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Melina's Interest Of Mattitude
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

On February 10, 2006, Matt Hardy was involved in a fatal four-way match
up against Chris Benoit, John Bradshaw Layfield and Orlando Jordan to
determine a number one contender to Booker T's United States Championship.
Unfortunately for Matt, he ended up being the man losing the match by
tapping out to Benoit's lethal Crossface. Matt makes his way to the back
as quickly as he can, clutching his arm in pain, "God damn it... how could
I be so fucking stupid to fall for that counter..." Matt says to himself
as he sits down on the first medical table he sees to wait to get treated
by the WWE's medical personal.

As Matt sits on the medical table holding his left arm, the manager of
Joey Mercury and Johnny, the very sexy and stunning Melina walks into the
trainer's room. Melina licks her lips as she looks at Matt Hardy from
behind. Melina slowly steps into the room and approaches Matt from behind.
Melina gently places her left hand on Matt's upper back "Hey
are you...feeling?" Melina asks with a slight smirk as she turns to face
Matt. Melina is dressed in her short jean skirt and a tan colored, low-cut

Matt looks at Melina somewhat suspiciously, "I've been better..." Matt
grumbles as he clutches his arm, Matt is still dressed in his wrestling

Melina smiles as slowly sits down on the edge of the medical table, keeping
her left hand on Matt's shirtless back "You know...Matt...I've been watching
your matches lately in the ring." Melina says as she slides her right hand
through her soft, silky hair.

Matt slightly rotates his arm as the throbbing pain starts to die down,
"Yeah? So?" Matt replies as he keeps one eye on her Melina and another eye
out for Nitro and Mercury in case he's being set up.

Melina smiles and laughs a little "And I'm sure you know...that my boys...the
greatest Tag Team in WWE history...MNM...Joey and Johnny are the hottest team
on SmackDown. Hell the hottest team in the WWE!"

Matt smirks a bit, "Yeah... I've notice your boys are trying to make a name
for themselves... they got a long way to go before they can be counted in the
league of what me and my brother Jeff did together."

Melina shakes her head "Whatever...beside the point.." Melina licks her lips
"I'm...offering you a spot...with MNM." Melina smirks deviously "
you scratch my back, I'll...scratch your back..." Melina says
seductively as she gently rakes her fingernails against Matt's back.

Matt raises an eyebrow as he gets a tad bit of a curious look on his face,
"You're kidding me... you want me... to join up with you..."

Melina gets off the edge of the medical table and stands in front of Matt,
she moves her left hand from his back to his chest "Did...I stutter?" Melina
asks arrogantly as she now begins to gently rake her finger nails against
Matt's chest.

"No you didn't..." Matt smiles a little, "But... why do you want me to join
up with you?"

Melina smirks and licks her bottom lip as she looks at Matt "You have
potential with MNM. I along with MNM, we're the most dominate force within
the'd like to be dominate again Matt, wouldn't you.." Melina smiles
"Picture this...Matt Hardy...the World Heavyweight Champion!" Melina says as
she then points at herself "I can lead you there..."

"Sounds very interesting..." Matt smirks, "But... I'm not really interested
in a manager right now... but... I am open to... discuss a possible

Melina smirks a bit and slowly moves her left hand down Matt's chest to his
stomach "Matt...I'm sure we can come to some arrangement..." Melina says as
she moves her hand down and gently brushes her hand against Matt's crotch.

Matt looks down at Melina's hand as she brushes it against his crotch again.
"I think... we should discuss this... somewhere else... someplace more

Melina flashes her eyelashes at Matt, as she looks up at him "Why canít we
discuss matters in here..." Melina says as she removes her hand from Matt and
walks away towards the doors. Melina then kicks the door closed with her foot
and walks back over towards Matt with a smirk.

"I have no reason why not..." Matt licks his lip a bit as his eyes wander of
Melina's body for a moment. "I just don't want... too many people to assume
you're getting a full Mattitude adjustment..."

