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Mickie Gets What's Hers Part 1
by MTL (

The December 26th 2005 edition of Monday night RAW hadn't gone as well as a
certain brunette thought it would, but she knew in her heart that she could
still make it right. After the kiss her prey had ran off so she had been
unable to complete her plan to its entirety. She knew that after that kiss
her blonde target would be emotionally vulnerable and ripe for seduction.

This wasn't the first time she'd done this; in fact on the independent
circuit she had bedded all most every diva hopeful that struck her fancy.
She had even turned some of her most hated rivals into her submissive little
pets. But this woman, this woman was different. With all the others it didn't
really matter to her if she succeeded or not, but with this woman, the idea
of failing was unbearable. She had idolised this woman for so long and
tonight she was going to get the one thing she'd been fantasizing about since
seeing this woman on the cover of a magazine over half a decade ago.

As always finding the correct hotel room that her blonde friend was staying
in hadn't been that hard, it was just a case of how dedicated you were to
finding the person you were looking for. The brunette had phoned every hotel
in the local area and convince the receptionist at each of them that she was
either a family member or friend and she had some urgent news to give her
friend or family member which couldn't possibly wait until morning. It gave
her a great chance to test her acting skills, sometimes going as far as
bursting into tears of stories how someone or something dear to them both
had died. It never failed.

Standing in front of the door to her friend's hotel room, RAW's newest diva
stood there for a few moments before knocking. She had gone over every
possible outcome in her head and was ready for anything that her friend could
possibly do or say to her. But all the same she was nervous, this could be a
last chance with the woman of her dreams. She was determined; tonight she
absolutely, positively would not fail. Tonight she was going to get what's

* * *

Laying on the bed of her hotel room the WWE women's champion Trish Stratus
was desperately trying to collect her thoughts. She could not stop thinking
about what had happened to her earlier that evening. Her heart was beating
and her pulse was racing faster than it ever had before. Her mind was in
turmoil and she didn't know what to think. A knock on the door interrupted
her thoughts...

"Trish... hello.... are you in there?"

It was Mickie James, the source of all Trish's confusion. Only a few short
hours ago the easily excitable diva had kiss Trish under some mistletoe and
it had made the blonde women's champion question everything she thought she
knew about herself. Up until that moment Trish had been sure that she was
100% straight, but that kiss.... that's soft, gentle kiss. It had felt so
good, too good. The second Trish had realised what was happening she had
broke it off not wanting to give Mickie the wrong idea. Trish wasn't stupid,
she knew Mickie had a crush on her but that didn't matter because she was
straight... 100% straight... a cock loving, dick riding, absolutely, 100%,
completely straight chick... who couldn't stop thinking about another woman
kissing her. If Trish is honest with herself she had loved the kiss and that
both excited and scared her.

As confused as she was, the one thing Trish was sure about was that moment
was the last person she want to see or speak to was Mickie James, "Go away
Mickie, I don't want to talk to you!"

There was no way in hell Mickie was giving up that easy. "But Trish..... if
you don't give me a chance to apologise how can we go on being best friends?"

Trish was unsure whether she wanted to be 'best friends' or any type of
friend with Mickie James, but she was in useful ally against those three
super sluts Torrie, Candice and Victoria. Mickie had kissed her, but maybe
it hadn't been meant in a romantic way. Some places have weird customs, and
maybe Mickie had meant it to being a friend kiss. Maybe Mickie didn't really
have feelings for her and Trish was just taking little things and blowing
them way out of proportion.

This whole thing could be one big misunderstanding and she could be about to
lose the one person who could help her stay on top of the women's division.
God knows Ashley wasn't any help, that dumb bitch didn't know the difference
between a wrist lock and a wrist watch. Even though she hated to admit it to
herself and would never admit it out loud, the truth was Trish Stratus needed
Mickie James.

"Trish please, I feel so bad about what happened, and I really need to
apologise to you face-to-face. Let me in and we can talk about it!"

Trish sighed, got up, walked over to the door and, somewhat reluctantly,
opened it to let the brunette diva in. Mickie walked into the room and closed
the door behind her. She tries not to draw attention to the fact that she had
her travelling bags with her. She did not want a conversation with Trish
about why she hadn't put her stuff into her own hotel room before coming
here. Mickie chooses her words carefully, she did not think that it would be
this easy to get in the room, but luckily for her she had prepared for this
scenario so she was not caught off guard. "Trish, I'm sorry for what happened
before.... it's just that..."

"Mickie... listen... I'm sorry... you're a nice girl and all... but... I'm
just not... you know... gay." Trish said, interrupting Mickie.

Mickie looked at her for a minute and then smiled, "Don't be silly Trish; of
course you're not gay. Do you actually think that one little kiss from me is
going to turn you gay?"

"Well no, but..."

"Look Trish, I'm not trying to turn you gay or anything," Mickie said hoping
somehow the Academy was watching her fine acting performance. "It's just that
I'm worried about you."

"What you mean worried?"

"Well you've seemed very stressed out lately. I mean, I was watching you
since your first day in the WWE and you used to be so... I don't know...
happy, but lately you've seemed a little... distant... like something's
distracting you... putting you off your game or something..."

