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Author's note: This story was co-written with another author who wishes to
remain anonymous.

Melina's Balcony Fantasy
by MTL (

The WWE women's champion the Glamazon Beth Phoenix is sound asleep in the
queen size bed of her hotel room. She turns over and as she does she reaches
out with her right arm expecting to feel her girlfriend laying next to her
however her arm falls onto the empty mattress causing Beth to open her eyes.
When she does she see's that the side of her bed her girlfriend had fallen
asleep on is now empty.

Beth sits up pulling the quilt up to cover her nakedness, even though it
appears she is the only person in the room.

The Glamazon looks around the room a few times but there is no sign of her

Slowly Beth climbs out of the queen size bed, picking up the white dressing
gown she discarded earlier on in the night when she and her girlfriend went
to bed. She puts it on making sure to tie the belt tight. Once the dressing
gown is on her she then goes over to the door leading to the main room of the
hotel room. As she reaches the door she stops and looks in the opposite
direction to where she is and see's the double doors leading out onto the

Although she is sure she won't find her girlfriend out there at this time of
night Beth decides to make sure and slowly makes her way across the room to
the double doors. Looking over at the bedside table clock just to see what
time it is exacterly and as she does she notices that it is 5 am in the

Beth swallows hard starting to wonder and worry what could be troubling her
girlfriend due to the fact that she doesn't normally get up this early.
Neither of them do. Especially not on such an important day as today is.

Once Beth reaches the double doors and moves the voile curtain that is in her
way and looks out she see's her girlfriend standing directly in front of her
with her hands on the balcony railing and her back to the women's champion.

Beth quickly has to remind herself to breathe as the sight of her girlfriend
Melina Perez takes her breath away.

It has been six months since they first got together but still just the sight
of her girl sent a jolt of desire running through her, a jolt that was even
more powerful when her girl was naked like she was now.

The lighting was very dim but Beth recognised the sight of Melina's perfect
body anywhere.

Six months ago Beth would have been shocked to see Melina naked and out there
in the open where someone might see her, but it didn't now. Her girl was
fearless and not only comfortable with her body, but proud of it. So proud in
fact Beth often found Melina walking around in skimpy underwear or completely
naked when they were alone together.

At first Beth had warned Melina about this behaviour, but it hadn't taken the
Glamazon long to give up this particular fight, partly because her girl was
always careful not to get caught, but mostly because Beth found it hard to
complain about regularly seeing Melina in her underwear, and without, which
was even better.

Silently Beth opens the door just enough for her to slide out before also
silently shutting the door behind her so she could surprise her girl.
Treading softly the Glamazon walks up behind her girlfriend, wrapping her
arms around her waist and presses her dressing gown clad body into Melina's
naked one in a perfect fit.

Melina smiles as she feels the strong but gentle arms of Beth's wrap
themselves around her waist.

"Good morning." Melina says in a soft tone of voice only loud enough for Beth
and herself to hear.

"It's too early to be morning." Beth whispers back.

Melina smiles an ear to ear smile.

"Your right and besides the sun hasn't come up yet." She says keeping her
focus on the city that stretches as far as the eye can see.

Neither of them says another word until finally Beth breaks the silence,
"What's wrong?"

This causes Melina to slowly turn around which causes Beth to break her hold
as she does so.

Melina looks Beth in the eye and smiles a small smile, "What makes you think
that there is something wrong?"

Beth smirks back.

"You don't normally get up this early unless there is something troubling
you." Beth says remembering how when the two had first got together as a
couple she found Melina awake in bed one morning and eventually got her to
tell her why she was awake so early and it was because she was worried how
her friends and other co-workers would react to her telling them that she was
with her.

Melina smiles as she remembers the same incident that Beth is remembering.

"There is nothing troubling me today." Melina says wanting to reassure her

It's hard to believe but despite the fact that they have been going out for
six months whenever Melina calls Beth her girlfriend it still sends a shiver
or rather a tingle of pleasure through her just knowing that the mighty
Glamazon is hers.

Then again it was hard for Melina to believe that they had been together for
6 months sometimes it felt like longer in both good and bad ways and other
times it felt as though it hadn't been that long again in both good and bad

If anybody had told her when she had first met Beth that within six months of
meeting her they would be a couple she would have either laughed or called
them crazy or both.

Beth had first appeared on RAW TV as Trish Stratus's new friend who had an
onscreen history with the then psycho Mickie James however an accident during
a match with Victoria caused Beth to be sidelined and require surgery.

Beth was then brought back in as a heel to help Melina in her feud with
Candice Michelle. While the two where allies onscreen Melina hoped that the
two could become friends off screen and she thought or assumed that that was
what Beth wanted as well when after her first night back on RAW Beth invited
her out for a drink. She accepted of course and in order to show Beth that
she wanted to be friends she allowed her to pick the place and much to her
surprise Beth picked a nightclub rather than a bar.

However Melina went along with her to the nightclub. Rather than be seen Beth
sat her down in the quietest spot she could find for them and bought her all
of her drinks and let her talk for hours about herself, something she loved
to do, and still does if she is honest with herself.

The whole time all Beth did was just listen intently only ever pausing to
quickly get rid of any guy who mustered up the courage to try and talk to
either one of them.

At the end of the night Beth took her back to her hotel room and just when
she thought the night was over Beth pulled her into her arms and kissed her.

Looking back on it now it was without a shadow of a doubt one of the most
passionate kisses of her life.

The next thing Melina knew she was being led inside her hotel room strip
naked and fucked to multiple orgasms for hours and hours.

This was their routine for a while until Melina finally made them have 'the
talk' and after that the two officially became girlfriends.

Since then they have done their best to keep their relationship a secret from
the outside world. However most of their friends, co-workers and superiors
know the truth about their relationship. Some have congratulated them, some
have said nothing about it, some have let them know they knew the truth with
a knowing smile or a wink or even an innuendo, but so far nobody has said or
done anything to suggest that they shouldn't be together and there has been
no negative backlash from their lesbian relationship.

"So what are you doing out here?" Beth asks causing Melina to come out of her
memories of how they got together.

"I was just waiting for the sun to come up." Melina says turning to look back
over her shoulder before walking over and sitting down in one of the two
chairs on opposite's sides of the table which is also set out on the balcony,
"Why don't you join me."

Although Beth is tempted to ask Melina to put some clothes on, just in case,
she knows Melina won't, and the Glamazon can't deny she likes seeing Melina's
body in all it's glory. Beth just wishes sometimes Melina was a little more
conservative at times like these despite it still being dark and all.

Beth does her best to push her concerns about being seen or rather Melina
being seen the way she is to the back of her mind as she sits down in the
chair near to her and the two simply look out into the distance and both wait
for the sun to rise.

It is a sight worth waiting for and both enjoy the view although she does
watch the sun Beth can't help but steal glances towards her girlfriend
continually looking her up and down loving how rebellious she is in her own
way not caring if any early risers come out onto their balcony's and see her
the way she is comfortable in her own skin so to speak. That was one of the
many things that attracted her to Melina.

"Isn't it beautiful." Melina asks her eyes focused on the sunrise even though
she knows and can feel Beth's eyes on her.

"Yes it certainly is." Beth says smiling widely as she watches Melina turn
her head and look at her with a smile of her own.

"I was talking about the sunrise." She says with a grin.

Beth pauses for a moment acting as though she has been caught doing something

"So was I." Beth then says.

Melina laughs.

"Sure you where." Melina says turning her attention to the view.

Beth also looks out at the city now bathing in the first raises of a new
day's sun.

"Ready for tonight?" Beth asks once again turning her attention from the view
to Melina.

Melina smirks as she keeps her eyes on the view.

"You mean our match against the playboy cover girls who think they can
wrestle?" She asks knowing that Beth feels the same way she does about Maria
and Ashley and the fact that they are in a tag team match with them on the
grandest stage of them all, Wrestlemania 24.

"Yeah I'm ready." Melina says with a sigh not wanting to spoil the mood or
anything like that and yet feeling the need to air her opinion on their match
that night.

"You know this match shouldn't even be taking place." She says turning her
attention to Beth who is looking at her with a smirk.

"Yeah I know." Beth says, "The divas division hasn't had a decent match at
Wrestlemania since Mickie defeated Trish at Wrestlemania 22."

"Tell me about. Last year I was defending the woman's title against Ashley in
a Lumberjill match. An this year the title isn't even on the line and it
shouldn't be Maria or Ashley going after it. It should be... me." Melina says
putting her name forward just to see how Beth reacts to facing her in a match
now that they are together.

Beth smiles knowing what Melina is doing.

"We're currently both heels and friends onscreen." She says having told
Melina in the past that she wouldn't mind them facing off in a match for the
title or whatever due to the fact she knows it won't affect their personal

Melina smiles back.

"Ok then Victoria or Mickie James, or someone in developmental like Katie Lea
Burchill or Natalya Neidhart one of those girls. While both Katie and Natalya
are still a bit green they can wrestle. They can put on a show and carry
their own unlike our opponents tonight who can't wrestle. They can't put on a
show, unless it's a striptease, and sure as heck can't carry their own and
have to be carried through a match." She says doing her best to not get too
vocal due to others still being asleep either side of their balcony.

