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Mattitude Lust Lesson Part 2: Wild And Crazy
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

After a taping of SmackDown in July of 2003, in a backstage hallway, Matt
Hardy, dressed in jeans and his V1 t-shirt, has his arms folded as looks at
his Mattitude Follower, Shannon Moore, who is wearing red and black wrestling
pants and a sleeveless V1 t-shirt. Matt shakes his head, "You know... just
when I think you're starting to figuring Mattitude out... you fuck up
again.... What's with you?!" Matt yells.

Shannon shrugs his shoulders, "I... I don't know Matt... I try my best..."

Matt shakes his head, "Trying you're best isn't going to get you shit let
alone an understanding of Mattitude... I think it's time for another special
lesson..." Matt says he unfolds his arms.

Shannon grits his teeth a bit, "A...another lesson?" Shannon says as he
braces himself for Matt Hardy to beat the living daylights out of him. Matt
however starts walking down the hallway, and soon Shannon falls into step
behind him. Matt and his Mattitude Follower walk straight to the locker room
area, and Matt smiles a bit as he Nidia coming out of Jamie Noble's locker

"Perfect... there's our lesson..." Matt says, leaving Shannon clueless as he
walks over towards the smoking hot Nidia. "Hey Nidia.... You got a sec...."
Matt says as he approaches her.

The trailer park hottie, Nidia, licks her lips as she turns in Matt and
Shannon's direction "Hey bet I got a sec, what's up?" Nidia
asks as she places her hands on her hips as she licks her lips against
as she obviously glances at the crotches of Matt Hardy and Shannon Moore.
Nidia raises her eyebrow and presses her lips together, while she smacks
some chewing gum around inside of her mouth, as she tosses her curly brown
hair back as she's dressed in a short, tight pair of jean shorts and a red
semi-buttoned top.

Matt smiles a bit, "Well... I sorta need you help in teaching my Mattitude
Follower here..." Matt points at Shannon Moore with his left hand as Shannon
stands behind him, "A little lesson... he needs to learn to be wild and
crazy..." Matt says as he looks at Nidia's rather large chest as her
red-semi-buttoned top fits snugly on her body.

Shannon raises an eyebrow as he holds his hands up, "Whoa Matt... I don't
need that lesson... I can be wild and..." Shannon shuts up when Matt gives
him a sharp look.

Matt then looks at Nidia and smirks, "As I was saying... he needs a lesson
in Mattitude about being wild and crazy..."

Nidia bites down on her bottom lip with an eager, sex-driven look on her face
"Mmmm... damn... you want me to like...fuck around with your boy
here?" Nidia asks with an excited smirk on her face as the spunky, trailer
park hottie licks her lips as she begins to instantly unbutton her already
partially undone red top.

Matt nods his head and licks his lips, "Yeah basically... but not just
fuck around with Shannon, but me too... call it... a double lesson in
Mattitude..." Matt says as he watches Nidia completely unbutton her red
top, while Shannon stands off to the side completely speechless.

Nidia licks her lips as she smacks her chewing gum around inside of her mouth
"Mmmm fuck! Both of you?" Nidia laughs " is my lucky day!" Nidia
says before the sex-driven, trailer park hottie opens her red top, revealing
her large, rounded and perky tits as she drops her red top and begins to
approach Matt and Shannon as she begins to unbutton her short jean shorts.

"Damn straight it's your lucky day..." Matt says as he pulls off his V1
t-shirt to reveal his smooth, muscular upper body. He then looks at a his
protégé Shannon Moore and narrows his eyes, "Loose the clothes!" Matt

Shannon swallows, "Out here... in the hallway?" Shannon asks as he looks

"Yeah! You're going to get this hot Mattitude lesson of being wild and crazy
right here right now... so strip!" Matt orders. Shannon sighs and he removes
his own V1 shirt, which he drops on the floor, then he goes to work on
lowering his wrestling pants, and as he lowers them down, Shannon's thick
12-inch cock is slowly exposed and is in perfect view of the hot trailer
park diva.

