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Mattitude Lust Lesson Part 5: Still A Moore-on?
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

Backstage at a SmackDown television taping in the summer of 2003, Shannon
Moore, Matt Hardy's number on Mattitude Follower, is entering the arena,
dressed in jeans, a black V1 t-shirt, a jacket and a carrying his travel
bag. Shannon shakes his head as he quickly heads towards the locker room
area, "God damn it... I over slept.... Matt's gonna kill me...." Shannon
says as he quickens the pace of his steps as he starts to jog towards the
locker room area. As he goes around a corner, he runs right into the
500-pound giant know as the Big Show, and Shannon falls backward from the

Big Show raises an eyebrow as he looks down at the MF'er, "What are you...
a moron?!" Big Show yells as he starts to get angry.

Shannon swallows, "I'm late... I didn't... I didn't...." Shannon stammers as
he sees the intimidating giant crack his knuckles.

"Beat it before I stop your show... permanently!" Big Show yells, and Shannon
quickly gets to his feet, picks up his bag and runs as fast as his legs can
carry him down the hallway.

After carefully and quickly maneuvering his way around various backstage
personal and through the arena, Shannon comes to the locker room area and
the personal locker room for Matt Hardy. Shannon quickly opens the door and
starts talking, "Matt I'm sorry... I..."


Shannon stops talking and stands in the door as he quickly sees his mentor,
the sensei of Mattitude Matt Hardy behind the manipulative, deceiving,
incredibly beautiful Diva known as Sable, and Shannon sees that both Matt
and Sable are naked and the Matt is pumping his large fat thirteen inch cock
in and out of Sable's Sablicious pussy. Shannon gets a shocked looked on his
face, "What... oh shit..." Shannon says as he drops his travel bag on the

"Don't just stand there! GET IN HERE AND CLOSE THE FUCKING DOOR!!" Matt yells
as he pulls out of Sable's pussy and stands up. Shannon enters the locker
room and closes the door as Matt starts to approach him, and before Shannon
can react, Matt slaps him hard across the face and Shannon stumbles backward
and bumps against the closed door, "Where the fuck were you?! I had a lesson
in Mattitude all planned out!" Matt yells.

"Matt... I'm sorry... I over slept!" Shannon says in a weak voice as he gets
his hands up.

Matt shakes his head, "After all this fucking time... you're still a fucking
moron!" Matt snaps at his Mattitude Follower before he looks back at Sable,
"He's such an idiot... he's useless... not even you can get anything good out
of him...." Matt says as he winks at Sable as if to give her signal, which is
unseen by Shannon who is tearing up after getting slapped and yelled at.

Sable presses her lips together and smirks slyly as the deceiving SmackDown
Sablicious Diva begins to approach the helpless and defenseless Shannon
Moore. Sable raises an eyebrow and laughs as she tosses her soft blond hair
back before folding her arms over her massively large, hot bare tits "Awww...
is poor little Shannon still a pathetic moron?" Sable asks with a laugh as
she glances at Matt as she verbally berates the Follower of Mattitude,
Shannon Moore.

"I'm... I'm.... not a moron...." Shannon says as he tries not to cry, but
tears are rolling down his face slightly.

Matt glares at him, "SHUT UP! You are a fucking moron!" Matt yells as he puts
his hands on his hips before he looks at Sable, "Did you know this moron
loved to suck cock?" Matt says with a grin as Shannon gets an embarrassed
look on his face.

Sable slyly glances back at Matt "Oh really? So little Shannon here swings
both ways?" Sable says with a manipulative laugh as she takes another step
forwards the humiliated, defenseless Mattitude Follower. Sable deceivingly
presses her lips together as she locks her manipulative eyes on Shannon's
clothed body "Does he have anything worth showing?"

"Eh... he has an all right piece..." Matt says as he glares at Shannon who
looks down with a rejected look on his face, "She asked if you got something
worth showing you little fucking idiot! Show her!" Matt yells at Shannon.

Shannon looks up, "I'm not an idiot!" Shannon yells as his tears run down
his face.

Matt grits his teeth and he slaps Shannon again once more, "Shut up and take
out your fucking dick for her!" Matt yells. The right side of Shannon's face
is red due to Matt's slap, and Shannon slowly shrugs off his jacket before he
reluctantly undoes his jeans in order to pull out his huge fat near foot long
cock, and the thickness of Shannon's shaft is what gets Sable's attention
almost instantly.