Trish knew exactly what was "putting her off her game" and it was standing
in front of her right now. Ever since her WWE debut Mickie had been following
Trish wherever she went. Every time she checked into a hotel room Mickie
would have a room nearby if not right next to hers. During TV tapings of RAW
and house shows Mickie would follow Trish everywhere she went. When she went
out drinking Mickie would always be their, buying her drinks and acting like
they were the best-ist of friends. It wasn't that Trish hated Mickie it was
just she was a bit much sometimes. The girl was even in her dreams and Trish
had no idea why she should be dreaming about a woman who she couldn't escape
in the real world. It was beginning to freak her out. Even in the few moments
Mickie wasn't constantly around her during the day Trish found herself
thinking about the enthusiastic brunette. It was almost like she... but that
was impossible... wasn't it?

"Don't get me wrong, I can totally understand the pressure you are under,"
Mickie continued, "I mean, it can't be easy being the WWE women's champion.
Constantly being on the road, defending your title week after week and almost
all your time outside the ring devoted to training. It must be very stressful
for you. And what kind of best friend would I be if I didn't offer to help

"Oh and just how are you planning to help me Mickie?" Trish signed, afraid
that Mickie was going to suggest that she stay over to bake cookies or
something. The sly, lust filled grin that cross Mickie face may Trish's skin
turns pale and eyes go wide. "Mickie I already told you, I'm not gay!"

"And I already told you that one little kiss doesn't make you gay!" Mickie
said quickly, cursing herself for her previous grin.

"And I suppose you're going to tell me that a little thing like lesbian sex
doesn't make you gay!"

"Yes... I mean no... I mean... it's not that big a deal!" Mickie stuttered,
the look on Trish's face told Mickie that she was losing and she couldn't
allow that to happen. Deciding to take a more direct, and perhaps desperate,
approach Mickie said, "Back home, in Virginia me and my friends would do
favours for each other to alleviate stress. We all agreed it wasn't a big
deal because we all had boyfriends, and we were all comfortable with our

"Well that's real nice sweetie, but I'm the WWE women's champion and
three-time babe of the year Trish Stratus. I don't need to resort to
lesbianism, all I have to do is snap my fingers and I could have any man
I want to 'alleviate my stress'."

"So why don't you?"

"Because... well... I... it's none of your business." Trish said, a little
caught off guard.

"It is my business Trish, we're best friends and tag-team partners... and I
think I know why you don't just 'click your fingers'!"

At this point Trish was fed up and she snapped at Mickie "Oh yeah, then why
don't you tell me than Mickie? Why don't you tell me why I don't just 'click
my fingers'? We're best friends, so you must know right? I mean what kind of
friend would you be if you didn't know that?"

They pause for a moment staring at each other, before Mickie said in a calm
voice, "Two reasons. Firstly you don't 'click your fingers' and have a one
night stand because you've worked hard to be seen as a wrestler as opposed to
just another one of these bimbo sluts running around the WWE. If you were to
sleep with any of the guys in the locker room you know he would brag to
everyone how he banged the WWE women's champion and three-time babe of the
year. The same thing would probably happen if you did any of the other
various men working backstage. And if you slept with one of the fans chances
are that it would be all over the Internet the next morning. And secondly,
you're afraid of getting hurt again. You loved Jericho, and he classed your
value in a bet as one Canadian dollar. You loved Christian, but that ended
badly too. You see Trish, what you need is someone who has a lot to lose if
they started talking about how they had sex with you. Someone who you could
use your status as female figurehead of this company to have removed. The WWE
might not fire a male superstar for pissing you off but they might fire a
female superstar. Think about it Trish, I've worked my whole life to get here
and the last thing I ever want to do is jeopardise that. And besides I would
stand to lose you as a friend and you know that my friendship with you mean
so much to me, right? I mean, we been hanging out for a couple of months now
and you know how much you mean to me, how I would do anything for you? I just
want to help."

"I know Mickie, but... I'm still... not..."

"You don't have to be, you don't have too do anything. You could just lie
back and enjoy it."

"I don't know..."

"Think about it, we are all alone together in this hotel room. It's late and
the chances of being caught are slim and none. You know I would never run the
risk of pissing you off so you can trust me to keep a secret. I'm guessing
you haven't been with anyone since Christian and whether you want to admit it
or not part of you is curious about this. I could make your toes curl and
eyes roll in the back of your head. I could give you pleasure the likes of
which you've never imagined. Or you could yell at me and throw me out of
here. You could never speak to me again. You could use your influence to get
me fired for even suggesting this. And you could lie awake at night for the
rest of your life wondering what would happen if you had just said yes. Just
allowed yourself to try something you'd never thought you'd be in to,
something that could have relaxed you, something that could have given you
pleasure. I mean what's the worst thing that might happen, you might like
it?" Mickie walked forward until she was face-to-face with her idol and
whispered the last part in an erotic husky voice, "If you want me to stop at
any time just say the word and I'll stop and I'll never try this again. We
can continue as friends completely professionally or I could just leave you
alone if that's what you would prefer. This is a once-in-a-lifetime offer
Trish. Except my offer and spend the night in ecstasy, or throw me out and
spend the night and possibly the rest of your life wondering what might have
been. The choice is yours."

Trish bit her lip as she thought about what to do next. Mickie had been right
about everything. The last person she had sex with was Christian and she was
frustrated after not being laid in over a year. She had also been right about
why she didn't just 'click her fingers'. And as much as she hated to admit it
Trish realised that part of her was a little curious about this. But could
she really do this? Could she really allow herself to be with another woman,
even if she didn't have to do anything? What if she hated it? Worse what if
she loved it?

