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Mickie Gets What's Hers Part 2
by MTL (

It had been a week since... the incident with Mickie James and Trish had been
obsessing about what had happened to her in that hotel room all week. She
remembered how she awoke in Mickie's arms and freaked out. Laying in Mickie's
arms had felt... good... but it was way too weird. Her pussy had felt sore
all that day, but it was nothing compared to the pain in her ass. It had only
just stopped aching a few days ago. And there was this weird liquidy stuff
that had been oozing out of her ass all week. She didn't quite know what it
was, but she blamed Mickie. She would have seen a doctor about it, if she
wasn't so embarrassed about the whole situation. And she couldn't believe how
peacefully she slept with a huge dildo up her butt. It was a miracle that
Trish had been able to gather up her clothes, get dressed and leave without
Mickie hearing her.

All week Trish had been doing her up most best to avoid the brunette who had
seduced her, phoning in sick for the house shows she was supposed to attend
and screened Mickie's calls so she didn't have to talk to her. But Trish knew
eventually she'd have to face Mickie sooner or later and she needed a plan.
She couldn't let something like... what happened to her happen again.

Trish was still very confused about what had happened to her of course. She
was straight... or at least was sure she was... kind of... it was just...
after what Mickie made her feel... maybe... no what was she thinking of
course she was straight... 100% sure... or maybe 90% sure... no 100% sure
she was straight. Oh how on earth was she going to wrestle Mickie at New
Year's Revolution if she didn't get a grip on herself and these new weird

Trish decided to analyse this later, right now she had to concentrate on
getting out of here. Because she was the WWE's golden girl the owner of the
WWE, and the wrestling equivalent of a Mafia boss, Vince McMahon had let her
miss the house shows, but demanded that she show for Monday night RAW. He
promised she wouldn't have to wrestle but he wanted her there for an
interview. So reluctantly Trish had done her interview with 'The tool' Todd
Grisham but while she had been waiting for him to show up she had started to
train. Trish like to train, it helped focus her mind and relaxed her body.
But it also caused her body to sweat and so she decided to take a quick
shower before leaving. She hadn't seen Mickie in the arena and thought it
might be safe. Unfortunately she was wrong...

Opening the shower curtain she saw the source of all her emotional turmoil
standing in front of her, the curvy brunette and number one contender to the
women's title Mickie James.

"Mickie!" Trish gasped, pulling the shower curtain around her body, "What are
you doing here?"

"Trish, I'm sorry, this is the only way I could get your attention, I've been
calling you all week. I just didn't want you to get the wrong idea about last
week with the mistletoe and the holiday season, I'm truly sorry, I'm just
truly sorry, I apologise, I'm truly sorry Trish!"

Trish wasn't paying attention to what Mickie was saying. She was more
concerned about the fact that she was naked in front of the woman who had
tricked her into lesbian sex only a week ago and after what the first time
had done to her psyche she was terrified what a second encounter might do
to her.

"Can I have my towel please?" Trish said bottling up all the emotions that
were warring inside her.

"Of course... here." Mickie said, opening the towel for Trish to step into,
with a look on her face that said 'your move'!

Reluctantly Trish pulled back the curtain to grab the towel, momentarily
revealing her body.

"Wow Trish, nice boobs!" Mickie said with an evil smile which spoke volumes.

"Would you, would you get out please!" Trish said making sure to keep as much
anger, and as little fear, in her voice as possible.

"Ok, I'll see you on Sunday, all right!" Mickie said smiling as she leaves.

Trish hugged the towel tightly around her body as she watched Mickie leave.
She was grateful that Mickie hadn't tried anything. If Mickie had stepped
into the shower with her, if she had pressed her back against the wall, if
she had kissed her like she had a week ago, if her breasts and started to
rub against hers breasts, if...

Trish caught herself, her treacherous mind had started to wander again and
she couldn't afford to think thoughts like that. Mickie had left but she
might come back any moment. Trish had to leave and leave now.

Not even bothering to dry herself properly Trish threw on her clothes,
grabbed her travelling bags and ran straight for the door...

* * *

Mickie laughed to herself as she watched Trish exit the building like a bat
out of hell. Things were finally going her way.

Mickie had thought up about a million ways to get Trish Stratus, this one
she'd affectionately named 'The hard way'!

Mickie wasn't at all surprised at this turn of events. One of the many things
that drew her to Trish was the fact that the blonde bombshell was a fighter
in every sense of the word. Her poor bleached blonde brains were probably in
turmoil right now about what had and what was happening to her. For her plan
to work Mickie was going to have to leave Trish in confusion for a little
longer before she came to her like a knight in shining armour offering her
the answers to her questions and the keys to her salvation.

This could take weeks, maybe even months, but it would all be worth it when
the six time women's champion Trish Stratus got on her knees and beg Mickie
to take her as her bitch.

But in the meantime, Mickie needed something to keep herself occupied
sexually. It had taken all of her willpower not to just jump Trish in the
shower. She could have probably had her, but that might have run the risk of
jeopardising the long-term plans she had for Trish and she couldn't let that
happen. What she needed now was something to do in the meantime, or more
accurately what she needed was someone to do in the meantime.

When Mickie had landed in OVW she had stopped seducing her fellow female
wrestlers, just in case any news of her... discretions reached WWE management
or worse Trish before she had a chance to make a move on the women's
champion. But now she was in the process of reeling in her big fish, she
could afford to snack on a few minnows. What Mickie needed now was a nice
piece of diva ass.

