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Me And Christy Hemme Part 3a: The Finale (Probably Not)
by Doctor Rock

Almost a year had passed since me and Christy met at that ever so lucky
fan convention. Sure my sister got to meet John `I can't help but suck at
wrestling' Cena and I got to fuck Christy Hemme. I woke up with Christy
still snuggled up to my chest, she moaned gently in her sleep as I smiled.
`Probably thinking of me.' I thought to myself as I watched her sleep. She
opened her eyes a little and looked at me, smiled and kissed my lips and
then looked at the time. "Benny...What are you doing up so early?"

I looked at her and smiled `Time to earn some points.' "Nothing...Just
watching you sleep. You looked so peaceful."

Christy let out an `Awwww' noise and let her head rest on my chest. She
looked up at me and smiled, she then slinked down to my groin and blew on
my boxer shorts. "The little guy not up yet?" She smiled at me sexily.

"No, would you like to wake him up?"

Christy smiled at me and nodded. "I sure would." She then ripped off the
Toronto Maple Leafs jersey she slept in and revealed her juicy breasts.

She then kneeled in front of me letting me get a good view of the twins. I
gently tweaked her left nipple with my fingers and sucked on the right one.
My cock was poking Christy's silky left thigh, so she pulled away and slipped
her black panties down. She then climbed on top of my cock while facing me
and started to grind up and down. She then slammed herself down on my dick
and smiled, she wrapped her arms around my neck and drew me in for a long
game of tonsil tennis. She then pushed her breasts in my face and I gladly
started to suck them tenderly. "Oh god...You remembered!" She moaned as she
started to bounce on my dick.

I started to tickle her nipples with my tongue as I slammed my dick further
and further into her making her moan louder. Christy threw her head back as
she bounced on my cock harder I was obviously hitting all the right spots
as she started to cum all over my cock. I felt my nuts tighten as Christy
bounced on me, I yelled that I was going to cum and she let out a sexy groan.
She got of my cock and shoved her ass in the air; she then patted it and
spread her cheeks. I got behind her and pulled her ass into the air, I then
grabbed hold of my cock and shoved it into her tight ass making her grasp at
the bed sheets as we fucked. Christy let out a moan as I came in her tight
ass, I pulled out my cock making a `pop' sound.

I looked at the digital clock and saw it was 12 pm I slapped Christy on the
arse and leaned forward. "Right we've got to go Chris. We've got to get to
the tapings."

*3 Hours Later*

Me and Christy had finished up at TNA and we drove home Christy and me talked
ourselves silly.

"Right, I need to take a bath." She said as we got out of the car and I
unlocked the house. I nodded and put on Spike TV and slouched on the couch.
I heard her run the bath and get in, I smiled knowing that her naked body
was mine and soapy. My jeans got tighter and I smiled, I head up the stairs
and opened the bathroom door, and leant in, watching her wash herself. She
looked at me and smiled, she then blew me a bubbly kiss. "Fancy joining me?"

I nodded and undressed I slipped into the tub with her. She adjusted herself
so she was resting on my chest. I picked up some soapy water and helped wash
her chest. I then ran my hand down to her crotch and started to clean the
small landing strip she had. She leant back and kissed my neck we washed each
other sensually and eventually it got very hot in the bath as we pushed our
tongues into each other's mouths. She arranged herself so she was leaning
against the taps and wrapped her legs around my neck, she then pulled my
towards her pussy and I started to massage her pussy with my tongue making
her splash about in the tub. I scooped her up in my arms and then climbed out
of the bath, we then lay on the floor and I continued to eat her out she
wrapped her legs around my head as my hands roamed around her body. My hands
then reached her breasts and I started to feel them again, she let out a moan
as my tongue probed her inner walls I started to lick faster and faster as
she started to pull me in tighter with her legs.

She came over my face and she let out an excited sigh, she unhooked her legs
and stood up. I joined her and hugged her; she let her head rest on my
shoulder as we hugged tensely. I ran my hands down to her ass and I lifted
her up she let out a giggle and wrapped her legs around my waist we kissed
as I lead her into the bed room and put her down on the bed I got ready to
ravage her but she put a finger on my chest.

"Can we wait a little please? I'd like to cuddle. Is that OK?"

I smiled and nodded. "Yeah of course it is."

She smiled at me and put her head on my chest and she unhooked her legs, we
wove our fingers and watched the outside world pass us by. I unhooked one of
our hands and pulled a blanket over our bodies. I looked at her and she was
fast asleep, I decided to join her.

I woke up to find Christy had disappeared from my arms. I walked downstairs
and saw her at the table eating some cereal. She turned around and smiled at
me, she had completely new clothes on, she was wearing: a red t-shirt with a
multicoloured skirt, I think she had boots on as well.

"Hey honey, you sleep well?" She smiled at me sweetly and continued to eat
her cereal.

"Yeah like a log, when did you get up?" I said as I grabbed a bowl of cereal
and got onto the nearest chair and poured me a bowl of the same cereal.

"Not long ago, there were some dogs barking. It woke me up. You had the
cutest smile on your face though." She smiled at me but I couldn't help but
think that she was hiding something from me.

"Are you OK...You seem a little on edge." I asked her as I tucked in.

She looked at me with an eager smile, and eventually broke out with a grin.
"Benny...I think we should get married."

I nearly choked on the cereal. "Really? Why? What's brought this on?"

She shrugged her shoulders and then shook her head. "Benny, the reason why I
was up so early this morning is because I think I could be pregnant. I had an
urge to throw up and I did, I called my mom earlier to and mentioned it. She
had exactly the same thing with me, I'm going to go and see a doctor about

I was gobsmacked, by the news. I looked her and broke out into a big stupid
grin, I hurried to her and scooped her up in my arms, we kissed sensually and
I let my hand rest on her belly as I thought about the future we could have

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