These and a thousand other thoughts battled through Trish's mind. Maybe in
another time and another place Trish rejected Mickie. Maybe she yelled at
her, threw her out and spend the rest of the night wondering what might have
been. But this was not that time and it was not that place.

"Ok" Trish said softly giving in to curiosity and opportunity. Little did she
know that this decision was going to change the course of her life!

Trish had spoken so softly it took a few moments for it to register in Mickie
psyche. Even when she'd heard it Mickie needed to take a few seconds before
she would allow herself to believe it. She'd wanted this for so long and now
she is finally getting her chance. She was unable to suppress a wide grin
from spreading across her face. She immediately regretted it when she saw the
worried look on Trish's face.

"But it's got to be under my terms!" Trish said very quickly.

"Ok, that sounds fair! Do you want to give me any ground rules?"

Trish stopped for a moment, "You... you already said you wouldn't tell anyone

"Of course." said Mickie, advancing on the blonde beauty.

"Anyone, not even your best friend?"

"Don't be silly Trish you are my best friend."

"I mean, besides me."

Mickie who is now standing face to face with Trish, looked the women's
champion in her eye and said "Trish, I will tell no one!"

"And if at any time I say stop you'll stop right?"

"Of course Trish, I'd never force you to do something you didn't want to do!"
Mickie said slowly bringing her face closer to the blondes.

"And... and nothing I wouldn't get from a guy."

It took all of Mickie's ability not to break out in a evil grin. She didn't
know it at the time but Trish had just sealed her fate.

"That's totally fine, but I have a few ground rules of my own!" Mickie said

"Ok!" Trish said weakly.

"Firstly you're going to relax, you're never going to enjoy this if your so

"Ok... I'll try."

"Secondly, I want you to promise me that you'll give everything I do to you
a chance. If you're not willing to give something the necessary time to see
whether you can enjoy it or not then there's no point in me even being here."

"Your... you're right, I'll... I'll do my best..."

"Thirdly and finally, you're going to have to do everything I say. I've done
this before and it can be a real mess if someone doesn't take charge and
tonight it's going to be me. The only question is do you trust me Trish?"
Mickie said slowly closing the short distance between their lips. She waited
until Trish answered her before she closed the gap between them.

"Yes." Trish said quietly, unsure whether it was a lie or not.

She wasn't given a chance to over think it because as soon as she answered
Mickie pressed her lips against Trish's for a soft, gentle kiss. In their
previous kiss Mickie had forced her tongue into Trish's mouth and Trish had
pushed her away shock. This time Mickie went slow, her lips barely pressing
into Trish's until she felt her blonde friend begin to kiss her back. She
then began slowly but surely running her hands all over her body. She felt
Trish tends up and stopped momentarily until the blonde relaxed. When she
did Mickie ran her fingers gently up and down Trish's arms, before slowly
massaging her back until she reached the soft flesh of Trish's buttocks.

Trish gasped as Mickie gently squeezed her butt. She was tense for a moment
but found it near impossible to stay so tense under Mickie's soft touch. A
few seconds after she had relaxed to the brunette's butt groping she felt
Mickie's tongue trying to slowly push its way inside her mouth. After
resisting for only a moment Trish let Mickie's invading tongue enter her
mouth where it was greeted by her own.

As Mickie explored Trish's mouth with her tongue the excitable brunette
brought her hands up to cup the blonde's prize-winning tits. Trish moaned
into her mouth as she expertly ran her fingers over her breasts, rubbing
and pinching her nipples to hardness. Her fingers roamed all over Trish's
body until, when Mickie was sure she was ready, broke the kiss to remove
Trish's top. When Trish to protest Mickie unhooked her bra with one hand
releasing the best boobs in the WWE from their lacing case prison.

It took every ounce of Mickie's self-control not to try and bury her face
in between those magnificent tits. But she was able to control herself. She
couldn't risk pissing Trish off, not when she was so close. Mickie bent her
head down and started to softly kiss down Trish's neck. Trish moaned as
Mickie sucked gently on the sensitive flesh of her neck. Mickie knew that
if her plan was to succeed then she must first relax Trish into a sense of
security. Mickie moved her hand over Trish's skin, her gentle touch calming
the nervous women's champion. Mickie kissed her way down Trish's neck to her
large chest, taking one of her nipples into her mouth. Trish groaned as
Mickie's skilled tongue worked on one nipple, then moved to the other, and
then back again sucking those by now bullet hard points.

Mickie used her hands to cup Trish's breasts in to her mouth and begin to
suck on her nipple like a hungry new born babe. Trish bit her lip to stop
herself from moaning, not wanting to let Mickie know what a good job she is
doing of turning her on. Mickie spends a few more minutes covering Trish's
nipple with saliva before she begins to slowly kiss her way down Trish's
body, unzipping, un-doing and then slowly re-moving the blonde's tight pants,
which was then followed by her panties. She then gently encourages Trish to
lie on her back on the hotel bed.

Trish lays back and spreads her legs as Mickie kisses her way down one of
her thighs until she reaches her feet. She takes each individual toe into
her mouth, giving each one a little blow-job before kissing her way back
up to repeat the process with the other foot. She continued this agonising
torture until Trish could take it no longer.

