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Masseduction For The Champs
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

Backstage after a victorious six-person tag team match on the September 9,
2006, the WWE Tag Team Champions, Paul London and Brian Kendrick, both
wearing long red wrestling shorts, are talking with the 2005 Diva Search
winner Ashley Massaro after their win. "Oh man, that was just awesome!"
Brian says with a smile as he high fives Ashley.

"Yeah Ashley, you were great out there with us tonight," Paul adds with a
big smile.

"I know guys...I'm like so stoked that we won!" Ashley says with a smiles as
she places her hands on her hips after high fiving both Kendrick and London
"We so kicked ass out there!" Ashley says with a laugh as she dressed in a
short black and white semi-padded skirt, a black top that hugs around her
large chest nicely, and a black baseball hat turn backwards on top of her

"Yeah!" Brian smiles as he puts his hands behind his head, "We were like a
well-oiled machine every thing was perfect! Especially when we all took a
shot at KC James," Brian says, reminding Ashley and London of his favorite
moment in their hard fought victorious match.

"I know! That was like so fucking awesome!" Ashley says as she removes her
black baseball cap and slides her left hand through her soft blonde and
blue-dyed hair.

"Yeah, totally!" Paul replies with a smile, "It doesn't get much better than
that... we got to celebrate!" Paul says as he thinks of ways for the trio to
celebrate their victory.

"That's rights! We better fucking celebrate..." Ashley says with a smile "You
guys...we make one kick ass team."

The youthful Brian Kendrick smiles, "Thanks Ashley, you're one kick ass babe

Ashley scrunches her nose up cutely and blushes "No...nah...I'm not a

London raises an eyebrow as he smiles, "Yeah you are... you're a total babe!
You're like the hottest diva on SmackDown!" London says as he pats Ashley's

Ashley laughs as she shakes her head "I don't know about that...Jillian's
pretty hot..." Ashley says with a shrug of her shoulders.

"Yeah, Jillian has those big..." Brian trails off and shakes his head as he
starts laughing a bit.

"Jillian's hot, but you're way hotter... you won the diva search last year
so it's obvious you're super hot," Paul says with a smile.

Ashley laughs a bit "Yeah...I did win...but real now, what's
with all the compliments?" Ashley asks with a raised eyebrow as she folds her
arms over her nice sized, rounded chest "Don't tell me you boys want to get

Brian and Paul exchange looks and smile before they look back at Ashley,
"Well... it wasn't exactly on our minds... but getting freaky sounds good..."
Paul says with a bit of a mischievous smile.

Ashley laughs and nods her head "Paul...getting freaky always sounds good..."
She says as she licks her lips and takes a step towards Kendrick and London.

"Hey, I'm down with getting freaky any where and any time..." Brian says with
a big smile.

Paul looks at his long time friend and championship tag team partner, "Hey
you're not the only one who's cool doing it anywhere..." Paul says as he
looks at Ashley as she takes another step towards them.

Ashley shrugs her shoulders "Why not here?" Ashley asks as she reaches for
and lifts up her back top, removing it from her hot, gorgeous body to reveal
a black-laced bra underneath. Ashley tosses her hair back as she casually
drops her top on the floor.

Paul London and Brian Kendrick look at the hot Ashley Massaro's nice sized
round bra covered tits and they both smile. "Sounds good to us..." Brian
says as he starts to push down his long red wrestling shorts from his waist.

"Yeah Ashley, here's a perfect place..." Paul adds as he too starts to lower
his long red wrestling shorts. Both young studs quickly step out of their
shorts so quickly that it shocks Ashley when she sees their incredibly thick,
twelve inch cocks hanging between their legs.

Ashley licks her lips slightly as she looks down at both of London and
Kendrick's hard, thick cocks "Dude...I'm so stoked for this!" Ashley says as
she tosses her blonde and blue-dyed hair back as she kneels down in front of
London and Kendrick as she wraps her left hand around London's cock and her
right hand around Kendrick's cock. The hot Ashley Massaro begins to move her
hands up and down their two hard shaft as she strokes them as London and
Kendrick begin to remove her black laced bra.

