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Meeting Rena Mero (Sable in the WWF)
by Anonymous

[Celebrities,Adultrey,First Time,Older Women/Younger Men]

(An 18 year old has the opportunity to meet, and lose his virginity to,
the sexiest female wrestler of all time. This story is ENTIRELY

Oh my god! I could hardly believe it! Rena Mero was coming to a mall in
Denver (where I live). For those of you who don't recognize the name Rena
Mero, perhaps you know her by her "other name," Sable. Yup, that's right,
the sexiest woman to EVER grace a wrestling ring was coming to do an
autograph signing near where I lived! I, being the hormonally charged 18
year old virgin that I was, was a big fan of Rena's, and was very sad when
I heard she had left the WWF. I spilled quite a lot of sperm looking at the
pictures of her in Playboy. Now, I was going to meet her in real life! But,
I had NO IDEA what was in store that fateful day.

Rena was due to arrive at the mall at 10 am. I, in an attempt to be the
first person in line, arrived at the mall at 6 in the morning. My mom thought
I was crazy, but I didn't care. Rena was worth it! I had my Playboy magazines
to have autographed, and I picked up a cheap disposable camera at the all
night K-Mart store, in hopes of getting some pictures of this gorgeous
creature. The security guards asked me what I was doing in the parking lot
so early in the morning, but when I told them I was there to see Rena, they
kindly allowed me to sit in my car and wait.

Finally, around 9:30 am, I saw a black limo drive around the mall. Rena
had arrived! I ran inside the mall and walked to the center area, where the
signing was to take place. A few other fans had also begun to congregate. I
thought I was going to die. The waiting was killing me!

At 9:55 (I checked my watch to see the exact time), I saw her. Rena Mero
herself was walking up to the table to sit down. She was GORGEOUS. She was
wearing a TIGHT baby blue dress, cut low to show off her ample cleavage, and
slit high to show off her toned legs. Her perfect ass moved in time with
each step she took to the table. I had a hard on the size of Texas.

She was escorted by the security guard who I talked to when I arrived at
6 am. Surprisingly, he pointed to me and told Rena to talk to me first.

"He's been waiting since 6 am to meet you Mrs. Mero."

(Ah yes. "Mrs. Mero" A fact I often like to disregard is that Rena is
happily married to former WWF wrestler Marc Mero. I don't like him. He's not
a bad wrestler. I just hate him because he has the distinct honor of being
able to have sex with Rena anytime he wants.)

While I was still daydreaming, I heard Rena say "You were here at 6am to
meet ME?" When I nodded my head she replied "Well come on over here. I'm
gonna make this day special for you."

I walked up to Rena and nearly froze. I was so intimidated by her beauty.
(Though I have to be honest, while Rena claims she's only 31, she looks more
like 35 or 36 in person. But, it doesn't matter. She's HOT AS SHIT!)

"What's your name?" Rena asked.

"Uhh, John." I clumsily replied.

"How old are you John?"

"18, ma'am"

"Oh please, don't call me ma'am. You can call me Rena. What do you have

I showed her my Playboy issues with her and she happily signed the covers.

"You have any favorite pictures in those magazines?" When she asked that
I was shocked. Was Rena actually flirting with me? I casually passed it off
as just pure friendliness.

"Uh, yeah actually."

"Which one's your favorite?" She seemed really interested in this.

In order to not embarass myself in front of other people, I leaned in and
quietly told her which picture was my favorite. (It's one where she's totally
naked and is on hands and knees, as if ready to be fucked doggy style. I of
course didn't say that to her, I just said "The one where you're naked on
your hands and knees.") She looked at me gave me a sexy coy little smile and
raised her eyebrows a bit. I immediately felt my cock get VERY hard in my
pants. She had to have noticed.

"Well John, I'll tell you what. I'm not allowed to sign any nudes here out
in the open because there are children around. But, if you like, when this is
over you can go with my back to me limo and I'll sign that picture for you.
I'll even personalize it." Rena said.

"Sure, that'd be great!" I replied, probably sounding like a horny idiot.
But hell, I'm 18. What can I say?

As I started to walk away I heard Rena say "Now John, you waited 4 hours
to see me. Do you think I'm just going to let you walk away? You can sit
right here next to me while I sign these things."

I sat down next to her and was just blown away by her beauty. As she
leaned over to sign things and meet people, I was treated to long flashes of
her voluptuous cleavage. Her breasts were so beautiful and big. They were
perfectly outlined by the tight blue fabric of her dress. I couldn't help
but look.

Once while Rena was leaning in for a picture with a fan, and I was
getting my fill of her cleavage, Rena caught me staring. She looked over at
me and glared for a second. I was afraid I'd get kicked out. However, Rena
raised an eyebrow and gave me a sly sexy smile, then sat back in her chair.

"Like what you see?" she whispered.