"I know how you feel babe." Beth says sharing her girl's sentiments whole
heartedly, "I'm sick of the fact that for the past three year's playboy has
some how been involved in Wrestlemania. I mean Christy Hemme was only
involved in 21 because she was in Playboy, Ashley the same, and now Maria. I
mean remember when it was rare for a WWE diva to be in playboy?"

"You mean when it actually meant something for a WWE diva to be in playboy?"
Melina asks back.

Beth nods her head.

Melina slowly shakes her head.

"I'm looking forward to working with you tonight babe, I just wish we had
some more talented opponents. Then again even if we had good opponents there
is no way we could steal the show." Melina says, deciding to change the
subject to if not the main event one of the real star attractions of
tonight's show. "Not from matches like MitB, Undertaker vs Edge, and Shawn
Michaels vs Ric Flair."

"Those matches are defiantly going to steal the show." Beth says in agreement
with Melina's statement, "And Michaels vs Flair is no doubt going to be just
as emotional if not more so than last night at the Hall Of Fame induction

"Tonight is going to be emotional, and so is tomorrow night." Melina says
thinking about what Triple H has planned for Ric Flair's last night on RAW
which everybody apart from the man himself of course knows about. Melina`s
thought slowly turn to something else which causes her to smile, "Good thing
nobody saw you last night during Ric's induction."

Beth looks at Melina and grins.

"Don't go there Melina." She warns in a friendly tone of voice knowing what
her girl is getting at.

Melina`s smile widens as she knows she has hit a nerve, "I wonder what the
other girls backstage would say if they knew what a total softy the big tough
Glamazon really..."

Melina's words are cut off by Beth's lips attaching themselves to her's in an
attempt to silence her girlfriend from saying anything else.

Melina smiles due to this being the exact reaction she was hoping for and
having teased the Glamazon intentionally due to the fact she knows how much
she likes people backstage to think that she really is like her character
when she is not, at least not all the time.

After a while Beth breaks the kiss and smiles at Melina knowing that Melina
meant to say what she said simply because she knew how she would respond and
yet not minding at all due to the fact that she is defiantly in the mood for
them to continue what Melina started.

"Let's go back to bed." Beth says smiling an ear to ear smile at her lover.

"Why?" Melina asks with a cheeky grin on her face.

"You know why." Beth says.

"No..." Melina says, trying to sound innocent, "Why don't you tell me?"

Knowing what her girl wants Beth smiles, leans in and whispers into Melina's
ear, "Let's go back to bed so I can fuck you."

Even though she knew it was coming a shiver of desire still floods Melina's
body, tempting her to just let the Glamazon lead her back to her bedroom and
have her way with her. However...

"I have a better idea..." Melina whispers back, "Why don't you fuck me right

Beth's smile slowly fades due to the fact that unlike her girlfriend Beth
isn't much of an exhibitionist when it comes to her body or anything else.

Melina can tell Beth is uncomfortable with this however she is determined to
get what she wants.

"Please Beth, I always wanted to have sex on a balcony, and this is perfect.
Everyone's asleep in their rooms so we won't be caught and we can watch the
sunrise as we make love. Won't that be nice baby?" Melina pleads.

"I don't know Melina." Beth says hesitantly, "People will be waking up soon,
and your kind of a screamer."

"But you know I can be quiet when I need to be." Melina protests, before a
smile crosses her face, "Well, quiet enough."

The Glamazon frowns at her girlfriend.

"Come on Beth, I'll be quiet, I swear, and if we see anyone or even the
slightest movement we can dash inside before anyone sees us." Melina
promises, before switching to her most seductive tone of voice, "And if you
do this for me... it'll mean I'll totally owe you a favour... a favour I'm
sure you'll find a fun way to collect on."

The two girlfriends stare at each other for a few moments but both are able
to tell that once again Melina is getting her way because Beth loves it when
Melina owes her a favour of any kind because normally all of the favours end
up with one or both of them cumming in multiple orgasms.

Beth is still nervous, however the thought that Melina will owe her a favour
is too tempting a proposition for her to turn down.

"Alright Melina." She says sitting back down in her seat having shot up and
across the table to stop Melina by kissing her.

"Let's do it." Beth adds slowly undoing the belt on her robe doing her best
to push her nervousness about being naked in public as well as doing it in
public to the back of her mind.

Melina watches as Beth disrobes herself partly wishing she could have done
that herself and yet happy that Beth is willing to allow them to for fill one
of her greatest fantasies. Standing up Melina walks around the table and
get's down on her knees in front of her lover so that she is eye level with
Beth's beautifully well proportioned breasts. Moving her head forward Melina
takes Beth's left nipple into her mouth and slowly and gently starts to suck
on it causing Beth to moan softly despite herself due to how much she loves
having her breasts sucked and licked.

Melina smiles around Beth's left nipple as she continues to lick and suck it,
intent on giving both breasts the worshipping they deserved. After all this
is The Glamazon, her Glamazon, and Melina's Glamazon deserves nothing but the
best. As far as Melina is concerned what Beth said on TV after she won the
WWE Woman's title from Candice Michelle back at No Mercy 2007 for the first
time is the truth she really is the ultimate combination of strength and
beauty. In Melina's eyes everything about the Glamazon is perfect especially
her breasts and her Glama-Pussy as Melina affectionately calls it.

As she continues to suckle and lick The Glamazon's perfect breast Melina
thinks about the past couple of WWE Divas to have posed in Playboy and
although she has stated publicly that she will never pose in playboy herself
due to the fact she isn't interested in doing it she can't understand why the
WWE didn't approach Beth to be next to do playboy considering her gimmick as
'The Glamazon' and everything. Melina is sure that had they asked Beth and
had Beth said yes her issue of Playboy would have been the most successful
issues ever sold even more successful than Sable's and Chyna's if not more.
It would have at the very least put Christy's Maria's and Ashley's to shame.
She herself would certainly have bought an issue even though she has the real

Clearing her mind of these thoughts and simply focusing on the task at hand
Melina removes the nipple from her mouth and decides to give the actual
breast some attention. She does so by licking around the nipple and with each
circle that she makes she moves further outwards kind of like the way you get
a ripple effect when you drop a stone into a pond. Melina continues to do
this until she reaches the base of the breast where the breast meets the rest
of Beth's perfectly toned and tanned body. However Melina doesn't stop she
simply does what she has been doing only now she starts going the other way
making her way back towards the centre until she once again reaches the
nipple. When she reaches her destination Melina once again takes her
girlfriend's nipple back into her mouth and gives it a long hard suck causing
Beth to moan out loud.

After moaning a little bit louder than she intended to Beth looks down and
sees her lover and the cause of her moan Melina remove the nipple she had in
her mouth and repositions herself so that she is face to face or rather face
to breast with Beth's right breast. Beth waits expecting Melina to take the
nipple of her right breast into her mouth any second, but is shocked when
what Melina does is starts at the base of the breast and starts working her
way in towards the nipple, basically doing what she did to the left breast
only backwards not that Beth is complaining, far from it. In fact in order to
show Melina that she approves Beth raises her right hand and very gently
places it on the back of Melina's head and runs her fingers through the
brunette's long dark hair, loving the feel of it in her fingers as well as
loving the feel of the Mexican descendant's tongue on her body.

For a split second Beth forgets everything as she feels Melina take her right
nipple into her mouth and sucks on it a lot harder than she did to her left
nipple so much so it causes her to moan even louder than before.

"Mmmmmmmmmm!" She groans through gritted teeth doing her best not to moan too
loud for fear of somebody hearing them, coming out and finding them like

Melina continues to work over Beth's breasts using the same routine on both
either starting at the base but changing how she does the routine either
starting from the nipple and working her way down to the base of the breast
or starting from the base and working her way up to the nipple. Weather she
starts with the nipple or finishes with it Melina always makes sure she sucks
hard on the nipple. Beth is sure she is doing this on purpose in an attempt
to try and make her moan so loud it does get somebody's attention. What makes
this worse is that Melina's plan is working as with every hard suck on her
breasts Beth is getting louder and louder with her moans.

Suddenly and without warning Melina removes the nipple she has from her mouth
and looks up at Beth causing Beth to look down at Melina.

"Ready to return the favour?" Melina asks with an ear to ear smile on her

Beth smiles back in response before reaching down, grabbing Melina by the
waist and easily pulling her girl up and onto her lap as if she was as light
as a feather.

A little jolt of desire runs through Melina's body at her girlfriend's
display of strength, followed by a lightning bolt of desire as Beth's mouth
clamped around her right nipple.

Too horny to be gentle Beth sucks down hard on that nipple, causing a soft
moan to pass through Melina's gritted teeth, the sound like sweet music to
the Glamazon.

Beth loves to hear Melina moan for her, and while she wishes those moans
could be louder the blonde has to admit even Melina's soft moans sound
incredibly sexy. Wanting to hear more of those sexy moans Beth began
switching from one nipple to the other, each rough suck forcing another moan
from those beautiful lips as Beth's hands began roaming her girlfriend's
body. First they simply move from where they had been tightly holding
Melina's waist round to her glorious ass which the Glamazon greedily began to
grope, squeeze and pinch, forcing yet more soft moans out of her girl. Beth
continues to roughly woman handle Melina's butt until she can tell her girl
is desperate for more of her skilful touch, which she happily gives her,
Beth's fingers moving over every inch of Melina's perfect body.

