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Meeting The Real Boss
by God's Last Gift

"From Bo$$ton Massachusetts, she is the NXT Women's Champion, Sasha Banks!"

Stephanie McMahon watched backstage at Fullsail University as NXT kicked off with the first match of the night, featuring the boss, Sasha Banks. Steph had heard a lot about NXT from her husband, but had only seen short clips due to her busy schedule. She'd certainly been impressed with Banks though, Triple H wouldn't stop talking about her, Seth had a crush on her and she continued to be innovative in the ring. Steph started to admire Sasha as she made her entrance, but not just for her wrestling, she was gorgeous.

Steph got up to lock the door to her private room and went back to watching the match, this time with her hands down her pants. She was wearing her gym gear from the filming of her workout dvd, so she could masturbate easily without having to take off a dress. Steph became obsessed with every movement Sasha made, and moaned every time the camera cut to her ass, which was incredible. Her breathing got quicker and quicker as she became more and more horny. Her fingers also sped up, and she reached one hand up to grope her right breast. She rubbed and pinched her nipple, grabbing slowly and sensually while she moaned and masturbated. The match continued and unfortunately, Sasha lost by countout and Steph wasn't satisfied, although she had got very wet, she wanted to get hands on with The Boss. That's when she had an idea,
"I should get Sasha involved with my dvd!" Steph thought out loud while getting up and cleaning her pussy up. Of course, simply filming the workout wasn't all Steph had in mind... She made a quick call to Rollins and left the room to find Banks.

"You really want me in the video?" Sasha asked, her eyes wide with cute awe at Stephanie asking her personally "I'd love to! Can I meet you after I shower and change? I worked up a sweat out their".

Steph agreed to meet up in 10 minutes in her private room, but was quite interested in watching Sasha shower as well. What the Principal Owner of the WWE didn't know, is that The Boss was rather infatuated with her too. Sasha, like every man and woman in the WWE, could hardly maintain eye contact with the busty businesswoman as she spoke and couldn't help watching her ass jiggle in her jogging bottoms as she walked away.

Steph sneaked in to watch Sasha shower, the sight she saw when she snuck a peek almost made her cum then and there. Sasha had the most beautiful, toned, naked body she'd ever seen. Not only that, but Steph gasped when she saw where Sasha's hands were: on her pussy, rubbing furiously. Sasha stood there, as water dripped off her perfect body, masturbating about her boss, who was just around the corner. Sasha's ass was big and curved, her tits weren't massive like Stephanies, but fit her toned physique amazingly.

"Shit, I don't have time for this" Sasha said and quickly washed her hair "I better wear something that shows off my ass for Steph... oh I hope no one hears this..."

Steph left as stealthily as she entered and went off to prepare the recording.

Steph and Sasha swiftly recorded the segments they needed with a lot of sexual tension in the air. Both of them were eager to finish quickly so they could talk and flirt afterwards.

"Hey Stephanie, um, thanks for letting me do this" Sasha said, smiling shyly.

"Oh no problem Sasha, I had to have a girl as beautiful and fit as you on my dvd" Steph relied. teasing Sasha.

"Oh, Stephanie I didn-"

"Shh Sasha" Steph placed a finger on Sasha's lips and moved closer to her, pushing her breasts against Sasha's "I know you want to see these..." Steph lifted her shirt, revealing her big tits. Steph smiled as Sasha's eyes widened in surprise.

"Holy shi- wow... they're so nice..." Sasha stared at them hungrily "Can I... touch them?"

Steph didn't reply, she grabbed Sasha by her wrists and pulled her hands onto her boobs. Sasha's hands went into autopilot, groping and fondling the big round tits. She lent in to suck on them as Steph let out a horny giggle, removing the rest of her clothes while Sasha pleasured her obediently.

"Let me see that body sweetie" Steph commanded and Sasha obeyed. Their naked bodies interlocked, as did their tongues. They made out passionately, Steph's hands on Sasha's ass, and Sasha's hands on Steph's tits. They both closed their eyes in ecstasy, it felt like time stood still for Sasha, she'd always dreamt about fucking Stephanie since she joined WWE.

That's when their peaceful harmony was broken by the sound of a key sliding into the lock of the door...

Sasha began to panic. She tried to cover herself up, her career would be over if someone saw her naked, making out with her own boss... although the internet would probably enjoy it very much. She saw Stephanie, who hadn't moved, why wasn't she trying to hide herself?

"I hope you don't mind..." She said "I invited a... friend to join us"

"Hello Sasha, I'm a big fan" Seth Rollins said, looking Sasha up and down, eyes widening with disbelief "wow... shall we?" He began to unbuckle his signature belt.

"S-Seth? Why him?" Sasha asked in disbelief

"Lets just say Seth is very good at helping me with stuff like this" Steph smiled

"You've fucked before!?"

"Oh yes, show her, Seth" Steph gestured to Seth's crotch and he revealed his big cock to the horny divas. Steph strutted over to Seth and began to jerk him off. She dropped to her knees and continued to pump Seth's member with both her hands. Sasha shrugged off her confusion and joined in, she wasn't going to turn down a cock like Seth's.Steph happily sucked on the long cock while Sasha stroked the shaft and balls of Mr Money in the Bank. Steph stepped aside to let the 'rookie' go down on Rollins. Sasha sucked like an expert and was assisted by Steph, who forced her head down further.Seth slowly withdrew his cock from Sasha's mouth, and gestured to change positions. Stephanie sat back in her chair and spread her legs for Banks. Sasha crawled over on her hands and knees and began to eat out Steph, who let out a moan in pleasure the second the tongue reached her pussy. Suddenly, Seth entered Sasha from behind and her eyes rolled back in ecstasy. Sasha's sensitive pussy pulsed with each thrust of Seth's cock. He pulled her hair to gain leverage and pounded her faster and more relentlessly than before. Sasha hadn't been fucked in a long time, but now her sexually desire was being more than tended to. Despite her vagina being stretched by the huge cock, Sasha continued to eat Stephanie out enthusiastically.

But then Sasha felt Seth pulling out of her, she turned her head with disappointment on her face.

"Hey, why'd you stop fuc- OH FUCK!" Sasha was cut off as she was surprised by Seth's dick now sliding into her ass. It made sense, her ass was one of her best features, she'd often overheard men talking about it, as well as staring at it as she walked down the corridor in her shorts. She was unsure if Seth's huge member would even fit, but he was very determined to try.

"AAH, mmm, oh fuck yes" Sasha moaned "Fuck my ass!". Then Steph grabbed Sasha's hair and pulled her head back to her pussy to lick it more. With great difficulty, Seth finally fit his cock into Sasha's tight ass, as began to thrust now that it had been stretched wider. The tight fit brought even more pleasure to both Sasha and Seth and they felt close to climax.

"I'm gonna cum! Keep fucking me!" Sasha screamed

"M-me too Sasha!" Steph came and Sasha's mouth became full of jizz that she swallowed happily. Sasha's own pussy was very wet also. Seth was also about to cum, so he thrusted hard and fast a few more final times before sliding his cock out and turning Sasha around onto her back. He stroked his hard dick in front of Sasha's face and shot a massive load of cum all over it.Sasha gasped as her face and tits were showered in thick jizz, but she licked it all around her mouth, and Steph helped her reach those 'hard to reach' areas.

"So long as you don't tell anyone about my little affair" Steph said between mouthfuls "You are welcome to sexually favours from Seth and myself whenever you desire them. And of course, there will always be a slot in the authority for you"

"Mm yes, I think I'll take you up on your offer" Sasha said, locking lips with her boss once more. Seth left them, making out in a pool of cum, to clean off...

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