"We're pretty damn stoked for this too!" Brian says as he pushes down the
straps of Ashley's black laced bra while Paul unclasps it. The two studdly
young WWE Tag Team Champions both peel Ashley's bra away from her gorgeous
round tits and they slide her bra down her arms so that it's hanging from
both of her wrists.

Paul London licks his lips as he looks down at Ashley's now braless tits and
moans as she firmly strokes his cock, "Ah, damn... those are some... hot tits

Ashley smiles as she looks up at London and Kendrick while she strokes their
hard cock "Thanks bud..." Ashley says before she leans her head in towards
London's cock and flicks her tongue against the head of his cock, before
doing the same to Kendrick's cock.

"You're welcome..." Paul moans as he and Brian turn a bit so that their cocks
are almost pointing right at each other, making it easy of Ashley to flick
her tongue against both of their dicks at the same time.

"Ahh... ohhh yeah... this is going to be hot!" Brian moans as he feels
Ashley's tongue pat against the head of his cock. Ashley closes her eyes as
she presses the head of London's cock against the head of Kendrick's cock as
she begins to her wet, soft tongue back and forth between both of their hard,
thick shaft. Ashley traces her tongue against London's cock, before she moves
back to Kendrick's cock.

Both of the young SmackDown wrestlers put a hand on top of Ashley's head as
he look down at the hot 2005 Diva Search Winner as she covers both of their
thick meaty cocks with a thin layer of her warm saliva. "Mmmmm... yeah....
can you suck my dick Ashley?" Paul asks as he sees Ashley focus her sweet
tongue on Brian's cock for an fairly long time.

Ashley slowly pulls her head away from Kendrick's cock and smirks as she
looks up at London "Sure thing bud!" Ashley says as she turns her head
towards London as she makes him stand directly in front of her. Ashley
wraps her hand around his cock and opens her mouth as she guides London's
cock into her warm, wet mouth. The 2005 Diva Search Winner wraps her lips
around London's stiff cock and begins to slowly and smoothly bob her head
on London's cock as she begins to suck off one half of the studdly
SmackDown Tag Team Champions.

"Ohhhh fuck..." Paul London moans loudly as the sexy Ashley Massaro bobs her
head on his large, thick cock. He puts both of his hands on the sides of
Ashley head and he plays with her hair as she taps her tongue against the
bottom of his dick. Meanwhile Brian Kendrick smiles a bit as he casually
steps behind Ashley and pulls her up so that she's standing and bent over.
As Ashley continues to suck on Paul's cock, Brian slides Ashley's black and
white skirt from her slender hips and down her smooth, sexy tanned legs,
revealing Ashley's black panties. Brian quickly lowers her panties down all
the way to her feet where her skit is and then reaches between her legs with
his right hand and begins to rub her pussy with his palm as she sucks off
his tag team partner.

Ashley softly moans against London's cock and begins to lap her wet tongue
around his shaft while Brian Kendrick rubs her warm pussy with the palm of
his head. "Mmmmmm..." Ashley moans with London's cock in her mouth as she
starts to smoothly bob her head faster on his hard cock, while Kendrick
gently slides two of his fingers into her tight pussy.

"Ahhhh... ohhh yeah... suck that dick..." Paul moans louder when Ashley moans
around his cock, causing shivers to rise up his spine. Paul pushes Ashley's
hair behind her head as Kendrick kneels down behind Ashley as he moves his
two fingers in and out of Ashley's tight pussy. The playful Brian Kendrick
also uses his left hand to spread Ashley's ass cheeks apart so that he can
lean forward and flick his tongue up and down against her smooth ass crack.
Ashley closes her eyes as she opens her mouth wider and lowers her head
further down on London's cock, taking more of his hard, thick shaft into her
warm and saliva dripping mouth. As Ashley begins to practically deep throat
London's cock she moans against his shaft while Brian Kendrick flicks his
tongue against her smooth ass crack as he fingers her tight pussy. "Uhhh...
fuck... damn..." Paul tilts his head back as Ashley takes all of his hard,
fat cock past her sweet lips as she deep throats his dick with ease.

