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Warning - This Story has Male/Male sexual content

Mattitude Lust Lesson: Beyond Limitations
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

At a SmackDown live Event in late July of 2003, in Matt Hardy's locker room,
Matt Hardy, dressed in a black V1 t-shirt and red wrestling pants as well as
carrying a copy of his book "The Hardy Boys: Exist 2 Inspire", has just
slapped his 'Mattitude Follower' Shannon Moore upside the head following a
loss Shannon suffered at the hands of Funaki. "God damn it! I swear you are
getting nothing but Imag-I-nation instead of Mattitude! Haven't you been
studying the text of Mattitude?!" Matt yells as he throws the book at Shannon
who catches it before it hits him.

Shannon, dressed in silver and red wrestling pants, looks down, "I've been
reading it... I swear Matt... I'm doing everything you tell me too..."

Matt grits his teeth, "Bullshit! If you have... you would have gotten beyond
your limitation by now!" Matt snaps at him, "Fuck you're such a moron ... but
you know what, I'm not going to get mad... you stay right here... I'll be
right back..." Matt says as he opens the door of the locker room and steps
out into the hall. He looks down one end of the hallway and then down the
other and he sees Torrie Wilson down at the other, "Hey... Torrie! Come
here!" Matt calls out to her.

The stunning blond-haired SmackDown Diva, Torrie Wilson, smiles as she
glances over at Matt Hardy a short distance away from her in the hallway
"Hey stud..." Torrie says with a soft laugh as she approaches the Sensei of
Mattitude, Matt Hardy. Torrie presses her lips together as she steps up to
Matt and stands in front of him as she places her hands on her smooth,
slender hips "What's up?" Torrie asks with a soft smirk while she's dressed
in a pair of tight-fitting jean shorts and a light pink tank top that fits
her largely rounded chest perfectly.

"Not much of anything if you're talking about Shannon..." Mat Hardy says as
he looks back into his locker room, then he looks at Torrie, "The little
moron needs a Mattitude lesson..." Matt says and then he smirks a bit, "And
you're just the right person to help with it..."

Torrie raises her eyebrow and smirks slyly " need some help...with
what my Hardy friend?" Torrie says with a soft, enjoyable laugh as she gently
flips her soft blond hair back.

Matt Hardy licks his lips a bit, "I need help with getting Shannon... my
Mattitude Follower... to get beyond his limitations... if you can go in
there... and get him relaxed... his lesson can begin..."Matt says as he
casually stares at Torrie's large round chest that is covered by her light
pink tank top.

Torrie smirks and slowly nods her head "I think I may be able to do that..."
Torrie says with a soft, alluring voice as her seducing eyes slowly drift
down to Matt's crotch.

Matt Hardy grins a bit, "Great... now get in there... get Shannon prepped...
and I'll follow you in... after you get started..." Matt says as he licks his

Torrie slowly licks her lips and nods her head "You got it..." Torrie says
with a playful wink as the stunning blond bombshell of SmackDown turns to
enter the locker room belonging to Matt Hardy. Matt Hardy steps out into the
hallway and allows the door the close, leaving Shannon Moore and Torrie
Wilson inside together. Torrie glances over at the couch to see Matt Hardy's
Mattitude apprentice Shannon Moore sitting on the couch with his head looking
down. Torrie smirks and raises an eyebrow "Hey Shannon..." Torrie softly

Shannon slowly looks up when he hears his name and he raises his eyebrow
slightly, "Ummm... hi Torrie..." Shannon says in a soft voice as he looks
down again, "Umm Matt stepped out..."

Torrie smirks a bit as she places her smooth, delicate hands against her
smoothly rounded, slender hips "Oh...I know...I know..." Torrie replies as
she takes a step towards the couch as Shannon looks back up against to see
the stunning Torrie Wilson approaching towards him "I'm not here for him
though..." Torrie softly adds.

Shannon bites his bottom lip, as he swallows a bit, "Y-y-you're not?" Shannon
asks as he looks at Torrie with a surprised and nervous look on his face.

Torrie shakes her head as she casually sits down on the couch next to Shannon
Moore "Nope...I'm here...for you..." Torrie softly says as she bites down on
her bottom lip as she lowers her eyes towards his crotch.