"Mickie... please..." Trish's breathing was heavy and it clearly took a lot
of effort for her just to say that simple sentence.

"Yes Trish." Mickie answered brightly.

"Please... lick me..." Trish panted.

"Lick you wear, Trish?" Mickie asked as innocently as she could with her face
inches away from Trish's core.

"Please... lick my pussy..." Trish whimpered in need.

Mickie giggled softly to herself, little Miss straight Trish Stratus
practically begging her to lick her pussy, but Mickie was never a girl to
denying a beautiful woman like Trish anything. Bring her face centimetres in
front of Trish's crotch, Mickie breathed in the sweet smell of her idol's
sex. Mickie wanted to savour this moment, to burn into her skull and remember
it for ever. She is about to fulfil a fantasy of hers that she had had for
years. She, little Mickie James from Richmond, Virginia was about to go down
on the woman she had worshipped for so long, the WWE women's champion Trish
Stratus. Closing her eyes Mickie leaned forward and slid her tongue over
Trish's pussy lips.

Mickie moaned softly to herself, she was expecting Trish to be sweet, but
she was un-prepared for the exquisite honey flavoured juice that ran over
her tongue and tickled her taste buds. She took another long gentle lap of
Trish's pussy followed by another and another. Mickie was licking away at
Trish's cunt like a kitten with a saucer of milk. She licked up and down,
around the lips clockwise, then anti-clockwise repeating the process. After
a few minutes of doing this Mickie took Trish's clit into her mouth and
gently sucked on it causing Trish to moan out loud at the contact. Mickie
then closed her mouth around Trish's vulnerable pussy and started to hungrily
suck on the succulent treat.

Mickie was in heaven in between the legs of her idol Trish Stratus, drinking
her sweet pussy juices, there was no place she would rather be.

Trish's head was spinning, this was so wrong, but it felt so good she thought
as she watched the brunette's head bob up and down in between her legs.
Mickie thrust her tongue deep into the blonde's tight, wet hole, then started
a fucking motion with her tongue. Trish dug her nails into the bed sheets as
Mickie tongue fucked her. Mickie sped up the pace of her tongue and thrust
two fingers into Trish's pussy, plunging them as deep as she could. For a
moment the brunette fingered and tongued Trish's hot pussy until Mickie
pulled her fingers out of the women's champion's pretty cunt and began to use
them to press against her tight ass-hole.

Trish's eyes went wide. She screamed at the top of her lungs and came harder
than she ever had before. Trish's girl cum flowed into Mickie's mouth and
down her throat. But Mickie didn't stop there. Until a few moments ago Mickie
didn't think anything could taste better than Trish's pussy juice, but she
had just been proved wrong. Trish's cum was the sweetest Mickie had ever had.
She closed her mouth tight around the blonde's cunt determined not to let a
single drop of this delicacy go to waste. Mickie continued to lick, suck and
fuck Trish to another orgasm and then another. One of them was so violent it
rocked Trish's world, almost causing her to blackout. The room was filled
with the loud slurping and swallowing sounds of Mickie James feeding on
Trish's sweet girl cream. Mickie greedily gulped every last drop of Trish's
precious warm honey.

Feeling Trish go limp in her arms Mickie reluctantly pulled herself away and
went to fetch a special surprise she had for the unsuspecting WWE women's

Trish's brain just couldn't process that this woman, someone of her own sex,
had just made her cum like she'd never cum before.

As Trish lay their lifeless trying to recover from her orgasms, Mickie went
to her travelling bag and pulled out her trusty 10 inch strap on dildo.
Smiling to herself Mickie strapped the dildo around her waist and walked back
over to where Trish was lying.

"Ok Trish it's time to get up. Come on lazy bones, I want you on your hands
and knees." Mickie said in her usual happy upbeat voice.

Trish groaned and reluctantly sat up. She was about to give Mickie a piece of
her mind when her eyes fell to the object strapped around Mickie's waist.

"Is something the matter Trish?" Mickie asked in mock innocence.

"What..." said Trish finally tearing her eyes away from the large fake cock.

"I said is there something the matter Trish? I gave you a direct order and I
do believe I said that if we are going to do this you had to do everything I
say. Then again maybe you're hard of hearing in which case I'll ask you
again..." Mickie said sweetly before leaning forward and saying in a more
authoritative and slightly threatening voice. "I want you on your hands and
knees... NOW!"

Trish wanted to protest, but there was something in Mickie's eyes, something
that was more than just a dominating glare. It was something that both
frightened Trish and to her shame... excited her. Trish, against her better
judgment, got on her hands and knees on the bed, her ass facing the brunette

Mickie smiles to herself. This was almost too easy she thought to herself,
as she took her place behind her idol. She spat on her hand and rubbed her
saliva all over the plastic dick, preparing it for what was to come. Mickie
gently position the tip at the entrance of Trish's still very moist pussy.
If Trish was as straight as she says then she would like dick and Mickie
could give her dick.

Mickie pushed forward, easily penetrating Trish's eager to be fucked pussy
and thrusted deep inside the blonde women's champion. Trish moaned as she
felt Mickie's strap on moving in and out of her welcoming love hole causing
wonderful sensations to course through her body. Normally Trish loved being
fucked but this was the first time that another woman was doing the fucking.
Trish's strength hadn't fully returned yet, and she was still very drained
from her multiple climaxes at the hands of Mickie James's talented tongue.
She was in no position to stop Mickie and ultimately disclosed her eyes and
let the seductive brunette have her way with her.