Nidia licks her lips hungrily as she locks her eyes on the sight of Shannon's
thick twelve inch "Mmmmm fuck! This is my lucky day! Maybe finally Jamie and
I can get out that trailer park..." Nidia says with a smile as she pushes her
short jeans short off of her hips and slides them down her smooth, tanned and
stunning legs as her hot, shaven pussy becomes exposed. Nidia steps out of
her jean shorts and the trailer park hottie stands completely nude in front
of Matt Hardy and his Mattitude Follower, Shannon. Nidia grits her teeth
together as she kneels down on the floor of the hallway in front of Shannon
and quickly wraps her spunky hands around Shannon's cock and begins to stroke
him to hardness.

The fairly quiet Shannon Moore grits his teeth and moans loudly as Nidia
strokes his cock rapidly with her both of her hands, "Ohhh... ahhh shit..."
Shannon moans as his cock becomes very hard extremely quick as Nidia knows
exactly how to get someone locked in and ready for action.

Matt licks his lips, "Nice... very nice..." Matt says as he unbuttons his
jeans and starts to push them down, along with his boxers to free his own
twelve inch cock. Matt steps out of his jeans and boxers and stands next
to his Mattitude Follower with his cock gradually getting hard as it waits
for Nidia to grab it. Nidia glances over at Matt's cock and licks her soft,
pouty lips as the trailerpark hottie removes her right hand from Shannon's
cock and wraps it around Matt's cock. The SmackDown Diva Nidia then begins
to stroke Matt Hardy's cock at the same pace that she is stroking Shannon's
cock at, with quick and smooth strokes.

"Ohhh yeah... Nidia... stroke those big dicks..." Matt moans as he licks his
lips. He begins to thrust his cock against Nidia's hand as she slides her
hands up and down against his and Shannon's cock. Matt then glances at
Shannon and smirks, "Make her suck your dick Shannon... get wild and crazy!"
Matt says as he slightly shoves his MF'er a bit.

Shannon swallows hard and he puts his hands Nidia's head, and grabs two
handfuls of her curly brown hair, "Come on Nidia... suck my dick..." Shannon
says as he tries to sound like Matt, but fails.

Matt rolls his eyes slightly, "Fuck Shannon..." Matt says as he puts his hand
on the back of Nidia's head and makes her leans forward towards Shannon's
shaft so that her lips are pressing right against the head of Shannon's cock.

Nidia closes her eyes as she licks her lips, while at the same time brushing
her wet, wild tongue against the head of Shannon's cock before Nidia opens
her warm, wet mouth and lowers her head on Shannon's cock. "Mmmmm...mmmmm..."
Nidia moans as Shannon's cock enters her mouth. Nidia presses her lips
tightly around his shaft as the trailerpark hottie begins to instantly bob
her head at a rapid, quick pace as she laps her tongue around his cock as she
sucks on Shannon's cock.

"Ahhhh... ohhh... ohhh shit..." Shannon moans loudly as Nidia easily sucks on
his large, thick cock. Shannon tightly holds onto Nidia's curly brown hair as
he instantly starts thrusting his cock in and out between Nidia's lips.

Matt smirks a bit, "That's it Shannon... fuck Nidia's hot mouth..." Matt says
as Nidia continues to stroke his meaty cock. Nidia taps her wild, wet tongue
against Shannon's cock as she happily and quickly bobs her head on Shannon's
cock, slapping her saliva and grinding her lips against his cock as she sucks
on the Mattitude Follower's cock. While Nidia is eagerly sucking Shannon's
cock, she guides her right hand smoothly against Matt's hard, thick shaft as
she lowers her hand to his ballsack and begins to massage his large ballsack.

Shannon grinds his teeth a bit as Nidia practically devours his entire cock.
"Ohhh... fuck... ohhh god damn..." Shannon groans as he pumps his cock deeply
into Nidia's mouth, resulting in his balls smacking at the trailer park
hottie's chin.

Matt grins ands nods his head approvingly, "That's good... now get behind her
and fuck the shit out of her!" Matt says as he grabs Nidia's head and pulls
her off of Shannon's cock, then he makes her turn towards his meaty shaft of

Nidia opens her eyes and licks her lips as she places her left hand around
Matt's cock as well as she keeps her right hand firmly around his hard shaft
"Mmmm...fuck! Today really is my lucky day!" Nidia moans seducing as she
leans her head down to Matt's cock and places her tongue against the head of
Matt's cock before she begins to circle her tongue around the head of his
cock, as her warm saliva begins to drip against his cock almost instantly.