Sable raises a manipulative eyebrow as she slowly slides her wet tongue
against her luscious, pouty lips "Mmm...he's not so bad Matt..." Sable says
with a sly smirk as the manipulative, deceiving Diva leans down slightly and
wraps her smooth, manipulative hands around Shannon's shaft and begins to
smoothly stroke her hands against his shaft before she kneels down in front
of the embarrassed Mattitude Follower.

"It's pathetic... just like he is!" Matt says as he grits his teeth.

Shannon looks down and closes his eyes as he wipes his face, "Mmmm....
no...." Shannon moans as Sable moves her hands back and forth along the
length of his hardening cock.

Matt then suddenly grabs the collar of Shannon's V1 t-shirt and tears it down
the middle in order to rip it from Shannon's body, "You piece of shit... you
don't deserve to wear this!" Matt yells as he tosses the torn up t-shirt
right at Shannon's face when Shannon looks up at him.

Sable glances up and over her shoulder at Matt Hardy as she presses her lips
together and smirks "Damn...aggressive...I like that..." Sable says with a
sly wink as she turns her head manipulative blond-haired head back towards
Shannon Moore's cock as she smoothly and slyly strokes his hardened, thick
cock. The SmackDown Diva casually lowers her blond haired head and slaps her
sly wet tongue against the head of Shannon's cock before she starts to slide
her manipulative tongue around the head of his cock, coating it with her wet,
warm saliva.

"Ahhhh... ohhh... stop it.... I'm not a moron...." Shannon cries and moans
as Sable moves her slick wet tongue around the fat head of his huge cock.
Shannon leans against the door and looks at Matt for remorse, but Matt
glares back at him.

"You're a fucking loser!" Matt yells as he reaches down between Shannon's
legs and he grabs Shannon's balls and squeezes them hard enough to have
Shannon cry out slightly as Sable works her tongue all over Shannon's dick.
Sable slyly raises an eyebrow and slightly smirks as she works her soft,
wet tongue around the head of Shannon Moore's cock before she opens her
warm, wet mouth and lowers her head on Shannon's cock. Sable tightly wraps
her manipulative lips around Shannon's shaft and the deceiving SmackDown
Diva begins to bob her blond-haired head on Shannon's cock as she slaps
her wicked tongue against his hard shaft.

"Ohhh.... ohhh fuck...." Shannon whimpers and moans as Sable bobs her head
up and down on his fat hard cock as Matt continues to roughly manipulate his
balls with his hands.

"Oh you like that you fucking idiot?!" Matt yells, "You like getting your
dick sucked by a hot woman that's out of your league?!" Matt laughs as he
taunts the humiliated Mattitude Follower. Sable closes her sly, manipulative
eyes as she bobs her head smoothly against Shannon's cock as her warm, wet
saliva drips down against his cock. Sable wraps her lips tighter around
Shannon's cock as she bobs her head further down on Shannon's cock, taking
him deeper into her deceiving mouth.

"Yeah you like it you little bitch...." Matt laughs as he lets go of
Shannon's balls and he moves to stand behind Sable. Matt places both of his
hands on Sable's head and he slides his hands through her blond hair as Sable
bobs her head painfully slowly up and down on Shannon's fat cock. "You don't
deserve it!" Matt yells at Shannon as he suddenly pulls Sable's head off of
Shannon's saliva covered cock, which surprises the sly, deceiving Sablicious

"Ohhh fuck..." Sable moans slightly as she catches her breath as some of her
wet, warm saliva drips out of her mouth as well down Shannon's thick, hard
shaft. Sable licks her lips before she glances over her shoulder and smirks
back at Matt "Mmm...he ain't bad...but he sure isn't a 'Hardy boy' either..."

"He's a loser... a moron... a fucking reject...." Matt says with a smirk
as he steps from behind Sable and towards Shannon. He grabs Shannon by the
throat, "And he's going to pay for still being a moron...." Matt says as he
suddenly drives his right knee in Shannon's crotch.

"AHHHHHH!" Shannon screams in pain and he drops to his knees holding his
crotch in pain.

"SHUT UP!" Matt yells as he grabs Shannon by his blond hair in order to drag
him towards the center of the locker room. Matt looks at Sable, "Fuck his ass
or something... he's going to re-learn an important lesson!" Matt yells as
he forces Shannon onto his hands and knees before stuffing his cock into
Shannon's wide open mouth, muffling Shannon's screams of pain.