Meanwhile, Brian has pulls his fingers out of Ashley's pussy as he slides his
tongue into her tight asshole. He moves his tongue around in a circle as he
licks the inside of Ashley's ass before he stops in order to stand up. "Hey
Ash... I'd love some head too..." Brian says as he lightly spanks her ass a
cheeks a few times with his right hand.

"Mmmm... and I wanna fuck you Ashley..." Paul moans as Ashley starts to lift
her head off of his saliva covered shaft.

Ashley laughs a bit "Ok buds...just give me a moment..." Ashley says with a
smile as she turns around to face Brian Kendrick with her back now towards
Paul London. Ashley remains standing as bends over and wraps her hands around
Kendrick's cock and gives him into her open warm mouth. Once his cock is
inside of her mouth, she wraps her lips around his cock gently and begins
slowly bob her head up and down as she sucks off the cock of Paul London's
tag team partner.

Brian licks his lips as Ashley slowly bobs her head on his fat cock and he
pushes his own brown hair back as he looks down at her, "Uhhhh... oooooo
yea..." Brian Kendrick moans as his tag team partner stands behind Ashley
and pushes his cock into her tight, warm pussy. London grits his teeth
slightly as he lays his hands on Ashley's waist and begins to slowly thrusts
his cock in and out of pussy while pulling her back against his cock.

Ashley moves forward slightly as London's cock slides into her tight, warm
pussy "Mmmmm..." Ashley moans against Kendrick's cock as she continues to
bob her head smoothly on Kendrick's cock as she begins to gently lap her wet
tongue around his shaft as she lowers her left hand down his ballsack and
begins to massage his ballsack while she pushes herself back against London's

Paul London licks his lips as he smoothly begins to increase the pace of his
thrusts. "Uhhh... ohhh yea... this has me... fucking stoked out of my mind!"
London grunts as he slides his hands over Ashley's hips while he pumps his
cock in and out of her pussy while his ballsack swings back and forth,
lightly smacking against Ashley's smooth skin.

Ashley's hot body slams back against London as his cock drives deeply
into her tight, warm mouth "Awwww...fuck.." Ashley manages to moan around
Kendrick's cock as her warm saliva drips onto his cock as she bats her
tongue around his shaft.

Brian Kendrick grits his teeth as he tilts his head back, "Ohhhh... ahhh
yea... we... we need... to do some... double team action on Ashley..." Brian
moans as he talks to his partner.

"Yeah... totally..." Paul replies as he slows down his thrusts until he stops
and pulls his cock out of Ashley's warm, tight pussy just as Brian slide his
cock out of Ashley's mouth. Brian lays down on the ground and grins up at
Ashley as his cock points straight up at her.

"Mmmm... all aboard!" Brian says with a lightly laugh as he invites Ashley to
get on his shaft.

Ashley laughs and nods her head "Fucking right, all aboard!" Ashley says as
she happily accepts Kendrick's over and lowers herself down onto the floor
with Kendrick. Ashley then straddles herself onto of Kendrick and mounts
herself on top of his cock. She places her soft, gentle hands on his chest
as she starts to slowly rock back and forth on his cock as she begins to
ride. Ashley smirks and looks over her shoulder at London "You just gonna
watch, bud?"

"What do you think?" Paul London replies with a grin as he moves behind
Ashley and kneels down behind the gorgeous, hot blond hair diva. He puts a
hand on her shoulder and has Ashley lean forward so that her nice round ass
stick out slightly. The dark-haired Tag Team Champion then slides his fat,
large cock into Ashley's tight asshole.