As her hands roamed this gorgeous flesh Beth, like Melina before her,
silently wishes her girlfriend would actually do Playboy. Beth respects
Melina's decision not to but she is also tired of all the fuss made over the
bodies of all these stick figure wannabe divas. Melina had curves in all the
right places and came off a star, which is more than could be said for some
of the recent divas who proposed. Finally while the conservative part of Beth
would be horrified with the idea of millions of people getting to see her
girlfriend naked, another part of her would like to see those photos because
she knew they would be smoking hot and put all others to shame, the same way
the sales of Melina's Playboy issue would put all others to shame.

Refocusing her mind on the here and now Beth increased the power of her
nipple sucking, which had become a little lacklustre since she slipped off
into a little dreamland were her girlfriend posed for Playboy, and began to
take breaks in between sucks to either twirl her tongue around the nipple or
gently bite down on it. Both reactions had the desired effect of clearly
driving Melina wild from the increase of her soft moaning, Beth seeing how
many more moans she could squeeze out of her girlfriend by moving her hands
up to play with Melina's tits while she sucks on them.

Knowing how much her girl loves to have her big tits played with Beth took
her time, gently cupping both breasts at once, first at random, before using
her hands to push the nipple she was working on deeper into her mouth. Not
long after that Beth began using her fingers to play with the nipple that
wasn't in her mouth, expertly taking it in between her fingers and working it
like the skilled lover she was.

Neither girl was sure how long Beth spent on Melina's tits but it seemed like
an eternity to both of them, the Glamazon joyously worshipping Melina's large
round boobs as they deserve to be, building her girlfriend up only to bring
her back down again as she constantly switched between soft and gentle to
hard and rough and back again.

Finally the Glamazon broke away from Melina's boobs only to pull her
girlfriend's lips to hers, the blonde capturing the brunette's mouth with her
own and viciously attacking it. Inspired by the expert tit worshipping she
had just received Melina roughly kisses back, eagerly allowing Beth to push
her tongue past her lips and into her mouth to intensified the burning
passion between them.

As hot and passionate as the kiss was both divas are eager to move on so soon
the lip lock is broken, leaving both of them panting, gasping for breath and
staring into each other's eyes.

"Ready for me to fuck you?" Beth asks breathlessly.

"Yes." Melina says smiling, "Fuck me. Fuck me with your tongue."

Not needing to be told twice Beth smiles, kisses Melina again briefly before
she stands up, grabbing Melina by her waist and lifting her again, this time
up and onto her feet as the Glamazon quickly removes her dressing gown
completely and then takes Melina's hand in her's and walks back over to the
balcony railing, looking both left and right to make sure nobody is out on
any of the other balconies next to their's. She then looks down to make sure
nobody is outside or in a position where they can see them from their balcony
before she let's go of Melina's hand and turns around to face her.

"I want you to stand behind the rail with your hands on it facing out towards
the city." Beth tells her in an authoritive tone of voice. "Then I want you
to spread your legs and bend over for me. Make sure you stick that beautiful
ass of yours out as far as possible."

Melina looks at Beth in shock having not expected her to move this fast and
now understanding why she checked both ends of the balcony as well as below

"Ok Beth." Melina says looking forward to what she is about to receive.

Beth smiles back at Melina.

"Assume the position then." Beth says still in the authoritive tone of voice
as she moves out of the way and watches as Melina walks up to the balcony
rail places her hands on it, spreads her legs and bends over, pushing her ass
back and presenting it to the Glamazon.

Once Melina is in the position she wanted her to be Beth walks around to
Melina's beautiful bubble butt, the Glamazon unable to stop herself licking
her lips with desire before she looks both to her left and to her right one
more time just to make sure that nobody is watching them. Once she is happy
that they are still alone out on the balcony Beth get's down onto her knees
behind Melina so she is face to face with her girl's glorious ass.

Beth adores every part of Melina's body, but her ass was her favourite part.
It was the perfect combination of round, tight and soft. From the very first
moment she had seen at the Glamazon knew she had to have it, and she had.

One of Beth's fondest memories of her first night with Melina was sliding her
strap on into Melina's butt hole, the brunette admitting she was a anal
virgin just as the Glamazon was pressing her cock against that soft ring of
flesh. Oh it had been wonderful to pop the anal cherry of such a beautiful
woman, with such a gorgeous ass.

Ever since that magical moment Beth had been finding all sorts of excuses to
play with or even to just be near to this perfect butt, including eating
Melina's pussy from behind as she was about to do.

There wasn't much difference between eating pussy from behind or from the
front, just that the pussy was upside down in this position and that she was
face to face with her lover's beautiful ass, a ass she became lost in for a
few moments before looking up and seeing that Melina is looking back down at

"Look over the railing!" Beth snaps causing Melina's focus to immediately
change from her to over the railing.

"If I catch you looking down at me again I will stop immediately. Not just
eating your pussy but I will stop this whole thing." Beth says still partly
angry at Melina for looking down at her due to the fact part of the reason
she had Melina assume this position was so that one of them could keep an eye
out in case somebody either looked up and saw them or in case somebody came
out onto one of the balconies either side of them.

"Sorry Beth." Melina says sounding sincere in her apology.

Beth doesn't say anything she simply returns her attention from Melina's face
back down to her beautiful ass and the gorgeous holes that lay between those

Melina meanwhile wonders if Beth is still watching her and although she is
tempted to look down she knows better than to give into that temptation due
to the fact she doesn't want what they are doing to stop and even though she
is sure Beth wouldn't stop what they are doing she isn't 100% sure of it and
doesn't want to risk tempting fate.

So Melina simply stays in the position Beth has told her to stay in, looking
out at the view before her, waiting patiently to see what Beth does next.
After God only knows how long Melina feels Beth's tongue touch the top of her
pussy which almost makes her cum right there due to the anticipation, the
excitement, and the fear that maybe Beth was going to stop what they are

Somehow though Melina manages to hold off on cumming as she feels The
Glamazon running her tongue from the top of her pussy all the way up to the

"OOOOOHHHHH!" Melina moans, unable to control herself.

"Melina!" Beth snaps in a loud whisper.

"Sorry." Melina whispers back, knowing why Beth is upset with her.

Beth looks up at Melina really wishing that she had refused Melina's pleads
for them to have sex on the balcony, wishing she hadn't given in to Melina's
tempting offer due to the fact that had she not given in she knows right now
the only thing she would be worrying about is making Melina have another
orgasm instead of having to worry about getting caught.

To show Melina that she isn't really angry with her, but that she does want
her to try and remember where she is, Beth starts to lick slowly up and down
Melina's outer pussy lips, occasionally pressing into Melina's cunt, but
never going all the way in wanting to pleasure and torture Melina the same
way she tortured her earlier.

After a while though Beth decides she has tortured both herself and Melina
long enough so she reaches up, spreads Melina's ass cheeks and presses her
tongue at the entrance to Melina's love hole. After waiting a few seconds to
build up the anticipation for both of them, Beth forcibly thrusts her tongue
as deep into Melina's pussy as it could go, Beth smiling into Melina's cunt
as she hears her girl let out a muffled choking sound as she obviously tries
not to scream with joy.

Only just getting started Beth wraps her lips tightly around Melina's wet
hole, removing her tongue and gently sucking on her girlfriend's pussy,
squeezing another stifled noise out of her fellow WWE diva. Encouraged by
this Beth began switching between licking the inside of the soft love canal
and sucking on the outside of it, giving Melina little shocks of pleasure,
not enough to drive her over the edge but rather to keep pushing her towards
the edge a bit at a time.

Melina meanwhile is in both heaven and hell. Heaven because having The
Glamazon's tongue inside of her feels like being in heaven, and hell because
of how slow Beth is going. Melina wants to verbally beg Beth to go faster
with every lick and every suck of her pussy that she is getting, not only
because she wants Beth to go faster but she needs her too. She needs and
wants release after sucking on Beth's nipples and licking her breasts and now
this Melina can feel her first orgasm of the new day already building

Melina groans in frustration as she feels Beth suddenly remove her tongue
from her pussy and let go of her ass cheeks, which for a split second makes
her wonder why she did that, as well as wonder if maybe she moaned too loud
and didn't even realise it, or because she moved apart of her body, or maybe
Beth heard something.

However just as quickly as those thoughts enter Melina's head they leave her
head as she feels Beth's soft lips pressing against the round globes of her
butt cheeks in a long drawn out kiss, before those lips began travelling all
over her ass, covering it in kisses.

Melina grins to herself. She should have known Beth wouldn't be able to
resist kissing her ass as the Glamazon has been practically obsessed with her
butt ever since they got together, not that Melina minds. In fact Melina
loves every perverted little thing Beth loves to do to her ass, including
what she knew was coming next.

Even though she knew it was coming Melina almost forgot to stifle her moan
when Beth spread her ass cheeks as wide as she could and gave her a long lick
up and down her butt crack before pressing her tongue to her back door. After
a cruel pause to build anticipation and frustration Beth slammed her powerful
Glamazon tongue forwards, that tongue easily forcing Melina's ass hole open
and bullying its way into the brunette's bowels. Once upon a time it wouldn't
have been so easy, but six months of constant butt fucking had loosened up
Melina's ass to the point where the Glamazon could slide her tongue into
Melina's butt when ever she pleases.

