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Massage Therapy
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

At a Smackdown Live event in late 2004, Scotty 2 Hotty is walking to the
medical area in the backstage area, rubbing the back of his neck. He was
just involved in a match with Mark Jindrak, who slightly botched a
swinging neck-breaker. Scotty pushes the door open and sees Smackdown's
new massage therapist Joy Giovanni watching a monitor to watch the matches
taking place. "Hey Joy..." Scotty says as he walks into the room and sits
down on top of a medical examination table.

Joy, dressed in a short purple skirt and a white sleeveless top, turns around
with a cute and adorable smile "Hello Scotty..." Joy folds her arms as she
sees Scotty sitting on the medical table. Joy then cutely frowns "What's
wrong there, Scotty?"

Scotty, dressed in black and blue wrestling tights with sneaker style
wrestling boots, looks at her with a forced smile. "My neck is acting up
again... Mark cranked on it a bit too hard during the match..." Scotty
clenches his together tightly as he tries to turn his head a bit.

Joy sighs a bit "I've been seeing more and more of you guys with neck
problems." Joy laughs cutely "You guys should start being more careful" Joy
replies as she walks over to the medical table. Joy pats her hand down on
the table "Lay down for me buddy."

"Sure thing..." Scotty says as he lays down on the table face down, resting
his head on his folded arms. "We try to be careful out there... none of us
want to spend a year out of action like Chris did..."

Joy smiles as bends over Scotty slightly, gently places her smooth and
delicate hands on the sides of Scotty's neck "Is it just the neck that hurts,
sweetie?" Joy asks.

"Oh I'm banged up all over... Mark is a lot like Jericho... stiff as hell..."
Scotty says as he closes his eyes while Joy works on his neck. "If my neck
wasn't so bad I'd be complaining about my back..." Scotty laughs slightly.

Joy smiles as she presses her finger tips against Scotty's neck and begins
to rub her fingers into Scotty's neck "I can work on your back too." Joy
replies as she works her sensual hands on his neck.

"Mmmm... you don't have too... but... if it isn't to much of a bother..."
Scotty says as the pain in his neck starts to subside slightly. "My neck is
starting... too feel a little better..."

Joy smiles "Really?" Joy asks as she moves her hands down from Scotty's neck
and onto his shoulders. Joy rubs her hands against his shoulders adding a bit
more pressure then she was to his neck.

"Yeah... totally..." Scotty moans slightly as his body reacts to the expert
touches of Joy's skilled hands. "Damn, I'm glad Teddy hired you... I'd be
dying back here with how my neck was feeling..."

Joy laughs and blushes at the same time "Ohh...thank you." Joy says as she
works her hands slowly down to Scotty's back.

"I should be... thanking you... ohhh shit... right there... damn that feels
good..." Scotty says as Joy's hands come across the 'right spot' on Scotty's

Joy slowly moves her left hand down to Scotty's lower back, while keeping
her right hand on his upper back "Tell me if I'm using too much pressure,
ok hun?"

"Just keep it like that.... god... Joy... you got the best hands I've ever
felt..." Scotty moans as he moves a bit on the table to get a bit more
comfortable on the table.

Joy then moves her right hand down to his lower back as well "Anything else
that needs to be worked on?"

Scotty laughs a bit, "Oh there is... but I'd get fired if I said it..."

Joy laughs a little as she removes her hands from Scotty's back, she places
her hands on her hips "No tell me...what is it?"

Scotty lifts his head and turns it a bit to the right to look back at Joy,
"Well... I got some... swelling... in the good ol' nether regions of my
pants..." Scotty laughs a bit.

Joy raises her eyebrow and then laughs "Ohhhh..." Joy points at Scotty
"Aren't you the little pervert."

Scotty turns a bit on the table to look at Joy while propping his head up
with his arm. "Well... I am a little on the perv side... but I could resist
saying it...." Scotty smiles.

Joy licks her lips slightly as she glances down at Scotty's crotch "Well...
you know is kind of part of my job, right" Joy shrugs cutely "I
mean...I am SmackDown's Massage Therapist, right?"

"Right..." Scotty nods his head as his smile gets a bit wider, "And I do...
have some swelling... that can be taken cared of with a massage..."

Joy smiles as she steps away from the table and walks over to the door.
Joy looks over shoulder back at Scotty "Why don't you get comfortable." Joy
replies as she locks the door.

