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Me And Christy Hemme Part 2: Me, Christy Hemme And Guest
by Doctor Rock (

Christy ran over to the door and opened it. "Heya!" She exclaimed and I heard
a loud smack on the lips. "He's in here."

I heard her walk in with Christy's mystery guest.

"So do I get first go?" Not being a huge fan of the WWE (TNA rocks) I
couldn't quite tell who it was from the voice.

"Yeah, but I've not fucked him yet, so I want a go at some point."

The mystery woman laughed and stroked my cheek. "Oh we'll have fun, won't we

I nodded as the mystery woman and Christy laughed. "Oh by the way, I picked
up the big 2-0 babe." Christy said as she straddled my lap and started to
untie my blindfold.

"Awesome, we'll have some DP, once we let this bad boy out!" The mystery
voice said, as Christy took my blindfold of and in all her naked glory,
except for boots and gloves, she was there naked. Ashley Massaro. The new
diva search winner, naked, dripping wet ready to be fucked. Christy got
off me and disappeared upstairs again.

"Want some fun big boy?" Ashley cooed as she got on Christy leather couch
and threw her head over the arm rest and opened her luscious legs.

I walked over to her and put my hands on her knees, just about covered by
the red pvc boots, I then took my right hand and grabbed hold of my cock and
aimed at her pussy, Ashley moaned as I entered her, I got to about 10 inches
before Ashley started to buck against my cock, sending more and more in.
Ashley sat up and wrapped her arms around my neck, she opened her ruby red
lips and slipped her tongue into my mouth, we swapped tongues and fluids as
I kept pumping in her pussy. She was moaning with each pump, she quickly
broke the kiss and started to moan even louder, I lifted her up by the ass
and pushed her back to the arm rest and titled her head over the arm rest.
I could hear her moaning even louder as the blood rushed to her head and I
pushed the entire remaining 7 inches into her pussy, a warm fluid coated my
cock as she came all over my dick. She looked up and smiled and slowly pushed
herself of me and looked at my cock. "Well aren't you a mess? Time to get you
cleaned up sweetie."

Ashley pushed me back so I was sitting on the opposite arm rest, and lowered
her head between my legs. She opened her ruby red lips and then started to
swallow my cock. I saw her swallow up to about 12 inches and smile, she then
took another two in, she couldn't quite get the rest of it so she took her
two index fingers and scooped up the cum left and then she took her mouth off
my cock, and started to clean off her fingers.

"Mmmm, I taste great, I bet you taste better though!" She then slumps back to
my cock and takes more of it in. She starts to bob, rapidly taking more and
more in, I can feel the cum building up and I think she can too as she bobs
even faster and grabs the nearest glass and pulls of. She jerks me off into
the glass as Christy reappears downstairs wearing a huge chrome strap on.

Ashley looks at her and smiles, Christy then heads over and rubs the strap
on against Ashley's anus. Ashley moaned as I slipped under her and rubbed my
cock against Ashley's pussy. Ashley let out a huge grin as I grabbed my cock
and pushed it into her pussy again, Christy slammed the strap on into her
ass too. Ashley moaned out loud again as she got penetrated in two of her
passages by me and Christy, I put my left hand on Ashley's left thigh and
used it for stability as me and Christy pushed together in sync. Ashley
moaned aloud as she orgasmed on my cock, I kept on pushing in and out until
she came another time before pulling out and heading to the front of her.
While she was getting anally fucked by Christy she saw me pull out and move
to the front. She eagerly grabbed my cock and started to pump it with her
hands. I then started to come again, coating her face with 5 streams of jism,
Christy saw this and I saw her smile. Ashley did a little more pumping to get
the remainder out before dropping to her knees as Christy pulled out too.

Christy walked up to where I was and wrapped her right arm around my thighs.
She then whispered to me "How about I get some DP action now?"

I looked at her and she cracked that slutty smile I saw earlier and she
slipped off the strap on and dropped it to Ashley. Ashley then looked up and
smiled before slipping it on and taking hold of Christy's waist.

