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Mattitude Lust Lesson
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

Days after Wrestlemania 19 in the backstage area of a small arena, Matt
Hardy, dressed in red pants, a black t-shirt with a large V1 printed on the
front, is talking to his protégé Shannon Moore, who is dressed similarly to
Matt. "Shannon... you have to focus! I almost lost the cruiserweight title
to that punk Mysterio!" Matt says as he drapes his cruiserweight title
across his shoulder.

Shannon looks down, feeling horrible, "I know Matt... I'm doing my best, but
it's a lot to learn..."

Matt shakes his head, "I know it is... but a true MF'er could pick up just
like that... anyone can do it..."

"I don't know Matt... this is quite a lot to take in... I don't think I'll
ever get it..." Shannon sighs.

Matt frowns, "Look Shannon... what you need is a Mattitude Test... so I can
figure out what the hell your problem is."

"Another test?" Shannon groans.

"Yup... lets see... you already had the dedication test... and the potential
test..." Matt taps his own chin as he starts to think about how to test

"How about something fun this time..." Shannon laughs a bit but prepares to
get smacked by Matt for his comment.

Matt gets a smile on his face, "That's quite a good idea Shannon... how about
a Mattitude Sex Test?"

"You're kidding right?" Shannon asks in a bit of shock.

"Nope... I'm not... This will defiantly show me what your problem is... now
all we need is a hot girl..."

"Nope... I'm not... this was going to be for later on... but I guess you
really need this test... so follow me..." Matt smirks as he starts to walk
to the diva's locker room area. Shannon follows close behind with a confused
and nervous look on his face as Matt stops at the very first door that has a
sign on it that says 'Dawn Marie'. Matt doesn't even knock before he opens
the door and calls out, "Hey Dawn... are you in here?"

Shannon and Matt both hear the shower turn off before Dawn Marie walks out
of the bathroom with a towel wrapped her body that is soaked with warm beads
of water and her hair damped with water. Dawn smiles a bit as she places her
hands on her towel covered hips. Dawn then smiles as she sees Matt Hardy.
Dawn licks her lips "Oh...hey Matt..." Dawn smirks.

Matt smiles, "I hope I wasn't interrupting anything...." Matt licks his lips
as he looks at the damp towel that is wrapped perfectly around her body.

Shannon swallows hard, "Ummm Matt... I don't think..."

Matt shoots him a glare, "Shannon shut up... and just wait right there." Matt
turns his attention back to Dawn, "Dawn, do you remember that little thing
you and I were talking about when I came over to Smackdown?"

Dawn nods her head with a smirk "Yeah...I remember.." Dawn licks her teeth
"I also remember more...then just talking." Dawn says with a seductive wink.

Matt laughs a bit and he licks his lips, "So do I..." Matt then motions for
Shannon to come over. Once Shannon is close enough, Matt slaps him hard on
the back, "And guess what Dawn, I finally have a recruit that is ready to
take a big step forward in his Mattitude lessons."

Dawn smirks as she looks at Shannon "Mmm...he's a cutie, Matt.." Dawn removes
her hands from her hips and folds them over his chest "I can't wait to get

"Neither can I... but first..." Matt folds his arms and looks at Shannon,
"Shannon... lose the clothes."

Shannon's jaw almost hits the floor after hearing Matt's request. "Say

"You heard me... lose the clothes... Dawn's going to test you right here
right now," Matt replies. Shannon swallows hard again, but does what he was
told too and removes his clothes, first taking off his t-shirt and then his
sneakers, pants and boxer briefs. Shannon shyly covers his crotch, but both
Dawn and Matt can easily see that Shannon is packing a rather large cock.
Matt looks at Dawn and smirks, "What do you think Dawn?"

Dawn nods her head "He's a pretty big boy.." Dawn says with a smirk as she
begins to loosen her towel as she looks at Matt "Now...what do you want me
to do with him for his test?"

"Ohhh that's up to you Dawn..." Matt smiles, "Maybe give him some head to
start with."

Shannon looks at Matt nervously, "Matt come on this is a bad idea..."

Matt glares at him, "Dude what's your problem... look I'll strip too so
you'll be comfortable." Matt rolls his eyes and removes his own clothes.
Matt then holds his arms out showing that he's comfortable being naked
and that his own cock is about the same in length as Shannon's.

Dawn glances down at Matt's cock and licks her lips "I thought this test was
just for Shannon?" Dawn says with a seductive laugh as she gets down onto her
knees next to Matt. Dawn extends her hand and motions for Shannon to come
towards her "Come on Shannon baby..."

Shannon bites his lip and sighs, "Ok Dawn..." Shannon walks towards her and
hesitates before he moves his hands away from his crotch so that Dawn can see
his cock is over twelve inches.

Matt smirks and folds his arms, "Hey this test is for Shannon... doesn't
mean I can't enjoy myself." Dawn smirks up at Matt as she takes a hold of
Shannon's cock. Dawn tightly wraps her soft hands around Shannon's cock
and begins to stroke his cock to hardness.