"All right..." Scotty sits up on the table and starts to take off his
wrestling boots. Once they are removed, he stands up and slides his
wrestling tights down his legs followed by stepping out of them. Now
naked except for the athletic tape wrapped around both his wrists,
Scotty lays back on the table face up with his cock slowly rising to
attention as it if was a creature waking up. Joy turns back around and
licks her lips as she steps away from the door. Joy walks back over to
the medical table. Joy stands on the side of medical table as she leans
down, gripping Scotty's growing cock into her soft, cold hands. Joy
slowly moves her left hand up his shaft, followed by her right hand.
"Ohhhh Christ... damn your hands are wonderful..." Scotty moans as he
closes his eyes. He puts one of his hands behind his head and lays the
other on his stomach.

Joy lifts her left hand up and slides it through her brown, wavy hair as she
pumps Scotty's cock with her right hands. Joy moves her hand quicker against
his cock as she brings her hand back up his shaft. "Ohhh shit Joy... bring
it all..." Scotty licks his lips as his cock becomes as hard as possible
within Joy's delicate hands. Joy smiles as she holds her hair into a ponytail
with her left hand, to keep her wavy hair out of her cute face as she leans
her head down and opens her warm mouth. Joy lowers her head onto Scotty's
hard cock, wrapping her gentle lips around Scotty's shaft. Joy begins slowly
bob her head on Scotty's cock, while she gently twirls her tongue against his
cock, while inside her moist mouth.

Scotty's eyes fly open once he realizes that Joy's mouth is on his dick,
"Ohhhh shit... Joy..." Scotty sits up a bit on the table, placing his hands
on the table to balance himself as he watches Joy work her oral magic. Joy
softly moans against Scotty's cock as she lifts her head on and off of
Scotty's cock. Joy's soft lips slide up and down against Scotty's shaft as
she bobs her head. Joy opens her mouth wider as she gradually works inch
after inch of Scotty's hard cock into her sweet mouth.

"Fuck Joy... your mouth is even better than your hands... and they are
awesome...." Scotty says as he moves on hand to slide it through Joy's hair.
He closes his eyes for a moment to just feel her lips slide along the skin of
his dick. Joy slowly lifts her head up from Scotty's cock as her warm saliva
drips down his hard cock. Joy smiles at Scotty as she lifts her white top up
and removes it from her small framed body. Joy then pushes down her short
purple skirt and steps out of her skirt, now standing in matching pair of
black bra and panties.

Scotty opens his eyes just at the right moment as when Joy stepped out of
her skirt. "I love this type of therapy..." Scotty licks his lips as he scans
every inch of Joy's beautiful body as Joy reaches behind her back to unclasp
her bra. "Let me do that..." Scotty says as he gets off the table and moves
behind Joy to unsnap the clasp of Joy's bra. Joy looks over her shoulder with
a smile as Scotty gently pulls the straps of Joy's bra off of her slender
shoulders. Joy places her soft hands over her chest once Scotty peels the bra

Scotty smiles a bit as he drops the bra down onto the floor near Joy's skirt.
"No need to be shy..." Scotty says when he sees Joy covering her chest as he
slowly lowers her panties down to her ankles. Joy steps out of her white silk
panties and turns around to face Scotty as she removes her hands from her
large, ripe chest. Scotty places his hands on Joy's ample chest and proceeds
to gently massage it. "I don't think I do massage as well as you do..."
Scotty says as he moves his hands down from her chest towards her hips.

Joy smiles cutely as she twirls a strand of her wavy brown hair "I'm sure...
you do other things just as well."

Scotty smiles, "You can safely assume that..." Scotty manages to lift Joy up
and he sits her on the table. He rubs her legs as he pushes them apart as he
squats down. Scotty continues to massage Joy's thighs as he brings his mouth
to her pussy. He lightly flicks his tongue against her sweet spot for a few

Joy bites down on her bottom lip as she feels Scotty's skilled tongue flick
against her pussy. "Mmmm...Scotty..." Joy moans as she places her hands onto
the medical table, leaning back somewhat. Scotty presses his tongue harder
against her pussy before he worms it inside of her of. Scotty slides his
tongue in and out of her pussy slowly as he slides his hands all over her
legs. Joy grits her teeth as Scotty twirls his tongue around inside her moist
pussy "Awwww...Scotty..." Joy moans as she closes her eyes.

Scotty lifts his head up from Joy's pussy and looks up at Joy with a smile on
his face. He stands up slightly and he pushes Joy further onto the table so
she's laying on it. Scotty takes hold of Joy's ankles to hold her legs open
as he pushes his thick shaft into her waiting pussy. Joy leans her head back
"Mmm...fuck Scotty..." Joy moans as she feels his cock penetrate her warm
cunt. Joy instantly clasps her pussy around Scotty's cock as he begins to
thrust into her sweet pussy.

