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Mattitude Lust Lesson: Final Exam
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

Backstage at a SmackDown television taping in the summer of the 2003, Matt
Hardy, dressed in his red and black plaid styled wrestling pants and a V1
t-shirt, is walking down the hallway towards the General Manager's office,
with Shannon Moore, who's dressed in just silver and red wrestling tights.
Matt shakes his head, "You're such a fucking moron... I swear... all that
work... for nothing!" Matt yells as Shannon looks down the floor as they
walk. "You're totally pathetic... you can't even totally put the basic
lessons of Mattitude... and you know what... I'm going to be fucking done
with you if you screw this up...." Matt yells.

"What are you...." Shannon starts to speak, but Matt stops walking, spins
around and smacks Shannon across the face.

"SHUT UP!" Matt snaps at him, "You got a major test... call it your final
exam or whatever.... You got to show the most important person here... how
much Mattitude you have! If you do all right, I get to fucking go back to
RAW at some point... if you screw up, I'm going to be stuck on this second
rate show!" Matt yells, "So you better not fuck this up!" Matt adds as he
turns around and resumes walking towards the General Manager's office, and
then he knocks hard on the door while Shannon stands behind him rubbing the
side of his own face.

"Come in..." The firm, business professional voice of SmackDown General
Manager Stephanie McMahon calls out from inside of the General Manager's

Matt Hardy opens the door to the General Manager's office, and then he looks
back at Shannon, "Get in there!" Matt yells as he turns completely around to
grab Shannon by the arm and he shoves his Mattitude Follower into Stephanie's
office. Shannon stumbles a bit, but he remains on his feet as Matt follows
him into the room, "Stephanie... I swear I did all I could with him...." Matt
starts to say as he closes the office door.

The stunning soft brown-haired daughter of WWE Chairman Vince McMahon,
Stephanie McMahon raises an eyebrow as she slowly stands up from the seat
behind her desk. Stephanie, dressed in a black tight-fitting business
feminine-style suit and a light blue undershirt, raises her left hand up
"Excuse me Matt...what's the problem?" Stephanie asks before she folds her
arms against her large billion-dollar chest "And it's Ms. McMahon to you..."
Stephanie says with a firm voice as she focuses her attention on Matt Hardy
and his Mattitude Follower, Shannon Moore.

Matt Hardy points right at Shannon Moore, "He's a fucking failure that's
what's the problem.... no matter how hard I enforce the lessons of Mattitude
into him... he screws up even worst!" Matt says, "He's always late... and he
can't even follow the rules I set for him!" Matt yells in an aggravated voice
while not even giving Shannon a chance to defend himself.

Stephanie presses her lips together as she nods her head while she keeps her
eyes locked on Matt Hardy " there's a problem.." Stephanie pauses and
raises an eyebrow "I paired Shannon with you strictly so you could improve
him...but apparently Mr. Hardy you aren't doing your job!" Stephanie says as
she angrily scrunches her nose up and grits her teeth a bit "Maybe I should
suggest you being sent to Ohio Valley does that sound Mr.
Hardy?" Stephanie asks as she walks out from behind her desk.

Matt Hardy raises an eyebrow, "Hey I did all I could with him! It's not my
fault that he's a world class loser! You can ask anyone... he doesn't have
what it takes!" Matt says as he again puts down Shannon Moore, and the young
Mattitude Follower looks down with a humiliated look on his face. Matt then
points at Stephanie, "I've improved him all I could... but he's worthless not
even a McMahon can get anything more out of him."

Stephanie raises an eyebrow as she keeps her arms folded against her large
billion-dollar chest "Oh...and is that a challenge Mr. Hardy?" Stephanie
asks with a slight smirk "Because...I don't back down from any challenge..."
Stephanie states proudly as she takes a step over towards Shannon Moore and
the SmackDown General Manager diverts her attention from Matt over to Shannon
"Shannon..." Stephanie says in a soft, but firm voice "You have what it takes
don't you?"

Shannon looks up at Stephanie and he nods his head, "I got what it takes...
I know I got a ways to go... but I'm going to get better...." Shannon says
as his voice wavers a bit as he glances over at Matt who has folded his arms
over his chest and is glaring at Shannon.