"Ohhhhhh damn..." Shannon instantly moans as moves his hips forward to push
his cock against Dawn's hand almost instantly. Matt grabs a metal folding
chair and sets it up near Dawn and Shannon to get a good look of the action.
Dawn removes her hands from Shannon's cock and removes her towel completely
from her tan skinned body. Dawn smiles up at Shannon as she leans up on her
knees and takes Shannon's cock back into hands as she leans her head down
and flicks her tongue against the head of Shannon's cock.

Shannon looks down and sees Dawn's dripping wet perfect body and moans
rather loudly as he feels her tongue all over the head of his dick, "Ohhhh
god damn..."

Matt laughs, "Hey relax Shannon, Dawn isn't even getting started yet." Matt
then leans forward a bit and rubs Dawn's chest with his right hand while
whispering into her ear, "Be really rough with him... this is a test after
all..." Dawn smirks before she taps her tongue down on the head of Shannon's
cock. Dawn opens her hot mouth and pushes Shannon's cock into her mouth. Dawn
tightly wraps her pouty lips around his cock and begins to slowly bob her
head on his cock at a teasing rate. As she slowly bobs her head on Shannon's
cock, Dawn surprises Matt by placing her right hand on his own cock and
begins to stroke her hand against his shaft as she teasingly blows Shannon.

"Oh fuck..." Matt laughs a bit in surprise after Dawn grabbed his cock.
Shannon bites his lip and slides a hand through Dawn's dark brown hair as he
gets used to the way she's blowing him.

"Ohhh damn... man... this is great..." Shannon moans as Dawn begins to wrap
her tongue around Shannon's cock as she starts to bob her head quicker on
Shannon's shaft. Dawn opens her mouth wider on his cock and begins to take
more of his cock into her sweet mouth after each head bob. Dawn moves her
hand down Matt's shaft down to his ballsack and begins to fondle his balls,
while she blows Shannon.

"Ahhh damn Matt... she's... fucking awesome..." Shannon groans as flips his
own hair back when his bangs fall into his eyes.

"That she is Shannon... but I think Dawn might want to test how well you can
actually fuck..." Matt replies as he leans back on the chair and wraps his
left hand around his cock to stroke it as Dawn presses the palm of her hand
against his ballsack.

Dawn slowly lifts her head up from Shannon's cock and smirks up with a grin.
She motions her head towards Matt "You heard him..." Dawn says as she turns
her body a bit so she's now facing Matt. "Mmmm..." Dawn moans softly before
she leans her head forward and places her wet tongue against Matt's shaft.

"Ok..." Shannon smiles as he kneels behind Dawn. He places one hand on her
ass and rubs her backside. "Dawn you got such a hot ass..." Shannon says as
he slides his cock into warm tight pussy. After getting used to the warmth
and tightness of her cunt before he begins to fuck her with quick thrusts.

Matt smirks and releases his cock to let Dawn handle it the way she wants to,
"How's... he doing Dawn?"

Dawn smiles "He's doing fairly well..." Dawn says as she begins to push back
against Shannon's cock. Dawn lowers her head as she takes Matt's thick cock
into her warm mouth. Dawn wraps her pouty lips around his cock as she starts
to quickly bob her head on his cock as she lashes her tongue against his

"Of course... he is..." Matt moans, "He is an MF'er... after all..." Matt
slides a hand through Dawn's hair to flip it backwards. Shannon grips hold
of Dawn's gorgeous hips and pulls her back rather hard against him.

"Ahhhh damn... she's... hot..." Shannon grunts and licks his lips as he
shoves his cock into her sharply. Dawn moans against Matt's cock as she
practically deep throats Matt's entire cock inside her warm mouth. Dawn
slams her ass powerfully back against Shannon's waist, forcing more his
cock nicely sized cock into her wet cunt.

Shannon grinds his teeth together as he starts to throw every thing he can
behind every thrust. Matt sees how hard Shannon is working and gets a smirk
on his face, "Hey Dawnie... you think Shannon is good enough to fuck your
big juicy ass?"

Dawn slowly lifts her head up from Matt's cock and licks her lips "I'd love
it..." She replies in a sultry tone "But...I'd like a little dose of Matt
Hardy too..."

Matt smirks as he slides from the table down onto the floor, "Then climb on
top Dawn... and get an injection Mattitude..." Shannon quickly sees, hears
and understands what Dawn and Matt have in mind, so he pulls out of Dawn's

"I think I can help a bit..." Shannon smiles as he wraps around Dawn's waist
and tries to lift her up, but when he can't get her up, he pushes her forward
as she crawls over Matt's body.

Dawn flips her dark brown hair back as she straddles herself up on Matt's
cock. Dawn quickly comes down on his cock taking it sharply into her tight
cunt "Awwww fuck!" Dawn moans as she places her hands on Matt's stomach as
she begins to bounce quickly on Matt's cock.

