big fat ass cheeks being spread submissively in front of her, this proud women's wrestler showing off her ass hole as it took every inch of Maryse's strap on dick. Of course with an ass like hers Mickie had been no blushing virgin, but as a trained women's wrestler she had looked down on Maryse, acted superior, and worst of all denied Maryse access to her big fat ass when Mickie should have been bending over the moment someone like Maryse showed interest in her big bubble butt. And look at the superior women's wrestler now, spreading her big fat butt cheeks and taking it up the ass for Maryse's pleasure.

Oh oui, the sight of Mickie James spreading her ass cheeks in total defeat was breath taking, Maryse revelling in her victory for what seemed like hours. And there was no mistake, it wasn't just a small victory, Maryse had won. Mickie James was now her fat ass bitch. Later she might try and deny it but Maryse would be able to put Mickie back in her place because right now the mighty women's wrestler Mickie James was so desperate to cum she would do anything Maryse said, and after the French-Canadian had made her cum this stupid little country bumpkin would forever crave more of the ecstasy Maryse could give her. So the battle was over, and all that was left was for Maryse to enjoy her conquest.

With that in mind Maryse completely ignored Mickie's pathetic begs into her ball gag for a harder butt fucking so she could just stare at and gently fuck the fat ass in front of her. The only thing that changed was Maryse started randomly pulling out and watching with glee as Mickie's butt hole remained gaping open, at first the French-Canadian waiting until it closed up to restart the sodomy before losing patience as Mickie's ass hole remained open for longer. Finally when she was sure Mickie's ass hole had been thoroughly abused Maryse pulled her strap on from that very well stretched shit hole, stood up, removed Mickie's ball gag and leg restraints, and then moved back.

"Stand up and face me bitch." Maryse said, putting plenty of emphasis on the final word.

To Maryse's delight Mickie meekly did as she was told, standing up on wobbly legs and turning around but noticeably didn't look her conqueror in the eye.

Of course Maryse hadn't specified that, but nevertheless she slapped Mickie hard across the face and yelled, "Look me in the eye you stupid butt slut!"

For a moment Mickie became angry, gritting her teeth and glaring up at her tormentor. Then as their eyes locked Mickie became meek again, a slight blush crossing her cheeks as she was haunted with memories of her ass hole being fucked by this woman. It didn't help that Mickie could feel that her ass hole was still gaping open and it was aching both with pain from being misused and a burning desire to be abused again by the long, thick strap on cock which was still in between Maryse's legs.

When Mickie's eyes briefly lowered to her dick Maryse smirked, slapped Mickie hard again and then when the former women's champion was glaring at her again Maryse spat in Mickie's face and ordered, "Get on your knees and suck my cock."

Another couple of long seconds past and then Mickie fell to her knees and swallowed the head of Maryse's cock, tasting the deepest part of her ass for the first time in almost three years.

Mickie knew she had just given up what little remained of her dignity and she had pretty much just damned herself into being Maryse's bitch but she couldn't help it. She was just so horny and desperately in need of a nice hard orgasm. And it couldn't be just any masturbation induced orgasm, or an orgasm induced by Mickie pounding the hell out of Maryse's ass hole or something, no Mickie needed to get her ass hole destroyed and have one of those mind melting climaxes Trish used to give her when the seven times women's champion would fuck her up the ass.

So, promising she would later make Maryse pay, Mickie did her best to embrace her submissive side, something embarrassingly easy to do as she was reintroduced to a flavour she had honestly missed. Of course Mickie had given plenty of rim jobs to the divas and sucked the flavour of their asses from dildos, and even occasionally shoved her own dildo up her ass, but it just wasn't the same. For one thing Mickie had never used a dildo this size on herself, and more importantly there was just such a submissive thrill to go ass to mouth on a strap on dildo another woman had just used to ass fuck her.

Of course it would have been much more thrilling if Mickie could stand the woman who ass fucked her, but considering the skills Maryse had already displayed as an ass fucker Mickie supposed it could be worse. At least, sooner or later, this bitch would give her that mind melting climax that she was now so desperately craving.

Unfortunately the bitch distracted Mickie somewhat by grabbing her hair and forcing her further down on the cock before she had properly finished savouring the flavour of the deepest part of her butt, Maryse even growling, "More! Take it bitch! Take it down your fucking throat! Mmmmmm oui, that's it, suck that cock! Suck the cock that was just deep inside your shit hole. Ohhhhh oui, oui, fucking suck it! Suck it like the ass to mouth whore you are! Oh oui. Oui fucking suck it!"

