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Featuring: Mickie James (TNA, former WWE), Robbie E (TNA), Rob Terry (TNA).

Mickie Gets On The List
A TNA erotic story
by DaxG2001 (

In early Spring of 2012, backstage at the TNA Impact Wrestling Zone during
an edition of TNA Impact Wrestling, the stunning Knockout known for being
"Hardcore Country" Mickie James is heading around, already in a slightly
annoyed mood after find out yet again she's been left off the card of the
night in favor of other Knockouts and the current Knockouts Champion. Clad
in signature tight, Daisy Dukes jean shorts that hug to her incredibly
thick and juicy ass, and a tied at the front red plaid shirt top that shows
off her large breasts perfectly, James is weighing up ways to kill time and
that avoid hearing any speeches involving Hogan or putting over Bischoff's
kid when she pauses to stop for a moment. Tilting her long, brunette-haired
head slightly, she swears she can hear what appears to be thumping club
music coming from somewhere.

Intrigued, she starts to follow the nose and after turning a corner, she
sees a quite bizarre sight indeed. An open door that the loud club music is
coming from and there seems to be flashing lights coming out of it and a
hint of smoke machine smoke from the ground, and in front of the door is a
section of rope between two poles much like outside of any nightclub.
Telling though, standing by the door with his finger to his ear is the
massive Welsh powerhouse Rob Terry, clad in jeans and a slightly too small
black T-shirt that hugs to his very muscular upper body, and holding a
clip-board that has "The List" written on the front.

"What the hell is this all about??" Mickie asks out loud with a slight
laugh of disbelief, having to yell slightly above the music as she
approaches Terry and the door.

Seeing the approaching woman, Rob holds up his free hand in a "stop" motion.
"No entry love! Keep on walking." He tells her in his thick, Welsh accent.

"Excuse me? No entry to what??" James questions, pointing to the door on
the other side of the rope. "In there? What's going on here? This is
supposed to be backstage, locker rooms of TNA!"

"No exceptions darling." Terry seriously responds, holding up "The List" and
tapping it. "If your name isn't on "The List" then you're not getting in.
Rules are rules."

"A list? Are you being serious here??" James seems dismayed by this whole
scene, placing her hands on her thick hips as she looks right up at him. "I
don't know what kind of joke this is supposed to be, but you can't just go
hijack a locker room just to... Hold some party or whatever! Tell me this is
some kind of joke or something..." She has to keep on yelling to be heard,
but her words aren't fazing the "bouncer" here.

"Robbie T my dude!!" Another voice is heard, coming from inside the room.
"We've got this place pumping tonight, just like my fist bro!!" Appearing
now at the door is the man from the Jersey Shore, the party and fame
obsessed Robbie E who's attention soon switches from his bodyguard towards
the gorgeous TNA Knockout. Peering over his sunglasses, he's dressed in just
a pair of his own ring tights with a green fist-pump logo on the front and
back, and seeing James makes him smirk approvingly as he openly check her
out, and this doesn't improve the already annoyed mood she's in.

"Oh, oh, OH!" Robbie E says, making a fist-pumping motion with each word.

"Robbie T bro, you should have told me sooner that you were lining up the
chicks to get this place really popping!" He says, not taking his eyes off
of her as he speaks.

"She's not on "The List" Sir, so no entry, like you said." Rob Terry
responds, holding the list over towards him but he doesn't even glance at it,
still gazing over the glaring female on the other side of the ropes.

"If it's a list run by this idiot, then I'm glad I'm not on it!" Mickie
snaps, pointing at Robbie. "What the hell are you doing, running some
personal nightclub here??"

"You know it my dude!" He responds with a smirk. "Girl, don't play with me
here. Everyone knows in TNA that the best parties and the best action is
right here, wherever Robbie E and my dude big Robbie T here are at! You
know you want in on this, and for sure a babe like you can get onto "The
List" no sweat!"

"Please, I'm Mickie James. "Hardcore Country", former Knockouts Champion..."
Mickie says with an unimpressed look on her face. "I'm a wrestler, an
actress, and a singer! I've got the talent to get myself onto just about
any and every list that I could ever want to! What exactly makes your list
so special anyway that I would want to get onto it?"