Stephanie nods her head and softly smiles "Good see I have
faith in you, I know you have potential...but you need to prove you have
SmackDown potential...this isn't WCW, this is the WWE...the company my
mother and father built..." Stephanie says as her voice turns from soft
to firm "Understand Shannon?"

Shannon nods his head a bit, "Yeah... I think I understand...." Shannon says
as he looks down again.

"Yeah right... he's just saying what you want to hear... just like he does
with me all this time..." Matt says as he rolls his eyes.

Shannon looks at him, "I want... to prove myself...." Shannon says and then
he looks at Stephanie, "I... really do...."

Stephanie raises an eyebrow and smirks "Oh you do Shannon?" Stephanie nods
her head and slowly licks her lips "Well...there's only one way to impress me
around here..."

Shannon swallows hard, "And... how's that...." Shannon asks.

Matt then gawks at Shannon as if the MF'er has three heads, "What the hell?!
All this time... and you have the gaud to ask her a question like that?! I
should fucking beat your ass down right here!" Matt yells as he unfolds his
arms and he's about to strike Shannon, but doesn't when Stephanie looks at
him and glares angrily.

"QUIET!" Stephanie yells as both Matt and Shannon widen their eyes after the
sudden outburst of the SmackDown General Manager. Stephanie smiles and then
politely glances back at Shannon "Shannon...there's only one way...and that's
to fuck the General this case, me..." Stephanie says as she
tosses her soft brown hair back.

Shannon Moore nods his head a bit, "I... can do that...." Shannon says as he
seems to gain a bit of confidence after hearing Stephanie McMahon explain
what he has to do to impress her.

"Oh please...." Matt says, "He's a lame fuck... just ask Sable...." Matt adds
which draws another angry glare from Stephanie McMahon.

Stephanie unfolds her arms from her chest and places them on her smoothly
rounded hips as she glares at Matt, locking her dominating eyes with the
SmackDown Superstar "Matt... I suggest if you want to be included, you keep
your mouth shut!" Stephanie snaps as she slightly grits her teeth before
glancing back at Shannon Moore "Shannon...would you be so kind to remove
your wrestling tights?" Stephanie asks as she starts to unbutton her black
business jacket.

Shannon nods his head, "Sure Ms. McMahon...." Shannon says as he starts to
lower his wrestling tights and as he pushes them down, he slowly frees his
incredibly thick eleven inch cock that is starting to harden.

"Be included? I'm the sensei of Mattitude!" Matt says, "I just want to get
over to RAW... where the real action is...." Matt adds as he folds his arms
once again.

Stephanie raises an eyebrow and grits her teeth as she glances back at Matt
Hardy once again "Then leave..." Stephanie says with an irritated toned
before the stunning, billion-dollar beautiful SmackDown General Manager
kneels down on the floor of her office as Stephanie wraps her smooth, soft
hands around Shannon's stiff cock and begins to gently stroke his cock after
she had removed her black business jacket.

"I will!" Matt says as he unfolds his arms and he starts to head over towards
the office door.

Shannon Moore licks his lips and moans a bit as Stephanie moves her
dominating hands up and down his cock as it becomes fully hard, "Ohhh shit...
mmmm...." Shannon moans as he steps out of his wrestling tights and spreads
his feet apart so that he has a good base to balance himself. Matt reaches
the door and puts his hand on the doorknob, but he turns back to look at
Stephanie as she strokes Shannon's fat cock.

Stephanie licks her lips as she lifts her head up and smirks up at Shannon
Moore "You like that Shannon?" Stephanie asks with a sly, playful smirk as
she smoothly strokes her hands against his hardened, thick shaft. Stephanie
tosses her soft billion dollar brown hair back slightly as she removes her
left hand from Shannon's cock as she starts to unbutton her tight-fitting
black business pants.

Shannon nods his head and licks his lips, "Yes... I do Ms. McMahon...."
Shannon moans as he places both of his hands on his waist as Stephanie
continues to move her right hand along the length of his fat eleven inch

Matt Hardy licks his lips, "Damn..." Matt says as he watches Stephanie stroke
Shannon's cock and as she unbuttons her tight-fitting black business suit
pants. Stephanie presses her soft lips together as she pushes her black
business pants off of her smoothly rounded hips with her right hand and
begins to push the business pants further down exposing her hot, smoothly
shaven billion dollar pussy that is not covered by any form of panties.
Stephanie swiftly works her black business pants down her smooth, tanned legs
as she continues to work over Shannon Moore's cock. Stephanie leans her head
down and gently slaps her wet tongue against the head of his cock as the
SmackDown General Manager is for the most part completely naked with the
except of her light blue undershirt that covers her upper body.

