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Meeting Debra
by Joe

I had been a WWF fan since around 1991. I loved everything about it, the
action, the excitement, the athleticism, and more recently... the WWF Divas.
Since 1997, Vince McMahon had revolutionised the WWF. It was getting racier
every week and, as a 16 year old boy, I loved it. The show was incorporating
more and more women, or Divas, every week. I loved all the Divas, I had spent
many nights alone with each of them but one Diva was my favourite... Debra.

She had been on the scene for the last three years and I loved her! Debra
hadn't been on TV for a while. The man she used to manage, Jeff Jarrett had
left the company in 1999 and Debra was without an angle until being offered
the role as Lt. Commissioner with Mick Foley. This however did not last and
Debra was off TV again! I was not happy, sure, the newer Divas like Trish,
Lita and Stephanie were all hot, Steph especially but none were the same as

I had just been to watch Raw Is War live in my town. I loved the show but
I was somewhat disappointed, Debra was not on the show. Me and a few friends
had decided to get some autographs of the stars after the show. We met a lot
of guys and they were really nice and allowed us to have our pictures taken
with them. I was surprised when a cluster of the WWF Divas walked out of the
arena, Chyna, Lita, Trish Sratus, Molly Holly and finally Debra! I couldn't
believe it! Everyone else rushed to meet Trish and Lita, I however wanted to
meet Debra! I approached her slowly with my camera in hand. She was wearing
a pair of athletic pants and with a tight fitting top. The sight of her ample
tits in the top made my dick spring to action, I had a huge erection. I tried
to cover it up, but I had a feeling my efforts would be in vein. I approached
Debra slowly. She stopped and smiled a warm smile in my direction.

I came closer, "Hey Debra, could I get your picture? I'm a big fan," I

"So I see, Hon," she replied, looking straight at the bulge in my pants.

I couldn't believe it, she had noticed my hard cock. I blushed, "I'm
sorry... I..." I stuttered.

She put her soft finger over my lips and smiled a wicked smile. "Don't
worry about it. Look, these aren't my best looking clothes, how about I go
and get changed and give you a better picture?" she said slowly.

"I'd like that!" I said trying to hide my enthusiasm.

She took me by the hand and led me to the Divas tour bus. She opened the
bus and stepped to the back. She turned to face me. "Wait here, I'll be out
in a minute, there's a seat there," she said.

I sat down on the seat next to me as she walked towards the back of the
bus. She stood there and began to remove her top! I couldn't believe what
was happening, was she going to change without cover? I had a huge tent in my
pants but I didn't care! She pulled the top over her head revealing a lacy
black bra encasing her firm tits. The show continued as she pulled her
athletic pants down her smooth legs revealing matching panties. She turned
and saw me looking straight at her. I was sure she was going to throw me out,
I had been caught perving on her.

Her frown changed into a seductive smile as she approached me! I couldn't
believe Debra was walking over to me in just her Bra and Panties! I looked up
to her and started to speak but she moved her scarlet lips to mine and we
began a passionate kiss. Her tongue swirled around my mouth as my hands moved
to her back and moved them down to her firm, round ass. I caressed her ass as
she broke the kiss and began to unclasp her bra. She let the bra drop to the
floor, letting her firm breasts free.

The tent in my pants was huge as she dropped to her knees in front of me.
She began to undo my fly and pull my pants off. I felt her warm breath on my
uncomfortably hard shaft. She took my purple head into her hot mouth and
swirled it with her tongue. Then, inch by inch she took my 8 inches into her
hot mouth. I had dreamed of this for 3 years, the feeling was incredible. Her
hot mouth enveloped my rock hard cock, I wasn't sure how much more I could
take. She increased her pace, I couldn't take any more. My balls twitched and
I came into her hot mouth. She lapped up my cum and swallowed it down.

She licked the cum from her lips and stood up. Her beautiful tits looked
as perfect as I imagined, just looking at them made me rock hard. She slowly
pulled her black panties down over her silky legs revealing a shaven pussy.
She walked over to me an pushed me into the seat. My cock was rigid and
sticking in the air as she squatted over it's head, rubbing her soaking wet
pussy lips over my throbbing cock head.

Suddenly, she dropped down over my hard shaft, her tight warm pussy
gripping my cock. I pumped her tight pussy, the feeling was wonderful, she
was so tight and so hot, I was in Heaven. She slowly rocked her hips up and
down on my cock as I reached up and felt her large tits, massaging them with
my hands as she cooed in ecstasy. She began to rock faster and faster on my
hard cock as I matched her every movement, pumping into her velvet pussy.

"Debra, I'm, I'm cumming!"

I pulled my shaft from her gripping pussy and she took my cock in hand and
slowly jerked it off. I blew my load all over her gorgous tits. She bent over
and kissed my on the lips. She dismounted me and walked to the back of the
bus where she changed. I too got dressed, watching her hot body at the back
of the bus. We left together and exchanged phone numbers.

"We must do that again," she said.

"You bet!" I replied.

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