When Mickie had originally fallen to her knees in front of her Maryse had grinned widely, the French-Canadian momentarily believing she had won. Then Mickie failed to put much effort into the blow job and it became clear that there was more work to do. Luckily Maryse was up to the challenge and quickly had Mickie bobbing her head up and down on more than half of the cock while slurping on the shaft loudly, Maryse generously guiding her new bitch by pulling her hair back and forth.

Thanks to Maryse's tireless efforts she eventually got Mickie to deep throat the entire length of her cock, her soon to be bitch gagging and choking as Maryse forced her lips all the way down to the base of the dildo and then holding her there for several long seconds. The best part of it was that Mickie tensed, letting out a garbled complaint and looked as if she was about to try and push Maryse away, but didn't, the accomplished women's wrestler submitting to this latest perverted act and allowing Maryse to abuse her mouth and throat for her own amusement.

Pushing things even further Maryse began slowly thrusting her hips back and forth while holding Mickie's head in place. Again Mickie tensed, letting out a garbled complaint and looked as if she was about to try and push Maryse away, but didn't, the former women's champion allowing the current diva's champion to fuck her mouth like it was a pussy. It wasn't long after that until Maryse was pounding Mickie's mouth like it was a loose whore's cunt, the brunette violently gagging and choking but still doing nothing to stop the blonde from fucking her throat.

Through it all of course Maryse was only to happy to continue offering verbal encouragement, "Ohhhhh oui, ohhhhh oui, that's it, take it you worthless whore! Take my fucking cock right down into that fuck hole you call a throat! Mmmmmmm oui, I prefer ass holes but throats are almost as fun to fuck. Mmmmmmm oui, your throat makes an excellent fuck hole Mickie! I will definitely be fucking it almost as much as I will be fucking your fat ass. After all, my toys will need cleaning whenever I shove them up your big fat butt, and what better way to do it than by using your nasty little whore mouth? Mmmmmmm oui, take it you fucking cock sucker! Prove you're not just an ass on legs, but also an excellent face pussy!"

Maryse thoroughly enjoyed dishing out this rough treatment for several minutes, then she pulled her strap on dick out of Mickie's mouth and smacked the other girl in the face with that wet dildo. Mickie was mostly too busy gasping for breath at first to protest, but even when she got her breathing under control she still allowed Maryse to continuously slap her in the face with the cock. This thoroughly delighted Maryse who slapped and then rubbed the dick all over Mickie's face, making sure to cover the other diva in her own saliva before violently pushing her backwards so she fell on her butt.

As her butt was incredibly sore from all the abuse it had taken Mickie immediately yelped in pain and rolled over onto her side. She then hesitantly got onto her knees while looking at Maryse, the cruel blonde smirking down at her before turning around and murmuring, "Follow me on your hands and knees like the bitch you are."

Maryse smirked again as she could practically hear Mickie gritting her teeth yet the brunette followed her as instructed up two flights of stairs to the blonde's bedroom.

"This is one of my smaller homes. I use it to break in fat ass bitches. That way it's less likely anyone will find out I lower myself to fucking unworthy sluts like you." Maryse explained casually as she sat on her bed before indicating to a pile of clothes, "As your training is going so well I will give you the choice. You can get dressed and leave. I will not stop you. Perhaps I will even decide you're not worth my time and find myself a hotter piece of ass to be my anal slave. Or you can get your fat ass back on this dick and start riding it like a good little anal whore. Which is of course what you really want, so why don't you save us both some time and energy and can come ride my dick."

Silence fell over the room as the two WWE divas stared at each other for what felt like an eternity. Then Mickie glanced over at her clothes and bit her lip, obviously considering leaving. That would not do.

The choice was a bluff. Maryse had no intention of allowing Mickie to leave. Not until the feisty brunette was properly broken in. Besides, Maryse could practically taste Mickie's submission. All it would take was a little more butt fucking and Maryse was confident Mickie would be begging to be her bitch. That would allow plenty of time to train Mickie to be the perfect bottom, not only willing but happy to do whatever her top said, including taking a dive in their upcoming match. Not that she didn't think she could beat the other diva. No, Mickie proving her submission to her by throwing the match would merely be an added bonus. The main prize was Mickie's big fat ass, which wasn't going to be allowed to leave this house until Maryse owned it.