"Mmmmmm fuck Dawn... I think... you're pussy is tighter... than before..."
Matt groans as he starts to thrust his cock upward into her pussy. After Matt
places his hands on Dawn's hot chest, Shannon grips his own cock and eases it
into Dawn's round shapely ass.

"Oh my god..." Shannon gasps as he feels her asshole clench tightly around
his large cock. He places his hands on her waist and starts pulling her back
against him as he starts to build up momentum as he starts to fuck her.

Dawn licks her lips as she moans in ecstasy "Ohhhhh fuck!" Dawn moans as she
rocks back on Matt's cock causing herself to push back against Shannon's cock
as well.

"Uhhhhhh damn... Dawn...." Shannon cries out as his entire cock becomes
buried deep inside of her asshole. He soon manages to get enough momentum
going to where he can pump his cock in and out of her ass quicker than when
she can push back against him.

Matt licks his lips as he looks up at Dawn's gorgeous face, "How's he
doing... Dawn?"

Dawn has a satisfied smile on her face as she comes down on Matt's cock
"Ohhhh...he's a good little MF'er..." Dawn moans as Shannon rams his cock
deeper into her tight asshole.

"Good... too... know... cause I'm going to roll us over..." Matt smirks as
he wraps his arms around Dawn's beautiful body and he starts to roll to his
left. Shannon doesn't realize what Matt is up to at first but when he notices
that Dawn is suddenly moving to the left, Shannon figures it out and goes
with the flow. The end result of the roll over is Shannon being underneath
Dawn with his cock shoved deep into her ass and Matt on top still fucking
her pussy. Matt grabs Dawn's perfectly tanned legs and holds them in a 'V'
shape. Matt starts fucking Dawn with hard quick thrusts while at the same
time making her rock on Shannon's cock.

Dawn grits her teeth as she bounces quickly on Shannon's cock in her ass as
result of Matt's quick and powerful thrusts to her tight cunt "Awwww...fuck

"Ohhhhh shit...." Shannon groans loudly as places his hands on Dawn's waist.
Much to Matt's surprise, Shannon starts pushing Dawn up against him so that
her pussy grinds against Matt's crotch each time Matt slams his cock into

"Mmmm fuck Dawn.... you're... bringing out the best... in him...." Matt says
as sweat drips off his body. Dawn tilts her head back causing her dark brown
hair to slap Shannon in the face as she repeatedly comes down on his cock at
a hard rate as she pushes back against Matt's cock.

"Hey... Matt.... let's... do her... standing up..." Shannon says as he
lightly bites down on his own tongue.

Matt gets a smile on his face, "Good idea... Shannon... I knew this would
work out..." Matt and Shannon then work together to get to their feet with
out once pulling out of Dawn. Both hot young men press their bodies against
Dawn's once they are standing, and Matt hoists up Dawn's legs and wraps
them around his own waist. Shannon then puts his arms around her and starts
bouncing her up and down on his and Matt's cocks.

Dawn's body begins to drip with sweat as she slams down on both hard cocks
"Awww fuck...that’s it boys!"

Matt and Shannon thrust their hard cocks in and out of her as hard as they
can. "Ohhhh fuck Matt.... man.... I hope... I'm passing... this test..."
Shannon grunts just before he starts to cum inside of Dawn's tight asshole.
"Ohhhh fuck..."

Dawn smiles widely as she feels Shannon's cum splat against her asshole
"Mmm...I think he did..." Dawn licks her lips as she wraps her arms around
Matt's neck.

"That's great..." Matt smirks as he wraps his arms around Dawn's waist after
Shannon pulls out of her asshole. Matt then rushes towards a wall and presses
Dawn up against it so he has some leverage to continue fucking her as hard as
he is.

Dawn grits her teeth as she locks eyes with Matt, while she slams down
roughly on his cock " like giving me that dose of Mattitude...don't
you!?" Dawn yells and moans at the same time.

Matt licks his teeth as he pushes his cock deep into her pussy, "You bet...
I fucking do... remember... you... were... my original MF'er..." Matt says
as pressers her harder against the wall while he continues to ram his big
thick cock into her cunt.

Dawn licks her lips "Mmmm...I fucking do..." Dawn moans as she slams down on
his cock and begins to cum.

Matt feels Dawn's pussy tighten around his cock as she cums and he smirks. He
continues to fuck her as he approaches his own climax, "Get... ready for your
dose... of Mattitude..." Matt grunts as he slams his cock deep into her one
more time and starts to fill up her pussy with his hot cum.

Dawn closes her eyes and licks her lips "Mmmm....ohhh...fuck that's it..."
Dawn says in soft, seductive voice.

Matt tilts his head back and closes his eyes as the last spurts of cum
escapes from his dick. "Ohhhh damn...." Matt licks his lips. He opens his
eyes and looks at Shannon with a smirk as he still holds Dawn up against
the wall. "He still has a lot to learn doesn't he?" Matt asks Dawn when he
looks back at her.

Dawn nods her head "Yeah...but he certainly has a good start..." Dawn licks
her lips "He might need a more advanced sex test though in the future..."


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