"Y-y-you are?" Shannon asks as his face goes a bit red as he sees Torrie
glancing at his crotch. Shannon covers his crotch with his hands, but even
with his hands over it, Torrie can tell Shannon's crotch is already starting
to bulge.

Torrie slowly licks her lips and raises an eyebrow as she nods her head "Oh
yeah're a real cutie..." Torrie says as she reaches forward
and gently pushes Shannon's hands away from his crotch with her delicate
hands before she places her left hand against the crotch of Shannon's red
and silver wrestling pants and gently strokes his cock underneath the
material "A real...cutie..."

Shannon presses his lips together as he lets out a moan, "I... I am?"
Shannon asks as he looks down at Torrie's hands as she gently strokes his
cock through the material of his red and silver wrestling pants. "Ohh...
mmm..." Shannon moans sound almost like a whimper as Torrie playfully
teases him.

Torrie softly smirks as she slowly removes her left hand from Shannon's
red and silver wrestling pants and she tosses her soft blond hair back
"Shannon...why don't you get a little more comfortable..." Torrie slyly
suggests with a wink as she places her hands against her light pink tank
top and begins to casually lift the tank top off of her gorgeous, stunning
and perfectly hot tanned body as her bare, largely rounded tits become
exposed to the Mattitude Follower.

Shannon Moore's shy eyes go wide as he stares at Torrie Wilson's large, round
firm hot tits as Torrie drops her light pink tank top down to the floor.
"Ummm... ok..." Shannon says nervously as he lifts himself up a bit from the
couch and he starts to push down his silver and red wrestling pants. As he
lowers them down, Shannon's large, thick eleven inch cock is freed, and
Shannon gets extremely self-conscious about it and covers it with his hands
after kicking off his wrestling pants.

Torrie presses her lips together into a smirk as she scoots up a bit on the
couch cushions to move closer to Shannon Moore "Mmm...Shannon that's a nice
dick you got there...don't cover it up, cutie..." Torrie says with a sly
smirk before she licks her soft, pouty lips.

"R-really?" Shannon asks as he looks at Torrie as the beautiful blond haired
diva gently pushes his hands away from his cock in order to let Shannon's
hard shaft rise up.

Torrie slowly nods her head with a soft, eager smile "Oh yes...very nice
Shannon..." Torrie says as she gently slides off of the couch and down
onto her knees in front of Shannon Moore as the Mattitude Follower remains
standing as he watches the beautiful Torrie Wilson kneel before him. Torrie
looks up at Shannon and smirks as she gently wraps her smooth, soft hands
around Shannon's cock and begins to gently stroke her hands against his

"Ahhhh... ohhh... mmmmm..." Shannon moans and whimpers softly as Torrie moves
her soft gentle hands up and down his stiff fat cock. Shannon puts his hands
down flat on the couch cushions as he locks his eyes with the gorgeous blond
haired diva slightly lowers her head towards the tip of his cock. "Are... Are
you... going to..." Shannon trails off as he moans softly.

"Yes...I am Shannon..." Torrie says with a soft smile as she closes her eyes
and gently places her soft, warm and wet tongue against the thick head of
Shannon's cock and gently flicks her tongue against the tip of his cock
before she starts to gently stroke her tongue in a circular motion around the
head of his hardened, thick cock.

"Ohhh... ohh my..." Shannon moans loudly as Torrie gently moves her soft wet
tongue around the top of his stiff fat shaft. Shannon raises his hands up and
places them both on smooth, well-toned stomach and bites his bottom lip as
Torrie gently laps her tongue against his shaft. Meanwhile, the door to the
locker room is slowly opened by Matt Hardy, who is smirking as he watches the
display in front of him. Quietly, Matt steps into the locker room and closes
the door and he takes off his V1 t-shirt before he starts to lower his own
pants. Torrie slides her soft, warm tongue back up Shannon's long and hard
shaft as she reaches the tip of his cock once again. The stunning SmackDown
Diva opens her warm, wet mouth and slowly lowers her head down on Shannon's
cock, taking him into her hot, wet mouth. Torrie wraps her soft lips around
Shannon's shaft and begins to easily bob her head on his cock at a smooth

"Ahhhh... ohhh... ohhh Torrie..." Shannon moans as he closes his eyes and
leans back on the couch as the beautiful diva bobs her head on his shaft
while taping the bottom side of his dick with her soft tongue.