"Fucking eh... you got... a real hot... pussy Joy..." Scotty grunts as he
pumps her pussy with slow but stiff thrusts. He angles Joy's legs up and
drapes them over his shoulders. Scotty then wraps his arms around both of
her legs so he can pull her against him every time he thrusts sharply into

Joy pushes herself back against Scotty's cock each time her pulls back. "Awww
Scotty...that's it!" Joy moans as she starts to grind her pussy as she pushes
back against his cock.

Scotty drills her pussy with quicker and harder thrusts as he moves her
legs from his shoulders. He pulls out of her for a moment and then turns
her over. Taking hold of her hips, Scotty pulls her off the table so that
now she's bent over her. "Hope you love to feel my... W... O... R...M...."
Scotty pushes his cock back into her pussy and resumes fucking her with a
surprisingly amount of intensity.

Joy tilts her head back and groans "Ohhh Scotty...I love it." Joy starts
pushing herself back against Scotty's cock forcing him deeper into her warm
cunt as she begins to sweat. Scotty slams his rod into Joy's tight vagina as
his hands slip over Joy's sweaty body. After taking a moment to wipe his
forehead clean of sweat before it gets into his eyes, Scotty gets a firm hold
of Joy's waist to pull himself as deep as he can get inside of her.

Joy looks over shoulder at Scotty lustfully as she reaches back and places
her left hand onto Scotty's stomach as she feels him ram his stiff cock into
her tight pussy "Awww...ohhh...Scotty...ohhh...fuck me!" Joy moans.

Scotty licks his lips quickly multiple times as he slaps her left ass cheek.
"Damn.... fuck Joy.... you're going to get really fucked now..." Scotty
extracts his dick from her pussy and transfer it up to her asshole. He pushes
it into her ass with one swift movement and follows it up by resuming the
pace he was using when he was fucking her pussy just a few moments ago.

Joy grits her teeth "MMMM...fuck...I in the...ass before..."
Joy groan as she breath heavily, while she sweats.

"Do.... you like it?" Scotty asks in between grunt as he ravages her ass by
throwing every ounce of strength he has behind ever thrust he performs.

"Ohhh...I it.." Joy groans in ecstasy. Scotty smirks a bit as
sweat drips down his body. He moves a hand underneath Joy and starts rubbing
her pussy with his sweaty palm. Moving his hand at almost the same rate his
fucking her asshole, Scotty slides his free hand up Joy's back to lightly
pull on her sweat dampen hair.

Joy closes her eyes "Ohhhh fuck..." Joy moans as she begins to cum on
Scotty's hand. Joy licks her lips as sweat drips down her cute face.

Scotty moves his hand from her pussy to smear Joy's cum over her ass. Scotty
drills Joy's tight asshole for a few more seconds before he pulls out. He
wraps a hand around his dick and quickly strokes it, "Ahhhh fuck Joy....
ahhh yea..." Scotty moans rather loudly as he starts to cum all over Joy's
well-fucked ass.

Joy licks her lips as she looks over her shoulder at an exhausted Scotty 2
Hotty. Joy smiles cutely as she reaches next to her for a towel. She hands
the towel back to Scotty "Can you...clean me off please?"

"With pleasure..." Scotty smiles. He lays the towel over her ass and uses
both hands to slide it all over her butt to soak up the cum that is there
while at the same time, slightly massage her ass.

Joy smiles as she looks back at Scotty "You know...this was a good massage
session, don't you think?"

"Yeah it was..." Scotty smiles back at Joy as he continues to clean off her
ass, "Hey... can I make an appointment... say for tomorrow?"

Joy turns around and sits down on the medical table, she smiles "It'll have
to be in the afternoon...I'm booked in the morning."

"That fine with me... any time I can get great... massage therapy... it's a
good thing..." Scotty smiles as he lays the towel on the table next to Joy.

Joy smiles as she hops down from the medical table and picks up her clothes
from the floor. Joy looks up at the clock and turns back to Scotty "Sorry...
but my next appointment will be here in five minutes."

"No problem..." Scotty gets his tights and puts them on, "I'll see you
tomorrow Joy..."

Joy smiles "Bye Scotty..." Joy sighs then and looks at her list of
appointments, while she's getting dressed. Joy rolls her eyes "Ohh...great...
Carlito" Joy groans.


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