But Mickie was going to have to work hard and fast if she was going to get
some tonight. She'd been slowly seducing Trish for months and had only just
got into her pants. So the question was where was she going to find a diva
who she could easily bed? I mean, it wasn't like some chick was going to come
up to Mickie and practically offer herself up on a silver platter. I mean, no
diva around here is that stupid... right...

"Mickie, Mickie James!"

The voice originated from a brunette woman slightly taller than Mickie who
had just appeared at the end of the corridor. The brunette ran towards the
number one contender to the women's title and stopped in front of her to
catch her breath.

"Hello Maria!" Mickie said, smiling like a kid on Christmas day morning.

Mickie had met Maria in OVW and they had become friends. Maria was the only
former diva search contestant still employed by the WWE who Mickie could
stand. One of the main reasons was that Maria was not deluded into thinking
she could wrestle with next to no training and actually spent a lot of time
in OVW trying to improve so she wouldn't completely suck in the ring. Mickie
also found it almost impossible to hate Maria, the girl was just so happy,
and bubbly all the time. In a way she reminded Mickie of herself. If she
hadn't been so determined to make Trish her number one bitch she might have
considered Maria for the position.

Maria was well liked by both WWE management and the locker room in general.
Sadly, no matter how much she seemed to try, Maria had not really improved in
the ring and would probably spend her whole WWE career as an interviewer. It
was also widely thought that she was a bit of an air head, which was true.
She was also very gullible and easily tricked which made her an easy target
for the woman-taming Mickie James.

Mickie had thought about seducing her good friend a lot while in OVW and now,
even though she didn't know it, Maria was about to give Mickie the chance she
had been waiting for.

"Hi Mickie... great to see you... I just need to... catch my breath!" Maria
panted before straightening herself up. "Mickie, I was wondering if you'd let
me interview you about your upcoming title match at New Year's Revolution?"

"Sure, but where is the camera crew?"

"Oh this is for It's a sit-down interview."

"Wow, you're really moving up in the world aren't you Maria!" Mickie said

"I sure am. The Chief editor of gave me this assignment himself. Well
actually his exact words were 'we need some fucking initiative, you fucking
morons go out there and get me some fucking interviews and Maria, get me a
fucking coffee that doesn't taste like rat piss' but I'm sure what he meant
to say was Maria I want you to find the top stars in our business and
interview them'.

"Ok... so why did you start with me?"

"I didn't, I started with Triple H, but he didn't want to talk to me. I then
try to talk to John Cena, but he said he was busy. So did Shawn Michaels,
Randy Orton, Kane, and every other main eventer I tried to talk too. Then I
thought myself why not try and work my way from the bottom-up. So I did and
here I am." Maria said smiling like a fool.

"If you're going to start from the bottom up shouldn't you try and start with
someone from Smack-down or something?"

"What Smack-down?"

"Never mind, look if I'm going to give you an interview then we have to go
and sit down somewhere. I'm not being interviewed in a corridor... not for a
long interview anyway."

"Ok, did you have anywhere in mind?" Maria said, like a lamb to the

"Oh don't you worry honey, you just follow me and will find a nice quiet spot
when no one will disturb us." Mickie said, fighting back a grin from forming
on her face.

* * *

Mickie led Maria into the bowels of the building, carrying her trusty
travelling bag with her, which, as always, wasn't just filled with clothing.
The arena RAW was into night was larger than usual and there was a variety of
locker rooms that went unused for a variety of reasons. The one Mickie picked
out was perfect. It wasn't so much of a locker room, as it was a big broom
closet with a couple of broken lockers in it. It was also small and too far
away from the main entrance ramp to be actually used. On the bright side it
did have a bench for the two women to sit on as Maria interviewed the number
one contender to the women's title.

"So Mickie, what do you think your chances are of walking away women's
champion at New Year's Revolution? I mean, you are facing the record-breaking
six time women's champion Trish Stratus? You've got to be nervous, right?"
Maria asked as the opening question.

"Actually, I'm just really, really excited to finally get to step in the ring
with my idol Trish Stratus. I just know it's going to be an awesome match,
and how great would it be if I was able to win my first women's championship
from arguably the greatest women's champion of all time? It would be like
cementing myself as the next great thing to happen to women's wrestling."
Mickie said excitedly before she managed to calm herself down. She was
getting carried away, and she needed to focus on the real reason she was
here. "But I don't want to talk about me and Trish right now Maria, I want
to talk about you. How are you? It feels like it's been ages since we've seen
each other?"

"It has been a while, but I really want to interview you about your match
this Sunday."

"That's ok, I just think we should catch up a bit first, you know, to help me
relax before the interview."

"All right, what do you want to talk about?"

"How about your boyfriend, and my good friend, CM Punk? I haven't seen him
since I left OVW. How's he doing?"

"Ok... I guess..."

"What do you mean by that?"

"Nothing... it's just that... he's been a little... distracted lately and
I'm not sure why. I think I might have done something wrong, but I don't know
what it is."

"Maybe it's not something you've done, maybe it's something you haven't

"What do you mean by that?"

"Well, as you know Punk and I have been friends for a long time, and we did
have that brief fling, so, I know exactly what he, you know likes, as in

"Mickie, what are you trying to say?"