Matt groans and licks his lips, "Awww yeah... get a mouthful of Mattitude..."
Matt groans as he puts both of his hands on the back of Nidia's head as she
wraps her tongue around the head of his large cock.

Shannon Moore swallows a bit and then he gets behind Nidia and kneels behind
her. He then puts his hands on her waist as he pushes his cock into Nidia's
hot trailer park pussy and begins thrusting his large MF'er nice and easy
into her pussy. "Ahhh... ohhh fuck..." Shannon moans as he steadily starts
fucking Nidia's pussy faster and harder.

Nidia "Mmmm...oh you better fuck that pussy good..." Nidia moans
around Matt's cock as she pushes her hot, trailerpark stunning body back
against Shannon's hard, MF'er cock. Nidia closes her eyes as Shannon begins
to thrust his cock in and out of Nidia's pussy as she bends over a bit more
and opens her mouth, taking Matt's cock deeply into her warm and wet mouth.

"Yeah Shannon... fuck her hot pussy!" Matt orders as he holds onto Nidia's
curly brown hair as she takes his entire meaty shaft past her lips. Shannon
grits his teeth slightly as he starts slamming his cock in and out of Nidia's
pussy as fast and as hard as he can. The talented young Mattitude Follower
doesn't bother to try getting into a steady rhythm, instead choosing to madly
fuck Nidia's pussy like a wild man. Nidia's hot, tanned body rocks back and
forth between Matt and Shannon as she bobs her head quickly on Matt's cock,
sucking at a quick, rough pace. Nidia's warm and wet saliva drips against
Matt's cock as she lashes her wild tongue against Matt's shaft, taking him
deeper into her warm, wet mouth. As Nidia deeply sucks on Matt's cock, she
begins to thrust her body back more aggressively against Shannon's cock,
forcing his cock to slam deeper into her tight, wildly wet pussy.

"Ahhhh... ohhh fuck... shit..." Shannon moans as Nidia overwhelms him when
she slams back against him faster than he's fucking her pussy. The Mattitude
Follower pulls his large fat cock out of Nidia's pussy, greatly disappointing
Nidia and nearly pissing off the 'Sensei of Mattitude' Matt Hardy.

Matt pulls his saliva-covered cock out of Nidia's mouth and glares at
Shannon. "What the fuck?! Did I tell you to stop!" Matt yells and then he
shakes his head before looking at Nidia, "Nidia... show my MF'er a wild and
crazy lesson... and fucking ride him till he blows..." Matt says.

Nidia licks her lips "Mmm...I plan of fucking doing it!" Nidia says as she
turns her body around to face Shannon with a sex-driven smirk of her face.
Nidia bites down on her bottom lip as she stands slightly before she
suddenly pushes Shannon over, making him fall to the floor of the hallway.
The sex-drive Nidia prances on top of Shannon, roughly slamming her body
down on his cock, taking the Mattitude Follower deeply into her tight, wet
pussy. Nidia tilts her head back "Ohhhh yesss!" Nidia groans as she places
her hands on Shannon's smooth chest and begins to rock back and forth on
Shannon's cock at a quick, but smooth rate.

"Ahhhhh ohhhhh shit!" Shannon moans loudly as he Nidia slams herself up
and down on his hard, thick Mattitude Following cock. He puts his hands on
Nidia's round waist and he starts thrusting his cock deeply up into Nidia's
pussy as he closes his eyes tightly and tries to keep up with the wild,
sex-driven trailer park diva.

Matt Hardy smirks a bit, "Yeah... that's right... show Shannon that
Mattitude is about being wild and crazy..." Matt says as he kneels behind
Nidia and pushes her forward so that her ass stick out slightly as she moves
on Shannon's cock. Moments later, 'The Sensei of Mattitude' gives Nidia a
rough injection of Mattitude by slamming his entire twelve inch cock deep
inside of her asshole.

Nidia tightly grits her teeth "Ohhhh yesss...fuck my ass!" Nidia moans loudly
as she pushes herself back against Matt's cock while at the same time she
bounces roughly on Shannon's cock "Ohhhhh yesss...I'm for sure a Mattitude
Follower..." The sex-driven Nidia moans as she begins to sweat.