"You serious bro? You know how many people, like all these no hope, never
gonna be V.I.P. Florida losers, want on "The List" and into the biggest
parties on the scene with Robbie E?" He looks over his sunglasses at her,
taking clear offense to having his list being questioned. "Only the best
people, the biggest party animals, and the hottest babes get on "The List"
and babe, from what I see already, you can easily fit it, right at the top,
of the babes section!"

Moving her hands up to fold them across her large chest, she eyes up Robbie
E with suspicion. "But if I'm not on your precious little list already...
Then that means you assume that I'm not good enough to party with? Now
we've got a problem here. Just because I'm "Hardcore Country" doesn't mean
I can't throw down and get down with the best of them." Mickie states with
a smirk of her own. "Out in the country, we can throw a bash that could
blow the New Year's Eve party in New York City out of the water. I bet you
boys wouldn't last more than five minutes out country partying with me."

"Mickie my dude, we can sure find out if you can, and if you're good enough
to get onto "The List"... Robbie T bro, let her in. Let's see if she can
get Hardcore all up in here!" Robbie E says, patting his bodyguard on the
shoulder, and with a nod, Rob Terry turns and unhooks the rope to allow her
access in.

"Alright... I'm game for a challenge boys..." Mickie says, glancing between
both men before she steps forward, entering the room and finding that while
it's still a regular, more expensive Impact Wrestling locker room, he's
brought in some club lighting and turned off the main lights, with a sound
system in the corner playing out the loud club music. "So then, what
exactly do I have to do in order to get onto "The List" then?" James asks
as she eyes up Robbie E and sees the way she's looking over her gorgeously
curved body.

* * *

Just moments later inside the locker room, a naked Robbie E is grinning as
he stands with a raised arm, fist pumping to the club music beat playing as
he looks right down at the stunning Mickie James as she raises an eyebrow
at him with a smirk, still clothed as she strokes his rock hard and very
impressively long cock with her right hand. Tossing her long hair back, she
leans in and flicks her tongue against the head of his tool, already enough
to make him moan as she moves around the crowd, dragging that nicely wet
and soft tongue smoothly around in a calm, clockwise motion while using her
hand to jerk off his size from the base up to just below the bell end.

With the door locked and "The List" still in his hand, the imposing "Robbie
T" has moved up closer, keeping a serious expression on his face but
naturally unable to take his gaze away from the sight of the busty brunette
as she parts her pouty lips and takes the first few inches of the dick of
his "boss" into her mouth with a clear moan. That sound wasn't nearly as
loud as from the man now receiving a blowjob, his fist pumping miss-timing
as he feels those full lips wrapped firmly around his length as she slides
her mouth down to over the half-way mark and then rises back up until just
the head is inside, all the while keeping her hand pumping along the rest
of his that isn't yet insider her warm and wet mouth.

The eyes of the former TNA Knockouts Champion narrow in a sexy glare as she
looks up at the hunk she's sucking off with an already energetic pace, her
long hair slightly swaying as she pushes her head down to take his tool
deep into her clearly experienced oral hole and then smoothly moving back
up, never allowing his cock to fall from her mouth so she can keep on
bobbing her head along his size. It seems watching the arrogant hunk having
to eat his words as he isn't managing to keep on "partying" thanks to her
talented mouth is turning her on, watching him groan each time her lips
brush up and down his length and giving her all the encouragement she needs
to venture down deeper onto him as she moans herself around him.

Now both her hands go onto the former TNA X Division Champion's thighs as
the motion of her head rocking back and forth on his shaft increases and
she takes more of his nicely thick inches further into her damp, soothing
mouth that's leaving his dick covered with a layer of her saliva, only
adding more pleasure as he looks right down over his sunglasses at the
smoking hot Knockout blowing him. The grin can't be wiped from his face as
he moans, seeing her face coming teasingly close to touching his crotch and
she's not even gagging for a moment, her bobbing up and down on his rock
hard length as steady and forceful as ever as she kneels right in front of

Glancing to the side and catching the lustful glint in Rob Terry's eyes as
he watches the scene in front of him, the former WWE Diva smirks around the
dick she's blowing, lifting her head all the way up and off of the manhood
she'd been expertly blowing so she can use her tongue to swirl all across
and around the tip. Without the force of her mouth acting as a "distraction"
to say the least, it's only now Robbie E can resume fist pumping and
matching the beat, rather than how he was all over the place when she was
giving him an almost mind-blowing blowjob, but he can't help but groan now
as she spits right down onto his tool and then uses her hungry tongue to
apply her saliva right onto and over his cock.