Meanwhile, Matt Hardy has completely stripped and is stroking his own
thirteen inch cock as he starts to approach the couch, "I see you're
enjoying your lesson so far Shannon..." Matt says as he sits right next
to his Mattitude Follower.

"Huh... what..." Shannon opens his eyes and looks at Matt in confusion, but
Matt gives him a look to tell him to shut up.

"Just enjoy it... your lesson this time is to... go beyond limitations..."
Matt says as he takes Shannon's right hand and puts it on his own cock.
Shannon's eyes go wide with shock as he's slightly forced to wrap his
fingers around Matt Hardy's stiff prick. "Stroke it..." Matt orders before
he looks at Torrie, "Having fun Torrie?" Matt asks as Shannon begins to
stroke his large cock.

"Mmmm...hmmmm..." Torrie moans around Shannon's hard, thick cock as she
slightly nods her head towards Matt as a reply as she smoothly bobs her head
on Shannon's cock as she lowers her head further down on Shannon's cock,
taking his cock deeper into her warm, wet mouth. Torrie's warm, soothing
saliva drips against Shannon's cock as she eagerly bobs her head on his cock,
sucking at a quickened rate as she gently cups his large ballsack with her
soft hands and starts to massage his balls while she sucks on his cock.

"Ahhhh... Matt... what's... going... on..." Shannon asks with a moan as
Torrie Wilson bobs her head on his cock, and Shannon responds by stroking
Matt Hardy's stiff shaft at a quicker pace.

Matt licks his lips, "You're going to cross over... and see there are no
limits... as to what you can do..." Matt says as he puts his right hand
behind Shannon's head and begins to pull Shannon's head down towards his
cock, "Now... be a good Mattitude Follower..." Shannon is speechless as to
what is happening, but with Torrie Wilson sucking on his large meaty cock,
Shannon's mind isn't totally focused and he opens his mouth to take Matt
Hardy's cock into his mouth. Shannon closes his eyes as he starts to suck
on Matt's shaft as Torrie sucks on his and caresses his balls. "Mmmmm...
good... very good..." Matt moans as he looks down at Shannon who is bobbing
on his shaft slowly. "Torrie... you're a miracle worker..." Matt says to
the blond hair diva.

Torrie lifts her eyes up and glances over at Matt Hardy and locks her lust
filled eyes with Matt as she smoothly bobs her head at a quick rate on
Shannon Moore's cock. Torrie gently slaps her soft, wet tongue against
Shannon's shaft as she gradually lowers her head further down on his cock
until his cock is buried deep in her hot, wet mouth as she deep throats
his cock. As Torrie quickly and deeply bobs her head on his cock, his
ballsack gently slaps against Torrie's chin.

"Ahhh... mmmm... you're a good little MF'er..." Matt Hardy moans as Shannon
bobs his head on his cock. Shannon lowers his hand down a bit and fondles
Matt's balls for a bit, before Matt Hardy lifts Shannon's head up from his
cock. "Torrie... come here and suck my cock... Shannon's gonna fuck you..."
Matt says as he looks at Shannon as he says it. Shannon nods his head and
he gets off of the couch when Torrie lifts his head off of his cock.

Torrie licks her lips as she locks her seducing eyes with Matt Hardy's hard
and thick cock that is full of Mattitude "Mmm...damn...I love a good 'Hardy'
cock..." Torrie says with a soft laugh as she scoots over to Matt on her
knees as she leans forward and gently cradles Matt's cock with her soft hands
before she leans her head forward and gently slides her tongue down the
underbelly of Matt's shaft towards his ballsack.

Matt Hardy laughs a bit, "Oh I know you do..." Matt moans as he puts both of
his hands on Torrie's head and flips her blond hair back.