Sable presses her soft, luscious lips together "Mmmm...I love a man in
control..." Sable says with a sly, manipulative as she crawls over on the
locker room floor towards Shannon Moore and Matt Hardy. Sable circles around
Matt and Shannon before she reaches her destination, directly behind the
Mattitude Follower as his humiliated mouth is stuffed with Matt Hardy's hard,
thick cock. Sable smirks slyly as she sits up on her knees and places her
hands against Shannon's toned, smooth and tanned ass before she starts to
gently spank his ass "Yeah...suck that dick you pathetic moron!" Sable
tauntingly whispers into Shannon's ear.

"Ahhhhh.... yeah... you heard her bitch! Suck my fucking cock!" Matt yells
as he pulls on Shannon's blond hair as he thrusts his large cock in and out
of his Mattitude Follower's mouth.

"MMMMMM NOOO!" Shannon screams and gags around Matt's cock as his mentor
practically rapes his mouth. Shannon continues to hold his crotch and his
body jerks forward a bit as Sable starts spanking his ass a bit harder.

Matt laugh, "Yeah you're a good little cock sucker! At least you learned that
lesson right!" Matt yells as his balls smack against Shannon's chin as he
makes the young SmackDown Superstar deep throat his entire cock.

Sable raises an eyebrow and slowly lifts her soft, luscious lips as she
watches Shannon Moore deep throat the entire cock of Matt Hardy. Sable smirks
"Damn...he really does suck..." Sable says with a sly laugh before she lowers
her soft, manipulative hands down Shannon's smooth, toned ass cheeks before
she presses the tips of her left middle and index finger against the entrance
of Shannon's asshole, before she quickly thrusts both fingers into his tight

"AHHH STOP!" Shannon screams around Matt's cock as he feels Sable's left
middle and index fingers moving in and out of his tight asshole.

"I TOLD YOU TO SHUT UP!" Matt yells at Shannon as he thrusts his cock in
and out of Shannon's mouth, and the large head of his dick hits the back of
Shannon's mouth repeatedly, making him gag violently. Matt then grins at
Sable, "Shannon has such a girl's ass.... I should pass him around as the
SmackDown slut!" Matt laughs as he keeps fucking Shannon Moore's mouth while
watching Sable fuck Shannon's ass with her fingers.

Sable raises an eyebrow and glances at Matt "Hey! That's my job! I'm the
SmackDown slut around here!" Sable says with a proud smirk as she locks her
manipulative eyes with Matt Hardy as she continues to pump her two fingers
in and out of Shannon's tight asshole as the humiliated Mattitude Follower
continues to forcefully suck the cock of his mentor, Matt Hardy.

Matt Hardy laughs as he then pulls his large, thick saliva covered cock out
of Shannon's mouth, "Yeah that you are.... how about you fuck this little
bitch!" Matt says as he pulls Shannon away from Sable and flips the
humiliated, coughing MF'er over onto his back so that Shannon's hard, fat
cock is pointing straight up.

"Stop... please...." Shannon whimpers as he tries to sit up but Matt places
a foot on his chest to keep him pinned down.

" way..." Sable slyly laughs as she tosses her soft blond hair back
and firmly mounts her hot, manipulative Sablicious on top of Shannon's thick,
hard Mattitude Follower cock "Mmmm...ohhhh're pathetic.." Sable
moans as she places her smooth, manipulative hands against Shannon's smooth
and toned chest before she starts to gently rock her hot body back and forth
on Shannon's cock before she starts to firmly bounce on his cock.

"Ahhh..... nooo... ahhh fuck..." Shannon moans as he instinctively thrusts
his large fat cock into Sable's tight Sablicious pussy. Shannon closes his
eyes tightly and grits his teeth as he tries to push Sable off of him, but
Matt kicks him.

"Stop that and enjoy it you little bitch!" Matt says as he gets behind Sable
and thrusts his cock into her tight asshole.

Sable grits her teeth together and tilts her head back "Awww fuck yeah...
fuck this slut good!" Sable moans as she starts to aggressively rock her
hot, Sablicious body back and forth on Shannon's cock as she slams her hot,
Sablicious ass back against Matt Hardy's cock as the manipulative SmackDown
Diva is double penetrated by the Mentor of Mattitude and the Follower of

Matt wraps his arms around Sable's sexy waist as he drives his large thick
hard thirteen inch prick in and out of Sable's hot tight ass, "Aww yeah....
fuck yea Sable... ride that little bitch you hot slut!" Matt grunts as he
deeply slams his cock into Sable's ass.