Ashley grits her teeth "Ohhhh fuck..." Ashley groans as she feels London's
cock ease into her tight asshole. Ashley closes her as she begins to grind
her pussy against Kendrick's cock as she rocks back against London's cock
in her asshole "Ohhhh this is a celebration..." Ashley moans as
she starts to steadily bounce on Kendrick's cock.

"Ohhh yeah... it is!" Brian groans as he puts his hands on Ashley's waist as
he starts to thrust his fat cock up into Ashley's warm, wet, tight pussy. He
grits his teeth as he feels Ashley grind against his cock whenever Paul
London drives his cock deep and sharply into her asshole.

Ashley rubs her hands against Kendrick's chest as she bucks her hips and
starts to rock her body smoothly forward against his cock as London swiftly
plows his cock into Ashley's tight asshole "Ohhhhh fucking yesss!" Ashley

Paul London has his hands placed firmly on Ashley's hips as he starts
slamming his cock in and out of Ashley's tight asshole, making her jolt
forward occasionally when he gives her an excessively sharp thrust. "Ohhh...
ahhhh fuck... mmmm... yea!" London grunts as Ashley slams herself back
against him. Brian squeezes Ashley's smooth thighs when he lowers his hands
as Ashley leans forward some more so that her tits are over his face.

Ashley closes her eyes as sweat begins to drip down her beautiful face while
the 2005 Diva Search Winner begins to slam down harder on Kendrick's cock,
buried deep inside of her warm pussy "Mmmmm ohhh fuck...ohhh fuck yess!"
Ashley moans as she thrusts back against London's cock in her asshole as

Sweat rolls down Paul London's body as he fucks Ashley's awesome ass and he's
breathing hard and fast. "Uhhh... ohhhh yeah... ohh... ohhh... ahhhhh
fuck..." Paul suddenly pulls his throbbing fat cock out of Ashley's asshole
and he holds Ashley's ass cheeks apart with his right hand as he strokes his
shaft with his left. The dark-haired tag team champion grits his teeth as he
starts to cum, spraying his warm sticky cum right down Ashley's ass crack.

Ashley looks over her shoulder with a smirk "Damn stud..." Ashley laughs as
she feels London's warm cum drip down her smooth ass crack. Ashley winks at
London before she turns her attention back to Kendrick and begins to buck
her hips as she rocks back and forth quicker while on top of Kendrick's cock
as she rides him at a quick, smooth pace.

Brian bites his tongue as he arches his back to slam his cock harder up into
Ashley's hot, tight pussy as she rides his fat cock with ease. "Ahhh... ohhhh
god damn... celebrating... good times... is a blast!" Brian groans loudly as Ashley shows off some of her
Masseduction by rotating her hips as she bounces on his cock. The youthful,
fun-loving Brian Kendrick lets out a loud moan as he starts to cum inside of
Ashley's warm, wet pussy.

Ashley grits her teeth as she sweat drips off of her body and she feels the
warm cum of Brian Kendrick flood her wet, tight pussy "Ohhhhh shit..." Ashley
moans as she closes her eyes and gently rocks back and forth on Kendrick's

Brian Kendrick lays on the floor and relaxes a bit as Ashley continues to
gently move on his cock, "Mmmm... that... was hot..." Brian moans as Paul
kneels next to them.

London reaches behind Ashley and slides a finger up and down against her
ass crack which is dripping with his cum. "That... was an awesome...
celebration..." Paul says as Ashley catches her breath.

Ashley smirks a bit "It was fun...but I'm all stoked for some more
celebrating! What do you say buds? Up for some more Masseduction?" Ashley
says with a laugh.

Paul London looks down at Brian Kendrick who smiles and nods his head. London
smirks and looks back at Ashley, "Yeah... we're up for more Masseduction...
cause we got alot more celebrating to do!"

"Fucking right!" Ashley says with a laugh as she tosses her blonde and
blue-dyed hair back.


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