"Ohhhhhh.... mmmm yes... Ms. McMahon...." Shannon moans in a low voice as he
closes his eyes as Stephanie gently slaps her tongue against the head of his
fat cock, and some of Stephanie's saliva that she leaves rolls down the side
of Shannon's cock.

Matt Hardy smirks, "Damn shit... I gotta get a piece of that before I bring
Mattitude to RAW..." Matt says as he pulls off his t-shirt to reveal his
smooth, toned upper body.

Stephanie raises an eyebrow and slightly glances over at Matt Hardy after he
removes his t-shirt from his upper body and she smirks as she works her wet
tongue against the head of Shannon's cock. Stephanie lifts her head up and
glances at Matt Hardy "You better get over here quick..." Stephanie says in
a firm voice as she turns back to Shannon's cock and opens her warm, wet
mouth before she lowers her head on Shannon's cock and begins to bob her
head on his cock.

Matt grins, "Hey I work on my own clock..." Matt says with an incredibly
cocky reply as he starts to undo his jeans and then he lowers them down from
his waist in order to let out his thirteen inch cock.

Shannon Moore opens his eyes and he looks down at Stephanie McMahon as the
stunning young woman bobs her head up and down on his stiff meaty cock,
"Ahhhh.... ohhhh Ms. McMahon...." Shannon moans a bit louder as he
impulsively starts to thrust his hips slightly, which results in his cock
moving back and forth between Stephanie's lips.

Matt walks over to hot General Manager and his Mattitude Follower, "Yeah
I'm going to get in on this..." Matt says as he grips his cock and starts
to stroke it in order to get it hard instantly.

Stephanie slowly lifts her head up from Shannon's cock and licks her lips
slightly as she watches her warm, wet saliva lightly drip down his hard,
thick shaft. Stephanie tosses her soft brown hair back as she turns on her
knees to face Matt Hardy "I knew you couldn't resist..." Stephanie says
with a smirk as she removes her hands from around Shannon's cock and lifts
her light blue undershirt off of her billion dollar body to reveal her
firmly rounded, large and hot tits. Stephanie raises an eyebrow as she
reaches forward and tightly grips Matt Hardy's cock "Shannon get behind...
nd get to work.." Stephanie says in a firm voice as she starts to stroke
Matt Hardy's cock.

Shannon nods his head, "Yes Ms. McMahon..." Shannon says as he quickly
walks around behind Stephanie and kneels down. The talented young SmackDown
Superstar grips his fat prick with his right hand and then guides it into
Stephanie's hot, tight pussy. "Mmmmmm..." Shannon presses his lips together
to suppress a moan as he stretches Stephanie's pussy with his fat cock.

Matt Hardy licks his lips and smirks down at Stephanie as she begins working
over his cock with her hands, "Awww yeah... stroke that soon to be RAW
dick..." Matt laughs cockily as Shannon manages finally to deeply push his
cock into Stephanie's billion-dollar pussy.

"Dream on Matt..." Stephanie says with a laugh "You're my property...and
don't forget it!" Stephanie says with a sly smirk as she smoothly pushes her
hot, rounded ass back against Shannon's smooth, toned waist, gently forcing
his cock deeper into her tight, warm billion dollar pussy. Stephanie leans
her head down to Matt's cock and she parts her soft lips as she takes Matt's
cock into hot billion dollar mouth before she starts to smoothly bob her head
on his cock.

"Mmmm.... yeah sure... Eric Bischoff... can get me out of here...." Matt
moans as he places both of his hands on Stephanie's head and moves his
fingers through her brown hair as she bobs her head up and down on his
Mattitude cock.

Shannon places his hands on Stephanie's waist and pulls her back towards him
so that her hot round ass hits against his waist and crotch as he thrusts his
huge cock in and out of Stephanie's pussy. "Ummmm.... ohhh Ms. McMahon....
you're incredible..." Shannon moans as he feels Stephanie's pussy squeeze his

Matt glares at Shannon, "You're such a weak minded bitch you moron... 'Ms.
McMahon you're so great...'" Matt says as he mocks his Mattitude Follower.

