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Mickie Dominates
by Latrina

From the time when Mickie James was released from WWE she wanted nothing more
than a revenge on her most recent rival Michelle McCool. Even that she was
fired couldn't stop her. During Smackdown tapping Michelle McCool had a match
so Mickie sneaked into the back with devil plan. Make Michelle her bitch. She
brought with her huge 15 inches long dildo and even toilet seat. She wanted
to humiliate Michelle so bad. She sneaked into her locker room and waited
until match is over.

Michelle was happy backstage after her successful match against Beth Phoenix
and she was heading into her locker room. After she closed doors she heard
someone locked the door. She turned around and there was Mickie James.
Michelle was in big surprise and she was speechless. Mickie kicked Michelle
and Michelle fell onto ground. Michelle was completely shocked when she saw
Mickie. Mickie kicked Michelle few times into head and stomach.

Mickie started, "Michelle you have been treating me like your bitch. Now I'm
going to make you my bitch."

Michelle still shocked just said, "There is no way I will be your bitch."

But she was wrong after few minutes of beating Michelle was exhausted and she
became Mickie's bitch. Mickie started her dominant role. Mickie ripped off
Michelle blue wrestling top to reveal Michelle small but nice rounded tits.
Mickie asked Michelle "Are you going to take your pants or should I rip them
off too?"

Michelle slowly pulled her pants down to her knees to reveal her unshaven and
hairy pussy. Mickie continued in turning Michelle to her bitch. "Michelle
strip me using only your mouth."

Mickie had her white top and her favorite blue jeans on. Michelle didn't see
a way to strip Mickie only using mouth.

Mickie said "If you don't strip me with your mouth in 30 seconds every second
above will cost you spank."

Michelle bean to pull Mickie's jeans down she finally opened button on
Mickie's jeans. Mickie looked at Michelle and Michelle was pulling Mickie's
panties down to reveal Mickie's completely shaven pussy. It smelled so good
to Michelle but she still realized that it is her biggest rival. She moved to
Mickie's top and she started to pull it down but it was very hard for her to
pull it down only using her mouth. But then Michelle grabbed Mickie's top
with hands and pulled it down along with bra to expose Mickie big, juicy and
round tits.

Mickie said to her bitch, "This will cost you 50 spanks." Michelle was
scared of what pain will 50 spanks cost. Mickie just gave an order, "Turn

Michelle did as she was ordered and turned around and Mickie grabbed long
wooden stick and started to spank Michelle's ass. Mickie was enjoying it on
the other side Michelle hated when someone was spanking her or even touching
her ass.

After 50 spanks Mickie didn't stop spanking Michelle. She continued it until
Michelle's ass was dark red then she stepped to toilet seat and putted it on
Michelle's head. Michelle knew what was about to happen she hated piss so
much. Mickie stepped above Michelle who was now used as a toilet. Mickie
started to pee. A gold stream of pee poured out her pussy right into the
mouth of Michelle. Michelle had no other choice but to drink all of pee. When
Michelle thought it was all Mickie turned around setting her juicy ass into
Michelle's face and she started to shit.

Michelle hated having shit in her mouth more than anything else and now she
was about to eat shit. Michelle opened her mouth widely and Mickie's shit
landed to her mouth. Michelle had full mouth of Mickie's shit and she began
to eat it. When she thought it was all Mickie ordered her to clean her ass.

Michelle started to lick remaining shit of Mickie's ass. When Mickie's ass
was clean she took her 15 inches long strap-on dildo and ordered Michelle to
stick her ass to air. Michelle kneeled on all fours and stuck her ass into
air. Mickie came with her dildo closer to Michelle's ass and then she saw it.
Michelle asshole was so tight which made Mickie ask Michelle, "Michelle, you
are anal virgin aren't you?"

Michelle answered, "Yes Mickie I am."

Mickie smiled widely and started to enter Michelle tight hole. She pushed 4
inches of 15 inches to her ass. Michelle cried in pain. Mickie continued in
pushing inch by inch to Michelle's ass. She pushed 10 inches of it and
Michelle was begging for mercy, but Mickie had no excuse for her and pushed
whole 15 inches into the ass of McCool. Michelle was suffering a pain like
never before and Mickie started to butt fuck her every time she pushed all 15
inches into Michelle's ass.