"Oh, oh, OH!" Robbie E says, punctuating each yell with a fist-bump as he
grins down at James. "That's what I'm talking about bro! That's how you get
onto "The List"!"

"If that's all I have to do, then it's not going to take me very long to
get on it..." Mickie responds with a smirk as she stands up, turning as she
looks over the hulking frame of Rob Terry. "If you want to get really
"Hardcore Country" with this woman? Then let's see what big Robbie T here
has to offer..."

"You kidding me? Robbie T is the life of the party bro!" Robbie E states,
pushing his sunglasses back up his nose as he checks out her jeans-shorts
covered ass with a smirk. "Show her what you're packing bro!"

With a nod of his head, the extremely muscular Rob Terry undoes his belt,
letting his pants drop to the ground and seeing the even longer, much
thicker, and already rock hard cock that's released, James' mouth starts to
water even more as her wide eyes gaze over it.

"Holy shit..." Mickie gasps, bending over forward in front of him as she
takes a hold of Terry's dick in her hand. "They used to call you "The
Freak", right? They weren't kidding!" She says, stroking his length with a
wide smile.

The massive and hung Welshman just stands with his arms folded across his
chest, staring down as the perfectly curved American beauty wastes no time
in taking his shaft into her mouth, finding her lips have to stretch to
take in his fat man meat but managing to press them down and all around his
size as she pushes her head down to the half-way mark where she has to stop
to groan. Looking right back up at him as she lifts herself back up to the
head, slapping her tongue up against the underside of his tool as she goes,
she gets into a steady sucking motion on him, having to put in more effort
here to handle an even bigger dick but from the way she's moving her head
back and forth onto him she's not planning on treating this cock with
anything less than the treatment it deserves.

In the meantime, the cocky but handsome grappler hailing from the Jersey
Shore has pulled the tight Daisy Duke shorts down from the juicy hips of
the Richmond, Virginia beauty, admiring her stunning ass as he pushed his
coated with her saliva cock into her snatch, instantly feeling her tightness
and making himself moan as the starts to bang her from behind. Gripping her
waist as he thrusts, he keeps her right in place more for his needs than
anything else, making sure his length slides back and forth into her slit
with ease as he builds up the rhythm and is intentionally making it match
the beat of the club music playing around his locker room that they're
fucking in.

Feeling the nicely long and thick to match dick moving back and forth into
her pussy has the former WWE Divas and Women's Champion moaning around the
even bigger shaft in her mouth, her body reacting as she pushes backward to
meet the thrusts but still keeps her concentration on the man in front of
her, bobbing her head smoothly and with a purpose as she sucks away at his
manhood. Low groans and grunts escape the powerful stud as he gazes down,
watching her pretty face moving up and then swiftly down onto his length,
feeling her saliva getting applied to his member as she grips his strong
thighs both for support and so she can start to quicken her motion, wanting
every inch of his meat deep in her oral hole.

At the same time getting every bit of a lengthy pole is exactly what the
Hardcore Country babe of TNA is getting as the former TNA X-Division and
Television Champion stuffs his shaft in and out of her twat with a moan, his
gaze switching from watching her thick ass cheeks jiggle when his muscular
waist smacks into them and up towards her head to smirk at the sight of her
sucking off his personal bodyguard. He's groaning in pleasure as he slides
his dick into her snug snatch, feeling her dampen but staying tight as he
bangs her from behind in this standing doggy style position, each thrust
going balls deep into her love tunnel almost too easily, and reveling in the
moment of nailing one of the hottest female wrestlers ever he's even
fist-pumping with a raised arm, keeping it time with each inward and
outward movement into her pussy as he moans away in pleasure.

Determined to take it all in, a sharp push downward leaves the Strangers &
Angels singer gagging loudly as she feels the tip of the former TNA Global
Champion's shaft touching the back of her warm and wet mouth, saliva seeping
past her pouty lips as they press against the base of his stiff rod but she
keeps on glaring with desire up at the hunk she's deep throating even as it
makes her gag in a rather slutty manner. There's no complaints from either
of them though as he moans and watches on as she moves her head down a
couple of inches, just so she can push right back down onto him with a deep
groan as her nose touches his crotch and her chin meets his heavy ballsack,
her body still rocking backward to meet the thrusts from the other man
involved in this so she's moving her perfectly curved body between them
both, gagging and groaning around one lengthy dick while she takes another
deep into her snatch to keep her moaning as well.

