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it. Feedback more than welcome, this is my first try too.

Me And Christy Hemme
by Doctor Rock (

Christy walked backstage hand in hand with me and pushed me in her locker
room. She leapt up and wrapped her legs around my waist and wrapped her arms
around my neck. She shoved her tongue in my mouth which I duplicated; we
shared this lip lock as my cock hardened in my jeans. I could feel Christy
smiling as she broke the kiss, she looked into my eyes and spoke up. "Not
bad for an autograph session is it?"

I smiled and nodded as she unwrapped her legs and sank to her knees keeping
her arms locked around my neck. She undid my flies and pulled out my cock,
she looked pretty shocked at it as she wrapped her hands around it. "How big
are you?" She asked as she started to jerk her hands up and down.

"I dunno, my last girlfriend said I was about 14 inches, I never really
thought to check."

Christy kissed the tip making me buck slightly; she looked up at me and
smiled. "You're far bigger than that and you're really thick too! Hang on;
I've got a ruler some where..."

She left me standing in the middle of the locker room with my cock out and
looking gobsmacked. She walked over to her black leather bag and bent over
giving me a great view of her ass. She turned around and winked, she blew
me a kiss as she got out her ruler and sexily sauntered back to me. She
knelt down to my cock and put the ruler to my cock, she counted up in the
inches and reached the end of it and she marked where she left it with her
finger, and put the ruler where her finger was. She smiles and then takes
the ruler and puts it to measure my width. "Wow! You're 17 inches long and
5 inches wide, the biggest I've ever had. I'll enjoy this big boy!"

She cracked the sluttiest smile I've ever seen and then opened her mouth.
She wrapped her warm lips around my cock and then started to take my cock
in; she got to where her finger was and started to gag. She opened her
mouth a little wider and got about another inch in. "It's ok baby, don't
try to deep throat me yet, if I'm the biggest you've ever had, just wait
and get used to it."

She smiled and wrapped her right hand around the rest she couldn't get in
and as she bobbed up and down she jerked her hand up and down, she opened
her eyes in shock as my nuts tightened. I shot about three strands down her
throat and by the fourth and fifth shot I'd pulled out and the last two
strands hit her on the face, decorating her lip to her nose and the last
one striking her on her right cheek.

"Mmmmm lovely." She cooed as I sat down on a locker room chair pooped, she
started to unzip her tracksuit top, she stopped about halfway though as she
gently jumped on my lap. "Want to see something awesome?" She asked as she
wrapped her legs around me and pulled my head closer to her chest.

I nodded as she smiled and she finally finished unzipping her top, revealing
a TNA baby doll shirt.

"This'll teach fucking Johnny Ace" She laughed as she hooked her fingers
under the shirt and pulled it off, revealing a pink lacy bra with flowers
on. She smiled and grabbed me by the hair, she then shoved me in between
her magnificent jugs and she shook her chest, making me hard again, she
looked down with a smile. "Wow, you're really recovered well didn't cha?"

I nodded as she undid her bra, revealing her tits.

She French kissed me again, prompting me to another game of tonsil tennis
with her; I could still taste a little sperm from the awesome blowjob
earlier. She pulled me by the neck and dragged me to the floor so she was
on her back and I was on top of her. I got ready to undo her tracksuit
bottom, but she stopped me and then grabbed my cock. "Put in between my
tits. I want these titties fucked."

I smiled propped my cock between them, my cock touched her throat as she
put her hands on mine and we both started to pump her tits up and down,
jerking my cock. While she was doing this she started whispering dirty
little things as we pumped together. Eventually I shot my load all over
her face completely covering it. She scooped up some cum and licked it.
"Tastes great."

She then milked what was left of the cum in my cock and swallowed it. She
stuffed her hand in her tracksuit pocket and pulled out her phone and snapped
a picture, she looked at it and smiled, She then looked and me and sweetly
said. "What? Just because I won the Diva Search means I can't love Bukkake?
I tell you what I love the feel of sperm on my face, I love rubbing sperm in,
me and Melina do it with fake sperm all the time. She's just as slutty as

She stuck her tongue out at me and slipped of her pink tracksuit bottoms,
revealing a pink lacy, matching her bra, thong. She stood up and gave me a
catwalk twirl. "Like it?" She asked as she sat on my lap and placed her legs
on my shoulders.

"I love it, you're so flexible too." I smiled as we were about to kiss again
but she stopped me and stood up.

"Not yet cutey, I've got you off twice, your turn now. I want this pussy of
mine fingered." She then lay back on the floor, her tits heaving as she
sighed gently.

I smiled and hooked my thumbs around her pink thong and pulled it down to her
ankles. I put my hand on her knee and slowly moved it up teasing her ever so
slightly. I then finally slid my fingers into her pussy and started to pump
them in and out of her pussy, making her back arch, I moved to her tits and
stuck my mouth on her left one and started to tease her nipple by licking
around it, gently teasing it. As I kept sucking her tits, my fingers pumping
became faster and faster as she got wetter and wetter. Eventually she threw
her head back and gave the loudest scream from an orgasm I've ever heard, I
smiled as I sucked on her jugs and brought my fingers up and took my head of
her nipple. I put her fingers in my mouth and tasted her, she tasted like a
peach, nice and sweet. "Awesome, you taste great." I said as we came up and
swapped liquids again.

She smiled and lay back on the floor, before pulling her thong up and
grabbing her clothes. "Come on, we gotta get going, before Vinnie Mac sends
the muscle after us." She laughed and slipped her clothes on as I did up my
pants and headed out with her.

As we left hand in hand stage hands around the room looked at us with awkward
faces as if they knew what we were up to but didn't want to say.

We slipped into her black rental, and as I drove her home she flipped open
her cell and dialled a number. "Hey, yeah it's me, I've got the best guy
here, want to try him out? Uhhh. How bout fishnet? Cool, meet me at my place
in 10 minutes." She looked at me and smiled, as she undid my jeans again and
wrapped her hands around my cock and started to pump them up and down. "When
we get back I want some DP with my friend, she's got a strap-on at about the
same as yours and I want you in my ass and her in my pussy."

I nodded and said sure as we pulled into her home. We got out and headed into
her home, she bent over and I bumped into her ass, she giggled and stood up
straight and grabbed hold of my neck and whispered in my ear. "Not just yet,
I want her to suck you off first. Think you can handle waiting?"

I nodded as she smiled and sat on a leather chair and motioned for me to sit
in front of her. I did so and she wrapped her legs around my head pulling me
close to her pussy. "She'll be here soon then the real party'll begin." She
then unwrapped her legs and stood up; she slipped of her tracksuit bottoms
and then she gave me a mini stink face and walked off. "Need to keep you hard
for when she arrives."

I wondered who 'she' could possibly be as she went up stairs and turned on
'The Hives' I walked into her kitchen and saw various e-mails and site
addresses on the table I noted down my Myspace account and then went to her
fridge. I pulled out a Pepsi and sipped it down as she quietly slipped down
the stairs with a tie and laced it round my eyes.

"Guess who, big boy?" She whispered and led me into her front room. She
pushed me onto the leather chair and used a pair of cuffs to attack me to
the head rest. As she did a car pulled up, I could hear Christy running
over to the window. "It's her..."

I could tell my day was going to get a lot better...

Will continue if there's requests for it. Feedback more than welcome, this is
my first try too.

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