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by Mathew (

94 degree summer day, the sun was so bright as I was cutting the grass,
when all of a sudden a car pulled into my driveway, not expecting any
company, as really no one in the neighborhood was home, I walked over to
the car, and there was Kimberly Page!!!

She asked if she could use my phone because her car phone was dead, I
happily obliged as she got out of the car. She had on a tube top, as her
tits were extremely hard and pointing through her top, and she was wearing
small black leather shorts with her ass cheeks hanging out of them.

I followed her in directing her to the phone and she asked where the
bathroom was, and I pointed across the hall. I told her I'd be outside, and
if she needed anything just to ask. I went back outside, about 15 minutes
later, Kimberly poked her head out of the door and said she couldn't find
something. I stopped the mower and went inside, I shut the door, and saw
the most amazing site ever. Kim was standing there totally nude, spread
eagle on my sofa.

She motioned for me to come over, we started kissing passionately. As I
fingered her pussy, she told me she wanted me in her, as she unzipped my
jean shorts and they dropped down along with my underwear. She began
stroking my 8 inches of dick and then licked and gave me the best head of
my life.

I told her I was going to cum but she just kept sucking harder and I
erupted inside of her. Some dribbled off her chin and landed in her pussy
hair. She said she wanted more, I said I want to see her ass. She rolled
over and showed me.

I said Kimberly you have an awesome ass, it looks even better in person
than on tv, kim said oh you watch me? and I nodded my head, then she said
well it's all yours now.

I plunged my tounge deep into her ass as she moaned with excitement,
"I've never had anyone lick my ass" she excalimed, well how about this I
said, as I slid my dick into her ass, and began fucking away doggy style.

We fucked for what seemed like hours, as I pulled out and came all over
her pussy lips. I then licked it off her and sucked her tits as I fucked
her. We then layed down and gave each other oral sex as we both came
together and she was covered in my cum.

Her tits were covered and she slowly sucked and licked it off her own
tits, which made me cum again as I was masterbating to it. I came on her
feet and licked it all off her sexy feet. Then we kissed as I shoved my
dick up her cunt again and fucked until we both drifted to sleep with me
still in her.


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