After a couple more thrusts, Robbie E pulls out of her twat with a smirk,
looking over her juices that are over his length. "Yeah, I've bet you've
never been in a party like this before have you country girl?" He says
arrogantly, stepping back as he fist-pumps his way over to the couch in the

Taking her time, she enjoys a long, groaning deep throat of the even more
muscular hunk's cock before finally lifting her head up and off from him
and taking in a deep breath of air. "You don't know the places I've been
Mister..." Mickie responds, looking back at him with a smirk. "And no
taking a break either!" She remarks at him sitting down on the couch.

"You serious bro?" Robbie E responds, glaring over the top of his
sunglasses. "This is about impressing me to get on "The List", so drop that
top and get those lips back around my fist-pumping dick right here!"

"You're calling your dick "fist pumping"? I wonder if you're being serious
here..." James states with an amused smirk, reaching down and untying her
plaid top, letting her large and sexily rounded tits bounce free. Tossing
it aside, she glances back at Rob Terry and licks her lips as she looks
over the dick she'd just been sucking off. "Don't be a stranger now..."

Not foolish enough to turn down an offer, Terry follows the stunning, naked
Knockout as she walks over to the couch, brushing her hair back as she
places her hands on Robbie E's thighs, leaning her lower body and head right
down to take his dick right back into her soothingly damp mouth, but keeping
her legs spread and her ass pushed right out towards the other hung hunk
involved in this already steamy threesome. As she resumes the task of
sucking off the more vocal of the two men, behind her the powerful and very
muscular wrestler is running his cock up against her slit before entering
with a firm thrust, and feeling that fat cock invading her still very tight
snatch makes her jolt forward and let out a muffled moan, her eyes closing
as she pushes her backside sharply back in response.

Once again taking a dick in both ends, the former TNA Knockouts Champion
groans as she sucks away at the dick of the seated man in front of her,
tasting her own snatch off of his man meat but not repulsed by this at all,
instead making sure to replace that light coating with her own saliva as
she bobs her head all the way up and down on his rod. With this almost face
down, ass up position she's in, she can really rock sharply back and forth
which not only allows her to easily and smoothly deep throat the dick she's
sucking but to really send her juicy booty backward to meet the incoming
and already swift and forceful thrusts from the other TNA star so she's
taking him deep and filling her snatch right up with his thick length.

Hands gripping the thick and full ass cheeks of the first woman to ever
hold the WWE Women's, WWE Divas, and TNA Knockouts Championship, the
powerhouse from Swansea, Wales grunts as he pumps his massive dick in and
out of her snatch, forcing her to stretch and adjust to his vast size but
isn't giving her any time to do it as he's gone right into a sharp pace,
forcing his inches deep into the tanned, American babe's love tunnel. He
can tell from the way she's all too eagerly rocking back to meet his motion
that she's loving it just as much as he is, so he keeps on banging her and
making her butt cheeks jiggle erotically when his thrusts into her,
approaching going balls deep into her damp pussy as he continues to nail
her from behind while she has an only slightly less impressive and fat dick
to his inside her mouth.

Speaking of said moaning male, he's now got a handful of her long brunette
hair to aid her in the sucking motion she's doing on his stiff Jersey Shore
cock, making the already top notch pleasure feel even better as she pushes
down until her lips are wrapped around the base before she quickly slides
up to under the half way mark and repeats the motion with a muffled moan,
the result of the other dick getting rammed in and out of her very wet
snatch. The seated wrestler is grunting himself, sweat trickling down his
forehead and clearly covering his muscular body as it's clear that the
Richmond, Virginia native is more than "qualified" to be on "The List" as
she dishes out a pornstar quality blowjob onto his manhood with her saliva
dripping off of his shaft and trickling down onto his balls and over his

It's perhaps a good thing that the club music that's the trademark of the
two "Robbies" is still blaring out loudly, acting as a cover-up for the
combined moans coming from all three desirable TNA performers as the
curvacious brunette is getting stuffed in both ends by the two hung and
tanned hunks with one pounding away into her still tight twat and then other
with his rod balls deep into her oral hole. They are all caught up in the
lust to care about anything other than their own pleasure, especially in the
case of the sweating female in the middle of it who's showing that it's not
just "Country" that she's "Hardcore" about, making the task of taking two
long cocks at the same time look like no problem at all as she moves her
body back and forth between them, causing her large tits to sway as they
hang down as she sucks away at one cock while taking every inch of the other
right into her pussy.