"Well... it's just that... he has certain... fetishes... and he's really
shy about them. It could be that he wants to ask you about them, but is too

"Oh no, what am I going to do? Please Mickie, you've got to help me."

"Calm down Maria, it's ok, where friends right?"


"And you know what friends do for each other right? Friends help each other.
And that's what I'm going to do Maria, I'm going to help you."

"Oh Mickie, thank you so much, how can I ever repay you?"

"It's ok Maria, what are friends for. I mean what kind of friend would I be
if I didn't help you?"

"A bad one." Maria said brightly.

"That was a rhetorical question but whatever." Mickie said getting up and
going to her travelling bag.

Maria thought for a minute and asked "Mickie... how are you going to help

"Oh that's easy, with this." Mickie said pulling her trusty harness and dildo
combo out of her bag.

"What's that?" Maria asked innocently.

"This, this is called a strap on. A woman can wear it so she can... help her
friends practice for their boyfriends."

"Wow, that so cool!"

"I know."

"But... why haven't I heard about this before... and why haven't any of my
other friends suggested this?"

"Well, that's because it's a secret kept between only the best of friends,
like you and me."

"Oh... ok... but how does it work?"

"Well... first I strap it on, like so!" Mickie said, peeling off her skirt
and strapping the dildo into place, making sure that the button on the inside
of the strap will be pressing against her clit through her panties. "And then
we use this to practice for our boyfriends."

"Ok, like what?"

"For starters there's practising blow jobs. If you can give a guy a good blow
job he'll be putty in your hands. And I know just how to make Punk's knees go
weak just from sucking his cock."

"Ok so I give your strap on thingy a blow job, and you can tell me whether or
not Punk would like it, right?"

"Maria, you're so smart!" Mickie said smiling brightly before she sat back
down on the bench waiting for Maria to make the next move.

The ditzy announcer got on her knees in front of Mickie and took the dildo in
hand. She moved her tongue up and down, licking the shaft from the base to
the tip and back again.

"That's it Maria, lick it... cup the balls while you're licking it, Punk
really likes that... he also likes it when you suck on them... that's it...
take them into your mouth... now lick your way back up to the tip... ok now
take the head into your mouth... now start bobbing your head on the shaft...
good girl just like that... now deep-throat it..." Mickie encouraged,
stroking Maria's hair with the kind of affection you'd show a pet.

Maria took her mouth away from the cock and looked at Mickie with a confused
look on her face. "Deep-throat, what's that?"

"Oh my God Maria, you don't know how to deep-throat? Punk loves
deep-throating. I can't believe you don't deep-throat!

"Punk loves deep-throating, oh no, Mickie, you've got to teach me how to

"No problem Maria, but you've got to trust me and do what I say, ok?"

"Ok, so how does this work?"

"Well, first you wrap your lips back around my cock... good, now relax the
muscles in your throat... are you relaxing them? Good!" Mickie tightened her
grip on Maria's hair and pushed the unsuspecting RAW interviewers head down
until her lips almost reached the strap on's balls. Maria panicked and tried
to pull herself off, but Mickie was stronger and held her in place for a few
long seconds before releasing and allowing her to come up for air. Maria came
off the strap on coughing and gasping for air.

When she got her breath back and she said "Mickie, what the hell?"

"That was deep throating." Mickie shrugged nonchalantly.

"But... but I couldn't breathe!"

"You breathe through your nose!"

"But it was choking me!"

"And it wouldn't have if you'd just relaxed your throat muscles like I told
you too! Look, I'm trying to do you a favour here, if you're not going to do
as I say I might as well leave!" Mickie said getting up, pretending she was
actually going to leave.

"No Mickie, don't go, I'm sorry, I'll be good I swear!"

"Ok... but you do what I say from now on, ok?"

"Definitely, I won't let you down!"

"Ok than, what are you doing still talking. You should be practising to deep
throat for it already?"

"You're right, I'm sorry Mickie."

"Stop making excuses and start sucking bitch!" Mickie said, grabbing a
handful of Maria's hair again and stuffing her fake cock back inside her

Maria spent the next few minutes practising to deep-throat on Mickie's cock
until she could reach the fake balls. When she could finally hold this pose
for a few seconds without choking Mickie decided it was time to move on, "Ok
Maria, very good now let's practice some face fucking!"

Before Maria got the chance to ask what face fucking was Mickie began to
thrust her hips so her pelvis move forward at the same time her hand was
pushing Maria's head downwards. Maria struggled vainly, but ultimately
could not break Mickie's grasp. Deciding Mickie was doing this for her
own good, Maria just hung limply as her good friend used her mouth like
a man would use a prostitutes cunt.

Mickie felt a little guilty about what she was doing to her friend but the
pressure on her clit combined with the feeling of what was now basically
throat fucking a beautiful woman like Maria quickly outweighed any questions
of morality that Mickie might of been having.

Approaching orgasm Mickie had one final lesson to teach Maria.