Suddenly Mickie stood up and took a step towards her clothes, causing Maryse to tense. Then Mickie took another step forward, causing Maryse to tense even more. If Mickie took too many more steps in that direction Maryse would pounce, confident that while they were both a little tired Mickie was feeling too sore and humiliated to put up much of a fight. And even if she did a few hard smacks to that big butt would probably be enough to defeat Mickie, if not distract her long enough so that Maryse could DDT her into unconsciousness or something and then tie her back up for another round of spanking and butt fucking.

Fortunately the above proved to be unnecessary as with a cry of frustration Mickie stumble towards the bed, a huge grin, possibly the biggest of the night so far, crossing Maryse's face as her new bitch made the right decision. That grin got wider as Mickie got closer, the brunette crawling up onto Maryse's lap and positioning her gaping butt hole against the other diva's strap on dick.

"Non, turn around. I want to watch that big fat ass of yours as it bounces up and down on my cock." Maryse said, before adding with a smirk, "And spread those fat filled cheeks. I wanna be able to see my cock."

Mickie gritted her teeth but again did as she was told, quickly turning around and spreading her ass cheeks before lowering herself downwards. Thanks to Maryse holding the dildo firmly Mickie was able to skewer her already loosened butt hole on the blonde's cock, the brunette letting out a gasp as the tip re-entered her butt and then moaning as her horny back hole swallowed the entire length of the fake dick. When her spread ass cheeks collided with Maryse's thighs, announcing the brunette's cock hungry ass hole had swallowed every inch of the blonde's fake cock, Mickie didn't hesitate, the multiple times women's champion beginning to bounce her big ass up and down like a shameless anal slut.

This didn't go unnoticed by Maryse, "MMMMMMM, oh oui, oh oui, ride that dick! Ride it you fat ass whore! Mmmmmm, fucking ride it! Ohhhhhh oui, you fucking love it, don't you Mickie? You love being a ass whore. An anal slut. A submissive little bottom who takes it up the ass for her dominant top. Oh oui, I told you that you were a bottom and I was right wasn't I Mickie? You're a pure bottom with a big, fat, juicy bubble butt which was made to be fucked. Mmmmm, and now you're my bottom. My pure bottom with a big, fat, juicy bubble butt which was made to be fucked. Oooooooh oui, oh oui, admit it Mickie. Admit you're my bitch now. Tell me you understand that I own you and your big fat ass. Tell me what is obvious. Tell me you love being my bitch. There's nothing you want more than to be my bitch!"

Mickie wished she could have made herself believe she was enjoying getting her ass fucked despite Maryse's verbal abuse but the truth was it was making her hotter. And fuck, she had totally forgotten how good it felt to be butt fucked.

Sure, she had fond memories of bending over for Trish, and Mickie didn't think she'd ever cum harder than when Beth was fucking her ass, but after her break-up with Trish she had pushed those memories to the back of her mind until they were all blurry and hard to recall properly. They even kind of seemed like a dream, like they never really happened, which was kind of fitting as Mickie almost felt like her ass was virgin again, her back hole and back passage feeling as if it was being stretched out like never before... and it felt so, so good.

Of course it wasn't long before Mickie really, really wanted to cum again, and even though she knew in her heart it wouldn't work she tried telling Maryse what she wanted to hear, "I, oh, I... I ooooooooh Gawwwwwd, I love being your bitch. Mmmmmm fuck, your dick feels sooooooooo gooooooooddddddd, so good in my ass. Fuck me! Mmmmmm ohhhhhhhh please fuck me! Fuck me and make me cum. Please Maryse, ahhhhhhhh fuck, let me cum. I need to cum soooooo bad. If, if you let me cum I'll... I'll be your bitch. Mmmmmmm Gawwwwd, I'll do whatever you want, be your butt slut, your ass whore, your anal slave, your pure bottom, whatever you want just make me cum!"

"Non, you are my bitch, and if you want to cum you have to admit it. And you have to mean it. You have to truly accept you are my fat ass bitch." Maryse insisted.

Mickie whimpered softly, "Please, I'll give you anything. You can have the diva's title, I don't care, just make me cum."

"What I want is your fat ass, and you as my bitch!" Maryse snapped, emphasising her point by smacking Mickie's ass.