"Can I get her pussy?" Ashley asked me as I took hold of Christy's ass cheeks
and parted them.

"Sure, I wanted her ass anyway. Just let me do something though..." I grabbed
Christy by her legs and parted her in the spread eagle, I then lifted her and
slammed her ass on my cock. Christy gasped at my sudden intrusion and Ashley
smiled as Christy's head tilted back and gently knocked mine. Ashley put a
gloved hand on Christy's shoulder and started to pump, she then put her other
hand in mine and we pushed together. When she pushed, I pulled out; when I
pushed she pulled out etc. etc. As I neared orgasm Ashley pushed her body
closer to Christy's and began to rub their breasts together. I then shot
three wads into Christy's ass and pulled out, leaving a little trail of sperm
from my cock to her ass. Christy dropped off my cock as Ashley continued to
pump in her pussy, Christy moaned louder and louder until orgasming again.
Ashley pulled out leaving a shiny surface on the strap on, Christy collapsed
backwards slumping in my arms. Ashley looked at her with a sweet smile as I
scooped her in my arms and lay her down on the coach.

Ashley walked up to me as I stood up, letting Christy regain her energy. She
planted a kiss on my cheek and took my hand, she then led me into Christy's
kitchen and leapt onto her kitchen table. She took me by the hair and pulled
me closer, she then whispered in my ear. "Take me now..."

I prepared to enter her pussy but she stopped me and turned over, she leant
her head over her shoulder and said.

"No, in my ass, but I can't take it all just yet...Hang on..." She jogged
over to the fridge and opened it up, she bent over to pick something up
giving me a great view of her ass and pussy, she turned round and winked at
me and pulled out a tub of something. She ran back over and opened the tub,
she scooped her hands in it and pulled it out, revealing whipped cream. She
then proceeded to smother my cock in the cream and look up. She gave me the
best angel face she had and then proceeded to open her lips up and gobble
down my cock taking about 12 inches in straight away. She then grabbed hold
of my butt cheeks and forced more of my cock down her throat.

She seemed intent on deep throating it and I wasn't going to stop her.
Ashley opened her mouth a little wider and took the final inch in her mouth,
she started bobbing up and down until my balls began to tighten in which she
pulled off my cock leaving as long trail of spit on it.

"Enjoy that?" Ashley asked as she climbed onto the kitchen table, and
beckoned me over.

I nodded and sat on a oak chair, as Ashley leapt down next to me and gave me
a reverse hug keeping me in the chair.

"Your cock still wet with my spit?" She asked as she reached between my
legs and grabbed my cock, jerking it gently. "Good, 'cause I want anal." She
stopped jerking me and moved round to wear I was, she then leant over letting
her tits hang in front of me, I went to lick and suck them but she then sat
on my lap.

She then lifted her ass up, giving me a great view and then budged up a
little with her ass exactly over my cock, she then offered me her hands,
which I held. She then let her weight go and fell on my cock, as she hit
my cock she hurled her head back in pain and ecstasy, she gently squeezed
my hands as well, obviously in pain I whispered reassurance in her ears,
she nodded and unclasped our hands and then lifted her arms up over her
head. She then wrapped them around my neck and started to bounce up and
down, using my free hands I reached up and began to palm her breasts.
Ashley let out a long groan as she bounced on my cock, I looked between
her legs and saw that she was soaking wet from the ass fucking. "God,
you're loving this aren't you slut?"

She looked at me and grinned as we fucked. I reached between her legs with
my right hand and started to explore her folds make her moan louder, I used
my other hand to tweak and tease her nipples.

"I want to fuck these tits later on K?"

She nodded as she opened her mouth and pulled me in for an open mouth kiss.
We swapped tongues and my fucking became more intense she moaned through my
kiss and I came in her butt hole. Ashley tried to lift herself off but was
way too weak, so I lifted her up by her legs and picked her up of my cock.