Mickie moved her dildo slowly within the busty blonde enjoying both the
mental and physical stimulation she was receiving. The end of the cock
pressed against Mickie's clit so that she could get off from fucking the
blonde with her strap on, as if the mental stimulation of fucking her idol
the multi-time women's champion Trish Stratus wasn't enough to get her off.

Trish couldn't think straight, she felt like Mickie was literally fucking
her brains out. She felt so ashamed that she was loving this so much. But
the fact was that Mickie was fucking Trish better than any man of her had.
She desperately tried to concentrate herself unresisting this evil brunette
seductress. There was simply no way she could be enjoying it this much. She
was straight and therefore couldn't possibly like it this much! It was a
trick, it had to be a trick! Somehow Mickie had tricked her into thinking
that she liked it this much! She should kick her ass! And she would... in a
second... any second now.... soon... maybe when Mickie had finished plowing
her with that dildo... that nice, big, hard, dildo... wait what was she
thinking! She had to stop this! Now! Or in a second... or two... when it
stopped feeling so good... oh why did it have to feel so good!

As Trish fought herself internally about whether or not she should stop the
feisty brunette, Mickie rode the WWE women's champion like the pony she had
always wanted, when she was little, but never got. Trish's moans became
screens of pleasure as Mickie hammered into her harder with every stroke.
Nearing climax, Mickie picked up the pace, her hips a blur smacking against
Trish's ass as she slammed her strap on as deep inside her Idol as possible.

Trish had been fighting a losing battle with herself not to cum while being
fucked by the dildo-strapped diva, but when Mickie started long-dicking her
helpless pussy she lost complete control of her body. Trish had thought it
was impossible to cum harder than when Mickie licked her out... she had been
wrong. She started cumming in waves, each of those waves was like a shotgun
blast of pleasure to her brain. Her cunt spasmed rounding the dildo buried
inside it, desperately trying to hold onto the source of its joy. Trish fell
face first onto the bed, the only thing keeping her rear end up in the air
was Mickie's firm hold on her hips.

Mickie continued pumping in and out of the fallen WWE women's champion
wanting to savour her prize as long as possible. But inevitably her urge to
cum was just too great and she joined Trish in ecstasy. The clit stimulator
on the strap on had done it's job well. Mickie was soon knocked over the
edge and experienced one of the most powerful orgasms of her young life
pounding into Trish's soaking wet pussy.

When she finally came down from her high Mickie pulled her dildo out of the
conquered blonde's cunt and bent down to lick up all of Trish's delicious
girl juice that was dripping down her legs. She slowly worked her way up
Trish's thigh until she reached the blonde's still spasming pussy. Mickie
closed her mouth around the women's champion's love hole, creating a seal
so that none of Trish's yummy cum could escape the pussy hungry brunette.
Mickie's eyes fluttered as she greedily swallowed the remainder of Trish's
cream, her hands roaming over the soft flesh of the subdued woman's ass.

Pulling back Mickie admired her conquest. The multi-time women's champion
looked so vulnerable in her current position, bent over with her ass in the
air pointing at the dildo-wearing brunette. Mickie pulled apart Trish's butt
cheeks so she could study the blonde's defenceless holes. Her freshly fucked
pussy was giving away Trish's true feelings about what was happening to her.
Even after Mickie cleaned her cunt she was already soaking wet again. But it
was the sight above Trish's pussy that really made the brunette smile with

Over the years Mickie had fucked a lot of women and had experimented with a
range of lesbian techniques. But her absolute favourite was fucking another
woman in the butt! Mickie James loved nothing better than to strap on a
dildo, bend some chick over and slam her shitter full of fake cock! She
wasn't quite sure why she loved it so much. Her best guess was that since
she spent her whole life wrestling women, doing everything she could to
establish dominance inside the squared circle, that maybe it was only natural
for her to want to dominate other women in the bed room. And Mickie couldn't
think of anything more dominating than forcing a member of her own sex to
take a nice big dildo up the butt.

The only thing Mickie liked better than ass-fucking another woman was
ass-fucking another woman's wrestler. The idea of sexually dominating a woman
who wrestles other women for a living and making them beg for more was a huge
turn on for Mickie. And right now she had the record-breaking six time
women's champion Trish Stratus completely at her mercy. And Trish was an anal
virgin to boot!

Mickie had fucked a lot of butt's and could easily tell if an ass-hole had
been previously violated before. She had busted her fair share of cherries
and now, if she played her cards right, she could pop the WWE's number one
diva's butt cherry! Mickie was determined to be the first one to fuck that
sweet ass, but she would have to go slow. If she could show Trish the
pleasure that her ass-hole can give her than Trish would be hers.

Mickie leaned in and resumed licking Trish's pussy for a few moments before
slowly sliding her tongue up to her ass-hole. Trish gasps as Mickie's tongue
made contact with her puckered hole. It was the first time that anyone, man
or woman, had ever touched her back their.