Once Beth had her tongue inside Melina's ass the Glamazon began thrusting it
in and out, fucking it the same way she had her pussy, stopping only so she
could wrap her lips around Melina's butt hole so she could suck it too.

Clutching onto the railing tightly Melina forces herself to be quiet as
possible as Beth began giving her a passionate and skilled rim job, the
Glamazon licking and sucking her ass hole with the same passion and
greediness she had her pussy.

Just as it was really starting to feel amazing Beth switches back to Melina's
pussy, driving Melina practically to orgasm before repeating the process
again, the Glamazon switching between kissing Melina's butt cheeks and eating
out her pussy and ass hole until Melina was on the verge of tears with her
need to cum.

Finally Beth took pity on her and dives back into Melina's pussy one final
time, letting her tongue go crazy inside of her cunt, causing Melina to groan
and moan through gritted teeth, Melina doing her best not to groan or moan
too loud, even though what she really wants to do is scream at the top of her
voice. Melina wants to let the whole world know how good she is feeling and
who is making her feel this good, however she manages to keep her moans and
groans under control as The Glamazon's tongue continues to touch one nerve
ending after another inside of her until her assault on Melina's pussy is too
much for her to take and she explodes screaming through gritted teeth. After
she is done screaming all Melina can do is moan as Beth continues to eat her.

Beth loves the taste of Melina's cum and is doing her best to get as much of
it as she can like she always does. Normally after she has cum Melina would
have her hands buried in Beth's hair trying to get her face as far into her
pussy as she could while at the same time either calling her all the dirty
names under the sun, half of which would be in Spanish and the other half in
English, or getting her breath back after screaming a heck of a lot louder
than she just did, in fact many times Beth has managed to get Melina to give
her a 'primal scream' which is the same type of scream as what she normally
gives in the ring or back when she was managing MNM.

Once Beth is satisfied that she has completely cleaned out Melina's pussy she
slowly removes her face and licks her lips as she sits back and looks up at
Melina who has her face buried in her hands.

Beth smiles knowing she could so easily use the fact that Melina is not
looking out into the distance like she was instructed too to her advantage,
but instead she decides to be lenient.

"Open your eyes Mel." She says softly.

Melina slowly opens her eyes and see's Beth looking up at her with an ear to
ear smile on her face. Melina smiles back down at her.

"Did you enjoy that?" Beth asks her able to tell from the calm relaxed almost
serene look on her face that Melina did enjoy what she just gave her, but
wanting to hear her say it.

"Yes I did." Melina says softly as she takes a deep breath and exhales.

"My turn to return the favour now." Melina says with an ear to ear grin
looking forward to tasting not only The Glamazon's Glama-pussy but also her
Glama cum.

However the expression that appears on Beth's face soon causes Melina to stop
grinning as she immediately recognises the look on Beth's face.

"Hey Beth." Melina says once again using her most seductive tone of voice,
"We haven't been caught or seen yet. And besides don't you want me to eat
your pussy? Don't you want to feel my tongue inside of your cunt? Don't you
want me to lick you until you come all over my face and mouth? And then have
me suck on your big 12 inch strap on before you fuck my pussy and my ass with

Beth looks at Melina and her look of reluctance slowly turns to a look of

"I don't know how you do it. But you better not tell anyone else you're
secret." Beth says smiling.

"Do what?" Melina asks a little confused despite her smile back.

"Manage to wrap me around your little finger." Beth says.

Melina grins.

"Oh I think I know how." Melina says, "It's just a pity I can't bottle it and
sell it I would be a millionaire I even know what I would call it. I'd call
it Glamazon control. And on the advert I would tell people to buy my product
and get their own Glamazon."

"What if they wanted yours?" Beth asks with a grin.

"Well obviously they can't have mine." Melina responds.

"And why not?" Beth asks already knowing the answer.

"Because she is mine and belongs to me." Melina says.

"And do you belong to her?" Beth then asks.

Melina smiles a rather mischievous smile.

"I don't know... do I?" Melina asks.

Beth smiles her own mischievous smile back.

"Well if you don't know maybe she needs to remind you... after you've eaten
her to orgasm." Beth says and with that she stands up and looks at Melina.

"And how exacterly does she want me to eat her to orgasm?" Melina asks
looking at Beth with an ear to ear smile on her face at the future butt
fucking and pussy fucking she can expect to receive from her Glamazon.

Beth doesn't say a word what she does do is goes over to the chair she was
sitting in early which now has her dressing gown on it picks up the dressing
gown and then lays the gown on the ground where she was kneeling.

Once the dressing gown is in place Beth stands back up and looks to both her
left and right just to make sure that they are still alone and not being
watched before she turns her attention to Melina who is still standing in the
same place she was before.

"I want you to lay down on my dressing gown facing the sky." Beth says
answering Melina's earlier question.

Melina smiles.

"What my Glamazon wants. My Glamazon get's." She says as she get's down onto
her knee's and then lays down with her back on the dressing gown looking up
at the sky.

Melina's view of the sky is soon blocked out or rather replaced by a view of
Beth's pussy which she see's or rather watches slowly lower down until it
stops just over her mouth, however it is close enough for Melina to be able
to smell Beth's sent.

"Well what are you waiting for?" Melina hears Beth ask her, not in an angry
tone of voice but rather simply stating a question.

This causes Melina to smile as she gets to work and sticks her tongue as far
out as she can make it go and runs it up and down Beth's outer lips causing
her to moan softly. The soft moaning is nice, but Melina wants to try and
make Beth moan so loud that she can't control it and so she starts to lick
Beth's pussy with one, two, three, four licks. Soon Melina is like a famished
animal which has just been put down a piece of food, and the food is Beth's
pussy which she hungrily laps at.

Beth smiles as she reaches out and holds on to the railings of the balcony
rail for support while Melina expertly licks her cunt, the Glamazon loving
the feel of having Melina's tongue worshipping her pussy and much to her
surprise and delight it isn't long before Beth can feel her nectar begin to
pour out of her and into Melina's welcoming mouth.

Tasting Beth's juices causes Melina to go all out as she goes from gentle
lapping to tongue fucking The Glamazon's Glama Pussy as she herself calls it
fucking it for all it is worth if not for all she is worth doing her best to
squeeze in a few licks to Beth's pussy's lips and clit in between frantically
thrusting her tongue in and out of the dripping wet love hole of The

As she increase's the power behind her thrusts Beth feels Melina wrap her
lips tightly around her pussy evidently desperately trying to prevent any of
the juices from escaping her hungry mouth. Soon she is greedily sucking her
cunt while her tongue touches every part of Beth's Glama pussy.

Beth is impressed at how much of herself Melina is throwing into this causing
her to start moaning and groaning softly at first but slowly picking up
volume as well as causing her to start moving her body move back and forward
in response to Melina's assault.

Melina's eyes shoot open as she hears the sound of the railings to the
balcony rail moving Melina immediately guesses why it is because Beth is now
using the railing for support as she starts to really respond to what Melina
is doing by going faster with her body going back and forth above her. Beth
continues to moan and groan and those moans and groans continue to get louder
and louder. Melina can even hear Beth start swearing under her breath and in
between the moans and the groans which is music to her ears because it tells
her that her Glamazon is close to cumming.

"Ooooohhhhh that's it Melina, lick my pussy, lick my pussy you beautiful
pussy girl." Beth says suddenly which makes Melina smile even more,
"Mmmmmmmmmm lick my pussy my beautiful pussy girl. Get your tongue inside me,
get your tongue as deep inside me as you can. Lick my pussy my beautiful
little Latina pussy girl."

The Glamazon continues giving Melina words of encouragement which have the
desired affect as Melina does her best to put even more intensity into her
pussy licking, sucking and fucking. Soon Beth stops calling Melina names and
even her swear words become moans and groans as Melina continues to give
Beth's pussy the best tongue fucking it's ever had.

Beth is gritting her teeth desperate to try and maintain control over her
moans and groans however the more Melina fucks her with her mouth the harder
it is getting not to scream out in pleasure. Heck Melina is doing such a good
job Beth might even scream so loud it could rival her 'primal scream'. As
Melina continues to lick her Beth starts to move her upper body again only
this time up and down instead of back and forth while again holding onto the
railing not just to help her with her movements but also for support due to
the fact that very soon Beth knows she is going to come harder than she has
come in a long time and despite how hard she is trying to keep herself quiet
the one thing Beth can't control is the sound of the railing as she holds
onto it.

All of a sudden Melina stops tongue fucking Beth and concentrates all of her
efforts on her clit going between licking it to tongue fucking it or at the
very least giving it little jabs with the tip of her tongue, however she soon
stops stabbing it with her tongue and just focuses on licking it, although
like earlier when she was licking Beth's breasts Melina does it a different
way to normal she does as though she is painting a fence going up and then
down and diverting between the two.

"Oh Melina, my beautiful pussy girl, I'm... I'm... I'm going to cum!" Beth
says through gritted teeth as she moans still through gritted teeth and cums
at the same time.