But on the other side Michelle started to enjoy the fucking of her ass. She
even started moving her ass in a quicker pace on dildo with every thrust.
Michelle's small ass hit Mickie's stomach. Mickie enjoyed fucking other divas
especially Michelle after what she put Mickie through.

Then suddenly Mickie pulled the dildo out of Michelle's ass and put down the
strap-on from her stomach. Michelle thought that this would be over and
Mickie will now leave but Mickie sat on bench in the locker-room and gave
orders to her bitch. "Now you are going to lick my perfect body you little

Michelle knew that she have to do what Mickie wants as she slowly walked
towards Mickie and she started to suck on her nipples. Mickie was completely
enjoying having her tits sucked by her own bitch. Michelle moved her other
hand to the Mickie's other nipple and she was pleasuring both of Mickie's
nipples. Mickie enjoyed her little bitch as she was moving her hand through
Michelle's hair.

Mickie said "Now you can move to my pussy."

Michelle started to move down licking Mickie's stomach and arriving to
Mickie's pussy. She slowly moved her tongue through Mickie shaven clit and
she entered Mickie's pussy with her tongue. This was another thing that
Mickie enjoyed. Michelle never licked a women's pussy before but she liked it
even if it was pussy of Piggy James as she used to call Mickie.

Michelle was moving both of her hands around Mickie's pussy. She started to
finger Mickie when Mickie shocked her, "Lick my ass too."

Mickie turned around so Michelle could lick her ass. Michelle licked Mickie's
ass before but back than it was dirty from shit now there was only little
remaining of Mickie's shit as Michelle entered Mickie's ass with her tongue.
Mickie enjoyed having her ass licked the most. Michelle used even her fingers
and she continued to finger Mickie's pussy.

After few minutes Mickie started to scream at Michelle, "Quickly move to my

Michelle did as she was ordered and moved to her pussy she moved her fingers
now to Mickie's ass and with other hand she was moving it around Mickie's
nipple after minute.

Mickie screamed "IM CUMING! IM CUMING!"

Michelle pulled her tongue out of Mickie's pussy and opened her mouth wide so
Mickie's cum landed to her mouth. Michelle tasted girl-cum for the first time
in her life and she liked it.

Michelle thought for a second that this will be over but Mickie put her strap
on back on and ordered Michelle to get on all fours and she entered
Michelle's pussy with her huge long dildo. First she wasn't able to push in
all 15 inches but then Michelle started to move and she pushed all of 15
inches into her pussy, but after minute she pulled it off stepped in front of
Michelle and ordered her to suck it and she even added "If you will not suck
all 15 inches every inch will be 10 spanks."

Michelle's ass was still hurting from last spanking. But she was able to only
suck 11 inches of it. The biggest cock she ever had was 10 inches and it was
of her husband The Undertaker. Mickie wanted to help Michelle so she grabbed
her by her hair and pushed another inch of it to her mouth Michelle than
somehow sucked another inch but it was too much.

After few minutes of sucking Mickie said, "You only sucked 13 inches that
means 20 spanks."

Michelle begged Mickie but Mickie grabbed wooden stick again and started to
spank Michelle. After 20 spanks Mickie thought that Michelle deserves more
and she spanked her another 20 times. Michelle's ass was now bloody red.
Mickie standing behind Michelle surprised her and pushed strap on into her
pussy. She started to fuck her really hard and she gave Michelle's ass spank
with her bare hand. Michelle was in huge pain but in some weird way she was
enjoying it.

After few more minutes of fucking Michelle started to feel something new
something she never felt before. And then she came all over Mickie's strap-
on. Mickie pulled strap-on from Michelle's pussy and came in front of
Michelle and ordered to clean strap-on. Michelle took the strap-on into her
mouth. After it was clean Mickie pressed the side of strap-on but nothing
came off as Mickie checked balls. They were empty so she went to her bag to
replace it but suddenly Michelle hit her from behind and she started to beat
her up.

To be continued...

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