"Uh, yeah. I do."

Rena giggled. "Good." she said as she flashed me that sexy smile again.

Finally, at 12 noon the signing was over. The security guards came to
escort Rena back to her limo to leave. However she instructed them that I
was to be allowed to go with her, as she had promised.

I walked with Rena back through the mall, occassionally stopping while
Rena would pose for a picture with a fan who happened along.

When we got out to her limo, Rena took my Playboy magazine, flipped to my
favorite picture and began writing a message. After she was done writing,
she closed the magazine and put it inside her limo.

"I'll keep this until later. You can have it when you leave" she said.

"When I leave? I'm leaving now."

"No no John. You're going to come with me to my hotel. I said I wanted
to make this day special for you. Come with me."

Now there was no way in hell that I was going to tell Sable herself no.
So I quickly climbed in with Rena and we took off down the road, toward the
Hyatt Regency where she was staying. While we were driving, Rena looked over
at me.

"Do you have a girlfriend John?"

"No I don't Rena."

Rena giggled. "That's good. That way she won't get mad at you for
spending the day with me!"

I laughed, then went back to watching the road speed past us as the limo
tore down the highway. Once again, Rena spoke.

"John, I couldn't help but notice you staring at my breasts while I was
signing autographs back at the mall."

"Oh Rena, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to..."

"No John. It's alright. I liked it. The reason I brought it up is that
I'm wondering if you'd like to touch them."


"Go on. It's really okay. You can touch my breasts if you like."

I was in shock. I could not believe what was happening. Rena Mero was
giving me permission to feel her up. I certainly did not have to think twice.
I reach up and place my hands on her big, ripe breasts, feeling them through
the fabric of her dress. Oh my god. They felt incredible. I gently squeeze
and Rena let out a soft moan.

"Kiss me John." she quietly whispered.

I leaned in and gently placed my lips on hers. We began kissing softly,
then Rena opened her mouth to invite my tongue in. Our tongues met, twirling
around inside her mouth. My hands continued their exploration of her
incredible breasts. I could feel her nipples getting erect through her
dress. This was amazing. Here I was with Rena Mero, Sable, a married woman
nearly twice my age, and I was making out with her like she was a high
school cheerleader.

"John," she whispered in my ear between kisses, "when we get back to the
hotel I want you to make love to me. Will you make love to me John?"

"Yes Rena. I'd love to."

We continued kissing and touching until we got to the hotel. Once there
we quickly made our way up to her room. When we enterted the room, Rena
turned to me and we kissed again. This time, with more passion and lust. We
were both breathing heavily.

"John, I have a question for you. And I want you to be honest."


"Have you ever been with a woman before? I don't mean an older woman.
I mean any woman."

"Um, no Rena. I'm a virgin."

"REALLY?" Rena's eyes lit up in a look of pure lust.

"Yeah. It's true. I've fooled around some, like what we did in the limo.
But I've never 'gone all the way.'"

"Oh baby," Rena said, "I'll make sure you enjoy yourself."

With that, Rena asked me to unzip the back of the tight blue dress she
had been wearing since I first saw her this morning. Unzipping her dress
sent a shiver of pure unadulterated passion through my body. I had
masturbated while fantasizing about this moment ever since I first saw Sable
enter the ring on the WWF's tv show.

Rena stepped out of her dress, revealing a VERY sexy blue lace bra and
matching panties. I quickly began taking off my clothes, though I wasn't
wearing anything as sexy as she was underneath.

"John, would you unfasten my bra?"

I fumbled with the clasps, until the bra opened up. I watched in amazement
as Rena slid it off. She then turned around, allowing me to have my first
glimpse of her bare breasts. They were even more luscious then in the Playboy
magazines. Rena quickly noticed the huge buldge I had in my boxers.

"John, you look like you're about ready to explode. Why don't I help
relieve you so that we're we do it, you'll be able to last a nice long

Rena layed on the bed and ran her hands up and over her breasts.

"Why don't you put that hard thing in between these?"

Holy Hell! I was going to titty-fuck her! I slid out of my boxers,
freeing up my uncomfortably hard cock, and sat on top of Rena's chest.

"You sure this is okay Rena?"

"Mmmmmm. Yessssss."

I couldn't believe this was happening. I placed my cock snugly between
her enormous breasts. Rena pushed them together to help hold my cock in.
Slowly and carefuly, I began to thrust into her cleavage. Rena would kiss
my cock head as it slid out with each thrust. It was an amazing feeling.

After like a minute of titty-fucking Rena, I felt my cock start to twitch.
Rena quickly took some tissues from the nightstand and covered up my cock as
I shot a load of sperm.

"Mmmmm. Did you like that John?"

"Oh my god Rena. That was incredible."

"Oh John, we're only getting started. That's nothing compared to what
we'll do this afternoon."