The force of Beth's orgasm as well as the strength she has to use to stop
herself from screaming causes her body to shake as her orgasm hits her.
However Beth has enough presents of mind to feel Melina grab onto her thighs.
Why she does this Beth isn't sure nor does she care as her body continues to
shake as she rides the waves of her first orgasm.

Melina can tell due to the fact that Beth is shaking that the orgasm she just
had was a powerful one and although she didn't scream as loud as she had
wanted her to she knows she was close but now the only thing on her mind is
getting as much delicious Glama cum into her mouth. Not wanting to miss any
of the delicious juice which is gushing out of Beth's pussy and into Melina's
mouth. The only problem is that there is so much of it that Melina can't
swallow fast enough and it starts running down her chin and escaping out of
the sides of her mouth and onto the dressing gown.

We're taking that dressing gown with us when we leave, Melina mentally tells
herself as she continues to try and swallow as much of Beth's cream as she
possibly can. Once Beth has finished cumming she focus on cleaning her pussy
completely of any and all remaining juice until she can't find any and so she
slowly let go of Beth's thighs and waits for Beth to make the next move.

Once Beth has gotten control back over her body and stopped shaking she
slowly get's to her feet and stands next to Melina who is still laying on the
dressing gown looking up at The Glamazon as she looks back down at her.

"You just stay right there." Beth tells her once again using her authoritive
tone of voice, "Don't move a muscle until I get back."

With that Beth turns and heads back inside of the hotel room and goes
straight over to her suitcase, opens it and rifles through her stuff until
she finds what she is looking for. Once she has it she pulls it out of the
suitcases, closes the suitcase back up and then inspects the item more
closely. Even though she has seen it and looked at it countless times before
Beth always likes looking at it before she uses it and knowing that she is
going to use it gives her a thrill almost as great as when she is actually
using it.

After admiring the 12 inch strap on the Glamazon suddenly realises she needs
something to lubricate it with and realises that the tub of KY Jelly she
normally uses is still in the suitcase as well as a replacement set of balls
for her strap on. Beth's strap on was special, she could fill the replaceable
balls with any liquid of her choosing and the Glamazon chose her cum. The
Glamazon feels there is something so primal about filling another woman with
her cum, and it is something she loves to do to her girl. So she opens it
again and once again ruffles through her things until she finds the tub of KY
Jelly and a set of replacement balls which she pulls out. This time Beth
leaves her suitcase open due to the fact she realises that Melina is waiting
for her out on the balcony and the more time that passes the more chance
there is that somebody will come out and catch them.

Meanwhile back out on the balcony Melina is still laying on the dressing gown
waiting excitedly for her Glamazon to return with the strap on and remind her
who she belongs to as Beth put it.

All of a sudden Melina see's Beth come back out onto the balcony with a tub
of KY Jelly and a set of fake balls in one hand and a 12 inch strap on dildo
in the other, the same 12 inch strap on dildo that took her anal cherry the
very first night they where together and now whenever it is used brings her
nothing but orgasm after orgasm.

Melina turns her attention from the strap on to Beth who is now standing at
Melina's feet and is staring back at her.

Keeping her eyes locked with Melina's Beth puts the KY Jelly and fake balls
onto the nearby chair and then steps into the harness and pulls it around her
waist. Beth closes her eyes momentarily doing her best to suppress a small
moan as she feels the small dildo inside the device slide into her own pussy.
Once she has secured the strap on Beth once again locks eyes with Melina who
was watching every move she made.

Melina smiles an ear to ear smile as she watches her Glamazon start to stroke
the strap on. Even though they both know it's not real Melina knows the only
reason Beth is doing this is to turn her on, and it's working. Melina
continues to watch as Beth picks up the KY Jelly and gets down onto her hands
and knee's in between Melina's legs which she stretches out either side of
Beth giving her easy access as well as a great view of her pussy.

Beth smiles as she stares at her lovers hole before turning her attention to
the KY Jelly which she puts on the ground opens and get's a small amount on
her fingers and begins to massage it onto the fake cock which she is about to
use to fuck Melina senseless.

After a few more globs of Jelly Beth puts the lid back on the jelly but
leaves it there just in case she needs it for the other hole of Melina's that
she intends on filling with her cock.

"Time for me to remind you who you belong too." Beth says looking directly at
Melina with a smile.

"Ready when you are Glamazon." Melina says smiling back at her.

Melina watches as Beth spits on three fingers of her right hand and reaches
towards her pussy and gently traces her outer lips and then pushes a single
digit inside.

Melina moans softly as she feels the digit enter her. After a while she feels
a second digit slide into join the first one and then she feels a third. As
if that isn't enough Beth gently curls her fingers inside of Melina's cunt
and begins to move them in and out slowly to begin with however getting
faster with each thrust back inside.

As Beth continues to finger fuck Melina's pussy she is able to feel Melina's
pussy get wetter and wetter in response to her actions.

Finally satisfied that Melina's pussy is wet enough Beth takes her fingers
out of her and positions the strap on ready to enter Melina's cunt. Once she
is happy Beth looks at Melina to make sure she is ready. Melina simply looks
back with a smile on her face and her eyes tell Beth everything she needs to

With that Beth begins to push her fake cock into Melina's pussy causing
Melina to moan already through gritted teeth evidently in an attempt to stop
the moan getting too loud.

Relax, Melina thinks to herself as she feels the dildo start to enter her.
Despite how often she has had the fake cock inside of her she still always
feels almost like a virgin about to be deflowered. Maybe it's because of the
size or the girth or something. Whatever it is Melina hopes it never stops
happening because it always gives her a thrill imaging that this is her first
time and Beth is her first.

Beth stops suddenly which Melina knows is her giving her a few minutes to
relax before continuing to slide the dildo inside her.

With each inch that slides inside of her Melina feels as though she is
getting closer and closer to her orgasm and yet when all 12 inches are inside
of her Melina doesn't come even though due to her having 12 inches of fake
cock she feels as though she is going too.

Beth looks down at Melina and their joined bodies the fake cock now
completely inside her. She then looks at Melina and as the two lock eyes
again Beth starts to slowly and gently remove the dildo/cock from her and
once it is all the way out she again slowly and gently pushes it back in.
Beth keeps doing this until she get's into a rhythm, The Glamazon continuing
to slowly fuck her girlfriend as the two lover's eyes stay locked on one and

Melina loves the feel of the strap on inside of her and while she appreciates
Beth trying to help her pussy get used to the size and girth etc she does
wish she would just fuck her as hard as she has fucked her pussy and ass in
the past after all she is supposed to be reminding her who she belongs too.

Suddenly breaking eye contact Beth bends down and begins licking and sucking
on the side of Melina's neck making her moan a little bit louder than before.

"If you want me to go faster Melina," Beth says in a whisper, "You know what
you have to do."

Melina smiles realising now why Beth was being so slow and gentle and
deciding to do what her Glamazon wants or rather say what her Glamazon has
been waiting to hear her say.

"Please fuck me." Melina says or rather begs in a voice barely above a
whisper, "Please fuck me as hard as you can."

Beth smiles, "Wrap those pretty legs of yours around me first."

Melina follows Beth's instructions not just wrapping her legs around Beth but
also her arms as well, while she mentally and physically tries to prepare
herself for the pussy fucking she is about to receive from the Glamazon.

Slowly Melina feels the strap on leave her pussy until she can only feel the
head inside of her there is a few seconds gap and then she feels the dildo
being slammed back inside her with all of the Glamazon's might.

Melina grits her teeth but that doesn't stop her screaming through them.
Luckily her gritted teeth seem to take some of the volume out of the scream,
as The Glamazon starts to fuck her pussy, making Melina dig her fingernails
into Beth's back, as well as tightened her arms and legs grip on her as she
hammers into her.

The feeling of Melina's fingernails digging into her back, as well as the
feeling of Melina's arms and legs gripping onto her tightly has the affect
Melina no doubt wants as Beth pounds into her girl's pussy as hard as she
can. Well, almost as hard as she can.

Sure she had used all her might for the first thrust, but since then Beth has
been only fucking Melina at what would be an impressive speed for any normal
human being, but was nothing to the Glamazon.

Beth was barely even breaking a sweat as she powerfully thrust into her
girlfriend, and as much as she wants to show what she can really do the
women's champion feels like teasing her woman a little longer.

To those unfamiliar with Beth's capabilities might think that this is as hard
as she could fuck, and considering the speed and roughness no doubt a lot of
women would be more than satisfied with this level of fucking, but over the
past six months Beth had spoiled Melina with the type of brutal pussy
poundings that only someone powerful like the Glamazon could perform, and
Beth was confident that her girl wouldn't settle for second best.

Beth was right.

Although Melina can tell Beth is fucking her hard, so wonderfully hard, she
can tell it's not as hard as she could fuck her.

Melina knows her Glamazon, knows what she's capable of, and she is definitely
holding back. Why? Because she's worried Melina isn't ready for it? No, that
can't be it, all The Glamazon would have to do is look into her eyes to tell
how desperately she needs this. So it can only be one thing, Beth wants her
to beg some more. Melina doesn't have a problem with doing that if it means
she gets what she wants, but first she decides to try another tactic,
challenging The Glamazon.

"Come on Beth." Melina then says knowing that The Glamazon has got more in
her than this.