When Mickie's tongue touched her idol's ass-hole for the first time she felt
Trish tense up. Keeping a firm grip of her hips, Mickie used her tongue to
gently circled Trish's puckered hole, making sure not to go any further until
she was sure that her blonde friend was ready. When she felt that Trish had
relaxed she slowly, gently began to push her tongue inside the WWE women's
champion's ass. When her tongue was buried a good inch or so up Trish's
rectum Mickie closed her lips around the blonde's ass-hole and began to
gently suck.

Trish's eyes went wide and she began to moan in a mixture of disgust and
delight as Mickie began to eat her ass with gusto. Feeling Trish become
distressed once again Mickie got her to relax by using one of her hands to
roam over Trish's soft flesh, massaging her buttocks, moving up to cup her
hard as bullets nipples and down again to repeat the process. She used her
other hand to finger her wet pussy, giving Trish the double penetration
that Mickie knew for a fact that she had never experienced before.

Trish had always been disgusted by the idea of anal sex and had always been
quick to shut down any false hopes that anyone of her former boyfriends might
have had about going anywhere near her ass with their dick. But not a single
one of her ex-lovers had ever tried to lick her ass-hole before. It didn't
matter though, because up until a few seconds ago the idea of a tongue
touching her exit only hole revolted Trish to her very core.

But this, like everything else she had done with Mickie, was not what
Trish had been expecting. She had expected it to be gross and unpleasant
but this... this was kind of.... nice. In fact the sensation of having her
ass-hole licked for the first time was making Trish's juices flow like a
river. That only increased when Mickie slipped first one, then two fingers
into her dripping wet hole. Trish relaxed once again and accepted this new
perversion, accepted Mickie James's tongue in her ass-hole.

If ass licking was an Olympic sport Mickie would have won a gold medal in it
with ease. Over the years she'd rimmed out every woman moments before they
became just another piece of ass that had been busted wide open by the crafty
brunette's strap on. Mickie truly believe that the best way to prepare a ass
for penetration was with saliva and not with a bottle lubricant. It just
seemed more natural to her this way, or at least as natural as one woman
fucking another up the ass could be. And besides, Mickie had become very fond
of the bitter sweet taste of another woman's ass-hole and enjoyed the sheer
depravity of lubing her unsuspecting victim's back-door before she forced her
way inside.

Mickie found it hard to tear herself away from Trish's tasty ass but she
had to if she was going to fulfil her ultimate fantasy. Mickie straightened
herself up and positioned the end of her strap on at the entrance to Trish's
virgin back-door. Mickie stopped to savour the moment. It was like time stood
still. The seconds before her final push felt like hours. Mickie had lay
awake at night thinking about this moment. She had spent every waking hour
thinking about this since the moment she first saw Trish in that magazine.
She was about to fuck her idol Trish Stratus in the butt. It was like all the
other butt's she had fucked were training for this butt, this glorious,
fleshy yet firm, ripe, soft butt with a tight, previously un-violated hole.
Mickie smiled to herself as she realised that this was going to be the
greatest moment of her life.

Trish became dimly aware of something harder than Mickie's tongue pressing
against her virgin puckered hole. "Mickie what are you..."

Before she could finish Mickie pushed forwards violating Trish's virgin brown
ring, taking her anal cherry. Trish's eyes went wide, her mouth hung open in
a wordless cry. Mickie gave Trish a few moments to get used to having the
head of her strap on inside her ass before pushing herself deeper into her

Trish lay their with the side of her head pressed against the mattress
looking up at the brunette diva. She was mentally and physically exhausted.
The violent strain of orgasms had left her body very weak. Every fibre of
her being wanted to throw Mickie off of her but she just didn't have the
strength. In her current state Trish couldn't physically stop Mickie if she
tried. Her only hope was to try and reason with her.

"Mickie... please... don't..." Trish croaked desperately, her voice, like the
rest of her, weak.

"Shhh, just relax Trish."

"But... I..."

"Trish didn't I tell you that you are going to have to do what I say and
trust me?" Mickie asked impatiently.

"Yes... but..."

"And haven't you enjoyed everything else I've done to you?" Mickie said
setting the trap.

"...yes, but..." Trish said unwittingly falling into the trap.

"Then stop worrying about it and just relax. You have nothing to worry about;
your my best friend and I'm totally going to take care of you. You'll soon
loosen up, and then it will stop hurting, and then it will start to feel
good, and then it will start to feel great."

Trish's heart sank as she realised that Mickie was going to be satisfied with
nothing less than anal sex. She buried her face in the bed sheets so Mickie
wouldn't see the tears of shame ran down her cheeks as she accepted her fate.
At that moment Trish Stratus the record-breaking six time women's champion
surrendered herself completely to the little firecracker Mickie James.

Mickie had thought that the greatest moment of her life would be when she
butt-fucked Trish, but she was wrong. This was the greatest moment of her
life. Her idol Trish Stratus had just surrendered herself to the ass-pounding
Mickie was about to give her. Mickie's beautiful face was carved into an evil
grin as she took Trish by her hips and began slowly but surely sliding her
big woman-cock into the women's champion's defenceless pooper.

The second she felt Trish's ass muscles become too tense or the blonde's
breathing change, Mickie would stop and allow her idol time to relax before
continuing her journey deep into Trish's bowels. Mickie repeated this forcing
her way inside inch by inch until her dildo was completely buried inside
Trish's back-door, her thighs resting against her ass-cheeks. Mickie gave
Trish a few moments to adjust to her anal invasion before she slowly started
to move in and out of her ass, trying her best not to hurt the whimpering,
writhing blonde to much.