"Maria, do you know, when you spit out a man's cum, it's like a slap in the
face to him? That's what they all think. They'll deny it if you asked them
about it, but they all think the same thing. Punk's no different, spitting
out his cum is a slap in the face to him. So Maria, if you don't already,
you have to learn how to swallow! I don't know if you swallow already, but
I'm going to give you a lesson on swallowing cum 101!" Mickie said before
holding Maria's head to her crotch and squeezing her strap on's balls

The effect achieve two things. One, it drew Maria's attention away from
Mickie who at that instant experienced a nice hard orgasm, thanks to the
vibrations on her clit and the mental stimulation of having Maria suck her
'cock'. Two, it drew Maria's attention to the fact that suddenly a lot of
liquid was being forced down her throat giving her no choice but to
desperately swallow it all into her stomach.

When Mickie's orgasm subsided and her dildo's balls were empty she pulled
out of Maria's throat and watched in satisfaction as the RAW interviewer
gasped for breath.

A few minutes passed before Maria asked, "So... if I do that with Punk, I'll
be able to please him?"

"Yes, I'd imagine he would enjoy that. Now I want you to strip for me so we
can continue. Slowly, you want to go slowly so you can tease your guy. It
will keep him hard and horny for you. That's it slowly take that off. Now the
bra. Wait, turn around, take off the bra and then turn back to me. Wow Maria,
nice boobs. No don't take your high heels off. I... I mean Punk likes it when
a girl wears high heels during sex. Ok, now peel off your mini skirt, slowly,
that's good. Mmmm Maria, you look really great in that thong. Now turn around
again to peel it off your body slowly and remembered to point your ass at me
while your doing it." Mickie said, trying her best to keep from drooling as
Maria stripped in front of her, "Wow Maria, your body is so beautiful."

"Thank you Mickie." Maria said blushing at the compliment.

"Now, let's talk about the things you do with Punk sexually." Mickie said
looking thoughtful, "You now know how to blow him properly, and I'm already
assuming you know variety of positions, and you do anal, of course, so let's
see what else is there..."

"What's anal?" Maria asked innocently.

An evil smile cross Mickie's lips. Maria didn't know it yet, but she just
sealed her fate.

"Anal is where someone takes an object, like a dick..." Mickie gave a long
lick of her index finger as she walked towards the clueless interviewer
before reaching round and pressing it to Maria's back-door. "... and shoves
it up someone's ass-hole!"

Maria went pale. Her eyes widened and her mouth hung open. After a few
minutes she asked softly, "And... and... Punk likes that?"

"Are you kidding? Punk loves it! Anal is like his favourite thing in the
world! You know what, that's probably what's wrong with your relationship.
He wants to stick it in your ass, but is too shy to ask!" Mickie laughed.

"Oh my God Mickie, what am I going to do?" Maria asked.

"If you're going to keep him happy you're going to have to take it in the
butt!" Mickie said matter-of-factly.

"But... but... won't that hurt?"

"At first yes, but don't worry you'll soon loosen up... eventually."

"Eventually... what you mean by eventually?"

"Well, some guys will say 'don't worry baby, I'll be gentle!'" Mickie said
putting on the best guy's voice she could, "but the second their ball's deep
they go crazy and slam the shit out of your shitter without giving your back
passage a chance to adjust. In that respect Punk is quite gentle... you
know... for a guy... but I still wouldn't want him to take my anal cherry."

"Oh God, what am I going to do?"

"Relax Maria, I said I was going to help you didn't I? So here's what I
propose... I'm going to use my strap on cock to take your anal virginity and
then I'll spend as much of the week as I can preparing you to take Punk's
poll in your back door!" Mickie said brightly. Seeing the look of shock on
Maria's face Mickie quickly said, "I mean think about it, what you need is a
nice slow butt-fucking to introduce you to the world of anal sex, and believe
me, I'll be a lot more gentle than any guy out there. You see Maria, most
guys don't know what it's like to be penetrated so they have no appreciation
for the need to go slow at the beginning. Sure most guys can control
themselves when fucking a pussy, but the second their in a nice tight ass
they lose all self control. If you let a guy take your anal cherry he'll rip
your butt to shreds. But since I'm a girl, and I know what it's like to have
a nice hard dick inside me, I can open up your back-door with the minimal
amount of pain possible. I mean, we're friends, so you trust me not to hurt
you, right?

"Yes, but..." Maria said hesitantly

"Oh come on Maria. It's not like I'll get a perverse pleasure from sodomising
you or anything!" Mickie said, fighting back the urge to laugh evilly.

"Yeah, I guess not... ok... but you'll be gentle, right?"

"Oh absolutely!" 'At first' Mickie thought the last part to herself.

"Ok... so... er... how do we do this?"

"Well first you need to lie down so you're lying flat on the bench. Here,
take this towel to put under your knees. Ok now do your best to relax."
Mickie said leaning down so she could study her prize.

"Now I'm going to lube your ass for the penetration. A lot of people use a
jelly based lubricant like KY but I... I mean Punk prefers to use a more
natural technique. I'll show you what you can expect from him. Mickie said
in Maria's ear before she began to slowly kiss her way down her neck. Maria
sighed softly as Mickie's lips made their way over her back and down her
spine to her exposed backside.

Upon reaching Maria's ass Mickie took a few moments to study the
interviewer's holes. Mickie could tell from the cute little puckered hole
she was staring at that she had been right in guessing that Maria was an
anal virgin. Mickie smiled before she began to cover Maria's ass cheeks in
kisses, she made sure to sample Maria's pussy juice as it ran down her legs.
Maria's cream tasted sweet and Mickie wished she could think of a good excuse
to lick and/or fuck her friend's cute little cunt, but there would be plenty
of time for that when Maria was officially one of her bitches! As for now,
Mickie was in the mood to taste some sweet interviewer ass.