Again Mickie whimpered and tried to think of another way out. And there were ways, like Mickie might not have been in any condition for a fight but she could probably still take Maryse. Even if she failed it would be good for her ego if she at least tried. The same goes for running away, either grabbing one of Maryse's dildos or finding something, anything to shove up her own ass to get the job done. Or she could find some other less annoying dominating lesbian to ass fuck her. However Mickie didn't want to have to wait another second to cum, and perhaps just as importantly get her ass roughly fucked. And she was so emotionally and physically drained she wasn't totally sure she could take Maryse. And, even though she really hated herself for it, in that moment the proud former champion Mickie James wanted to be Maryse's fat ass bitch.

The more Mickie rode that big cock she thought back to briefly being Trish's bitch. How blissful it had been to submit so completely to another female wrestler, becoming the fuck toy of someone she was literally in competition with, something to use and abuse as they saw fit. Maryse wasn't half the wrestler Trish had been and Mickie couldn't ever see herself having feelings for this blonde other than lust, but maybe that was for the best. After all Mickie had tried to avoid heartache as a top, only to find it with Melina so being with someone she hated seemed like a logical step to truly avoid any more heartbreak. Most of all being a top wasn't as fun as it used to be for Mickie. She was even kind of tired of it, but hadn't wanted to truly admit that to herself until right now. Mickie definitely couldn't deny Maryse was a great top. If Mickie was going to be anyone's bitch, she was glad it was someone as dominant as Maryse.

Yes, Mickie thought, perhaps it was time to fully embrace being a bottom again, only this time she wouldn't plot to overthrow her top. No, she would be a good bitch. A good fat ass bitch.

She didn't know it at the time but at that moment Mickie James was broken by Maryse, although it didn't become official until Mickie opened her mouth, "I, I'm your bitch. I'm your fat ass bitch. Mmmmmm ooooooohhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkk, that's what I want to be. I want to be your bitch. I need to be your bitch Maryse, mmmmmmm fuck, but you're wrong, I'm not your bitch yet. First you need to finish fucking me up the ass. Finish breaking me in. Then I swear I'll do whatever you fucking want, be your anal slave, your butt slut, your ass whore, your pure bottom, your fat ass bitch, whatever you want just please, please, please make me cum! Aaaaaaahhhhhh fuckkkkkk, mmmmmmm Gaaaawwwwwdddddd I love the way you fuck me! I love being fucked up the ass by you! I love it up the ass! I love being an anal whore! Mmmmmmm it feel sooooooooo goooooodddddddddd! Please fuck me Maryse! Fuck me and make me your bitch! Fuck me in the ass and make me your bitch! Fuck me up the butt and make me your bitch! I want to be your bitch! I want to be your fat ass bitch! Please, please, please let me be your fat ass bitch! Oooooooohhhhhhhhh myyyyyyyy Gawwwwwwwwd, mmmmmmmm fuck, I admit it! I admit I want to be your bitch! I swear I want to be your bitch!"

"I suppose that will do." Maryse grinned wickedly, "Now... you may remove your grubby little hands from your big fat ass cheeks and ride my dildo as hard as you can. Make yourself cum you little bitch. Mmmmmm, I wanna see my new bitch make herself cum. Oh oui, that's it, ride it lard ass! Ride my fucking cock with your big fat ass!"

Without a moments hesitation Mickie let go of her ass cheeks, grabbed hold of the bed sheets in front of her and started jack-hammering her ass hole up and down on that big strap on dick. Which may not have been the easiest way to do it but no longer having to hold back Mickie was able to build up enough momentum so she was able to make the ass fucking harder than it had been all night, the brunette feeling her orgasm building and building and building until finally she exploded in a climax so hard it nearly knocked her unconscious. Perhaps she really had forgotten how hard she had cum as a bottom, or maybe all this build up had caused this effect, but whatever the reason Mickie wanted more, the usually proud former WWE women's champion shamelessly slamming her own butt hole up and down on Maryse's cock with every ounce of her strength. As a result Mickie came over, and over, and over again, each orgasm just as if not more powerful than the last.

Just before she became a completely mindless creature who was completely lost in pounding her own pooper Mickie smiled to herself and thought she had made the right decision, and she was going to enjoy being Maryse's fat ass bitch.

When Mickie first started roughly sodomising herself Maryse laughed cruelly, but the wicket blonde's laughter slowly died on her lips as she became lost in watching Mickie's big meaty cheeks jiggle gelatinously from the force of the ass fucking. That, combined with the feeling of those juicy cheeks rippling against her thighs and the stimulator on her clit had Maryse cumming over, and over, and over again. Not as hard as Mickie who's cum was squirting out of her like a fountain at this point, but still pretty hard.