I then lay her down on the kitchen table with her legs wide open. I smiled
and went down on her; she looked up shocked but then sank her head down again
in bliss. I worked my magic on her pussy making her buck her hips against my
face. She wrapped her long legs around my head and pulled me in tighter, I
put my hands on her hips and then moved up to her breast slowly teasing her
until I reached her jugs. There I gently tweaked her nipples making Ashley
gently exhale, I then began to palm her right breast and tweak her lift
nipple, making her jerk and twist on my face. She undid her legs and pushed
me back with her booted foot gently.

"Hang on, I want my titties sucked." She whispered to me as she leant over
and stuck her tongue in my mouth and swished it around, connecting several
times with mine until she got off the table and walked over to the kitchen
cupboards. She leant up on tip toes and pulled out a bottle of something,
she then undid the top and put it above her jugs. She manoeuvred herself so
I couldn't see what she was doing. She then proceeded to squeeze the bottle
and every now and again I saw it move from side to side. She span round and
revealed that she had coated her breasts in chocolate syrup, she looked at
me and smiled, then she beckoned me over to her. "Come and get some sweetie."

I got up from the chair and walked over to her, I wrapped one hand around
the back of her head and then leant down and started to suck away on her
chocolate coated jugs. Ashley moaned as I started to nibble on her left
breast getting all the chocolate off her areola, I took my hand from the
back of her head and slid it into her pussy. Ashley began to drip even
harder as I slid my finger along her slits and making her jolt with each
touch, I then started to swirl my tongue around her breasts covering more
and more of the area. Ashley moaned as I slipped my middle finger in to the
knuckle and started to pump it in and out with me flicking my tongue over
her nipple and areola.

As Ashley came over my finger, Christy's mobile rang, waking her up. Christy
got up and walked into the kitchen, giving me a playful slap on the butt. She
picked up her mobile and flipped it open. "Hello? Hey Candice, yeah she's
here. He's giving her a good fingering, she's got something on her boobs too.
Well Ashley's got to get home to Matt so, it would probably just be me
fucking him. Sounds awesome, bring it. Yeah I'll get changed into the maid
one too, sure can't wait to get your lips around my tits too. See you later

I looked over at Christy who put her phone back in her back and came back
over to where we were and joined me on mauling Ashley's breasts. Christy
smiled as she joined my hand in fondling Ashley's slits. Ashley let out a
moan and juiced over mine and Christy's hands. We pulled out and Ashley
grabbed my hand, she then proceeded to lick the girl cum of my fingers,
her own cum, how awesome was that? Ashley smiled and then lay on her back
on the floor. "You want to fuck my titties? Go for it."

Christy smirked and walked back out to the lounge as I kneeled over Ashley's
chest and put my cock in between her jugs. Ashley moaned a little as I
grabbed hold of her breasts and started to pump them around my dick. I
watched as Ashley slipped her fingers into her own folds and started to pump
them, Ashley looked at me and smiled as I eventually came over her face.

"So how do you feel about going one more time? Maybe a little doggy style?"

I nodded, and my cock sprang back to life Ashley looked surprised and
kneeled down in front of me, she then turned around and fell onto her hands,
she then leant back and split her folds open. I took hold of my dick and
forced it into her folds. Ashley moaned out loud and threw her head back in
shock sending a little spittle out of her mouth. Ashley started to buck back
against my cock sending her tits forward and backwards banging against her
arms. Ashley moaned as she orgasmed over my dick, she went back to kneeling
and I grabbed hold of her arms and carried on pumping in her. I then leant
forward and whispered in her ear that I was going to cum, she nodded and
started to bob herself up and down quicker. I then came in her and laid back
as Ashley laid back too, she rested on my chest as I wrapped my arms around
her and cradled her. We then both fell asleep, I woke up to find that Ashley
had disappeared and Christy was at the table eating a bowl of cereal. She
noticed I got up and winked at me. "G'mornin Hun, how was Ash?"

I smiled and replied with a nod. "Well she had to go home, Matt's got some
issues. So...Wanna join me in the shower?"

Part 3 coming soon

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