Melina licks her lips "Mmmm...I like the sounds of that.." Melina says as she
circles back around Matt, facing him once against. Melina locks eyes with
Matt as she begins to untie Matt's wrestling pants.

"Me too..." Matt licks his lips slightly as he reaches behind his head to
untie his hair from it's ponytail. Melina bites down on her bottom lip as
her seductive eyes lure Matt into lust. Once Melina finishes untying his
wrestling pants she tugs at them, pulling his wrestling pants down as Matt
kicks off his boots. Matt lifts his legs up a bit so Melina can pull them
off his legs completely, leaving him naked except for the tape he uses to
wrap up his wrists. "I guess you want to start the negotiations right

Melina smirks a bit "How do you think I got Mark Henry to take out Batista
for me." Melina laughs evilly as she licks her teeth. Melina flips her hair
back as she gently grips Matt's semi-hard cock with her delicate, dominating
hands. Melina begins to slowly move her hands up and down against Matt's

"Mmmmm... I was wondering about that..." Matt moans slightly as he leans back
on the table a bit so he's supporting himself with his elbows. Matt's eyes
are glued to Melina's hands as he watches them intently move along his rising
dick. Melina looks up into Matt's eyes as she slowly brings her head down to
his cock. Melina opens her mouth as she gently takes the head of Matt's cock
into her warm mouth, she wraps her lips tightly around his cock and begins to
pump her head up and down on Matt's hardening cock.

"Ohhhh geez...." Matt closes his eyes slightly as he feels the warmth of
Melina's mouth around his cock. He tilts his head back and moans again,
"Damn... you got... a hot mouth Melina..."

Melina smiles around Matt's cock as she starts bob her head quicker on his
cock as she laps her smooth tongue around his shaft, twisting her head
around on his cock. Melina opens her mouth wider as she bobs her head down
taking his cock all the way into her mouth down to the base, amazingly deep
throating him. Melina lifts her head up with a smirk as she rubs her warm
saliva around on Matt's stiff cock.

"Ohhhh shit... yeah... god damn.... Melina... you give great head..." Matt
moans as he moves one hand to flip Melina's hair back over her head so he
can keep seeing her beautiful face. Melina removes her hands from Matt's
cock and pushes him back onto the medical table, so that's laying down.
Melina slides her thong down from underneath her jean skirt, leaving her
skirt and top on as she gets up onto the medical table along with Matt.

Matt looks at Melina and he licks his lips, "If you were wearing a nurses
outfit... ahh fuck that... you're hot enough already..." Matt puts his hands
behind his head as he waits to see what Melina does next.

Melina smirks at Matt as she slides her hand through hair. Melina then gently
mounts herself on top of Matt's cock taking his thick, hard cock into her
warm pussy. "Ohhhh yeah...." Melina groans "'re just like Joey and
Johnny...big...and hard." Melina licks her lips as she places her hands on
Matt's chest, while begins to rock herself back and forth on Matt's cock,
occasionally bouncing on his cock.

Matt quickly moves his hands and slides them underneath her jean skit to
feel her firm thighs. Matt locks eyes with Melina as she rides his cock
slowly, almost teasing him with ever movement, "Shit.. you got... one tight
fucking... pussy..." Matt groans as every so often his hips buck upward to
thrust his cock up into Melina's vice like cunt.

Melina smiles as she slowly comes down on Matt's cock "You want more...Mr.
Hardy?" Melina asks with a smirk as she teasingly rides his cock slowly.

"Fuck yeah..." Matt starts to sit up a bit, but he lays back down when Melina
presses her hands down on his chest. Matt moves one hand from under her skirt
and starts to caress Melina's chest through her top.

Melina laughs "Well get ready...." Melina says before she starts to rapidly
ride Matt's cock at a fast pace as she rock back and forth, bounces quickly,
while she slams down hard onto his cock. "Mmmmm awwww fuck!" Melina grits
her teeth.

"Ohhhh son of a... ahhh a bitch!" Matt moans as he feels all of Melina's
weight coming crashing down on his cock every time Melina drops down on it.
Matt sits himself up on the table so he can wrap his arms around her waist.