"I thought you where supposed to be showing me who I belong too." Melina adds
knowing that that will add fire to the fuel.

Beth smiles her words having the desired effect on her girl.

"So you want me to fuck you harder do you Melina?" Beth asks her willing to
give Melina what she wants but not before she get's what she wants.

"Oh yes Beth... I want more." Melina pleads.

"You want to be owned by me do you?" Beth then asks.

"Yes... I want you to own me completely." Melina says.

"Then consider yourself owned." Beth snaps, and with that she starts to
really give Melina's pussy a pounding, fucking her with everything that she
has, putting everything that is her into the fucking, wanting to show Melina
who she belongs too.

Melina's eyes glaze over as her powerful girlfriend finally gives her the
type of fucking she had been craving from her, her pussy being practically
torn to shreds by the brutal thrusting it is receiving, although both women
know that it will be fine.

Over the past six months Melina's pussy has been on a steady diet of hard
strap on fucking, the mighty Glamazon slowly increasing the roughness of each
fucking until she had stretched Melina out to take even the hardest of
fuckings. And take them Melina did eagerly. In fact Melina found herself
begging for Beth's cock. She had never beg for cock before, but Beth had
awoken a little slut inside her and now Melina couldn't get enough of that
strap on cock.

Even now as Beth was giving her the hardest and most brutal pussy pounding
she was capable of each and every thrust just made Melina want more.

Melina tries to tell Beth this but she can no longer control her mouth as it
spews random words in Spanish that Melina knew her girlfriend couldn't
understand, not that it would have mattered, so she tries to tell her with
her eyes to give her more of that cock.

Whether she understood or not Beth kept pounding into Melina, her eyes
burning into the girl beneath her, letting her know who she belonged too,
which was something that both of them knew without a shadow of a doubt.

As the fucking continues Beth can't help but smile as she pounds her girl,
the Glamazon happy everything is working out so well.

Beth knows she is slamming away as hard as she can, and the effects are very
clear, Melina staring at her with a look of pure need for more of her cock.

As Melina stares up at her with this look of pure need her mouth can't stop
babbling, although Melina isn't able to speak, at least not in English, as
every word that falls from her lips is in Spanish, a sign to Beth that she is
giving Melina what she wants and plows on.

While Beth is fucking Melina with the strap on she is also fucking herself
due to the small dildo inside of her own pussy which is attached to the strap
on. With every thrust in and out of Melina causes the small dildo to thrust
in and out of her own cunt pushing Beth closer and closer to her third orgasm
as Beth pushes Melina closer and closer to her's.

All of a sudden out of nowhere Beth hear's Melina call her name and the next
thing she knows or rather feels is Melina's body squeezing her like a vice as
she cums and then she feels Melina's body start to shake and shudder a sign
that Melina is in the throws of one of the most powerful orgasms of her life.
Seeing her girl open her mouth to scream Beth quickly places her mouth over
Melina's, swallowing the other diva's screams to the point of almost
silencing them completely as the powerful Glamazon continues plowing into her
girlfriend, so close to a orgasm of her own and so desperate to get it. Beth
knows Melina can take it, and from the reaction of her body she is almost
sure Melina is taking it and loving it.

Beth is right again as Melina is taking it and loving it, partly because she
knows her Glamazon wants to cum and she desperately wants her Glamazon to cum
while fucking her, but partly because she knows what Beth is capable of doing
to her in this state, and the women's champion doesn't disappoint, pounding
Melina's pussy through three wonderful orgasms before the blonde finally cums

When Beth's body starts to shake the Glamazon doesn't miss a beat, spending a
few moments gently slowing down her thrusts before burying the strap on
inside her girl and leaving it there as she squeezes the balls of her strap
on. Melina's eyes flutter as she feels liquid entering her pussy, filling her
up and marking her insides as property of the Glamazon. Over the past six
months Melina had lost track of how much of Beth's cum had been pumped deep
inside her courtesy of her girlfriend's squirting strap on, and even though
she had found it a little weird at first now Melina loved the feeling of
being filled with Beth's cream, their cum mixing together inside her in what
was a pure sign that she belonged to the Glamazon.

Once Melina has gotten over her orgasm, or rather when Beth thinks Melina has
gotten over her orgasm, and that all of her cum is inside her girl, Beth
slowly removes the strap on from her pussy completely, causing Melina to
whimper as the head is being removed.

With the strap on removed from Melina's pussy Beth stood up so that she is
towering over her girlfriend, her dildo stuck out invitingly at the other

Smiling wickedly Melina except the invitation, knowing her girlfriend will
enough to know what she wants her to do and immediately doing it.

Beth also smiles wickedly as her girlfriend does what she wants, Melina
getting onto her knees in front of her and their eyes locking before the
brunette opens her mouth as wide as it can go and slowly swallows the cock,
the head easily passing Melina's lips along with the first few inches before
there is a pause as the head of the dildo hits the back of Melina's throat.
After that brief pause, which was more for anticipation than anything else,
Melina moves her lips forward, the skilled cock sucker relaxing her throat to
let the head of the shaft slid into her windpipe. Without missing a beat
Melina continues, taking inch after inch of fake cock until her lips reach
the base, announcing she has taken all 12 inches of the strap on dildo down
her throat.

No matter how many times she saw it the sight of her girlfriend swallowing
her entire 12 inch strap on both impressed and aroused the Glamazon.

Although Beth knew this was a skill Melina had picked up with her ex-
boyfriends the Glamazon was able to ignore that fact most of the time and
convince herself that Melina only ever sucked cock to please her. It was a
lie of convenience because it made Beth jealous to think of HER girl with
anyone other than her, but it was also easy to believe considering how Melina
acted while giving her strap on a blow job.

There had been a lot of sluts sucking on Beth's strap on, but none of them
had shown the total love and devotion to her cock that Melina did. To the
other sluts sucking Beth's strap on was just a way to get it wet. To Melina
it was an art form. It was like Melina had found the perfect way to make her
dildo wet while giving Beth the most pleasure possible from this act.

Not that the dildo needed to be made wet, but that wasn't what this was
about. This was about taking a pleasurable break from the fucking to get both
divas back into the mood. Well, that and so that Beth could have the pleasure
of watching Melina completely devote herself to her cock, sucking, slurping
and slobbering like a shameless whore while giving her beautiful girlfriend a
chance to taste her delicious juices.

Melina loves tasting herself on Beth's cock after her girlfriend is done
fucking her. Whether it was her pussy or her ass Melina didn't care, she
loved the taste of both.

She would have never sucked a cock straight from one of her holes like this
for a boyfriend, but it felt as natural as breathing to submit to whatever
the mighty Glamazon wanted and Melina was only too happy to be Beth's little
slut. Beth didn't always treat her like that but the situation was beginning
to bring out the slutty side of Melina's personality, if it hadn't been out
already, which really showed from the sloppy wet blow job she gave her
Glamazon's thick fake poll.

Even when all the juice was gone Melina didn't pause for a second in giving
Beth's dildo the mouth worshipping it deserved. In fact Melina only devoted
herself even more to the BJ when she felt Beth's hand come to gently rest on
top of her head, giving her the encouragement she needed to act even more
like a shameless strap on cock hungry whore.

Suddenly Beth's fingers tightened their grip on to Melina's hair and the
Glamazon effortlessly pulls Melina's mouth off of her cock.

Before Melina had the chance to complain Beth had already reached down,
grabbed her girl and lifted her up into her arms with ease and had shoved her
tongue down her throat.

Quickly getting over her initial shock Melina happily kisses back, massaging
Beth's tongue with her own before gently sucking on it, giving the Glamazon's
powerful tongue the same type of worshipping that she had given her cock.

When she finally broke the kiss Beth smiles at her girl and tells her simply,
"Bend over the rail."

Melina smiles back knowing what is coming next and eagerly doing what she is
told she turns around and bends over the railing, making sure to stick her
ass out as far as she can so she's presenting it to her girlfriend.

Beth watches Melina as she assumes the position and as she does so The
Glamazon's eyes are immediately drawn to Melina's round ass and which causes
her to once again lick her lips at the thought of what she is about to do to
her ass.

Although she knows Melina is a hell of a lot looser than she was the first
time she took her ass Beth reaches down and picks up the tub of KY Jelly and
is about to take off the lid when she stops and smiles, thinking of something
she'd like to do before she uses the KY Jelly to lubricate Melina's ass. So
Beth puts the KY Jelly back down and turns her attention back to Melina's

Melina stays on all fours waiting for Beth to make her next move which she
does when Melina feels her ass cheeks being spread. Weather it is simply so
that Beth can get a better look at her ass or not Melina isn't sure however
her question is soon answered as she feels something small and wet run across
her ass hole.

"Ooooohhhhh!" Melina moans loudly before smiling, happy that Beth is once
again using that part of her body to lube her ass up.

From the very first rim job Beth gave her on the first night they were
together Melina has loved the feeling of Beth's tongue deep inside her ass.
Until that first rim job Melina never thought something that seemed so gross
could feel so good, but Melina had learned to crave the feeling of that
tongue swirling around inside her rectum, cleaning out her back door and
making it nice and wet for the fingers and strap on which would be inevitably
invading her butt.