Mickie was in heaven. She knew that Trish's ass was going to be nice and
tight, just the way she liked it, but she had no idea it would be this tight.
She couldn't believe her luck that Trish was an anal virgin. Mickie had this
theory that the first one to sink a cock, real or in her case not, in to a
chick's ass got that girl as their bitch for ever. And that's what she'd done
to Trish. That's what she'd done to arguably the greatest women's wrestler of
all time Trish Stratus. At this moment in time she, little Mickie James from
Richmond, Virginia had conquered the mighty women's champion Trish Stratus
and made her into her submissive bitch.

Trish was in hell. She couldn't believe this was happening to her. She was
a six time women's champion, she practically lived in the gym and had won
countless amount of matches against some of the toughest woman the WWE had
to offer, and here she was, bent over with a large strap on dildo soaring
into her butt by one of her fellow divas. She turned her head from it's
place buried in the hotel bed covers to look at her conqueror.

The plucky number one contender to her women's title was by no means stronger
than her and Trish could have probably over powered her with ease. Even in
her weakened state she could have at least put up a decent fight. But she
didn't. She just lay there taking it right up the hole that before tonight
she would have never let a guy near and would have slapped him if he'd even
suggested just touching it. It wasn't because her body was too weak anymore,
although it had been originally, but as her ass-fucking continued Trish felt
her strength slowly return to her. It wasn't because the pain was agonising,
even at the beginning the pain could have been described as uncomfortable at
best, and then, due to Mickie's expert slow thrusts, the muscles inside her
ass had relaxed and it started to feel ok. It was what happened after it
started to feel ok that had stopped Trish from fighting back or screaming out
and it scared her to her very core. The reason that Trish didn't fight back
was that, to her great shame, she had started to like it. And then she had
started to love it.

Trish's moans had slowly turned from sobs of pain to cries of pleasure.
Unable to control herself the blonde diva began to thrust her ass back
against the very thing that was invading it.

Taking this as a sign that Trish was ready for the real butt-pounding to
begin, Mickie grabbed a firm hold of the fallen women's champion's hips and
began slowly increasing the pace, moving her dildo inside her idol's bowels,
ass-fucking her harder with each stroke.

Trish began to openly weep, her mind unable to comprehend what she is
feeling. Her head was a battlefield of emotions and questions. How could she
be enjoying such a vile, degrading act? How could something so unnatural and
disgusting feel so good? And why was she consenting to do this with another
woman. Why was she letting this woman do this to her? Why was it that this
woman could fuck her better than any guy ever had before? How could this
woman make her feel this way? Was Mickie fucking her gay?

The sound of flesh hitting flesh filled the room. There was absolutely no
doubt who was in charge of the situation but as always Mickie loved to rub
it in. She lent down until her breasts were pressing into Trish's back, one
hand reaching round to cup the blonde's beautiful tits as the other slid
down to her frantically leaking cunt.

"Why Trish," Mickie exclaimed in mock surprise into Trish's ear as she
fingered her. "Your pussy is soaking wet. Anyone would think you're enjoying

Trish grunted something unintelligible in response.

"What was that Trish, you are enjoying this! Who would have thought it,
multi-time women's champion Trish Stratus likes it in the butt!" Mickie
taunted before breaking out into song, "Trish likes it in the butt, Trish
likes it in the butt!"

"Please Mickie... stop... taunting... me..." whimpered the almost completely
broken women's champion.

"Oh Trish, I'm not taunting you, I'm just trying to get you to admit to
yourself that your liking this. I want to help you Trish." Mickie said
slowing down her thrusts to a medium pace so she could talk to Trish
properly, "I want to give you more pleasure than you ever imagined. I want
to help you redefine the word ecstasy. I want to make you cum over and over
again until you can cum no more. I want to make you mine Trish! And that's
exactly what you're going to be, mine! All mine! And in reality you already
are. You see I've fucked a lot of butt in my time and I developed this
theory about anal virgins. My theory is that at the person who breaks a
girl's ass in gets that girl as their bitch. And that's technically what
you are now Trish, my bitch! Now I have no doubt that when we're done here
you'll question this and tell yourself that you're not my bitch, that you're
not anyone's bitch, that you're a free thinking human being. But the truth
is tonight you've changed forever. You've accepted me into your ass and now
nothing will truly satisfy you other than my big woman-cock balls deep inside
your poo-shooter! The sooner you realise that the better it will be for the
both of us!"

Trish didn't respond violently or verbally. She just let Mickie's words sink
in. She felt utterly helpless and defeated at the hands of this woman and
worse still she liked it. After five years of blood, sweat and tears
surrender was blissful. She could have fought back but she had given in,
allowed herself to be buggered by the dominating brunette. And the sodomy
itself was becoming wonderful. Trish could feel herself rapidly approaching
orgasm from this vile act of depravity, the domination and the anal violation
mixing together to create what could possibly be a fatal climax. As Trish
toppled towards the edge, the final thoughts go through her mind was that
maybe Mickie was right, maybe she was Mickie's bitch.

"Mmmm looks like little Trishie wants to cum. Do you want to cum little
Trishie?" Mickie taunted the helpless blonde.

"Please... Mickie..." Trish wept.