Maria gasped in surprise when she felt the first lick of Mickie's tongue on
her ass-hole. She was even more surprised when Mickie closed her lips around
her shit-hole and began to gently suck. With a little force, Mickie was able
to get her tongue through her tight sphincter and into Maria's tasty ass.

Maria moaned as she received her first ever rim job. She had no idea having
her ass-hole licked could feel so good. But she felt sorry for Mickie. Mickie
was the one who actually had to stick her tongue in her little volcano where
her shit came from. Poor Mickie. She was such a good friend to do this
degrading act so that she could prepare her butt for her boyfriend. Maria
promised herself she would find some way to make it up to her good friend
Mickie James.

Mickie found she couldn't get enough of Maria's sweet ass. Having sex with
Trish had awoken the sleeping anal craving lesbian within her and Mickie was
determined to use sweet little Maria's ass to satisfy her dark desires. Her
tongue was now buried about an inch or two up Maria's butt-hole and she had
bought her hands round to manipulate her friends pussy as she continued to
eat out her ass. She slowly inserted her fingers into Maria's dripping wet
pussy and began to slowly thrust them in and out of her.

Maria was going to ass Mickie why she is fingering her pussy, but before she
got the chance Mickie pulled her tongue out of Maria's ass-hole and slowly
eased a finger up Maria's virgin back-door. Maria gasped at the sudden
intrusion, but it didn't hurt as much as she thought it would. Mickie worked
her finger in and out slowly, expertly manipulating Maria's ass muscles to
relax round her digits. When she thought Maria was ready Mickie pushed a
second finger inside her pooper and waited for her to relax. When Maria's
back passage was accepting two of her fingers with ease, Mickie pulled the
fingers out, and pressed her still saliva coated strap on to the entrance of
Maria's forbidden hole.

Knowing that it would hurt a lot more if she tensed up, Maria tried her best
to relax her sphincter to allow the strap on to enter her. She could feel the
pressure against her back-door slowly increase until inevitably the portal to
her bowels slowly opened to allow something inside it for the very first
time. She cried out loud when the head of the dildo sank into her shitter
causing every muscle in her to tighten.

"Shhhh," Mickie cooed softly as she ran her hands over Maria's back, "I've
got the head in now. You're anal virginity is mine. But if you tighten up its
going to hurt you a lot more when I try and force the rest in. Try and use
your sphincter muscles to push my cock out, you know, like you're taking a

A little confused by the statement, Maria did as she was told and the pain
was soon replaced by an uncomfortable feeling of fullness. The strap on,
which Mickie was holding in one hand as she used her other to calm Maria,
was still embedded in Maria's bottom and showed no signs of leaving despite
her sphincter's best efforts. When Maria was relaxed enough, Mickie pushed
forward a few inches. Maria grabbed a tight hold of the bench as her ass
filled with strap on dick. When it became too much for her to take and Maria
was about to ask Mickie to stop, Mickie stopped without needing to be asked.
'It's almost as if she's done this before' Maria thought to herself.

Mickie continued this process of letting Maria relax before thrusting a
few more inches into her again until finally her hips were pressed against
Maria's toned little butt and she had her strap on into the balls inside
Maria's virgin ass. Normally Mickie preferred a little more meat on her
girl's asses. Not fat asses, just ones which bounds the little when she
smacked them with her hips, or her hand. It was just another reason why
Trish was perfect for her. Of course she always thoroughly enjoyed a nice
tight butt like Maria's, which was exactly what she was about to do.

Maria couldn't believe that big dildo was inside her butt. The thing had seen
gigantic when she was sucking on it. Her bowels couldn't be that big, could
they? She found the feeling of fullness very uncomfortable, but not nearly as
unpleasant as she thought it was going to be. Mickie had obviously done a
good job in preparing her ass. She really did owe Mickie a debt of gratitude.
She could actually feel her ass muscles relax around the shaft, her insides
excepting their new role as a depository for dick.

"Maria, you just took 10 inches of strap on cock right up your virgin ass!
I'm so proud of you, you'll be pleasing Punk with your pooper in no time!"
Mickie said enthusiastically, "Now, I think your ass is relaxed enough so
I'm going to start moving it inside you. Remember to try and relax, ok

"Ok" Maria said weakly.

With her beautiful face twisted into a wicked smile, Mickie took Maria's
hips in both hands and slowly pulled her dildo-cock from the interviewer's
stretched shit-hole, before reinserting to the balls inside the dick stuffed
diva. Mickie worked herself into a steady rhythm, slowly picking up her pace
at a rate that the ditzy interviewer wouldn't notice. The room filled with
the gentle sound of Mickie's hips slapping against Maria's butt cheeks and
the occasional moan or grunt from Mickie or her unwitting victim.

Something weird was happening to Maria and she couldn't quite understand
it. At first the dick in her ass had been uncomfortable, then, as Mickie
promised, her butt-hole had relaxed and it felt ok. But then tiny sparks
of pleasure had started to fly from her butt to her brain, and they were
getting stronger. It was one thing to allow Mickie to sodomise her so she
could keep her boyfriend happy by letting him bugger her, but to actually
enjoy someone fucking your ass! Did this make her a slut? And more
importantly, did she care? Maria was beginning to think that being called
a slut might be worth it if this kind of pleasure was her reward. But she
had to know.