Melina closes her eyes as she feels Matt thrusting into her pussy as well
after every bounce " are good....definitely...MNM material..."
Melina moans as she grinds her pussy against Matt's hard cock.

Matt sharply pushes his cock into her pussy, "Mmmm Melina... you... haven't
seen Mattitude... at it's finest yet..." Matt tilts his head forward and
kisses the exposed part of Melina's chest and her neck.

Melina licks her lips " me..." Melina replies with a slight groan.

"Hope you can handle what I got..." Matt smirks as he lifts her off his cock
and sets her on the table. Matt kneels up on the table behind her after he
pushes her on all fours. He hikes her skirt up over her hips to take a look
at Melina's perfectly round ass, "Mmmm... twice the ass Lita has...
perfect..." Matt guides his cock into Melina's pussy and begins to pump it in
and out of her cunt slowly, but firmly.

Melina looks over shoulder with smirk "You love that ass? Why don't you smack
it." Melina says as she gentle pushes herself back against Matt's cock.

"You mean like this?" Matt smacks Melina's ass fairly hard, leaving a
noticeable imprint on his hand on her skin. Matt starts to increase the tempo
of his thrusts, slamming his cock into her pussy at an increasingly swifter

Melina tilts her head back and closes her eyes "Ohhhh...exactly like that!"

Matt smacks her ass again and again, "You love that don't you... you love
getting this hot dose of Mattitude..." Matt places his other hand on Melina's
shoulder as he thrusts sharply into her pussy.

Melina looks back over her shoulder, gritting her teeth "Ohhh...fuck...'d fit in...great...with M..N..M!" Melina moans as she viciously
slams herself hard back on Matt's cock.

"Yeah... but for now... I'd fit in... you're nice hot ass..." Matt pulls out
of her pussy and shoves his cock without hesitation into Melina's waiting
asshole. Without losing a beat, Matt resumes fucking her at the same pace and
intensity he was using to ravage her pussy.

Melina licks her lips as she closes her eyes "Awwww...Matt..." Melina grits
her teeth.

"Ohhhhh god damn... you got such a hot tight ass Melina... it's perfect..."
Matt pushes his dick harder into her ass. He moves a hand underneath her so
he can begin to rub her pussy with his fingers. Sweat from Melina's forehead
rolls her pretty face as she breaths heavily, beginning to cum on Matt's
fingers. Matt's body shines a bit in the light of the room due to the sweat
building on his body. His thrusts begin to vary in quality as he grunts
every few seconds. Matt pushes two fingers into her pussy and he pumps them
in and out swiftly.

Melina looks back at Matt "'re too good at this..." Melina laughs
as she slowly and tiredly pushes back against Matt's cock deep inside her
tight asshole.

"Maybe... too good... for MNM..." Matt smirks a bit as he gets a confident
look on his sweaty face. He pushes into her with as much strength as he can
get behind it. "Bet you.. can't wait for the... ultimate dose of

"Ohhhh...I want bad..." Melina groans.

"Ahhhh.... fuck.... where do you want it?" Matt clenches his teeth as he
tries to catch his breath.

"Mmmm....fucking...cum in my ass" Melina moans as she pushes back against
Matt's cock, gently rotating her hips.

Matt shoves his cock as deep as he can into her ass just before he dumps his
hot load of cum inside of her asshole. Matt jams his two fingers into her
cunt at the same instant, as he holds Melina against him, "Oh shit..." Matt
moans as he recovers slightly from his explosive climax.

Melina looks over her shoulder with sweat dripping down her face "So...I'll
scratch your, you'll scratch my back?" Melina smirks.

Matt smirks at her, "Let me think about it... I want to make sure you and I
will be a really good fit together."

Melina smirks as Matt gently pulls out of her cum coated asshole. "We
could...always go through another negotiation..."

"I think we better do that..." Matt licks his lips as he smacks her ass one
more time.


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