Stephanie raises an eyebrow as she slightly glances up at Matt Hardy before
she tightly wraps her lips around Matt's shaft as she smoothly bobs her head
on Matt's cock and begins to suck his cock at a quicker rate, causing her
soft lips to grind against Matt's shaft while her warm saliva drips against
Matt's cock. "Mmmm...fuck...mmm...fuck yesss..." Stephanie groans around
Matt's cock as she starts to push herself back at Shannon's cock at a firm
rate as he starts to quickly thrust his cock quicker into her tight pussy.

"Mmmmmm ohhh Ms. McMahon... mmmm.... ohhh fuck..." Shannon moans loudly as
he drives his cock deeper and harder into Stephanie McMahon's tight, warm
billion-dollar pussy. Shannon's large ballsack slaps against Stephanie's
skin as he gives her a sharp thrust.

Matt grits his teeth, "Oh yeah Stephanie.... you're such a great GM...getting
fucked by that moron... while you suck a dick that's full of Mattitude..."
Matt moans with a laugh as he laughs a bit.

"You... sure are a dick...." Shannon says underneath his breath, but his
insult to Matt is only heard by the SmackDown General Manager, which gets
her to laugh a bit around Matt's cock.

Stephanie lifts her head up from Matt's cock and smirks up at the mentor of
Mattitude as she licks her lips while her warm, wet saliva trickles down his
long shaft "Mmmm...why don't you fill me up with some of that Mattitude..."
Stephanie says with a soft moan as she rocks back against Shannon's cock
before she rocks forward on her knees after Shannon sharply thrusts his cock
into Stephanie's tight, warm pussy.

"Oh I will...." Matt Hardy smirks, "Cause every girl needs some of that
Mattitude..." Matt says as he wraps his right hand around his cock and
strokes slightly before he starts to walk behind Stephanie. "Move it you
moron!" Matt yells as he then grabs Shannon and pulls him out of Stephanie's
pussy, and he knocks the his Mattitude Follower down to the ground. Matt
smirks arrogantly as he gets down behind Stephanie and he turns her over
onto her back, spreads her legs and slams his entire thirteen inch cock
into Stephanie's pussy, but it doesn't quite fill up her pussy as much as
Shannon's fat cock did.

Stephanie grits her teeth "Ohhhh fuck yeah...give me that Mattitude!"
Stephanie moans as she places her soft hands against Matt's strong arms
as Matt Hardy begins to pump his hard, thick Mattitude cock in and out of
Stephanie's tight, warm billion dollar pussy as she starts to grind her
pussy immediately against Matt's thrusting cock.

Matt smirks as he holds onto Stephanie's sexy legs as he drives his cock in
and out of her tight, warm billion dollar pussy, "Oh yeah... you like that
bitch!" Matt yells down at Stephanie, showing her some disrespect as he pumps
her pussy quickly with his cock.

Shannon gets up from the floor, "I'm so... sick of being pushed around..."
Shannon says as he moves to push Matt over so that Matt is on his back and
Stephanie is on top of him. "What the hell?!" Matt yells angrily after
Shannon forced him to change positions with the Billion Dollar General

Stephanie smirks as she sits up on top of Matt Hardy's hard, thick cock and
she tosses her brown hair back "Looks like you're on the bottom..." Stephanie
says with a laugh as she places her soft hands against Matt's smooth,
muscular chest while she quickly rocks back and forth on Matt's cock "Ohhhh like that shit don't you?" Stephanie moans as she grinds
her pussy sharply down against his cock as she rides his cock quickly.

"Hey! I'm always on top! I'm the sensei of Mattitude!" Matt groans angrily as
Stephanie rides his thick hard cock.

Shannon Moore quietly kneels behind Stephanie once again, and he then starts
to push his fat cock into Stephanie's tight, hot billion dollar ass. "Ohhh
shit..." Shannon says with gritted teeth as he starts thrusting his cock in
and out of Stephanie's ass, and with every push forward, he gets more of his
thick shaft deeper into Stephanie's asshole.