"Mmmmm! Mmmm..." James muffled moans vibrated around the dick deep in her
mouth before she lifted her head away, a strand of saliva hanging from the
head of Robbie E's dick to her lips as she looked back at the other hunk
still banging her. "Oh yeah! Fucking give it to me Rob!" She moaned
encouragement, still pushing her booty back at him.

"Woah! This is my party! You don't ignore the host!" Robbie E says after
adjusting his sunglasses. "You don't want to suck, then you're gonna fuck!
Robbie T my dude, get her up on me!" He orders, seeing that she's more
interested in his bodyguard's dick than his at the moment.

With a nod and still looking as serious as ever, Rob Tery pulls out of her
snatch, making them both groan, before he uses his vast strength to easily
lift her up, turning her around so her back is facing the seated man's
chest as she's lowered down onto his lap.

"Just get that massive dick back in me..." Mickie states, gazing over the
ripped body of the approaching Terry. "And I'll put you right back onto the
top of my list..."

Before she could continue, she's cut off by having to groan as the former
TNA Television Champion has pushed his dick up and into her asshole,
moaning as his long shaft enters her back passage and slides in
impressively deep with just the first motion, no doubt aided by her own
saliva coating his rod acting as a lubricant. Reaching up, he slides his
hands over her tanned sides as he starts to thrust up into her thick booty,
the position awkward for a moment until she lifts her legs up and far apart
for the other hunk, all too willingly wrapping those smooth pins around his
incredibly muscular waist as well as putting her arms around his neck for
support, tossing her head back as she feels his big cock sliding back into
her wet pussy once again.

Yet again the busty brunette is showing her sexual skill as she handles two
dicks at once, this time in double penetration action with one filling up
her already very damp snatch and the other pumping up into her juicy, one
of a kind ass, and the feeling of both is more than enough to keep her
moaning out loud, struggling to keep her eyes open to watch the action
unfold. Held in place by both men, she can do little but take it in both
lower holes, the force of their combined thrusts making her body jolt
between them as her large tits bounce sexily in time with her tanned and
wonderfully curved body, her body's rocking in turn grinding her snatch and
her backside against the respective shaft firing in and out into her.

Looking far from the gorgeous and talented wrestler as well as singer and
actress now is the former TNA Knockouts, WWE Divas, and WWE Women's
Champion as she moans out loudly and without shame, sweat coating her
stunning body to make her look even hotter than she already is as she's
banged in the ass and snatch by two equally attractive studs. A normal red
blooded woman who have been rendered into a spent wreck from several
orgasms long before this point, so it's a show of how sexually skilled she
is to be able not just to handle such sizes of their lengths put the force
and pace they are using to pound her holes, sending all of their thick
inches into her twat and backside as they grunt, sweat, and moan from the
pleasure they're getting from nailing the stunning beauty of sports

Underneath her, the seated wrestler continues to thrust his member right up
into her asshole, feeling her ass cheeks each time he rocks his hips upward
to smack into them and go balls deep into her back passage, feeling no
sting of pain at all as he hammers away into her very tight hole, his cock
twitching inside her but not wanting to miss out on a moment of getting a
piece of one of the hottest and juiciest asses to ever be a part of pro
wrestling. After making sure his sunglasses are securely on his face, the
former TNA TV and X Division Champion moves his hands up to her big breasts,
groping and squeezing them as they bounce in her grip from the way she's
roughly jolting between him and the other hunk giving it to her, still
making sure he thrusts away into her booty as he toys with her large titties
and makes her further moan out in lust.

At the same time the massive Welshman is continuing on slamming his even
longer and much more thicker dick back and forth into the soaking wet
snatch of the beautiful American babe who's clinging onto him almost for
dear life as she's taken up the ass at the same time, getting a close up
look of her beautiful, sweat covered and moaning face inches away from him
as she's made to rock towards and away from him thanks to both men's hard
and fast fucking of her holes. Teeth gritted and perspiration dripping down
his rugged facial features, he's not holding back as he gives it to her over
and over again, his ballsack slapping up into her skin when he drives in
balls deep and then swiftly pulls out to repeat the motion, moaning when he
goes straight into her still pleasurably tight pussy that seems built for
taking long, fat cocks like his.