Matt smirks a bit as he slams his fat cock in and out of Nidia's hot
trailerpark ass, making her move more wildly on Shannon Moore's throbbing
cock. "Yes you are Nidia... and I love fucking my MF'ers..." Matt says with
a grunt as he slams his cock harder into Nidia's tight asshole.

Shannon's eyes fly open after hearing Matt's comment and a shocked look comes
onto his face as he thinks Matt is talking about him. "Ahhhh what... the....
ohhhh man!" Shannon moans loudly as he starts to cum suddenly inside of
Nidia's hot, tight trailerpark cunt, filling her with his load of Mattitude
Follower cum.

Nidia grits her teeth as she slams her hot, sweating trailer park stunning
body down on Shannon's cock as her pussy fills up with Shannon's warm cum
"Ohhhhh yeah!" Nidia groans as she thrusts her body wildly back against
Matt's cock.

Matt shakes his head as he realizes his Mattitude Follower has just blew
his load inside of Nidia's hot pussy, "Fuck Shannon! Ahhhh haven't you been
paying fucking attention to the other lessons of Mattitude?!" Matt yells as
he slams his cock hard into Nidia's asshole for a few more moments before
he pulls out. "Pay attention, watch and learn!" Matt yells at Shannon as he
stands up so that he can yank Nidia off of Shannon's cum-emptied cock. Matt
then makes Nidia lay down on the ground, and then Matt spreads her legs and
plunges his fat cock deep into Nidia's cum filled trailer park pussy.

Nidia licks her lips and closes her eyes as Matt's hard, thick cock rams
deeply into her pussy "Ohhhh yessss!" Nidia moans as sweat drips off of her
body. As Matt begins to thrust his cock in and out of her tight, wild pussy,
Nidia wraps her smooth and tanned legs around Matt's waist as she starts to
wildly grind her pussy against Matt's cock.

Matt grits his teeth as he easily pumps his cock in and out of Nidia's hot,
wet and wild pussy. "Yeah that's it! Show Shannon what Mattitude is all
about!" Matt grunts as he puts his hands on Nidia's round waist so that he
can hold her still as he pounds his cock in and out of her cunt. Shannon
Moore sits up a bit on the hallway floor as he watches the 'Sensei of
Mattitude' wildly fuck Nidia so hard, that Matt's balls smack against
Nidia's ass with each of his deep, hard thrusts.

Nidia closes her eyes as her hot, sweaty body rocks back and forth against
the floor of the hallway "Ohhhh...ohhhh yesss...fuck me hard!" Nidia moans
as she thrusts her pussy against Matt's cock as he deeply rams his cock
into her pussy "Ohhhh shit!" Nidia groans as she begins to cum against
Matt's cock.

Matt Hardy licks his lips and smirks as he feels Nidia's warm juices flow
all over his cock as he continues to thrust down into her cumming pussy.
Matt then reaches back and removes Nidia's legs from his waist so that he
can stand up. He then wraps a hand around his cock as he licks his lips,
"Nidia... thanks for your help... now come get... your daily dose of
Mattitude..." Matt moans as his body drips with sweat. Nidia closes her
eyes as she sits up on her knees and licks her lips as she leans her head
forward. Nidia opens her mouth and takes Matt's hard, throbbing cock into
her warm, wild mouth. After pressing her lips around his shaft, she begins
to slowly bob her head against Matt's cock as she gently taps her tongue
against his shaft. Matt groans as he puts his free hand on top of Nidia's
sweat soaked curly brown hair. He leans his head back and moans loudly,
"Ahhh yes... alll here comes your dose of Mattitude!" Matt groans as he
starts to cum inside of Nidia's warm, moist, trailer park mouth, giving
Nidia a completely mouth full of his 'Mattitude'.

Nidia moans against Matt's cock as she gently taps her tongue against the
underbelly of Matt's shaft as she swallows his warm, sticky dose of Mattitude
cum. Nidia opens her eyes as she pulls her head away from Matt's cock as it
drips of her warm saliva. Nidia licks her lips "Mmmm...wait until I tell
Jamie what happened..." Nidia moans as the sex-driven trailer park hottie
presses her lips together and locks her eyes on Matt Hardy.

Matt Hardy smirks as he looks down at Nidia, "He won't believe it... but I'm
always willing to give Mattitude Lessons in being wild and crazy..."


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