Summing up all her courage Maria asked, "Mickie... do girls enjoy taking it
up the butt?"

"Some girls do." Mickie replied, never missing a stroke, "Some girls
completely hate it, some girls kind of don't mind it, and some girls
absolutely love it! Those girls are anal sluts! Do you think you're an
anal slut Maria?"

"I... I... don't know... I..." Maria stuttered in shame.

"You know Maria," said Mickie interrupting the interviewer before she started
having second thoughts about what they were doing. "There's nothing wrong
with being an anal slut. It's actually a really good thing. It means you can
receive just as much, if not more pleasure from your ass-hole as you do from
your pussy. Think how great a DP would feel with your boyfriend Punk in your
pussy and me in your ass or vice versa. Don't worry, I'm your friend and I
would never tell anyone and I would never judge you for being an anal slut."

Maria turns her head slightly so she could look directly into Mickie's eyes,
"Mickie... you're so good to me... I don't deserve you as a friend!"

"You're right, you don't." Mickie said fighting back the urge to laugh as she
sodomised her ditzy friend, "Now arch your back and raise your ass a little
to make it easier for me to butt-fuck you."

Maria did as she was told and then gasped as Mickie's strokes changed.
Instead of the study pumping her pooper had become accustomed to Mickie began
to slowly pull her cock out to the tip, giving her a long horrible feeling of
emptiness and then inserted it into her bowels in one hard thrust. The force
of the inward stroke knocked the wind out of Maria. It was like Mickie was
trying to fuck the air out of her lungs. But her insides soon adjusted and it
soon became pleasurable. Maria found the moments the strap on wasn't inside
her rectum becoming agonising. Just as she found the one hard inward stroke
to feel more and more like pure bliss. She could feel her orgasm building
inside her. How much longer would it be before she came?

In an attempt to speed up the process, Maria moved her right hand down her
body towards her pussy, which by now was leaking so much juice that there
was a large puddle on the floor. Seeing Maria's movements out of the corner
of her eye Mickie reached out and grabbed her hand before it reached its

"No, I want to see if you can cum just from being fucked in the ass. If you
can cum just from being fucked in the ass will know you're an anal slut for

"Ok Mickie... whatever you want." Maria said submissively, moving her hand
back into position on the bench.

Mickie was amazed at how easy everything was being with Maria. She had
expected that the girl was a natural submissive, and her friend was proving
her theory 100% correct! It was a massive change of pace compared with Trish.
Trish had fought Mickie, and her own body, every step of the way, but Maria
seemed to have no problem giving in with every fibre of her being.

Mickie bit her lip, the original plan had been to trick Maria into thinking
Mickie was helping her find new ways to satisfy her boyfriend sexually, all
the while slowly training her to be her bitch. She figured that after a few
dozen orgasms Maria wouldn't have a problem being her little play toy if it
meant more of what Mickie could give her. But she was becoming tempted to
change those plans.

She knew that Maria would be in a very vulnerable state of mind and could be
easily manipulated. She is also in no position to fight back if things turned
nasty. Although Mickie didn't want to have to do that to her friend.

Deciding to take the risk, Mickie immediately stopped her thrusting, which
caused Maria moan in disappointment, and went down until she was lying on top
of her dildo stuffed friend. Her breasts pressed into Maria's back which in
turn pressed her body down onto the bench. Mickie left her strap on buried to
the hilt inside Maria's ass-hole as her hands began to roam over her friend's
body. She groped and caressed her dick filled butt before sliding them up to
tweak and tease her nipples. Maria had a full set of tits, but they had
nothing on Trish's large sweater puppies. Mickie moved her hand back down to
Maria's ass and then repeated the process.

She did this until Maria finally said, "Mickie... please... don't tease me...
fuck me!"

"Fuck you Maria, fuck you where?" Mickie whispered slyly in the ear.

"My ass... fuck my ass... please Mickie I need it!"

"Are you an anal slut Maria?"

"Yes, yes, yes, I'm an anal slut! I'm a filthy little anal slut who needs it
in the butt! Please Mickie fuck my anal slut ass!" Maria clearly screamed,
becoming desperate in her need to be butt-fucked.

"So, you're an anal slut Maria..." Mickie said thoughtfully, "How would you
like to be my anal slut?"

No one could ever accuse Maria of being the sharpest knife in the drawer but
when Mickie said this it was like a light bulb went off in her head. She
suddenly realised what Mickie had been trying to do to her all night and she
found she didn't mind. She had always been curious about lesbian sex and it
occurred to her only now that she was actually having it. Or at least a very
twisted version of it. But she was feeling very guilty at the idea of
cheating on Punk who she loved dearly. She can I imagine leaving him for
Mickie or for anyone.

Finding her voice once again Maria said quietly, "I... I... I don't think I
could leave Punk."

This statement made Mickie's heart swell. She had been friends with Punk for
a number of years now and he had very bad taste when it came to women. But
Maria was obviously the exception to that rule. Mickie was so happy that her
friend had found someone who truly loved him. She only hoped that she and
Trish would be one day as happy as Punk and Maria obviously were.