Maryse had no idea how many orgasms Mickie had fucked herself too on her cock but she was very pleased with her new bitch's stamina. What she was less pleased with was the fact that when Mickie finally collapsed she fell backwards, her curvy body falling on Maryse's perfect body and knocking the wind out of the diva's champion. It could have been worse if Mickie's head had collided with Maryse's, but luckily it hit the pillow beside her harmlessly. Of course Maryse was pretty sure Mickie had been aiming for her head, wanting to knock her out so she could turn the tables on her or at the very least just wanting to cause whatever damage she could by bringing her thick body down on the perfection which was Maryse's body.

This would not go unpunished, Maryse already debating just how many spanks she should give Mickie's big butt in punishment for this. Tomorrow. Oui, Maryse would severely punish Mickie with a really vicious spanking tomorrow, however in the meantime Maryse had barely even started using Mickie's fat ass for her pleasure, the French-Canadian's anger quickly being replaced as she became overwhelmed in her perverted anal lust for the other diva's shapely rear.

With that in mind the horny champion rolled her challenger over into the spooning position and began nuzzling her neck almost tenderly. That didn't last long, Maryse soon beginning to lick, suck, and bite at Mickie's neck while sliding her hands up, or in one case underneath and up, to grab the other woman's big tits, and immediately beginning to expertly manipulate the already rock hard nipples and the soft flesh surrounding them. Mickie moaned softly at this treatment at first, then loudly, then let out a cry of pain and pleasure as Maryse slowly started rotating her hips, moving the strap on around inside the brunette's bowels.

Then Maryse gently restarted the butt fucking, Mickie immediately whimpering, "Maryse, please, ooooohhhhh, I don't think I can take anymore."

Quickly moving one hand up to Mickie's hair Maryse grab a handful of brunette locks, yanked back roughly on them and growled in the other diva's ear, "I don't give a fuck what you think you can take! You're my bitch and I own your fat ass, so you will take whatever I want to give you! Understand?"

"Yes." Mickie whimpered.

"Yes what?" Maryse growled with another tug on Mickie's hair.

"Yes, I'm your bitch and you own my ass so I will take whatever you want to give me!" Mickie parroted.

"Good, now shut the fuck up and take this shit up your ass!" Maryse barked, letting go of Mickie's hair and grabbing onto the brunette's hip so it was easier to thrust in and out of her bitch's butt hole.

At first Mickie whimpered as her overused ass was violated by Maryse, although she did nothing to stop her torment even though she was probably awake and strong enough to do so. Why? Because Mickie was no longer telling the French-Canadian what she wanted to hear, she really did feel like she was now Maryse's bitch. That feeling only grew stronger when her ass relaxed and accepted its latest fucking, the sharp pain suddenly disappearing and being replaced by pure pleasure which had Mickie once again moaning like an anal whore.

Again this did not go unnoticed by Maryse who started softly whispering in Mickie's ear, "You finally understand, don't you Mickie? Non? You understand you are a bottom? An anal whore? An inferior woman meant to be a superior Alpha female's bitch? That is what you are Mickie. I've been telling you all along, and now I think you're finally beginning to realise the truth. Not that it's surprising that it's taking you this long considering you're just a dumb country hick who I wouldn't even bother with if your ass wasn't so fat and fuck-able, but I'm still proud of you. I thought it would take weeks of ass fucking for you to finally get it through your thick head that you're nothing but an ass slut. Mmmmmm, I guess you're more desperate to be owned than I thought. Oh well, at least you can be what you're truly meant to be now, isn't that right Mickie?"

Mickie whimpered in shame at a few of Maryse's words but like before they only made her hotter. And it was more than that... Maryse was right. She'd been right this whole time and Mickie had just been too stupid to see it. Mickie was a bottom. An anal whore. An inferior woman meant to be a superior Alpha female's bitch. And now she truly was another woman's bitch Mickie felt grateful to that woman for putting her in her place. Also Mickie really, really wanted another hard butt pounding.

So Mickie softly whimpered, "Ye, yes Maryse."

"Yes what?" Maryse pushed.