Melina does her best to stay in position as she feels Beth close her lips
around the tiny anal hole and she gently increases the force behind her
probing tongue until Melina can feel her rear entrance slowly open to allow
The Glamazon's tongue inside.

Beth smiles an ear to ear smile as she get's a taste of Melina's ass hole,
the yummy taste filling Beth with a desire to press on which is exacterly
what she does, the Glamazon using her powerful tongue to push as deep into
Melina's bowels as it could go.

Once she had her tongue in all the way Beth began thrusting her tongue in and
out in a steady and powerful motion, butt fucking Melina with her tongue.

After giving Melina's butt a brief but firm tongue fucking Beth reluctantly
removes her tongue from Melina's ass hole and begins pressing her lips all
over Melina's rear, covering her girlfriend's butt in gentle kisses before
returning to her ass hole.

Beth switches between her girlfriend's ass cheeks and ass hole for a while,
trying to worship every inch of Melina's gorgeous butt, making sure not to
neglect the deliciously round globes of flesh known as Melina's buttocks
while at the same time devoting the majority of her time to the tight little
anal ring which the Glamazon plans on violating with her large strap on.

Before ending the rim job Beth devotes some time to sucking and slurping on
Melina's ass hole, making sure to get it as wet as possible before she
finally reaches for the KY Jelly.

Opening the KY Jelly Beth dips one finger into the lubricant, twirling it
around inside, before putting the rest of the KY down and spreading Melina's
butt cheeks as wide as possible with her free hand. Once those ass cheeks
were spread nice and wide Beth presses her lubricant covered digit against
Melina's back door, rubbing the lubricant on her tiny hole before applying
pressure and slowly pushing it inside her, smiling to herself as she hears
Melina moan in pleasure at the intruder.

Beth pushes her finger into Melina's butt until she us up to the knuckle
which means her whole finger has been engulfed by Melina's ass hole which is
just as much of a turn on to Beth as anything else they have done so far.

After giving her time to adjust Melina feels Beth start to slowly finger fuck
her ass hole gently but just like with the dildo in her pussy earlier with
each thrust she slowly adds more speed until she stops completely but only
long enough for her to add a second finger which also has lubrication on it
Melina can feel it.

With the second finger inserted into Melina's rectum it isn't long before
Beth has established a slow but steady pace, moving her fingers in and out of
Melina's ass, occasionally twirling her finger around inside her girl's back
passage, skilfully opening it up for the cock she will soon be shoving up

As Beth prepared Melina's ass for a hard fucking the Glamazon uses her free
hand to remove the empty fake balls of her strap on, toss the empty pair back
into the open balcony door and replace them with the fresh pair she left on
the table. Having done this countless times Beth is able not to even slow
down her finger fucking of Melina's ass, gently preparing it for what is to
come until she knows her girlfriend is desperate for a butt fucking from
something bigger than her fingers, at which point the Glamazon finally shows
some mercy to her girl.

"Do you like that Melina?" Beth whispers into Melina's ear, "Do you like my
fingers sliding in and out of your ass? Does it feel good? Do you want more?
Do you want my cock in your ass instead of my fingers? Do you want me to
stick my cock in your ass and fuck it? Do you want me to fuck your ass with
my cock the same way I am fucking it with my fingers?"

"Oh God yes, fuck me Beth, fuck my ass. Stick your big fat cock in my ass and
fuck it!" Melina moans quietly in response.

This ass play has got her turned on something fierce and Melina is willing to
do anything to get what she needs and wants which is Beth fucking her ass
with her fake cock.

However Beth seems content to just keep finger fucking her with her two
fingers even though the lubricant is no longer on either finger. Then again
maybe Beth isn't content to keep finger fucking her maybe Beth is waiting for

Melina decides to test this theory.

"Please Beth, I'm begging you, please fuck my ass. Please shove your big cock
up my ass and fuck it hard!" Melina begs.

After a moment or two of silent finger fucking Beth finally says, "Ok

And with that finally Melina feels the fingers removed and replaced by Beth's
fake cock, that hard shaft being pressed against the entrance to Melina's ass
hole. Slowly Beth begins pressing forward gently as she can, hungrily
watching as Melina's tight little anal ring slowly stretches around her large
poll, gradually widening until the brunette's butt hole closes around the
bulbous head. Despite the desire to ram the rest of the dildo into Melina's
ass in one massive thrust Beth controls herself and keeps pushing more of the
dildo further into that tight back passage, watching it as it slowly
disappears up her girlfriend's butt.

Melina loves the feel of the dildo entering her ass inch by inch by
excruciatingly slow inch until she can tell she has the whole 12 inches
inside of her butt due to the fact she can feel Beth's skin touching her's.

"Who do you belong to Melina?" She hears Beth say just loud enough for them
to hear.

"You." Melina says knowing what is coming next.

"Not good enough Melina. Tell me again. Who do you belong too?" Beth asks.

Melina smiles an ear to ear smile knowing what Beth wants her to say.

"I belong to you The Glamazon Beth Phoenix." Melina says proudly.

"Your dam right you do." Beth says in response, "And now I'm going to prove

With that Melina feels Beth take a firm grip of her hips and slowly pulls the
strap on out almost all the way and before Melina has a chance to think or
even prepare herself she feels Beth slam the dildo back inside her with all
her might.

Melina's eyes roll in the back of her head at that first wonderful thrust
into her butt. She had to bite down hard on her bottom lip to keep from
crying out as she received a second thrust into her butt, and then a third
thrust into her butt, and then a fourth thrust into her butt, and so on and
so on, the mighty Glamazon easily establishing a firm and steady ass fucking

As wonderful as the firm and steady ass fucking was Melina was greedy. She
had always been greedy, especially when it came to such wonderful pleasure,
and over the past six months Beth had spoiled Melina with amazing ass fucking
after amazing ass fucking. Melina knew just what type of brutal butt
pounding her girlfriend was capable of, and after only the first few thrusts
the greedy Latina was craving a brutal butt pounding.

"Oh yes, fuck me. Fuck my ass. It feels so good. It feels so fucking good.
Fuck my ass Beth, fuck it hard. Fuck it harder Beth. Fuck my ass as hard as
you can. Pound my ass hole! Tear it up! Fucking tear my ass up!" Melina tells

"You want me to fuck your ass harder?" Beth asks.

"Yes... please Beth, I need it! Fuck my ass harder! Fuck my ass harder Beth,
fuck it as hard as you can!" Melina now begs.

Beth smiles down at Melina, confident that she now knows who she belongs too,
and after slowly pulling the dildo almost completely out of her ass hole the
Glamazon once again slams her strap on back in to Melina's butt hole, this
time using every ounce of strength she possesses to bury every single inch
inside her girlfriend's bowels.

Without a moment of hesitation Beth began tearing into Melina's ass hole with
all her might, pounding her girl's pooper as hard as she could, the sound of
her hips smacking off Melina's butt cheeks echoing from the balcony, not that
the Glamazon cared.

Despite her previous concerns about being caught Beth no longer cared. The
rest of the world didn't matter, all that mattered was the dildo on the
inside of her toy which she was impaling herself on, the huge monster cock
strap between her thighs, those full round butt cheeks and the once tiny anal
hole in between those cheeks which were stretching obscenely around her fake
shaft as it hammers in and out.

In truth there was one more thing that mattered to Beth, and that was simply
Melina's safety, because even in her total lust for Melina's ass the Glamazon
did not allow herself to forget where they were. As long as they stayed as
they were they would be fine, but Beth was mindful that the only thing
between them and an extremely long drop was a waist height barrier which her
girl was now leaning on. Luckily for them both the Glamazon's powerful hands
have a viselike grip on Melina's hips, keeping that gorgeous ass in place
while Beth lovingly abused it to the delight of both divas, so Melina wasn't
going anywhere.

Reassured in their safety Beth could relax and enjoy fucking Melina's sweet

As Beth continues to pound into Melina's pooper like there is no tomorrow the
Glamazon smiles wickedly to herself, absolutely loving the moans and cries
coming from Melina on every thrust out and back into her ass, her girlfriend
clearly loving the butt fucking as much as she is, if not more.

All of a sudden Melina turns her head and looks back at Beth, who looks back
at Melina, both with a smile on their faces. Seeing Melina's smile causes
Beth to try and increase her thrusts as best she can but she can't due to the
fact she is already pounding Melina's ass with a ferocious speed which even
she didn't know she had.

Beth didn't need to worry about not being able to fuck Melina's ass any
harder than she already was as the butt pounding she was giving her
girlfriend was so hard it would put most porn stars to shame. It was so hard
in fact that if anyone had seen the two divas on the balcony they would have
probably assumed that Melina had done or said something wrong and now the
Glamazon was punishing her for it by destroying her ass hole.

Melina knew better though. She knew Beth wasn't trying to destroy her ass
hole. What her girlfriend was doing was out of nothing but love, and Melina
loved her for it, just as she loved the feeling of what Beth was doing to

It didn't feel like her ass hole was being destroyed. Stretched to breaking
point and brutally misused yes, but in a way which felt so good.

The violent level of anal abuse was giving Melina nothing but pleasure, the
horny Latina whimpering loudly as her girlfriend's strap on slams deep into
her shit pipe, every movement of the monster cock through her back passage
like the purest of heaven to the curvy diva.