Stephanie grits her teeth and tilts her head back as she arches her back
slightly in the direction of Shannon as he forces his hard, thick cock into
her tight asshole "Awww fuck Shannon...mmm yeah...I love it in the ass..."
Stephanie groans as she closes her eyes and sharply rocks her hot billion
dollar cunt on Matt's cock as she smoothly slides her hands against Matt's

Matt thrusts his large Mattitude dick upward into Stephanie's tight billion
dollar pussy, "Ahhhh.... ohhh shit.... you bitch..." Matt groans as Stephanie
grinds her hot pussy sharply against his cock to match how hard Shannon is
fucking her hot billion dollar ass.

Shannon wraps his arms around Stephanie's body and grabs both of Stephanie's
large, round hot tits with his hands as she pushes back towards him every
time he deeply slams his cock into her pussy, "Mmmmm.... ohhh Ms. McMahon...
I hope... I'm impressing you..." Shannon groans as he fondles Stephanie's
tits as he fucks her ass.

"Mmmm...ohhh fuck you are Shannon..." Stephanie moans as she slams down
harder on Matt's hard, thick cock as she suddenly jerks back roughly on his
cock, causing the SmackDown General Manager to slam her hot, rounded ass back
against Shannon's hard, MF'er cock "Ohhhhh fuck yeah...lay the SmackDown!"
Stephanie moans as she begins to lightly sweat as she rocks in between the
Mentor of Mattitude and the Follower of Mattitude.

"Ahhh.... ohhh... ahhh ohhh fuck!" Matt groans when Stephanie slams herself
roughly onto his cock, and the sensei of Mattitude begins to cum inside of
Stephanie's hot, tight billion dollar pussy as she continues to rock on his
dick. "Fuck... this ain't right!" Matt yells furiously as every shot of his
cum is milked out of his cock by Stephanie's pussy.

Stephanie closes her eyes and presses her lips together " much for
impressing me..." Stephanie says with a slight smirk as she continues to rock
on Matt Hardy's cumming cock while Shannon quickens his pace, slamming his
cock into Stephanie's tight billion dollar ass at rougher rate.

Shannon slides his hands from Stephanie's tits down to her waist and he
interlocks his fingers as he swiftly thrusts his cock in and out of
Stephanie's asshole with his huge fat cock, "Ohhh Ms. McMahon...." Shannon
grunts as sweat rolls down his smooth toned body as he stands up and pulls
Stephanie up with him as he keeps moving his cock in and out of her ass.

Stephanie grits her teeth and tilts her head back as she stands above the
cum-spent Matt Hardy as she's bent over while Shannon Moore swiftly slams
his hard, thick cock in and out of Stephanie's tight asshole "Ohhhh fuck...
fuck slam that dick in me!" Stephanie moans as sweat drips off of her hot
billion dollar body.

Shannon Moore licks his lips as he fucks Stephanie's tight asshole with every
ounce of strength that he has, "Ohhhhh mmmmm fuck Ms. McMahon....." Shannon
moans as Matt Hardy sits up on the floor.

"This is bullshit!" Matt yells, "He never did shit like that before!" Matt
yells angrily as he gets up, gathers his clothes and starts to get dressed.

"Shut up!" Shannon yells at Matt as slams his cock harder into Stephanie's
billion dollar ass.

Stephanie opens her eyes and raises an eyebrow as she slightly smirks at
the same moment she slams her rounded, hot billion dollar ass back against
Shannon's thick, hard and throbbing cock "Mmmm...ohhh Shannon...give me that
dick!" Stephanie moans as she firmly rocks back and forth against his cock.

"Ahhh.... mmmm ohhh fuck Ms. McMahon!" Shannon groans as he starts to cum
deep inside of Stephanie's hot tight billion dollar asshole. "Ohhh fuck
no..." Shannon yells in disappointment as he fills up Stephanie's hot tight
asshole with his warm sticky cum as she slams back against him.

"You're such a fucking moron Shannon!" Matt yells as he finishes getting
dressed and then he storms out of the General Manager's office and he slams
the door behind him.

Stephanie raises an eyebrow and glances back at Shannon as he pulls his
cum-spent cock out of her tight asshole. Stephanie smirks as she stands
straight up before she folds her arms over her large, sweat covered chest
"Shannon..." Stephanie as she presses her lips together "I
long as I'm the General Manager, you're going to be a big star!"

Shannon Moore smiles a little as sweat drips down his body, "Thank you...
Ms. McMahon... I'll... show you I can be a big star...." Shannon's face shows
how appreciative he is, "And... I swear... to be... a great... Stephanie
McMahon Follower...."


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