"Yes, I... I can be what I was truly meant to be now." Mickie whimpered, and then realising she needed to say more added, "I can be the ass slut I truly am. I can be a bottom, a anal whore, a bitch for a superior woman. I can be your bitch Maryse. I want to embrace my role as your bitch. I know I'm a inferior woman, meant to be a superior Alpha female's bitch, and I want to be your bitch. I want you to be the superior Alpha female who owns my fat ass!"

Her words of submission were quickly rewarded as Maryse growled in Mickie's ear, flipped her over onto her stomach and began roughly pounding her pooper.

This in turn caused Mickie to squeal joyfully, "Ooooooohhhhhhh yeeeeeeesssssssss, FUCK ME! FUCK MY ASS! Oh Maryse! Fuck me! Fuck my fat ass! Make my fat ass yours! Ohhhhhhhhh mmmmmmmmm yes, make me your bitch! Make me your fat ass bitch! Mmmmmmm fuckkkkkkkkk I wanna be Maryse's fat ass bitch! Fucking destroy the hole I shit from and make me Maryse's fat ass bitch! Slam my fucking shitter! Wreck my rectum! Pound my pooper! Make me your bitch! Oh Maryse! Maryse! Maaaarrrrryyyyysssssseeeee!"

Each one of Maryse's thrusts was making Mickie's pussy rub against the bed sheets, creating a extremely wet stain and when combined with the dildo roughly slamming in and out of her ass hole helped Mickie quickly reach the edge of orgasm. However before she got over that edge Maryse abruptly pulled out and moved back. Of course Mickie looked behind her and glared at Maryse but that glare quickly disappeared and was replaced with quiet embarrassment that she wasn't showing her new top the respect she deserved. After all Maryse owned Mickie's ass hole now, so it was up to the Canadian how she would use it.

Please that Mickie didn't offer much complaint Maryse ordered, "On your knees and spread your fat cheeks."

Without a moment's hesitation Mickie did as she was told, positioning herself so she was face down and ass up, her gaping ass hole on perfect display to her new mistress.

Grinning down at the sight before her Maryse asked, "Who owns that big fat disgusting ass?"

"You do! You own my big fat disgusting ass!" Mickie said quickly, "My fat ass is yours!"

Mickie then let out a long loud moan as Maryse slammed every inch of her cock back inside the brunette's bubble butt. Then Mickie let out a soft cry as Maryse grabbed a handful of her brunette locks and slowly but firmly pulled upwards, forcing Mickie to let go of her ass cheeks and place her hands on the bed, which was exactly what Maryse wanted.

"What are you?" Maryse growled.

Again without hesitation Mickie replied, "I'm your bitch! I'm your fat ass bitch! I'm Maryse's fat ass bitch!"

Mickie then moaned loudly as Maryse began to slowly but steadily pump her pooper again, continuing to pull on her hair as she did so. Maryse also began spanking Mickie's ass, relentlessly increasing the force of those spanks until on a hunch Mickie began screaming over and over again, "I'm your bitch! I'm your fat ass bitch! I'm Maryse's fat ass bitch!"

She could hear Maryse laughing cruelly but instead of humiliating her it made Mickie happy. She was pleasing Maryse. She was pleasing her top. That was all that mattered to her now. Well, that and taking every inch of Maryse's wonderfully big dick up her ass. And cumming. Oh how badly Mickie wanted to cum again, the broken WWE diva willing to do or say anything just to feel one of those amazing orgasms again, just like Mickie knew she would be willing to do or say anything Maryse wanted in the future if the dominant blonde would only fuck her fat ass.

For awhile Maryse switched back and forth so she was always pulling Mickie's hair with one hand and spanking her with the other, thus making sure both of Mickie's meaty cheeks received plenty of blows whenever the brunette pause to moan, grown or whimper. However eventually it became clear that Mickie was too far gone to form coherent sentences, of course by that point Maryse had been going to stop anyway. The spanking that is. The hair pulling Maryse kept up until shortly after Mickie's latest series of orgasms, the blonde redoubling her efforts after she stopped the spanking so she could butt fuck her new bitch to climax.

Once Mickie came Maryse let go of her hair, grabbed onto her hips with both hands and started slamming her ass hole as hard as she could. Not for Mickie's pleasure of course, for her own.

Maryse had enjoyed every moment of sodomising Mickie James into submission. The slow and gentle butt fucking, making Mickie wreck her own rectum, hurling insults at her and eventually even making Mickie verbally submit had all been heavenly. Maryse had savoured every moment like a fine French wine. However as much as Maryse had loved it she had been holding back, saving her strength in preparation for this moment when she would finally be able to show Mickie exactly what she was capable of and make sure this little bitch would always recognise Maryse as being superior to her and all the other so-called divas in the WWE.

