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Meeting Dawn Marie at ECW's November to Remember
by Marky

I was at ECW's November to Remember pay per view, and I was sitting near
the aisle. It was time for Lance Storm's match, and he was lead to the ring
by the sexy, Dawn Marie. Everything about Dawn was incredibily sexy. From the
way she dressed, to the way she smiled, even the way she suductively walked
to the ring.

That night, she was wearing the most incredible outfit I had ever seen.
It was this hot pink, and the middle, where her stomach was, was not covered
up. Her boobs were hanging out, and the skirt was VERY short. It just barely
covered her tight ass. It was extremely revealing.

Anyways, on her way to the ring, she looked my way. I was just gawking at
her uncontrolably, and she obviously noticed my HUGE hard-on. She smiled a
wicked smile, and blew me a kiss.

After the match, her and Lance walked by, and she handed me a peice of
paper, and it read "Meet me in locker room 10." With the note, she gave me a
backstage pass. I walked backstage, and I happened to pass the "Queen of
Extreme" Francine. She also gave me a suductive smile and said "You
lookin' for Dawn?"

I neverously answered "Yes, yes I am."

She pointed out, and said "Her locker room is right there, hun."

I said "Thank you," and I knocked on the door lightly.

Dawn, in a very sexy voice said "Come in, big boy."

With that, I walked in, and was subjected to the most amazing sight I've
ever seen in my life. In front of me stood Dawn Marie, in a short, black
teddy, which was low cut in the front.

She then said to me "You like what you see?"

...I stood there in awe, and just admired her sexy body, as if she were
a goddess. She told me to sit down on the couch, and make myself comfortable.
So, I did. She then sat beside me, and crossed her gorgeous legs!

She noticed me staring and said "You like my legs, baby?"

...I just simply nodded, and she told me how adorable I was. She told me
to stand up infront of her... so, I did. I had the world's biggest hard-on,
and she smiled at me, and said "Wow, you must REALLY like me."

She then proceeded to undo my pants, and let them drop to the floor. Then,
she pulled down my glow in the dark boxers, and my cock sprang up, and she
just stared at it in awe. She then said "Mmmmm, I'm very, very impressed."

I blushed, and thanked her for her compliment. She then wrapped her hot,
warm mouth, around my cock, and began sucking for her life. I moaned with
pleasure, and I knew it would be a matter of time before I blew my load. She
continued to suck me off, and after about a minute and a half, I shot the
biggest load of cum down her throat, and then onto her firm tits.

She continued to giggle histerically..."hehehehehe, you came so quickly...
I was having so much fun sucking you off... hehehee... it was lick sucking on
a tootsie pop, hehehehehehe."

The more she giggled, the more and more I came all over her. After I was
done, we cleaned up, and I told her it was a pleasure meeting her.

She said "Mmmm, we have to do this again sometime."

The End.

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