"Oh Maria, I'm not asking you too. I'm not trying to break you guys up, I
just always got the vibe from you that you were a closet bisexual and you
didn't even know it. What I'm asking is for us to have a little fun with
each other in addition to your relationship with your boyfriend. Think
about it, I can show you pleasure that you never imagined. If you thought
my tongue felt good in your ass-hole just wait until I'm licking your pussy.
And I know from first-hand experience that Punk is good in the sack, but
once he finds out that you're taking it from my strap on too, believe me,
he'll up his game in an effort just to keep up with me! And imagine having
the two of us together! Wouldn't you like that?"

Maria bit her lip, "Do you think... do you think he'd actually go for that?"

"Believe me, from past experience I know he'd go for that!" Mickie assured

Maria let out a long breath, "W... w... what would I have to do... you
know... if I was your anal slut?"

"Well for starters, as my anal slut I'd expect you to bend over for me
whenever I want a piece of your fine ass. It doesn't matter where we are
you'll spread your ass cheeks and beg for it, as I plow your pooper. You'll
never ever be able to deny me your ass-hole, because it won't belong to you
any more, it will belong to me. Your ass will become my property, to use as
I see fit. And if you're ever in the mood for some hard back-door action,
and your little boyfriend isn't around, you would have someone to come to
who could give you exactly what you need! So Maria, I'll ask you again do
you want to be my anal slut?"

There was a long silence before finally Maria said, "...ok..."

"Ok, ok what?"

"Ok, I'll be your anal slut!"

Mickie smiled, but she had decided that she wasn't going to settle for
anything less than total, and utter submission from Maria. "That's great
Maria, but I don't want you as just my anal slut, I want you to be my bitch!"

"What's... what's the..."

"What's the difference? Very simple. As my anal slut I would own your
ass, but as my bitch, I would own every hole on your body!" Mickie said
interrupted Maria, before guiding hand to her friend's pussy to emphasise
her point. "I would own your body!"

"And... and I can still keep Punk as my boyfriend?"


"Then please Mickie," Maria said reaching back to spread her ass cheeks,
"Take your bitch's ass! Take what is yours! Your property needs for you to
take it's unworthy butt-hole! Please use me for your pleasure! Please Mickie,
have mercy on your bitch and fuck it's worthless ass!"

Mickie was blown away by Maria's complete submission. It was what she wanted,
but she hadn't been expecting so much filth to fly out of the seemingly
innocent girl's mouth. It was a huge turn on. Mickie licked up the side of
her new bitch's neck and said, "Ok Maria, just remember, you asked for this!"

Mickie straightened herself up right, digging her fingers tightly into
Maria's hips and began to use every ounce of strength in her body to brutally
bugger her fellow RAW diva. Maria squirmed underneath her as her bowels
struggled to cope with the force of the sodomy. But soon her insides adjusted
and the pleasure returned tenfold. The room fills with the slap of flesh on
flesh and grunts and groans of female satisfaction. The force of Mickie's
hips crashing against Maria's ass slowly turned her butt cheeks a light pink.
Mickie reached out with her right hand and twisted Maria's hair into a

Using her hair like reins, Mickie pulls Maria's head back and yells in her
ear, "Do you like that Maria? Do you like that cock in your ass?"

"Yes, yes, yes, I fucking love it! Fucking fuck my ass Mickie! I love it!"
Maria swore, her usual docile nature replaced by wanton anal lust, "Please
Mickie, fuck my ass! Fuck my slutty ass with your big beautiful cock!"

"Oh I will, if you tell me who you belong too?"

"You Mickie, only you! I love Punk, and he can fuck me whenever you're not
using me, but I belong to you!"

"And what does that make you Maria?"

"Your bitch! Mickie James's bitch!"

Satisfied with Maria's answer, Mickie lets go of her hair and put her hand
back on her hips so she can concentrate on what she came here to do; fuck the
beautiful RAW interviewer into submission.

Mickie may have already succeeded in making Maria her bitch ahead of
schedule, but that was no reason to not show her new piece of ass exactly
what she is capable of. She wanted to make sure that Maria would never ever
regret her decision to become her bitch and she was going to do that by
fucking her friends brains out.

Maria, who by now was desperate to cum was throwing herself back against
Mickie's every inward thrust, impaling her ass on every inch of her friends
wonderful fake cock. She knew that she couldn't take much more of this. An
orgasm had been building inside her for a while now. She had become very
frustrated, first Mickie had sodomised her shitter hard and rough, and then
slow and gentle. But now Mickie was giving her a proper buggering and she
knew she was about to cum. It was building inside and finally she climaxed.
But it was unlike any other climax Maria had ever experienced before. It was
as if her orgasm was coming from her ass! Some kind of... anal orgasm! Was
that possible? Could she cum in her ass?

Before Maria could ask Mickie about it, or even ponder it further she
experienced her second anal orgasm, closely followed by her third, and then
her fourth. Her ass clenched on the dick buried inside it, clutching to the
object like it was precious. Maria, her weak mind un-able to comprehend what
was happening to her, was knocked into a blissful unconsciousness right about
the time she lost count of her orgasms. And contrary to what people might
think, Maria could actually count quite high.