"Tell me Trish, tell me what you want me to do." Mickie laughed.

"Please... Mickie... fuck... me..." Trish pleaded.

"Fuck you, fuck you wear? Tell me where you want me to fuck you or I swear
to God I'll stop!" Mickie demanded almost pulling out to show she was

"Please... Mickie... fuck... me... in... my... ass..." Trish said through
gritted teeth, a final tier of shame running down her cheek as she gave up
the last of her dignity.

Pleased that she had broken down the last of Trish's defences, at least for
now, Mickie repositioned herself upright and placed her hands back onto the
blonde's hips. Mickie begins to use every ounce of strength she has in her
body to slam her strap on a in and out of Trish's back passage. Her hips
became a blur, slapping against Trish's buttocks turning them from light pink
to dark red. Trish writhed underneath her but Mickie held firm, determined to
fuck this ass better than she'd ever fucked an ass before. She used all her
skills and knowledge she had gained from sodomising countless women to give
Trish's rear the ramming of a lifetime.

Trish squeals in delight as Mickie's rectum-wrecker runs its way through her
colon, sending waves of pleasure throughout her body. Her stretched fart tube
struggles under the force of the sodomy as Trish experiences something that
she wasn't in any way prepared for, her first anal orgasm. It was like an
atom bomb exploded inside her butt, spreading throughout her body. Cum oozed
from her pussy, as her body shook violently and her mind turned to mush.
Trish frantically tried to concentrate her mind back into proper
consciousness, but it was no use.

Mere moments after the first life changing orgasm rocked her world a second
ran through her body followed by a third. Her pussy, which was not even
being touched, was wetter than it had ever been and caught up with her ass
climaxing not long after her butt. Not to be outdone her dildo stuffed
ass-hole came shortly after her pussy. Her pussy orgasmed in retaliation and
there was soon a war between Trish's ass and pussy about which of them was
giving her pleasure. It became all too much for Trish, just when she thought
that Mickie had given at the greatest climax she'd ever had, or ever could
have she made her cum even harder. Trish's poor brain just couldn't cope with
the pleasure it was experiencing and her world faded into black as she passed

At the exact same time Mickie came harder than she'd ever cum before,
continuing to slam into Trish's shitter. Mickie loved to fuck butt's, but
Trish's butt was by far the best butt she'd ever fucked. Not only was it
the perfect mix of soft, yet toned cheeks with a nice tight hole, but that
glorious whole clenched wonderfully each time Trish came. The pressure on
the dildo ran all the way to the base which stimulated her clit which was
easily enough to send her over the edge. The sensations turned Mickie into
an animal, and as Trish fell into unconsciousness she collapsed onto Trish's
back, still frantically forcing her dildo in and out of the WWE women's
champion's rectum.

Just before she fell, Mickie squeezed the balls at the bottom of her dildo
which released her girl cum, which she had collected from her own pussy for
this specific purpose, into Trish's no longer virgin ass. Mickie's very first
strap on had been a squirting one and ever since she had tamed her first ass
she had enjoyed forcing her pussy cream into the rectums of her victims. For
Mickie it was the ultimate sign of conquest, to mark an ass as yours from the
inside. It was so animalistic, marking a girls ass like an animal would mark
its territory. And that's what Trish's ass was as far as Mickie was
concerned. It was her territory. Anyone who used it other than her from now
on would be trespassing on her private property.

This thought was enough to cause Mickie to have another violent climax, all
while pounding into Trish's well used pooper. As she rode out her orgasm
Mickie bit into Trish's neck, leaving yet another mark on Trish that claimed
her as hers. Finally completely and utterly exhausted Mickie came to rest on
Trish is back, her strap on still buried inside of Trish, her cream now
completely inside the helpless blonde's bowels. Mickie rolled herself and her
victim onto their side so that she was spooning Trish with the blonde on the
bottom, with it still in the bottom.

Mickie lay there watching Trish as the blonde slept, taking in the sight of
her prizes naked body, just in case she never got another chance. She wasn't
sure how long she stayed there or how long Trish slept. It could have been
hours, it could've been days, it could have in minutes, Mickie didn't care,
she just couldn't bear to look away from this beautiful sleeping Goddess.

Finally, sometime in the early hours of the morning, Mickie snuggled up next
to Trish to go to sleep. Mickie thought about removing her dildo which was
still inside Trish's stretched shitter, but thought better of it. If Trish
was going to be her girlfriend and number-one bitch then she would have to
learn to take her strap on up the butt at a moments notice and would need
the practice. Sure Mickie has already planned out a long initiation process
once Trish accepted the fact that they were meant to be together, but leaving
her strap on inside Trish's ass for the night would be a good way to prepare
her for what was to come. So Mickie spooned with her, her arms wrapped around
her, her breast pressing into her back, and her 10 inch strap on still buried
inside Trish's butt.

Trish didn't know it yet but her body had surrendered to Mickie. But she
didn't just want Trish's body. She wanted her body, mind and soul. The
brunette diva was now going to have to wait until Trish's mind caught up
with her body and she accepted that no one could please her like Mickie
could. But Mickie could be patient, she had waited a long time for Trish
to realise that they belong together. Trish was hers and soon Trish would
see that too. Mickie didn't mind waiting a little longer. However long it
took she, Mickie James was going to get what's hers.

To be continued...

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