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Massage Therapy For The Champ
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

After John Cena's successful dismantling of Carlito's bodyguard Jesus at the
2004 Armageddon PPV in a United States Title defense, John is walking to the
trainers' rooms with a hand on his lower back. "God damn it..." John groans
as he drapes his US title over his shoulder as he pushes the door open and
walks into the room. "Hey Joy... you in here?" John says as lays his US title
on top of a metal folding chair.

SmackDown's resident massage therapist, Joy Giovanni, walks out from her
little office that's inside the trainers' room. Joy smiles cutely as she's
dressed in a short black skirt and a white female style tanktop "Hey
Champ..." Joy laughs a little as she steps towards John and places her
hands on her hips "I saw your successful title win..."

John smiles as he continues to hold his back, "Yeah... it was a good win..."
John leans against the table in the center of the room, "Except for when
Jesus caught me right in my back..."

Joy frowns a bit "Awww...poor thing?" Joy says as she folds her arms over her
chest "You want me to take a look?"

John nods, "If you would be so kind..." John moves his hand away from the
area that's bothering him, which is around his kidney where he suffered an
injury two months prior at the hands of Carlito and Jesus at a club. "They
got me right there..."

Joy smiles a bit "Ok..." Joy motions her left hand towards one of the massage
tables "Can I have you lay down for me?" Joy asks cutely.

"Sure... no problem..." John walks slowly to one of the massage tables and
lays down on his side at first before gingerly he rolls onto his stomach.

Joy approaches the massage table and stands to the left side of John. Joy
leans over and gently places her cold hands onto the lower portion of Joy's
back. Joy begins to massage her fingertips gently into the sore area of
John's lower back "Tell me if I'm hurting you, ok hun?" Joy says in a soft

John grits his teeth as slightly moves his back away from Joy's hand at
first. "Ahhh... well... you could be... a little more... gentle..." John
says with a bit of a laugh before Joy fingers touch an extremely tender
area. "Owww... shit...damn that spot... right there... hurts like hell..."

Joy laughs a little " big baby! I'm barely touching you" Joy says
as she releases some of the pressure she's using on the tender area of John's

John looks over his shoulder at her a smiles, "Hey... you did say to tell if
you if you're hurting me... and you kind of were just now..."

Joy laughs a little as continues to gently work the sore spot with her
fingertips "Does anything else hurt, Champ?"

"Oh... that's... the area... where there's the most discomfort..." John says
as he gets a bit comfortable on the table. "But... I have to say... I bet
your hands would work wonders over any part of my body...." John smiles.

Joy laughs a little and smiles cutely "You really think so?" Joy asks as she
removes her hands from John's back.

John turns a bit on to his right side and continues to smile, "Yeah... I
do... I mean with hands like that... I'm sure they can get a rise out of
anything or anyone."

Joy places her hands on her slender waist and smiles cutely "You know John,
If I didn't know better...I'd say you were trying to hit on me"

John laughs and sits up slightly, "Trying to? Oh Joy, I'm shocked that you
would think that of me... I am hitting on you."

Joy blushes a bit and turns away slightly "Aww...John..." Joy laughs a little
"That's sweet."

"Sweet?" John laughs, "Man... I must be losing my touch."

Joy raises her eyebrow cutely as she looks back at John "You know...I bet you
aren't even hurt..."

"Well..." John smiles, "I do like getting a rub down from you after my

Joy laughs a little "Ok...what did Scotty tell you?" Joy asks folding her

John laughs, "Oh he just mentions a special massage technique you use...
and he really recommend me going to you... since you really helped with his

Joy licks her lips "I think he told you more..." Joy shrugs "So why don't we
quit this crap and get down to business" Joy replies in a soft voice.

John licks his lips and smirks, "All right... you're the boss..." John stands
up from the table and starts to undo his jean shorts. Joy licks her lips as
she steps back, so she's able to watch John remove his jean shorts. Joy
smirks as she flips back her silky dark hair. John lowers his shorts down to
his ankles and steps out of them. He kicks off his black Reebok sneakers and
soon lowers his black boxer shorts so that he's totally nude in front of Joy
except for his ankle high socks, which he soon quickly removes. John then
smirks as Joy, "What do you think?"

Joy smiles and nods her head "Not bad, Champ" Joy says with a cute laugh as
she steps towards John. Joy bends over and gently grips John's cock in her
soft hands. She licks her lip as she slowly moves her hand up and down John's
shaft, instantly feeling his cock hardened in her soft hands. Joy lowers her
head and presses her tongue against the head of John's cock. Joy begins to
circle her wet tongue around the head of John's cock.

John moans as he places a hand behind him on the table while putting the
other on Joy's head. "Mmmm.... yeah...." John licks his lips and pushes his
hand through her hair while his cock becomes fully hard at an impressive
thirteen inches. Joy gently taps her tongue against the head of John's cock
before she opens her warm mouth and gently lowers her head onto Joy's cock.
Joy wraps her soft lips tightly around John's shaft and she begins to lift
her head up and down on John's cock as she begins to suck. John moves his
hips back and forth slightly to push his cock against her lips. John closes
his yes and tilts his head back. "Ohhhhh yeah Joy... that's it...." John
moans, "Mmmmm Scotty wasn't lying... you are good."