After all the sexiest of the sexy was the only true top in the WWE, and as Mickie was now learning all other so-called tops paled in comparison. Of course while she was drilling that into the country girl's thick head Maryse was also drilling the stimulator in her harness rapidly onto her clit and allowing herself to get caught up in the sheer joy of fucking a big fat ass, the most private hole of the female bent over in front of her nothing but an orifice for her pleasure.

As always in this situation Maryse eventually lost count of how many climaxes she had, both she and her victim becoming mindless animals completely lost in the perverted act of anal sex. This particular victim even relentlessly slammed herself backwards on Maryse's thrusts, making the dildo jack-hammer in and out of the once tiny hole which both women now seemed determined to destroy at what seemed like lightning speed, the best part of it for Maryse being that the sound of her hips smacking off the fat ass underneath it became even more deafening and those bouncy cheeks seem to jiggle even more under the force of her thrusts.

What was maybe hours later Mickie's upper half came crashing down onto the bed sheets, the brunette too exhausted to do anything but whimper and cum as Maryse's vice like grip kept her ass exactly where the French-Canadian wanted it. With Mickie face down and ass up like that Maryse was able to squeeze half a dozen more orgasms out of them both, the diva's champion even speeding up at the end in her quest to ensure Mickie James would truly be unable to sit down for a week. Then Maryse fell forwards, her weight forcing Mickie's lower half downwards so both divas were laying in a pool of sweat, cum and pussy juice.

They stayed like that for several long minutes, the only thing stopping Maryse from slipping into unconsciousness being the unpleasant moistness of Mickie's sweat which was covering every inch of the brunette's body. Maryse was sweating hard too, which pushed the French-Canadian to roll off her defeated enemy and lay on her back for another couple of long minutes. Then almost casually Maryse ordered, "Suck your fat ass juice off my beautiful cock you little whore."

Without a word of protest Mickie did as she was told, slowly lowering herself down, taking the dildo into her mouth and sucking on it greedily. She even deep throated the entire length without complaint, Maryse casually playing with her new pet's hair as she did as she was told.

Once the cock had been thoroughly cleaned Maryse pushed Mickie away, stood up and ordered, "Present your slutty ass hole to me. I want to see how well I destroyed your little shit hole."

Again the broken Mickie obeyed without hesitation, the rested brunette moving much quicker now as she pushed her ass into the air, reached back and spread her ass cheeks as wide as she could, exposing her thoroughly fucked ass hole.

Maryse licked her lips, literally salivating over the sight of Mickie James' gaping ass hole, the diva's champion able to see deep into her challenger's bowels via that completely destroyed back door.

* * *

Wanting to capture that memory forever Maryse had taken a picture of it with her camera phone. The picture she was looking at now. After that she had spent a few days fucking Mickie's fat ass nearly non-stop just to make sure the other woman was completely broken in. Not that she had let up after that, Maryse practically living in Mickie's ass. And, once she had been put in her place, Mickie was the perfect sex slave, only too happy to cater to all of Maryse's desires, even if mostly all she did was bend over and spread her meaty ass cheeks.

One of the few exceptions was their championship match in which Mickie had obediently allowed Maryse to kick her ass in return for an extra hard ass fucking, Mickie even retiring after Maryse wiped the floor with her so she could concentrate full-time on being Maryse's fat ass bitch. It was a role Mickie had held for a long time now, and while the former women's champion was always walking funny and always trying her best to avoid putting any weight on her constantly sore ass the curvy brunette swore she had never been happier, that the broken bitch lived to be Maryse's anal slave.

Maryse believed her. Believed she had so totally broken Mickie James that all that was left was a happily submissive bitch. And up until recently Maryse had been fine with having just one bitch. Now she wanted at the very least two, and while Melina's training was coming along nicely there were other women around her with fat asses practically begging Maryse to turn them into her bitches.

Honestly Maryse wasn't sure what she'd prefer to do first, but for right now she was focused on the mirror image of the picture on the phone, that being of course her obedient fat ass bitch Mickie James face down, ass up and spreading her cheeks for Maryse's pleasure. The only difference was in the picture Mickie's ass hole was gaping while in the present it was waiting to be fucked. And Maryse was going to make sure Mickie's slutty ass hole didn't have to wait another second...

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