As the brutal butt pounding continues Melina continues to whimper beneath
Beth as she turns her head back around, closes her eyes, and simply enjoys
the fucking she is getting from HER Glamazon.

To the untrained eye it may look like Beth was dominating Melina completely
but the Glamazon was just as much hers as she was the Glamazon's. In fact if
anything Melina was in control of their relationship most of the time, the
crafty Latina easily manipulating her girlfriend into doing whatever she

That first night Melina had been taken by surprise, overwhelmed and the
Glamazon had dominated her completely. That night Melina couldn't have
stopped the Glamazon from doing anything, but now all Melina had to say was
it hurt too much and she knew her loving girlfriend would stop. But that was
the last thing Melina wanted. What Melina wanted was for Beth to abuse her
ass hole like only the Glamazon could, pound her hot pooper until she came,
and that was exactly what Melina was getting, and it felt so, so good.

As the anal pleasure becomes almost too much to bear Melina began thrusting
herself back against her girlfriend, impaling her own pooper on the mighty
weapon of the Glamazon, timing her thrusts perfectly with Beth's so that the
ass fucking becomes even more violent, although Melina thought of it is
becoming more passionate, two lovers becoming completely lost in the
perverted but incredibly enjoyable act of anal sex.

Becoming lost in the butt fucking Melina began to care less and less about
being quiet. In fact the horny Latina found herself imagining all her co-
workers in the rooms surrounding them and all the other guests at the hotel
being awoken by the sound of her girlfriend taking her ass, all of them
coming out to their balconies and seeing the mighty Glamazon joyously
sodomising her tagteam partner.

In Melina's mind they would all be shocked and surprised at first, but
eventually they would all be jealous. The men of course jealous they weren't
the ones fucking Melina, while the women were jealous Melina was being fucked
better than they ever had been. Knowing the WWE divas probably more than a
few of them would also be jealous they weren't fucking Melina, but that just
made Melina's fantasy all the better.

Of course having sex out on this balcony was fulfilling Melina's fantasy as
she had always wanted to have sex in public, but the kinky Latina had two
versions of this fantasy, one in which she was caught, and one in which she
was not, and in her nearly delirious state of pleasure Melina honestly didn't
care which of these two versions of her balcony fantasy was fulfilled. All
Melina cared about right now is cumming, and with her eyes tightly closed
that is exactly what she was concentrating on. Whether she had been
discovered or not would be a fun surprise for her once she had cum, not that
she would have to wait long if her girlfriend's savage shitter slamming
thrusts had anything to say about it.

"Fuck me Beth, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me,
fuck me." Melina starts to say over and over and over again sometimes saying
it in English and then saying it again in Spanish while at the same time
shamelessly throwing herself back against Beth's thrusts.

"If you want it Melina you got it." Beth says.

"I need it Beth." Melina says back, "I need it more than anything and I can
only get it from you."

"I love you Melina." Beth says having never heard Melina say what she just
said before and yet loving the fact that she has just said it because even
though they both know already who owns her in a way Melina has just confirmed
it herself as Beth continues to pound and plow the dildo in and out of
Melina's ass like a piston in a machine.

"I love you too Beth, I love you so much. I love everything about you baby,
mmmmm, especially what you do to me. I love what you're doing to me." Melina
says, her body beginning to shake, "Oh my god I'm going to... oh Beth, oh
baby, I'm going to cum! I'm going to..."

Suddenly Melina let's out a primal scream as once again her body begins to
shake much more violent than before almost as though she has been possessed
by some kind of demon.

Seconds after Melina's scream Beth has to grit her teeth to stop letting out
a scream of her own as they both explode almost simultaneously. Despite the
fact that her fourth orgasm has just hit her Beth some how manages to not
miss a stroke continuing to fuck Melina's ass, the Glamazon pounding that
perfect posterior through her orgasm and in doing so making Melina go multi

When the Glamazon was wielding her weapon of ass destruction Melina never
failed to cum in multiples and this was no exception, the powerful blonde
butt fucking her brunette girl friend to orgasm after orgasm.

Through this record breaking level of anal abuse Beth was able to achieve
multiple orgasms herself, a rarity when she was just using her strap on but a
welcome surprise.

As she hit her third orgasm Beth suddenly remembers her strap on dildo's
special feature and smiling to herself reaches down and squeezes on the fake
balls, her cum squirting out and deep into Melina's bowels. Burying her dildo
as deep as it can go the Glamazon presses herself against Melina's beautiful
butt cheeks, happy in the knowledge that her cum was being fired deep into
Melina's ass on every squeeze of those balls, her cum decorating Melina's
rectum and marking the inside of her butt as something that belonged to the
Glamazon. Beth had made Melina verbally admit that she belonged to the
Glamazon earlier, now Beth was showing Melina this was a fact by marking her
ass hole and claiming it as hers, just as Beth had done their first night
together, the Glamazon filling her prey with her cum like a wild animal
marking its territory.

As Melina's ass filled with her cum Beth suddenly realises she hadn't checked
to see if anyone was around for awhile and after that primal scream that
should have been the first thing she should have done.

Frantically looking around the Glamazon is relieved to see no one, and is
just about to turn her complete attention back to her girlfriend when she
hears the faint sound of a door sliding open.

Not even taking a moment to remove her dildo from Melina's ass Beth
effortlessly lifts her girlfriend up by her hips and quickly carries her
girlfriend to the open balcony door, rushing her inside as out of the corner
of her eye she sees someone walking out on to the balcony next to theirs.

Unaware that they were almost discovered Melina cries out in surprise and
enjoyment as she is lifted upwards so that she is literally impaled on Beth's
strap on, that huge toy going even deeper up her ass. As Melina is lifted the
fake balls somehow gets trapped in between them and the last of Beth's cum is
squirted upwards into Melina's butt, the Latina's eyes widening as she feels
like she has been impaled on a fountain.

Before the cum start squirting out of her mouth Melina finds herself gently
placed face down on the main table, the well fucked Latina turning her head
to look back at her girlfriend, expecting to see Beth smiling back at her.
Instead she is greeted by the sight of an angry looking Glamazon.

"You promised you'd stay quiet Melina." Beth says coldly, "And because you
couldn't keep your promise we almost got caught."

"I'm... I'm sorry Beth." Melina stutters, genuinely concerned for a few
moments before she sees the smile on her girlfriend's face.

"That's ok Melina." Beth says happily, "I'm just going to have to punish you,
that's all."

"How... how are you going to do that?" Melina asks, although she already
knows the answer to the question.

"Oh, the usual way." Beth says.

With that the Glamazon tightens her grip on Melina's hips again and again
sawing in and out of her girlfriend's aching ass hole, Melina moaning in a
mixture of painful soreness and pleasurable sensation as the butt fucking is

Melina's moans slowly turn to whimpers as she realises what she is in for.

Beth's idea of 'punishment' was a day of non-stop anal sex.

Melina had been with many guys who claimed they could go all night long and
into tomorrow, and most of them had only managed to go for about an hour, but
the Glamazon seemed to possess an inhuman level of stamina and had on more
than one occasion actually succeeded in fucking Melina all-day. On those
occasions their had been brief breaks to eat and the sex had been broken up
into various different sexual acts and positions but Melina had also gone
through nearly an entire day having her ass brutally fucked by the anal
loving Glamazon.

This definitely wouldn't last all day. As much as Beth loved butt fucking
Melina they both loved their jobs and weren't about to jeopardise them by
missing the biggest show of the year. So Beth would probably do what she had
done before when 'punishing' Melina before RAW or a house show, spend hours
bending Melina over every piece of furniture in their hotel until it was time
to go and then either continue bending Melina over for a few hours when they
got back a long time later or consider Melina 'punished'.

However Beth had never started 'punishing' Melina this early before, and it
would be at least six hours before they would even have to think about
getting to the arena, and in that time the Glamazon could seriously 'punish'
Melina's ass.

A few hours of non-stop pooper pounding punishment always left Melina's
bottom feeling incredibly sore, the curvaceous Latina forced to spend the
rest of the day avoiding putting any weight on her butt, just sitting down or
performing the basic of wrestling moves a strain on her aching backside.

Melina shudders as she thinks back to all those times she's had to perform
her ring entrance with a freshly pounded butt, forcing herself to grin and
smile the whole time her teeth gritted tightly together as she drops down
onto her aching behind to slide into the ring.

Of course Melina had the power to stop these 'punishments', just as she has
the power to stop the 'punishment' she is receiving right now but she didn't
want to do that then and she didn't want to do it now.

The countless anal induced orgasms she would receive would more than make up
for any embarrassing feelings of uncomfortableness later on, and as much as
those feelings were embarrassing Melina also finds them thrilling, the kinky
Latina loving the feeling of her rear aching as it reminds her of her strong
lover and the multiple orgasms her lover easily squeezes out of her using
such a kinky sex act.

Besides, Melina thought to herself as she got herself comfortable to enjoy
her second of many butt fuckings today, it wasn't like their Wrestlemania
match stood a chance of being good even if Melina wasn't distracted, and
since Beth loves butt fucking her so much Melina can't think of a better
reward for her Glamazon to thank her for fulfilling her balcony fantasy.

The End.

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