With the pressure on her clit and Maria's surrender to her, Mickie could no
longer hold off her impending orgasm. Her hips moved at lightning speed and
she went over the edge. Her screams joined Maria's as her body was racked
with a nice powerful climax. At the peak of her enjoyment, Mickie squeezed
her strap on dildo's balls, which released her store up girl cum inside them
into Maria's shitty depths. Mickie love to do this, to fill an ass she had
just fucked with her cum. It was so perverted, so primal. A predator marking
its territory. And now Maria's ass was her territory. Mickie left the
girl-cock balls deep inside Maria's pooper, making sure every drop of her
cream was deposited into the interviewer's bowels.

Mickie collapsed onto Maria's back and laid there for awhile as her strength
returned. The interviewer was making some unintelligible sounds from the back
of her throat. Mickie couldn't tell whether they were from pain or pleasure,
but it didn't really matter. All that mattered was that she has succeeded and
now Maria was her bitch.

Slowly, Mickie sat up on her knees and eased her cock out of Maria stretched
shitter. When the head of the dildo finally came out with a loud popping
sound, Mickie sat back to admire her handiwork. Maria's back-door was wide
open, and Mickie could see deep into her victims hollowed out bowels. A
little trickle of cum began to ease out of Maria's crack and down her leg.
Mickie wondered how deep her cum had been buried in Maria's butt. She knew
from past experiences that her bitch's often ended up shiting out her cum
for days after she had buggered them. It turned her on to think that her
bitch's walked around with her essence inside them long after she was done
with them.

Unable to stop herself, Mickie caught the droplets as they ran down Maria's
leg on her tongue and licked upwards until she reached her gaping ass-hole.
Mickie was into a lot of twisted things, one of them being eating her own
cum. And an ass-hole flavoured with her own cum was far too much of a yummy
treat for Mickie to pass on. Mickie's tongue burrowed into Maria spread shit
locker, sucking a healthy portion of her own juice out of Maria's ass before
getting up and going to her bag. She would have liked to have rimmed Maria's
butt until she got every drop, but it was getting late and she needed to be
back in her hotel room soon. She had decided to take her new bitch back to
her hotel room with her, so she could continue breaking her in, and wanted
to know that the taller brunette's backside was leaking her cum on the way

Grabbing a small bottle Mickie made her way back to Maria's head.

"Maria, Maria wake up." Mickie said shaking Maria roughly awake. Maria
groaned and raised her head to look at Mickie.

"Drink this!" Mickie demanded, holding the bottle to Maria's lips. By the
time the liquid was easing down her throat Maria was wide awake.

"What was that?" Maria said choking and spluttering.

"Straight vodka, does wonders for waking people up in small doses. Large
doses, not so much." Mickie said smiling down at her friend. "Look we have
to go. They'll be closing this place pretty soon and we need to get back to
the hotel. We both have a long flight tomorrow to the next arena... and a
long night ahead of us."

Maria nodded slowly as she tried to stand on her unsteady legs. Mickie went
to her aid, helping her gain her balance. They looked deep into each other's

"So... I'm like... I'm like your bitch now?" Maria asked softly.

"Yes..." Mickie replied, "Is that ok?"

"If it means more of that... then definitely." Maria said with a smile.

Mickie smiled back and pulled the taller girl down for a kiss. Maria accepted
Mickie's tongue in her mouth, and began to massage it with hers. The two
girl's kissed passionately until oxygen became an issue.

Mickie broke the kiss and said, "Ok now pack up our things, get dressed, and
then carry our bags to my rental car, and do it in that order... bitch!"

Maria gasped when Mickie slapped her ass on the word 'bitch'. It made Maria
feel so owned, like she was Mickie's property. If Punk had acted like that
she would have been cross with him, but this was different because Mickie
did own her.

As far as Maria was concerned she was now property of Mickie James.

Mickie watched Maria as she got dressed. Her new bitch packed their things
away, even asking permission to take the strap on off Mickie and placing it
in her bag, before, as instructed, she got dressed and followed Mickie out
of the room.

As they left the arena Mickie noticed that Maria was walking awkwardly.
Mickie chuckled to herself, she had obviously done a good job of breaking in
Maria's ass.

As Maria placed their luggage into Mickie's rental car she was unable to stop
herself from asking, "Mickie... ever since we... you know... did it... I feel
like something's leaking out of my butt. Do you have any idea what it is?"

"It's my cum!" Mickie said matter-of-factly, like it was no big deal.

"Your... but... how is that possible?"

"Well you see Maria, my strap on dildo has these balls which can store liquid
inside them. When you squeeze on them the liquid inside the balls is pushed
through a tube in the dildo and out the tip. Some people who own special
dildo's like mine choose to fill their fake balls with lubricant, or milk, or
some kind of other liquid to use as fake cum. I personally like to collect my
own cum from when I masturbate and use it to fill my strap on's balls. That
way I can fill my bitch's full of my cum. For me it's kind of like marking my
territory. And that's what you are now Maria, my territory, my property, my
bitch! Mickie explained sweetly. "Any questions?"

"So... that's your... that's your cum inside me?"


"Oh my God... I'm the worst bitch ever! Mickie I'm so sorry, I've let your
precious gift leak out of me. Please forgive me, I promise it won't happen
again. If you give me another chance I swear I'll be your best bitch ever!"

Mickie wondered if the girl was being naive or trying to show her newly found
submissive nature. Either way it didn't really matter. There was still a
locker room full of divas, ripe for seduction, and a certain blonde women's
champion who Mickie would soon have under her thumb, but for tonight, Mickie
was going to have a lot more fun with her new bitch.

To be continued...

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