Rena leaned into me and started to kiss me. Our tongues met once again.
She took my hand and placed it on her shaved pussy, allowing me to feel how
hot and wet she was. Instinctively, I slid a finger inside her warm slit.
Rena let out a quiet "Oooooooo"

As I slid another finger inside, I could feel Rena's hand take hold of
my cock, which was already beginning to harden again. She pumped it slowly
through her fist, helping it to achieve a full erection. When she had
completed her task, she looked deep into my eyes.

"It's time John. Are you ready?"

I was extremely nervous. I was about to lose my virginity to Sable. This
was way to intense. But, I managed to nod my head approvingly.

Rena layed back on the bed. I quickly moved on top of her. We began
planting soft fast kisses on each other's lips. Rena reached down, took my
hard cock and lineup it up against her pussy. With one hard thrust I felt my
cock begin its decent inside her hot tunnel. Rena moaned loudly as I felt my
hips meet hers. I was all the way inside!

Words cannot do justice to the feeling. Her hot, wet pussy welcomed my
hard cock inside. It held my cock in it's warm, tight grip. I slowly began
to pump it in and out. Her pussy gripped my cock tightly with each thrust.
I picked up the pace more, moving faster and harder.

"Oh GOD John! Fuck me!!!" Rena yelled.

I pounded my cock as hard and fast as I could. Rena proved to be quite
the squealer when she is aroused. She moaned and yelped loudly as my virgin
cock continued it's penetration.

After a few more minutes (I was really surprised that I lasted that long),
I knew I was ready to explode.

"Rena, I'm gonna cum."

"Yes, yes, baby. Cum in me."

"Is it okay?"

"Yes baby. My tubes are tied."

She didn't have to tell me twice. I thrust into her a few more times,
then felt my cock jerk.

"Oh god Rena! I'm cumming!" I yelled as I shot a HUGE load into her.

"Oh yes, yes, yesssssssssssssssssssss!" Rena screamed as she climaxed.

We both fell limp beside one another on the bed. I was breathing so
heavily, I thought I'd hyperventilate. Rena kissed me on the cheek.

"You were terrific baby. How does it feel to know you're no longer a

"Oh wow. It's great." (That was a stupid reply I know. But I was still
practically in shock at the days events.)

Rena got up and crouched on the bed on her hands and knees. She looked
exactly like my favorite picture in the Playboy magazine. My cock began to
slowly spring to life again.

"John, do you like my ass?"

"Oh god yes Rena."

"Would you like to fuck it?"

Holy shit! Not only did I lose my virginity to Rena, but now she was
asking me to fuck her up the ass! I moved in and licked up both of her
shapely ass cheeks. My cock sprang to life again. I got behind her and
positioned my cock at her asshole.

"How should I do this Rena?"

"Slowly John. Enter me slowly."

I slowly pushed, quickly discovering that I needed a little more force
to get my cock up her ass. The head slowly dissappeared inside, and the rest
of my cock eased in. My god, it was so tight! I couldn't believe how good it

"Mmmm. That feels so good John."

I found that I couldn't pump fast and furious in her ass, so I just
worked her at a medium pace. This seemed to work well, as Rena began
squealing once again, and telling me how great it felt. It felt so
incredible to me. I reached under her and squeezed her large tits while I
worked my cock in and out of her ass.

After a few minutes, I knew I was going to cum again. I pumped a few more
times, then felt my cock explode hard in Rena's tight ass.

"Ooooo baby fill my ass up!" Rena sighed.

After I had blown my load, I carefully pulled my cock out of her ass. Once
again, we layed beside one another on the bed.

"That was fantastic John. But you probably should get a shower and get
ready to leave. Your mom might wonder what happened to you."

Looking at the clock I saw it was 4 pm! I quickly jumped in her shower to
wash off, then dressed and prepared to leave.

Rena walked me back to the limo. She kissed me goodbye and thanked me
for a wonderful afternoon. As I was about to climb in limo she produced my
Playboy which she had signed earlier.

"I told you you could have this when you left!" she laughed.

The limo driver drove me back to the mall, where I picked up my car and
drove home. I was exhausted and still in disbelief. I had lost my virginity
to Rena Mero. It was too much for one day.

When I walked in the door, my mom asked me where I had been all day.

"Oh sorry mom. I met up with some friends after Rena's autograph signing,
and we went to the movies."

"Alright John, but next time please just call home and let me know where
you're at."

I walked to my room, layed on my bed and reflected on the afternoons
events. I had done what millions of wrestling fans only dreamed of. Yeah, I
have to say it was a good day.

As I found myself drifting off to sleep, I immediately awoke when I
remembered the autographed Playboy. I quickly opened to the my favorite
picture and read what Rena had written when I first climbed into her limo
that morning.

"Dear John, Hope I Was As Good As You Imagined. Love, Rena Mero"

The End

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