Needless to say, trying to keep up this intense, lust-fueled pace has taken
its toll on all three involved in this locker room threesome, and for the
"host" of this party he ends up being the one who reaches his limit first,
as with a series of deep groans Robbie E starts to shoot his load, blasting
right up into the back passage of Mickie James. She groans, head tilting
back as she feels hot spunk flowing straight into her ass as the dick of
the hunk underneath her pulses as he keeps on pumping her, milking his dick
dry with her juicy booty and as that happens the other hunk here is
carrying on thrusting into her snatch so there's no break for her even as
one cock starts to go soft and the last drops of jizz are sent into her

It's that continued hard and fast pounding of her pussy along with the
feeling of cum filling up her back passage that soon sends her over the
edge just as the dick is pulled out of her booty, and with a loud moan of
passion Mickie James starts to cum hard on the cock of Rob Terry, eyes
closing as she jolts back and forth from the force of his balls deep pumps
into her slit. In turn he grunts as he feels her twat tighten around his
member, her juices flowing out all over his dick, making it more soaked
than it already was but he still sends that shaft in and out of her,
getting all he can out of the gorgeous American as she moans away, impaled
deep on his fat and long Welsh cock that's she's riding out a mind-blowing
orgasm on.

With his "boss" more than satisfied with getting his already, the man
nicknamed Robbie T is free to lift the woman known as being "Hardcore
Country" right off the couch, setting her down on the floor on her knees in
front of him, and when her eyes open and spy that long, fat dick right in
front of her face she instantly opens her mouth wide for him, sticking her
tongue right out. She's soon rewarded with that member sliding right in,
making him moan from the warmth and dampness of her oral hole, the feeling
of her pouty lips pressing all around his man meat, and the sensations from
her tongue dragging along the underside as he briskly pumps in and out into
her mouth and moaning with each and every motion.

Having been well fucked and still buzzing from her own sexual peak, the
naked and coated in sweat TNA Knockout is more than happy to sit up and
allow her mouth to be used just to give a man his well deserved pleasure,
her eyes gazing over his ripped, muscular form and that alone is enough to
make her groan as she starts to bob her head along the rod being fed to her
and in the process making her taste her own juices off of his cock without
the slightest issue. The former TNA Global Champion's massive chest is
heaving as he stares down, watching his member vanish deep into her mouth
and then reappear moments later, feeling her tongue lapping up against the
bottom of his tool as she slides her mouth back and forth along in perfect
timing with his own thrusts, all the while with a dirty look on her face
that many of pro porn starlet would kill to be able to master.

He was already getting close when she came all over his dick, and getting
such skillful oral treatment soon after is too much even for a powerhouse
like him to take, so with a deep and satisfied groan Rob Terry starts to
blow his load into the mouth of Mickie James, making her gag with wide eyes
as her mouth gets filled up quickly with a huge amount of jizz. She gags
for a moment, spunk seeping out past her lips and down her chin from the
unexpected large amount she got from the first blast but soon her instincts
kick in and she swallows it down with a loud, erotic gulp, just in time to
receive the next one and with each shot that's fired out of his length,
it's gleefully gobbled down, no more drops wasted as she lightly bobs her
head along the softening length to ensure he's well and truly spent.

"My dude, get "The List" and make a space on it..." Robbie E says as Rob
Terry steps back from the well fucked and now well fed Knockout. "Mickie
James, you are totally welcome to my parties now my dude!"

Raising an eyebrow with a smirk, she lifts herself up to her feet as Terry
gives a nod and heads across the room towards where "The List" rests. "I
told you boys... We can party as hard as they come in the country... And
when it comes to me? I make it "Hardcore Country" just as much as I party
hardcore..." Her gaze then turns, looking over the massive hunk Terry
before back to eye up Robbie E. "So... When exactly does a girl find out
when your next little party like this happens?"

"Bro, when it comes to Robbie E and big Robbie T? The party is wherever,
and whenever we want it to be!" Robbie E says with a smirk, still resting
back on the couch as he raises a fist up. "So if you can't find us? We'll
be the ones finding you! Oh, oh, OH!!" He adds, fist-pumping as he finishes

"Oh, believe me..." James says, another turn to look at Rob Terry as he
writes down her name onto "The List". "I don't think it will be too hard
for me to find you... Or at least, one of you in particular..."

* * *

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