Joy gently laps her tongue around John's cock as she to bob her head quicker
along his shaft. Joy reaches her left hand down to push her short black
skirt down from her hips as she steady bobs her head along the United States
Champ's cock. John rakes his bottom teeth against his top lip as he moves a
hand to the back of Joy's head to grab a handful of her lovely brown hair.
John pushes his cock further into her mouth for a moment before he pulls it
back out halfway, "Uhhhh damn... Joy.... I wonder... if everything Scotty
said was true..."

Joy slowly lifts her head up from John's cock as her warm saliva drips down
his rock solid, hard cock. Joy smiles cutely as she steps out of her black
skirt once it falls to her feet "What did he say?"

"That you were a great fuck..." John smiles as he bends a bit to take a hold
of Joy so he can lift her up and sit her on the table. "I have a feeling he
may be right..." John licks his lips and spreads her legs open with one hand
while gripping his hard shaft with the other. John steps between her legs and
presses the head of his shaft against the slit of Joy's sweet shaved pussy.
Joy cutely grits her teeth as she lifts her white tanktop over her head and
off of her body, letting her nice, round tits out of the confines of her
tanktop. Joy licks her lips as she looks down seeing John's long, hard shaft
enter her nice and warm cunt.

John places his hands on Joy's thighs and begins thrusting in and out of
Joy's tight cunt slowly while pulling her towards him. "Mmmmm.... you're
pretty... fucking... tight...." John licks his lips while slowly pumping
his cock in and out of her pussy.

Joy tilts her head back and closes her eyes as she starts to gently push
herself against John's cock, making his hard cock enter her warm cunt deeper
as she begins to grind her pussy sharply against his shaft "Mmmm.....Ohhhh
John..." Joy moans. John maneuvers Joy's legs so they are wrapped around his
Adonis like waist. He then pulls Joy totally towards him so he can wraps his
arms around her body so his muscular chest is pressed against her own. John
then steps away from the table and begins to bounce Joy up and down on his
cock while turning around so he can leans against the massage table.

Joy begins bouncing at a fast rate on her own momentum as she places her
hands onto John's strong shoulders. "Ohhhhh fuck...yesss....John!" Joy moans
as she begins sweating as she rocks back and forth on John's stiff cock.

"Ahhhhh yeah.... Joy..."John groans as he leans back and lays on the table.
While still holding Joy's body against him, John scoots himself completely on
the table. John puts his strong hands on Joy's lovely hips and starts lifting
her up and down on his rock hard cock. "Mmmmm you... fucking like that....
right... Joy..."

Joy grits her teeth as she slams down on his cock hard "Ohhhhhh John... are...the fucking Champ!" Joy moans as she places her hands on
John's rock solid chest and begins to ride his cock at a fast rate.

"What.... can... I.... ahhhh.... shit.... say... The Champ.... is here... and
in... you!" John starts slamming his cock up into her tight pussy, matching
Joy's quick rate, so that every time his cock shoots up into her, it makes
Joy jolt up.

Beads of sweat roll down the smooth skin of Joy as she slams down on his cock
"Ohhhh...fuck... Champ....." Joy moans before she starts to cum on John's
cock. Joy's body shivers as she climaxes hard onto John's cock.

Sweat drips slowly down the sides of John's handsome face as he clenches his
teeth as he feels Joy's pussy clamp around his cock like a vice. John arches
his back and groans loudly, "Ohhhh mother... fucker...." John grabs Joy's
hips lifts her up and pulls her down hard one more time before he starts to
blow his hot load of cum inside of her cunt.

Joy smiles widely as sweat drips down her exhausted face, feeling John's warm
cum rush into her tight cunt "Mmmm...awww....John...god...damn.." Joy moans.

John smirks as he breathes a bit hard as he feels Joy's pussy milk out all of
his cum from his cock. "Damn... this... was one hell... of a massage..."

Joy smiles as she scoots out from John's cock and closes her eyes as she sits
cutely on the massage table. Joy then looks up at the clock on the wall "Ohhh

John looks up at her confused, "What's up?" He asks as he starts to sit up

Joy hops down from the massage table and begins to pick up her clothing on
the floor "I have another appoint in 15 minutes...with Carlito.." Joy rolls
her eyes "All he does is complain about his injured arm and how Theodore Long
is 'screwing' him over.." Joy shakes her head and then points at John as she
starts to get dressed "But listen...if your back still hurts, come back...
I'll work on it again" Joy says with a cute smile.

John soon gets off the table to get his boxers, "Mmmmm I think my back may be
a bit of a reoccurring problem..."

Joy smiles as she puts her white tanktop back on after she has her skirt on.
Joy nods a bit "Well then...all you have to do is make an appointment." Joy
pauses and smiles cutely as she glances down at John's cock that hangs
between his legs "And...I'll make sure I work the proper areas..." Joy says
with a wink.


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