Shannon Moore walks behind Torrie and kneels down so he can reach around
Torrie's body to unbutton her jeans shorts. Shannon then quickly lowers
Torrie's tight fitting jeans shorts to reveal her's smooth bare ass, and
once her shorts are down, Shannon grips his cock and starts to push his
large thick MF'er dick into Torrie's warm, tight pussy, "Ahhh... ohhh..."
Shannon groans as he starts to pump his cock in and out of Torrie's pussy.

"Mmmm...ohhh Shannon..." Torrie softly moans against the gently flicks her
tongue against the base of Matt's hard cock before she drops her wet, soft
tongue to the large ballsack of the Sensei of Mattitude and gently flicks
her delicate tongue against his ballsack as she gives a firm push back
against Shannon's hard Mattitude Follower cock as he thrusts in and out of
her hot SmackDown Diva pussy.

"Ahhhh yeah... fuck her Shannon... go beyond your limits..." Matt moans as
he watches his Mattitude Follower fuck the gorgeous blond hair diva from
behind as Torrie sucks on Matt's large cock.

"Ahhh... ohh... damn..." Shannon groans as he pumps his cock quickly into
Torrie's pussy as she slams her ass back against his waist. Shannon then
places his on Torrie's smooth ass cheeks and he squeezes them firmly every
time he drives his cock deep into her pussy.

"Mmmm...ohhhh Shannon..." Torrie moans as she lowers her head down completely
on Matt's cock, taking his Mattitude cock deeply into her hot, wet mouth and
begins to eagerly bob her head up and down as she laps her soft tongue around
his thick shaft as she rocks back and forth in between Matt Hardy and Shannon
Moore while Shannon firmly and swiftly thrusts his cock into her tight pussy.

Shannon starts sweating a bit as he pounds Torrie's pussy with his big
meaty shaft, and his balls slaps against Torrie's smooth ass. "Ahhh...
uhhhh ohhh... ahhhh... mmmm..." Shannon groans as he starts to cum inside
of Torrie's warm hot pussy.

Matt licks his teeth as he sees his Mattitude Follower close his eyes as
Shannon cums, "Ahhh fuck Shannon... so much... potential..." Matt groans
as Torrie slurps on his hard cock, "Mmm Torrie... Shannon should give you...
a Morgasm shouldn't he?" Matt asks with a groan as he flips Torrie's blond
hair back.

Torrie slowly lifts her head up from Matt's cock and smirks up at him as his
cock drips of her warm, wet saliva "Yeah he should..." Torrie says before
she glances over her shoulder and slightly rolls her eyes at the Mattitude
Follower "But obliviously he can't do that now..." Torrie adds with a slight
unpleasant tone as she gently rubs her hands against Matt's large ballsack
"Should have known...he's no Matt Hardy...just a wanna-be..." Torrie says
with a soft laugh as she leans her head down towards Matt's large ballsack
and gently flicks her tongue against his ballsack.

Matt laughs, "Oh Torrie... trust me... Shannon has other ways... of showing
he's a true MF'er... sit on the couch..." Matt says as he moves on the couch
in order to stand up, "Shannon... stay down there..." Matt orders as he walks
around behind his protégé and licks his lips. Torrie raises an eyebrow as she
keeps her seducing, soft eyes locked on Matt Hardy as he positions himself
behind his protégé Shannon Moore while the beautiful blond-haired goddess
lifts herself onto the couch and sits down on top of it, facing Matt and

"You know what to do Shannon... make yourself useful... you Moron..." Matt
says. Shannon Moore nods his head and he pushes Torrie's smooth legs apart so
that he can lower his head down and starts to flick his long tongue against
Torrie's pussy. Matt Hardy smirks as he kneels behind Shannon, and then to
Torrie's surprise, Matt plunges his stiff cock into Shannon's tight asshole
"Ahhhhh fuck!" Matt groans as he Shannon's body jerks forward and the shy,
self-conscious Mattitude Follower buries his face against Torrie's pussy.

Torrie bites down on her bottom lip as she feels Shannon Moore's face roughly
pressed against her smoothly shaven, hot pussy "Ohhhh shit..." Torrie says
with a soft moan and a smirk as she gently places her smooth, tanned legs
over Shannon's shoulder "Fuck that's hot..." Torrie says as she licks her
lips while watching the Sensei of Mattitude slam his cock into his protégé's
tight asshole.