"Ahhhh.... ohhhh stop... please!" Shannon cries out as Sable grinds her hot,
tight cunt down against his cock as she rides him Sabliciously. Sable closes
her eyes and tilts her blond-haired head back as the sly, manipulative
SmackDown starts to slam her hot Sablicious body harder down on Shannon's
cock before she sharply grinds her tight pussy against his humiliated cock
before she firmly jerking her hot body back against Matt's cock inside of
her tight asshole as the Sablicious Diva begins to sweat.

"Ahhhhh ohhhh shit.... ahhhh fuck...." Shannon Moore moans loudly as he
sharply thrusts his cock involuntarily up into Sable's hot tight cunt.
Shannon arches his back and cries out loudly as his fat throbbing cock
begins to erupt with cum and he shoots the largest amount of cum Sable's
ever felt into her pussy as she slams down onto his cum shooting dick.

Sable slowly slides her soft, wet tongue against her pouty lips as she
grinds her pussy down against Shannon's cumming-cock "Ohhhh fuck you pathetic
moron..." Sable moans as she feels Matt Hardy's hard cock slamming in and out
of her tight asshole, forcing her to continue to ride Shannon's cock.

Matt grits his teeth, "Did he just fucking cum?!" Matt lets as he pulls his
cock suddenly out of Sable's asshole, and he jerks the hot, sweating Diva off
of Shannon's cum spent cock. Matt grits his teeth as he sees Shannon's cock
become soft, "You little fuck!" Matt yells grabs Shannon and turns him over
onto his stomach, forcing Shannon into the doggy style position, and then he
slams his cock into Shannon's asshole.

"AHHHHHH!" Shannon screams as Matt begins to fuck his ass with hard, sharp

Sable presses her lips together and raises an eyebrow "Mmmm...I just love a
man who takes action..." Sable says with a sly smirk as she places her left
hand against her hot, shaven Sablicious pussy and begins to gently rub her
hot Sablicious pussy as she watches Matt Hardy plow his Mattitude cock into
Shannon Moore's asshole.

Matt grabs onto Shannon's hips and pulls his Mattitude Follower back towards
him as he pounds Shannon's asshole with his big heavy cock, "Ahhh yeah....
Shannon.... you're a little bitch!" Matt grunts as he sweats heavily as he
fucks Shannon's ass.

"AHHHHH PLEASE STOP! NO MORE!" Shannon screams as his ass gets ripped apart
by the sensei of Mattitude.

Sable bites down on her bottom lip and nods her head "Ohhh yeah fuck his
pathetic ass!" Sable moans as she starts to quickly rub her fingers against
her hot Sablicious pussy "Ohhhhh fuck..." Sable groans before she starts to
cum against her own hand.

"Ahhhh... ohhh fuck yea.... mmmm yeah..." Matt grunts as he drives his cock
in and out of Shannon's asshole with vicious intentions. Matt licks his lips
and then pulls his cock out of Shannon's ass, then he forces Shannon to turn
around and sit on his knees. "Shannon... I'm so sick of you being a fucking
moron!" Matt yells as he starts jerking his cock as he aims it at Shannon's

"I'm... not... a moron...." Shannon says with tears in his eyes.

"SHUT UP!" Matt yells as he grunts just before he starts cumming on Shannon's
sweat covered face.

Sable's manipulative, sly eyes widen as she smirks as she watches Matt Hardy
cum onto the face of Shannon Moore "Ohhh damn...that's amazing..."

Matt smirks as every drop of his cum lands on Shannon's face, "Oh yeah...
this little bitch is such a fucking moron... he won't even know what to do
about this..." Matt laughs as he looks at the clock on the wall, "Sable...
I got a match tonight.... you can keep this bitch for your own amusement...."

Sable presses her lips together and raises an eyebrow "Mmm...I'd love to..."

Matt smirks, "Great...." Matt says and he looks down at his humiliated
Mattitude Follower, "Behave yourself... you little fucking moron!"

Shannon looks down at the ground as Matt and Sable both laugh at him, and he
then says to himself under his breath, "I'm not... a moron... I'm not...."


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