"Mmmmm ahhhh mmmm..." Shannon Moore moans against Torrie's hot wet pussy as
he darts his tongue in and out of her cunt as he pushes back against Matt
Hardy who is deeply fucking his smooth tight asshole.

"Ahhhh... yeah... go for it... Shannon..." Matt grunts as he grabs the back
of Shannon's long blond hair and jerks the MF'er's head from side to side,
grinding Shannon's face against Torrie's hot, smooth pussy.

Torrie gently grits her teeth as she tilts her head back and places her left
hand on top of Shannon's smooth blond long hair "Ohhhh shit Shannon...mmmm
lick that pussy" Torrie moans as she gently thrusts her pelvis forward
causing her pussy to rub against Shannon's soft lips.

Shannon Moore closes his eyes as he pushes his tongue deeper into Torrie's
hot pussy. He puts his hands on Torrie's smooth hips and pulls her towards
him so that he can thrust his tongue in and out of her more quickly.

"Ahhh yeah... eat her out Shannon!" Matt grunts as he continues to fuck
Shannon's ass. Matt's large balls hit against Shannon's ass and Shannon
rocks back and forth between then Sensei of Mattitude and the hot blond
haired diva.

Torrie closes her eyes as she arches her back slightly, as gently presses her
smooth, tanned legs against the sides of Shannon's neck "Ohhhhh shit!" Torrie
groans as she starts to cum against Shannon's face and tongue as she feels
his head rocking back and forth in between her hot legs as Shannon is pulled
back against Matt's hard cock.

Shannon Moore moans as he feels Torrie's warm cum flowing out of her pussy.
The young Mattitude Follower laps up and swallows as much of Torrie's juices
as he can as Matt continues to fuck his ass with deep hard thrusts. "Ahhh...
yeah... good job... Shannon..." Matt grunts as he pulls his throbbing cock
out of Shannon's hard fucked ass and stands up. "All right... who wants...
the dose... of Mattitude..." Matt asks as he looks at Torrie who is slowly
coming down from cumming on Shannon's face and tongue.

Torrie presses her lips together and narrows her eyes slightly "Mmm...I
think you're little buddy should take it...and take it him what
Mattitude is all about..." Torrie says as she licks her lips as sweat
slightly drips down from her beautiful face.

Matt smirks, "You heard her Shannon... turn the fuck around... and get your
dose of Mattitude..."

Shannon lifts his head away from Torrie's pussy and turns around with sweat
dripping down his face. Shannon then takes Matt's large cock into his mouth
and begins to suck on it wildly as Matt pulls on his blond hair. "Ahhh...
ohhh yeah Shannon... here it comes... don't swallow it..." Matt groans as
he start to cum inside of Shannon's mouth and the blond-haired Mattitude
follower gags a bit as he keeps sucking on Matt's cock until the Sensei of
Mattitude finishes cumming. Matt pulls his cum spent cock out of Shannon's
mouth and looks at Torrie, "Shannon's gonna share it... come get your dose
from him Torrie..." Matt says with a smirk on his face.

Torrie licks her lips "Mmm.. he better..." Torrie says with a soft laugh as
she slides off of the couch and kneels on the floor next to Shannon Moore as
he holds the large load of Matt's cum in his mouth "Come on cutie...give me

Shannon Moore nods his head and he turns to face Torrie. The young Mattitude
Follower then grabs Torrie's arms and deeply kisses the hot blond hair diva
so that he can push Matt's warm cum into Torrie's mouth. Shannon's tongue
taps against Torrie's as Matt nods his head with approval, "That's it...
that's it Shannon... now that's real Mattitude..."

"Mmmm..." Torrie moans into Shannon's mouth as she slaps her tongue back
against Shannon's tongue while she collects some of Matt's warm, sticky cum

"Mmmm..." Shannon moans back into Torrie's mouth as he swallows the remaining
parts of Matt's cum that is in his mouth. Shannon slowly breaks the lustful
kiss with Torrie and licks his lips.

Matt smirks, "Another successful lesson of Mattitude... we may need to review
this lesson some time... right Torrie?

Torrie raises an eyebrow and smirks "I'd be happy to...any time!"


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